The Originals(Fan Fiction) TV Series
Season 1, Episode 04
Davina 104
Air date Fall 2013
Written by User:Cori11 and Vampires1001
Directed by Cori11
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The Ulitmate Game is the fourth episode of Season One of The Originals Fanfiction (Series).


WOMAN ON A MISSION — Sophia, Danielle, Serena, and Cami all attend the annual Dauphine Street music festival and Danielle meets someone who is her type. Marcel buys a gift for Sophia and discovers something unexpected. Klaus finally discovers Marcel's secret weapon which leads to an epic face-off between two girls: Half witch-half vampire, Danielle and witch, Davina. Also the return of a familiar face.


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Recurring Cast

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  • First appearances of Serena and Brody.
  • Danielle gets a possible new love interest.
  • Sophia and Marcel scenes (she will recieve the gift from him next episode).
  • Cami discovers the supernatural world.
  • Macklyn and Marcel scene.
  • Sophia gets a phone call from her best friend. Hint: A character from TVD. It is not the first TVD crossover but it does make her the first character to appear in TO while still in Mystic Falls.
  • An Original is nearly killed.
  • This is the first episode to contain a flashback that went as far back as 1543, which contains an important character.
  • We see a TVD regular, show ther delicate side.
  • A Scene tributes a memorble TVD scene. 
  • Kol appears as a ghost.



Scene 1:


(We see Sophia talking on her phone, she stands holding her hand on her hip.)

Sophia: Listen, I'm in New Orleans and I'm waiting for you...

(Sophia is talking to Katherine on her phone)


(Katherine stands, looking worried and scared. Thining of what to tell her.)

Katherine: I can't I have stuff going on....

Sophia (On phone): What stuff?...

Katherine: (Cocky) Oh please, I'm not coming to New Orleans because Klaus is there and I have agreed to myself that I won't be in sniffing distance of him.

Sophia: What do you have too worry about?. You're a 500 year old vampire and haven't I been protecting you?

Katherine: ...

Sophia: What's wrong?

Katherine: (Regrets what she's about to say) Stop it Sophia, I'm.....I'm........

Sophia: Spill...

(Katherine has a tear in her eye.)

Katherine (smiles, and eyes light up, trying to hid it): Hmmm...Look who's curious. (smiles)

Scene 2:


(Cami is seen talking Serena.)

Serena: So what's this annual Dauphine Street music festival like?

Cami: It's really fun. Its where different artists can express themselvess in their music and there will be lots of performances.

Serena: Can't wait.

(Marcel walks in and smiles at Cami.)

Marcel: Hey, Cami. Who's your friend?

Serena: Serena Julia Vivian. I go to the same college that Cami goes to.

Marcel: Nice to meet you. You going to the music festival?

Cami: You know we are. And yes, Sophia is going.

Serena: (amused) Sophia, who is that?

Cami: A friend of mine that he has a crush on. I'll introduce you.

Serena: Thanks. So what is it about her?

Marcel:...She's a challenge...I can't stop thinking about her.

Serena: I see...She's got you wrapped around her finger.

Marcel: I actually want to buy her something.

Cami: She loves diamonds.

Serena: Name one girl that doesn't.

(All three of them laugh and Marcel hugs Cami then tells the girls that he'll see them later.)

Scene 3:


(Sophia still stands not moved once, holding her hand on her hip.) 

Sophia (Confused): You're sick?

Katherine (linking her words): ..Er...Yes. Yes, that's it. Sick.

Sophia: How can you be sick? You're a vampire.

Katherine: That's just isn't it....

Sophia: Just what? 

Katherine: I digested vervain after some spicked my drink and it burned me like hell.(smiles as she is happy with herself with her evil lie.) 

Sophia: Oh......

(Katherine presses disconnect and the phone goes dead.)

Sophia: Katherine?.... 

(Katherine is seen sheding a few tears.)

(Suddenly, Cami and Serana run into Sophia.)

Cami: Hey Sophia! This is Serena, a friend of mine from college.

Serena; Nice to meet you, Sophia.

Sophia: Nice to meet you too...

Cami: You okay?

Sophia: Uh, yeah...

Cami: The annual Dauphine Street music festival is starting.

Serana: Come on, let's go.

(As Sophia walks arm in arm with the girls, she starts to think about Katherine and begins to worry, she feels that something isn't right.)


(Sophia smiles)

Sophia: WOOHOOO!

Scene 4:

(Marcel spots Danielle and hurries up to her.)

Marcel: Dani, come here.

Danielle: What is it? (she says as he grabs her hand and pulls her into the jewerly store.)

Marcel: I'm buying you mom a diamond and I need your help.

Danielle: Ooh, you really like her don't you?

Marcel: (smiling) Just help me pick something out alright.

Danielle: Okay. When are you going to give it her?

Marcel: After the music festival ends.

(Later, Marcel walks along Dauphine Street as he gives instructions to a group of his vampires)

Marcel: Big event tonight, a lot of people drinking, a lot of eyes watching. I don't want any trouble, which means no witches. Send word through the Cauldron—any witches come here, we kill them. And, while you're at it, no Originals, I don't like how Rebekah's been snooping around. I got my girl Sophia, my friend, Cami and a little friend of hers coming, I want eyes on them at all times; eyes only. Alright? I don't want anyone getting anywhere near either of them. Everybody's got a post, everybody keeps an eye out. You cool?

(The vampires look at Marcel in agreement for a moment before walking away)

(Davina smiles broadly as she walks down Dauphine Street in a white sundress, looking at all the people and listening to the music. Marcel and Davina walk into Rousseau's, which is teeming with people drinking and listening to a brass band play up front)

Marcel: So, is it everything you hoped for?

(Davina shakes her head enthusiastically and giggles)

Davina: Yeah!

(Davina spots a young boy yelling for a friend near the bar, whooping for the band members)

Marcel: So, we should probably go over the rules.

Davina: (sighs) I won't talk to anyone about anything. I won't say anything about witches, or vampires, or Originals, or YOU. 

(Marcel nods at Davina and smiles)

Davina: (smiles, embarrassed) You said you weren't going to hover!

(Marcel looks at her incredulously, and Davina laughs)

Scene 5:


(THE MUSIC BLARES THROUGH OUT THE QUARTER. A boy is singing on the stage, on the dance floor Sophia, Cami, and Serena are dancing and moving their feet to the beat. They start talking.)

Serena: Is Marcel your man?

Sophia: (smiles) No of course not.

(Cami and Serena both look at her face, knowing that he is.)

Cami: Come on, I know he's a bit of a lying idiot but come on.

Sophia: (to Cami and Serena) Okay, he is a really nice guy when you get to know him, you guys. I'll admit there is a spark but we're NOT together!

(Marcel walks though the crowed and watches the festival, Sophia turns and spots him. She looks away quick and carries on dancing.)

Serena: Look there he is.

Sophia: (pretending she doesn't know) Who?..

Serana (as she turns): Marcel. Sophia.

(Sophia turns to him, Marcel turns his attention her, he winks. The girls turn their attention back to the singer.)

Sophia: (trying to change the subject) Great singer.

(Sophia turns back around to Marcel, and suddenly he's standing behind her; looking at her.)

Serena: Speak of the blood sucking devil.

Marcel (to Serena): Oh, that's not nice. (walks close to Serena; he smiles.)

Sophia: (to Marcel) Haven't you got anything better to do?!

(Marcel looks at Sophia and his eyes turn red; he grins.)

Marcel: You're funny.

Sophia:(walks closer to him and whispers) Where's Elijah?.....

Marcel:(Whispering back) You'll see him soon.

Sophia: (to Marcel) ...Thank you.

Cami: (looks at Marcel) Marcel did you buy that thing?

Marcel: Thing...? Oh yeah, I bought it.

(Davina comes over to Marcel and the girls.)

Marcel: Girls let me introduce you. This is Davina.

Davina: Hi Sophia!

Sophia: How do you know me

Davina: Oh, Marcel showed me a picture of you once.

Sophia: How'd you get a picture of me?

Marcel: I have my ways. This is my friend, Cami.

Cami: Hey Davina. Nice to meet you. This is Serena

Davina: Nice to meet the both of you.

(Cami watches Davina stare at the boy on stage, and smiles)

Cami: Soooo, what's his name? Hot guy with the fiddle?

Davina: (smiles shyly) Tim. (Cami smiles encouragingly)

Davina: I knew he would be here, he always performs at these kinda things. 

Cami: How long have you two known each other?

Davina: Since we were ten. I had to leave school, and I didn't get to say goodbye. So, I was just hoping to talk to him tonight. (The band finishes their song, and all the patrons of the bar whoop and applaud them. Davina continues to smile and watch Tim play)

Scene 6


(Klaus is seen walking down the street and stops when he heards something behind him.)

Klaus: (turning around) Its been a long time, Macklyn.

Macklyn: Indeed it has. A hundred years?

Klaus: What is your business in New Orleans?

Macklyn: Can't reveal the information, sorry.

Klaus: Really? Because from what my niece told me, you attacked her and there's all these rumors going around that people want her dead because of her power.

Macklyn: You might find out, you might not.

Klaus: If anything happens to Danielle, you will answer to me and beg for mercy.

Macklyn: We'll see.

(Macklyn disappears.)

Scene 7:


(Sophia is sitting on the bar stoole watching Danielle performing a song,  Klaus appears behind her. She hears a noise, Sophia quickly turns around; Klaus stands looking at her.)

Sophia: What are you doing here?

Klaus (smiles): Come love, I'm compassionnate.

Sophia: No...You're not. 

Klaus: I remember someone you would of loved him. He was a bit like me. 


(A old village, people are picking up logs and carrying them by hand. A fire burns behind the logs and little cottages all stand in a big circle surounding the little village.) 

Klaus: (voiceover): He was a young fellow at the time, his name was Macklyn Nasville, he was disowned by his family at the age of six. Someone took him in as their own when he didn't have anyone nor any family members that wanted him.

(Young Macklyn aged 11 stands watching them, he smiles at a woman passing him.)

Young Macklyn:(smiling) Madam.

(Then a man comes out of the house behind him and puts his hand on Macklyn's sholder. It's Klaus, he smiles down at Macklyn, it's like Klaus is a whole new non-vampire but of course he's a vampire.)

Klaus (voiceover): I was very honest to him and I wanted the best for him, but of couse the end had to come for him. 

(Present Day)

(Sophia's face turns to blank and is surprised.)

Sophia: He died?

Klaus (tear in his eyes): No, he was killed.

Sophia: By who?

(Klaus remembers what Macklyn's fate was: Rebekah bitting her arm and putting her blood dripping arm to Macklyn's mouth.)

Klaus: He was turned and in transition.

(We see flashing shots of Macklyn's red eyes and fangs.)

Sophia: Oh, Klaus...(she touches his arm; which leans on the bar.)

(Sophia turns back to Danielle who is still singing, she turns back to Klaus..He's disappeared.)

Sophia: I know there is still hope for you, brother.

Scene 8:

(Klaus approaches Cami outside.)

Klaus: What are you doing out here? Shouldn't you be in there with my sister?

Cami: Needed some air. What's been going on with you?

Klaus: Over the course of my life, I've encountered no shortage of those who would presume to speak of good and evil. Such terms mean nothing. People do what is in their best interest, regardless of who gets hurt. Is it evil to take what one wants? To satisfy hunger, even if doing so will cause another suffering? What some would call evil, I believe to be an appropriate response to a harsh and unfair world. I returned to New Orleans to investigate a threat posed against me. What I found was a young woman, pregnant, in need of protection. My brother, always the do-gooder, tried to manipulate me into helping her—he thought it might redeem me. Trouble is, I've since learned of another young woman—a girl, really, one with vast potential—held in captivity by a tyrant. I want to help both of these women—protect one and free the other. So, tell me, Cami—does that sound evil to you?

Cami:  I don't believe in evil as a diagnosis. I think you have unstable personal relationships, stress-related paranoia, chronic anger issues, fear of abandonment. I think you could benefit from talking to someone. Professionally.

Klaus: I think I prefer to talk to you. So, I'm going to offer you a job, as my stenographer.

Cami: Okay, what are we writing? 

Klaus: My memoirs, of course. Someone should know my story. And it will give us time to discuss other riveting subjects, like my sister's handsome suitor, Marcel.

Cami: Excuse me? Her private life is–

Klaus: Her private life is, as it turns out, essential to my plans. You see, Marcel is your friend, you know him but you don't know what he is. And, because of that, he will trust you, which serves me. The thing is, the French Quarter is on the verge of war. On the one side there's me, and on the other, Marcel. Along with a very powerful witch and an army of vampires.

Cami: WHAT?

(Klaus zooms over, pushes her against a wall, and compels her)

Klaus: You're frightened. Don't be.

Cami: (puzzled) I'm not scared anymore. That's... amazing. How did you...?

Klaus: It's called compulsion. It's a neat bit of vampire trickery. I'll tell you all about it. But first, let's talk a little more about Marcel.

(Cami stares at him)

Klaus: Yes, I'm a vampire, my family are vampires, and Marcel is a vampire. Now who did Marcel bring tonight?

Cami:...Davina. Apparently she's going through a hard time. Rebelling against authority, anger issues, that sort of thing. I guess with my psych degree, he figured I could set her straight.

Klaus: Good.

(Klaus disappears and Cami is shocked to learn of the existence of vampires.) 

Scene 9:

(It's a spooky night, the moon is full. The cemetery gates are open, small fog surrounds the gates but you can still see the glum dark black gates. Including a black crow that is scary enough you would run away and the crow flys off into the night disappearing.)


(A big gray colored grave stone stands it reads...)

Brother to Niklaus, Elijah, Rebekah, and Sophia Mikaelson

Uncle to

Danielle Asia Mikaelson

Kol Mikelson 1000 - 2011

(Danielle stands with a bunch of roses in the left hand also Pink flowers in right, she has a little tear in her eye. She kneels down and lays both of the flowers down next to the grave stone.) 

Danielle: I sorry that I couldn't save you that day you died. If I knew what the Gilberts were planning, you would still be alive (smiles,which right after leads to crying.) I wish i knew you better..

??? (boys voice): Hi.

(Danielle gets startled by the voice and stands in shock, a boy stands. He smiles at her.)

???: Hello, My name is Brody Alexandra Midnight.

Danielle: Hello...

Brody: Sorry did I.....

Danielle: Erm no, i just came to put flowers on my uncle's grave. (smiles)

Brody: You've been crying?..

Danielle: Yes...Graveyard drama.

Brody: Please, you don't have to hid it for me Danielle.

Danielle (confused): How do you know my name?.

Brody: A friend of mine told me who you are. May I call you Danielle?

Danielle: Yes...May I call you Brody?...

(They both laugh.)

Brody: Yes..There's no rule between friendship.

Danielle (smiles): Friendship, I'm in...Wait is this weird?...meeting in a graveyard at night?

Brody: 12 at night to be assact.

Danielle: Wait...What are you doing here?.......

(Brody stands confused.)

Brody: I dunno?....I think I was drawn here by your amazing eyes and lushes lips.

Danielle: I think I'll go with that.

(Both laugh.)

Brody: How about..late night coffee?

Danielle: I'll go with that.

Brody: But...I'm paying.

Danielle: Thanks....

(Danielle looks at her Uncle's grave stone.)

Danielle: Bye Uncle Kol. (smiles.)

(She turns back to Brody.)

Danielle: Let's go.

(They smile. As they walk away, Kol as a ghost is seen standing by his grave with a worried expression.)

Scene 10:

(Outside, Tim struggles to unlock his car, as his hands are full with his fiddle case.)

Klaus: (behind him) Hello, Tim.

(Tim just stares at him blankly)

Klaus: I believe you and I share an acquaintance.(grips him tightly by the shoulder and compels him) Be a good lad and help me send her a message.

(Cami and Davina are still inside Rousseau's, looking for Tim)

Cami: Well, he couldn't have gone far, he just got off-stage a minute ago!

(Davina sighs and blinks tears from her eyes)

Davina: It doesn't matter, this was a stupid idea anyway.

Cami: No, it wasn't! Davina–

Davina: Just forget it. (runs off)

(Klaus approaches Cami from behind and hands her a note)

Klaus: Tell her this is from one of the musicians. She'll want to leave, and you're going to want to help her slip out the back exit so Marcel doesn't see. [beat] Whatever you do, don't let her out of your sight.

(Cami looks slightly annoyed, but when she turns around to talk to Klaus, he has already zoomed away)

Cami: Wait, Davina!

(Cami runs to catch up with her)

Scene 11:

(Tim is standing in the aisle, staring at the statues and lit candles at the altar in the front of the room, when Cami and Davina find him there. Cami smiles at Davina encouragingly.)

Davina: (whispers) I can't do this.

(Cami, still smiling, gently pushes Davina toward Tim and watches as she approaches him. Tim turns around when he hears her, and his face brightens)

Davina: (waves awkwardly) Hey, Tim. I got your note.

Tim: I got your text message.

Davina: Thanks for meeting me here. (sighs and smiles)

Tim: (laughs) Uh, it's so amazing to see you—I can't even believe I'm standing here right now. I just... (sighs) Wow.

(Davina giggles nervously)

Tim: SO, how have you been? (laughs) And why did you want to meet here? It's so creepy... all the terrible stuff that happened?

(Davina walks toward altar)

Davina: I dunno, I kind of like it! It's quiet. The place can't be bad for all time, just because one bad thing happened... right?

Tim: Wait, no, uh, alright, back up. So where...? One day you just stopped coming to school, and then it's like you just... vanished.

Davina: There was an emergency... and I needed to take care of some things.

Tim: Oh, are you okay? I mean, you look okay—you look great, actually. 

(Davina giggles)

Tim: So, are you coming back to school? 

(Davina's smile falls, and then so does Tim's)

Davina: No. But I need you to know that even though I was away, I miss you. (smiles) I miss seeing you at school, seeing you play your violin. 

(Tim gulps nervously and gestures to the walls of the room)

Tim: Well, this place does have great acoustics.

(Davina looks confused for a moment, until she sees him pick up his violin and bow. She sits down to watch and listen to him play)

(Cami is staring at the bloodstains on the walls in the back of the church, listening to Tim play for Davina, when Klaus joins her)

Klaus: The boy has a gift. You can't compel a person to play like that. 

Cami: I know what you are. It's crazy to me, but at least it makes sense. But this... massacre... was just a pointless, brutal thing. In your life, have you ever heard of anything like that? A good man, an aspiring priest, just goes on a killing spree out of nowhere.

(Klaus sits next to Cami)

Klaus: I've seen quite a lot in my time. The world is a rather awful place. Best to meet it on its own terms.

Cami: (shakes her head) No. The world isn't awful. People aren't awful. They want to be good; something makes them bad. Something breaks them down, makes them snap. There are always signs, symptoms, before someone has a psychotic break. The guy who did this had none of them; he didn't drink, he didn't do drugs...

Klaus: You're well-informed on the matter. (beat) You knew him, didn't you?

Cami: (blinks back tears) His name was Sean. He was my brother. My twin, actually. I can't sleep, I... dream, about what happened, and I hate it, and I hate that I couldn't help him. 

Klaus: We all must stand alone against our demons. 

Cami: What if someday, his demons become mine too?

(She looks at him expectantly, and he notices that Tim has finished playing)

Klaus: I have some business I should attend to...but before I do–

(Klaus places a hand on her shoulder and looks in her eyes to compel her)

Klaus: You should go, enjoy the music. Put this out of your mind.

(Klaus lets go of her, and she leaves the church to return to the festival)

Scene 12:

(Danielle and Brody are seen at the coffee shop, talking but all of a sudden, she gets a strange feeling.)

Brody: Something wrong?

Danielle:..No. Umm...I'm sorry but I have to go.

(Danielle leaves and Brody has a serious face taking out his cell phone, making a call.)

Brody: I've met her.

???: Good. Keep an eye on her. Get close to her, meet her family, and when you do.

Brody: You'll make your entrance?

???: Exactly. Until then...

(Brody gets off the phone and disappears...Looks like there's another vampire in town.)

(Serena in deep thought, is seen a room, sitting on the floor.)

Serena: I've finally found them....Now the sister just has to lead me to the rest of her family.

Scene 13:

(Upstairs, Sophia finds the attic and opens the door)

Sophia: I knew it!

(She tries to enter the room, but she can't, because Davina has somehow magically revoked her invitation. In the doorway, she looks over at her brother laying in his open coffin. His eyes open and look toward her, and he uses his mental abilities to speak with Sophia in her head, using a memory of his going to an opera in New Orleans in the 1880s as a backdrop. They are both dressed in 19th century finery and standing in front of a horse and carriage)

Sophia: What in the world...?

(Elijah approaches her from behind, smiling rogueishly)

Elijah: It's been awhile, baby sister. 

Sophia: Elijah!

(Sophia runs toward him and hugs him tightly before looking around them)

Sophia: What is all this?

Elijah: Its the opera house in New Orleans' society. Also, I needed to know it wasn't another one of Davina's tricks.

Sophia: Well, how are you even awake?

Elijah: (smiles) Davina removed the dagger, unaware that doing so even once would negate the dagger's power. In a few hours, I shall be as good as new!

Sophia: So, help me get into the attic and we can find a way to get you out!

Elijah: I'm afraid I'm not quite ready to leave yet, sister. This girl, Davina, she's...curious. Willful, too. (pours himself and Sophia a drink) Soon, I shall be able to speak to her, perhaps to even propose a truce of some kind. So, if we can end this war between the vampires and the witches, we'll be able to eliminate the threat to Hayley, and her baby. Perhaps then Niklaus and our entire family can finally know peace. (hands Sophia her drink) In the meantime, I need you to look after Hayley. She is our family now, so I need her and her unborn child to fall underneath our protection. (holds out his drink to toast to her) Swear to me, Sophia.

(He returns her back to reality, where she still stands in the doorway, looking at him in his coffin)

Sophia: I swear.

(Sophia turns to leave)

(Father Kieran walks down Dauphine Street when he sees Marcel walking around the festival])

Father Kieran: Marcel! 

Marcel: Father Kieran—welcome back. I wasn't sure when you'd be coming home.

Father Kieran: I can tell, judging by what's been going on in my church attic. 

Marcel: (smiles coldly) I didn't think you'd mind. Lord knows I've done you a favor or two.

Father Kieran: (lowers voice) I take it you know the Originals have returned? The sister, Rebekah? I saw her a few days ago, snooping around the church, asking about the attic. She doesn't know I take vervain. You gotta problem on your hands. 

Marcel: No disrespect, for the grieving process, for you and your church, but just so I know—are you here to help, or are you just going to drop in with criticism?

(Father Kieran laughs coldly, and leans in to whisper to Marcel)

Father Kieran: Never forget, Marcel, that you live in this city by the grace of those who know your secret and tolerate you.

Marcel: And this city thrives because of me and my people. Anytime that you need a reminder of that, just let me know. 

(Marcel stares at Father Kieran menacingly, but their argument is interrupted by Josh)

Josh: Marcel? Diego said he lost eyes on the girls.

Marcel: (turns to Father Kieran) To be continued!

Scene 14:

Klaus: You two are absolutely adorable! Warms my heart, it really does, but I do need a word with the young lady. So, Tim, (grips his shoulder and compels him) Go sit down, count to one-hundred-thousand.

(Tim walks to the back of the church)

Klaus: Quietly, now, there's a good boy. (turns to Davina) I assume you know who I am. Then, let's get right to it, shall we? Your current dilemma strikes me as a case of poor alliances. You're loyal to Marcel and yet he keeps you tucked away in an attic. Surely you prefer just a little bit more freedom. And yet Marcel keeps you prisoner. 

Davina: Marcel doesn't keeps me prisoner, he keeps me safe. He's my friend. 

Klaus: Well, I've no doubt he is. (crouches to her level) For a girl caught in a war between witches and vampires, I might be a better friend. I would keep you safe. And I'd allow you your freedom. [paces up and down the aisle] If Marcel could do that, why hasn't he done so already? And it does beg the question: If Marcel can't protect you, then what of those you care about?

(Klaus gestures to Tim, who is sitting in the last pew)

Davina: If anyone tries to hurt anyone I care about, I'll kill them. 

Klaus: Well, then. Sounds like you don't need Marcel at all. Perhaps you've suspected it all along. Your dear friend Marcel tricks you into doing his bidding. And all the while you rot in an attic, alone, while young Timothy moves on with his life.

(Davina stares intently at Klaus, angry.)

Davina: You feel that? That's your blood starting to boil.

(Klaus groans as we hear the hiss of his blood boiling. Sweat starts to drip from his forehead, so he composes himself and vamp-runs to Tim and puts him in a headlock)

Klaus: Such a shame to lose him, just as you found him again. [to Tim] And I really did admire your skill with that violin. 

(Danielle walks in)

Danielle: Uncle Klaus, what are you doing?!

Klaus: Oh look, here's my niece, Danille. She's a witch too. Half vampire-Half witch.

Davina: Don't you dare hurt him!

Klaus: Oh, I hope I won't have to, sweetheart. But, then, that depends on you. 

Davina: Let him go now!

Klaus: You should know, I don't do well with demands. 

(Davina thrusts her open hand out and twists it, using her magic to break the bones in his leg. Unfortunately, it takes only a moment for Klaus to reset his bones and heal)

Klaus: Impressive. But you don't want to fight me, love. Innocent people have a way of ending up dead.

Tim: (whispers) Please, let me go. 

Klaus: Your choice, little witch. Swear allegiance to me alone and the boy lives. Stand against me–

(The candles behind Davina flare as Davina gets angrier. Danille hurries in front of Klaus and Tim then both the girls thrusts both hands their in front of them and shrieks. Their magic causes paper and books to be blown around by wind, and all the windows in the church shatter. The roof almost starts collasping down. The glass shards fly backwards, and Klaus and Tim are forcibly blown backwards toward the entrance. Even Davina and Danielle are knocked backwards by the power of their magic and thrown onto the ground. Sophia runs in to see chaos...)

(Cami walks down the street, observing the people partying around her, when Marcel approaches her)

Marcel: (frantic) Where is she? Where's Davina?

Cami: She went to meet a boy, in St. Ann's church...

Marcel: (sighs, rolls his eyes) Stay here in case she comes back.

(Cami watches Marcel, concerned, as he walks away quickly)

Scene 15:

(Everyone except Danielle awakens after passing out.)

Davina: Tim!

(Tim lies on the floor, surrounded by broken glass. He is severely injured, and his breathing is shallow and she kneels down beside him)

Sophia: Danielle! (kneels down beside her daughter) Come on, sweetie! Wake up!

(Sophia looks at Klaus and she feels nothing but anger...)

Sophia: What have you done?!

Klaus: Sophia...

Sophia: Don't! She is your niece and she got hurt because of you! I will NEVER forgive you!!

(Klaus looks at Danielle with a sad face and feels guitly. He then uses his vampire speed to leave. Sophia then starts to shed a few tears.)

Davina:...Can you heal him?

(Sophia looks at Davina and Tim then hurries over to them. She bites her wrist and feeds her blood to Tim. After a moment, Tim pulls away and sighs in relief. Sophia tilts her head toward her and compels him)

Sophia: You will forget everything that happened after the concert, including the fact that you saw Davina.

Davina: What? No!

Sophia: He needs to forget all this ever happened Davina. Why is Marcel protecting you? For some reason, he doesn't want anybody to know and if Tim remembers that he saw you, people can use him as an advantage.

(Davina understands and nods.)

Sophia: Take your violin case with you. You'll remember losing the instrument backstage after the performance.

(Sophia helps him up and Tim picks up his violin case and leaves with it.)

Sophia: We've met before haven't we? Marcel doesn't have a picture of me.

Davina: Yes, we've met. And don't worry, you'll be getting your brother back.

(Sophia picks up Tim's smashed violin off the floor and gives it to Davina.)

Sophia: Take this. So that you can have a piece of him until you can meet again one day.

Davina:...(crying silently) Thank you.

(Davina looks at the violin and when she looks back at Sophia, she sees that Sophia and Danielle have vanished. She walks into the aisle and turns around when she hears Marcel approaching her.)

Marcel: Davina! (looks around) What happened? What are you doing here?

Davina: (angrily) I live here, remember? (She turns away and walks back to her room. Marcel looks at her, confused, and sighs as she walks away.)

Scene 16:

(Walking into the Mikaelson Mansion, Sophia is holding Danielle in her arms and hurries upstairs to put her in bed. She kisses her forehead and goes back downstairs when she hears the doorbell ring. When she opens the door, she sees Serena.)

Sophia: Serena? How did you know where I live?

Serena: Because I know who you are. Sophia Zariah Mikaelson. Your daughter, Danielle Asia Mikaelson whom peformed eariler today. Also, Elijah, Rebekah, and Niklaus Mikaelson. The Original Family. 

Sophia: How do you know us?

Serena: Because Mikael, your siblings father, was the last person to see my parents.

Scene 17:

(Davina is walking toward Elijah's coffin and opens it to find him gone.)

(Matthias is seen walking in the woods. He stops when he hears a noise.)

Matthias: Who's there?

(He hears a familiar voice. Matthias turns around and smiles at who he sees.)

Elijah: Hello, Matthias. Its been a long time.

Matthias: Indeed it has.

Scene 18:

(Back at the bar, Marcel angrily talks with his nightwalkers, including Josh and Diego)

Marcel: I was crystal clear! Eyes on my girls at all times.
Diego: (scoffs) What, your girl's little friend sneaks away from YOUR party, and that's our fault?

(Marcel scowls at him)

Diego: What, Marcel, are you going to send me to the Garden, too?

(Marcel snaps his neck, and turns around to address his other nightwalkers, who stand and stare at him before dispersing awkwardly)

Marcel: (to Josh) When he wakes up, tell him an apology would have gotten him a lot further than his attitude. (smiles)

(Josh nods and walks away. After he does, Sophia walks into the bar and slams the door. Marcel sees her crying and approaches her.)

Marcel: Hey, you okay?  
Sophia: Yes, I'm fine.
Marcel: Doesn't seem like it.
Sophia: I really don't want to talk about it. 
Marcel: Wait...Is it Klaus?
Sophia:....Yes...He nearly got Danielle killed today and apparently he doesn't care. I've been spending all my time trying to make him into a better man, to try find his redemption.
Marcel: You want to change him.
Sophia: No, I don't want to change him...I want to make him go back to the man that I grew up. I love him regardless of what he does. But he is not the brother I knew a thousand years ago...

(Marcel walks up to her and pulls her into a hug. After a few minutes, Sophia's phone starts to ring. They pull apart and she looks at her phone's screen to see its Katherine which makes her smile.)

Marcel: Katherine Pierce...I've heard of her. She caused Klaus a lot of trouble.

Sophia:..Yeah...She's my best friend...

Marcel: Don't worry so much. Things will work out.

Sophia: Thank you, Marcel.

Marcel: You're welcome...I'll see you around?

Sophia: You will.

(Sophia walks out of the bar and Marcel smiles.)

(Sophia answers the phone.)


Sophia: Hey...

Katherine: Hey, I'm sorry about earlier...


Katherine: Sophia, you okay?

Sophia: Yeah...I really miss you, Kat.

Katherine:...Aww, I miss you too. How about one day, I'll come to visit and we'll go one a shopping spree while you tell me all about the new hot man in your life.

Sophia: Who told you about Marcel? And he's not my man.

Katherine: You didn't think I wouldn't find out did you? Dani told me.

(Sophia rolls her eyes and gets annoyed.)

(Cami is in her pajamas, and looks in her bedroom mirror as she takes off her necklace. She sees Klaus standing in the doorway in the reflection, and turns to talk to him)

Cami: Klaus! What are you doing here?
Klaus: I've had quite a night. [beat] I recall you mentioned something about nightmares and insomnia. I believe I can help. Can I come in?
Cami: This is super weird. Come in.

(Klaus walks in)

Cami: Wait, that's right, I told you what happened. I never tell anybody, but I told you. [tears start to fill her eyes] And you said something about Sean standing alone against his demons. When he killed those men, I thought he must be mentally ill, but [gasps in realization] what if it was demons? What if a vampire compelled him?
Klaus: And if so, would you devote yourself to finding the guilty party? [tear falls down his cheek] Would you sacrifice everything to find out the truth? [walks toward her] To what end?
Cami: (backs up) To what end? This is the entire reason why I'm in New Orleans! 
Klaus: Cami, whatever lies on the other end of this mystery will only offer you pain! Nothing will bring your brother back! (walks toward her) Your only hope for peace... is to forget this...

(Cami realizes what he's about to do)

Cami: No. 
Klaus: ...and move on.
Cami: No! Don't compel me to forget this!
Klaus: And if I allow you to remember, the knowledge will eat away at you. [more tears fill his eyes, and Cami starts to tear up more as well] Your quest for truth will only put you in danger.
Cami: You don't care about me! (Klaus shakes his head) You only want me to forget this so I can focus on Marcel! So I'll be a good little spy, for you!
Klaus: I need your loyalty, yes, and though it may appear selfish to you, the scope of my plan goes far beyond myself! Power aside, I am trying to honor my brother!
Cami: (bites her lip) What about my brother? My twin brother. We were bonded our whole lives, and I know, I KNOW, he didn't just snap. And I need to know who did this, and I need to make this right! (Klaus walks closer to her) NO! DON'T TAKE THIS AWAY FROM ME!

(Klaus grabs Cami and compels her)

Klaus: You will do nothing. Your brother was ill. He killed those people and himself, and it was a tragedy. All you can do is move on.

(He lets her go, and tears fall from her eyes as she sits down on her couch. Klaus takes her hand in his as he continues to compel her)

Klaus: Know that your brother is at peace, and that you needn't worry. I will find out what happened, and when I do, I will make sure whoever harmed your brother will suffer. And as for you... Tonight, you will sleep, and you will dream of a world that is far better than this one... a world where there is no evil, no demons, and all people desire only to be good.

Scene 19:

(Davina is touching Tim's broken violin. She turns sadly toward her windchimes, and uses her magic to telekinetically make them play the song Tim played for her. She is startled when she hears a floorboard creak, and turns, startled. Elijah stands behind her, looking gray from not feeding. Matthias is also with him.)

Elijah: It's all right, Davina. We don't mean you any harm, though I do think it's time we had a talk.

(They all give each other small smiles.)

Final scene:

(While Marcel watches the festival, Macklyn approaches him.)

Marcel: What are you doing here?

Macklyn: I have a very important agenda.

Marcel: And what is that exactly?

Macklyn: There's something that you need to know.

Marcel: And what would that be?

Macklyn: Its about my boss.

Marcel: And who would the boss be?

Macklyn:...He's coming to New Orleans soon. Let's just say you better be prepared.

Marcel: Why?

Macklyn: I'm just giving you some advice. Stay away from the Mikaelsons especially Sophia. Because he's coming for them...and he will kill anyone who gets in his way.

Marcel: Who's is your boss?

Macklyn: I could just say he's an Old One.

(Macklyn walks away and Marcel looks shocked.)

The Originals


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