The Originals(Fan Fiction) TV Series
Season 3, Episode 6
Anastasia 306
Air date 2015
Written by User:Cori11
Directed by User:Cori11
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I've Got You Under My Skin
Stir of Emotions

The Uncontrollable Angel is sixth episode of Season Three of The Originals Fanfiction (Series) and the _______ episode overall.   


WHERE DOES ANASTASIA'S LOYALTY LIE?--As Rebekah may be the next target the Strix's latest plan, she is reunited with her first sire, Anastasia. Serena and Katherine have a dangerous run-in with a member of the Strix and Aria to heads to Tokyo after hearing of the murder that is connected to her but a secret is revealed. Sophia hopes to reunite Karen and Sora but two reckoning forces get in the way. Meanwhile, Danielle continues to butt heads with Lucien and finally, Leon and Davina finds themselves face-to-face with a dangerous new threat.


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