• 3 questions,

    1. what pages do you specifically need updates the most, so I can update it

    2. what characters cannot be killed off? and what plots and characters cant be changed?

    3. should I ask some users from tvd wikia to come help on this wikia?

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    • Update Danielle, Davina, Thomas, Vanessa, and the relationships for Marcel

      Characters to be killed off later in the series: Possibly Hayley(but I really want to keep her), Sophie, Diego, Macklyn

      Characters that will be leaving and not returning next season: Cami and Matthias

      Plots: Klaus, Sophia, Davina, and Danielle

      And yes please get them to help out!

      Also can you get somone to write the transcript for episode 3?

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    • When do you think you'll get it done?

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    • Well if I update danielle, thomas, vanessa, i will have to add my own stuff, so if there is anything u dont want, change it or tell me to change it. Also im unsure what u want me to add to davina and marcel pages. Like what is happening in the show now? Or fanfiction sutff?

      Also I had Macklyn kill off Diego if you dont mind but please told kill off Macklyn till way later. I got some interesting stuff for me.

      I will ask but I cant say if anyone will come to help, although im sure my buddy guven(mgc) will help if he aint busy. And I will try and get someone to write the transcript. But is it like the transcript from episode of the originals the real tv show? Cause if so, you can just copy and paste the transcript?

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    • ill try to do it tomorrow

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    • I mean if you see anything that's not filled in then type something in it. Especially the relationships.

      And Mackyln won't be killed off until the season finale which is 20 episodes.

      Don't type anything in Season One.

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    • just to let u know, im only going to update the relationships with the two characters I created, cause I have no idea what u want me to fill in for the other characters.

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    • Just update the early life for the new characters that have been created. Like Sophia, Brody, and the others. See if you can come up with an idea and post it.

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    • Don't fill anything in for season one yet. None of the charaters.

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    • well i already filled in some info for macklyn and felix and a few others. I will try to fill in some info

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    • A FANDOM user
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