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Vanessa Josephine
Biographical information
  • Possibly in the 1600s (In her 400s)
  • Undead
  • Vampire/Medium (Sophia's bloodline)
  • Female
Family information
Supernatural information
Significant kills
  • 3 Witches of the New Orleans Coven
Played by
  • Logan Browning
First seen
I know what it's like not to be able to protect someone that you care about...I lost the love of my life when I tried so desperately to save him. For years I blamed myself but someone made me come to the realization that it wasn't my fault. So every single day, I make sure to protect the people I know now so that I will never lose anyone important to me ever again.

Vanessa Josephine is Sophia Mikaelson's best friend and a major recurring character. She is a vampire with a very special power just like Sophia. She can never die, nothing can weaken or hurt her, and also see ghosts.

Vanessa later becomes a main character in Season Two.

Early LifeEdit

Vanessa was turned over 400 years ago by an unknown vampire from Sophia's bloodline. She met Sophia during the 1600s.

Throughout The Originals FanfictionEdit

Season OneEdit

Vanessa shows up in New Orleans in Bring It On. She saves Hayley out a tight spot and learns that Sophia is in danger. Unable to get to Sophia as a barrier blocks their way, she is shocked to see Danielle has joined the Other Side.

In Eclipse of the Heart, Vanessa attends Danielle's memorial. Klaus has her to keep an eye on Sophia. Vanessa sees Sophia making allies in order to take Neoma down and confronts Sophia about her actions. She is worried about her and what she will do. Later, along with Sophia's adoptive siblings, try to snap Sophia out of her dark behavior whereas Vanessa is give two choices by Sophia; to join her or stay out of her way. Klaus tells Vanessa to join Sophia to keep a further eye on her. 

In Rise from the Grave, she assists Sophia in the Harvest and when Klaus is nowhere to be found, she searches on the other side of town.

In The Recluse,

In Long Way Back from Hell,

Physical AppearanceEdit

She has brown skin, green eyes, dark brown hair which is always wavy or curly. She loves dresses, leather jackets, skinny jeans, high heels. She will always be seen shopping with Sophia, Rebekah, or Danielle.  


Vanessa is tough, feisty, independent and smart woman.


Sophia MikaelsonEdit

Her and Sophia are best friends. After Vanessa's arrival in New Orleans, she begins to see Sophia going into a dark direction that she shouldn't be going into which greatly worries Vanessa.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

She is a vampire, but a special one. She can never die, nothing can weaken or hurt her. She can also see ghosts.



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