The Originals(Fan Fiction) TV Series
Season 1, Episode 14
Written by OldOneX & TBA
Directed by Cori11 & OldOneX
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The Recluse is the fourteenth episode of Season One of The Originals Fanfiction (Series).


HIDING IN SECLUSION - Out in the Swamp, a witch turned vampire has been hiding out in her mansion for decades since she was usurped from power by Marcel. She reemerges into society from her semi-dessicated state just in time to throw Elijah off balance after his first kiss with Hayley.


Main Cast Edit

  • Joseph Morgan as Niklaus Mikaelson
  • Daniel Gillies as Elijah Mikaelson
  • Claire Holt as Rebekah Mikaelson
  • Shay Mitchell as Sophia Zariah Mikaelson
  • Charles Michael Davis as Marcel Gerard
  • Phoebe Tonkin as Hayley Marshall
  • Daniella Pineda as Sophie Deveraux

Recurring CastEdit

  • Isabel Lucas as Christabella Marcoux
  • Chase Coleman as Oliver (wolf form)
  • Shannon Eubanks as Bastianna Natale
  • Elyse Levesque as Genevieve
  • Yasmine Al Bustami as Monique Deveraux
  • Lucy Hale as Aria
  • Logan Browning as Vanessa Josephine
  • Spencer Locke as Jayne Rutledge
  • Drew Van Acker as Brody Alexander Midnight

Guest CastEdit

  • TBA as Serafine "Serah" Flowers (The Maid)



  • First appearances of Christabella and Oliver.
  • A Main Character will die in an unexpected way.
  • Elijah and Vanessa try to find out where Rebekah, Klaus, and Sophia have been taken.
  • Sophia and Vanessa flashback.
  • Elijah's second true love will return, the first person he ever turned into a Vampire, but does he still harbor feelings for her? and what actions will he take when she starts causing a ruckus in the French Quarter, will he stop her or side with her?




Christabella: (voiceover) For centuries I lived in seclusion, surviving off drops of blood from my powerful witch descendant, my sweet Serah, she kept her aging at bay as long as she could, she kept me cloaked and hidden from Marcel and The Originals, her Expression skills were peerless but every living being must eventually succumb to the will of nature and she died, the spell that protected me and kept me and my mansion hidden faded away, almost instantly the Witches could sense a great disturbance in the flow of magic from the Earth when Serah died on consecrated ground, they will be coming for me, so I arose from my semi-desiccation, put on my daylight ring and stepped into the city that once called me Queen. Now I am nothing but prey, so while there is still a little predator in me, I will regain my strength and I will slaughter the whole town before they send me off to oblivion, better they die than I. I will be Queen once again.

An Unexpected Falling... Edit

(In the Fleur-de-Lis Sanatorium, in the hallways are filled with blood and the bodies of vampires and witches from Neoma's army...The scene fades into Sophia killing more of Neoma's servants as they scream in terror.)

Bastianna: Is it really a good idea that you're letting her kill many of your servants?

Neoma: I really don't care. In a way, I guess you could say that she's getting some of her anger out since Sophie did kill Danielle and awakened me.

Bastianna: But this behavior is unacceptable!

Genevieve: I like her. I feel that Sophia will make things very interesting in my situation with Rebekah. Well, it seems the screaming has stopped. I'll go check up on her.

Papa Tunde: I'll come with you.

Neoma: Me too!

(Genevieve, Neoma, and Papa Tunde head to the furthest room down the hall and find many of Neoma's servants dead but...they are completely shocked to see a bloody Sophia lying on the ground with a white oak stake in her chest...A woman from above watches them then quickly disappears...)

"Searching" Edit

(At the Abattoir, Elijah walks in quickly as Marcel is sending out more troops to search the city.)

Elijah: Anything?

Marcel: They're putting eyes and ears out everywhere; day walkers are working every contact we've got. Cops, dock workers, guys in the Treme. Word is out anyone trying to earn favor with me gets a lifetime of it if they find them.

Elijah: Good. Jayne and Brody are out there as well. Have you seen Vanessa?

Marcel:...She went to see the witches and she didn't go with a good mood.

Elijah: Of course not and that's a very good thing for us but bad for the witches.

Marcel: I'm going to go out myself. See if I can find anything.

Elijah: No. We need to wait for Vanessa.

Clues Edit

(The witches have gathered to say goodbye to Sophie who was killed in the previous episode. Her ghost is shown watching them. Vanessa appears and kills three witches with vampire speed. Everyone is shocked.)

Vanessa: So who's going to tell me who took the three members of the Original Family? There's Sophia, Rebekah, and Klaus Mikaelson. Now where are they?

(Everyone remains silent.)

Vanessa: No one's going to speak up? Okay...I'll just have to start killing more of you witches!

???: Enough!

(Bastianna apears from the crowd.)

Vanessa: Who are you?

Bastianna: Bastianna Natale. I'm one of the leaders of the New Orleans Coven.

Vanessa: One of the leaders? So all that power did go to someone else.

Bastianna: So you want to know of the three Originals? You're wasting your time.

Vanessa: Listen old lady, I don't have time to play games with you. So I suggest you start talking before I rip off that wrinkly face of yours!

Bastianna: Such spunk coming from a murderous vampire. I will give you a clue.

(She puts her hand out in front of her performing a spell. Vanessa begins to feel uncomfortable, she pulls her her tank top and sees the name Theresa in italics tattooed on her stomach; Bastianna continues as another name appear; Vanessa lowers her jacket and sees the familiar name Sabine on her left arm.)

Bastianna: To find what you’re looking for, follow the path she left behind.

Vanessa: Tell me who did it. Who took all that power to bring back the three Harvest Girls?

Bastianna: Celeste Marie Helene Dubois.

Find A Way Edit

(As Elijah and Marcel are talking, Vanessa walks in.)

Elijah: Did you find anything?

Vanessa: Yeah, I did....its actually on me.

Marcel: What's that suppose to mean?

(Vanessa removes her jacket and the men see a name on her left arm.)

Elijah: Vanessa, what is that? Sabine?

Vanessa: Hang on. One of you get a pen and some paper. Hayley! 

(Elijah fetches the pen and paper from the desk drawer and gives it to Vanessa.)

Vanessa: Now the two of you need to leave the room.

Marcel: For what? I need to take off my shirt...or would you like to watch the show?

Elijah: (smirks) We'll have to pass. Excuse us.

(Hayley walks in.)

Hayley: Vanessa! Did you find any–(she sees Vanessa taking off her shirt and her body covered in tattoos)–thing? What is happening?

Vanessa: Can you write all this down? I need you to make a list of these names.

Hayley: Sabine? Vanessa, what is this?

Vanessa: Jayne, Bethany, and Brody told us that this Sabine woman was actually Celeste the whole time. So these tattoos must represent the names of the women Celeste inhabited for the past two centuries.

(Hayley begins writing down the names that are seen on Vanessa's body. After some time, she is done and Vanessa puts her shirt and jacket back on. They then call Elijah and Marcel back in.)

Marcel: So what do we got?

(Hayley gives the list to Elijah and Marcel.)

Marcel: The name next to Sabine...Annie La Fleur, she’s the witch that was shunned from her coven just over a year ago. Never knew why, but I can find out.

Choose A Side Edit

Jayne: We still haven't found anything!

Brody: What's the point? Even if we find Sophia, she'll probably be dead anyway.

Jayne: Don't say that!

Brody: Why not? I can't see an Original's future! I don't know how its possible but I know what I saw in my vision. I should've never taken this request...Better yet, I should've never come to this freaking city! He got me involved in some war that the Originals will never win!

Jayne: You made your choice! You could've of said no but you didn't! Why not, huh? Was it you felt like you owe him? Or did you want some excitement in your miserable life?

(Brody grabs Jayne's neck and vamps speeds, pushing her on the wall.)

Brody: None of your damn business,

Jayne: You could have left anytime you wanted, Brody! Why didn't you?! What does your friend want?!

Brody: Why does it matter? It's all over!

Jayne: What was it that your friend wanted you to do?!

Brody:...Protect his loved one.

Jayne: Protect his....Brody, what are you talking about?

Brody: (letting Jayne go) It doesn't matter....She's not coming back. Including this fight...The Originals and us, we can't win. There's no hope for us, especially vampires. This world that we live in, doesn't want vampires or any supernatural beings. Felix wants people like us out. So you need to give up on Sophia because she's gone, I know she is.

Jayne: Give up on her? It was because of her that we're still alive in the first place!

Brody: She made that choice to go with them!

Jayne: She made that choice to save us! And I will be damned if she dies for that! I'm going to keep fighting! And I know I'm not going to die because you told me of what's going to happen in my future. So if you want to run and hide, go ahead. Just know that I'm staying and planning to have some fun with the war to come.

(Jayne leaves Brody whom has a grim look upon his face.)

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