• I have noticed that a certain new user has joined the Wiki, I thought it only fair that I tell you that I have had bad experience with this individual and I have been forced to block him on two occasions, the first time he lured me into his Wikia and then stole my ideas and the second time he was messing on my Wikia abusing multiple accounts, changing the language of certain pages to his native Lithuanian, see HERE for more details on that, plus he generally has a bad attitude and on multiple occasions bad mouthed my writing skills which is funny because his are so dreadful. He is also blocked on other wikis too, for example on Pretty Little Liars Wiki for bad attitude and maliciously editing. See HERE for more details about that particular block. I just don't want to see you go through the same trouble that I did. I advice blocking him from this Wiki. I would do it myself but I am going to wait for your approval. I hope to hear back from you on this urgent matter.


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