The Originals(Fan Fiction) TV Series
Season 1, Episode 21
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Air date 23 december 2014
Written by User:CarolovesTVD
Directed by User:Cori11
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The Calling is the twenty-first episode (bonus episode) of Season One of The Originals Fanfiction (Series). It takes place after the Season One finale and introduced a new spinoff called NightFall.


"You don't know who you really are, do you?"
—Faith to Jayne

A NEW PATH WRITTEN--Jayne whom has been strange feelings lately is visited by Charlotte Whittaker, a mysterious girl whom has come in search for her. Learning that she can find out more about her past of who she truly is, she must go to San Francisco, bidding an emotional farewell to her loved ones. She will meet new people upon her arrival and also become a target. Things will completely change for Jayne as her new journey begins...


Jayne Rutledge dreams of herself as a little girl running in a big garden. She's being chased by a large black dog. Before the dog proceeds to bite her, Jayne wakes up screaming. Sophia and Brody rush into Jayne's bedroom. Sophia tries to comfort Jayne, telling her it was just a nightmare. Brody asks Jayne if it was the nightmare she keeps having. Jayne tells him it was which deeply concerns Brody and Sophia.

Elsewhere, a young woman named Charlotte Whittaker is seen waiting at a busstop. It's late in the night and Charlotte is completely alone. Suddenly someone calls on her cellphone. The screen reveals someone named "Verona" is trying to call her. Charlotte does not answer the call. Charlotte is growing impatient on waiting on the bus. She decides she'll walk to next gas station. Meanwhile a fog surrounds the road. Charlotte decides to walk faster but then she begins to hear strange voices. Charlotte becomes panicked and keeps running. Then she bumps into a man. Charlotte quickly gets away from the man. The man tells he won't hurt her as long as she helps him. Charlotte tells him to go to hell. The man answers he already did and it wasn't much fun. Charlotte warns him to stay away or she'll hurt him. The man just laughs and proceeds to attack her.

The next morning, Jayne encounters Bethany Thompson and Vanessa Josephine in the kitchen. They are both concerned with Jayne but she insists she's okay. Brody joins them in the kitchen. Jayne asks him where Sophia is. Brody reveals that Sophia has been seeking help from someone who could help Jayne with her strange dream. Brody tells Jayne that he maybe could her with his powers. Jayne worries that Brody might not be able to help her. Bethany tells her they can still try.

Meanwhile Charlotte wakes up in a cabin. Her hands are tied behind her back. Before she can try to cut them loose, the man enters the cabin. He warns her not to try to escape as he will hurt her. The man brings her a bottle of water. He tells her she can take a sip of water if she answers his questions correctly. Charlotte agrees to his demands. He asks her how it can be that he is alive again. He last remembered getting a stake through his chest from a woman whom he tried to feed from. Now he can't stand the taste of human blood anymore. Charlotte tells him that she doesn't know how he came back from The Underworld. The man grows angry at Charlotte and attacks her. He tells her he will get the answers out of her. He then leaves the cabin. Charlotte looks scared.

Brody prepares his ritual to enter Jayne's mind. He asks her lay down on the ground. Bethany and Vanessa hold Jayne's hands as Brody proceeds to hold her head. Brody tells her to close her eyes and visualize her dream. Brody closes his eyes and suddenly he is transported inside Jayne's head. He and Jayne see her younger self running in the garden from the big black dog. Suddenly younger Jayne and the dog are frozen. Brody asks Jayne if she has seen the dog before. She tells she hasn't. He reveals that the dog could have a deeper meaning. Brody tells Jayne that the only way they can find out is if she lets the dog bite her. Jayne takes the place of her younger self. The dog moves again and attacks Jayne. She screams but when she wakes up she and Brody are no longer in the garden but in a house. Jayne tells Brody that the dog is gone. They proceed to explore the house. Jayne suddenly hears a baby crying upstairs and decides to follow the sound. She and Brody enter a nursery but there is only an empty crib. Brody wonders what this all means. Jayne sees a girl, Charlotte, sitting in the corner of the room. Jayne asks her who she is. She tells them her name is Charlotte Whittaker and that she's in danger. She tells them to look for Verona Townsend. Jayne tries to reach out to Charlotte but then the house begins to shake. Everything breaks apart and Brody tells Jayne to let go. When Jayne opens up her eyes she's back in Sophia's mansion. Vanessa asks Brody and Jayne what they saw. Brody tells her he doesn't understand what happened. Sophia enters the room. She reveals that hasn't found anyone who could them. Jayne tells her that she no longer needs help but someone else does.

Brody and Jayne tell Sophia, Vanessa and Bethany what happened and how Charlotte reached out to them. Brody doesn't know how Charlotte was able to connect to Jayne. Bethany tells them that the girl could be a very powerful witch. Vanessa warns them that this could be all a trap. Jayne still wants to help the girl and proceeds to call one of her old contacts who could help her track down Verona Townsend. When Jayne has left the room, Sophia asks Brody to help Jayne and keep an eye on her as she agrees with Vanessa that this all might be a trick.

Philippe returns to the cabin. He asks Charlotte if she now wants to answers his questions. Charlotte reveals she's just a novice witch and doesn't understand her powers yet. Philippe thinks Charlotte is lying and wants her to test her powers on him. He frees Charlotte and asks her to unleash her magic. Charlotte tells him she hasn't got any control over it and reveals that she only accidentally revived her dead dog once. He becomes angry and hits Charlotte. Suddenly Charlotte's eyes grow completely white. The cabin begins to shake and strange voices are heard. Philippe questions what's happening. A deep voice comes out of Charlotte who tells him he's about to find out. Philippe screams in agony as Charlotte begins to control his entire body. Then Charlotte snaps out of it and is able to escape from the cabin, leaving Philippe in agony.

In San Francisco, Luke McConnell is seen walking on the street when suddenly he gets a call. It's Jayne. Luke is surprised to hear from her after all this time. Jayne tells him that she needs his help with tracking down someone. Luke tells her that he's no longer doing that. Jayne tells him that he owns her for saving his life once. Luke eventually agrees to help. Jayne tells him to look for Verona Townsend. Jayne hangs up when Brody enters her bedroom. Jayne reveals that Luke will find Verona for her and that maybe she can help them rescue Charlotte. Brody tells her that it could be a trap. Jayne says that it's isn't and she felt Charlotte's pain. Brody asks her if this has anything to do with her search for her mother. Jayne tells him it doesn't and that she seek her mother after this. Brody tells her that everyone is just worried that she'll no like the answers she will find. Jayne tells him to stop worrying so much about her. She becomes angry and tells him that they aren't her real family. She storms out of the house. Brody tries to stop her but she's already gone. Jayne then receives a text from Luke that he knows where Verona is.

Charlotte is seen running in the bayou. Philippe is chasing her and keeps calling out to her. Charlotte finds a road and then she sees a car coming her way. She tries to get the car to stop for her but almost runs her over. Oliver St. John steps out of the car. He asks Charlotte if she's crazy but she just tells him to take her to the city and fast.

In Cafe Amelie Jayne is waiting on someone. Suddenly Verona arrives. She asks Jayne who she is and where her cousin Charlotte is. Jayne tells her that it is a long story but she hopes to help her find Charlotte. Verona reveals that Charlotte went missing a week ago after something strange happened at her birthday party. Charlotte's boyfriend Mark had a seizure and almost died but somehow Charlotte brought him back. Charlotte freaked out and left town. Verona learned that Charlotte had been staying with friends in New Orleans and traveled to there. But when she got there, Charlotte had already left again. Jayne asks Verona if she has always known that Charlotte is a witch. Verona tells her she didn't but that their late grandmother used to tell them stories about magic. Verona asks Jayne how she knows so much about the supernatural. Jayne reveals she's a siren. Verona looks shocked but is intrigued. She reveals that she's a doctor and would very much like to study Jayne's powers. Jayne agrees to this and asks Verona to come with her so they can go look for Charlotte.

Meanwhile Oliver and Charlotte are driving. Oliver questions who she is and from who she running from. Charlotte reveals that she's in danger but she knows someone in New Orleans who could protect her. Then Philippe appears on the road. Oliver can't stop the car and they crash the car. Charlotte wakes up to find that Oliver is badly hurt. She tries to free him but she can't. Charlotte gets out of the car but then Philippe attacks her. He tells her that he will kill her for what she did.

Sophia is worried about Jayne. Brody tells her that she will be okay. Then Jayne and Verona arrive. Jayne introduces Verona to everyone. Sophia reveals that she can call a witch that can help them track down Charlotte.

Oliver wakes up in his car. His head is still bleeding and he tries to get out of the car but he's trapped. Meanwhile Philippe is holding Charlotte captive again. He takes her to an abandoned gas station down the road. Philippe mocks her that she no longer has a hold over him. He wants to kill her but then Jayne arrives. Philippe wonders who she is. Jayne tells Charlotte to leave and to keep running. Philippe and Jayne fight. Charlotte runs away from the gas station. She finds Oliver laying on the road. She begs someone to help her. Then Bethany arrives. She reveals to Charlotte she's here to help her. She gives Oliver her blood which heals him. Jayne tries to use her powers on Philippe but for some reason they don't work on him which surprises Jayne. Philippe is able to overpower Jayne and chokes her. He sees a strange birthmark on her neck. Philippe tells her where got it and who she really is. Suddenly Philippe gets a stake through his chest. It's Faith Lehane. Faith mocks Philippe and confirms she was the one who killed him the first time. Faith and Philippe proceed to fight but then Faith takes out a special blade and stabs Philippe. His skin turns purple and black blood comes out of his mouth. Philippe screams as a hole inside the floor opens up, revealing a pit full with fire. Faith pushes him and he's swallowed inside the pit. The ground closes again. Faith helps Jayne and asks her if she's okay. Jayne wonders where Philippe went. Faith tells her she doesn't want to know. Faith introduces herself to Jayne who has heard of her and she's honored to be in her presence.

Everyone arrives at Sophia's mansion. Charlotte is reunited with a happy Verona. Jayne questions Faith's intentions and what she's doing in New Orleans. Faith reveals that she now works for Endeavor, a secret organization that protects the supernatural. She tells her that she actually has been looking for Jayne and wants to ask her to work for them. Faith confirms that they have valuable information on Jayne's mother which shocks Jayne.

Later, Jayne is seen sitting outside. Sophia joins her. She asks Jayne what she's going to do. Jayne reveals that she's thinking about going with Faith as it might be her only chance to find out what happened to her real mother. Sophia tells her to follow her path and that she will always have a family here. They hug.

The following day, Charlotte visits Oliver in the hospital. She asks him if he's okay. Oliver reveals he'll be fine but doesn't know what to believe anymore. Charlotte gives him her phone number and asks him to call her if he ever had any questions. Oliver asks her where she and Verona will go now. Charlotte reveals that Verona was offered a new job in San Francisco and they'll move there for a fresh start. Before she leaves, Oliver tells her that they will see each other again.

Meanwhile, Jayne is seen packing everything. When she goes downstairs, she's greeted by Sophia, Brody, Vanessa and Bethany. They each say their individual goodbyes to each other. When Jayne and Sophia hug, they both cry. Before she leaves, Sophia gives her a gift which is revealed to be a group photo they had taken week before. Later Jayne is seen looking at the photo in her new bedroom. Charlotte enters her room and tells her that Faith called. Jayne tells her she's ready to go.

At Endeavor, Charlotte, Verona and Jayne are greeted by Sabrina. She introduces herself to everyone. Sabrina tells Jayne to come with her to begin her training. As Jayne follows Sabrina, she bumps into Luke. Jayne is surprised by Luke's appearance but he reveals that he also is working for Endeavor now. Jayne and Sabrina arrive at the training facility where Faith is waiting on them. Faith throws Jayne a weapon and asks her if she's ready to begin. Jayne tells she is and they proceed to fight.


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"You don't know who you really are, do you?"
—Faith to Jayne


  • Jayne moves to San Francisco.
  • Brody, Vanessa, Sophia, and Bethany will make a brief appearance before Jayne leaves New Orleans.
  • Before she leaves, Jayne gets a gift from Sophia and the others. The gift is revealed to be a group photo of them, taken a few days before.
  • This episode marks the first appearance of Verona, Charlotte, Luke, Sabrina, Oliver and Faith.



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