The Originals(Fan Fiction) TV Series
Season 1, Episode 18
Davina 1x18
Air date Summer 2013
Written by User:Cori11
Directed by Cori11
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Taking Charge is the eighteenth episode of Season One of The Originals Fanfiction (Series).


THE WAR BEGINS--As the traditional feast day begins, Klaus, Sophia, and Elijah return to New Orleans to help Rebekah and the others with the upcoming war. Davina, Alice, and Christabella team up against the New Orleans Coven. Hayley takes matters in her own hands on how to deal with Felix but ends up getting help from Jayne whom learns a bit about her past. Serena makes the decision to fight the Grim Reaper head on. Sophia must use her element in order to save many lives. Klaus and Marcel team up with Macklyn team up temporarily. Also, Klaus, Elijah, and Marcel team up with Macklyn team up temporarily to ignite the flame of war in order to draw out Neoma.


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  • Neoma in battle


The War Begins Edit

(It is night now, and the Feast of Blessings parade begins down the main street.)

Marcel: (voiceover) The start of the plan is that Davina, Monique, and Abigail are going to have the Feast of Blessings. We can get the upper hand over the witches during the event.

(Alice and Christabella are seen hidden in the crowd. The witches march down the street, and the three currently-alive Harvest girls are hoisted above the crowd on thrones. The girls are each dressed for the element they represented in the Harvest--Monique in floral earth tones, for earth; Davina in bright red-orange, for fire; and Abigail in white, for air.)

Monique: Now, in accordance with the Fête des Bénédictions, the witches of New Orleans bless you all!

(The crowd cheers. Monique steps forward first, and creates a mild earthquake that rumbles the ground below them. Then, Abigail steps forward and raises her arms to create very strong winds that blow around the crowd of tourists. Finally, Davina steps forward, turns around, and raises her palm to the sign behind her, which immediately ignites with fire and sets off dozens of fireworks, which makes the crowd cheer again. Papa Tunde and more witches of the coven appear.)

Papa Tunde: What is the meaning of this?! Why are you holding this event without an Elder's permission?!

Davina: Neoma stated that the war has begun. So this is how we are starting it.

Papa Tunde: You have no right! You all abandoned the coven!

Davina: We admit that we have but we will not stand by while Neoma, Aria, and the witches try to take control of our lives.

Monique: We choose how we want to live, its not anyone else's decision.

Papa Tunde: Enough! If you refuse to stop this event, I will have to use force! (raising his hand)

(Papa Tunde begins chanting, using his magic against Davina, Monique, and Abigail causing the three girls to fall to their knees, groaning in pain. Soon, Christabella appears and knocks Papa Tunde down to the ground.)

Christabella: Sorry can't have anymore of that.

(A singing voice is heard...Jayne walks the streets of New Orleans, catching the attention of the men who admire her beauty and admire her voice...they all approach her as continues to entertain them leading the men away from Davina's group.)

Papa Tunde: What's a damn siren doing here?!

Christabella: She's here to keep your friends busy. As for you...

(Christabella stops talking when the rest of the full coven shows up.)

Papa Tunde: My witches!

(Alice comes up behind Christabella as Davina joins them.)

Christabella: Great, more witches...

Alice: We can handle the lot of them just as long as Jayne continues her part.

Davina: I got Monique and Abigail to safety.

Christabella: Alright. Let's have some fun.

I Know What I Must Do Edit

Elijah: Serena, you can't be serious about this!

Serena: But I am. I can't let my father continue living like that. Thank you for trying to protect me from all this but you keeping it from me still hurts.

Elijah: Serena, you don't have to do this! Your parents

Serena: My parents wanted what was best for me, I know that. They wanted me away from all this supernatural phenomenons and its understandable father has been wandering this earth for ten years, a dark soul he can't escape from will always haunt him unless I do something about it!

Matthias: Elijah, this is her choice. You have to respect that. Besides, she's too far caught up in the supernatural to escape it now. I'll look out for her.

Cami: I'm coming as well.

Serena: Cami--

Cami: Serena, you're my friend. I need to look out for you.

Serena:...Thank you. Elijah, don't look at me like that. I'll be fine. I have to help my family just like you need to help yours.

Elijah: (stands in front of Serena and kisses her forehead) You are family, Serena.

(Serena nearly hesitates and quickly walks out of the room with Cami and Matthias following her.)

Matthias: So are you ready?

Serena: Yeah. I know what I must do now. I have to become the Grim Reaper.

(Elijah continues to stand in the room when his phone starts to ring. Its an unknown number yet he still answers it.)

Elijah: I'm assuming this is Celeste?

Celeste: You're good, how you'd guess?

Elijah: I knew you would come or call me at some point. Where would you like to meet?

Celeste: The cemetery please.

Elijah: I'll be there.

The Other Side Edit

(Brody stands above on top of a roof of one of the buildings and seems to be in deep thought...Bethany.)

Bethany: Something wrong?

Brody: No.

Bethany: Like I believe that. Brody, if something's bothering you, tell me. I can sense something's wrong...What did you see beside that explosion in your vision?

Brody: What makes you think I saw something else?

Bethany: You had too, either you wouldn't be acting like this.

Brody:...I...I thought I saw my younger sister...

Bethany: Younger sister?

Brody: I had a younger sister named Casey...I killed her...

Bethany:...Are you sure you saw her?

Brody: It looked like her...

Bethany:...Then once we get out of here, we'll see if we can get any info on her.

(Genevieve and Sophie come up behind Bethany and Brody)

Genevieve: And I will be joining you.

Sophie: I need to get out of here too.

Bethany: The both of you will remain here after especially after everything you've done, Sophie.

Sophie: I did it to save my niece so don't judge me.

Bethany: (chuckles) By taking the life of another sixteen year old girl? You took Sophia's daughter from her.

Sophie: Neoma promised that I would be able to complete the Harvest in exchange for killing Danielle. I had to do something. After I lost my sister, I had nothing left. I finally reunited with Jane over here but she's been sucked up into a dark oblivion!

Bethany: Sorry but should I feel sorry for you? Your niece died because of your sister. She didn't do anything to protect her daughter! Soon after Monique died, Jane did, why do you think that? Then later, you killed Danielle and now you're dead. Do you see a pattern here? Get my drift?

Sophie: Screw you bloodsucker.

(Bethany grabs Sophie's neck and begins to choke her.)

Bethany: I advise that you watch how you speak to me. (throws Sophie to the ground)

Sophie: I need to get back to my niece. I'm all that she has!

Bethany: Well, Davina and the others seem to be taking good care of her and Abigail. Besides, I think Monique is better off without you. As for you, Genevieve...

Brody: She should be resurrected as well. I'm pretty sure Sophia will bring her back too.

Bethany: Uh...Why?

Brody: Think about it. Genevieve didn't do anything wrong. It was Rebekah who used Genevieve in the first place then killed her.

Genevieve: He's right. All I wanted to do was live.

Bethany: Where's Dani and Thomas? I haven't seen them in a while...

Brody: I'm pretty sure they're somewhere in the city. I'll go look for them.

(Somewhere in the city, Danielle is seen watching Neoma who is sitting on a throne. Mikael appears behind Danielle.)

Mikael: Penny for your thoughts?

Danielle: No thank you.

MIkael: Neoma...A cursed demon who has lived on the earth for five-thousand years...

Danielle: Did you know Esther sealed Neoma inside my mother?

Mikael: Unfortunately, no. If I had known, I would be against it.

Danielle: Wow, so you do have a heart.

Mikael: Aw, so you think that lowly of me? Danielle, what has your family told you about me?

Danielle: Enough to know and I feel sorry for them now knowing what they meant. So how about you just go away?

Mikael: Can't do that. I plan to also go along when your mother brings back the dead.

Danielle: Like I said before, you won't be coming along.

Mikael: I will. I need to rid of that abomination, Niklaus.

Danielle: Don't talk about Uncle Klaus that way!

Neoma: Are you two done bickering?

(Danielle and Mikael looked shocked as they look at Neoma who is staring right at them.)

Danielle: You can see us?

Neoma: Of course I can. I'm one of the most powerful demons in the world and can see the dead. I've been listening to you two bicker for the last few minutes. So why are the two of you here anyway? Could you shoo because I'm trying to relax before I go out into war.

Mikael: You cursed demon. You take joy in killing others? You should have been destroyed long ago.

Neoma: Well, your wife was to weak to defeat me and so she sealed me inside her own child even though they weren't related. Sophia had no idea and didn't even have a choice in the matter. Shows how much of a wimp your wife is.

(Mikael vamp speeds and grabs Neoma's neck and she laughs.)

Neoma: Please, like this could hurt me. By the way, this is Danielle's body, so...

(Danielle uses her magic on Mikael and he falls to the ground, groaning in pain.)

Danielle: Mikael. Don't forget who holds the most power here. You are the stronger fighter but I have the magic. Try to attack Neoma again and I will do much worse.

Mikael: Why defend her? She was the cause of your death!

Danielle: Because I learned who she really is. (using her magic to blast Mikael to a far distance) should try forgiving yourself.

(Neoma looks solemnly at Danielle who walks away.)

(Thomas sits outside on a bench near the the city. Brody appears and sits next to him.)

Brody: Something on your mind?

Thomas: Heh...You could tell. Have you ever had any visions about the Originals?

Brody: Can't but for some odd reason I was able to see Danielle and Sophia's...But mostly no, not really...What is this about?

Thomas:...The baby. Celeste predicted that they baby will destroy all.

Brody: Are you serious? Why didn't you tell anyone?!

Thomas: I did. I only told Elijah and he wanted us to keep it a secret until we could find out more. I contacted an old friend named Alec, a few months ago and asked him about it as well as sent him some things. He's more knowledgeable about the supernatural world.

Brody: What did he have to say about it?

Thomas: That baby is half vampire, half werewolf, and half witch.

Brody: Three different species? How is that even possible?

Thomas: I don't know. Explain Danielle, she was half vampire-half witch.

Brody:...I don't even know about that...

Thomas: Alec believes there is a purpose for why that child was created in the first place. And no not for Klaus' redemption...He thinks the baby will destroy Klaus.

Something Familiar Edit

(Jayne leads all the men into the bar and stops her singing and seduction. The men are no longer under Jayne's spell and are confused by their surroundings and see Jayne has tricked them. Before they can use their magic, Vanessa vamp speeds, killing them.)

Vanessa: Good job, little siren.

Jayne: Thanks, you too. So what's next?

Vanessa: The battle with the witches is almost over. Klaus, Marcel, and the others are ready to almost ready to fight...but...have you seen Hayley? That little werewolf snuck out again!

Jayne: I'll try finding her...What's wrong?

Vanessa: What the hell?

(Jayne looks behind her to see a shadow figure looming over her...)

Jayne: What is this?!

(Vanessa grabs Jayne and shields her. The shadow figure continues to stand there for a moment until it disappears...)

Vanessa: It can't be...

Jayne: Can't be what? Vanessa, what the hell was that?

Vanessa:...Jayne...You are not to tell anyone about this.

Jayne: Not tell anybody? Are you--

Vanessa: Do you understand me?! I'm not going to repeat myself!

Jayne:...Yeah, I got it...

Vanessa: Good. Now go find Hayley.

Jayne: Should I be worried?

Vanessa: No...Because its my problem. Besides, you probably won't even be in New Orleans anymore.

Jayne: Yeah, well...I can't help but worry.

(Jayne leaves and Vanessa takes a deep breath.)

Vanessa: Why? How is he still alive?

Its Time to Fight Edit

(Marcel has rallied up his army of vampires to review their battle plans before they get started. Klaus and Rebekah stand near.)

Marcel: Make no mistake--if we don't stand against Neoma now, our lives aren't worth a damn anyway!  A wise man said, if you know yourself, and you know your enemy, then you don't need to fear the outcome of battle! I know myself! I know my friends. And, I know my enemy! Tonight, we're gonna fight hard and fast, all at once, from every angle. Kill them and make it nasty. Who's with me?!

(The whole crowd cheers and nods. Klaus smiles at his former student, showing how proud he is.)

Witches Showdown Edit

(Davina and Alice use their magic against the New Orleans Coven while Christabella picks up an vase and lobs it at the Papa Tunde's hand that held a stake. Christabella sees one of the New Orleans witches sneaking up on Davina. She grabs the stake Papa Tunde was carrying and throws it at the witch, killing her instantly. Papa Tunde cast a pain infliction spell on Christabella which makes her fall onto her knees. Davina and Alice combine their powers together by casting a fire spell.)

Davina/Alice: Ex Spiritum In Tacullum, En Terrum Incendium, Phasmatos Salves A Distum!

(Davina and Alice's powers together manage to overcome the New Orleans Coven, killing them all. Alice sees Christabella in danger and silenty casts a protection spell on her. Christabella feels the pain fade away and sees Alice throw her a dagger, she quickly catches it and stabs it forcefully through Papa Tunde's stomach.)

Papa to the ground)

One's Wings Revealed... Edit

(Hayley stands above the rooftops watching the traditional feast continue as the war against Neoma is about to begin.)

Jayne: Quite a sight, isn't it?

Hayley: What are you doing here?

Jayne: I could ask you the same thing. You're nine months pregnant, the baby will be coming soon, and you're planning on joining the fight?

Hayley: I don't need a babysitter. As you should know, I can take care of myself.

Jayne: I know that. But people have been looking for you and you should know better by now than to run off by yourself!

???: Well, if it isn't my lucky day! I get to kill two birds with one stone!

(Felix appears from the darkness and walks slowly towards the girls.)

Jayne: Who the hell are you?

Felix: The name is Felix. But does it really matter when you'll be dead soon.

Hayley: This is the guy who tried to kill all of us. The explosion back at the Mikaelson Ball.

Jayne: What?

Felix: I know who Hayley is but who are you?

Jayne: You won't need to know it once you're dead.

(Jayne throws a knife at Felix but he catches it with his bare hand.)

Felix: You have to do better than that.

(Felix quickly throws a dagger at Jayne's cheek, it is so fast that she wasn't able to see it.)

Hayley: Are you okay?!

Jayne: Hayley, stay back.

(Jayne charges at Felix and the two fight head on. However, Jayne is overpowered when Felix holds her tightly in a choke hold, suffocating her.)

Hayley: Jayne!

Felix: How does it feel to be helpless?

Jayne: S--stop...Can't...breathe...

(Hayley tries to help Jayne but Felix stops her.)

Felix: Come any closer and I'll throw this knife straight through your heart. I swear that I will not miss.

Hayley: Damn you!

Felix: Well, answer me little girl? How does it feel knowing you can't be helped? Knowing that you're about to die?

Jayne: LET ME GO!!!!!!!!!!!

(Jayne's scream echo throughout the city as Felix and Hayley cover their ears, as they appear to be in pain. Felix lets go of Jayne and falls to the ground. Hayley runs over to Jayne and pulls her away from Felix.)

Felix: That was a sonic scream...Are you a damn siren?!

Jayne: (breathing heavily) What' you?

Felix: You sirens are all the same! You seduce your way into people's lives and take over theirs! Sirens are the very source of all evil as you make people believe love them when its all a lie! You're going to have to die, join the few that I have killed.

(Jayne begins to feel a sharp pain in her chest as her eyes start turning into a ocean blue color...she slowly stands up and suddenly white wings emerge from her back...white feathers float around the area...)


Felix:...A-are...It can't be...! Its you! ...You're his daughter! I thought you were dead!

(Jayne continues stand there quietly and claws slowly emerge from her fingers...She walks slowly towards Felix as he backs away.)

Felix: Stay back! Stay away from me!

Hayley: Jayne!

(Jayne continues to ignore the voices around her, its like she can't hear them at all...She stops in front of Felix whom is shaking terribly.)

Jayne: (raising her hand)...Die.

Felix: NO!

(Jayne uses her claws to cut Felix's chest causing him to scream. Before Jayne can do anymore damage, she faints and falls off the roof...)

Hayley: JAYNE!!!

Unfinished Business Edit

(Elijah arrives at the Lafayette Cemetery and Celeste appears from the fog.

Elijah: Celeste.

Celeste: Elijah...My lost love. (steps closer and kisses him)

Elijah: Since I have come to learn everything about what you have done, what is the purpose of your game?

Celeste: After all this time, don't you understand? I died because of Klaus. And even after all his vindictive lies about witches led to my death, you stood by him. All because of your vow – "Always and forever." That was the greatest mistake of your life.

Elijah:...I'm sorry.

Celeste: You're sorry?! That's all you have to say? Klaus caused my death and you didn't do anything about it! WHY?!

Elijah:...I'm afraid I don't have an answer for that. Believe me, if I could go back in time and change things, I would.

Celeste: But you can't.

Elijah: Celeste...What can I do to make this right?

Celeste: I want to teach you the error of your ways...To destroy your family so that you can spend an eternity alone like I did.

Elijah: (grabs her by the neck) Leave my family out of this.

Celeste: Are you threatening me? I was the one who was destroyed by your brother! Yet you still ignore that fact!

Elijah: (lets her go) Forgive me. Celeste, you have to understand that I had to save my brother from the darkness!

Celeste: You know one day, are going to regret that you chose to stay by your brother's side...

Elijah: What is that suppose to mean?

Celeste: From now on, every time you feel a connection to a woman, you'll be forced to wonder if it's me.

(Celeste quickly takes a shard of glass out of her pocket and stabs it into Sabine's neck; coughing she falls dead to the ground. Sophia comes from the shadows and places her hand on Elijah's shoulder.) 

Sophia: She's nearby. Come with me.

(Celeste awakens in her original body covered by a white sheet, gasping awake. She is shocked and confused as to this sudden turn of events. Sophia and Elijah enter as she gets to her feet and backs away from them.)

Celeste: How? How is this possible?!

Elijah: Sophia, what did you do?

Sophia: I looked into Esther's grimoire and saw a restoration spell...À ses restes, retourne au sol...So I gave it a try. (takes out a dagger)

Elijah: (grabbing her hand) What are you doing?

Sophia: It must be done in order to bring back the last Harvest Girl. I can bring her back after this. (looks at Celeste) I can give her new memories so she can start a new life...Only if that's what you want.

Elijah:...Thank you...But let me.

Celeste: Non. Mon cheri, non. Tout est possible. Ce n'est pas fini. Aah!

Elijah: Désolé.

(Elijah takes the dagger from Sophia and stabs Celeste in the stomach with a dagger, she screams then drops to the ground dead.)

Coming Back Edit

HQ Requiem for a dream (Piano cover)

HQ Requiem for a dream (Piano cover)

(Sophia is seen walking in the city.)

Sophia: Hoping this works...(closing her eyes) My element...Help me now...

(Flashes of everyone's loved ones appear one by one. Sophia concentrates and her body begins to glow...)

Sophia: Bethany...

Bethany: (voiceover) I live life to the fullest. If I had to give up my life for the greater good, I would.

(Bethany's body begins to glow...)

Thomas: What's going on?!

Brody:...Its Sophia...

Bethany: I guess its time to go back home...I'll see you there.

(Bethany disappears from the Other Side and finds herself back in the real world, lying on the streets...)

Sophia: Thomas...

(Thomas' body begins to glow next and disappears...Back in the living, he awakens in the Bayou...)


(Genevieve's body glows as she disappears, she opens her eyes to see that she is in the Lafayette Cemetery...)

Sophia: Celeste...

(Celeste returns to the living, she stands before Sophia...)


Brody: (voiceover) Ever since what happened to my family...I really hadn't anyone to care for...but then I met my friend. He reminded me that I have eternal life and I can have the time of my life but...Sophia and the others...they showed me something a bit more...Someone to live for.

(Jayne is seen falling from the roof and white feathers fall in the area...then suddenly someone saves her...)

Sophia:..My daughter...

Danielle: (voiceover) Life is precious. It shouldn't be wasted. Would I like to grow up and live a normal life? A part of me, yes but...Having eternal life and getting to spend it with the people I love, is even better. My family even Marcel, and my best friend are part of my special world...But the most important piece of me, the part that makes me accept who I my mom.


(Back to beginning of the series, on their way to New Orleans, Sophia is driving while Danielle is drawing.)

Sophia: Haven't seen you do that in a while.

Danielle: Yeah, I kinda lost my inspiration so I decided to take a break from it.

Sophia: You got the drawing from Klaus and he never loses inspiration. I bet he be surprise to hear about that. So what are you drawing?

Danielle: Almost done...There! (turning her sketchpad around) Viola!

(It is shown to be an picture of Sophia, Klaus, Rebekah, and Elijah together, smiling brightly.)

Sophia:...Its beautiful...but where are you?

Danielle: Well, once I paint this, it will be a lot better. See the stars? Whenever I'm not around, just look up at the stars and you know that I'm still with you all. I'll be the stars myself.


Sophia: (looking up at the stars)...Danielle, I will bring you back. Just need to take care of something first.

Goodbye Sophie Edit

Sophie: What the hell?! What about me?!

Danielle: I think my mom has a pretty good reason for not bringing you back as well.

Sophie: And what would that be?

Danielle: You killed me. You tried to kill Davina. You used my family and put all of us in danger.

Sophie: I did what had to be done.

Danielle: Davina was the scared for her life and you didn't care! The same goes for me. Besides, Monique doesn't want to be anywhere near you. She saw pretty much everything you did while she was on the Other Side. Honestly, if my mom managed to bring you back, you would've of just died again. But my mom actually did try to bring you couldn't be saved.

Sophie: What is that suppose to mean?

Danielle: If my mom had learned the element sooner or if you had done things differently, you probably would have gotten another chance don't...Sophie, they have other plans for you.

Sophie: They?

(A gust of wind knocks Sophie to the ground.)

Sophie: Danielle, is this...

Danielle: Goodbye, Sophie.

Sophie: No! No! Stop it! No! Please!!!

(Sophie claws desperately at the ground but it is to no avail as she dragged into oblivion by the unknown forces...)

Sophie: NO!!!!!!!!!

(Mikael appears behind Danielle)

Mikael: Guess that just leaves you and me.

Danielle: (walking away) Go away.

Charging In Edit

Hayley: You son of a bitch!

Felix: Shut up! All of you supernatural beings shouldn't even exist! You're a curse upon this world!

Hayley: Is that why you killed my parents?!

Felix: Yes! I kill all you because you cause nothing but death and sorrow!

Hayley: Not all of us are like that!

Felix: Enough talk! Time for you to die!!

(Felix suddenly loses it and begins to attack Hayley...On the other side of the city, two sides are made. Marcel's army vs Neoma's army...)

Klaus: So are you ready for this?

Maklyn: Yeah.

Klaus: Let me make this clear...This will be the last time we work together.

Macklyn: Fine by me.

Klaus: Marcellus.

Marcel: (nods) CHARGE!!!

Friends Reunited/Remembering Sophia's Words Edit

(Sophia opens her eyes to see Bethany smiling at her and Celeste standing nearby. Sophia and Bethany quickly hug each other. Jayne's vision is blurry as she tries to wake up. She hears someone calling her name. Her vision becomes more clearer...)


Brody: What the hell what you were you doing?! As soon as I'm resurrected, I see you falling from a roof! And what's with all the damn feathers?!

Jayne: (tearfully) Brody! (hugging him tightly)

Brody: Wh...Jayne...I'm back now so quit crying!

Jayne: Oh shut up and let me have this moment!

Brody: Fine. But will you tell me why you fell off the roof and where all the feathers came from?

Jayne: Feathers? (looking at the white feathers surrounding them) I don't know...All I remember is that I was fighting Felix and then I suddenly felt different...

Brody: What the hell were you doing near Felix, huh?! He's a cold-blooded killer!

Jayne: Hayley! I have to get back up there!

Brody: No, you don't! Stay here and I will go help Hayley.


Brody:...Yeah, whatever. (vamp speeds inside the buliding)

(Bethany appears)

Bethany: Jayne!

Jayne: Beth!

Bethany: (hugging her) These I even want to know?

Jayne: I don't even know myself...Have you seen Sophia?

Bethany: Yeah...She's on her way to join her siblings to confront Neoma.

Jayne: Oh...

Bethany: I'm going out to the battle-lines. The war is about to begin.

Jayne: I'm going too.

Bethany: No. I want you to stay here.

Jayne: But--

Bethany: No buts. I want you here and to be safe...Jayne, Sophia wanted me to tell you to not forget what she said. (walks away)


(Earlier in the night)

Sophia: Jayne, I will bring Bethany, Brody, and many others back but...if I die, you're just going to have to accept that.

Jayne: No, I won't do it, I will not accept that. You're suppose to stick around. We have to watch out for each other like we're suppose to. You have to stay alive and see your daughter have the summer of her life then go into her junior year of high school. You have to confess your feelings to Marcel and live together forever. You have to spend as much time with me and the others before I leave for wherever I'm suppose to be going whenever that's suppose to be! (tearfully) Sophia, you can't go dying on us again! If you die, I'll never see you again and I don't want that to happen! You were the one who always gave me the encouragement I needed!

Sophia: If I could compel you right now, I would...(hugging her) Jayne. We're heading into the final battle...Lives will be lost but yours won't. You will survive. You remember everything Brody told you? It's going to happen. So I need you to focus on that. You're going to have a new life and I believe that you will your mother one day...You need to let me handle bringing our loved ones back.

Jayne: Finding my mom? What about finding your mom?

Sophia: (sighs) I may never find her. But who knows? If I die, I'll leave the task to Danielle which I want you to be the one to tell her...Jayne, I don't know what's going to happen. But right now, I need to meet up with my brothers and get ready to face Neoma. Before I go, I have something for you. (hands Jayne a locket) It contains a Siren's Tear. I recieved it from Qetsiyah, she told me it belonged to your ancestor. Thought it would be better for you to have it.

Jayne: Maybe I could use it on you if you die again but I really hope you don't die.

Sophia: Jayne, you use it wisely as you can only use it once. When you're a powerful siren, your tears will be able to work...So don't use it on me. Promise?

Jayne: I promise only if you come back alive.

Sophia: I'll try to. (walks away)

Jayne:...Be careful...

(Jayne turns around to see an unknown man behind her.)

Unknown Man: Don't worry. She'll come out alive.

Jayne: How do you know?

Unknown: (smirks) I just know. My girl is stronger than she looks. (walking away)

Jayne: Your girl?


Chosen My Path Edit

(Serena, Matthias, and Cami stand in the misty graveyard, waiting...)

Cami: Before he shows up...Serena, are you really sure about this? About becoming the Grim Reaper?

Serena: Yeah. I've made up my mind. I don't want my father to suffer anymore.

Matthias: I admire your strength. I believe Elijah said its a trait you picked up from your father.

Serena: Well, I remember my mom telling me when I was little that I'm more like my dad...He's here.

Cami: How do you know?

Serena:...I can feel him.

(The three of them look ahead and see the Grim Reaper appear from the mist, slowly approaching them...)

Grim Reaper: Serena, I need your soul now!

Serena: I'm sorry but I can't give it to you...Besides you won't need it when I kill you.

Grim Reaper: What are you talking about?

Serena: I will take your place as the new Grim Reaper.

The War Begins Edit

(As it rains, all supernatural creatures alike fight...Blood is being spilt and ashes are spread. Klaus is outnumbered but has the advantage, Marcel is attacked one by one but does not falter, Bethany throws stakes into vampires hearts, Vanessa is breaking witches' necks as well as ripping their hearts out. Jackson and his pack continue to fight, not backing down. Soon after, the sky begins to turn red and the blood moon appears in the sky...)

Klaus: Its time!

Marcel: Macklyn now!

(Klaus and Marcel stop the vampires attacking Macklyn who is holding Sophia tightly to him and makes an annoucement.)

Macklyn: Neoma! I have the one who was once your light! If you want her, come and get her!!

(Neoma hears Macklyn words and crushes her throne's armrest and screams...)

Face Me Edit

(Elijah and Rebekah stand in the darkness watching Neoma until she makes her move. She raises her hand and suddenly, Sophia, Macklyn, and Klaus are brought to her.)

Neoma: You dare threaten me?!

(Elijah and Rebekah vamp speed grabbing Neoma but her strength beats them...Blood begins to fill the floor and demons rise from it...)

Macklyn: What is this?!

Neoma: If you want to fight...A fight is what you shall have. So my minions will have their fun with the rest of you.

(Aria appears)

Aria: (holding a white oak stake) Klaus is all mine.

Neoma: As for the one who was once my light...Come out and face me!

(Sophia eyes suddenly close and when they open back open, the color changes to black showing Dark Sophia has emerged...)

Dark Sophia:...Neoma...This has to end now.

The Originals

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