• Hi, Cori! Um, this feels awkard...because the last time I messaged you was years ago? I'm sorry about my disappearing act. I decided I wanted to revist and help out some more, and I hope that's okay? I hope you've been doing well though!

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    • Sure help out if you'd like, I've been doing fine. I'm almost getting ready to start Eternal Darkness and Call of Magic. The Originals Fanfic had to be put on hold.

      Just to warn you, I've had to deal with trolls from these two wikias: [Fanon] and there was another wiki but I forgot the name but they're associated with one another. They just keep messing with stuff and it's like they want to take control. It's not as bad as it was before. You might see one every now and then.

      I'll made you an admin since I protected most of the pages. Feel free to add. If you have any ideas, want to contribute to the stories and characters, please share with me.

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    • I'm glad you're doing well! I'm looking forward to both of those series' releases!

      Ugh, I'm sorry you're having to deal with them. I've had my own share of trolls in the past, but yeah, hopefully they don't cause too much trouble anymore.

      That's really nice of you to do that! Thank you so much! I definitely will come to you in the future if I ever have ideas!

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    • You're welcome. If you come across any trolls just block them for a year because there's no way to block them permanently. Another hint to who the trolls are, they occasionally ask or demand to change Aurora and Jun's story, to make the love interests, not to let Aurora die. I already have plans for Aurora and she has nothing to do with Jun, I been knowing what I'm doing for her story way before these trolls showed up.

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