The Originals(Fan Fiction) TV Series
Season One, Episode 17
Air date Summer 2014
Written by User:Cori11
Directed by User:Cori11
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TO/TVD Special is the seventeenth episode of Season One of The Originals Fanfiction (Series).


RETURNING TO MYSTIC FALLS--After finding out that her best friend is on her death bed, Sophia along with Elijah and Klaus hurries back to Mystic Falls. Sophia tries to find a way to save Katherine but seeks guidance from Qetsiyah and Bonnie. Elijah reminisces the past of him and Katherine. Klaus is trying to solve his unfinished business with Caroline. Katherine finds an unexpected secret. Meanwhile back in New Orleans, Rebekah and the others help Marcel to keep things under control in New Orleans to prepare for what's to come against Neoma and Aria.


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  • Time for the next element
  • Elijah visits Katherine
  • Sophia gives Katherine a beautiful gift


Katherine (to Qetsiyah): Sophia BFF...Smart, loyal, and has never given up on me...She is my heart. She gave me a reason to hold onto my humanity which is a vampire's greatest weakness. Even though I'm human now, nothing's changed.

Sophia (to Qetsiyah): Its strange...I feel like I know you...

Katherine (to Nadia): Nadia, letting my father rip you out of my arms, it was the biggest regret of my life. I should've fought harder, to keep you, but I didn't. So I spent the last 500 years, making sure that I'd never make that mistake again. I fought for everything, and in the process, I had a long, full life. And I got to know my beautiful daughter. You spent the last centuries searching for me, don't waste another minute on me. It's your turn to live.

Sophia (to Katherine): Katerina Petrova, my best friend and my sister. Your daughter just suddenly appeared back in your life. You've gotten a second chance to get to know and love her. I don't know who my real mother was and I probably never will but do not let Nadia slip out of your life again. If Danielle was taken from me the moment was born, I wouldn't be the person I've been for a thousand years. A mother's love for their child is powerful than you think and I know that you have realized that.



Three Days Later Edit

(Klaus, Elijah, Rebekah, Marcel, and Sophia stand before the burden down building near Sophia's Mansion.)

Rebekah: He tried to take us out all at once! Why haven't we done anything to him yet?!

Elijah: Because he's nowhere to be found. Apparently he's keeping himself well hidden. I'm more worried about Hayley and Jayne as well as you, Sophia.

Sophia: I'm fine, Elijah. Jayne isn't doing so good.

Klaus: Really? She seemed fine to me.

Sophia: That's just an act. She stands by me almost 24/7 just to make sure nothing happens to me. But when she goes to her room, she locks the door and doesn't come out for hours.

Rebekah: Poor girl.

Marcel: Let us worry about this. You need to go to Mystic Falls.

Sophia: I'm not leaving everyone hear after what just happened three days ago!

(Sophia's phone starts to ring and Bonnie Bennett's name comes up. She decides to answer it.)

Sophia: Bonnie?

Bonnie: (voice) Sophia...Its about Katherine...

Remembering the Past Edit


(A heavily pregnant Katerina is standing at a desk, until she moans in pain. Back in the present, Katherine is at the hospital after having fallen down the stairs at the Salvatore Boarding House. She has flatlined and is obviously dying.)

Doctor: Clear. 100 joules.

(The defibrillator has no effect)

Doctor: 200 joules. Charged. Clear.

(The past and present blend when the doctor appears to speak in Bulgarian. In her memory, Katherine recalls giving birth to her daughter. The shots alternate between the present day and the distant past. Bulgarian is spoken throughout the flashback.)

Katerina's Mother: (in Bulgarian) A little more dearest. a little more.

(Katerina screams in pain)

Katerina's Mother: Push a little more. A little more. A little more. Push!

(Katerina pushes hard one more time, before a small cry is heard)

Katerina's Mother: It's a girl.

Katerina: A girl?

(Katherine's father enters the room, upsetting her immediately)

Katerina: Please, mother...let me see her.


(Late at night...The Salvatore Boarding House, a car pulls up...)


Katerina's mother looks as if she is about to hand the baby over to Katerina, but before she can, she is stopped.)

Katerina's Father: Woman, Don't. What are you doing?

(Her mother instead gives the newborn child to Katerina's father)

Katerina: Let me at least hold her once. At least once...

Katerina's Father: Forget it. You have disgraced this family.

(Katerina's father takes the baby and leaves the room with her)

Katerina: Father, please. No. Father. No!

(As they exit, Katerina is frantically thrashing in her bed, trying to get up to follow them)

Katerina's Mother: It's better for her.

Katerina: No, mother. Please.


(A woman with brown curly hair walks out of the Salvatore Boarding House. Elijah, Sophia, and Klaus come out of the car.)

Nadia: Who are all of you?

Elijah: Allow me to make the introductions. I am Elijah Mikaelson. And these are my younger siblings, Sophia Zariah Mikaelson and Niklaus Mikaleson.

Nadia: Mikaelson? Are you the Originals?

Sophia: Yes we are. Onto further matters, we are here for Katherine Pierce.

Nadia: What's your business with her?

Klaus: You just want to be difficult. Just let us see her and I'll let you off easy.

Elijah: Niklaus, don't stir up trouble. Excuse my brother's manners but will you please let us see Katherine?

Nadia: I will allow Sophia and Elijah to come but as for Klaus, no. You've tried to kill her several times including the fact that you would love to watch her fall to her death.

Klaus: Well, she read me.

Sophia: We're okay, with that. Klaus, wait in the living room.

Klaus: Unbelievable...

Elijah: I will wait with Niklaus...Sophia, you go on ahead.

(They go into the Salvatore Boarding House and Klaus heads for the living room. As Nadia escorts Sophia, the scene goes to Katherine whom is waking up, seeing she is a guest room. She sees Nadia come in.)

Nadia: Hey. See that you're awake.

Katherine: Yeah but for how long?

Nadia: I will find a way to save you.

Katherine: Nadia--

Nadia: You have some visitors...

Katherine: Who would want to see me?

(Sophia walks in)

Sophia: I do...and another certain someone waiting downstairs.

Katherine: (shocked) Sophia? How did you--

Sophia: Bonnie called me. (sitting on the bed with Katherine as Nadia leaves the room)

Katherine: (sighs and struggles to sit up) Figures as much.

Sophia: (puts a hand on her shoulder) Don't, just relax. I'm glad she did, I want to see you.

Katherine: Why would you want to see me now? I'm dying of old age. Sophia, I don't want you to see me like this. Weak, tired, and old.

Sophia: No, Katherine, that's not why. You're my best friend, your like my sister. I'm going to stay here, and help your through this. You're Katherine Pierce, your a survivor.

Katherine: Well, I don't think that Katherine Pierce can survive this one. It's nature running it's, horrible course and if there's on thing I've learned in my 565 years of life...It's that you can't run from nature.

Sophia: But you can try... You have to try for Nadia, for me.

Katherine: I can't, Nadia was better off not knowing who I am. I'm a horrible person. Sophia, I've done horrible things that Nadia does not need to know about. She doesn't need to know or love me, besides it can't save me.

Sophia: (holds her hand) Katerina Petrova, my best friend and my sister. Your daughter just suddenly appeared back in your life. You've gotten a second chance to get to know and love her. I don't know who my real mother was and I probably never will but do not let Nadia slip out of your life again. If Danielle was taken from me the moment she was born, I wouldn't be the person I've been for a thousand years. A mother's love for their child is powerful than you think and I know that you have realized that.

Katherine: (tearfully) Sophia, you have been my friend for longer then I can remember. You are the best person in my life, and Nadia is as well. My biggest regret is not trying to hold her, but I can't fix that. Nothing will ever fix that...I know our love could be strong, and I love her more then anyone in the world...But it's to late for us, I'm going to die Sophia. I don't want to but I'm going to. And I'm glad that I'm going to die knowing that I was friends with you, and got to know my beautiful baby girl. (tears fall from her eyes)

Sophia: That doesn't mean you should give up. Besides, I know a way to save you, Dani, and everyone else who died.

Katherine: How?

Sophia: You'll see but for now, I just need you to hang in there.

Katherine: You never did give up on me...Do you remember 1498?

Sophia:...Yes, I remember.

Katherine: You decided to help me find my daughter but we had no luck. Yet you still believed that I would find her one day.

Sophia: I was a way. She found you instead.

(They hear a knock on the door and see Bonnie standing there.)

Bonnie: Heard you were back.

Sophia: Bonnie, good that you're here. I need your help. In a way, it involves magic.

Bonnie: Not sure I can do anything to help. I don't have my magic anymore since I'm no longer a witch.

Sophia: Yes, I heard about that. The Anchor. Those who die have to pass through you to the Other Side.

Bonnie: Bingo.

Sophia: Well there's someone that I need to find. Her name is Qetsiyah. I was told she can help me learn the element named Life.

Bonnie: Yeah about that--

Katherine: (shocked) How in the...

Bonnie: What?

Sophia: Who are you?

(Bonnie turns around and sees Qetsiyah standing behind her.)

Qetsiyah: Its good to be back.

His Redemption Edit

Elijah: So you are the long lost daughter? Nadia Petrova?

Nadia: Yes. And you are the former lover, Elijah Mikaelson.

Elijah: (chuckles) I guess you could say that I am.

Nadia: So you broke up with my mother to follow your brother around like a little puppy dog? I thought you were the noble one.

Elijah: Nadia...Of course I wanted to be with Katherine, more than anything. But I believed this was my only and last chance to find my brother's redemption.

Nadia: For a thousand years, you have been desperately searching for it and still got nothing! I heard that he's even responsible for the death of a women that you fell in love with! Yet you still stand by him?

Elijah: It is hard to understand, yes...But I feel it is my fault for the way he is...

Nadia: What? You used to be like him?

Elijah: No...It was our father. He would always beat Niklaus and terrify him. Yet I did nothing to help him when I should have. Back when we just became vampires, something horrific happened to my brother...


(Klaus attacks a human, feeds, and the person dies.)

Elijah: (present-day voiceover) When he killed for the first time, we knew what he truly was. 

(Klaus turn into a wolf. He screams, his bones cracking. Mikael and Elijah come running.)

Elijah: Niklaus!

Klaus: What is happening to me?

(Elijah wants to run to his brother, but he can't as he is held back by his father.)

Mikael: Don't!

Klaus: Father! It hurts!

Mikael: He's a beast, an abomination.

(Mikael binds Klaus to a wooden cross.)

Mikael: Elijah! Elijah, hold him down!

Klaus: Brother, please! Don't let them do this to me!

Mikael: Do it now, boy! Now!

Klaus: Help me!

(Elijah chooses to help his father...)


Elijah: He wasn't just a vampire.

Nadia: He was also a werewolf. That's how the werewolf curse works. It isn't activated until you take a life. 

Elijah: Niklaus was the result of an indiscretion our mother had hidden from us all. An affair, with a werewolf. Enfuriated by this betrayal, my father forced our mother to cast a spell that would suppress Klaus's werewolf side, denying him any connection with his true self. I cannot excuse his behavior, but you must understand, when our father hunted him – hunted us – for centuries, every time we found a moment of happiness, we were forced to flee. Even in New Orleans, where we were happiest of all. Not long after, Niklaus broke the spell which prevented him from becoming a hybrid, he defeated our father. I thought this would make him happy. (He shakes his head) He was angrier than ever. That's why I must find his redemption, I owe him.

Nadia: And what if you can't find it this time?

Elijah:...Then I will have no choice but to leave him.

Reunion Edit

(Klaus sits in the living room and comes upon a familiar face...)

Caroline: Bonnie! Bonnie, are you...

(Caroline stops as she sees Klaus standing before her.)

Klaus: Hello, Caroline.

Caroline: Klaus...

Meeting Qetsiyah Edit

Bonnie: Qetsiyah?! How are you--

Qetsiyah: Alive? I'll explain that in a moment but first...

Sophia: So this is the brilliant witch who created immortality? A pleasure to meet you.

Qetsiyah: More of a pleasure to meet you. Sophia Zariah Mikaelson, one of the Original Vampires.

Sophia: You know who I am?

Qetsiyah: I've heard all about you. The loyal and mysterious one, similar to your brother, Elijah.

Bonnie: Mysterious?

Sophia: Oh, Bonnie. There are a lot of things you don't know about me. Some things should be kept hidden.

Qetsiyah: I assume you coming to see me is to learn the element of Life?

Sophia: How did you know?

Qetsiyah: I know about Danielle, what had happened to her also Neoma making her return. I will help you learn the element only if you believe you are ready.

Sophia: I am.

Qetsiyah: Then let us prepare. Bonnie, I need your help. Sophia, get yourself ready and meet us in twenty minutes.

(Qetsiyah and Bonnie go into another room as Sophia walks to the front door. As soon as she opens it, she finds someone that she never wanted to see again...)

Klaus and Caroline Edit

(Klaus and Caroline sit outside, having a drink.)

Caroline: What are you doing back?

Klaus: I came back with Sophia and Elijah. We heard about Katherine's condition getting worse and Sophia wants to save her.

Caroline: Well, if anyone was my favorite out all of you, I think I would say its her...She somehow always has hope.

Klaus:...Tyler made a visit in New Orleans.

Caroline: What? Is he...Did you...

Klaus: Don't worry, love. I didn't see him, I smelled his scent. He kidnapped an acquaintance of mine but a friend of hers and Elijah managed to help her. Tyler got away, caused ruckus.

Caroline: I'm sorry...

Klaus: Its not your fault...I heard you two broke up.

Caroline: Because I made him choose. Me, or his stupid revenge fantasy. He chose wrong.

Klaus: Would you give me the same choice?

Caroline: What?

Klaus: If I were so set on revenge against someone, would you give me the same choice as Tyler?

Caroline: I don't know...

Klaus: Yes you do.

Caroline: You can't do this to me. You can't just show up like this when I haven't seen you in months.

Klaus: Yet I left voicemails, sent text messages, letters, even postcards.

Caroline: Which is nice and all but--

Klaus: But what? We are friends, aren't we?

Caroline: Klaus, what do you want from me this time?

Klaus: Your confession.

Former Lover Edit

Jeremy: You came back...

Sophia: I came for Katherine. So if you don't mind, I have things that I need to do.

Jeremy: (blocks her way) Can't we just talk?

Sophia: Talk? (laughs) Really? Let me think, is it about killing my brother, Kol? By the way, he's been resurrected from the dead and if he comes after you, its not my problem.

Jeremy: He tried to kill me!

Sophia: Yet you and your sister planned it all out! You were going to kill Kol since you needed to kill nineteen vampires in order to awake Silas! You and your sister are so selfish! Elena continue to rip my family apart and you didn't care! Every time something bad happened to my family, Elena was the cause of it!

Jeremy: I'm sorry! But he's back now, isn't he?! Why can't you look past it?!

Sophia: Because it does not justify what you did! You were planning to kill my brother behind my back! You know how much I love my family, how I would do anything for them! How could you do it?

Jeremy: But Sophia he was trying to kill me! He didn't want us awaking Silas, so he continued to come after me!

Sophia: Well, I didn't know anything about that considering the fact that you never told me! Why couldn't you let me handle it?! Kol would have listened to me! He was my brother and you took him from me! That is why I hate you!

Jeremy: Sophia...You know that I love you and I know that deep down, you still love me.

Sophia:...No I don't...I loved you but I was never in love with you, took me a while to realize that...If I actually do feel anything for you right now, is hate. So let me make this clear again...I never want to see you again...because if I do, I will kill you unless Kol decides to come to you instead which is not my problem. Do you understand me?

Jeremy:...Yeah...I got it.

Sophia: Good. (walks away from him)

Jeremy: I'm sorry. If I could change things I would.

Return from the Other Side Edit

Bonnie: So are you going to tell me how you'd return from the Other Side?

Qetsiyah: Well...I just passed through you when you weren't looking.

Bonnie: I find that hard to believe...I thought you would have found peace after accomplishing your Silas quest.

Qetsiyah: After I got my wish of being with Silas, stuck on the Other Side, my work was still not done. I had to return to someone very important to me.

Bonnie: Someone important to you? Who's that?

Qetsiyah: That's a secret. They need me and I refuse to ever leave them again.

Bonnie: Wait if this person is so important to you, why didn't you stay to begin with? Why kill yourself to be stuck with Silas and just now come back?

Qetsiyah: Because I wanted to make him suffer, not only for pretending to love me and use my powers to make the Immortality Spell but it is also because of him that I was killed by the Travelers which resulting in me giving up the person most important to me. That is why I have returned now. This person needs me more than ever and I will not let them go again.

Bonnie: Does this person know you're here? Do they know you?

Qetsiyah: They know I'm here but they don't know who I really am. Its just a matter of time...

Katerina and Elijah/Mother and Daughter/Her Redemption Edit

(Katherine continues to lie in bed but her thoughts are interrupted when she hears a familiar barking.)

Katherine: Finna? (picks him up) So Sophia brought you along as well huh? (rubbing his head) Little furball.

Elijah: We thought he could cheer you up as well.

Katherine: Elijah...

(Elijah comes and sits on the bed with Katherine.)

Elijah: Katerina.

(Katherine takes her hand and holds it up to Elijah's face.)

Katherine: You're here...

Elijah: Of course I am. You really believe I wouldn't come for you when you're on the verge of death?

Katherine: You're better off not seeing me like this. Look at me? I'm starting to look old, my hair is turning grey, and I think I'm even getting wrinkles!

Elijah: (chuckles) Katerina, you shouldn't complain about your appearance. I think you look beautiful.

Katherine: Still charming as ever.

Elijah: I mean it. I speak the truth of what I see.

Katherine: What else do you see?

Elijah: A young woman who looks lost. She's trying to figure out how to live her life and who she is now. Nonetheless, I still see the same young woman I fell in love with five-hundred years ago. A caring and polite person with a pure innocence who always saw life is not worth living if we refuse to believe in love.



(Elijah and Katerina are outside. She’s running and laughing.)

Katerina: You have to chase me!

(He runs after her but stops. She laughs)

Katerina: You're meant to catch me.

Elijah: But if I catch you, the game will be over.

Katerina: Thank you for entertaining me.

Elijah: You looked lonely inside, so I took pity on you.

(She sits down)

Katerina: Klaus promised to spend the day with me, but he never returned home from the night.

Elijah: Yes, Klaus does not live by any rules but his own.

Katerina: He is a very charming man. Hard for anyone to resist, I suppose.

Elijah: And yet...

Katerina: I know not why he courts me. He seems to not care about me at all.

Elijah: Many a union has been built on much less.

Katerina: Is it wrong to want more?

(He sits down with her)

Elijah: Do you have more with Trevor?

Katerina: Trevor believes that he loves me, but true love is not real unless it's returned. Do you agree?

Elijah: I do not believe in love, Katerina.

Katerina: That is too sad for me to accept, my lord. Life is too cruel. If we cease to believe in love, why would we want to live?


(Nadia appears)

Nadia: I need to speak with my mother.

Elijah:...Alright...(places his hand onto of Katherine's cheek) I'll be right back.

(Elijah leaves as Nadia sits next to her mother.)

Nadia: You can survive if you live on in someone else's body. So repeat this spell so I know you understand how the passenger works.

Katherine: I can't.

Nadia: Just say it. I'm pretty sure that Sophia isn't going to find anything!

Katherine: Nadia, stop it. Sophia is one of the most important people in my life and her hope is what is always able to keep me alive. If she doesn't find a way in time, then I will still be happy knowing that she tried as did you. Nadia, I can't continue to live in someone else's body. I don't want to be someone that I'm not!

Nadia: Then go into my body! Say it and it's done. Your spirit goes inside my body and Mia will activate it by calling you forth and you get to live.

Katherine: No. Nadia, you are my daughter but you're not me. Including we can't have mother-daughter bonding that way.

Nadia: Are you seriously planning on dying?!

Katherine: Nadia, letting my father rip you out of my arms, it was the biggest regret of my life. I should've fought harder, to keep you, but I didn't. So I spent the last 500 years, making sure that I'd never make that mistake again. I fought for everything, and in the process, I had a long, full life. And I got to know my beautiful daughter. You spent the last centuries searching for me, don't waste another minute on me. It's your turn to live.

Nadia: You can't do this.

(Elijah is seen standing by the door, listening very carefully to the conversation.)

Katherine: Let me...I made selfish decisions all my life. Let me do the rignt thing for once.

Nadia: Fine. Then go.. Leave me.. drift off into oblivion, but I will not sit by your side and watch you die.

(Nadia leaves and Elijah walks back in the room and sits next to Katherine.)

Katherine: I assume you heard everything.

Elijah: I did.

Katherine: Its my choice. Please respect it. I know Sophia is working on something and I'm glad for that but if she doesn't find something in time, I'll be happy knowing that she tried.

Elijah: You know that if she loses you too, she's going to fall apart.

Katherine: Then you need to make sure that she doesn't....Do you think that, after all horrible things I've would be possible to be forgiven?

Elijah:...Yes...I do believe that.

Katherine: Alright then....I would like to say that...I'm sorry.

Elijah: For what?

Katherine: You have found a way to save me but I ran off and turned myself into a vampire.

Elijah: Katerina, that wasn't your fault. You didn't know my plans because I never told you.

Katherine: Still, you were willing to protect me from Klaus, your own brother.

Elijah: For you...I would. (kisses her forehead)

Your Confession Edit

Caroline: My confession? I didn't do anything. Confession about what?

Klaus: Me. As soon as we're done here, I'm going to walk away and I'm never coming back. You'll never again have to look me in the eye and cover our connection with hostility or revulsion. And you'll never have to loathe the darkest parts of yourself that care for me, in spite of all I've done. i will be gone and you will be free. I just want you to be honest with me.

Caroline:...Klaus...I'm in college. I'm building a life for myself but I still don't have what I want because I keep pushing it away. This connection that we have, I cover it with hostility because I hate myself for the truth about how I really feel about you.

Klaus:...What is it that you want? How do you really feel about me?

Caroline: You really want me to be honest?

Klaus: Always. I always want you to be honest with me.

Caroline:...I will be honest with you only if you're honest with me.

Klaus: What is there for me to be honest about?

Caroline: Katherine and me got into an argument and...she let it slip about...This acquaintance of it Hayley?

Klaus:....So you know....

Caroline: So its true...At least you're being honest.

Klaus: (slowly approaches her) I'm sorry...

Caroline: Why didn't you tell me?

Klaus: I wanted to but I was afraid that--

Caroline: I think less of you.

Klaus: There is nothing between me and Hayley, we are only allies.

Caroline: I figured that because you wouldn't have come back it you didn't feel anything for me anymore...Now its my turn to be honest...I want you but there's so much going on right now that I can't join you in New Orleans right now...I just need time.

Klaus: That's alright...I told you before, remember? I intend to be your last love no matter how long it takes.

(Caroline comes within inches of Klaus' face and begins kissing him slowly at first. They both pull back and smile sweetly at one another then they begin to kiss very passionately.)

Our Friendship Edit

(Katherine wakes up to see Qetsiyah watching her.)

Katherine: That's just creepy. First you come back from the dead and now you're watching me like you're trying to haunt me.

Qetsiyah: Please, if I were to haunt someone, you wouldn't be on that list.

Katherine: Jeez, I'm flattered. What are you doing in here anyway?

Qetsiyah: I want to ask you something. What is your relationship with Sophia? I know that you're best friends but I feel its a weird combination.

Katherine: What does my friendship with Sophia have to do with you?

Qetsiyah: Just answer the damn question.

Katherine: She was one of the only people who saw the good in me. I felt that she was someone I could always depend on.

Qetsiyah: And what is so special about that?

Katherine: You're just making this hard on me....Fine, I'll say it.....Sophia BFF...Smart, loyal, and has never given up on me...She is my heart. She gave me a reason to hold onto my humanity which is a vampire's greatest weakness. Even though I'm human now, nothing's changed.

Qetsiyah:...I see....(whispers) She turned out the way I wanted her to...

Katherine: What did you say?

Qetsiyah: Nothing.

Katherine: Why are you asking about my friendship with Sophia?

Qetsiyah: Just curious. Like I said before, I watched you doppelgangers for two thousand years.

Katherine: And like I said before...Creepy!

The Element Life Edit

(It is now night...Qetsiyah, Sophia, and Bonnie stand outside in the darkness. Klaus, Caroline, and Nadia watch them.)

Qetsiyah: The fifth element. Some call it Life, some call it Spirit. Unlike the other four elements it has no defined place or location. It has has no physical bounds and is still unknown of where it comes from. The element guides the person who wields it and re-shapes them into who they truly are.

Sophia: How do I learn it?

Qetsiyah: I can say that you do not have to be a spiritual person to understand the basics, you don’t have to burn incense, charge your crystals and chant into the wind...It’s all about connection. Once you understand that everything is connected.

Sophia: So my mind, body, and soul?

Qetsiyah: Not that. What I mean is for you to figure out why you are here.

Sophia: To save the people I care about.

Qetsiyah: That's not what I mean. Why are you here? Your very being. Why are you still alive today after living for a thousand years? To put it simply...

Bonnie: Are you living or existing?

Qetsiyah: You got it. Only two other person has had the power of the elements. Only one of them were able to use this element because they were able to understand it. Question is, can you do the same Sophia?

Sophia: I don't know...Because I don't even know why I'm alive to begin with.

Qetsiyah: Think about it.

Bonnie: What do you hold most dear to you in the entire world?

Sophia: (looks at Klaus)...What I hold most my family.

(Klaus smiles at Sophia. Back in the Salvatore Mansion, Elijah hears Katherine's heart no longer beating and vamp speeds to the room, unable to believe what he is seeing.)

Sophia: Esther and Mikael are the ones who created our new beings however Rebekah, Elijah, Finn, Kol, Klaus, and myself created our own paths. We decided what we were going to do from then on. I chose to stick by my family and someday be able to reunite us back to the way we were. .I live for them...Always and forever.

(Klaus, Bonnie, Caroline, and Nadia look stunned as Sophia body begins to glow while Qetsiyah merely smiles.)

Qetsiyah: Well done.

Katerina's Peaceful Dream/Saving My Best Friend Edit

(Elijah silently weeps over Katherine's body, holding her close to him...Meanwhile, in a dream like state, Sophia sees Katherine weep over a body.)

Sophia: Your family...You chose to go back to this day?

Katherine: (crying) Damon already had his fun with this one...This was the worst day of my life. He said it was my fault; that I deserve everything bad that's ever happened to me. He's right...He was right, Sophia. Because of the way I am, I don't deserve to be loved. Its a good thing that I'm dead.

Sophia: That's where you're wrong. Katherine, this wasn't your fault. You weren't born evil. Your life made you that way...You lost everyone that you cared about way too young and you didn't have a family that looked after you. 

(As she looks around the room, her father, mother, and sister's bodies, including the blood that is seen everywhere, disappears.)

Katherine: What are you doing?

Sophia: Giving you something that you never got the chance to do.

(Suddenly, Katherine hears the tiny whimper of a crying baby...her daughter. In a tiny bassinet.)

Katherine: (brightly smiles) Nadia?

Sophia: Go on. Hold her.

(Katherine slowly picks up Nadia and holds her in her arms.)

Sophia: How does it feel?

Katherine: Like I'm holding an entire world...

Sophia: (laughs) That's exactly how I felt when I held Dani.

Katherine: (crying) Sophia....Thank you...

Sophia: You're welcome.

(As Katherine kisses her baby daughter's forehead, the room turns to light.)

Sophia: Time to come home, Katherine.

(Back in the real world. Katherine's body begins to glow and she slowly opens her eyes...She looks better than ever, her old state is completely gone as she is back to being younger self.)

Elijah: Katerina?

(Katherine gets up from the bed and looks in the mirror, smiling at herself.)

Katherine: She did it. Sophia saved me like she said she would.

(Katherina and Elijah look at each happily as she pulls him in for a hug.)

Sophia and Qetsiyah Edit

(Qetsiyah and Sophia sit outside of the Salvatore Mansion.)

Sophia: Thank you for helping me.

Qetsiyah: There's no need to thank me. You were able to find the strength you needed because of your heart...Because of your daughter.

Sophia: Danielle always was able to help me in my deepest troubles....

Qetsiyah: Yet there is something troubling you now.

Sophia: I'm back to being a witch yet the three people I've turned into vampires are still vampires, they didn't go back to being human. Why is that?

Qetsiyah: I presume that's because what affects you won't affect them. Your mother must have performed a powerful spell that would only affect you and bring you back to life as a witch. She probably didn't care much for the people you turned except your daughter.

Sophia: So she only had enough power that would protect me in order to bring me back...She never wanted for me to be a vampire to begin with....

Qetsiyah: There's something else you need my help with, isn't it?

Sophia: I need to find my mother.

Qetsiyah: Your mother will come see you when the time is right.

Sophia: When will that time be?

Qetsiyah: You should ask Brody. I think he will be able to see your future now.

Sophia: How do you know Brody?

Qetsiyah: I've watched from the Other Side, remember?

Sophia: Well then...can you at least help me about a friend of mine?

Qetsiyah: Is it Jayne Rutledge?

Sophia: Yes. All we know is that her mother gave her up for adoption. Can you tell me anything that could be of any help?

Qetsiyah: She's better off not knowing who her mother is.

Sophia: How can she better off? It shattered her when Brody had that vision!

Qetsiyah: If Jayne values her life, she will not try to find her mother. Believe me, Jayne's mother loves her more than anything to which is why she gave her up. If Jayne tries to find her mother, she will follow a path of bloodshed.

Sophia: Things are never easy, are they?

Qetsiyah: Take this. (hands her a locket) Back in my time, I met a siren who is actually Jayne's ancestor. I tried to save him but he wanted to be at peace yet he still thanked me for helping him. This locket contains siren's tear.

Sophia: I've heard of this. It has the power to heal any mortal wound, right?

Qetsiyah: Correct. Tell Jayne to use it wisely as she can only use it once. If Jayne were a powerful siren herself, she can use her own tears.

Sophia: I'll be sure to give her this and tell her what you said.

Qetsiyah: Sophia...before you leave...Take this as well. (handing Sophia a bracelet and earrings)

Sophia: They're beautiful.

Qetsiyah: Your mother wanted you to have them.

Sophia: Wait, you knew my mother?

Qetsiyah: Yes, I did....She loved you very much and it was hard for her to give you up. I met her on the Other Side and told me all about you. I knew one day that I would return to the living so she wanted me to be the one to give them to you if I ever met you. If she could get a second chance with you, she would take it in a heartbeat.

Sophia: (hugging her) Thank you.

(Sophia lets go Qetsiyah and walks away but stops to look back at her.)

Sophia: Its strange...I feel like I know you...

Qetsiyah: (smirks) Maybe you do.

(Sophia looks at Qetsiyah strangely then shakes it off and smiles at her then walks to the car to join Elijah and Klaus.)

War Is Coming... Edit

(Back in New Orleans, the vampires and werewolves of the community are in a panic...)

Rebekah: Everyone calm down please!

Jackson: Why aren't we moving out? Those bastards have killed our people and you aren't doing anything about it.

Marcel: We've got to hold out. We need to give Sophia and the others time. We have a plan, as soon as we get word from them, we can get set.

Jayne: Marcel, Sophia called and says they're coming back. (smiles) She did it. She learned the element, now we can get everyone back!

Marcel: (laughs) I knew she could do it. Now go out into the city and make sure to stay hidden into the plan starts.

Diego: Marcel, we got a problem.

Marcel: What now?

Rebekah: Its Neoma....

(The sky quickly darkens and Aria appears...)

Aria: I have a message for you all. Get ready because blood shall be spilled. Many of you will, many of you will die. But for those who live, will bow down to Neoma. The war is not just for survival, it will be for how you live. So prepare yourselves because...the war starts now. (disappears)

(Neoma is seen sitting on a throne, smiling evilly...)

A New Truth Revealed (Final Scene) Edit

(Qetsiyah sits in the Salvatore's library. Katherine joins her.)

Katherine: So what's the deal?

Qetsiyah: What do you mean?

Katherine: I mean what's your interest in Sophia? Are you afraid she's more powerful than you?

Qetsiyah: She's not powerful than me but she's close to it. She just has to continue learning her more about powers.

Katherine: What do you want from her? If you're out to kill her, then I'll kill you myself before you get the chance.

Qetsiyah: I'm pretty sure Sophia can take care of herself yet you're very protective of her. I'm not going to kill her.

Katherine: Then what is it?

Qetsiyah: You're very persistent.

Katherine: Tell me! Why do you care so much about Sophia?! You don't even know her!

Qetsiyah: Actually, I do...Two thousand years ago, after the Silas incident, I met another man and fell in love, got married then I was pregnant. I gave a baby girl named Cecilia. Some time after, I had to give up my beautiful daughter in order to protect her as the Travelers were coming after me. Giving her up was the hardest thing I've ever had to do. I've watched over her from the Other Side for two thousand years. She was forced to become a vampire and I never wanted that for her but she still grew up to be the lovely woman I wanted her to be. Recently, she was killed by a vampire ally of mine named Christabella Marcoux and went back to being a witch. Today, she came to learn the element of Spirit and saved your life, to that you are grateful. Now she is returning to New Orelans, to save her daughter and loved ones.

Katherine: What are you saying?

Qetsiyah: Sophia Zariah Mikaelson's real name is Cecilia...and she is my daughter.

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