The Originals(Fan Fiction) TV Series
Season 2, Episode 03 (Part 1)
Air date Winter 2015
Written by Cori11
Directed by Cori11
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Welcome to the Party is the third episode of Season Two of The Originals Fanfiction (Series) and the twenty-fourth episode of the series overall.


DANGEROUS AND DEADLY--Confronted by a new foe, Sophia learns new secrets of the past she no longer remembers. Nathan and Marcel team up to find Sophia and get some help from Brody. Aria, Katherine, and the others are invited to a party thrown by an unknown person and they hope to lure out the enemies that they are searching for. Serena seeks revenge for James' death but gets a unexpected surprise. Lastly, Danielle confronts her mother about Malia.


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  • Flashbacks of Malia in this episode.
  • Brody will have a surprising vision of Sophia.
  • Aria will learn of Sophia's forgotten past.
  • Sophia and Danielle may have a fallout.
  • Eileen and Sophia will share a sweet reunion.
  • Magdalene will make a surprising move that no one sees coming.
  • The origin of the Grim Reaper will be talked about.
  • Serena and Elijah are reunited.
  • Sophia will come to learn about her parents' past and to why her grandmother hates her.



Held CaptiveEdit

(An unconscious Sophia begins to wake up and sees that she is strapped to a chair. She feels weak and tries using her magic. It doesn't work and she notices that she is been restrained by the similar shackles that Calantha used against her two-thousand years ago.) you...want...from me?

(Cascadia emerges from the darkness from within the room.)

Cascadia: Impressive that you knew I was here.

Cascadia: Hmm, what do I want from you? What I want is to see you dead. For my revenge plan to finally end...After two-thousand years of your suffering, your life needs to end now. I need to avenge the death of my son.

Sophia:...Your...son...? What...does he...have to do...with me?

Cascadia:...Everything. He was your father.


Cascadia: Hello, Cecilia. It's been a long time since we last since each other. You didn't know who I was at time time so I'll tell you now...I'm your grandmother, Cascadia...and my son was Agapios, your father.

(Sophia still feeling so weak, is unable to believe what she is hearing.)

An EmergencyEdit

(Elijah and Leon are standing out on the balcony connected to Elijah's room. Elijah looks very serious and worried at the same time and Leon begins to question him.)

Leon: What's going on? Has something happened?

Elijah:...Sophia is missing. From the looks of it, she was kidnapped.

Leon: Are you serious? Who would take her?

Elijah: I don't know which is why I need to go out there and help find my sister before something terrible happens to her.

Leon: Is there anything I can do to help?

Elijah: I need you to stay here and keep Danielle occupied. I don't want her knowing about this especially what happened at the family dinner. I've already informed Niklaus of the situation.

Leon: Alright. You can count on me.

(Elijah touches Leon's shoulder and nods.)

Elijah: Thank you, Leon.

Saving My SisterEdit

(Elijah arrives at his sister's dorm room to find Marcel, Katherine, Nathan and Brody with worried expressions.)

Elijah: What has happened to my sister?

Aria: All we know is that someone came here and kidnapped her. The room was a mess when Katherine and me got here.

Katherine: And they left this note...

(Katherine gives Elijah a note that says, "I will take good care of my granddaughter, Cecilia." Elijah takes a deep breath and looks at Katherine.)

Elijah: Does this have to do with her true past?

Katherine: You know?

Elijah: Niklaus told me everything.

Katherine: I think that it does.

Elijah:...Does Sophia know anything about her parents?

Marcel: Not much except for the fact that they were both powerful witches.

Elijah: Brody...Do you know anything?

Brody: I've only seen glimpses of her dad. I can't get anything on her mom.

Elijah:...Sophia has told me of your powers developing. There's someone that I want to see.

Brody: Sure but who do you want to see?

Elijah:...Show me her father. Show me his past.

Nathan: Elijah! Sophia's life hangs in the balance right now and you want to start looking into her father's past? We don't have time for this!

Marcel: Are you serious? You care about her now after everything that you've done?!

Nathan: She and my daughters are all that matter to me!

Elijah: Enough! Now, Nathan. I show great concern for my sister, I was there with her, through it all for a thousand years. I will do whatever it takes to save my sister and I will show no mercy to the one who threatens her life! In order to find her, we need to know what we're up against! Whoever took Sophia, must be a great opponent if they will able to take her out. I need to know more about this grandmother who took her and why she hurt her own granddaughter! We cannot just charge in and get ourselves killed! We not only risk our lives but Sophia's as well! Whatever we do, we have to save her at whatever cost!

Nathan: (whispers) Damn it!

(Elijah turns back to Brody and nods his head. Brody takes Elijah's hand and suddenly Brody's hands start to glow blue light.)

Brody: What the hell?!

Elijah: What? Brody, what's going on?!

Brody: I-I don't know!

Katherine: Brody, let go of Elijah!

Brody: I can't!

(The light glows brighter and brighter until everyone starts to shield their eyes from it. A moment later, when the light is is Elijah...)

Marcel: Where's Elijah?

Katherine: No! Elijah?!

Marcel: Brody, what happened to Elijah?

Brody: I don't know...

(The scene cuts to Elijah standing out nearby a temple in Ancient Greece. Not understanding what has happened and how he got there, hears voices coming from inside the temple. He vamp speeds to hide behind a pillar and sees a man and woman arguing. The man and woman turn out to be Agapios and Cascadia.)

Agapios: Enough, mother! I want to hear no more of this!

Cascadia: Agapios! She's not good for you! She will only bring you down with her!

Agapios: I will not abandoned her. No matter where she came from, what she has done and who she is...I love her. That's all that matters!

Cascadia: What matters is your life! How can you love that woman?! She has done nothing but disgrace herself and cause nothing but trouble!

Agapios: No! The one who caused all that trouble was that damn fiancé of hers! She did nothing wrong! All she did was love him and he lied to her, manipulated her and used her!

Cascadia: My son, open your eyes! She is doing the same thing to you!

Agapios: No, she's not...It took me a while to realize it but she's the one. She's my soulmate and I would do anything for her just like she would for me...Our wedding will be soon and I think it would be best that you didn't come. I'm sorry, mother.

Cascadia:...She's going to get you killed. That woman will be the cause of your death.

Agapios:...I would gladly give my life for her and the children that she will give me one day.

(Cascadia leaves angrily and Agapios looks to the pillar where Elijah is hiding.)

Agapios: Elijah Mikaelson.

(Shockingly, Elijah moves away from the pillar and sees Agapios looking in his direction.)

Elijah: How--

Agapios: Because you're in my memories and I am able to speak to you like this because I still live on.

(The glowing blue light returns, surrounding Elijah.)

Agapios: Help my daughter.

(Before Elijah can ask him anything, the light glows brighter and he finds himself back in the dorm room. A worried Katherine hugs him.)

Katherine: Elijah!

Marcel: You're back! What happened to you?!

Elijah:...I...I was back in ancient times of Greece. I saw Sophia's father...His name is Agapios.

Nathan: And?

Elijah: His mother was with him. I believe that she hates Sophia because she blames her mother for his death.

Katherine: Wait. So his mother hates his wife, blames her for his death and decides to take it out of Sophia? Her granddaughter?

Elijah: From what it seems, yes.

Marcel: So she moved on to the next best thing so she couldn't get her daughter-in-law. Seems that drama ran in Sophia's family as well.

(An flyer is slid under the door and Katherine goes to pick it up.)

Brody: What is that?

Katherine: It's an flyer to a party that's being thrown tonight. "Come to biggest party of the year. Food, drinks and free gifts! Celebrate with me on the goals we plan to achieve and for the success to come! It will be a night that you will never forget. The host of this party is named Cascadia.

Marcel: Think that's her?

Brody: Pretty sure it is. From what's being said on that invitation, she plans to kill Sophia. That's a goal she wants to achieve and she's planning on winning.

Elijah: Then I'm assuming that--

Katherine: It's game on.

A Darkened HeartEdit

(Cascadia sits across the weakened Sophia, smiling and gloating.)

Cascadia: The all powerful great witch Cecilia. The one who was always loved and protected, the one who gets everything and the one causes death. Look at you now...Not so tough now, are you? Tell me, how does it feel to be so weak and left vulnerable to your enemies?

Sophia: (chuckles) You clearly...don't know...anything about me...Some grandmother... you are. Not all of us... can be strong... like others... There are those who... are strong... and those... who are weak.. as for me...I am both.

Cascadia: Oh? So you're not the perfect person that everyone claims you to be?

Sophia: Nobody... is perfect.

Cascadia: Nobody is perfect... Tell me this then. If you're strong like you claim to be, then why did your mother, your brother and you cause my son's death?

Sophia: First... why don't... you... tell me... how I.. cause my father's... death?

Cascadia: Well, mainly it's your mother's fault but since you look so much like her, I have to take it out on you since she's dead... What bothers me the most is that you have my son's eyes.

Sophia: So I've... been told... Now are you....going to tell me... about my father's death?

Cascadia:... He was killed because he made the wrong damn decision to get himself involved with that wretched woman. He fell in love with her and eventually married her. She caused a lot of trouble and her coven went after her including my son. However, your brother and you were spared since you two were kept secret from her coven.

Sophia: My mother's... the wretched one? (laughs) You... should try... looking in the mirror--

(Cascadia slaps Sophia.)

Cascadia: Watch your mouth when speaking to me! You don't even know your mother!

Sophia: I do know that... me being... her daughter... I have the... most amazing mother... in the world...

Cascadia: (laughs) Amazing?! What's so amazing about her?!

Sophia:... She gave...her life up... for her children. She sacrificed herself... to protect... my brother and me. A mother's love... for their children... is a powerful thing... I know that myself... And I owe her... everything for that... So I hope... that I get... the chance... to meet her... What about you? You...should understand that.

Cascadia:.. .I do. I love my son more than anything but it's because of your mother that he's dead and I can't forgive that. He... he had so much more to do!

Sophia: So you... blame my mother? She... had no... control over what...happened!

Cascadia: You don't even know what happened! You never did! Everyone hid the truth from you! Well...except for me. I told you part of the truth when we first met.

Sophia: What are you...

(Sophia starts to regain another memory...Back in the ancient times, a twenty year old Cecilia is seen working on a spell. Cascadia stands before her.)

Cecilia: Are you sure this will work?

Cascadia: Absolutely. The Eternity Spell will allow you to live longer and you won't age a day. This way you will have more time to find your mother and save both your husband and son.

Cecilia: Why?

Cascadia: Why what?

Cecilia: Why are you helping me? We don't even know each other.

Cascadia:...I know what it is like to lose a child. I lost mine twenty years ago.

Cecilia: I'm sorry.

Cascadia: (placing her hand on top of Cecilia's hand) It is alright. But to let you know, once you use this spell, it will not be an easy journey. Are you sure about this?

Cecilia: Yes.

Cascadia: Good. Now let's finish working on this spell. The more improved the spell is, the better the effects will be.

(After the memory is over, Sophia looks at Cascadia with such anger.)

Cascadia: Something wrong?

Sophia: You were...the one who...taught me that damn spell!

Cascadia: Oh... (laughs) So you've finally remembered! Yes, I was the one who taught you how to create the Eternity Spell! Pretty sure you want to know why. Well, just to watch you travel every single day and trying to find answers, looking for a way to bring back your husband and find your son who was taken from you! Even searching for your mother, a mother who was already dead! You found nothing, you got jack squat! All of it was worth it! Just to watch your suffering. Losing everything that you cared about. Just seeing you in so much pain and sorrow soothed me so much.

Sophia: You're pathetic!

Cascadia: Am I?

Sophia: Yes! Your son died... and you blamed... my mother... my brother... and me for... everything! Get over yourself! Your son... my father... died a hero! He loved... his family more than anything! If it was... you in his place... wouldn't you have done... the same thing?! Sacrifice your life to save him?!

(Cascadia once again slaps Sophia and takes a knife and cuts Sophia's cheek.)

Cascadia: Do not question me and don't you dare insult me!

Sophia: (laughs) Why not...? You've been insulting... my mother and me--

(Sophia screams as Cascadia stabs her in the leg.)

Cascadia: Enjoy the pain, little girl! Because this knife has poison in it and it's going to spread throughout your body, making you even more weaker. Don't worry, it won't kill you. It will just add to your suffering and might make you hallucinate a little bit. This will teach you about talking down to me.

Sophia: You know... for you being... my grandmother... you are a ... stone cold bitch.

Cascadia: I'll take that as a compliment. By the way, there's something else you should know. This is something you never knew about. Do you remember when Nathan betrayed you? When he forced you to become a vampire? Well, he didn't do that willingly.

Sophia: What?

Cascadia: He was compelled to do it. To make himself think he was doing this for you and your daughter. He was forced to side with Esther and Mikael. He was forced to kill you. He was also made to never remember who told him to do this. All of it, was by compulsion. Now even though, Nathan is a Original now, wouldn't he remember? Now see, the compulsion can't wear off because the vampire that compelled him, isn't your ordinary type of vampire.

Sophia: Who--

Cascadia: It was all my idea but the person who compelled the husband who loved you so much, was your big brother, Damien! Surprise! And if Nathan had became the type of vampire that Damien was, then he would have remembered all of it!

(Sophia, not knowing what to say, remains quiet and stares at Cascadia with resent.)

Cascadia: What? Nothing to say? Wow, I thought--Oh, look at the time! I have to get ready for a party. We'll continue this later, sweet pea!

(Cascadia leaves and Sophia remains there quiet.)

Mourning A FriendEdit

(Serena is sitting on her bed, reading about the Grim Reaper. Her time is interrupted when someone knocks on the door. She tells them to come in and Adam walks in, locking the door behind him. He is clearly not happy.)

Serena: Hey. Something wrong?

Adam: Something wrong? It's been two weeks since James was murdered and nothing!

Serena: What do you mean "nothing"?

Adam: Nothing from you! You've haven't talked to me since then! No phone calls, no text messages or emails! Nothing!

Serena: Look, I'm sorry that I've been shutting you out but I needed time.

Adam: Needed time? You haven't even mourned him, Serena!

Serena: I will mourn him. As soon as I find out who killed him.

Adam: Wait. You're putting your emotions on hold to find his murder?!

Serena: Then what would you have me do?!

Adam: Let the police handle it!

Serena: The police can't help!

Adam: Why not?!

Serena: Adam, please! This is something that I do not want you involved in!

Adam: Don't want me involved in what?! Serena, I've known you pretty much my whole life! The way you've been acting, it's like I don't even know you! You're acting different and you're hiding things from me! What is going on?!

Serena: Adam...if I could tell you, I would. But I can't. Because if I do, you'll just wind up getting hurt or worse... (tearing up) I don't want to lose you.

(Serena leaves the room while Adam stands there in silence.)

Inviting OurselvesEdit

(At Sophia's Mansion inside a exercise room where Danielle is lifting weights, Leon's cell phone rings and he quickly answers it to speak to Elijah. Also, Elijah is shown to be sitting on a bench outside. Leon walks further away from Danielle so she won't hear his conversation with Elijah.)

Leon: Hey, how are things going?

Elijah: Well, we've found out who took Sophia. We just don't know where she is and the culprit is throwing a party.

Leon: A party? The bad guy kidnaps your sister and throws a party?

Elijah: Apparently so. She's playing some type of game with us and until this party starts, we have to be prepared for what's to come.

Leon: You can't take on this guy? Are they that tough?

Elijah: It's a woman and she my sister's grandmother as well as a powerful witch...and both of them were born two-thousand years ago.

Leon: (confused) Wait, what?

Elijah: Believe me, I'm still confused about it myself. Let Danielle tell you all about once Sophia tells her. How are things doing on your end?

Leon: Honestly? Very good so far and I don't like--

(Leon's neck suddenly snaps and Danielle catches his phone before it falls as Leon falls to the floor. Her voice suddenly changes into Leon's voice.)

Elijah: Leon, what's wrong?

Danielle (Leon's Voice): Nothing, nothing to worry about. I can keep Danielle distracted as long you need. So what's your plan?

Elijah: I'll find Sophia and save her from her wretched grandmother. She's in great danger. So when this party starts in a few hours, I have to hurry before I run out of time.

(Danielle looks shocked and tries to remain calm.)

Danielle (Leon's Voice): Do you need my help?

Elijah: No. You stay there with Danielle and keep distracting her. I don't want her finding out about this, she's already upset with Sophia about Malia.

Danielle (Leon's Voice):...Alright but call me if you need anything.

Leon: I will. Thank you, Leon.

(Danielle hangs up and chants a spell to change back to her normal voice.)

???: What are you doing?

(Danielle is startled and turns around, seeing Malia.)

Danielle: What am I doing? What are you doing?

Malia: I asked first.

Danielle: I asked second.

Malia: I'm the oldest. Now answer my question.

Danielle: Why should I? Besides, you probably already know.

Malia: Danielle, it's not nice to pretend to your bodyguard and lie to our uncle.

Danielle: Well, it's not nice for our uncle to have my bodyguard keep me distracted and not let me know what's going on.

Malia: What is going on?


Malia: Danielle, I know it's hard for you to accept me but I'm still your sister. Take all the time you need to get used to me. I can wait.

Danielle:...Mom has been kidnapped.

Malia: Wait, what?!

Danielle: That's why Uncle Elijah left in such a hurry this morning when I went to go see him. I knew something was up, I just didn't know what it was. Leon came to see me and I knew something had to be wrong for him to keep distracting me. They didn't want me to know.

Malia: So you broke Leon's neck and did a voice changer on your voice using your magic? How did you do that by the way? And I'm assuming you just snapped your fingers to snap Leon's neck?

Danielle: Yes I did. The voice changer thing is still new and could use some improvements. Now, I need to go.

Malia: Wait, you're just going to leave Leon like this?

(Danielle grabs Leon's arms and starts to pull him over to the couch.)

Malia: Let me help you.

(Malia grabs Leon's legs and the girls start to carry him, placing him on the couch. Danielle grabs the pillow and gently places Leon's head on it.)

Danielle: He should be fine.

Malia: What about when he wakes up?

Danielle: Pretty sure he will be pissed but I can handle him. So you're coming?

Malia: Yeah. But do you know where mom is?

Danielle: The first place to start is a party. I know when I find mom, I'm going to kill the bitch who kidnapped her and is putting her through hell. But first, it's time to style and accessorize.

The Party BeginsEdit

(Party scene)

A Written List/UnexpectedEdit

(Serena is in her dorm room and is sitting at her desk. She is in very deep thought as she is writing very fast on a piece of paper. She is like in her own little world and not realizing that someone is coming into her room. The person behind her places their hand gently on top of her writing hand to stop her. She snaps out of it and realizes what she's doing.)

Serena: What the hell?

???: It's the list. You have written the list of people that are going to die soon.

(Serena recognizes the voice of the person talking to her and turns around. She is in shock to see James, the childhood friend that she found dead only a few weeks ago.)

Serena: James?!

James: Hey, Serena.

Eileen RemisEdit

(During the party, Katherine and Aria are talking but are interrupted when Eileen comes up to them.)

Eileen: Where is Sophia?

Katherine: Excuse you, we were talking--

Eileen: Katerina Petrova, I am going to ask you again. Where is Sophia?

Katherine: How do you know my real name?

Eileen: I believe that I am the one that is asking the questions here.

Aria: She's not here. Does that answer your question?

Eileen: Hmm...The both of you would be wise not to answer my question with a question...Now this is going to be the last time I ask you both...Where is Sophia?

Aria: We don't know where she is. All we know is that she's been missing since yesterday and the person who threw this party is the one who kidnapped her.

Eileen: Who threw this party?

Katherine: A woman named Cascadia.

Eileen: Cecilia's grandmother?! Damn it! I thought I killed that bitch!

Katherine: Wait, you know Sophia's true identity?!

Eileen: Of course I do, I grew up with her! Now, excuse me. I have some business to take care of.

(Eileen walks away as Katherine stares at her shocked and Aria looks confused.)

Aria: Katherine, what the hell is she talking about?

Katherine: I'll explain everything later but just to let you know, Sophia is actually an ancient witch named Cecilia from two-thousand years ago...and from the looks of it, Eileen was also born two-thousand years ago.

(Katherine quickly goes after Eileen as Aria looks dumbstruck. Once she's out of the party, Katherine catches up with Eileen and stands in her way.)

Eileen: Move.

Katherine: Not until you tell me what the hell Cascadia kidnapped Sophia for.

Eileen: Isn't it obvious? She wants to kill her.

Katherine: What?! Why?! Sophia is her granddaughter!

Eileen: Well, that doesn't matter to her. Cascadia hates Cecilia and her mother, she blames them both for the death of her son, Cecilia's father.

Katherine:...You know that--

Eileen: Yes.

Katherine: Then why didn't you tell her?

Eileen: Because I found out after Cecilia left our home to search for a way to save Aaron and their son. But what about you, huh? Why haven't you told her?

Katherine: I just can't...

Eileen: Then I guess we both have our reasons for not telling her. Now if you want Cecilia to live, get out of my way.

Katherine: How exactly do you plan on taking Cascadia on? What is it that you can do?

Eileen: Kitty Kat, Cascadia may be a two-thousand year old powerful witch but I'm a two-thousand year old powerful werewolf...that's much more deadly and not to be trifled with...(eyes turning silver) Honestly, I'm the wrong bitch to mess with.

(Eileen lets out a loud roar which startles Katherine. Eileen smirks.)

Eileen: By the way, if you don't want to get hurt or worse, killed, then don't bother coming.

(Eileen takes her leave and Katherine is hesitant to follow. She takes out the philosopher's stone she received from Magdalene. Not absolutely sure what it will do to her, does not take a second thought and wears the necklace. Her body glows red for a moment and she feels a sudden rush of power coursing through her body. Taking a moment to fully grasp what she is feeling, she quickly goes after Eileen to help save her best friend.)

Enough is EnoughEdit

(Cascadia returns to her hideout to and sees Sophia with her head down.)

Cascadia: I'm back. Did you miss me?

(Sophia remains quiet and doesn't respond.)

Cascadia: Well, you're missing quite the party. I knew Elijah was handsome but up close, wow. Including that ex-husband and your boyfriend of yours. But man who was always for you...Aaron. Also quite the looker. But about Elijah, Nathan and Marcel, they're have quite a temper, you should have seen them. Oddly the men always fawn over you. If any of them get here in time, we'll see who will win the game.

(Sophia is still quiet and it is getting on Cascadia's nerves.)

Cascadia: Hey, I'm talking to you--

Agapios' Voice: (quietly) Enough.

Cascadia: What--

Agapios' Voice: ENOUGH!!!

(Cascadia is startled by the outburst but notices that Sophia isn't the one talking as she is unconscious. Also the fact that she hears, Agapios' voice. Shortly, Sophia's body begins to shine brightly and Agapios comes out of her body.)

Cascadia: Agapios?! How?!

Agapios: Because my being carries on with my child.

(Cascadia begins crying and tries touching her son's cheek but he harshly grabs his mother's wrist.)

Agapios: Do not touch me.

Cascadia: Why?

Agapios: Why?! (points to Sophia) Have you forgotten what you've done to my daughter?!

Cascadia: Agapios, I--

Agapios: You what?! You tortured her because you still blame my wife for my death!

Cascadia: Because it is her fault!

Agapios: (letting go of her wrist) No, it's not! You know how much I loved her! I was willing to do anything for my wife and children, that including giving up my life for them! But you refused to accept that!

Cascadia: Because you had the rest of your life ahead of you! You had so much more to do, my son!

Agapios: Mother...I might have not gotten to do everything I wanted but my wife and children are my life and I love them more than anything. Besides, everything I didn't get to do, my beautiful daughter did it for me.

Cascadia: Oh, so you still love your son after he tried to kill your daughter? And your wife ruined your life! There's so much you missed out on!

Agapios: My son. I still have hope for him. For him to change and do the right thing. As for my wife, she didn't ruin anything. She gave me a new world and it's because of her that I still live on. That I can continue being with my daughter even though Cecilia didn't know I was there.

Cascadia: I'm not letting her go then. If this is the only way that I can see you, then--

Agapios: Mother, stop this!

Cascadia: If you want me to stop then you're going to have to kill me.

Agapios: I can't. I couldn't do it even if I could.

Cascadia: Humph. You got that kind soul from your father.

Agapios: Mother, she is my child, your granddaughter! How can you treat her like this?!

Cascadia: My son, open your eyes! She is not your daughter anymore! She doesn't even remember her past!

Agapios: Because of you! You're the one who taught her the Eternity Spell! Everything that has happened to her is all on you! By hurting her, you are hurting me!

Cascadia: Agapios--

Agapios: Don't...You need to take one last good look at me because we are never going to see each other again.

Cascadia: Agapios, I did not mean to cause you pain.

(Agapios turns to Sophia and looks saddened by her state.)

Agapios: But you are. Every single bad thing that has happened to my little girl, ever since that damn spell you taught her's all your doing. I can't forgive you for that.

Cascadia: Agapios--

Agapios: Goodbye.

(Agapios disappears into particles which enters Sophia. Cascadia falls to the floor crying and screaming her son's name.)

What Do You Think You Are Doing?Edit

(Danielle takes her leave from the party. Just as she gets outside, she is slammed into the wall, her body trapped between it and a very angry Leon.)

Danielle: Ow! Take it easy!

Leon: Please, you should be thankful this is all I'm going to do! Have you forgotten that you snapped my neck?!

Danielle: All I had to do was snap my fingers. Now, sorry about that but I wouldn't have done if my uncles and you weren't being so secretive.

Leon: What do you think you're doing here, huh?! You're not suppose to be here!

Danielle: My mother is danger and you expect me to sit on the sidelines?! Think again!

Leon: Elijah wants--

Danielle: I don't give a damn of what my uncle wants! My mother's life is at risk and I'm not going to sit around to find out the next moment that she's dead!

Leon: What are you going to do, Danielle?! The enemy is a two-thousand year old witch! You can't take her on! You will be the one that ends up dead if you go!

(Danielle looks away from Leon.)

Leon: Listen, I know that she's your mother and you want to save her! But I promised her that I would keep you safe!

Danielle: (scoffs) Because it's your job.

Leon:...Look at me.

(When Danielle looks back at Leon, he notices the few tears she has shed. He gently wipes them away and put his hands on her shoulders. He takes a huge sigh and smirks.)

Leon: Come on. Let's go save Sophia.

(Danielle shocked by his response, gives him a hug and starts to smile. However, their moment is interrupted by Aria.)

Aria: I'm sorry but neither of you are going anywhere. And don't even think about snapping my neck, Dani.

Welcome to the PartyEdit

(Sophia wakes up to see Cascadia on the floor, crying. Sophia also starts feel a bit more stronger despite her weakened state.)

Sophia: Mind telling me what the hell you are crying about?

Cascadia: (looks up at Sophia) Did you know?

Sophia: Did I know what?

Cascadia: That your father has been with you the whole time?

Sophia: What are you talking about?

Cascadia: Judging from your response, the answer would be no.

Sophia: Fine then. I want you to answer my question. Why did my brother do it? Does he really hate me that much?

Cascadia: (standing up) Ask him yourself. He seems to hate your guts but I really don't understand that man.

Sophia: Where is he?

Cascadia: Don't know. Haven't seen him in a thousand years...Wait.

Sophia: Something wrong?

Cascadia: Why is it that you don't sound as weak as you did before?

Sophia: Hmm...Grandmother, you really don't know me at all.

Cascadia: What-

(Sophia yanks her arms from the chair and rips off the shackle from her neck. Before Sophia can use her magic on Cascadia, she falls to the floor, feeling even more weak.)

Cascadia: Damn, you're good but that's not your full potential. By doing that, you shouldn't feel so weak after getting of those shackles...Something is holding you back. So what is it?

Sophia: (groaning in pain) What..are you...talking about?

Cascadia: You know what? I think I know what it is. Agapios, are you going to let your daughter fight me with her full power?

Sophia: What...?

Cascadia: My son, I know it's you that's holding her true power within her. Why are you keeping it from her? I'll only let her go if you allow us to have a fair fight. Unleash her power!

(Sophia not understanding what Cascadia is saying, a werewolf roar is heard. Sophia and Cascadia see a silver eyed Eileen walk in with Katherine shortly following behind her.)


Katherine: Sophia!

Sophia: Katherine, stay away!

Cascadia: Long time no see, Eileen.

Eileen: Well, this is quite a surprise. How are you still alive? I thought I killed you.

Cascadia: Almost but I guess I just got lucky.

Eileen: I completely let you have it and left you out in the middle of nowhere to suffer and you got lucky? Then maybe I should have just completely ripped you to shreds.

Cascadia: Aw, then I wouldn't have gotten the chance to meet with my precious granddaughter and tell her about her true past.

Eileen: Please, don't act like her care about her! You're the one who put her through every horrible thing that she's been through!

Cascadia: I was actually planning on letting her go.

Eileen: Oh? Because of the kindness out of your heart?

Cascadia: Katerina Petrova. We can make a deal. I'll give you back your best friend and you will let me walk the other way. That way none of you have to die.

Sophia: She's lying!

Katherine: First, it's Katherine. Second, you will let her go and then you can go rot in hell, you pathetic bitch!

Cascadia: Ooh, you're definitely a smooth talker!

Eileen: I have to agree with Kitty Kat in this. After everything you put Cecilia through, it's time for you to say bye-bye.

Katherine: You blamed your daughter-in-law for the death of her husband, your son. Then you take it out on your granddaughter?! What is wrong with you?!

Cascadia: I just got the lecture from my son, I don't need it from you too. (turns to Sophia) A little while ago, I spoke to your father. He's been with you the whole time.

Sophia: What...? What are you...talking about?

Cascadia: It's exactly as I said. I believe you will get the chance to speak with him very soon.

(Katherine runs over to Sophia and pulls whom is still lying on the floor. Katherine helps Sophia up and holds onto her.)

Katherine: I got you.

Sophia: Thanks...

Cascadia: Okay, enough of the friendship mushy-gushy stuff. Do we have a deal or not?

Eileen: Cascadia, why don't you just go back to the hell that you came from?

Katherine: I feel sorry that your son had a sorry pathetic excuse of a mother like you.

(Katherine strikes a nerve towards Cascadia. All of a sudden a knife is quickly lunged at Katherine and stabs her in the stomach.)


Cascadia: I would watch what you say to me.

(Suddenly, bright red energy discharges around them. Somehow, Katherine feels unaffected by the knife and pulls it out. Her body starts to glow red and her wound starts to heal...)

Sophia: What the hell? Katherine, is that--

(Elijah, Marcel, Nathan and Brody. They all notice how badly injured Sophia is.)

Cascaida: Welcome to the party.

Elijah: Sophia!

Sophia: Elijah?!

Marcel: What did you do to her?!

(Marcel and Nathan are about to attack until Cascadia points a finger at the two of them which causes them both not being able to move as they are thrown towards the wall.)

Cascadia: You both should know better than to attack those more powerful than you. Don't either of you have any manners?

Nathan: Yeah. I don't go around torturing people and blaming them for something that they're not at fault for!

Cascadia: You still have that smart mouth. Reminds me of when we first met.

Nathan: Excuse me? I don't know you, hag!

Cascadia: That was really rude.

Elijah: Enough! Release them!

Cascadia: Or what? You see, I was making a deal with my Eileen and Katherine until you all came in here quite rudely. Then my granddaughter's current boyfriend and her ex-husband nearly attacked me. Cecilia, I just realized that you have great taste in men. Marcel, he's a warrior and that's the most sexiest thing about him. Nathan, there's this kindness that he holds within him. He holds the ability to heal others and any woman would be lucky to have someone like that in her life...But most of all! The one! The one man who was always the one for you was Aaron. All the woman were attracted to him because of his good looks but you fell for him. You fell for him for all the right reasons. In some ways, Aaron reminded me of your father. Aaron was a true hero.

Sophia: What you are...saying have with any...of what's going on now?

Cascadia: Whom do you truly love? Who does your heart belong to?

Katherine: Old lady, why don't you stop turning her love life into a game?

Cascadia: Old lady? Kind of ironic coming from you, don't you think?

Elijah: What deal were you making with them?

Eileen: That she will give us back Cecilia and allow her to walk the other way.

Elijah: (chuckles) Well, that's funny. (walking towards Cascadia) Since you know me like you say you do, you should know my code then. (stops when he's standing in front of her) No one hurts my family and lives.

(Elijah quickly grabs Cascadia in a choke-hold but she magically creates a high-pitched noise that incapacitates everyone. As the spell continues, mostly everyone falls to the floor, screaming in pain. However, Eileen and Sophia barely manage to stand due to the intensity of the spell. Katherine is also able to still stand but her body starts glowing red again.)

Elijah: Katherine...?

Cascadia: How are the three of you still standing?!

Eileen: Is got...?!

(Eileen tackles Cascadia to the ground and roars. Eileen is about to use her claws to attack Cascadia until Sophia stops her.)

Sophia: Eileen, wait!

Eileen: Cecilia, why are you stopping me?!

Sophia: Because I still have questions for her. Cascadia, stop the damn spell!

(Cascadia refuses and strengthens her spell and the others continue to scream louder from the pain. Cascadia pushes Eileen off of her and slowly walks towards Katherine.)

Cascadia: I see what it is now. So you're one of them now, huh?

Katherine: One of who?!

(As Cascadia is getting closer to Katherine, she feels something poking her in the back. Malia is standing behind her, holding a ancient knife to Cascadia's back. Malia can barely stand and her ears start to bleed. Cascadia turns to around and stares at the knife in horror.)

Malia: Stop the damn spell or die. Your choice.

(Cascadia stops the spell and Elijah quickly hurries over to Sophia and Katherine. After checking on Sophia, he grabs Katherine gently as he helps her up.)

Elijah: Are you alright?

Katherine: I'm fine.

Elijah: Katherine, your body was glowing red and this bloodstain on your dress--

Katherine: Elijah, I'm fine. (hugging him) I'll be okay.

(Sophia is seen helping Marcel and Nathan. Eileen along with Malia and Brody are standing over Cascadia.)

Malia: So this is my great-grandmother? Humph, I expected an old-looking hag.

Cascadia: Aww, my great-grandchild. You're just a bitch like your mother.

Malia: You can call me a bitch but you really don't want to test me. Come after my mother again and I will kill you...I'll be your worst nightmare.

Cascadia: Ooh, a feisty little one!

Eileen: Calm yourself, Malia.

(Brody bends down and starts to question Cascadia.)

Brody: Let me ask you something...Was it worth it?

Cascadia: Honestly? No, it wasn't. But I had the right to do it because of the anger I held within me. (tears falling down her cheeks) I lost my son, my only child and it was his wife's fault! He still refuses to see that and now he hates me! His wife was dead before I could get to her so I had no choice but to go after his children. I didn't meet Cecilia until she was twenty and I didn't know what happened to her brother. She was in a similar situation like I was. She lost her husband and son. I wanted to take advantage of that and just...I am sorry for what she went through but I am not sorry for what I've done.

Sophia: That's alright because you're not forgiven anyway.

(Sophia comes over and stands before Cascadia. Marcel, Nathan, Katherine and Elijah join them as well.)

Eileen: So we get to kill her now?

Sophia: No.

Eileen: Wait, what?! Sophia after everything that she has put your through?!

Sophia: I really can't think about killing her at her after hearing what she said. Besides to me, I rather not kill my own blood.

Cascadia: Cecilia...

Sophia: I am angry for the hell you put me through but I know what it's like to lose a child, I've experienced it twice. But you do need to know something about my father's death.

Cascadia: And what would that be?

Sophia: My mother wasn't the cause of his death, it's not her fault.

Cascadia: Cecilia, I know what--

Sophia: It was Damien. He was the one who killed Agapios.

(Cascadia is speechless after hearing the truth to who really killed her son.)

Eileen: Damien?

Elijah: Who is Damien?

Sophia: My older brother.

Eileen: What?! Cecilia, you don't have an older brother. I would remember if--

Sophia: No, you wouldn't. Eileen, we were nine years old when we met. My brother was sent away before then and you never knew of him because Andra took my memories of him away. And I will possibly never get those memories back. They were the good memories up to the point when he tried to kill me. That's all I know of. I did get one memory of him back but that was when Andra had died.

Eileen: Cecilia, I'm sorry.

Cascadia: But why...?

Sophia: I don't know why but he is the one who killed my father and Andra.

Cascadia: A-Andra too?

Sophia: Yes. All I know is that I have to be the one to end it. To settle things with him. Cascadia...You have to stop thinking about revenge and let me handle my brother. Can you please do that?

Cascadia:...Cecilia, you just said that you rather not kill your own blood. What if it comes to the point where you have to kill Damien?

Sophia:...Then I won't have a choice.

Cascadia: Humph. Well, the time will come to see if you have what it takes. To kill your own brother...But also remember what I said earlier about your father--


My Brother's BloodEdit

(Outside, Danielle and Aria are arguing while Leon stays out of it.)

Danielle: Why can't I go save my mother?!

Aria: Because it's too dangerous and you can't beat a two-thousand year old witch!

Danielle: How would you know?! Why won't you let me try?!

Aria: So what if you could beat her? Would you kill her?

Danielle: Yes!

Aria: See, that's why you're not going!

Danielle: Excuse you?

Aria: The person who kidnapped her, is her grandmother. All I know is that she bears some grudge against Sophia's real mother of the death of her son and wants revenge. Now no matter how awful the things this woman has done, Sophia would rather not kill her own blood...You should know that. Because her grandmother is also your blood. You may be a Mikaelson but they are not your blood. Seeing everything that they have done to each other, they constantly keep going at each other. I know that you are willing to kill Esther but you know that she's not your blood. Could you be willing enough to kill those who share your blood?...Malia...Nathan...Sophia and whoever else there is?

(Danielle is very quiet and clenches her fist.)

Aria: I thought so.

Danielle: That's not fair.

Aria: You know that life isn't fair. But that is who your mom is. She values family just like you do.

Danielle: Then how am I suppose to protect her?!

???: You don't.

(Danielle, Aria and Leon turn to see Sophia and Nathan coming towards them. Aria runs over to Sophia, smiling. However, Danielle begins to show a threatening look.)

Aria: Sophia, you're okay! Where's everyone else?

Sophia: Yes, I'm fine.

Nathan: They stayed behind with Cascadia. Somehow Sophia knew Danielle was here and wanted to see her.

(Sophia notices Danielle acting strangely.)


Leon: Danielle, aren't you going to go hug your mom?...What's wrong with you?

Danielle: Ossox!

(Sophia falls to the ground with a painful scream due to her leg breaking. Nathan holds Sophia in his arms just her arm breaks as well.)

Nathan: Sophia!

Leon: Danielle, what the hell is wrong with you?!

Aria: What are you doing?!

Danielle: I really don't know myself...But there's something that I have to do so please don't get in my way.

(Danielle snaps her fingers and then Leon and Aria's necks snap, they both fall to the ground.)

Sophia: Danielle, stop it!

Nathan: Danielle, why are you doing this?!

Danielle: I have to give this to mom...(taking out a vial of blood from her pocket) and I can't let anybody get in my way...

Nathan: Danielle, whose blood is that?

Danielle: For some reason, I don't remember. I was told to give this to mom by any means necessary.

Sophia: Oh my god...! Nathan, that's Damien's blood! Danielle has been compelled by my brother!

Nathan: What--

(Nathan suddenly falls to the grown, coughing out blood and choking on it, unable to stop. Sophia turns to back to Danielle who is standing above her.)

Sophia: Dani, you have to stop!

Danielle: I can't.

(Sophia remembers a healing spell that she used long ago...)

Sophia: Mederi!

(Sophia's arm and leg heal in time for Sophia to grab Danielle.)

Sophia: Dani, listen to me! I don't want to hurt you! You have to stop! Fight the compulsion!

Danielle: I'm trying but it's impossible to fight this compulsion.

Sophia: Dammit! How are you going to be the queen of this city if you can't even fight a simple mind compulsion?!

Danielle: Because it's different from the compulsion from what we know.

(Sophia remembers the things that Kylie told her about Damien, of how he is no ordinary vampire...)

Sophia:...Fine. Give it to me.


Sophia: Give me the blood!

Danielle: Mom?! You'll become a vampire again if you die!

Sophia: Danielle, this is the only way to stop the compulsion! Besides, we don't know what will happen once I take it!

Danielle: But--

Sophia: You have to give it to me by any means necessary, right? So do you trust me?

Danielle: Of course I do but--

Sophia: Then give it to me!

Danielle: You can't be serious! Just use magic on me!

Sophia: I don't want to hurt my own daughter! Besides, it's not going to work anyway! The person who compelled you was my brother and he is no ordinary vampire!

Danielle: Mom--

Sophia: GIVE IT TO ME!

Danielle: I--

(As Danielle gets ready to give Sophia the blood, a gunshot echoes...)

Sick of the SecretsEdit

(Everything is dark but Sophia can hear voices...As Sophia is unconscious, she is shown to have a gunshot wound and is in pretty bad shape. She is being carried in Elijah's arms and taking her to her dorm as the others follow closely behind him.)

Katherine: She's going to be okay, Danielle!

Danielle: Mom! Mom, wake up!

Marcel: She's losing too much blood!

Katherine: Malia, have you lost your mind?! Why did you shoot your mother?!

Malia: I don't know why...I don't even remember anything!

Elijah: Everyone, just calm down!

(As Sophia continues to hear her loved ones voices, she begins to hear another voice...a very familiar one...)

???: Can you hear me?

???: You know who I am.


Damien: Bingo!

Sophia: are...we?

Damien: Speaking like this? Well, I could have called you on my cell but I felt this would be more entertaining. With my blood in your system for some amount of time, I thought this would be more torturous for you. I will continue to make your life a living hell.

Sophia:...Why...? Why did all of...this?

Damien: Why? Isn't it obvious? Because I hate you.

Sophia: But why?

Damien: Why do I hate you? Now sis, I can't reveal any of it until you get your memories back. But let me indulge your curiosity to why I compelled Danielle into forcing my blood into your system.

Sophia: (chuckles) Hate to disappoint you but Danielle didn't force it down my throat.

Damien: What?

Sophia: I took it willingly.

(Flashes show Sophia quickly take the vial from Danielle's hand and drinking it in one gulp before getting shot by Malia.)

Damien: Well, it seems that my little sister has guts after all. Aren't you scared that you could be turned back into a vampire?

Sophia: Honestly? Yes but I did it to save my daughter from you clutches. That's what a mother does. A mother protects their child no matter what it is. They have to be willing to put their life on the line if that what it takes.

Damien: What a mother does...You know that is just how our mother died, trying to protect the both us.

Sophia: Because she loved us both so did our father. What I don't understand is to why would you kill him.

Damien: Hmm...You'll find out the day we are reunited.

Sophia: If you're not going to tell me anything, why do all this?

Damien: Oh, I did all this so that I could talk to you again for the first time in two thousand years. My sister, I did something a little special to this blood you have taken. Whenever you have a very serious injury that you will not have the energy to heal yourself, my blood will take over into doing that for you. However! Each time my blood saves you from a life-threatening situation, let's just say that you will regain the memories Andra took from you and find the other half to your true self.

Sophia: My memories...What do you mean "other half of my true self"?

Damien: (laughs) Something that will be very fun for me but terrible for you.

Sophia: So it's fun for you to torture me like this? What do you want from me?

Damien: What I want is for you to remember what I did to you and to...let her out.

Sophia: Remember...Let who out?

Damien: (chuckles) You should see how Malia is doing...(sighs) Until next time, sister.

Sophia: Wait!

Damien:...Cecilia, there isn't much time! Listen to what I have to say! Once we are reunited, you have to kill me!


(When Damien's voice fades away, Sophia wakes up and everyone sees her wound healing...)

Marcel: What the hell?

Elijah: Sister?

(Sophia's body suddenly starts thrashing to where Elijah and Marcel have to hold her down.)

Danielle & Malia: Mom!

Katherine: What's wrong with her?!

Elijah: I don't know! Marcel, keep holding onto her!

Marcel: I am!

Elijah: Sister! If you can hear me, you have to fight this! Sophia!

(In her mind, Sophia sees flashes of red and her as a teenager, badly wounded and running from something. Suddenly everything turns black...Sophia finds herself shrouded in darkness and sees her hands covered in blood...)

Sophia: What...?

???: My awakening...This is the start.

(Sophia looks in front of her to see herself in front of her.)

Sophia: Who are you?

???: Who am I? I am you...I am your other half.

Sophia: My other half?

???: Yes. Do you feel it?

Sophia: Feel what? I don't feel anything and it's really dark...

???: Exactly!

Sophia: What do you mean?

???: That's two of the key points, you feel nothing and you see nothing but darkness. That's your first hint. So until then, keep thinking about who I am and who you are.

(As the unknown woman fades away, Sophia wakes up in Elijah's arms...)

Danielle: Mom!

Marcel: Sophia! Sophia! It's okay!

Elijah: You're alright now!

(Elijah holds Sophia tightly, comforting her.)

Sophia: What happened to me...?

Katherine: Well--

Malia: It's my fault. I shot you and I don't even remember doing it...

(Sophia remembers what Damien told her before, to see how Malia is doing.)

Sophia: (sighs) It was my brother. He got to both my daughters...

Katherine: Wait, what? 

Sophia: Damien compelled Danielle to force his blood down my throat and have Malia shoot me after I took his blood...

Marcel: So that's what healed your wound all of a sudden. You were way too out of it to drink my or Elijah's blood.

Sophia: Yeah...

Elijah: We need to get his blood out of your system.

Sophia: What? No!

Elijah: No? Sophia, I'm not going to allow you to have that man's blood in your system knowing full well what could happen to you if you die!

Sophia: I won't die! And his blood just saved me!

Marcel: That's because your daughters were compelled to do that to you! And how the hell did the two of you get compelled? That can't happen to witches!

Sophia: Damien is a different case. He's not like you or Elijah. It's a completely different generation of vampires. One that he created.

Elijah: I've had enough of this. This man compelled both your daughters to do something this terrible to you and you want his blood to remain your system?

Sophia: Yes!

Danielle: Mom, why?!

Sophia: (tearfully) Because he's my brother! He shares the same blood as me and there's not that many people who know me as Cecilia! Despite the terrible things that he's done, I still sense a bit of light in him! The only memory I have of my brother, is the one of where he killed my mentor...the one who cared for both of us after our parents died. Despite the anger I was feeling towards him, I wasn't able to see his face when he stood in the darkness but I didn't sense all evil in him! I don't know what happened between us but if he wants to continue hating me that's fine! He wants to come after me, that's fine too! But I won't give up until I get the answers I need and I won't let him hurt any of you!

Malia: Mom, what makes you think he's going to change? Look at what he made Danielle and me do to you!

Sophia: If it ever comes down to me having to kill him then so be it! I will do it without hesitation and without any of your involvement! He's my brother and my responsibility! But I can't give up on him!

Danielle:...He's your brother?...Just like Malia is my sister? Mom, I am really sick of the secrets...Why didn't you ever tell me?

Sophia: Before I do...Did Klaus tell you?

Malia: He introduced me during the family dinner.

Sophia: (snickers) Wow. He disrespected my wishes again...Why do I keep expecting better from him?

Elijah: Sophia...

Sophia: You want the truth, Danielle? Elijah, Marcel and Malia. I think you all should leave. Go home, get some rest.

Marcel: Do you really think I'm leaving you here with that crazy grandmother of yours?

Elijah: I agree with that notion.

Sophia: She's not going to hurt me again. Besides, I still need answers from her.

Marcel: Soph--

Katherine: Marcel, Elijah. Do you trust her?

Marcel: Of course we do but--

Katherine: Then believe in her.

Marcel:...Fine! But you better call me if you need anything. (kisses her cheek) I'll be back soon.

Elijah: (kisses Sophia's forehead) Same goes for me.

Katherine: I'll be back in a bit.

Malia: I'm sorry, mom...

Sophia:...It's okay.

(After they all leave, Sophia and Danielle are able to talk alone.)

Sophia: You want to know about Malia, right? To why I never told you? (crying) It's because I'm a terrible mother. Malia was stillborn the day you two were born. She died because of me, it's my fault! I always meant to tell you the truth, I wanted to tell you from the start but it was something from the past that I was not able to forgive myself for!

Danielle: Mom--

Sophia: No! The truth is I'm not only Sophia Zariah Mikaelson. I wasn't even born as Sophia Zariah Mikaelson! My true name is Cecilia. One of the most powerful witches during the ancient times. The one who lost her true love and child then suddenly disappeared. Her wherebouts had been unknown since that time until now.

Danielle: But Uncle Elijah and the others grew up with you.

Sophia: That they did and that is true. To how that even happened, I haven't even gotten my memories back of that event yet...I don't even know who I am anymore. Cecilia or Sophia? But I do know that I am a terrible mother.

Danielle: How can you say that?! Look to how I turned out! I have an amazing mother who raised me into this good person, protected me and is one of the best teachers I could ever ask for! You deserve "Mother of every Generation" award!

Sophia: Please. I lost two children before you. The son that I don't even remember wasn't taken from me and the daughter who died of stillbirth. So after losing Malia, I tried making up for that by raising you the best I could. But look at me now...I'm a mess.

Danielle:...Do you remember when I was kid and I felt afraid? You told me that it's going to be alright and no matter what happens. That I should hold onto your hand tight until I'm ready to muster up my courage and face my fears!

Sophia: What does that have to do with what's going on now?

Danielle: Because I can see that in your eyes, that you're afraid. You're scared to remember the past that you lost even though you want it back. You're scared about what's going to happen after you remember everything. Mom, you're afraid of what will happen with your brother and finding out who you truly are. (holds out her hand) Now I am doing this for you. I will tell you who you are...(tear falls down her cheek) You're my mom. The best mom anyone could ever ask for and I am proud to be your daughter. Now...take my hand until you're ready to face your fears. No matter how long it takes to get your memories back and how scary it will be...I'll be by your side.

Sophia:...You believe in me?

Danielle: Of course.

Sophia: (sighs) There's something you have been lacking lately.

Danielle: What do you mean?

Sophia: You have to figure that out yourself. (takes Danielle's hand) I want you to find out what you're missing and I'll give you a hint. It's something that started sometime after you came back to life. Until you figure out what it is, I can't allow you to help me.

Danielle: Mom!

Sophia: I'm sorry, Danielle. I admitted my fears but you have to admit to what you have lost. I can't take your hand as we both have things we need to deal with on our own. So once I get all my memories back, I hope you have everything figured out and then we can help each other to what we've found.

Danielle: But--

Sophia: I love you, always remember that. Now, you should go.

(Sophia kisses her Danielle's forehead and Danielle hugs her mother for a moment before getting off the bed.)

Sophia: Wait. I think I might know something that might help you. Go over to the bookshelf and get that light blue grimoire.

(Danielle goes to the bookshelf and gets the ice grimoire.)

Danielle: A grimoire about ice magic?

Sophia: Yeah, I think it will be helpful for you. I think you'll be able to figure it out.

Danielle: Thanks. (before leaving)...I love you, mom.

Sophia: Love you too.

The True Grim ReaperEdit

Serena: But you're dead....I saw you lying on the floor in a pool of blood.

James: It wasn't real.

Serena: But--

James: Serena, it was fake. I had to make you think that someone closest to you was going to end up dead. It was all to see if your powers were like mine.

Serena: What are you talking about?

James: I know all about how your family became a cult who worshiped reapers and forced their own to turn their into them. But you, Serena. You were different. You chose not to give in and took it head on. You took the title of the Grim Reaper so that your father wouldn't have to suffer from that fate anymore.

Serena: How do you know all this?

James: How do I know all this? Why do I know about your family history? How did I know who you really were and never told you?...Who do you think I really am?

(Serena stares at him for a moment and slaps him. He rubs his cheek, acting like it hurts.)

James: Nice slap.

Serena: You son of a bitch!

James: It's understandable that you would be upset. All this time, I've hid things from you. Of who you were, your family history, all of it.

Serena: You're the true Grim Reaper. Take it! Take this power because I sure in hell that I don't want it!

James: Can't.

Serena: Can't or won't?

James: Okay...I won't.

Serena: Why?!

James: Because your family brought it upon themselves. They chose this path and it has to end with you. Serena, you have to fix their mistakes.

Serena: Are you trying to punish me for something that I didn't do?!

James: No, I'm not. I'm telling you to end this. I know that it's not your fault but I will only take away your Grim Reaper powers once you fix what your family has wronged...Be the Grim Reaper.

(James picks up the list that Serena was writing and gives it to her. She looks at it and looks horrified.)

Childhood Friends Reunion/A Past That Is Wanted BackEdit

(Sophia, Katherine and Aria are in their dorm, sitting on Sophia's bed.)

Aria: You okay?

Sophia: Honestly? No. That is not how I wanted Danielle to find out.

Aria: Why didn't you ever tell her about Malia? I'm even just now finding out about her and the fact that you're a two-thousand year old witch named Cecilia.

Sophia: I'm sorry, I just...I'm still in the process of getting my memories back, so it's a lot to deal with. But as for Danielle, I meant to tell her. I wanted her to know.

Aria: So why didn't you tell her?

(Katherine and Aria notice that Sophia is trying to hold back her tears.)

Katherine: Soph, you don't have to--

Sophia: I'm not fit to be a mother, that's why I didn't tell her. I'm not the perfect mother that she thinks I am. She thinks that I deserve "Mother of every Generation" award but she's wrong.

(Eileen is standing in the doorway and speaks up.)

Eileen: You're wrong about you not being fit to be a mother. But I agree with Danielle about you deserving that "Mother of every Generation" award.

(The girls look over to Eileen then Katherine and Aria get up from the bed.)

Aria: We'll leave the two of you alone.

(Just when Aria leaves, Eileen stands in Katherine's way.)

Eileen: Hmm...

Katherine: What?

Eileen: I really hope you know what you're doing with that Philosopher's Stone because if you don't, you're going to get yourself killed. And I don't need some damn amateur putting my best friend in danger.

Sophia: Eileen!

Katherine: Then maybe you should steer clear of me, wolfie because I'm not going anywhere. Sophia can take care of herself and as her being my best friend, she's a big part of my life to which is why I would never hurt or let her go. Got it?

Eileen: You most certainly have guts but haven't you ever learned of respecting those stronger than you?

Katherine: I have but I also know of respecting my elders.

Sophia: Katherine!

Eileen: Wow, I just trying to give you some advice as well as a warning but I know how to kick a bitch's ass--

Sophia: Girls!

(Eileen and Katherine immediately stop fighting and both sigh.)

Sophia: Really?!

Katherine & Eileen: Sorry.

Katherine: We'll finish this another time.

Eileen: We will. Looking forward to it, Kitty Kat.

Katherine: Wait. Soph, there's something I want to give you.

(Katherine walks over to the bookcase and pulls out a grimoire next to Sophia's other grimoires. She walks over to Sophia and gives it to her.)

Sophia: A grimoire? Katherine, where did you get this?

Katherine: Professor Devin gave it to me.

Sophia: Did he give it to you or did you steal it?

Katherine: Umm...A little bit of both?

Sophia:...Well, you are Katherine Pierce after all.

Katherine: Thank you for the compliment. Anyway, this grimoire can teach you about the ice element. That same ice that nearly froze me to death, I'm guessing.

Sophia: Seriously? What was he doing with this?

Katherine: Apparently, the professor is interested in the supernatural. So the crazy bitch that used me as a little piece in their game, allowed him to borrow this. So a friend of mine helped me to compel him into giving me this so that I could give it to you. You can use this as an advantage and take out the culprit.

Sophia: Katherine.

Katherine: Yes?

Sophia: This friend...would it happen to be Nathan?

Katherine: I can't reveal all my secrets.

Sophia: Well, too bad cause you just told me.

Katherine: Enough about me! When are you going to start learning it?

Sophia:...I'm not.

Katherine: What?

Sophia: Someone is but not me. I think I know the perfect person to learn this element.

Katherine: Who?

Sophia: You'll find out eventually...Thank you.

Katherine: You're welcome.

(The girls hug and once more Eileen stops Katherine from leaving.)

Eileen: I'm surprised. Katherine Pierce, always running from her enemies and always trying to survive is finally helping everyone out.

Katherine: Yeah, well...I'm tried of running. For the first time in my life, I'm going to stop running and start fighting.

(After Katherine leaves, Eileen sits on Sophia's bed.)

Sophia: I thought the two of you were going to get along.

Eileen: In what world exactly?

(The both of them give a small laugh.)

Sophia: I'm really happy that I got my memories of you back.

Eileen: Yeah...I've missed you, Cecilia.

(Sophia and Eileen immediately hug but also cry at the same time. Later on, the girls are happily talking until they hear a light knock on the door and sees Brody. Sophia allows him to come in and he sits in the chair next to her bed.)

Brody: Hey. You doing alright?

Sophia: Yes. Thank you, Brody. You came to save me too.

Brody: Well, I felt like I owed you that time for bringing me back to life.

Sophia: Oh? That's the reason? I thought we were such good friends!

Brody: (chuckles) Don't get ahead of yourself...Soph, about--

Sophia: Elijah told me...Your powers are developing. When Elijah looked into my father's past, my father was able to enter that memory and actually speak to Elijah. I went through a same experience, that vision you had of my father from before...Brody, there's something I need you to do but not right now.

Brody: What is it?

Sophia: I tell you when I'm ready to see it...I need to remember everything. All of it. I want my entire past back.

A Calming TouchEdit

(Danielle, Leon)

Father & Daughter ReunionEdit

(Sophia is sleeping while Aria and Katherine tend to her injuries. In her dreams, she finds herself in an alternate space and before her...stands her smiling father.)

Agapios: How much you have grown...

Sophia: You...

Agapios: Looks like you didn't need me after all. You grew up to be a strong woman yourself. I see that you got your mother's beauty but you've got my eyes...And from the looks of your's a mixture of mine and your mother's but you take more after me.

(While Agapios continues talking, he is cut off when Sophia rushes over to him and hugs him, crying as she does so.)


Agapios:...(hugs her back) My beautiful daughter...

(After a while, they sit together and are happy they finally have the chance to talk.)

Sophia: I can't believe that I'm finally meeting you.

Agapios: Neither can I...I never thought I would get the chance to see you again let alone actually talk with you.

Sophia: How is this even possible?

Agapios:...I believe your mother had something to do with this...Sophia--

Sophia: Cecilia.

Agapios: What?

Sophia: You can call me by Cecilia, you know. It is the name you gave me.

(Agapios brightly smiles at his daughter and caresses her cheek.)

Agapios:...Cecilia...All these years I have watched over you, how is it that you have so much strength? I saw what happened with my mother and I am so sorry for that. But you didn't give up, you still kept your ground.

Sophia: Pretty sure I got it from some amazing parents. But I also have Andra and Calantha to thank.

Sophia: Dad...As much as you've seen me fall down, you'll see me get back up.

Agapios:...That I have. You have always managed to get right back up and I am so proud of the woman you have become.

(Sophia giggles as Agapios taps her nose.)

Agapios: Before we continue talking, let's go somewhere else.

Sophia: You can actually go anywhere else other than here?

Agapios: Of course. (smirks) It wouldn't be so much fun if I didn't.

(Agapios stands and offers his hand to his daughter. She takes it and stands as well just as soon as he snaps his fingers and everything turns bright.)

I Warned YouEdit

(In a hidden place, blood-curdling screams fill the air and halls. Cascadia wrists are bound by shackles that hang her from the ceiling. The shackles prevent her from using her magic. From the darkness in the corner of the room, someone is chanting magic that greatly causes scars on her arms and chest.)

Cascadia: Who are you?! What do you want from me?!

(The person emerges from the darkness, revealing to be Qetsiyah and she is clearly not happy.)

Cascadia: Qetsiyah?!

Qetsiyah: I warned you to stay away from my daughter.

The Originals

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