The Originals(Fan Fiction) TV Series
Season 2, Episode 02 Part 1
Air date Fall 2014
Written by User:Cori11
Directed by Cori11
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The Voodoo is the second episode of Season Two of The Originals Fanfiction (Series) and the twenty-third episode of the series overall.


VOODOO QUEEN, ALLY OR ENEMY--Magdalene arrives with a secret agenda and her appearance makes many question her motives. Serena investigates the student murders causing her to confront Magdalene what she knows about the event and of the Reaper's powers. Malia's past is revealed and Sophia gets a surprise by to what Brody's first history lesson is as well as meeting a new family member. Katherine tries to find the culprit of who put her in danger and but gets some unexpected help from Nathan. Finally, a new plan is set in motion and Sophia faces a new threat.


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  • First appearances of Charles Devin, Andra, Calantha, Cascadia, Eileen Remis, Panagiota, Kylie, Damien, and Mason Edwards.
  • A flashback scene will relate to Piper and Prue's deaths in Charmed's Season 3 finale, "All Hell Breaks Loose".
  • Voodoo Witch is introduced in the series and will a very unique species.
  • Katherine will find herself having to use Traveler magic.
  • Marcel visits to help get Sophia's mind off of things.
  • A bit of the Reaper's history will be explained.
  • There will be flashbacks.



Unexpected ReunionEdit

(Picking up where "Starting Over" left off...)

Sophia:...It can't be...That's not possible...

(Sophia begins to walk away but Malia blocks her way.)

Malia: It's me, mom!

Sophia: Is this some kind of sick joke?

Malia: No! I was brought back to life that day. She knew what it was like to lose a child and didn't want you to go through the same thing again.

Sophia: Who knew? And what do you mean again?

Malia: It was grandmother who brought me back...Your mother...I've never met her but she stated that she was your mother. You still haven't regained all your memories yet but they'll come back to you...Mom, it's me!

Sophia: (closes her eyes) No, no. My daughter, Malia, died of stillbirth. So there is no way that you are--

Malia: Mom! Look at me!

Sophia: (opens her eyes) Who are you?

Malia: I'm your daughter...and I can prove it. There's something you said to me while I was dead..."Rest peacefully, my little star."

Sophia:....Oh....Oh my....

Malia: You know that it's me...You feel it, don't you?

(Sophia is quiet for a moment and a few tears are falling down her cheeks. She then hugs her daughter tightly.)

Sophia: (crying) Malia...Malia!

Malia: It's nice to meet you, mom...

A FavorEdit


(There's a knock of the door and Sophia goes to open it. Klaus stands there smiling at his younger sister.)

Klaus: Baby sister. (pulls her in for a hug) I've missed you, we all miss you.

Sophia: Big brother. I miss you all too. Sorry to be calling like this, I know that you're busy with whatever it is that you are doing.

Klaus: Anything for you. (sees Malia) Who is this?

(Sophia lets Klaus into the room.)

Sophia: Okay...A lot has happened in this past week...It actually has to do with who I really and a bit about my blood relatives.

Klaus: Did you find your mother?

Sophia: Not yet...But I met my father! Kinda.

Klaus: What is kinda?

Sophia: Well, Brody had a vision of me as a baby and my father was with me. However, Brody wasn't able to hear what he was saying to me but I was able to when I kinda entered the vision.

Klaus: I take from that somehow Brody powers are developing?

Sophia: Correct. Anyway, when my father was done talking to me as a baby, he turned to look at me. He actually saw me and told me that we will see each other again soon. Don't even ask, I don't even know myself. It was like the memory and a message mixed together.

Klaus: So aside from all the bloody murders, you got a sweet reunion memory of your father?

Sophia: Yes, I...Wait. How did you know about the murders?

Klaus: The news and also, you're only eighteen minutes away, sister. (looks to Malia) Do I know you? You seem familiar...

Sophia: (walking over to Malia) Niklaus...Meet Danielle's twin sister, Malia.

Malia: It's nice to meet you, Uncle Niklaus.

(Klaus looks shocked. He continues to stand there and is quiet for a while then speaks up.)

Klaus: Sophia, Malia died of stillbirth. How do you know this girl is actually her?

Sophia: It's her. Apparently, shortly after her death, she was resurrected by my mother.

Klaus: And your mother is?

Sophia: I don't know. Malia remembers her voice but doesn't know her name...Believe me, I was shocked as well but it really is her. Just look at her.

(Klaus looks at Malia for a moment and walks towards her...He slowly pulls her into a hug.)

Klaus: How long it's been, Malia....

Malia: Uncle Nik....

(Klaus continues to hug Malia as he looks at Sophia.)

Klaus: Anything else I need to know?

Malia: Auntie Katherine almost died from ice magic.

Sophia: Malia!

Malia: Mom, that couldn't stay a secret forever.

Klaus: What else is there?

Sophia: Do you want the short version or the long version?

Klaus:...The short version.

Sophia: Well....(talking real fast) I was actually born two-thousand years ago in Greece which means I'm from the ancient times and my real name is Cecilia and I've been having strange dreams which turned out to be memories from that time and I was married to a man named Aaron and my dreams of him make me feel more connected to him than I ever did with Marcel. So please don't tell him about him about that!

(Klaus is extremely quiet as Sophia and Malia stare at him, waiting for a response.)

Klaus: I need a drink.

Sophia: I knew you were going to say that.

(Sophia pulls out of bottle of bourbon and hands it to Klaus. He begins drinking it before speaking to Sophia again.)

Klaus: Sophia...How were you born two-thousand years ago? I clearly saw you as a baby when I was a child! Soph, we grew up together!

Sophia: I don't know yet...I still haven't regained all my memories. If I keep having these dreams and visions, I will eventually remember everything from my past and who I really am.

Klaus: So all you've remembered is your real name, where you came from, and that you were married to a man you have more of a connection with that's stronger than your connection with Marcel?

Sophia: Yes, that's pretty much it.

Klaus: Are you going to tell Marcel about this?

Sophia: Yes...just not the part about Aaron. So please don't say anything to him.

Klaus: Alright. But you might want to start working on your story as soon as possible.

Sophia: I'll figure something out, okay? Now about Malia, I'm trying to figure out how to tell everyone about her.

Klaus: By everyone, you mean Danielle.

Sophia: What am I suppose to say to her? She doesn't even know she has a twin sister!

Malia: Mom...You had your reasons for not telling her about me and I don't blame you for it. I know how hard it was for you especially after everything that had happened.

Klaus: See? Malia understands so why shouldn't Dani understand?

Sophia: (kisses Malia's forehead) Thank you.

Klaus: Now, what's the plan?

Sophia: Could you spend the day with Malia?

Klaus: Of course. We'll have some uncle-niece bonding.

Sophia: Good. This whole week, she continued to wander off by herself.

Malia: Because I can take care of myself! How do you think I got by for a thousand years?

Sophia: Little smartie. You remind me of a certain someone.

Klaus: You mean yourself?

Sophia: I mean Dani...but now that I think about it, you have a smart mouth as well...Just be careful, okay?

Malia: I will. Always am.

(Malia hugs her mother before exiting the room.)

Klaus: Sophia...this Aaron. Why do you want to keep him a secret from Marcel?

Sophia:...Because Aaron....was my first husband...The man that I loved more than anything and he was my life. I felt all that from those dreams I had of him....It felt like he was the man I was always meant to be with. Believe me, I am madly in love with Marcel but...I can't stop thinking about Aaron.

Klaus: (kisses Sophia's forehead) Everything will be okay.

(Klaus leaves the room as Sophia sits on her bed and goes into deep thought and suddenly finds herself having more memories returning to her...)


(Back in the Ancient Times. A woman is outside taking a walk and stops when she sees a young girl playing with Pegasus.)

???: Cecilia!

(The young child revealed to be Cecilia turns around to see Andra, her adoptive mother and runs to her.)

Cecilia: Andra!

(Andra laughs as she picks Cecilia up and walks over to Pegasus.)

Andra: Playing with Pegasus again?

Cecilia: Yes! He even let me ride him earlier!

Andra: Well, that was very nice of him. (petting him) Thank you, Pegasus, for watching her.

(Pegasus makes a short piercing sound and flies away.)

Cecilia: Bye Pegasus! Come back soon!

Andra: I'm pretty sure that he will be back very soon. His master says that Pegasus has taken a liking to you.

Cecilia: I like him too! He even lets me use my magic in front of him!

Andra: (putting Cecilia down) Cecilia...About your magic, you must be careful that no one sees your elemental magic.

Cecilia: But why?

Andra: So that you can be protected. No one must know the truth that you are an elemental witch. If anyone found out, you would be in great danger and I don't want anything bad to happen to you...Can you promise me that?

Cecilia: Yes...Can I show you my new spell?

Andra: Of course, little one.

Cecilia: Fy gwynt...Dewch â'r blodau i mi...

(Cecilia's wind picks up and starts to scatter the petals of the flowers from the forest, to flow in the wind and circle around Andra and Cecilia.)

Andra: This is beautiful, my little one. You never cease to amaze me.

(Andra hears someone calling her.)

Cecilia: Is something wrong?

Andra:...No...No nothing is wrong...Are you hungry?

Cecilia: Yes!

Andra: Okay then. You head home and I will catch up with you.

(Andra kisses Cecilia's forehead and Cecilia begins running home. Andra has a grim look on her face.)

Andra: Panagiota! Come out!

(Panagiota comes forth from the darkness within the forest. She chuckles as she approaches Andra.)

Panagiota: It's been a while, Andra.

Andra: What the hell are you doing here? I believed that I warned you to stay away.

Panagiota: Oh, you did but I never listen. (giggles) I'm here because that child definitely has the potential to become to become dark. I can feel that magic within her and it's desperate to come out just like all those years ago.

Andra: It will not happen! History will not repeat itself.

Panagiota: You keep telling yourself that, Andra...but I will find a way to remove that seal that's keeping the full potential of her powers intact.

(Panagiota is thrown back by Andra's sudden burst of magic.)

Andra: I am not going to tell you again...Stay away from my daughter.

Panagiota: (groaning) I see that you've grown more powerful since I last saw you.

Andra: You do best to remember that.

(Andra raises her hand up and inflicts pain on Panagiota, who sinks to the ground and yells in pain.)

Panagiota: That hurts, stop it!

Andra: Please, that is barely hurting you. I'm not even using my full power with this spell. Would you like me to because I would be more that welcome--

Panagiota: No, thank you. (getting up and starts grinning) Save it for a real fight because it will be more fun that way. In the end...I will get what I want.

Andra: I'll make sure that you don't. I will die before I let you take advantage of that child. Come after her and you will regret it.

Panagiota: Might want to choose your words more carefully, Andra...part of what you just said might actually happen. (giggles) Goodbye!

(Panagiota disappears and Andra quickly runs back home. After a while, she finally arrives and finds Cecilia sitting near their home, waiting for her. Cecilia sees Andra and happily runs to her.)

Cecilia: You're back!

Andra: I am. I didn't take to long, did I?

Cecilia: No...Is something wrong, Andra?

Andra: No...No, my little one. (caresses Cecilia's cheek) Everything is fine.


Andra: Promise. (hugs her) I love you so much...Come on, let's go make something to eat.

Cecilia: Okay!

(Cecilia holds Andra's hand and they walk into their home...)


(It is late at night, Calantha and Young Cecilia lie in bed and are talking about Andra.)

Cecilia: Then why do I feel so worried?

Calantha: There is no need to worry about Andra. She will not let anything happen to you. The same goes for me. Andra and I swore that we would protect you, always.

Cecilia: Calantha, I do not want to lose Andra or you. The both of you have always been there for me and you're all that I have.

Calantha: Cecilia...If something ever did happen to Andra and me, it would be a long time from now. Besides, you will be all grown up and will fall in love, get married, and have children. I'm pretty sure before then that you will be alright and will no longer need us.

Cecilia: But I will always need the both of you...

Calantha: (smiles brightly and kisses Cecilia's forehead) You will always have a piece of us...even when we're not there. Tell you what...I'll teach you a little elf magic.

Cecilia: Really?!

Calantha: Really! I'll only teach you the simple basic spells, okay?

Cecilia: Okay!

Calantha: I feel that you have another question for me.

Cecilia: Yes...What is it like? Falling in love?

Calantha: (sighs) I'll answer if you promise me something.

Cecilia: Anything!

Calantha:...Don't grow up too fast.

Cecilia: Hmm...It will be hard but I'll try not to.

(Calantha and Cecilia begin laughing and Andra walks in, smiling at them.)

You Want Immortality/My BetrayalEdit

(Katherine finishes up her shower and as she is covering herself up with her towel, she suddenly falls when she slips on something. She finds what made her fall was frozen ice on the floor and notices the entire bathroom is covered in ice. Magdalene is seen standing nearby.)

Magdalene: Katherine Pierce.

Katherine: Who the hell are you?

Magdalene: My name is Magdalene Navarro.

Katherine:...Are you the one who did this?

Magdalene: No but I can tell you the one who nearly froze you to death was just in here. From the looks of it, they probably like there showers cold...or they're just messing with you.

(Magdalene offers her hand and helps Katherine up.)

Katherine: So, Magdalene...Why are you here?

Magdalene: Because I have several different agendas, working different angles.

Katherine: What does that have to do with me?

Magdalene: I need some of your blood.

Katherine: Wh--?

(Magdalene roughly grabs Katherine's hand and cuts her hand with a knife making Katherine scream, putting Katherine's blood in a vial.)

Magdalene: Thank you for cooperating.

Katherine: Cooperating?! You call that cooperating, lunatic?!

Magdalene: Darling, the easier you go along with things, the better. Now, what is it that you want?

Katherine: What?

Magdalene: I got what I want now what do you want?

Katherine: What do you plan to do with that blood?

Magdalene: Nothing bad, I promise you. It will have nothing to do with's just going to help me with someone.

(Katherine remains quiet.)

Magdalene: Oh, come on! There must be something you want! Money? Revenge? Someone you desire?...Immorality?

(Magdalene notices that she struck a nerve.)

Magdalene: Ah, so it is immortality that you want...

(Katherine tries to move past her but Magdalene steps in front of her.)

Katherine: Get out of my way.

Magdalene: You do know that you could ask Sophia to help you out with that but...I don't think you would want that spell to be performed on you.

Katherine: How do you know Sophia?

Magdalene: I have my sources...Here, take this.

(Magdalene gives Katherine a gold necklace holding a red stone.)

Katherine: What is this?

Magdalene: The philosopher's stone. It's a stone that is said to be an elixir of life and can grant immortality.

Katherine: How do you know it even works? I don't see you wearing one.

Magdalene: Believe me, it does work. I got this from an alchemist and for them, it worked just fine.

Katherine: Why should I believe that's going to work for me?

Magdalene: It's up to you if you want to believe me or not. Also, if you do choose to wear that stone, think about learning alchemy one day. There's an alchemist who lives in London and is a very powerful one. Consider it.

(Before Magdalene can leave, she is grabbed by the throat and pushed into the wall by Nathan.)

Katherine: Nathan! (quickly hiding the philosopher's stone to where her clothes are.)

Nathan: What the hell is a damn voodoo witch doing here?

Magdalene: You know it's quite rude to put your hands on a woman that you just met.

Nathan: Answer me!

Magdalene: Judging from your tone, you're not fond of voodoo witches.

Nathan: I despise your kind.

Magdalene: And why is that?

Nathan: Let's just say that I have had a bad experience with your kind before when I was a child.

Magdalene:...Is that so? Well, whatever it was, I suggest that you don't take it out on me.

(Nathan suddenly feels pain and falls to his knees. Katherine sees blood in the back of his shirt but shaped as a X. Nathan and Katherine look at Magdalene to see that she is now holding a doll and pin and that she is standing in a voodoo symbol.)

Katherine: How did you do that? You're weren't using your magic!

Magdalene: Can't give you all my secrets. Now, I must go and attend to business.

(Magdalene leaves and Katherine helps Nathan.)

Katherine: What the hell are you still doing here?

Nathan: I'm keeping an eye on things. What are you doing?

Katherine: It's none of your damn business what I'm doing.

Nathan: (noticing her cut) Did she do this?!

Katherine: Yeah, she did. She needed my blood for something important.

Nathan: And you let her take it?!

Katherine: Had no choice besides it has nothing to do with me, so I will be kept out of it.

Nathan:...Anything else?

Katherine: Like what?

Nathan: She gave you something in return, didn't she?

Katherine: That has nothing to do with you. What's your deal with voodoo witches? You said that you had a bad experience with them when you were a child...Does Sophia know?

Nathan:...I don't want to talk about it...(bites his hand and offers it to Katherine) Here.

Katherine: Can't...With the cure in my system, I can ingest vampire blood.

Nathan: Well, that's disappointing. Probably won't need it anyway for what she gave you.

Katherine: How would you know what she gave me?

Nathan: Because I know all about you, Katherine Pierce. Has something to do with immortality, doesn't it?

Katherine:..I'm not telling you anything.

Nathan: I'm not going to judge you...but just a piece of advice, you might want to keep clear of that voodoo witch.

(Nathan stands to leave until Katherine stops him.)

Katherine: Nathan...Do you really think you can get Sophia back?

Nathan: Why do you want to know?

Katherine: Look, Sophia already has enough going on as it is, so she doesn't need more added to it. She's happy with Marcel, so please let her stay that way.

Nathan: Let me ask you something...Do you honestly think Marcel will end up with her?

Katherine: He's always got my vote.

Nathan: What if he doesn't win? What if nobody wins?

Katherine: Oh, there will be a winner...It just won't be you.

Nathan: And why is that?

Katherine: Because you betrayed her and she felt like she turned into a monster all because her so called husband had turned his back on her. You've been alive for a thousand years and didn't bother to let anyone know...Her siblings were there, your daughter was there, I was there, and lastly, Marcel was there.

Nathan: Do you know I wasn't there? She hates me. Why would she want me around after what I did? Honestly, I was only trying to protect her.

Katherine: Nathan, I'm going to ask you something now...You say that you did it to protect Sophia and Danielle but...did you do it to punish her?

Nathan: What the hell are you talking about?

Katherine: I'm asking you if you had Sophia turned into a vampire not out of protection but out of punishment. Do you blame her for Malia's death?

Nathan: Of course not! I never blamed her for out daughter's death! How can you ask me something like that?

Katherine: I was just wondering if there was the possibility of that. The twins were born before you all were turned into vampires and thought that could have been a reason for it.

Nathan: I love her...I have always loved her and will never stop loving her. Yes, I did hurt her by betraying her but not for a minute do i regret what I did. She can hate me all she wants but I will do whatever it takes to protect my family.

(Nathan vamp speeds into his car and is furious. He begins to think about the past...)


(Sophia runs into her and Nathan's home, to find Nathan coming out of their baby daughter's room.)

Sophia: Is Danielle asleep?

Nathan: Yes...She falls asleep easily, that one.

(Sophia starts to notice that Nathan is acting odd.)

Sophia: Nathan, is something wrong? You're always have that big smile on your face after you put Danielle to bed.

Nathan:...I'm fine...(kisses Sophia's forehead) Just really tired, it's been a long day.

Sophia: Maybe I can give you a massage to make you feel better?

Nathan:...(smiles) I would like that.

(As Nathan holds Sophia tightly, they both hear Rebekah screaming and Sophia starts to panic.)

Sophia: Nathan, that sounded like Rebekah.

(Before Sophia can do anything, she feels a sharp pain in her back. It's shown that Nathan has stabbed her and she looks at him in horror.)

Nathan:...(tearfully) I'm sorry for doing this...

Sophia: Nate...what are you--

Nathan: I love you. Remember that.

(Nathan stabs Sophia in the heart as they both shed tears...He slowly lowers her to the floor.)


Nathan: To protect you and our daughter...You will come back...Everything will be okay.


(Katherine is finished putting on her clothes and looks at the philosopher's stone that she is holding in her hand.)

A Surprise VisitEdit

(Sophia is about to leave her dorm and when she opens the door, she is surprised to see Marcel is standing there.)

Marcel: (grinning widely) Surprise!

Sophia: Oh my...Marcel, what are you doing here?

Marcel: I wanted to see you and let you know that Danielle and Davina will come to see you soon.

Sophia: Good, I've missed them.

Marcel: Well, they've missed you too...but I also came to check up on you.

Sophia: Have you forgotten that I can take care of myself?

Marcel: No, I haven't. I heard about what has happened over here so I couldn't help but be a little worried.

(Sophia gives him a small smile and invites him in.)

Sophia: It's nice to know that you're worried about me but I'm fine. See? Not a scratch on me.

Marcel: Soph, it's hard to tell because you wearing clothes.

Sophia: Marcellus, behave yourself! By the way, thank you for those beautiful lotus flowers.

Marcel: You're welcome...

Sophia: What is it?

Marcel: I don't know...It's seem different. Like you have a different glow to you.

Sophia: Really?

Marcel: Yeah...Whatever is making you glow so much is making you more beautiful than ever.

Sophia: (smiles and puts her arms around his neck) Maybe it's because I have a man that I'm madly in love with.

(Marcel smiles back at her and they kiss.)

Marcel: Were you heading to class?

Sophia: I have about twenty minutes left so I was going to meet up with Katherine...Want to come?

Marcel: Well, I was going to recommend some hot vampire and witch sex but I can wait until tonight.

(Marcel takes Sophia's bag from her and holds it while she laughs hysterically as he picks her up and carries her over his shoulder as he walks them out of the dorm.)

A Thousand YearsEdit

(Klaus parks his car near the abattoir and turns to Malia.)

Klaus: Malia...Before we get out of this car, there's something I want you to tell me.

Malia: What is it, Uncle Klaus?

Klaus: I want you to tell me the truth because I know you're hiding something about Sophia's mother.

Malia: (chuckles) Saw right through me, huh?

Klaus: Of course I did, you're a member of this family. If you were resurrected by Sophia's mother, where have you been for the last thousand years?

Malia:...(sighs) For a thousand years...I was being taken care by a friend of mom's.

Klaus: A friend?

Malia: Childhood friend, actually. They grew up together...two thousand years ago to be precise.

Klaus:...Someone from two thousand years ago is also here in this time?

Malia: Yep. But I arrived here before she did. I got here a few months ago, right around the time baby Hope was born.

Klaus: You've been here that long? What were you doing, watching your mother from the sidelines?

(Malia suddenly becomes quiet.)

Klaus: So, you're a stalker?

Malia: Of course not! I was waiting for the right time! By the way, I know your daughter is alive and don't worry, I won't say a word to anyone. I know where my loyalties lie.

Klaus: Loyalties...Just like your mother...even your Uncle Elijah.

Malia: (smiles) Now what's your next question?

Klaus: Who is this friend that has been taking care of you?

Malia: You wouldn't know her but I can tell you she's a student at the college right now. It's only a matter of time until mom remembers her too...She took care of me and told me about my mother and twin sister...Everything she said about mom was true. I haven't seen Danielle yet.

Klaus: Yes, she went on a vacation with her best friend at the time...I'm sure the both of you will like each other.

Malia: I hope so...You get one more question for now. We can continue this discussion later.

Klaus: Alright...I want to know the truth about Sophia's mother. You know exactly who she is and I want to know.

Malia: Sorry can't tell you that. Super top secret. Mom will tell you when she finds out unless she already knows. But I want to know what you have planned. I know you're hiding something from mom.

Klaus: A sly one, aren't you? Definitely a part of this family.

Malia: Out with it, Uncle.

Klaus: Tonight, you will participate in a family dinner.

Malia: A family dinner? That's it?

Klaus: This isn't just an ordinary dinner. Elijah, Danielle, and I will be there, you included but...this family dinner was planned by none other than my mother, Esther.

Malia: Esther? I thought she was dead.

Klaus: Apparently she managed to rise once again and now she wants to have a family dinner which is where I will introduce you to everyone.

Malia: But mom--

Klaus: Your mother is not to know of this right now. Especially that Esther and Mikael have returned. She has too much going on.

Malia: Mikael too?!

Klaus: Oh, yes...the vampire that hunts vampires has also returned from the grave.

Malia: Mikaelson much drama.

Unexpected History Lesson/A Familiar Feeling/Something You Need To KnowEdit

(Sophia and Katherine walk in class as Marcel follows behind them. Some girls start to check Marcel out.)

Girl 1: Who's the hot guy? Never seen him before.

Girl 2: I saw him earlier, he says he has a girlfriend.

Girl 1: I think I can make him forget about his little girlfriend.

Katherine: Sophia, there are girls ready to get their claws into your man.

Marcel: (smirking) Wow, feel like I'm a piece of meat.

Sophia: Not for long.

(Sophia kisses Marcel passionately and as the two girls look jealous, Katherine begins to chuckle. As they break apart, they smile at each other.)

Marcel: Thank you for that.

Sophia: You're welcome...You'll still be here when class ends, right?

Marcel: Of course. We can spend the rest of the day together and you'll get to tell me what's so important. (kisses her forehead) Now go learn..I don't even know why you need to when you've been around for a thousand years.

Sophia: Marcellus...are you trying to say that I'm old?

Marcel: No. I'm saying that you're the smartest woman in the world.

Sophia: Aww, you're so sweet. (kisses his cheek) Keep the compliments coming please! 

Katherine: This is getting ridiculous. Lovebirds, you can continue this later. Soph, come on.

(Katherine grabs Sophia's hand and pulls her away from Marcel who sits down by the window. They walk by two girls who are glaring at Sophia.)

Girl 1: Slut.

(The two girls laugh and as Katherine is ready to say something, the water bottles in front of the girls, suddenly explode and they scream from get slashed with water. They quickly run out of the classroom just as Brody walks in.)

Brody: Huh...Way to start class.

(Katherine smirks at Sophia who simply giggles. Marcel looks at Sophia and smiles. Sophia and Katherine take their seats.)

Katherine: I taught you well.

Sophia: What can I say, you rubbed off of me.

Brody: Hello, class! Who's ready to learn about the powerful witch, Cecilia?

Student 1: So the first lesson you give us is about a witch? Isn't that suppose to be occult studies?

Brody: I thought we do something a bit fun first and maybe score a few extra points from you all?

(The class cheers while Sophia and Katherine chuckle.)

Brody: Alright then. I will be giving you all the story about a witch back from the Ancient Greek days and no it isn't Qetsiyah but this particular witch was just as powerful. Anyone want to take a guess on who it is?

Sapphire: Wait...Is this the same witch who went missing after losing her husband and son?

Brody: You're on the right track. This witch that I speak of...her name is Cecilia. The very witch who created the Eternity Spell.

(Sophia and Katherine look completely shocked to which Marcel notices.)

Sophia: (whispers) Katherine, did you hear what I heard?

Katherine: (whispers) The part about an ancient witch named Cecilia? Yeah, I heard it.

Sophia: (whispers) Oh my god...

Brody: Before I start, is there anyone familiar with this lesson and would like to help me out?

(A beautiful young woman raises her hand up.)

???: I am.

Brody: Eileen Remis, right?

Eileen: That's right.

Brody: Well then, come on down.

(As Eileen goes to join Brody, he writes on the blackboard, "Cecilia".)

Brody: Let's start from the beginning...Cecilia was supposedly born to powerful witches but that fact is still unknown due to her being raised by her another witch. The witch who raised Cecilia, her identity is still unknown but it was thanks to her that Cecilia grew into a powerful witch. She was a master all different types of magic. Spirit, traditional, theurgy, shamanism, even dark magic.

Eileen: I would like to add another that you didn't mention.

Brody: By all means.

Eileen: (turns to the class) Yes, it is true that she was a master to different types of magic but there was a special type of magic that she had to which is why she had to keep it hidden. This magic that she held within her was her most powerful weapon...Elemental magic. She had control of the four elements. Fire, water, wind, and earth. Her elements were very important to her as she believed that they had a connection to her real parents...but she was never able to find anything. However, she wasn't the first elemental witch.

Brody: How do you know all of this?

Eileen: (looks to Sophia) Let's just say that I'm a descendant of one of the people whom was very close to Cecilia.

Brody: (whispers) Four elements...

(Eileen's reveal causes students to chatter. Brody looks at Sophia and listens to what she is whispering to him by using his vamp-hearing.)

Sophia: (whispers) Cecilia is me...

(Brody is shocked but continues listening to Eileen. Sophia gets a familiar feeling while looking at Eileen.)

Eileen: Now when Cecilia was seventeen years old, one of the most handsome men in Greece came into her life. All the women yearned for him. This man's name was Aaron and his sights were set on Cecilia. However, she was already engaged to another man but she still had many sweet moments with Aaron. She eventually learned of her fiancé's true intentions. He was only using her so that he could take her powers, he never truly loved her. So which led to her revenge killing him. Aaron witnessed the entire thing and chose to stay by her side. Over time, Cecilia saw the truth about Aaron, to who he really was...(looks back at Sophia) He was her soulmate...After getting married, they had a son.

(Katherine looks at Sophia who starts shaking a bit. Katherine then holds Sophia's hand to calm her.)

Katherine: (whispers) You okay?

Sophia: (whispers) I'll be fine...


(Sophia suddenly finds herself back in Ancient Greece and this time, she is wearing her normal clothes...She hears someone coming and hides behind a tree. As she looks to see who it is, she finds her seventeen year old self arguing with Aaron.)

Aaron: Cecilia, please...

Cecilia: Aaron, I am engaged to another man! These feelings that you have for me, you must rid of them!

Aaron: I can't! Cecilia, he doesn't love you!

Cecilia: Yes he does! You don't even know him!

Aaron: Personally, I don't...but he is hiding something and I know he is lying to you. I can just feel it.

Cecilia: Feel it? That's all that you've got?

Aaron: For now, yes. What about you?

Cecilia: What about me?

Aaron: Is there anything you want to tell me?

Cecilia: Now that I think about it...Stay away from me.

Aaron: I can't.

Cecilia: Why not?

Aaron: Because of your feelings for me!

Cecilia: What are you talking about?

Aaron: I know that you feel for me and you don't want to admit it.

Cecilia: That's's not true!

Aaron: Stop lying to yourself! Deep down you know that you have feelings for me! I know that you're engaged to another but you can't continue on like this if your heart truly doesn't lie with him!

Cecilia: Aaron...I...What do you want from me?!

(Aaron passionately kisses Cecilia and she reciprocates. After a while, she stops the kiss.)

Aaron: I want you.

(While witnessing the moment between herself and Aaron, Brody suddenly appears behind her.)

Brody: Sophia?

Sophia: (turns around, shocked) Brody?! What are you doing here?!

Brody: I should be the one asking you that! This is my vision!

Sophia: What?! How is this even possible? Whenever I have a memory, I'm either asleep or I guess you could say daydreaming. Are your powers expanding?

Brody: I guess they are...Is that Aaron?

Sophia: Yes...

Brody: Why didn't you tell me that you are Cecilia?

Sophia: Because I just found out recently.

Brody: How is it even possible? You grew up with the Originals.

Sophia: I don't even know...but I do know that I'm regaining lost memories from my past. Just as long as I continue to get my memories back, I'll eventually see what caused me to lose my memories in the first place and how I came across the Mikaelson family. However, my memories aren't coming in order so who knows when I'll find out what happened to me.

Brody: Want me to try to have a vision of it?

Sophia: No...I want each memory to come back to me when they're ready.

(Sophia and Brody continue to witness the moment between herself and Aaron.)

Cecilia: have to stop.

Aaron: Cecilia--

Cecilia: Why?! Why me?! You can have any woman that you want and I can tell you that there are many women who want you! So why would you want me?! Doesn't your family have high expectations of you?! What is it that I have that you want?!

(Aaron steps closer to Cecilia and caresses her cheek. She suddenly feels drawn to him.)

Aaron: Yes...My family does have high expectations but not all of them are like that. They just want me to be happy...There's something about you that makes me want to feel...from the moment I laid my eyes on you, I just knew that you were the one. I don't expect you to return my feelings right now but just think about it.

Cecilia: That's a selfish decision for you to ask me to make.

Aaron: I know...But I can't help it.

Cecilia: You still didn't tell me what it is that I have that you want...

Aaron: (kisses her forehead)...Everything.

(Cecilia surprised by his answer, starts to back away.)

Cecilia: I...We can't do this. It's wrong!

Aaron: It's not wrong. Before I tried to stop my attraction towards you, but it wouldn't go away. So I accepted it and allowed my feelings for you to grow. (takes her hand and places it against his heart) Now, it's time for you to do the same...And when you do, I know that I have won your heart because you wanted me. No one else but me.

(Cecilia feels a strong pull towards Aaron but stops herself and turns away from him.)

Aaron: Have you ever heard the saying of when it's real, you can't walk away?

(Cecilia becomes hesitant and quickly walks away from Aaron...As the moment between Aaron and Cecilia is ending, Sophia and Brody find themselves back in the classroom. Katherine wipes away Sophia's tears, knowing that she had another memory. Marcel looks back and forth between Sophia and Brody, wondering what is going on.)

Student 3: How did they know they were each other's soulmates?

Eileen: Because of their connection. They both had weak points that they didn't want anyone else to see but they lowered their guard around each other...Their love for each other was so strong and passionate that no one could tear them apart. Aaron was the first to know and later on, Cecilia came to realize it herself...Actually, I think they're is one couple from a tv show that you could compare them to...Anyone hear a Captain Swan fan?

(Mainly the girls scream and the guys laugh.)

Eileen: I'll take that as a yes.

Student 1: So what are you saying? Aaron was Captain Hook and Cecilia was Emma Swan?

Eileen: Not exactly but they do share some similarities. Aaron was very handsome and charming but...he had a mysterious side to him which included a dark story but that is still unknown to what it was. She saw some of the worst parts to him and accepted him, regardless of those events. Cecilia had a strong spirit but had a vulnerable side to her because she had to hide elemental magic which was special to her and she wanted to show people that. But when she did use her elemental magic out in the open...she was nineteen years old...and she lost her mentor. It was said that Cecilia's mentor died by protecting her at a great price.

Student 2: Why was her mentor killed?

Eileen: Not much is known except that they both were involved in an intense battle against their enemy. Everything that had happened in that battle was kept secret for unknown reasons.

Brody: Then comes the heartbreaking story of Cecilia losing her husband and child when she was twenty years old...Not much is known except for that fact that their son was taken from them for unknown reasons and Aaron was killed right in front of her...

Student: With no explation why?

Brody: None at all...Looks like class is about to end, we can continue this another time.

(The bell rings and the students to gather their things, leaving class. Brody, Sophia, Katherine, and Marcel remain.)

Brody: How in the world are you Cecilia?

Marcel: Wait, what? Does somebody want to tell me what's going on?

Sophia: (holds his hand)...There's something that you need to know...

Katherine: Soph, are you sure? You don't want to wait to tell him?

Sophia: No...It's because that I love him that I don't want to hide this from him...Marcel. Ever since the night before I left for college, I've been having these dreams of the ancient times. I later realized that they weren't just dreams, they were memories.

Marcel: Memories?

Sophia: Yes...Memories of who I am and where I came from...My name is Cecilia and I am the witch who created the Eternity Spell, two-thousand years ago.

Marcel: Wait! The witch that was just talked about in class, is you?! Sophia, you were born a thousand years ago! Klaus and the others grew up with you!

Sophia: I know...I don't have an explanation for it yet because I haven't regained all of my memories.

Katherine: Cecilia did go missing after she created the Eternity Spell and no one ever knew what happened to her.

Marcel: You're really Cecilia? How can you be so sure?

Sophia: Because...the first memory that I had. There was a man who called me by that name.


Sophia: Yes...and I'm going to admit something to you that you really aren't going to like...Every memory that I regain of Aaron, brings back the feelings that I had for him and my connection with him, feels stronger than the one that I have you and the one that I once had with Nathan.

(Marcel looks sadden for a moment but then quickly smiles at Sophia.)

Marcel: That does hurt I have a stronger connection than Nathan?

Sophia: Yes...

Marcel: Then all is good. I just have to keep working hard to make that connection between us out-beat this Aaron guy. I love you and knowing that you're in love with me too is enough. I'm going to be here for you till the end. You get back all your memories and if you need my help, I'll be here...I'm not going anywhere.

(Sophia surprised to hear what he said, slowly kisses him as Brody and Katherine look away smiling.)

Sophia:...Thank you.

Marcel: You're welcome...Anything else that I need to know?

Sophia: Um...Do you remember over the summer when I told you about Malia?

Marcel: Yeah.

Brody: Malia? Who's she?

Sophia: Danielle's older twin sister. She died of stillbirth...but she's back now.

Marcel: What? How?

Sophia: My mother resurrected her a thousand years ago.

Katherine: Are you serious?!

Sophia: Yes.

Marcel: How do you know that it's really her?

Sophia:...Because I know. When I looked into her eyes, I saw the daughter I lost a long time ago...It's really her, I can feel it.

Marcel: Where is she now? Can I meet her?

Sophia: Of course but you will probably have to go back to the city to see her. That's why I called Klaus and asked him to come today.

Marcel: Well, where has she been for the past thousand years?

Sophia: She was being taken care of by a old friend of mine...She said that I'll know who it is when I get my memory back.

Katherine: About this memory thing, how much longer is it going to take?

Sophia: Katherine, there's a thousand years of memories missing so I'm pretty sure it's going to take a while.

(Sophia sees Magdalene walk past the class.)

Sophia: Um...Marcel, can you meet me back at the dorm?

Marcel: Sure.

(They kiss each other's cheeks and Sophia walks out of the class to follow Magdalene. As she walks down the hall, keeping an eye on Magdalene, she sees Eileen walking in her direction. As Sophia and Eileen look at each other, Eileen smiles at Sophia as she passes her. Sophia stops following Magdalene and looks at Eileen, not being able to ignore the familiar feeling she is having...)

Reaper's HistoryEdit

(Serena is in her dorm and reading online about the Grim Reaper. She looks over to a photo of James, Adam, and her...She has a saddened expression on her face and is startled when she hears a unfamiliar voice behind her. She turns around to see Magdalene.)

Magdalene:...I'm sorry for you loss but

Serena: Who the hell are you and how did you get into my room?

Magdalene: My name is Magdalene Navarro and I have my ways. Now, I know that this man was your best friend but I think you have mourned long enough. Besides, should you really be mourning? You're a Grim Reaper now after all.

Serena: How do you know that?

Magdalene: Word gets out darling. I know all about your family history...but I'm thinking that you don't know what you're suppose to be doing, do you?

Serena: What I'm suppose to be doing? I'm trying to find a way to free myself from being the Grim Reaper! I chose to become the Grim Reaper so that I could release my dad from that insufferable fate that he endured for years! My job is to stop this reaper history that's been going on throughout my family for generations!

Magdalene:...I could help you with that.

Serena: Why? What do you know about the Grim Reaper?

Magdalene: Tell you what. I help you only if you agree to help me out.

Serena: Oh, yeah?

Magdalene: Anything you want.

Serena:...I want to know what you know about the murders, the reapers history, and how can I free my family from the reapers.

Magdalene: A lot of information but I'm willing to give it to you. What do you want to know first?

Serena: I've come to assume that I'm not the only Grim Reaper that exists...well, not the true Grim Reaper since my family became reapers.

Magdalene: Ah, so you've noticed that. He or she is probably the only one who would know how to cure you of your fate.

Serena: Where's the true Grim Reaper?

Magdalene: That's what I need your help with. You're the only one who can locate the true Grim Reaper.

Serena: How can I find them?

Magdalene: That, you will know yourself. You will know when the true Grim Reaper is nearby. You will be able to feel his or her presence. So that's why I will check in with you from time to time to see if you've finally found him or her.

Serena: Wait, that's what you want? To meet the Grim Reaper? Why?

Magdalene:...There's someone that I want to see. Now next question.

Serena:...I want to know more about the Grim Reaper.

Magdalene:...The Grim Reaper is known to collect souls and take them to heaven or hell. There's a list that the Grim Reaper must go by. The location, time of death, name and age, and cause of death. He or she goes to them and sends them to where they need to be. Also, the Grim Reaper can also travel to the Afterlife and the Underworld. If you want to know any more than that, you'll have to talk to the real Grim Reaper.

Serena: last question.

Magdalene: Shoot.

Serena: When did my family start this reapers worship and who was the one who truly started it?

Magdalene: Sixty years ago and it all started with Ruben Milton. Your great-grandfather and you're in luck. Because he's still alive.

A Planned DateEdit

(Sophia arrives back in her dorm and sees Marcel sitting on her bed. She goes to sit next to him and he notices something is wrong.)

Marcel: Hey, you okay? (caressing her cheek) You seemed a bit fazed...

Sophia: I'm fine...(relaxing to his touch) That girl named Eileen...did you notice anything strange about her?

Marcel: No not really...but she did seem a bit different than most people.

Sophia: Yeah, I got that feeling too...There was something very calming about her and she seems very familiar...I don't know why though.

Marcel: She said she was a descendant of one of the people close to you and I notice that she kept looking over to you a few times.

Sophia: Yes, she did...I think she's hiding something but I'll worry about that later. For now, I want to focus on us. I need a break from the memory thing.

Marcel: Alright. I'll take you out. How does dinner, a movie, and stargazing sound?

Sophia: Perfect.

Marcel: Good. You just get some rest and I'll go get things ready.

(Marcel kisses Sophia's cheek and as he is about to get up from the bed, she grabs his hand and slowly kisses him. As the kiss is over, they lean their foreheads against each other.)

Sophia: (whispers) Thank you...

(Marcel smiles and lays her down her bed and kisses her forehead.)

Marcel: You don't have to thank me.

Sophia: I love you.

Marcel: I love you too...Get some sleep, okay?

(Marcel kisses Sophia again and leaves the room. She then begins to fall asleep and a another memory returns to her...)

A Mentor's LoveEdit

(Andra, Calantha, and Young Cecilia are at the training grounds as Cecilia is practicing her magic.)

Andra: Okay, I'm going to show you a spell that allows you to protect yourself. Now, attack me with one of your elements.

Cecilia: What?! I can't do that, I'll hurt you!

Andra: Little one, I will be fine...and one day, you might be put in a situation where you will have to fight people in order to protect yourself and those you care about.


(Andra gets further away from Cecilia and chants a spell as Cecilia uses her earth element to attack her mentor. As the element comes at Andra, it is deflected by something.)

Cecilia: (running to Andra) Wow! How did you do that?

Andra: I protected myself with a barrier and you will be learning the spell as well. Now your barrier will be a bit repeat after me..Durch die Kraft der Erde , Wind, Wasser, Feuer, beschütze mich bitte vor den Gefahren, die mich bedrohen.

Cecilia:..Durch die Kraft der Erde , Wind, Wasser, Feuer, beschütze mich bitte vor den Gefahren, die mich bedrohen.

(After Cecilia says the spell, her four elements combine into a barrier that surround her.)

Calantha: (walking over to them) Never ceases to amaze me.

Cecilia: So that was good?

Andra:...Perfect...In just one try, it was perfect. Did I tell you that it took your father almost a month to perfect that spell?

Cecilia: No...But you did tell me that he was very powerful. Does this mean that I'll be just as powerful as him?

Calantha: Cecilia, you already are...You just didn't realize it.

Andra: But you still have learn new spells and practice them as you go along. Just so that you know what to do and if you have to use them whenever it's necessary...Do you understand?

Cecilia: Yes!

Andra: Good girl...You will be a master of different types of magic after I've taught them to you. For now, Calantha will you take Cecilia home?

Calantha: Of course.

Cecilia: No! I want to learn new spells! I want to grow up to be strong and powerful so that I can everyone!

Andra: (smiles)...Okay...Just a few spells and then Calantha takes you home. (holds out her hand) Agreed?

Cecilia: Agreed!

(Andra and Cecilia shake on it and as Cecilia runs to the center of the training grounds, Andra seems a bit emotional.)

Calantha: What is it?

Andra:...She really does take more after her father...Agapios is proud of her, I just know it...


(Sophia wakes up from her nap and sees a beautiful woman sitting on the chair next to her, staring at her.)

Sophia: What the bloody hell? Who are you and why are you in my room staring at me while I'm sleeping?

???: My name is Kayleigh but please call me Kylie, its more cute and this time.

Sophia: Okay, Kylie...Will you answer my other question?

Kylie: Before I answer that question, do you remember me?

Sophia:....Sorry but you don't look familiar...

Kylie: You still haven't regained all your memories from two-thousand years ago, have you?

Sophia: How do you know about that?

Kylie: Because we've actually met two-thousand years ago. You were only eight years old and you still didn't know my true identity even then.

Sophia: What are you talking about?

Kylie: Let me tell you why I was watching you...because I'm so happy to know that you have grown into a strong beautiful woman. After a powerful witch named Cecilia lost her husband and son, she created the Eternity Spell and she just suddenly disappeared, no one knew what happened to her. But her legacy still lived on throughout the years. Now that I know you are alive and well, I will do everything in my power to help you. I'm here to help you to remember but also to warn you about your older brother. Because he will come for you...and he will kill you.

Sophia: Why? Who are you really and why would you tell me all this?

Kylie:...Because I would do anything for my beautiful niece.

(Sophia is shocked hearing what Kylie has just said.)

Serena's MissionEdit



(Magdalene is in a basement that holds two coffins. A young woman is sitting on top of the coffin to the left. Magdalene sits on the floor, holding a snake and kills it with a knife. She drinks it's blood and throws it away. She now takes a lock of hair.)

Magdalene: Terug uit die dood en het my mignon. Terug uit die dood en het my mignon. Terug uit die dood en het my mignon.

(Magdalene continually repeats the spell until a hand suddenly bursts a hole through the coffin. The arm is moving around, trying to get out. Magdalene grins and looks over to the young woman.)

Unknown Woman 1: What do you want from me?

Magdalene: Don't worry, beautiful one. You will serve a great purpose here...(looks over to the woman busting out of the other coffin) And you will serve even a greater deadly purpose.

Unknown Woman 2: Voodoo witch! Why did you bring me back?!

Magdalene: I think you know why...You can feel it, can't you?

Unknown Woman 2: I won't do it!

Magdalene: Oh, but you will! Great one, I have resurrected you. Morely, reanimate you so that you will obey me. You will listen to me and follow my commands. If you want pass along a message to your loved one, I suggest you do as I say.

Unknown Woman 2: Why? Why are you doing this?!

Magdalene: Because I have to. I get what I want and you get what you want. Don't you want this second chance?

Unknown Woman 2:.....It's not like I have a choice in the matter.

Magdalene: True...I'm going to tell you now of what you will be doing when the time comes.

Another Family MemberEdit

(Sophia is pacing around in the dorm room.)

Sophia: I can't believe this!

Kylie: Are you okay?

Sophia: Am I okay? No, I'm not! This is too much! First, I start having weird dreams of a time that I don't remember coming from! Second, my daughter who died as a baby shows up as a teenager saying she was resurrected by my mother! Third, my friend who is also my history and french teacher gives us a history lesson on the witch, Cecilia who is actually me! And now I wake up to see a crazy woman staring at me while I was taking my nap and telling me that she's my aunt and that I have a older brother who wants to kill me!

Kylie: You're calling me crazy? I'll take that as a compliment.

Sophia: You're enjoying this?

Kylie: Just hearing your have a british accent and yet you're greek.

Sophia: Because I grew up british, not greek!

Kylie: Can you speak in an aramaic or greek accent?

Sophia: Yes, why?

Kylie: Speak in one of those. I just want to hear your voice, the one that I know. Not a voice that I'm not familiar with.

(Sophia is quiet, looking at Kylie strangely. She then starts speaking in her aramaic accent.)

Sophia: Is this alright?

Kylie:...Perfect...You've grown up so much. You look so different than that little eight year old girl I met all those years ago.

Sophia:...Where were you the whole time? And why is my brother trying to kill me?

Kylie: (sighs) I've been around. After my sister married your father, I left home and traveled to different lands. Your parents and I wrote to each other while I was away. Eventually, your brother was born then you came along...But a few months after your birth, I received news of their deaths. I fell apart and decided to stay away. About nine years later, I came to see you and your brother. You were so lively, definitely a tomboy...You'll remember that moment at some point. But your brother...he changed...While I was visiting, Andra told me something that shocking, something that I didn't want to believe, that it couldn't be possible...

Sophia: What was it?

Kylie:...It's about your father.

Sophia: What about him?

Kylie: The person who killed Agapios....was Damien, your older brother.

Sophia: (shocked)...Wh...what?

Kylie: He changed his name Damien when he has eight years old...He killed Agapios by using his magic...and Damien was only three years old...

Sophia:...Th...that can't be...

Kylie: Sweetie, I know it's hard to believe but it's the truth.

Sophia: But why?

Kylie: I don't know...Andra told me that when Damien was nine years old, something in him just snapped and he tried to kill you. In order to protect you, the first elemental witch had Damien sent away to some kind of supernatural prison. But after six years, he got out and he tried to kill you again...You barely got away from him alive but someone or something had saved you. To who or what saved your life is still unknown.

Sophia:...Why did Damien try to kill me?

Kylie: The only people who know that answer are Andra and the first elemental witch...The both of them are dead though.

Sophia:...Why did you have to tell me this?

Kylie: Because you had to know. When you get all of your memories back, there's a possibility that you won't even get your memories of your brother back. Andra had them erased permanently after everything that had happened. Sweetie, I know that this is hurting you but the brother who once loved you is dead, he's not coming back. The brother that you have now, he is coming and will kill you. He will even make your loved ones suffer just to get to you. I came here to warn you so that when you see your brother again, you will be prepared.

Sophia: (tearfully) But why me? I can't! I don't even know him but family fighting family is wrong, I can't deal with that! What did I do to make my brother want to kill me?! Can't I fix it?!

Kylie: (places her hand on Sophia's cheek) Always wanting to try to see the good in people...You got that from your father.

(Kylie brings a crying Sophia into a hug, holding her tightly.)

Getting AnswersEdit

(Katherine walks by Professor Devin's class and stops when she sees a light flickering on and off nearby the dark room. Noticing how strange it is, she finds that the door is unlocked and enters the room, heading towards the next room with the flickering light. Being very quiet, she goes into the next room to find unexpected things.)

Katherine: What the hell?

(There are vials of different species' blood, vampire hearts, werewolf claws, witch items and many other supernatural items. But one in particular sticks out to Katherine. It is a jar with a mysterious glowing ice.)

Katherine: Is that...?

(Before Katherine can observe further, Professor Devin comes in.)

Charles: What are you doing in here?

Katherine: Professor Devin! Ah, I was heading to get some errands done when I noticed this blinking light near the classroom and thought something was wrong.

Charles: Well, thank you for your concern but everything is fine. You should go to get back to your errands, don't let me keep you.

(Professor Devin and Katherine hear Magdalene's voice nearby.)

Magdalene: Charles! Are you here?

Katherine: (whispers) Dammit! What was the spell?

Charles: In here, Magdalene!

Katherine: (grabs Charles head and makes him look into her eyes) Jaryakat a zem. Daryeet acza!

(Charles' eyes turn black and Katherine falls to the floor. Charles hears Katherine's voice in his head.)

Katherine's Voice: Vyjdi.

(Katherine has taken over Charles body and quickly leaves the room, closing the door.)

Magdalene: Got you something new. (hands him an old grimoire) It should help so that you can learn about the ice element.

Charles/Katherine: Ice element?

Magdalene: Don't you remember? You wanted to learn more about that ice I given you earlier.

Charles/Katherine: Oh! That special glowing ice! Yes, yes! Thank you for this!

Magdalene:...Are you okay?

Charles/Katherine: Yes! Just a little tired, I've been working a lot more than usual.

Magdalene: Alright, if you say so...I've got to go now.

(After Magdalene leaves, Nathan suddenly appears.)

Nathan: Need some help?

Charles/Katherine: (startled) God! Don't sneak up on me!

Nathan: (laughs) I'm not the one jumping into other people's bodies. Didn't expect you to use traveler magic.

Charles/Katherine: Well, I didn't have a choice in the matter. I am never using traveler magic again after this.

Nathan: How did you even get into his body? I thought someone else had to activate the possession.

Katherine: Yeah but somehow I was able to do it, can't really explain. Anyway, I need to get out of this body. (walks back into the other room where her body lays) Before I do this, can you compel him to answer my questions and make him forget this happen including that he was suppose to be getting a grimoire from Magdalene?

Nathan: Yeah, sure.

Katherine:...What was the spell again?

Nathan: Look at me.

(As she looks at Nathan, he says, "Reditum", and Katherine returns to her body as Charles collapses.)

Katherine: How do you know about Traveler magic?

Nathan: Let's just say that I met a Traveler during my thousand years.

Katherine: Huh...

(Later, Charles wakes up to find Nathan and Katherine watching him. Nathan begins to use his compulsion on him.)

Nathan: You are going to remain calm and do as I say and you will also answer her questions...First, that grimoire you were suppose to be getting from Magdalene, you are going to act like you did get it. Agreed?

Charles: Agreed.

Katherine:...That ice you have other there, who did it come from?

Charles: A woman who keeps her identity a secret.

Nathan: Like that helps anything.

Katherine: Anything else that could help?

Charles: No.

Katherine: Alright then...(leaving) I guess that's it.

Nathan:...Forget this conversation ever happened. No, forget everything that's happened the moment you saw here in here but continue to remember what I told you about the grimoire.

(Nathan vamp speeds out of the room and Charles blinks, looking around him.)

Meeting the BoyfriendEdit

(As Kylie is taking a look around the dorm room, she notices a picture of her niece with Marcel and her eyebrows furrow, making her curious. Marcel walks in suprising her.)

Marcel: You're not my girlfriend.

Kylie: Your girlfriend went out for a bit but is coming right back. Who are you?

Marcel: Marcel Gerard and you are?

Kylie: Call me Kylie. I'm your girlfriend's aunt.

(Marcel seems a little surprised.)

Marcel: Her aunt? Let me guess, from the other side of the family?

Kylie: Correct.

Marcel: Then where the hell have you been for the last two-thousand years when she needed you?

Kylie: Ooh, ouch and good point. But is that any way to talk to me?

Marcel: I'll talk to you properly when you answer my damn questions.

Kylie: So she told you about her memories.

Marcel: You're damn right she told me about the memories she's having and the truth to who she really is. But she didn't tell me about you, so I assuming that you just popped up. You finally make the damn decision to finally show up and for what reason exactly?

Kylie: I'm helping her by trying to keep her life and I will let her tell you the rest of the story. Now you are going to answer my damn questions. What is your relationship with my niece?

Marcel: I saved her from the darkest parts of herself and she finally allowed herself to fall in love again after giving up on it so long ago.

Kylie: Oh, so you're in love?

Marcel: Of course.

Kylie: So, why made you fall for my niece?

Marcel: She's smart, beautiful, and loyal. She's everything I want in a woman. Sophia was a challenge for me and I liked that. Getting to know who she was and about her past, I fell for her even more. And now that she's told me about the memories she's been having...

Kylie: Wait...are you thinking of proposing?

Marcel: Would that be so wrong? I mean not now but someday.

Kylie: Did she tell you about Aaron? I mean everything?

Marcel: Yeah. A friend of ours did a history lesson on Sophia's old self, explaining her past.

Kylie: Then you know Aaron was her soulmate. You said that you saved her from the darkest parts of herself and she finally allowed herself to fall in love again after giving up on it so long ago. What makes you think you're meant to be with Cecilia?

Marcel: Because I can keep her from going back into the darkness. When she lost Dani who was her heart...she fell apart. She became someone that she's not. But I along with my daughter managed to find a way to bring Danielle back. After I gave Sophia the news, she had hope again and she slowly came back to us. This time, I'll protect her and Danielle. I will gladly give up my life for my girls.

Kylie:...You've got guts...I like it. You might be a perfect match for my niece, we'll see.

Marcel: What do you mean might be?

Kylie: Since you know the love story of Aaron and Cecilia...You should know that Aaron would go to the ends of the world for Cecilia. Since she is now Sophia, let's see if you are the one for Sophia.


(During the night, Sapphire is standing outside and blows out a chunk ice.)

Sapphire: Now who should I freeze with this? Nathan knows about ice magic but the again, Sophia has the power to stop it.

???: How about neither?

(Sapphire's small chunk of ice suddenly evaporates when it is hit with a ball of fire and behind Sapphire, is Sophia.)

Sapphire: (giggles) Finally caught me, huh?

Sophia: That was too easy, you knew you would get caught out of the open like that.

Sapphire: Correct. I wanted you to know that I was the culprit. Yes, it was me who almost froze Katherine to death.

Sophia: Why the hell did you go after my best friend?

Sapphire: Good question. Why did I? Well, I really wasn't after her to begin with. My main target is someone else. This person, I just going after the people they care about.

Sophia: Who and why?

Sapphire: Can't tell you who it is! (giggles) That's still a secret. Let's just say, I had a hard life during my childhood and I want to get even.

Sophia: You involve people who have nothing to do with your damn problems for your little quest for little quest for revenge?

Sapphire: Is that so wrong?

Sophia: It is when you go after the people that I care about.

Sapphire: Well that can't be helped. I was actually going to make you or Nathan my next target.

Sophia: Stay away from Nathan. Go after him and blood will be gushing out of your body so fast that you will be dead in seconds.

Sapphire: Ooh! You're definitely a fighter! But you defend the ex who betrayed you and your family?

Sophia: I suggest that you don't test me because I'm not in the mood.

Sapphire: Sophia, I'm pretty sure if you wanted me dead, I would be dead right now...So the question is, what do you want? You say that you want me to leave your friends alone but I feel there's something else that you want.

Sophia: There's nothing that I want.

Sapphire: Are you sure about that because I thought you would want to know why your life element has gone on silent mode.

Sophia: How do you know about that?

Sapphire: Because I put a little bit of ice on it. I did it the same time when I gave Katherine that little gift. I'll tell you what, we'll make a deal. I'll remove the ice from your element if you as long as you leave me be and let me do what I want.

Sophia: How about I just kill you right now?

Sapphire: Kill me and that ice will never be removed. It's a very kind of special ice, something that even within stand the elements...Since I like you, I'll throw in a bonus. I'll try not to go after those you care about. Keyword, try. And I'll even give you a page from an old grimoire and you can learn the ice element. Deal?

Sophia: What makes you think I will agree to that? How do I know that you're not the one who caused those murders?

Sapphire: You won't be able to turn Addison back into a human or bring people who have died back to life. You'll just have to believe me. I had nothing to do with those murders...but I can tell you that the murder is still on campus. So do we have a deal or not? I have things to do.

Sophia: Don't you mean people to kill?

Sapphire: I'm not going to kill anyone...unless I get very angry. So Sophia, what is it going to be? Your choice.


Sapphire: Right choice. (walking away) Now, you should probably get back to your dorm because I saw your boyfriend heading that way!

Sophia:...Oh no...

(Before Sophia can head back to her dorm, she regains another memory of Calantha.)

Tell Him How You Feel/Magic Is A Part of MeEdit

(Calantha and a seventeen year old Cecilia are enjoying the festivities within the city during the night. While walking, Calantha links arms with Cecilia.)

Calantha: So my Cecilia. Tell me what is it between you and Aaron.

Cecilia: Between Aaron and I? There is only friendship. Why would you ask that?

Calantha: Because of the connection between the two of you. Many can see it.

Cecilia: Are people gossiping about me?

Calantha: No, Cecilia. It's just that many think you two would be make the perfect match. There are those who hold jealousy because there are many men who have desired you ever since you have grown into a beautiful woman and there are many woman who long for Aaron as he is one of the most handsome men throughout the land.

Cecilia: There is no need to worry as there is nothing between Aaron and I. We only have friendship between us and I am engaged to another.

Calantha: Must you keep reminding me of that?

Cecilia: Must you keep asking me about my relationship with Aaron knowing full well there is no romance between us?

Calantha: Actually there is. Either you haven't realized yet or you have and just keep lying to yourself...But since I've known you since you were a child, I know that you are lying to yourself.

Cecilia:...You know me too well.

Calantha: You've been acting differently for the past few days...Did something happen between the two of you?

Cecilia:...We had a fight. He confessed his feelings for me and I rejected him.

(Calantha pulls Cecilia into a alleyway.)

Calantha: Cecilia! Why?!

Cecilia: You know why! I'm engaged!

Calantha: Cecilia, tell me the truth. Do you have feelings for Aaron?

Cecilia: Why do you need to know that?

Calantha: Cecilia! This is for you not me! Do you have feelings for Aaron or don't you?!

Cecilia: YES! YES! YES! Okay?! I admit that I have feelings for Aaron but it doesn't change anything because I know who I chose! I have chosen the man who I've committed myself to and have loved ever since our relationship grew into something deeper!

Calantha: I have never trusted that man...I feel that he's hiding something.

Cecilia: You sound just like Andra.

Calantha: Because it's the truth! Cecilia, there's something that you need to know about my past. Something that you need to know before you make a mistake.

Cecilia: What would that be?

Calantha:...I lost the first man that I ever loved to the darkness...and I never got the chance to tell him how I feel.

Cecilia: Calantha...

Calantha: They day I was going to tell him of how I feel, he was consumed by the darkness and became one of the dark elves...I haven't seen him in ten years...But if I do see him again one day which I hope I do, I want him to know the truth of my feelings towards him...So I don't want you to miss out on a chance like I did...If you have feelings for Aaron, you need to accept them and be with him.

(Calantha notices that Cecilia is starting to look upset while looking at the festivities and turns to look at them too. Witches are happily using their magic for fun purposes.)

Cecilia:...I can't take it.

Calantha: Cecilia--

(Cecilia runs off towards the ruined temple and Calantha follows after her.)

Calantha: Cecilia, wait!

(Cecilia stops running when arriving at the ruined temple and turns to Calantha.)

Cecilia: What?

Calantha: I know you're tired of hiding your elements but--

Cecilia: Tired of hiding my elements? I'm tired of hiding who I am! My elemental magic is what defines me! If I can't show it to the everyone then who am I?! You and Andra might as well take it from me since I can't show it to the whole entire city!

Calantha: Cecilia! I know that your magic is a part of you! But you must keep it hidden!

Cecilia: (tearfully angry) Why?! After all these years, you and Andra still refuse to tell me the truth! The both of you refuse to tell me anything! I'm old enough to know why! Why won't you tell me the real reason to why I have to hide my elements?! Why won't you tell me about my parents?! Why do I have to be with Aaron?! Why am I suppose to be with him?! Tell me!

Calantha: Cecilia! (holds Cecilia to calm her down)...You have to hide your elements because they're special and it is a very rare and powerful type of magic. Your father wasn't born an elemental witch, he learned the elements all on his own. There was a witch who was born with the elements and he had became your father's mentor, seeing the determination in your father's eyes to obtain the elements so he could use them for good. You know that your father was killed by bad people. So if people knew that you are also an elemental witch, those bad people will know who you truly are and they will kill you.

Cecilia:...But why?

Calantha:...It involves your mother but that's something that we can't tell you. Please respect that...


Calantha: Both of your parents loved you very much...You meant the world to them and they wanted more that anything was to be a family together...but they were not able to get that chance so they left you in Andra's care. Andra told me that your mother and father were amazing people and they continue to live on through you...Cecilia, they believed that your presence in this world has a great meaning.

Cecilia:...I remember Andra saying something like that to me when I was a child...That I was born for a greater purpose and only you can find out what is.

Calantha: Well, you should continue to remember that. Because something may happen one day that you will realize what you are truly meant to do.

Cecilia: I'll look forward to that day.

Calantha: Now...(wiping the tears from Cecilia's eyes) As for Aaron...Love has always been a mystery and works differently for many. I see the way that you look at each other even when you don't realize it yourself. So I think you know why you're suppose to be with Aaron.

Cecilia:...Because I want to be...

Needing BloodEdit

(Sapphire walks into the her dorm and sees Arona lying on the floor and she is breathing heavily.)

Sapphire: Hmm...You must be hungry.

(Sapphire takes a knife out of her purse and cuts her arm. She walks over to Arona and puts her arm over Arona's mouth...Arona's eye color suddenly changes to a red and silver color or a moment as she feeds off of Sapphire's arm.)

Sapphire: When are you going to stop resisting the urge to feed and accept what you are?

Arona: (stops feeding) Never...As long as I continue to have to have this other side of me, I will never accept it.

(Sapphire looks at Arona's rosary and seems to have an idea as she smirks.)

Sapphire:...You make things so difficult, you know?

Are You Sure?Edit

(Sophia walks into her dorm to find her boyfriend with her aunt.)

Sophia: Hi...

Marcel: Hey. I had the pleasure of meeting your two-thousand year old aunt.

Sophia: Yeah, sorry about that. I was going to tell you.

Marcel: No worries, she just popped up...Wait, why aren't you speaking in your british accent?

Sophia: I--

Kylie: Because I asked her to speak in a voice that I'm familiar with. To me that wasn't her voice, not the one that I know. So I asked her to speak in a Aramaic or Greek accent.

Sophia: It's not a problem, is it?

Marcel: No. Actually, it's kind of hot.

Kylie: Okay, how about you do the mushy-gushy stuff after I'm done talking to my niece?

(Katherine and Nathan walk into the dorm room and Sophia has a confused look on her face. Marcel looks angry seeing Nathan.)

Kylie: Okay, I recognize that one. Well, I know she's not the one that I know...But who is he?

Sophia: Auntie, this is Katherine Pierce, my best friend.

Katherine: How do you recognize me?

Kylie: The name Amara ring any bells?

Katherine: Yeah, it does. What, were you friends?

Kylie: Absolutely not. I hated that girl. But I find it interesting that my niece is friends with one of you.

Sophia: This is ex-husband.

(Kylie looks at her niece and tries not to laugh.)

Kylie: Really? So before Marcel, it was Nathan? Okay, I see...this is the father that had your two other children.

Nathan: What do you mean two other children? And what happened to your british accent?

Sophia: None of your business, Nathan. Why are you here? No, the main question is what are you still doing at the university?

Marcel: Wait, he's been here for the past week?

Sophia: No, he was here on my first day of college. I desperately tried to get rid of him.

Nathan: Is that a problem? She was mine first and I'm surely she'll be mine again.

Kylie: I suggest that you don't talk about my niece like she's your prized possession when she's clearly not with you anymore.

Nathan: Who the hell are you?

Kylie: Who am I? I'm your aunt-in-law, sweetheart. So I suggest you check that tone and attitude when you are speaking to me.

Nathan: Sophia, how do you know if his woman is actually your aunt like she says she is?

Sophia: She is, okay! What I do and who I'm with is none of your business. Now are you going to answer my question or not? Why are you still here?

Katherine: He was helping me get info on the bitch who nearly froze me to death. We didn't find anything but this Charles Devin had some info to share...

Sophia: Katherine, about that...I need you to stop looking into it.

Katherine: Why?

Nathan: She found the person.

Katherine: Who was it?

Sophia: I can't tell you because knowing you, you'll just go after her.

Nathan: Doesn't she have the right to?

Marcel: Maybe you should shut up and stay out of it.

Nathan: Why is it that I haven't ripped out your heart?

Katherine: Sophia, I nearly died!

Sophia: Don't you think I know that?! But this person who did that to you, is the reason why I can't use my life element!

Katherine: What are you talking about?

Sophia: She did it right around the time she got you.

Nathan: Then just kill her!

Sophia: If I do that, then the ice can never be removed and then what? I will never be able to use the life element again! Do you really want me to take that chance?

Nathan: She could be blurting anything out of her mouth, why would you believe her?!

Marcel: (chuckles) Really? This coming from the person who had killed her a thousand years ago. Yeah, Sophia told me about that.

Nathan: Well, did she tell you about our other daughter? (looks at Sophia) You still haven't told Danielle about her sister, have you? I know she's alive, I saw the two of you together during the memorial last week.

Sophia: That is none of your business.

Nathan: It is when it comes to our daughters.

Marcel: Stop it! After everything that has happened, do you still think you have a right in what goes on in Danielle and Malia's lives?

Nathan: I do, I'm their father! I don't know what happened with Malia but I know that Danielle didn't have a father growing up!

Marcel: That's where you're wrong. She did have a was Elijah...He has always been a father to her, a better father than you would ever be.

Katherine: Okay, how about the both of you just calm down--

Sophia: My daughters! Not ours! Do you not remember what I told you the last time! And then you disrespect my wishes and help my best friend with her problems. What? Did you think by doing this, that I would feel grateful towards you?!

Nathan: Honestly? Yes! Sophia, what is it going to take for you to stop hating me?! When are you going to forgive me?!

Kylie: ENOUGH!

(Startled by Kylie's outburst, everyone suddenly goes quiet and Sophia wipes away the tears that start falling from her eyes.)

Kylie: I need the three of you to leave while I speak with my niece. I don't want any of you eavesdropping and I will know if you are doing so. If you chose to eavesdrop, let me just say...that you will regret that you met me. I know the most deadly torture ever...

Katherine: really are crazy.

Kylie: Thank Katherine...Nathan. I don't want you ever talking to her like that again.

(As Katherine and Nathan leave the room, Marcel gives Sophia a quick hug and leaves as well, closing the door.)

Kylie: So...that was something.

Sophia: I'm sorry about that. Nathan and me really aren't on good terms right now.

Kylie: Yeah, I can see that...but I can see that he really loves you and your daughters. Sweetie, what did Marcel mean that Nathan killed you a thousand years ago?

Sophia:...When Mikael and Esther made the decision to turn us all into vampires...(tearfully) Nathan was the one who killed me and then I was dead...I suddenly woke up and was hungry for blood...Then it was the first time that I killed someone. But know I was born during the ancient times, I'm starting to think that man I killed a thousand years ago wasn't the first person I killed.

Kylie: (wiping away Sophia's tears) I'm not excusing what he did but...did he give a reason why?

Sophia: You see...after I miscarried with Malia, Danielle's twin sister...He didn't want to risk losing Danielle and me so...he forced me to become a vampire and I didn't even get a choice in the matter. Elijah killed him for betraying me and the others but he just suddenly showed up months ago because he also apparently died with vampire blood in his system and none of us even realized it.

Kylie: Cecilia...Is it alright that I call you that?

Sophia: (smiling) Of course.

Kylie: Cecilia...I believe him showing up now is because you have to confront your past with him. You should try talking him can forgive him one day, when you are ready.

Sophia:...(laughs) We really are related.

Kylie: (laughs) What can I say? You got your smartness from me...Now to the next man. Marcel.

Sophia: My boyfriend...

Kylie: Just a few questions. First....How did this even happen?

Sophia: Well, when I first came to New Orleans a year ago...Marcel came on to me but he got rejected and yet...that didn't stop him. As time went by, I came to trust him and we became friends then it hit me...He snuck up on me when I didn't realize it before.

Kylie:...Just like Aaron...

Sophia: Yeah....Just like Aaron...Then I knew I was growing feelings for him but Danielle died and things just messed up...I changed, I let myself get consumed by the darkness but he was still there for me and our feelings for each other never went away. The threats I sent out, the people I killed, he saw everything that I had done and he never gave up on me. He found a way to bring Danielle back to life and after it worked...everything changed. We've been together since the Spring.

Kylie: How did you feel about him at first?

Sophia: At the beginning....I found him to be a nuisance, seductive, all talk man.

Kylie: What's he like? How did you feel about him after everything that had happen? I know that I like him, he has spunk. He stood up for you and doesn't want anyone treating you badly.

Sophia: (blushes) Yes...He's a good man. He refuses to abandon his people and his loyalty knows no bounds. He refuses to lie to me and he manages to look into me so deeply...Marcel even accepts the darkest parts of me...I don't know what I would do without him.

Kylie: (sighs, takes Sophia's hand) I can tell that the both of you are in love with each other, I can feel it...I know that the two of you have been in this relationship for the past months but...This will be a see if he can be your soulmate, if he can be the one for you.

Sophia: What are you saying?

Kylie: (picks up her cup of tea) Sweetie...I know that you're in love with Marcel but Aaron was the one for you. There's no denying that.

A Battle Long That Was Long ForgottenEdit

(Sophia and Marcel are laughing and enjoying their time together as they stargaze during their walk.)

Marcel: Glad to see you doing better.

Sophia: Well, it's all thanks to you...

(A battle between the witches and light elves against the dark elves have taken place. Screams echo throughout the battlefield, corpses continue to pile on the ground. A nineteen year old Cecilia is seen. She is running through the battlefield and uses her magic to defend herself but at the same time is screaming for Andra.)

Cecilia: Andra! Andra, where are you?!

(Andra is seen fighting dark elves and overcomes them all. unknown man suddenly appears find behind her. She turns around and is shocked to who she sees as he stabs Andra with a sword...Cecilia finds Andra lying on the ground.)

Cecilia: Andra!!!

(Cecilia runs over to Andra and sees that she is badly wounded and is losing blood.)

Andra: Cecilia...

Cecilia: Andra! Andra, you're going to be fine! (places her hand over Andra's wound) Mederi.

(Andra's wound starts to heal from Cecilia's healing magic but Andra grabs Cecilia's hand from continuing healing her.)

Andra: Stop.There's something that I must tell you.

Cecilia: Can't this wait?! I have to heal you!

Andra: No! Listen to me...It's you that Panagiota wants.

Cecilia: Me? But wh--

Andra: There is a dark magic within you that she wants all to herself! You must get away from here. I will be fine.

Cecilia: I am not leaving you here! And what is this dark magic that you are talking about?

Andra: The dark magic that has been locked away from inside you. It's deadly and you cannot allow yourself to use it for any reasons.

(Panagiota appears.)

Panagiota: Cecilia...I could take that dark magic away from you but I won't. You could unleash the darkness and show your full potential. This can all end if you join me and my followers! What do you say?

Cecilia:...Panagiota...Do you think that I am naive? You would just use me. Why should I believe that you will spare my loved ones from harm?

Panagiota: Good point, child...I am a dark elf so why should you believe anything that comes out of my mouth? But what if I threaten Andra? Calantha? Your husband and beautiful baby son?

Andra: Cecilia, you must run! Leave me and save yourself!

(Cecilia falls to the ground and feels herself in pain as Panagiota uses her dark magic on her.)

Panagiota: Do you feel that? It is the darkness that trying to burn out your light. Now what is your decision? Join the dark elves or your the upcoming death of your loved ones.

Cecilia: Panagiota...I will never join you!...Dark mek , petk’ e sparrvum e luysi yev petk’ e ak’sorvel e yndmisht!

(Panagiota feels herself being weaken by a light that starts to shine from within her and her skin begins to burn, causing her to scream. She falls to the ground in pain and seems to be dying. The darkness leaves Cecilia's body and she once again tries to help Andra.)

Cecilia: Andra, you must let me heal you!

Andra: No! Cecilia, just let me die!

Cecilia: (shocked)...What...? What did you just say?

(Andra gently places her hand on Cecilia's cheek.)

Andra: Your parents would be proud of you...I just know it. There are still things that you don't know and one day you will find out the truth to all the secrets that have been kept from you. (crying) My beautiful Cecilia, all these years that I have known and raised you, thank you! Thank you for being the daughter that I've always wanted! Thank you for blessing me into your life! I love you so much!

Cecilia: (crying) Andra, you can't leave me!

Andra: You are going to be fine. You do not need me anymore. You have Aaron and your son. Take care of them and love them as I have done for you these past nineteen years. Do not avenge me. Promise me that!

Cecilia: But why?!

Andra: Because the person who did this to me, I saw something in their eyes, something that you will see yourself one day.

Cecilia: But I don't understand...

Andra: You will in time...I believe that you will outlive all of us. I know it's strange to say something like that but there has always been something special about you. Cecilia, you must live. Keep living as you are the light to this world...

(Andra starts breathing heavily.)

Cecilia: Andra!

Andra:'s say...goodbye....

(Andra stops breathing and has died...)

Cecilia: Andra?

(Cecilia starts to shake Andra, trying to wake her up. She then starts to scream.)

Cecilia: No, no, no...Andra! Andra! Andra! Please! Please don't leave me!

(Cecilia hears a noise behind and turns around to see that Panagiota is gone. She hears another noise to see the unknown man who killed Andra stands in the darkness nearby. He is holding a bloody sword.)

Cecilia: That sword...Did you do this?! Were you the one who killed her?!

(The unknown man remains quiet.)

Cecilia: Answer me!!

Unknown Man:...I didn't have a choice.

Cecilia: Didn't have a choice? Damn you!

(Cecilia tries to attack him but is grabbed by Calantha, holding her back.)

Calantha: Cecilia, stop it!

Cecilia: Let me go! He killed Andra!

(Calantha is shocked by what Cecilia just said and sees Andra on the ground. She then looks up at the man standing in the darkness.)

Calantha: Oh my god...

Cecilia: Let me go! I'm going to kill him!

Calantha: No, you're not! (looks to the man behind her) Take Cecilia and leave this place! I will handle this!

(Calantha puts shackles on Cecilia's wrists and Cecilia feels herself being weakened by them.)

Cecilia: Calantha...what have you done to me?

Calantha: You won't be able to use your magic with these on you. I'm sorry Cecilia, I had too.

(The man takes Cecilia from Calantha and carries her in his arms.)


Calantha: I'll see you soon...but if I don't come back, I may still be alive. So let us hope that we meet again someday...If I'm not alive, just know that I love you. You're the little sister that I've always wanted.

(Calantha kisses Cecilia's forehead and the man takes Cecilia away. Before Cecilia becomes unconscious, she hears Calantha say a name...)

Calantha: Damien.

(Sophia hears Marcel's voice and finds herself back in the present day. She sees his worried expression as he is wiping the tears from her face.)

Marcel: Are you okay? What happened to you?

(Sophia thinks for a moment before answering Marcel.)

Sophia: I'm sorry, it's just...this might happen often because I'm getting my memories back...I had a memory of my mentor dying and my was the last time that I saw Calantha and I never saw her again...

Marcel: (hugs her) You don't have to tell me everything right now. Just when you're ready.

Sophia:...Thank you...

Marcel: No. Thank you for telling me about everything that's been going on with you because I'm given the chance to tell you the truth. Elijah told me not to but I don't want to lie to you.

Sophia:...What is it?

Marcel:...Mikael and Esther are back.

Sophia: (shocked) Wait, what?! But how?!

Marcel:...We don't know how Esther is back but...Mikael came back when you brought Danielle back.

Sophia...My life element...He must have slipped in somehow.

Marcel: (taking her face into his hands) Hey, hey. This isn't your fault. Don't start blaming yourself.

Sophia: But--

Marcel: No buts. Now, me and the others want you to stay out of it.

Sophia: I can't do that!

Marcel: Yes, you can. Listen, you have enough problems over here as it is, so focus on that. Me and the others will handle Esther and Mikael. You've been through enough already and need to focus on what you have to deal with right now. Promise me?

Sophia:...(sighs)...Okay...Just make sure Danielle doesn't cause too much trouble.

Marcel: Uh, wouldn't Mikael and Esther be the ones causing a lot of trouble?

Sophia: No because knowing my daughter, she's going to give them a bloody hell of a time.

Marcel: (laughs) Like mother, like daughter.

Sophia: Hey!

(Marcel looks up at the moon and stars then looks at Sophia and offers her his hand.)

Marcel: Dance with me.

Sophia: Out here? Where there's no music?

Marcel: We don't need music...Just dance with me.

(Sophia smiles and takes Marcel's hand. They dance under the moonlight and stars...)



(During their vacation, Danielle and Davina are in Paris. In a club, Danielle, Davina, and Leon are sitting in a booth at a club.)

Danielle: Hey, Davina. That cute guy over there is checking you out. You should go talk to him.

Davina: Alright. I'll be back in a little bit!

(Davina goes over to the cute French guy that has been looking at her and they start talking.)

Danielle: Now, Leon. You can go do whatever you want. Davina and me are perfectly safe.

Leon: Sorry, but you're not getting rid of me that easily.

???: But I can.

(Danielle and Leon see a handsome young man standing at their table and looks into Leon's eyes. To the viewers, they only see his back side.)

???: I know that you're on vervain but I can break through that. You're going to go have a few drinks, go mingle, and when you come back, you won't remember me or what just happened here. Now go.

(Leon obeys and heads over to the bar. The unknown man pulls the curtain around the booth to hide them and sits across Danielle whom quickly stands up.)

???: Sorry about that. I had to do it so things wouldn't get nasty.

Danielle: Things are about to get nasty if you don't get up and leave right now.

???: Magic won't work on me, sweetie.

Danielle: How do you know that I'm a witch?

???: Because I know you. We're family after all. Now sit down.

Danielle: I don't take orders a vile man like you.

(Danielle casts a pain infliction spell but nothing is happening...)

Damien: Like I said, magic won't work on me. Now if you don't sit down, I can kill your bodyguard over there and I won't tell you what our connection is.

Danielle:..Fine...(sitting down) Now what are you talking about? Who are you?

???: Oh, I forgot to introduce myself. You can call me Damien...your mother's big bad brother in other words, I'm your uncle from the other side of the family....Pleased to finally meet you, Danielle.

Danielle:...You...You're my uncle?

Damien: That's right.

Danielle: Why should I believe you?

Damien: Test me.

Danielle:...There's something that she likes to do...and only a few know of this.

Damien: She loves to go out at night and watch the stars up in the sky. She thinks about her life and future that has yet to come.

Danielle:...That's right....Where the hell were you when my mom needed you?

Damien: Because we aren't exactly close. I mean when she was a baby, I did care about her but I just became so evil and twisted thanks to our parents, that I just grew a deep hatred for my baby sister that I want her dead.

Danielle: (shocked) Are you serious?! Whatever happened with your parents, take it up with them but don't you dare go after my mom!

Damien: My parents are dead and what are you going to do if I refuse? Sweetie, you're not even going to remember what happened here after we are done with this conversation. Now there's something I need to ask you and you will answer me.

Danielle: I'm not telling you anything!

(The curtain is suddenly being pulled back a bit and Damien grabs the person who was pulling it. It is shown to be Davina and he forces her to sit down next to Danielle. He then pulls the curtain back.)

Davina:..Danielle, what's going on?!

Damien: Answer my question...or I'll kill her. Maybe even turn her into my own personal maid.

Danielle: You are a sick bast--

(Damien surprisingly uses vamp speed to grab Danielle's throat. Davina quickly stands up.)

Danielle: You're a vampire?!

Damien: Something like that...

Davina: Let her go!

Damien: Sit down and shut up.

Danielle: Davina, magic doesn't work on him!

Damien: Answer my question. Does my sister remember her past from two-thousand years ago?

Danielle: What....? What are you talking about?

Damien: Judging from your words and reaction, she doesn't remember yet....To let you know what I'm talking about, your mother and me when born during the ancient times and were the children to the most powerful witches...Agapios and Qetsiyah.

Danielle: That's...That's not possible!

Damien: But it is. Your mother just doesn't remember everything yet but she will. Cecilia is your mother's real name and she has something that I want. Something that she holds within her.

Danielle: What? Is it her elements? Is that what you want?

Damien: No, that's not it. There's something that the first elemental witch sealed inside of your mother and I'm not going to tell you what it is but just know it's something that I really want all to myself. (lets go of Danielle) Take this.

(Davina holds onto Danielle whom is coughing and Damien puts a vial of blood on the table.)

Davina: Blood? I'm assuming it's yours.

Damien: Correct. (looks into Danielle's eyes) Now time for the compulsion.

Danielle: Compulsion don't work on witches, you should know that.

Damien: I do. But I'm a different type of vampire. So I have the advantage here...(using his compulsion) My little niece. When you see your mother in person, force this vial of blood down her throat. Do whatever it takes, break her arm or leg if you have to...Let's see if she will prevail or fail.

(Danielle willing takes the vial of blood from Damien.)

Davina: If Sophia takes that, she will become a vampire again!

Damien: That's if she gets herself killed. So after she takes this blood, she and I will be connected and there's some other things that will happen but I won't say what they are...Just to let you know, I'm not your ordinary type of vampire, I'm a different breed that started a stronger generation of vampires and I'm sure not talking about an Original. I'm a different exception. Few people who have died after getting my blood in their system, somehow it rejected them and they didn't turn into vampires. As for my sister, this is a test. I want a real challenge...I want to see if she's tough enough to fight her own blood, her big brother.

Danielle: You won't get away with this.

Damien: Yes, I will actually. Before I go...(using his compulsion on Danielle and Davina) The both of you will go back to having fun and party all night. You won't remember me and this conversation never happened but Danielle, don't forget your task of giving your lovely mother that blood. Also, give her my love.

(After Damien disappears, Danielle and Davina head to the dance floor.)

Magdalene vs KylieEdit

(During the night, Magdalene is unlocking her car door and stops when she hears a noise. She gets into her car and Kylie is seen sitting in the backseat.)

Magdalene: Isn't it rude to enter people's cars without permission?

Kylie: Well, in this case you are going to make an exception. Besides, I'm not in a mannerly mood.

Magdalene: (chuckles) Then why don't you just cut to the chase? Let me guess. You're wondering what a voodoo witch is doing here?

Kylie: No. I want to know what exactly are you doing? Because I know that you're working for Esther.

Magdalene: How did you know that she's returned from the dead?

Kylie: You don't need to worry about how I know. You need to worry about what I'm going to do to you if something happens to my niece.

Magdalene: Isn't she capable of taking care of herself? I mean she is a two-thousand powerful year old witch.

Kylie: Answer my question. Also, if you lie to me, you will die right here.

Magdalene: Brutal, aren't you?

Kylie: Why has Esther returned? Is it to kill her children again?

Magdalene: Actually, the opposite. She wants to turn them back into human by giving them the option to do a body swap with another human or witch. Now she would like to just see Sophia again. So there is no need to worry because Sophia is in no part of Esther's plan...So do you believe me?

Kylie:...Hate to admit but you are telling me the truth.

Magdalene: See? Now if you'll excuse me, I have to make urgent business.

Kylie: Just remember...If I hear anything horrible has happened to Cecilia and that you had any part in it, you will regret that you ever met me.

(Kylie exits Magdalene's car and Magdalene starts to drive away.)

Until Next Time/BypassEdit

(Kylie is sitting in her car, ready to leave but not before saying her goodbyes to Sophia.)

Sophia: I'm going to miss you. Are you sure you can't stay longer?

Kylie: I'm sorry but I have to get back to London. My students at the academy are probably missing me like crazy right now. You should come. I think you would do a good job working there.

Sophia: I will have to take a rain check. I still have unfinished business here. I'll introduce you to my daughters next time.

Kylie: I would love that...There's something else that you need to know about your brother...Magic doesn't work on him.

Sophia: What?! Then how am I suppose to defend myself?

Kylie: You can always using spells to hide yourself from him and that's all I know...He's a vampire but different from other vampires. Take this...(hands her a silver gun) Hold on to this.

Sophia: (putting the gun in her purse) Will it kill him?

Kylie: Maybe, maybe not..there are vampire hunters who have tried to kill him but they were all unsuccessful...

Sophia: Thanks, auntie...I just have a few more questions...How are you still alive after two-thousand years? And when did you stop aging?

Kylie:...Hmm...I'll tell you that I'm a still a witch but I haven't used my magic since then. I stopped aging when my sister married your father.

Sophia: You haven't used your magic for two-thousand years? Are you serious?

Kylie: Yep. If you ever decide to join me at the academy then I can show you how and what my new powers are. There's something else that I want you to have.

(Kylie picks up a grimoire from the back seat and gives it to Sophia.)

Sophia: A grimoire?

Kylie: It belonged to Calantha and she wanted you to have it.

Sophia: Calantha's grimoire...Wait, did you go to Alfheim?!

Kylie: Actually, I have. Maybe, I can take you there sometime because I really think you will love it. You open that grimoire when you're ready and learn all about elven magic.

Sophia: (hugs Kylie) Thank you so much, auntie!

Kylie: You've very welcome, sweetie.

Sophia: One last question...What did you say to Marcel before I came back to the room?

Kylie: That this will be a test for him. To see if he will be your new soulmate.

Sophia:...Do you think he could be?

Kylie: I don't know...Only yourself and fate will decide that...God, I wish that your parents were still alive. To see how much you have grown.

Sophia: About that...I actually saw my father in a vision.

Kylie: Wait, what? How?

Sophia: A friend of mine's...He's a vampire and he has some kind of physic ability. He can see past and future events. He showed me a vision of when I was a baby and father was holding me. He took me to his special place and he was telling me about how he wanted me to see the world and he wished he could get the chance to watch me grow up. He said that my name Cecilia means shining lights and that he wanted me to be the one to purify the evil within those's hearts. Then suddenly as I was standing there, he turned to look at me. He could actually see me and he told me that we would see each other again soon and he loves me.

Kylie:...Hold still for a moment.

(Kylie places her hand of Sophia's heart and her hand suddenly glows for a moment. Kylie starts smiles brightly.)

Sophia: What is it?

Kylie:...(smiling emotionally) He's with you.

Sophia: What do you mean?

Kylie: You'll find out soon...(kisses Sophia's forehead) I have to go now.

Sophia: Okay...(hugs her) I love you, Aunt Kylie.

Kylie: I love you too, Cecilia.

(Kylie smiles at her niece and starts the car, driving away. Sophia looks at the grimoire and smiles. She walks away and a group of men that are part of a martial arts class, see her and start checking her out.)

Sophia: Excuse me, gentlemen.

Man 1: Hey, pretty lady!

Man 2: Want to hang around and watch us practice?

Sophia: Sorry, maybe next time!

Man 3: Oh, come on!

Man 1: Mason, help us out here!

(A handsome young man is bandaging his hands for preparation to fight. As Sophia walks away, Mason looks over to the guys who continue looking at Sophia.)

Mason: When are you idiots going to pick one girl and stop screwing around?

Man 2: Uh...Never! But come on! Did you see how hot she was?

Mason: Nope, didn't see her.

Man 3: What is up with you? Ever since you got here, you blow off every girl after one date!

Mason: Yeah because you idiots are the ones who set me up on the damn dates when I tell you not to! Especially, you set me up with girls that aren't even my type!

Man 2: How much longer are you going to be in New Orleans?

Mason: Maybe a week or two? I have to get the rest of my traveling done so that I can meet up with my best friend in San Francisco.

Man 1: Then have some fun, loosen up while you're still in New Orleans!

Mason: Sorry but that's not going to happen...Because the woman that I want, she won't be easy to get.

Your Worst NightmareEdit

(Sophia returns to her dorm and suddenly sees an image of her and Eileen back in Ancient Greece, remembering who she is.)

Sophia: Eileen...!

???: Hello, Cecilia.

(Sophia turns around to find a woman standing behind her.)

Sophia: Who are you?

???:...The name is Cascadia...and I'm your worst nightmare...Phasmatos Motus Robix!

(Sophia is roughly thrown back to the wall, knocking her unconscious. Cascadia shows an malicious smile just as Magdalene appears.)

Cascadia: Thank you, Magdalene for letting me know that she was here.

Magdalene: You know that her power is not at it's full extent, right? It's like something is keeping the full potential of her magic sealed.

Cascadia: Oh, really? Then I'll just have to see what's keeping it from coming out.

Magdalene: Try not to kill her. Esther may get suspicious.

Cascadia: Still working different sides, huh?

(Cascadia leans down and brushes Sophia's hair out of her face.)

Cascadia: We have unfinished business, granddaughter.

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