The Originals(Fan Fiction) TV Series
Season 1, Episode 03
Sophia Masquerade
Air date Fall 2013
Written by Cori11
Directed by Kingj0oew2010
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Tangled Up In Blue is the third episode of Season One of The Originals Fanfiction (Series).


THE RETURN OF MATTHIAS--Klaus reveals he's going to war with Marcel and Rebekah joins him in his quest as they plan to reclaim New Orleans. The sparks between Marcel and Sophia heat up as she attends his masquerade ball along with Cami. Danielle gives the witches a warning. Hayley meets someone unexpected and the Mikaelsons are intrigued by the return of their old friend.


Main Cast

Recurring Cast

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  • Sophia is still looking for Elijah.
  • Sophia invites Cami to go to the masquerade ball with her.
  • Hayley is reunited with an old friend (Thomas).
  • Sophia and Marcel share a dance.
  • Cami meets Klaus and Rebekah for the first time.
  • Danielle ask the witches about who Macklyn is.
    • Note: Macklyn is a vampire that Rebekah, Klaus, and Elijah have known for over 900 years ago. Marcel has known him for over 200 years. Only Sophia and Danielle do not know him.
  • Marcel and a few of his nightwalkers will fight a few witches who decided to use magic.
  • Caroline will be mentioned.


The episode starts with Haley reading Elijah’s diary entry from August, 1359. It seems that in the hundreds of years they’ve been alive, neither Rebekah nor Klaus have changed much. Sophia is still out and about, trying to remember where Elijah was last seen. As Sophia walks in, Haley asks what the plan is to get Elijah back. Plan A: Just ask Marcel! Easy-peasy. Plan B: War. Slightly more difficult. Rebekah agrees to both plans. Matthias show back and is greeted and rushes straight into the "Where is Elijah?" questions and is filled in about everything that has happened. His gets mad at Klaus, shakes his head and walks out saying "Same o' Niklaus". Klaus teaches his new vampire minion how to drain a vampire’s blood, and also tells him about vervain and compulsion. Rebekah goes to the shop that Hayley visited to get the wolfsbane, and gets the witch to tell her who she ratted Haley out to. In a totally and completely badass way. The witch, Katie, who ratted out Hayley, is in love with Marcel’s right hand man, Thierry, who just became the key in Klaus’ plan. Klaus, Sophia, Danielle, Rebekah, Mattias and the witch coven discuss their plan: Cast a locator spell to find Elijah, while Katie performs a much bigger spell at the same time. This way, hopefully, Davina will only sense Katie’s spell and another coven mate’s. But this will almost be a death sentence for Katie and other witches involved. Turns out that Katie’s boyfriend, Thierry, is the one who “found” Jane-Anne. So Katie ratted out Sophie’s sister to Marcel. Marcel and Klaus discuss the event of a party he is throwing and catches Klaus' attention when he asked if Sophia was going to be there. Seeing this to could play his favor, Klaus says she maybe or maybe not and adds "Good things come to those that wait". Sophia also invited Cami, Marcel's friend, to Marcel’s party to make sure Marcel is distracted during the execution of their plan. Klaus orchestrated it so that the man he drained of vervain, a vampire, attacks Thierry’s girlfriend, ensuring that Thierry kills him, putting himself on Marcel’s bad side.

Klaus and Rebekah head to the party and, much to Klaus’ initial dismay, meet up with Cami. Sparks form between Klaus and Cami during their discussion, and it turns out that the “on again, off again” relationship that Rebekah has explained to Cami was in fact Marcel, Cami’s date, and Cami begins to realize that Rebekah is a bit of a bitch. Sophia laughs and tells her to go dance it off with Marcel and to ignore Rebekah. So far, the plan is working. Hayley is hanging by the pool and sees a wolf in the bushes. A supposed werewolf, maybe? Elsewhere, Hayley is outside by the pool when she notices something by the bushes. She goes over and sees someone in the distance with the wolf from before. He looks familiar to her. She decides to go down for a walk, undetected by any "locals" and bumps into her old friend Thomas. Thomas and Hayley share a hug and they chit chat about simple stuff and Thomas notices something different about Hayley as Hayley has not yet revealed what has happened since then. Davina starts randomly scrambling on a piece of canvas and that’s how she realizes it’s magic. Rebekah and Klaus are stunned when they see an old face show up unexpected. His name is Macklyn Barthlomew who is both an old friend and also Rebekah's first sire. He is more of a frenemy to the Mikaelsons and seems to have an agenda of his own. He excuses himself and goes over to speak with Marcel. Sophia is dancing with Marcel and having small talk and they reveal the hots for each other and the boundaries included. Marcel stops dancing when he sees Macklyn and Sophia learns who he is to their family and Marcel. Danielle walks over to Klaus and Rebekah to to see who Marcel is talking to and Klaus explains things in a short and simple answer. Sophia takes this opportunity to go look for Elijah as the distractions keep occurring. The witches learn of Macklyn's presence back in New Orleans. As Danielle and Sophia go with Rebekah to speak to the coven of witches and let them know the change in their plot to save Elijah. The witches explain Macklyn's history with both the Original family and Marcel. They also add that he has "another side" to him. Meanwhile, Klaus gets the recipe to make new daylight rings and makes his buddy vamp give it to Marcel, stating, “We found this at Thierry’s girlfriend’s place.” Thus eliminating all trust that Marcel had in Thierry. For the crime of killing another vampire, Marcel sentences Thierry to “100 years in the garden.”

Sophia and Matthias set out to locate Elijah and use text messaging as a way to communicate with Rebekah on where to go while the spell is in progress. Hayley and Thomas see the wolf again as Sabin walks out to them. Thomas introduces himself and then he learns about Hayley's pregnancy via Sabin, who suggest to Hayley to try and see what she and Klaus are having (boy or girl hybrid). Elsewhere, Devina sketches the face of the witches who are performing magic, as we see when Katie and some other witches attack Marcel and his group for hurting her boyfriend. The two factions get into a fight. Then Klaus kills Katie before she’s about to kill Marcel. Macklyn unexpectedly shows up out of nowhere and kills the other witches with one attack as both Klaus and Marcel look on and Klaus says "Just like old times." Marcel adds "I know right." Macklyn turns to them both as he says even after 200 years or more, where would they be without him in a joking manner. Klaus and Marcel share a look as Macklyn escorts himself away from the scene telling them he shall dine with them again because he has "Errands to run". Because Katie’s dead, the magic link between her and the coven mate is broken, thus they are unable to finish the locator spell to find Elijah. They were almost there, and then Rebekah stops Sophie from trying again because then Davina will sense her magic. She texted Sophia to tell to stop looking and come home so she can tell her what has just transpired. So, essentially, that entire plan failed, and they couldn’t find Elijah because Klaus killed Katie.

Thierry is being shackled to the wall as bricks are being piled up around him. Klaus' "assistant" learns that this is the cave where Marcel buries all his enemies in cement and lets them desiccate. Later, Klaus and Marcel share a drink as they talk about Sophia and Camille's reactions to what happened at the party. Klaus said Sophia understood and all Camille seen was a simple argument. By saving Marcel’s life, Klaus got his trust and therefore a favor: Marcel is letting Klaus get his brother back! The one thing that strikes them both is Macklyn's presence. Sophia finds them both and asks if everything is okay and Klaus leaves them to talk as he goes to make a phone call. In one of the final scenes, Sophia and Klaus have a serious conversation about her liking Marcel and Marcel tells Davina he’s going to give Elijah back, but she refuses because the Originals are dangerous. She wants to find out how to kill them first.

Thomas says his goodbyes as he says he has to "make a run" and just to text him the new about the baby. Hayley had Sabin of Sophie’s help her figure out what the gender of the baby is, and then tells Klaus that her baby is a girl. Hayley then begins to text Thomas until Sabin goes into some kind of shock. It is learned right then when the witch found out the gender of the baby, she also got possessed, shall we say, and started muttering out something in an unknown language. Klaus and the siblings make it back home one at a time. Sophia and Marcel share one last dance in the moonlight on the corner of Bourbon Street and share a look of intimacy. Thomas gets the finished text from Hayley as he heads back to the bayou about what happened after her left, but doesn't respond back at first. Hayley tells Klaus what she learned about the baby. Hayley starts looking up the meaning of the what Sabin uttered and texted Thomas to help out and he responds "Okay". She gets no results in the internet searches while Thomas learns what it really said and he tells Hayley not to worry though he has a worried look on his face as his eyes glow yellow and looks onward to who is in front of him. Macklyn is staring at him from the distance and then vanishes. He calms down, shruggs it off then looks down at the text that reads "It will destroy everything."


Sophia: (voiceover) My name is Sophia Zariah Mikaelson. I came to New Orleans, the French Quarter to help my older brother, Niklaus find his redemption, so that one day we could become a family again...But I have found myself in a tight spot as I find myself attracted to his former protégé, his best friend, and rival, Marcel.

Mikaelson Mansion

(Hayley is sitting on the floor, holding a thick book in her hands, reading. Klaus and Rebekah are standing nearby.)

Elijah: (voiceover) August 1359. I have noticed a difference in my siblings. Our bond strains beneath the pressure of our life as vampires. Each day removes them further from the humanity we once possessed. My sweet sister, Rebekah, has grown quite indifferent to brutality.

(In a flashback, Rebekah can be seen, killing the vampires who attacked Hayley in the previous episode.)

Elijah: (voiceover) However, the true problem remains my brother, Niklaus. 

(In a flashback Klaus can be seen pouring petrol over the dead vampires and burning them.)

Present Day

(Sophia is seen standing outside, trying to remember where she last saw Elijah.)

Elijah: (voiceover) He continues to hide his loneliness with cruelty. Still, I cling to the hope that I, as their eldest brother, can lead them down the correct path, a path charged with the power of a family united. For if I fail, our family's legacy will end in darkness. 
Rebekah: I cannot believe you disposed of those vampires without me. You know how I love to set things on fire. 
Klaus: Was I supposed to leave them in the front yard to rot? Besides, they were my responsibility. They attacked the helpless pregnant girl who's carrying my child. 
Rebekah: Oh, I am so moved by your newfound sense of fatherly duties towards the werewolf carrying your hybrid bun in her oven.  

(Just as Hayley enters the room, Sophia walks in)

Hayley: The werewolf would like to know what the plan is.
Klaus: Well, that depends what plan you mean, love: My plan for global domination, or Rebekah's plan to find love in a cruel, cruel world. 

(Rebekah takes a pencil from the desk beside her and throws it in Klaus's direction. Klaus catches it easily before it can impale his face.)

Hayley: The plan to rescue Elijah. You know, the good brother. The one who is now in the possession of your mortal enemy after you stabbed him in the back.
Klaus: In the front, if we're being specific. 
Hayley: You two said that you would get him back. So is there a plan, or what? 
Klaus: Okay. Well, firstly, Marcel is not my mortal enemy—he's my friend, albeit one who is unaware that I'm trying to sabotage his hold over the supernatural community of the French Quarter, but a friend nonetheless. And secondly, I daggered Elijah in order to gain Marcel's trust. If I had known he would place my brother in the hands of a particularly nasty teenaged witch, I certainly would have weighed my options a bit differently. And thirdly, sister, please.
Rebekah: And thirdly, the plan, as you have demanded, is for Niklaus to simply ask Marcel for Elijah back. 
Hayley: That's... that's not the whole plan, is it? 
Rebekah: Please, Klaus may be a miserable excuse for a sibling, but there is none more diabolical.
Klaus: And that's only the Plan A, love. There's always a Plan B.
Hayley: And what's Plan B?
Klaus: War.    

(Matthias walks into the room.)

Matthias: Where's Elijah?
Sophia: Klaus daggered him and handed him over to the enemy, Marcel.
Rebekah: Yes, Marcel whom has the hots for Pipi.
Sophia: Bex...You know I hate being called Pipi.
Matthias: (angry) You never change! Same old Niklaus...(walks out of the room with Sophia to follow him.)


(Later in the French Quarter, Rebekah waits outside the shop and turns to greet Sophie, who is approaching on the sidewalk.)

Rebekah: Oh, so glad you could make it. Elijah only lies daggered and rotting whilst you dilly-dally.
Sophie: You're lucky I came at all. What do you want?
Rebekah: Hayley was attacked last night by Marcel's crew because somebody told him there was a werewolf in the Quarter. She only made one stop. Whoever saw her here ratted her out. Watch and learn.

(Rebekah turns and walks into the shop. Sophie follows her in. Inside the shop, Katie emerges from a back room with a box, and sees Sophie.)

Katie: Hey, Soph.
Sophie: Hey, Katie.

(Katie sees Rebekah touching an item hanging in the shop; she doesn't show sign of recognition towards Rebekah.)

Katie: That's filled with marigold—great for attracting the opposite sex. It would look awesome on you.
Rebekah: I very seriously doubt that. Do you have any others, one with, say—I don't know—wolfsbane, perhaps?
Katie: Wolfsbane? Why would you want that?

(Rebekah vamp-runs at Katie, and holds her up by the neck.)

Rebekah: Please no not play dumb with me.

(Rebekah slams her down on a table.)

Sophie: Rebekah!
Katie: I just sold a werewolf some herbs. That's all.
Rebekah: Are you lying to me, Katie? I suggest you answer my question honestly.
Katie: (choking) Sophie—
Sophie: Just answer the question, Katie, please.
Katie: Yes. I told someone, but you don't understand. I—I love him.

(Rebekah throws Katie down onto the floor violently. She places the heel of her stiletto directly over Katie's throat threateningly.)

Rebekah: And tell me. Who is this vampire Romeo of yours? Shall I count to 3?

(Later in the cellar, Klaus pulls the pitchfork out of the vampire and hands it to Joshua.)

Klaus: Be quick about it. I have an army to build, and one compelled minion does not an army make.

(Klaus answers his phone, which has been buzzing. The shots alternate between Klaus in the cellar and Rebekah in the Quarter.)

Klaus: Well?
Rebekah: You were right about the traitor. Luckily, she's just a kid and she doesn't know anything about us and what we're up to. Do you want to hear the part that's gonna please you the most?
Klaus: Oh, do tell.
Rebekah: She's in love with someone in Marcel's inner circle. Guess who it is?
Klaus: Right-hand-man type, favors silly caps?
Rebekah: Two points for you. Thierry is fraternizing with the enemy.
Klaus: Well, that means he just unwittingly became the key to our entire plan.
Rebekah: I told you you'd be pleased.
Klaus: Oh, to be young and in love in a city where witches and vampires are at war. How very tragic.

Mikaelson Mansion-Cellar

(Klaus goes down into the cellar and pulls the pitchfork out of the vampire then hands it to Joshua.)

Klaus: Be quick about it. I have an army to build, and one compelled minion does not an army make.

(Klaus answers his phone, which has been buzzing. The shots alternate between Klaus in the cellar and Rebekah in the Quarter.)

Klaus: Well?
Rebekah: You were right about the traitor. Luckily, she's just a kid and she doesn't know anything about us and what we're up to. Do you want to hear the part that's gonna please you the most?
Klaus: Oh, do tell.
Rebekah: She's in love with someone in Marcel's inner circle. Guess who it is?
Klaus: Right-hand-man type, favors silly caps?
Rebekah: Two points for you. Thierry is fraternizing with the enemy.
Klaus: Well, that means he just unwittingly became the key to our entire plan.
Rebekah: I told you you'd be pleased.
Klaus: Oh, to be young and in love in a city where witches and vampires are at war. How very tragic.

Getting Ready

(Marcel gets fitted for a suit, accompanied by Thierry.)

Marcel: Damn, I do look good in a suit.

(Thierry chuckles, then turns to the television, where photos of Tina McGreevy and Joshua Rosza, the tourists that Klaus turned, flash on the screen.)

Thierry: My guy at the docks is gonna come forward as an eyewitness, saying he saw those two drunkenly fall into the Mississippi. They'll be dredging for weeks. No one will come looking around here.
Marcel: That's good, considering one's dead in a dumpster behind the county morgue and the other one is a vampire now. Anything else?

(The tailor suddenly pricks her finger on a pin.)

Tailor: Ow!
Marcel: Allow me, darling.

(Marcel crouches down and takes her finger into his mouth, cleaning the blood off.)

Thierry: One thing. I sent 4 nightwalkers to look into a werewolf sighting in the Quarter. I haven't heard from them since.
Marcel: That makes 10 dead nightwalkers in the last week. You think the werewolves are back in town trying to start some trouble?
Thierry: Look, I know you and Klaus are friends, but the fact is, since the Originals showed up—

(Klaus arrives.)

Klaus: Oh, come now, Thierry. You're not still upset about that little, toxic werewolf bite I gave you, are you? I thought we were at bygones.
Thierry: (to Marcel) I see you've given him free rein of your compound now, too.
Klaus: Yes. Well, seeing as my family and I lived here, built the place, in fact—
Marcel: All right. Come on. You both know the drill. Thierry's my guy, inner circle. Klaus is my old-time friend and sire. He's also a guest here. Peace, all right? All right. (to Klaus) What you need, my brother?
Klaus: I'm afraid my sisters, Sophia and Rebekah are insisting I demand Elijah's return. They're quite worked up about it.
Marcel: I'll say.
Thierry: We're not gonna have 5 Originals walking around town, are we? Half our guys think the sisters killed the nightwalkers.
Klaus: You're accusing my baby sisters? Is that an accusation against an Original?
Thierry: Eh.

(Klaus goes storms at Thierry, who looks to be ready for a confrontation, but Marcel intercedes.)

Marcel: What did I say about peace? (to Klaus) Come on. Walk with me.

(Klaus smiles smugly at Thierry as Marcel steers him out of the room. They walk out along the balcony of the building.)

Klaus: You inner circle man lacks a sense of humor.
Marcel: He's a little overprotective, but loyal to a fault. I saved his life back in the forties, found him dying of a war wound outside a VA hospital. He'd kill for me and die for me. Plus, that boy can play the trumpet like you would not believe. Maybe I'll see if he can play a little tonight at the party. You're coming, right?
Klaus: How can I miss my chance to meet the city councilman as he accepts your gigantic charitable donation?
Marcel: Oh, he's a schmuck, but he lets us do our thing in exchange for certain community services, like keeping our fangs out of the locals. Listen, about your brother... I would love to help you out, but Thierry is right. My guys are on edge. They see the Original family moving in, vampires dying, it makes them nervous. If I hand Elijah back now, it might give the wrong impression about who's really in charge here. You know what I mean?
Klaus: You understand I had to ask.
Marcel: Is Sophia coming?
Klaus: (smiles) Maybe, maybe not. Good things come to those who wait.

Mikaelson Mansion

(Hayley eavesdrops from the hallway; Sophie, Rebekah, Danielle, Matthias, Sophia, and Klaus are arguing behind a closed door.)

Sophie: Are you out of your mind? No way.
Sophia: It's very simple. We need you to perform a teeny, tiny locator spell to help us find our brother.
Sophie: Witches who practice magic in this town get caught, and they get killed.
Danielle: Yes, about that. It seems you left out a crucial detail when we made our deal—Marcel's secret weapon, the way he knows when a witch is using magic.
Rebekah: Girl about yay high, cute as a button, anger issues.

(Sophie seems to be in shock.)

Sophie: Davina? Where have you seen her?
Rebekah: We don't know. The little brat erased Sophia and my memory right after she threw me out a window with her bloody mind.
Klaus: Let me cut to the chase. Davina has Elijah. You witches, I assume, want to get Davina away from Marcel. We don't know where she is. Ergo, we need magic.
Sophie: Davina would sense it.
Rebekah: Unless, of course, another witch—say, a traitor to the cause, Katie for example—was to perform much more powerful magic at the same time. That would create a smokescreen, concealing your very small spell from Davina.
Sophie: Katie doesn't deserve to die.

(Klaus angrily slams his hands on the table and stands up.)

Klaus: Sophie Deveraux. You're in no position to be so principled. You can't win a war without a few strategic losses, no matter how regrettable they may be. How many times have the vampires been one step ahead, known something they shouldn't? Your sister, executed in the public square for practicing magic, who knew she'd be caught? Did she even attempt to flee? 
Sophie: She was caught hiding in a cargo hold of a freighter before it set sail down the Mississippi.
Matthias: And who, pray tell, of Marcel's valued inner circle manages his business at the docks?
Sophie: Katie's boyfriend, Thierry.

Music Man

(Thierry plays his trumpet in the courtyard; Klaus and Marcel watch.)

Klaus: You're right. He's good.
Marcel: Right? Music man, I call him. Ladies love him, but he's spoken for. He knocks around with this pretty little witch, says he loves her, but I don't know.
Klaus: Your brightest soldier is fraternizing with your enemy, and you don't care.
Marcel: Well, of course I care, but Thierry is a grown man. He makes his own choices, and I get some good intel. Besides, he's not gonna do anything to jeopardize what we're doing here. I mean, check this out—a vampire hosting a ritzy charity event. We have a community here. No one's gonna mess that up.
Klaus: Still... You don't want the witches to get too bold, given that a witch's tip about a werewolf in town led to the disappearance of your nightwalkers. I'm sure you've considered the possibility that it could've been a trap.
Marcel: Well, maybe I'll send a little message. Thierry! Take a team of nightwalkers to the Cauldron tonight, do a little rousting... Oh, and Thierry? Make it nasty.

(Klaus remembers Marcel asking about Sophia from earlier so he takes out his cell phone and makes a quick call.)

Marcel: Who you calling?
Klaus:(smiling) My baby sister, Sophia. How can she say no, she loves masquerade balls.
Marcel: Really? (smirking) I'll be sure to remember that.

(Sophia is seen in the bar and answers her phone.)

Sophia: What is it Niklaus?
Klaus: Coming to the event tonight?
Sophia: No.
Klaus: Come on! It's a masquerade ball. I know how much you love masquerade balls.
Sophia:.....Are you inviting me because Marcel wants me there?
Klaus: That's one of the reasons. But assure me little sister, there are several reasons.
Sophia:....Fine but you're buying me a dress. (hangs up)
Marcel: Damn. (laughing)
Klaus:(smirks) That's Sophia for you.

Inviting a Friend

(Sophia talks to Cami at the bar.)

Sophia: (annoyed) Unbelievable. 
Cami: Who was that?
Sophia: My brother. He wants me to go to this masquerade ball that's being thrown tonight.
Cami: You don't want to go? I'm sure it'll be fun. 
Sophia: Yeah, I love masquerade balls but I'm sure my brother is just using me to distract Marcel. 
Cami: He's the worst. The one you can't shake, even though you know better, and you always know better?
Sophia: I like you, Cami. Most girls usually always end up falling for the wrong guy but later get their heart broken.
Cami: Thanks. But if you get to know'll see that he's a really great guy.
Sophia:...Come with me to the ball. Girls night out?

(Cami smiles)

Mikaelson Mansion

Rebekah: What are you doing to ensure Elijah's safe return?
Klaus: Currently, I'm preparing insurance against the tender-hearted.
Rebekah: Meaning?
Klaus: We need proper motivation for Katie to cast a powerful spell tonight. I'm creating that motivation. Marcel has ordered a rousting of the witches.

(Cut to the Cauldron, where vampires jump from the balconies causing mayhem and witches scream in response.)

Klaus: And I, in turn, have arranged for things to go tragically wrong.

(Cut to a flashback from earlier that day—Klaus, in the cellar with Joshua and the vampire.)

Klaus: You understand what you're to do? (The vampire nods.) Good.

(Back at the Cauldron, vampires continue to upturn tables and destroy things while witches scream. Thierry sneaks off through a back door into Jardin Gris. Katie sees him and runs to greet him with a hug and kiss.)

Katie: Hey! What's happening out there?
Thierry: Oh, it's Klaus. He's convinced Marcel that the witches are planning to make a move against him. Marcel wants us to send a message...

(Thierry knocks over some shelves, looking apologetic.)

Thierry: And if he thought I was playing favorites because I'm in love with a witch—
Katie: Say that again.
Thierry: I love you, Katie. And all this is gonna be okay, I promise.
Klaus: (voiceover) Marcel may not be concerned with Thierry's romantic entanglements...

(Thierry walks out of the Jardin Gris, bumping into the vampire Klaus tortured and compelled.)

Thierry: I already got that one.

(Thierry walks away. The vampire goes into the shop anyway. Cut to Klaus at his desk.)

Klaus: But there are other crimes which he'll be less inclined to so easily forgive...

(Cut to the Cauldron. Thierry hears screams from inside the Jardin Gris. He turns to see the vampire dragging Katie outside, biting her neck as she screams.)

Thierry: Leave her alone! Get off!

(He throws the vampire across the courtyard; the vampire smashes onto a table. Thierry runs over to him, grabs a broken table leg, and uses it to stake the vampire, killing him. The courtyard goes silent, and the other vampires circle around the scene of the crime.)

Klaus: (voiceover) Killing a vampire, for example. That would be unforgivable. If Katie hopes to save her one true love from Marcel's punishment, well, a rescue mission like that will require something positively magical. But then... what's worth dying for, if not love?

(At the Cauldron, Katie stares at Thierry, horrified, and Thierry himself looks like he knows the consequences will be dire.)


(Rebekah, Klaus, and Sophia enter the party, arm in arm, taking in the dark, wild atmosphere. Acrobats perform, dancers handle exotic animals, and confetti falls glittering upon the party guests.)

Klaus: Well, this certainly is a fitting backdrop for tonight's events, I must say.

(Rebekah, Klaus, Sophia spot Cami as she enters the party, wearing white angel's wings and a vintage white beaded dress. Sophia looks pleased, but Klaus' smile falls.)

Klaus: What's she doing here?
Sophia: I invited her. I don't want to spend all my time with Marcel since you were thinking of using me to distract him.
Rebekah: Who's she?
Sophia: Cami, Marcel's friend. But also mine, I find her...interesting.
(Sophia crosses the courtyard to greet Cami.)
Sophia: Hello, darling. You look precious.

(Marcel notices Sophia and Cami's arrival from a balcony above.)

Cami: This party is ridiculous, but I think I look unintelligible with this dress.
Rebekah: I'm Rebekah. Her younger sister.

(Cami shakes Rebekah's hand and makes eye contact with Klaus, and nods at him.)

Cami: Is he your boyfriend?
Klaus: He's the brother, actually, and my sister is right. You do look stunning.
Cami: You clean up pretty well yourself.
Klaus: Well, don't be fooled, love. I'm the devil in disguise.
Rebekah: You three chit-chat. I need booze.
Klaus: Shall we?
Cami: Okay.
Sophia: We'll talk later. (walks away)
(Klaus offers his arm and Cami takes it. Rebekah approaches the bar.)
Rebekah: Scotch, please.

(Marcel approaches Rebekah at the bar, and she sighs.)

Marcel: You trying to be cute, inviting her here?
Rebekah: I didn't invite her.
Marcel: Then who did?

(Sophia approaches them)

Sophia: I did.
Marcel: Now why did you?
Sophia: She's my friend and I didn't want to spend the whole night staring at you.
Rebekah:(laughs) This is getting interesting.
Marcel:(walks closer to her) Ouch. But I rather stare at you the whole night.
Sophia: You never give up do you?
Marcel: Never.
Rebekah: Do not underestimate my sister, Marcel.
Sophia: You two use to be together, right?
Rebekah: Yes but that's all in the past.
Marcel: Now I've got my eyes set on you.
Sophia: I don't date my sister's exes.
Marcel: What about our previous date?
Sophia: That was to find out where my brother is and then I got my memory swiped.
Rebekah: Don't worry Sophia. I don't mind. I think you will be some good for him.
Sophia: Really? I think I'm too much of a challenge for him.
Marcel: That's what I like about you. Your sister was easy but you...You're not like any other woman.
Rebekah: You two are perfect for each other

(Sophia leaves Marcel and Rebekah to go across the courtyard, Cami and Klaus talk, watching Rebekah with Marcel.)

Cami: Something wrong?
Sophia: Marcel is a pain and I'm going to let those two former lovers talk.
Cami: Wait, they use to be...?
Klaus: I wouldn't worry about it. Ancient history.
Cami: I'm beginning to think your sister is a bit of a bitch.

(Sophia and Klaus laugh.)

Klaus: It's as though she invented the term.
Sophia: Go dance with Marcel. Just ignore my sister.
Cami: Okay but I'll talk to you later.

(Marcel greets Cami.)

Marcel: Cami.
Cami: Hey. Killer party.
Marcel: Oh, it's more of a work thing. I would've invited you—
Cami: Hey, its okay. No explanation necessary. You do your thing, I'll entertain myself.
Marcel: No. Come on, dance with me.

Mikaelson Mansion-Reunion

(Hayley walks around the pool outside. She hears a twig snap nearby, then walks toward the sound to see a wolf staring at her. He looks familiar to her. She decides to go down for a walk, undetected by any "locals" and bumps into her old friend.)

Hayley:(smiling) Thomas!
Thomas: Hey, its been awhile.

(The two hug and go sit by the pool.)

Hayley: Where have you been? I've missed you!
Thomas: I just finished up traveling New Zealand. The wolves there are love to party. I'll take you out there next time.
Hayley: Cool. Why come here though?
Thomas: I heard you were out here in New Orleans, so I thought I stop by and visit....Something is different about you... 


(Katie and Sophie talk inside a candlelit burial chamber. Katie is crying.)

Katie: I know you think he's a monster.
Sophie: It doesn't matter what I think. Thierry killed another vampire. He broke Marcel's biggest rule. You'll never see him again... unless we do something.
Katie: "We"?
Sophie: I want to save our people. You want to save Thierry? There's only one way we can do both.

(A little while later, Katie and Sophie sit out in the cemetery, arranging items for a ritual.)

Sophie: You ready?

(Katie begins by sprinkling sand over their tableau. Cut to Davina's attic room, whispering voices growing louder. Davina thrashes, asleep in her bed but disturbed by the magic she can sense.)

Davina: Marcel. Something's coming.

(Davina rises from her bed and goes to her easel. She draws on the paper madly for several seconds, then stops.)

Davina: Magic.

Masquerade Gala-Sparks Ignite

(Danielle and Matthias show up at the party. Klaus and Rebekah talking are seen at the bar.)

Klaus: Rebekah.
Rebekah: What?
Klaus: Why are you trying to put Marcel and Sophia together?
Rebekah: Because I want her to be happy. She hasn't had love in a long time, she needs it.
Klaus: She doesn't need that kind of love, she needs family.
Rebekah: She's been trying to keep this family together for a thousand years. I want her to think about herself for once. I want her not to think about us, especially you. You owe her and you know that.
Klaus: I never told her it was her job to watch out for this family.
Rebekah: Always and forever...the pact we made, remember?

(Cami and Marcel dancing.)

Cami: I thought you said you were in community work.
Marcel: Community fundraising. Throw a party, folks open their wallets. It's kind of my thing. Guess I'm what you call a necessary evil.
Cami: And Rebekah, she's one of your donors?
Marcel: She's an old friend.
Cami: Can't be that old. She looks younger than me.
Marcel: You'd be surprised. I was a kid when I met her.
Cami:...Hold on for a second. (walks away.)

(Cami brings Sophia over to Marcel and tells them to dance together with Klaus and Rebekah watching.)

Marcel: Finally got you all to myself.
Sophia: This is absolute toture.
Marcel: I hope its good toture.
Sophia: There is no such thing as toture being pleasurable.
Marcel: It is with me around.
Sophia:...Why me?
Marcel: I feel a instant connection with you. I feel those sparks whenever I'm around you. You can't lie to me and say you don't feel the same.
Sophia: Maybe...This is something I haven't felt in a long time.
Marcel: I don't want to rush things with you...

(Across the courtyard, Klaus and Rebekah have their own conversation.)

Rebekah: You are absolutely evil.
Klaus: I needed Marcel distracted—voilà.
Rebekah: But she's your sister!
Rebekah: What?

(As Danielle and Matthias come over, Rebekah has a shocked on her face when she looks in the same direction Klaus is looking and sees Macklyn Barthlomew whom is Rebekah's first sire.)

Rebekah: What is he doing here?!
Klaus: I don't know but I'll find out.
Danielle: Who is he?

(Macklyn sees Klaus and Rebekah staring at him and smirks. He then looks at Marcel and Sophia dancing.)

Marcel: What is it?
Sophia: I've seen that guy before. He was staring at me when I arrived in New Orleans. He gives me the chills.

(Marcel sees who she is talking about and is surprised to see Macklyn. Klaus brings up the past and Marcel reveal to who he is to Sophia.)

Marcel: Macklyn?
Sophia: You know him?
Marcel: Used to be family but I hate the guy.
Sophia : Then why is he here?
Marcel:...Maybe he wants revenge.

(Over to Klaus)

Klaus: Let's just say that he was like a son to me. He was Rebekah's first sire. And you know who your aunt has a bad taste in men.
Matthias: Just ignore him for now. We don't want any trouble.

(Over to Marcel)

Marcel: Let's just keep dancing.

(Diego enters the courtyard, and sees Marcel dancing with Sophia, their faces nearing each other. Diego interrupts them and whispers in Marcel's ear.)

Rebekah: (to Klaus) My cue to leave.
(Marcel sees Thierry; he looks like he's barely containing his anger.)
Marcel: (to Sophia) Excuse me.

(Marcel walks over to Thierry and grabs him by the throat, pushing him away from the main party. Sophia watches, her eyebrows knitting together.)

Marcel: What the hell did you do?

(Diego intercedes.)

Diego: Whoa, not here. No, not here.

(Marcel backs off; Klaus smiles; Cami comes over to where Sophia is and they both watch, disquiet.)

(Marcel talks to Thierry on a balcony above the party.)

Marcel: I want to hear your side of it.
Thierry: Hey, Marcel, come on—
Marcel: Your version. Go.
Thierry: We were tossing the Cauldron. This guy, some nightwalker, he attacked Katie for no reason.
Marcel: His name was Max. I turned him, and as far as reasons go, he doesn't need one. She was a witch. He was a vampire. Now he's dead.

(From below, Sophia and Cami watch them.)

Thierry: I didn't mean for it to happen.
Marcel: You broke my most important rule. Damn it, T. How long we been friends, 70 years? I turned you into something that would never die. I gave you a gift.
Thierry: And I have been loyal to you all this time, and I still am. I'm still your friend, Marcel. I swear, that hasn't changed.

(Cami's look of apprehension remains. Klaus joins her.)

Klaus: Are you two all right?
Cami: He's got a temper, doesn't he? I guess this is the moment I remember I know better.

(Cami walks away. Joshua walks up to Klaus, standing slightly behind him. Klaus reaches into his coat's inner pocket, withdraws a folded piece of paper and hands it to Joshua, who pockets it and walks away. Klaus watches the balcony as Joshua appears next to Marcel and hands him the paper.)

Joshua: We found this at his girl's place.

(Marcel looks at it; it appears to be a spell written out. Marcel turns back to Thierry.)

Marcel: Still my friend, huh? That's funny because it looks to me like that little witch of yours got her hands on a spell that I keep locked away.
Thierry: Marcel, I have never seen that.
Marcel: Shut up. I see on your hand, you still have the daylight ring I gave you. So what would you need with the recipe for making new ones? Unless maybe you and Katie were gonna go off and start a little kingdom of your own?
Thierry: Marcel, no.
Marcel: Here's a lesson in friendship. Friends don't lie to me, they don't break my rules, and they do not steal what is mine.

(Marcel turns to take a moment and breathe, then returns to Thierry.)

Marcel: Ohh... For the crime of murdering one of his own, I sentence Thierry Vanchure to 100 years in the Garden.

(Below, Sophia looks at Klaus smiles.)

Klaus: And it begins...
Sophia: My turn.

(Sophia, Danielle, and Matthias leave.)

The Cemetery-Getting Ready

(The witches learn of Macklyn's presence back in New Orleans. As Danielle and Sophia go to speak to the coven of witches and let them know the change in their plot to save Elijah.)

Agnes: Macklyn has returned?

Sophia: What's Macklyn's relationship with my siblings and Marcel?

Witch: Nine hundred years ago, your siblings met him and he was turned by your sister. He slaughtered many villages and...even fed on babies blood...

Danielle: What?

Agnes: He feeds on the blood of all creatures including his own kind like Mikael. He was sentenced to the Garden but he fought off Marcel and his servants and the Originals. He escaped New Orleans but Klaus managed to capture and drain all the blood from Macklyn desicating him. Klaus locked him away in an abandoned, partially destroyed cemetary.

Danielle: Did you witches let him out? My Uncle Klaus told me that you all want me dead?

Sophia: What?!

Witch: We don't want you dead. Someone else does...But we don't know who.

Sophia: Well then you better find out. Because no one hurts my family.

(Sophie is at the cemetery, preparing her locator spell, when Rebekah appears. Sophie looks up when she hears her.)

Rebekah: You're doing the right thing. It's the only way to find Elijah.
Sophie: I'm doing what I have to do.

(Sophie begins chanting.)

(Sophia and Matthias set out to locate Elijah and use text messaging as a way to communicate with Rebekah on where to go while the spell is in progress.)

Mikaelson Mansion

Thomas: So you're pregnant by the Hybrid, Klaus?
Hayley: Yeah...
Thomas:...I'm not going to leave. I'll be here.

(Hayley smiles at him as he holds her hand. Then Hayley and Thomas see a wolf as Sabine walks out to them.)

Sabine: You're not supposed to be out here.
Hayley: Who are you?
Sabine: Sorry. I didn't mean to scare you. I'm Sabine. We met. I'm one of Sophie's friends.
Hayley: You're one of the witches.
Sabine: Sophie just asked me to come keep you company while everyone's out. You know, it's drawn to you. And you are?
Thomas: Thomas, Hayley's friend.

(She nods at where the wolf was standing, and Hayley glances back.)

Sabine: The child you're carrying is part vampire, part werewolf. You and Klaus made something special.
Hayley: You sound like Elijah. He thinks this baby is going to make us one big, happy family, but now he's gone and I don't even know what... 'it' is.
Sabine: You know, I can do something about that, if you want. I mean, found out if it's a boy or girl.
Hayley: I thought you couldn't do witchy stuff around here.
Sabine: It's not magic, just an old trick my grandmother taught me. Come on. You have to be a little curious.

The Fight Begins

(Klaus watches as more of Marcel's men lead Thierry out of the party and out onto the street, where a small crowd of more vampires watch Katie and a few other witches approach from down the street, chanting. Klaus watches the events unfold from a window above. The sequence is intercut with shots of Davina madly scribbling at her easel.)

Thierry: Katie, no!
Klaus: Like clockwork.

(Katie waves her arm and a lamp's light explodes; all the vampires grab at their heads, falling down in pain. Davina's drawing appears to be Katie's face. Marcel alone rises back up to face Katie, but she smashes another light with magic and Marcel goes down again. Sophie continues to chant for her spell.)

Rebekah: Hurry.

(Marcel rises again, but Katie uses magic to break his bones, and he falls again shouting in pain.)

Davina: NO!

(In her attic room, Davina lifts her hands slowly; Marcel again rises, and Katie and the witches looks astonished.)

Marcel: You're here to save your man. Well, come on, little girl!

(He growls as he runs to attack Katie, but she halts him with magic, and he falls down groaning. Davina in her room falls at the same time. Katie lifts a wooden stake above Marcel.)

Katie: Die, you son of a bitch.
Thierry: No! Katie! Don't!

(Klaus swoops in and snaps Katie's neck. She falls to the ground, dead. Thierry crawls over to Katie's body.)

Thierry: No. Katie. No, no, no, no.

(He sobs over her body, cradling it. Marcel catches Klaus' eye, and nods. Klaus hurries over to Marcel and helps him up.)

Klaus: Just like old times.
Marcel: I know right.

(The other witches are shocked but continue their assualt until Macklyn appears out of nowhere and kills all of them.)

Macklyn: (to Klaus and Marcel) Even after 200 years, where would you two be without me?
Klaus: What are you doing here, Macklyn?
Macklyn: I'm afraid that can't be revealed yet. I have to go now but we shall dine again some other time. I've got errands to run.

(As Macklyn leaves, Klaus and Marcel share a look.)

(In the cemetery, Sophie stops her spell.)

Sophie: Something's wrong. Katie's magic stopped. I can keep going.
Rebekah: You can't. She'll sense it.
Sophie: No. I can find Davina. I just need another moment.

(Rebekah grabs the paper with black sand on top of it that Sophie was using and throws it aside.)

Rebekah: You may be willing to die to get your witch back, but Hayley and the baby will die with you. Elijah will never forgive us, and rescuing him will be for nothing. It's over. We failed.

(Rebekah texts Sophia to tell to stop looking and come home so she can tell her what has just transpired.)

Not Giving Up

Matthias: Sophia, why won't you give up on Klaus? We wouldn't be looking for Elijah if Klaus hadn't daggered him in the first place!
Sophia: I know...But Elijah wouldn't give up on Klaus if I was in his situation. Elijah would try to find me no matter what and find Klaus' redemption.
Matthias: After everything he's done? He's never going to change!
Sophia: I'm not trying to change him. I am trying to save him from his own demons. I know why Klaus is the way he is. Its because his step father put his hand on him, Klaus has a hard time letting people in and why its so hard for him to trust people. Believe me when I say this...I will find a way to save my brother. I will never give up on him. 

The Garden

(Thierry stands chained to a wall in some underground room. Marcel stands across from him.)

Marcel: Just tell me this. Was she worth it?
Thierry: I loved her.

(Marcel drives an iron stake into Thierry's gut, and he groans in pain. Another man appears, and Marcel hands him a wooden mallet.)

Marcel: Seal him up... and let him rot.

(The man begins to lay bricks over wet cement, clearly intending to build a wall to encase Thierry. He won't be the first; a long view down the tunnel suggests that many others have met the same fate.)

The Abattoir

(The party is over and the courtyard is deserted. Klaus and Marcel stand alone on a balcony and clink their drinks against each other. Marcel downs his.)

Marcel: How much did Sophia and Cami see?
Klaus: Sophia understood and Cami just saw an argument, mate. It's nothing you can't fix. You really like my sister, don't you?
Marcel: I like that Sophia is loyal to the ones that she loves. She doesn't let anyone get in the way to protect those she cares about. As for Cami, she's my friend. I like that she's not part of all this. It's good to see the world the way the humans do.
Klaus: I am sorry about Thierry, you know? I can tell he was a good friend.
Marcel: I made him what he was. Obviously, my trust was misplaced.
Klaus: Doesn't make it easier.
Marcel: You saved me tonight. I guess I owe you one. You asked for your brother back. Seems like the least I can do.
Klaus: Thank you.
Marcel: No problem my brother...What do you think Macklyn is doing back in New Orleans.
Klaus: I don't know. He's most likely after us.
Marcel: We'll keep our guard up.
Klaus: Indeed.

(Sophia shows up.)

Sophia: Is everything okay?
Klaus: Yes. (looks at Marcel and smiles) I'll leave you two to talk while I make a phone call. I'll be right back.

(Klaus kisses Sophia's forehead and walks away.)

Marcel: Did you have a nice time tonight?
Sophia: It wasn't that bad.
Marcel: (grins) Come on! My parties are the best in New Orleans.
Sophia: (smiles) It was nice but that's all.
Marcel: I'll take it...Listen I'm sorry about earlier
Sophia: Don't worry about it. It's not your fault.
Marcel: It doesn't bother you?
Sophia: No. You have a bad temper like my brother and sister. I'm not going to judge you for that...And you owe me another dance by the way.

(When Marcel gives Sophia a sympathetic look, Klaus comes back in and Sophia leaves with him.)


(At home, Rebekah sits at the piano, playing a scattering of notes lazily. Klaus and Sophia enters and she sits up.)

Rebekah: Well, tonight was an epic failure.
Sophia: What happened?
Rebekah: Katie died before Sophie could complete the spell.
Klaus: Oh, I'm well aware. I killed Katie.
Rebekah: You what?
Klaus: There's no way our little suicide witch wasn't gonna try and take out Marcel with her. I saved his life, and in doing so, I now have him exactly where I want him.
Rebekah: Sophie trusted you. We trusted you against all our better instincts.
Klaus: Wake up, Rebekah. The witches are on no one's side but their own. This girl, Davina? That's all they want, and when they have her, what do you think happens then, a truce? Of course not. They will use Davina's power against all of us.
Sophia: Wasn't the plan to find Elijah? You nearly cost us our brother!
Klaus: Sophia, by protecting Marcel, I've cemented his trust, so much so that he's agreed to return Elijah to us. And when the time is right, when he has told me everything I need to know about Davina, I will have her for myself.
Rebekah: I have all the faith in the world that you'll get what you want, Nik. You always do, no matter what is costs the rest of us. You disgust me.

(Rebekah takes a sip of bourbon, then sets it on the piano and leaves with Sophia.)

Mikaelson Mansion

Hayley: Sorry about all this.
Thomas: Why are you apologizing?
Hayley: I don't know. I just didn't expect for all this to happen.
Thomas: We never know what the future holds...I've gotta go. I have to make a run.
Hayley: You're not...leaving New Orleans are you?
Thomas: No, I'll be around.
Hayley: Good.
Thomas: Come here.

(Thomas pulls Hayley into a hug and after a few seconds, they pull apart and stare at each other.)

Thomas: I'll see you soon.

(Thomas leaves.)

(Hayley sits down at a desk, typing on a laptop. Klaus pauses at the doorway and walks in.)

Klaus: Who was the boy?
Hayley: An old friend.
Klaus: I thought you might like to know, Elijah is returning to us.
Hayley: Congratulations. I guess being diabolical has its perks.
Klaus: You hardly know him, and yet you miss him. What is it about my brother that always inspires such instant admiration?
Hayley: He was kind to me.

(Klaus takes this in. Elijah speaks in voiceover.)

Elijah: (voiceover) There are moments when I doubt my family is capable of redemption...

(Klaus turns to leave.)

Hayley: Hey, I learned something today. I think it's a girl.

(Klaus pauses in the doorway, but doesn't turn round. He smiles slowly.)

Elijah: (voiceover) Yet each time that I am tempted to surrender, I see it, the glimmer of goodness that allows me to believe.


(Katie and the other witches bodies lies prepared for her final rites. Sophie waves a smoking bundle of herbs over their body. Other witches, including Agnes and Sabine, stand around her.)

Agnes: I told you no good would come from this unholy alliance of yours.
Sophie: At least I'm doing something. What about you?

(Sophie leaves.)

Agnes: Sabine, tell them what you saw.
Sabine: It's the girl, the wolf.


(Sabine swings a crystal, hanging by a string, over Hayley, who lies on the kitchen island face up.)

Sabine: I think it's a girl. No... wait.
Hayley: Wait what? Please tell me I'm not having a mini-Klaus.

(The crystal glints in the light and Sabine drops it, gasping, her eyes rolling back in her head.)

Sabine: Hoc est infantima malom. Nos omnia perdetu el eam.

(Flash forward to Hayley sitting at the desk with her laptop. She's entering the strange words Sabine uttered into an online translator, but is getting no results.)

Feelings start to show

Endless Love Piano Version Beautiful Piano

Endless Love Piano Version Beautiful Piano

(Sophia is walking in the Quarter, still wearing her gown. She sees Marcel, and turns the other way but runs into him there.)

Sophia: Why are you following me?

(He walks toward her, backing her up against a store front.)

Marcel: Because I owe you another dance.

(Marcel offers his hand which she accepts. He leads her to on the corner of Bourbon Street and begin their dance. Sophia and Marcel share one last dance in the moonlight on the corner of Bourbon Street and share a look of intimacy.)  

(Later, Sophia returns to the Mikaelson Mansion. She sees Klaus sitting in the living room and approaches him.)

Klaus: Sister, don't get too close with Marcel.
Sophia: What are you talking about?
Klaus: You know what I'm talking about. You like him. I saw how you two were at the party. And I know Marcel well when it comes to a woman.
Sophia: I can take care of myself. And its not even like that.
Klaus: Looks like it. He's letting his feelings show and I think he's wearing you down.
Sophia: He's not doing anything to me, Niklaus. And shouldn't you worry about your own love life? Remember there was Tatia, Aria, and lastly Caroline.
Klaus: What about them?
Sophia: They each brought out a different side to you. I rarely saw your humanity unless it was with someone you're in love with. Like Caroline for example. What was it that you had said to Caroine back then in Mystic Falls?...I never answered your question, if I’d ever thought about being human. Once. I was on a trek in the Andes, and a hummingbird flew up to me and just hovered there staring at me. Its tiny heart was pattering like a machine gun. And I thought, what a thing, you know, to have to work that hard every day just to stay alive, to be constantly on the verge of death, and how satisfying every day must be that it survived… And that was the only time I thought about being human...Klaus you were letting your humanity show. With your humanity, that is the brother that I grew up with.
Klaus: Sophia, I just...
Sophia: You just what?

(Klaus leaves the room and Sophia is wondering what he was going to say.)

Davina refuses

(Davina kneels at Elijah's open casket. She hears a door open and looks up to see Marcel enter. She runs to hug him.)

Davina: You're okay! I was so worried.
Marcel: Thank you. Whatever you did, I felt it. You helped me.
Davina: It was the old ones, wasn't it?
Marcel: Actually, Klaus is the one that saved me tonight. I'm gonna make things right, starting off by giving him his brother back.
Davina: No.
Marcel: What? Davina—
Davina: No. You said the old ones were dangerous. I won't give him back until I know how to kill them.


(Macklyn is seen with the unknown woman again.)

 ???: Did you take care of it?
Macklyn: Yeah. Klaus is still alive for now.
 ???: Good. When is your friend arrving in New Orleans?
Macklyn: Sometime next week. What's next?
Aria: Those witches didn't get rid of Danielle like they were suppose to but I'll take care of it. I'll contact them in a few days. You however...What do you want to do?
Macklyn:...See an old lover...But first, I have to give someone a warning.


(Arriving at this room in the hotel, Thomas gets a text from Hayley saying "Help me find what Sabine said earlier. He responds with "Okay.")

(On his phone, he does an internet search and finds something unexpected...He texts Hayley back telling her not to worry about it. Thomas has a worried look on his face as his eyes glow yellow and looks onward to who is in front of him. Macklyn is staring at him from the distance and then vanishes. He calms down, shruggs it off then looks down at the text that reads "It will destroy everything.") 

The Originals


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