The Originals(Fan Fiction) TV Series
Season 2, Episode 01 (Part 1)
Starting Over (5)
Air date Winter 2014
Written by User:Cori11
Directed by User:Cori11
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Starting Over is the first episode of Season Two of The Originals Fanfiction (Series) and the twenty-second episode of the series overall. It is the beginning of the College Arc. 


NEW BEGINNINGS AND DEADLY ENDINGS--Months later, everyone continues their own story. After her summer romance with Marcel and having strange dreams of Ancient Greek, Sophia joins her best friends, Aria and Katherine on a new journey which leads to college. Sophia is also surprised to hear that Brody will be working at the University as a History & French teacher and must continuing dealing with her thought to be dead former husband, Nathan. Serena, happy to be back at college, is visited by her childhood friends but she suddenly finds difficulty in dealing with her Reaper powers. Aria meets Jay Sykes and takes a liking to him while making a new friend named Addison. Katherine tries to tell Sophia about Qetsiyah but ends up finding the great cruelty of her spell. Brody is reunited with his older twin sister and feels a connection to the young woman, Sapphire. Lastly, people find a bloody end and Sophia meets someone unexpected.


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  • This is the first episode of the College Arc.
  • Expect to see a few deaths and an unexpected scene.



Our Last Night/A Lost MemoryEdit

(During the night, Sophia is in Marcel's bed, lying in his bed, reading a book that has Greek language.)

Sophia: (facing her hand towars the candles) Anavifotyes.

(Small fires begin to light the candles all around the room. Marcel walks in and sees the lighten candles.)

Marcel: (smiling) Having fun?

Sophia: (laughs) Yes I am, thank you for asking.

Marcel: (joining her in bed) You've been practicing your magic for months, when are you going to take a break?

Sophia: Never. I've missed using my magic for a thousand years...I'm happy to have it back.

Marcel: Well, what makes you happy, makes me happy. (looks at the book she's holding) Wait, what language is that?

Sophia: Greek.

Marcel: I didn't know you could speak Greek.

Sophia: I can actually. I've been to Greece about three times. I saw this book in the library and I just knew that I had to have it. My magic is different from a normal witch. I've learned about these different kinds of Greek magic. Shamanism, theurgy, mageia... I've never even heard of any of this.

Marcel: Maybe this book will give you clues on how to find your mother. Now put that book away. You're going to college tomorrow and I just want to hold you in my arms right now.

(Sophia puts the book under the bed and snuggles up to Marcel. He strokes her hair while he holds her.)

Sophia: (laughs) I won't be far, its just eighteen minutes from here!

Marcel: Yeah well it seems a lot further than that...Something's been bothering you lately...Is it about your mother?

Sophia: Yes...I just want to find her and know her.

Marcel: Wait, did you try a locator spell using those earrings and bracelet she gave you?

Sophia: Mm-hmm...Didn't work.

Marcel: She's out there...We'll find her.

Sophia: Thank you...

(Sophia and Marcel fall asleep. In her dreams, Sophia finds herself standing in a city...She walks over to the fountain and looks at her reflection. She is wearing back to being her seventeen year old self and is Greek clothing that is not from the present time but instead the Ancient Times...2,000 years ago.)

???: Cecilia!

(She turns around to see young man running towards her however his face cannot be seen. He smiles at her and gives her a rose.)

???: This is for treating my wounds yesterday.

Sophia: (taking the rose) Thank you...

???: You're welcome...

Men: Aaron!

(Sophia and Aaron see a bunch of men calling him.)

Aaron: I must go. I hope to see you again soon.

(Aaron runs off towards the men and Sophia continues to stare at him as she feels a strong connection with him...She wakes up to see Marcel smiling at her.)

Marcel: Good dream?

Sophia: (kisses his cheek) I guess you could say that.

(Marcel chuckles at her and kisses her forehead. After he gets out of bed, she quickly grabs her phone and sends Katherine a text about her dream.)

Sophia:..What in the world was that? Just who was that man?

The Wife vs The ExEdit

(Sophia is back at her mansion getting ready. She quickly puts on her special outfit, shoes, and accessories she brought for her first day of college. When she finishes putting on her makeup, she heads downstairs and opens the front door to see Nathan standing in front of her.)

Nathan: You're more beautiful than ever. I didn't think that was possible.

Sophia: I told you to stay out of my mansion.

(Sophia locks the front door and walks past him, annoyed, yet he follows her.)

Nathan: Come on! Can't we have a friendly chat? Its been a thousand years since you last saw me!

Sophia: And yet you've been keeping tabs on me and my daughter for the past thousand years.

Nathan: You mean our daughter.

Sophia: No, I mean my daughter. Nathan, you lost the right to be her father a long time ago.

Nathan: And why is that?

Sophia: Did you forget that you were the one who betrayed me and my siblings? Nathan, you sided with Mikael and Esther to turn Elijah, Kol, Finn, Klaus, Rebekah, and me into vampires!

Nathan: I had my reasons...Sophia, you know that I love you.

Sophia: Don't. Don't you dare tell me that you love me. Let me make this clear. I don't want you, Nathan. You are no longer my husband because you are clearly not the man that I had married.

Nathan: I'm not giving up on us.

Sophia: There is no us...I don't have time for this.

Nathan: Since you're going to college which I don't know why...We need to talk about Danielle. She can't stay here by herself.

Sophia: Danielle can stay here by herself but she's not. Vanessa and a few others will be here.

Nathan: And these others are?

Sophia: None of your concern. Now, Danielle and Davina are enjoying their vacation and Danielle has a bodyguard with her. They will be returning to New Orleans soon so do not cause a commotion when they get back.

(Sophia uses her magic on Nathan causing him to fall to his knees, groaning in pain.)

Sophia: Everything that has to do with Danielle is none of your business...Stay away from my daughter.

(Sophia stops her magic and gets in her car, driving into the city.)

Leaving A HomeEdit

(Elijah is hugging Sophia tightly, refusing to let her go.)

Klaus: Elijah, you are going to have to let her go at some point.

Elijah: I rather not.

Sophia: I swear...Elijah! (laughs) It is only eighteen minutes from here!

Elijah: Feels longer. (kisses her forehead but still holds her) Are you sure you want to go?

Sophia: Elijah, you know that you can visit, right?

Klaus: He knows that. We both will come to visit.

(Elijah finally lets go of Sophia and she goes to hug Klaus next.)

Marcel: Aria, do me a favor. Keep an eye on Sophia, okay?

Aria: Why?

Marcel: I don't want her getting into any trouble. Including you for that matter.

Aria: (laughs) Doesn't trouble find us?

Marcel: (hugs her) You know what I mean. Just stay safe, alright. All of you.

Aria: We will.

(Brody honks the car)

Katherine: Hey! We've got to go even though I don't want to! If the both of you don't get your butts out of the car, I'm backing out of this college thing and staying here, planning to party every single day.

Sophia: Brody, what are you doing?

Brody: I'm the new professor at the University!

Sophia: And you tell me this now?!

Katherine: Who cares?! Get in the car!

(Sophia pulls her brothers into a group hug and smiles at them as she lets them go. She walks over to Marcel and kisses him.)

Marcel: Call me when you get there.

Sophia: I will...I love you.

Marcel: I love you.

(Sophia hurries into the car. Katherine and Aria are in the back while Sophia sits in the front with Brody. They wave their goodbyes as Brody drives away. Nearby in another car, Malia is watching them closely. After Klaus, Elijah, and Marcel walk back in, Malia drives her car to follow her mother and the others.)

New DiscoveriesEdit

(They finally arrive at the University of New Orleans. Aria and Brody get out of the car to get their luggage while Katherine and Sophia remain in the car to talk.)

Katherine: So that text you sent me earlier...Want to talk about this dream you had?

Sophia: I don't know what it was but...I was wearing Greek clothing, like the ones they wore two-thousand years ago and I was back to my seventeen-year old self.

Katherine: What? Are you serious?

Sophia: Yeah and there was this man...his name was Aaron. He came up to me and gave me a rose, thanking me for treating his wounds.

Katherine: Aaron? You said his name is Aaron?

Sophia: Yes and he called me Cecilia...And then I woke up.

Katherine: Sophia, that dream--(starts coughing)

Sophia: Are you alright?!

Katherine: Yeah. (coughs) Let's talk about this later, okay? Go get your luggage so we can get to our dorm.

Sophia: Okay...Don't push yourself.

(Sophia gets out of the car and Katherine begins to cough up blood.)

Katherine: Oh my...Qetsiyah, that damn witch.

(Katherine quickly cleans up and gets out of the car. After Aria and Katherine get their luggage and head to the University, Sophia stops Brody so she can talk to him.)

Sophia: Brody. Why did you wait to tell me that you're going to be a teacher here?

Brody: Guess it really wasn't a big deal.

Sophia: I really can't stand you sometimes...Wait, what are you teaching?

Brody: (smirks) History and French.

Sophia: That means you're my teacher!

Brody: Okay. I'll admit it...I just wanted to see that look on your face.

Sophia: (smacks his arm) You did this just to torture me, you knew I was taking that class!

Brody: (laughs) Maybe I did, maybe I didn't...But the truth is, I need to look out for you.

Sophia: Why...Is this about Nathan? Brody, I told you that I didn't blame you for that.

Brody: That's not it...I..(mumbling) I just want to keep you close.

Sophia: You miss Bethany and Jayne, don't you?

Brody: No! (walks away)

Sophia: (chasing after him) Don't be embarrassed! I miss them too!

(A little later, Brody finds his classroom. When he goes inside and closes the door behind him, he gets a surprise that he doesn't like.)


Alison: Hi, baby brother.

(The scene goes to Serena who is in her dorm room. She is reading a book about Grim Reapers and hears a knock on the door. She is surprised by some old friends.)

Serena: Adam? James?

Adam: Surprise!

Serena: Oh my...(happily) What are you two doing here?

James: Thought we come see you in the flesh. Wanted a break from Skype.

Serena: Aww, that's sweet.

Adam: We got you some gifts to add to your dorm room.

(James gives her a photo album and Adam gives her a gift basket.)

Adam: We thought you could use something new and fresh this year.

Serena:..(hugging them both) I love you guys.

Adam: We love you too. How about we spend the whole day together? Like old times? We could take a walk around the university, eat a bunch of junk food, watch horror movies...

James: Don't forget playing golf on the roof!

Serena: (laughs) We haven't done that since we were sixteen and we got in trouble for breaking Mr. Jenkins window!

James: But we're adults now and we can easily slip away. No one will suspect us.

Adam: You just love being a troublemaker, don't you?

James: Something I happily inherited from my dad.

Adam: Yeah, whatever. Let's go.

(James walks out of the room and Adam sees Serena's eyes flash red.)

Adam: What the? Serena, are your eyes okay?

Serena: Why?

Adam: I just saw them flash into a glowing red.

Serena: What? You must be imagining things!

Adam: If you say so...but Serena, you know that you can tell me anything, right? I'm always going to be here for you.

Serena: I know and I love you for that.

(Once Adam leaves the room. Serena notices the black aura forming around her hand.)

Serena: Why is this happening?

Jay Skyes/Nathan VisitsEdit

(While Sophia is on the phone with Marcel, someone knocks on the door. Aria opens it and finds a cute boy standing there. Katherine looks amused by the upcoming scene.)

Aria: Hi.

Jay: Hi. I'm Jay Skyes. I thought I'd come over and introduce myself to the freshmen.

Aria: Nice to meet you, Jay. I'm Aria. Back there is Katherine and Sophia.

Jay: I'm throwing a party tonight and wanted to see if you all would like to come.

Aria: Sure, that sounds great.

Jay: Good. See you there.

(Jay leaves)

Katherine: He's cute. He might be a good rebound after Klaus.

Aria: Katherine!

(Sophia and Marcel on the phone.)

Marcel: So do you feel at home at that University?

Sophia: No, I don't actually. I miss Elijah, Niklaus, Davina, Leon, and my beautiful daughter.

Marcel: What about me?

Sophia: Hmm...not so much.

Marcel: Ouch. You miss the bodyguard more than your own boyfriend?

Sophia: (laughs) Marcel, you are going to be visiting me more than anyone else, I'm sure of that.

Marcel: True. Are you sure you like having Leon as Danielle's bodyguard?

Sophia: Marcel, would you lay off of him? He's a good guy.

Marcel: A guy who's too close to your daughter.

Sophia: It is not like that between them...

Marcel: Well, maybe its not. She does hate the guy after all.

Sophia: No she doesn't. Danielle cares about Leon.

Marcel: Then why does she act like she hates him if she doesn't?

Sophia: You'll have to find that out for yourself...(gets a weird feeling) Marcel, I'll call you back.

(Sophia opens the door and is greeted by none other than Nathan.)

Nathan: I hadn't even knocked yet.

Sophia: Don't bother, I knew you were here.

Aria: How did you know he was here?

Sophia: I just knew. Nathan, what are you doing here?

Nathan: Just thought I stop by. Can't I see the woman that I lo--

Sophia: Say the "L" word and I'll have Niklaus dagger you.

Nathan: When did you become so cold?

(Katherine walks up to Nathan and grabs the door.)

Katherine: A trait that she got from me. Now goodbye.

(Katherine slams the door shut.)

Brody and Alison/A Beautiful SapphireEdit

Brody: What the hell are you doing here?

Alison: Can't I visit my baby brother?

Brody: We haven't seen each other in last seven hundred years. Why visit now?

Alison: (sighs) I heard a rumor that you were killed by a vampire hunter.

Brody: So me being dead will actually cause you to show up?

Alison: Brody. You know things changed for all of us.

Brody: Yeah, things changed for me this year. Good things and I don't want you here ruining everything.

Alison: I'm not going anywhere.

Brody: Alison, I don't have time for your nonsense. Now get out of my class.

Alison: You haven't changed, always so moody...I'm sticking around just to let you know and they're throwing a party tonight, hope to see you there!

(Alison leaves and Brody sighs in frustration. Before he can relax, someone knocks on the door. He turns around to see a young beautiful woman with the bluest eyes ever seen and yet they seem familiar to him.)

???: Hi, you must be Professor Midnight. I'm Sapphire.

Brody: Sapphire, I assume that because of how blue your eyes are?

Sapphire: (laughs) Yeah, that's what my parents said. My older brother told me that my eyes are included in the best things he loves about me.

Brody: Really? Sounds like one of those lovable brothers.

Sapphire: Yes, he was...He died years ago actually.

Brody: I'm sorry.

Sapphire: Its alright, he's still with me. I could never forget him.

Brody: So, Sapphire. Why did you want to see me? Was it just to introduce yourself?

Sapphire: Yes, it was. Just like you, this is my first year. I just wanted to meet some new people, make some new friends. Doesn't hurt to have some new friendly faces in your life.

Brody: That's true.

Sapphire: I have to go meet up with my friend but Professor Midnight?

Brody: Yeah?

Sapphire: You should keep the people you care about close. You never know who you can or can't trust.

Brody: Why would you say that?

Sapphire: It's some advice that my dad gave me before I started college. See you later.

(Brody looks deep in thought as Sapphire leaves the classroom. Once she is in the hallway, she smiles wickedly.)

A Romantic DreamEdit

Aria: I'm going out for a bit, take a walk around campus. Want to come?

Katherine: Uhh...(looks over at a sleeping Sophia) No, I'm going to stay here and relax.

Aria: Is there something you're not telling me?

Katherine: No, why would you think that?

Aria: You just seem like there's something you want to get out in the open but you can't.

Katherine: I'm fine, Aria. Don't worry.

Aria: Okay. I'll be back in a later.

(When Aria leaves the room, Katherine looks over to Sophia who is still asleep.)

Katherine: What can I do? She needs to know...

(The scene goes into Sophia's dreams, back in Ancient Greece. Sophia finds herself being held in someone's arms.)

???: You're awake.

(She recognizes the voice to see that it is Aaron carrying her but his face still unable to be seen.)

Sophia: Aaron?

Aaron: Are you alright, Cecilia? You shouldn't do such dangerous things. You could have fallen off of that cliff.

Sophia: Cliff?

Aaron: You must have hit your head. Don't worry, you are safe now. I will never let anything bad happen to you.

Sophia: Where are you taking me?

Aaron: To my home, we are almost there.

Sophia: You can put me down. I can walk.

Aaron: Are you sure?

Sophia: Yes.

(Aaron slowly puts Sophia down but still holds her close to him.)

Sophia: I don't know how to thank you for helping me.

Aaron: I actually know something...I hope I am not being too forward but...

(Aaron leans in and kisses Sophia. She is surprised by his actions but suddenly can't find herself to pull away. The kiss begins to become more passionate and the dream ends...Sophia wakes up breathing heavily and sees Katherine looks at her amused.)

Katherine: Sophia. Please tell me that for the first time that you had one of those lust filled dreams about Marcel.

Sophia: Umm...It wasn't Marcel exactly.

Katherine: Wait, what?

Sophia: Okay, I'll admit that I did have a sex dream about Marcel once and we weren't even together then. But this was of Aaron again.

Katherine: Aaron? What were you doing exactly?

Sophia: We...He kissed me and the thing is...I felt more connected to him more than I ever did with Marcel and Nathan.

Katherine: Really? How good was it?

Sophia: (laughs) Will you take this seriously? I feel like I know this man but I can't see his face. And being in Ancient Greece, it just...I admit that when I have been to Greece during those three times in my thousand years, I felt at home there.

Katherine: What do you think it means?

Sophia: I don't know. Maybe it's just nothing. And I have a wonderful boyfriend in this time.

Katherine: Sophia--

(Sophia sees Katherine's nose starting to bleed.)

Sophia: Katherine, your nose is bleeding.

Katherine: What?

(Sophia quickly grabs a tissue and wipes Katherine's nose.)

Sophia: Are you sick?

Katherine: No, I'm fine. I guess I'm just a little tired.

Sophia: We can talk about this later. Get some rest. Can I get you anything?

Katherine: Ice cream, please.

Sophia: (chuckles) I can get you that. I'll be back in a bit.

(Sophia leaves and Katherine stares up at the ceiling.)

Katherine: I'll get you for this Qetsiyah.

An Interesting MeetingEdit

(Sophia is close to her dorm until she almost bumps into Sapphire.)

Sophia: I'm sorry, we almost bumped into each other!

Sapphire: No, that's my fault. I should have watched where I was going...You're Sophia Mikaelson, aren't you?

Sophia: Great, am I famous out here too?

Sapphire: (laughs) I just recognized you from a picture. I've heard of the Mikaelsons, your family has lent a lot of good support to the community.

Sophia: Just trying to do what we can. I didn't get your name.

Sapphire: I'm Sapphire.

Sophia: Sapphire, that's a beautiful name. It was nice to meet you.

Sapphire: Nice meeting you too.

(Sophia leaves and Sapphire watches her walk away and enters her dorm.)

Sapphire: Sophia Mikaelson...

(Sapphire blows a blue aura that goes through Katherine, Sophia, and Aria's dorm room. Sophia's back is turned and the blue aura enters Katherine's body. Sophia feels some disturbing but sees that nothing is there.)

Sapphire: (giggles) Have fun.

Aria vs NathanEdit

(As Aria walks around the campus, Nathan appears in front of her.)

Aria: Why are you still here?

Nathan: Because I want to see my wife? Is that so wrong?

Aria: She's not your wife anymore, remember?

Nathan: I don't expect you to understand.

Aria: Understand? Understand what? How you lied to her? How you forced her and the other Mikaelsons to become vampires? You're an Original, right? Then you understand what she had to go through as one of the first vampires on this earth. Yet her daughter is what got her through the tough situations, to control her bloodlust!

Nathan: I know that. I've watched them both for a thousand years. Sophia is a strong woman and she was right to take Danielle with her. But its been a thousand years and I need to protect her and Danielle now. But mostly...I want another chance with them both.

Aria: Sophia can protect herself and you will never get another chance after everything you've done to them! So I suggest that you stay the hell away from the both of them or you will regret it.

(Aria walks away from him angrily and Nathan takes out a gold locket out of his pocket, looking at it sadly.)

Feelings that one can't express/A Special FriendshipEdit

(At her apartment back in the city, Serena and James are sitting on the couch, looking through the photo album.)

Serena: I love these baby photos of us! I'm glad that we never grew apart but how is it possible that all three of us were able to stay together for this long?

James: Maybe because all three of us are make a weird match?

Serena: (laughs) Yeah, I guess you're right in that department.

James: Ah, I think this is my favorite photo here. This is when your team won the tennis tournament during freshmen year in high school.

Serena: Yeah...You and Adam came to every one of my matches and cheered me on. I remember that you came to every one of my practices even though it wasn't necessary. What was your purpose for that?

James: I...I just wanted to. The three of us have always been there for each other. The good time, the bad times, just everything. I wanted to know that you can do it, that you can win this. That's why I went to every one of your practices, so you wouldn't lose hope.

Serena:...James...(hugs him) you are one of the most amazing friends that I could ever ask for. 

James: Same here.

(James remembers the past...)

FLASHBACK (3 years ago)

(Teenagers, James and Adam are seen sitting outside, having a few drinks.)

Adam: So are you ever going to tell her?

James: Tell her what?

Adam: You know what I'm talking about.

James:..I can't...It would never work out.

Adam: And why not?

James: Because it just won't.

Adam: So you are just going to ignore the feelings hold for her? Why won't you tell her that you're in love with her?

James: Because I can't, dammit! Serena is better off with someone else who isn't me! 

(James throws his glass toward the ground in anger.)

James: There's another side of me, Adam! A side that you and Serena would never understand!

Adam: What's that suppose to mean?

James: There is something that I have kept from the two of you for about four years. I can't tell either of you about it because you both will get hurt or worse.

Adam: Are you in some kind of trouble?

James: No, I'm not...Adam, I'm bad for Serena. Nothing can ever happen between me and her. It'll just end badly for the both of us.


(Serena walks into the kitchen, to assist Adam with the snacks.)

Serena: Thought you could use some help.

Adam: Thanks but I'm all good here...Serena.

Serena: Yeah?

Adam: We've been friends our whole lives, right? And you would tell me if something was wrong?

Serena: Of course...Why?

Adam: Because I feel like you're keeping something from me. Something that is very troubling. I know it because I've had a bad feeling all day.

Serena: Adam, everything is fine. Its nothing for you to worry about.

Adam: But I do worry about you, Serena. but only when you're in a difficult situation. You know that you can tell me anything. I'm here for you.

Serena: (sighs) I love you. You're the most amazing friend that I could ever ask for...Believe me, if I could tell you the truth to what's going on with me, I would.

Adam: Then why don't you?

Serena: (crying) Because it's dangerous and only something that I can handle. I don't want you or James involved in it because something terrible may happen to the both of you! I would never be able to forgive myself if I lost you both because of what I have become...So please...Just leave this be. Let me handle this problem on my own because you can't help me.

Adam: (kisses her forehead) Alright...But I'll always be here, whenever you need me.

Serena: I know...Thank you...

(While Serena hugs Adam, she feels uneasy and sees images of dead bodies covered in blood.)

Serena: Oh my...I have to go to the bathroom!

(Serena quickly runs out of Adam's arms and he goes to follow her.)

Suspicions Edit

(The party has begun at Jaye Skyes' home. Katherine keeps holding onto Aria and Sophia.)

Aria: Katherine, what is wrong with you?

Katherine: Sophia, how can you not be cold? I'm freezing!

Sophia: Katherine, its completely warm in here.

(Sophia places her hand Katherine's forehead and flinches.)

Sophia: Wow, you are really cold...Do you want to go back to our dorm?

Katherine: No! I just need a drink. Stay close to me.

Sophia: Alright...Aria, your friend is over there.

(Sophia and Katherine leave as Aria sees Jay watching her and walks over to him. Meanwhile, Brody stands outside watching the students from inside get drunk and acting crazy. Sapphire and a young woman come up next to him.)

Sapphire: Hello, Professor Midnight.

Brody: Hey, Sapphire. Having a good time?

Sapphire: More or less. Allow me to introduce my friend, Arona.

Arona: Nice to meet you, Professor Midnight.

Brody: Nice to meet you as well.

Sapphire: So Professor Midnight, do you know what you're going to start teaching in History and French class?

Brody: Well...Do you girls believe in witches?

Arona: What? Are you going to teach your class about magic? Spells and potions?

Brody: (laughs) No, nothing like that. I'm going to talk about a certain witch.

Sapphire: Um...This witch wouldn't happen to be Qetsiyah, would it?

Brody: So you've heard of her.

Sapphire: Yeah. I learned about her while visiting in a Occult class from Whitmore College.

Brody: Well, its not her. You'll find out when class starts.

Sapphire: Can't wait.

(When Sapphire smiles brightly at Brody, he gets a familiar feeling. While Aria and Jay are talking, a friend of his comes up to them.)

Man: Hey, Jay. Have you seen Addison?

Jay: Not since three hours ago...Wait, she's not back yet?

Man: I can't find her...Has she seemed weird to you today?

Jay: Yeah, she has...

Aria: Who's Addison?

Jay: She's my friend. I need to find her.

(Aria suddenly smells blood nearby.)

Aria: I can help.

Jay: You sure?

Aria: Of course. Can you show me a picture of what she looks like?

(Katherine and Sophia are having drinks and from afar, Malia is watching them.)

Sophia: Still cold?

Katherine: Of course I am...Maybe it is just me because you are completely warm.

Sophia: I'm still getting use to it. I haven't been warm for a thousand years.

Katherine: Soph, you were always warm. You just never realized that.

(Sophia is a bit surprised by what Katherine said but gives her a small smile.)

Katherine: So this Aaron guy...any ideas of who he is?

Sophia: No, not really. All those dreams I've had take back in Ancient Greece and I don't even know why. I know that I was born in the 10th Century but...having those dreams...

Katherine: You feel more at place with Ancient Greece times. Like you belong there.

Sophia: Yes...

Katherine: Sophia...are you sure you don't have...amnesia? Like maybe something happen to you back then and you don't remember it.

Sophia: There's a possibility of that. Esther always did keep secrets from the family.

(Sophia gets a weird feeling that someone is watching her. She turns around and no one is there.)

Katherine: What's wrong?

Sophia:...Nothing...I thought someone was here.

(Sophia's cellphone starts to ring and she sees that its Serena.)

Sophia: I have to take this, I'll be right back.

(Sophia leaves and Sapphire comes up next to Katherine.)

Sapphire: Hi, you must be Katherine. I'm Sapphire.

Something's WrongEdit

(Sophia stands outside to answer her cellphone.)

Sophia: He, Serena--

Serena: Sophia, something is wrong!

Sophia: What's wrong?

Serena: It's my Reaper powers! They keep acting up!

Sophia: What do you mean?

Serena: My friend noticed that my eye color had flashed into a glowing red color for a moment, a black smoke keeps gathering around me, and I feel something bad is about to happen. My friend knows something is up and he won't stop asking questions!

Sophia: Serena, this bad feeling that you have had...Does it feel strong?

Serena: Yes...Why?

Sophia: Because its close by. Who are you with right now?

Serena:...My childhood friends...James and Adam.

Sophia: Serena...I don't know much but one of your abilities as the Grim Reaper is that you can sense death.

Serena: So that means...

Sophia: That either James or about to die.

(Serena stands there in shock and drops her cellphone. Sophia repeatedly calls out to Serena but doesn't get an answer. Sophia then sees a icy Katherine walking towards her.)

Katherine: Sophia...

Sophia: Katherine?!

(Sophia quickly catches Katherine before she falls to the ground.)

A New Vision Edit

(Brody looks up at the night sky, watching the stars. He closes his eyes and remembers a moment he had with Sophia during the summer.)

FLASHBACK - 3 Months ago

(Brody and Sophia are lying on top of the roof, watching the night sky.)

Brody: So, why did you come up here? I thought you would be with Marcel.

Sophia: No...Thought I hang out with you instead...I missed doing this.

Brody: Doing what? Watching the stars?

Sophia: A thousand years ago, I used to do this with Klaus, Rebekah, and Elijah. We would always get in a circle and lie on the ground, watching the beautiful sky and stars above us. Sometimes we would talk about what we would want in life or where we would end up as adults...

(Brody remains quiet before he speaks again.)

Brody: But you didn't get what you want because of what happened with Esther and Mikael.

Sophia: Well, I got part of what I wanted. To fall in love, get married, have children, and travel the world. But...

Brody: But?

Sophia: When I fell in love, I wanted it to be with my soulmate. The man I meant to be with and it wasn't Nathan.

Brody: What? You don't think it's Marcel?

Sophia: Honestly? I'm really not sure it's him...I think there's another, it feels like that anyway.

Brody: You've been having strange feelings, haven't you? That you're from a different time?

Sophia: This again? Me in Greek clothing during Ancient Times?

Brody: I know you had a strange dream a couple of days ago.

Sophia: I was hoping you wouldn't notice.

Brody:...Don't worry, I won't tell Marcel about this.

Sophia:...Thank you...Brody?

Brody: Yeah?

Sophia: What was it that you wanted in life? I mean before you became a vampire?

Brody: I really can't remember but mostly just to be with my family.

Sophia: Your whole family was turned into vampires, weren't they?

Brody: Yeah...Haven't seen any of them in seven-hundred years...

Sophia: Why that long? If you don't mind me asking.

Brody:..My little sister. She died right around the time we all became vampires. Our family hadn't been the same since...

Sophia: I'm sorry.

Brody: No need to be sorry...What you did with your siblings, I did something similar to my little sister. (chuckles) I would take her to a special place and we would look up at stars to connect the dots to make constellations.

Sophia: I always had a hard time doing that. Do you still do it?

Brody: Every once in a while...I do it for her.

Sophia: Losing family is a tragedy.

Brody: You've lost two. Your eldest sibling and the youngest one. was three...

Brody: Three?

Sophia: I might tell you some other time. But for now, let's just keep doing this for a little while longer.

Brody:...Try not to fall asleep or you might fall off the roof.

Sophia: (laughs) If I do fall asleep and starting rolling away, you'll catch me...I've got your back and you've got mine.

(Brody smiles, knowing that it's the truth.)


(After reminiscing, Brody suddenly has a vision. He sees Sophia being blown to the wall with magic by an unknown force. He then sees her tied to a chair, covered in cuts and blood, screaming at someone...Brody snaps back to his senses when he hears Alison calling him.)

Alison: Brody! What's wrong with you?

Brody: N-nothing...Why are you still here?

Alison: I told you that I'm not going anywhere! Are you still having visions?

Brody: That's none of your damn business.

Alison: Yes it is! What did you see?

Brody: Nothing that concerns you.

Alison: You're my little brother! Am I suppose to ignore everything that goes on with you?

(Brody is about to reply back but stops when he sees Sophia holding an unconscious ice-covered Katherine. He vamp speeds over to them and carries Katherine for Sophia.)

Brody: What happened?

Sophia: I don't know. She was fine when I left her for a few minutes and then she came to me, looking like this! We need to get her to our dorm.


(Sophia quickly runs into the room while Brody carries Katherine. placing her on the bed. Alison appears as well.)

Alison: What the hell is going on?

Sophia: Who are you?

Alison: I'm Alison Midnight.

Sophia: Midnight...(looks at Brody) Your sister?

Alison: Twin sister, actually.

(The is someone knocking on the door.)

Sophia: Go away, Nathan!

Brody: How do you know it's him?

Nathan: She's right, it's me! Sophia, open the door!

(Sophia walks over to the door and opens it.)

Brody: Nate, what are you doing here?

Nathan: I saw all of you in a panic and rushed over here.

Sophia: It's none of your business, so leave.

(Nathan sees Katherine in her icy-like state.)

Nathan: Sophia, invite me in.

Sophia: No.

Nathan: You have to let me in!

Sophia: Why should I?

Nathan: Because I can help!

(Sophia remains quiet.)

Nathan: Soph, come on. You know when I'm not lying to you...

Sophia:...Fine...Come in.

(Nathan walks in and grabs Sophia's hand walking them over to Katherine's side.)

Nathan: This is ice magic.

Brody: Ice Magic? I thought that type of magic no longer existed!

Nathan: It shouldn't. I wiped out the last of them. It seems that one of them survived or someone else has learned it. Judging from Katherine's state, she's not in the worse condition.

Alice: And that isn't the worse?

Nathan: Believe me, I've seen the worse. This must have happened sometime after you all got here. (looks at Sophia) You didn't see what happen to her?

Sophia: No, she was fine today.

Nathan: You can fix this. Since you're the only witch in the room. You can use your fire element or a fire spell.

Sophia: Will it stop whatever is happening to her?

Nathan: It will detect the source of where its coming from in Katherine's body and destroy it..

(Nathan holds Sophia's hand when he sees the concern written all over her face.)

Nathan: Don't worry, she'll be fine.

(Sophia slowly raises her hand over Katherine's body. She uses her element of fire to create a small ball of fire that enters Katherine's body. The fire spreads within Katherine's body and eventually finds an ice sphere. The fire begins to melt the ice sphere and once the ice is completely gone, the fire extinguishes. Katherine's body is back to normal and she awakens.)

Sophia: Katherine! (hugs her) You're okay!

Katherine: Of course I am...I'm Katherine Pierce, I survive...Now what the hell happened to me?

Nathan: To shorten it all up...You were close to being frozen.


An Unexpected MurderEdit

(Serena opens the bathroom door but Adam prevents her from leaving.)

Adam:...Rena...What's wrong?


Adam: There's something wrong. I'm sorry but what are you hiding from me?

Serena: Just forget it, Adam. You said that you would.

Adam: I know that I said it but I can't ignore what I'm seeing. I know what I saw this morning. Your eyes just started glowing red all of sudden.

Serena: Adam, I really do think you're seeing things.

Adam: Really? Maybe you should look in the mirror.

(Serena looks at Adam confused and looks in the mirror over the bathroom sink and sees her eyes glowing red.)

Serena: Oh my god!

Adam: Rena. I know you and I know when you are lying. Tell me the truth. What is going on?

Serena: Adam, I--

(James is heard screaming downstairs...Adam and Serena quickly run downstairs to see James lying in a pool of blood and standing before him is a woman with whose hair matches the color of blood and eyes are black as the night. Blood covers her mouth and when she looks up at Serena and Adam, she smiles showing her fangs to them. She then disappears. Serena's screams fill the air.)

Powerful MagicEdit

Nathan: You know that you need to find the person who placed this spell of Katherine, right?

Sophia: I know...Katherine has enemies but no one with this type of magic...

Alison: Maybe this person wasn't trying to get at Katherine. Maybe this person was trying to get at you.

Sophia: Me? I don't know anyone with ice magic. I don't even have that many enemies considering that they were all weak and none of them were witches. I did my best to keep away from trouble.

Brody: Wait, how any you going to find the witch with the ice magic? You don't have anything of theirs to do a locator spell!

Sophia: That's easy. I'll just have this witch use their magic again.

Alison: Are you serious?! You're just going to let this witch cast their magic on someone else?

Sophia: In a way, yes...Don't worry and let me handle it. I'll find out what this person is after.

Nathan: Sure you can handle it on your own?

Sophia: Are you forgetting who I am? I might have not had my magic for a thousand years but I haven't forgotten how to kick someone's ass.

Thank You/A Loving FatherEdit

(Brody, Alison, Sophia walk out of the dorm room.)

Alison: Looks like things are going to get exciting so I am definitely sticking around. See you tomorrow, baby brother.

Brody: Where are you staying?

Alison: (walks away) Don't worry about it, I got my own place.

(After Alison leaves, Sophia hugs Brody.)

Brody: What's this for?

Sophia: Thank you.

Brody: For what? I didn't do much.

Sophia: For just being here. For being by my side and come running when I need you.

Brody: Don't worry about it. Hey, I had a few visions today...these visions involved you.

Sophia: Really?

Brody: Yeah. This morning, when I woke up. I saw you as a baby and a man was holding you. It was your father.

Sophia: My father?

Brody: Yeah...Want me to show you? I wasn't able to hear what he was saying to you maybe you would have a better chance since this vision I had was mainly for you.

Sophia: I don't know...I'm really nervous about this!

Brody: Oh, come here!

(Brody places his hand on Sophia's cheek. Sophia finds herself back in Ancient Greece times. Up ahead, she sees a man sitting by an big tree. As she gets closer, she sees he is holding a baby.)

Sophia: Father?

Cecilia's Father: My loving daughter, there are many lands out there that have not yet been explored and I wish for you to see them. You know why? Because this world has so much darkness in it. There are many that have fallen to it and become its prey. Some have chosen it willing. However, there are the good out there whom have may made a dark decision. Your mother is one of them, the ones who have made a dark choice, wishing they could take it back but they couldn't. But you know, I'm glad she wasn't able to take it back because she and I never would have met and you wouldn't have been born. That's selfish of me, isn't it?

(Baby Cecilia smiles at her father.)

Cecilia's Father: Oh? You don't think so? Well, then I guess I am lucky that I have such a understanding daughter! (laughs)...(sighs) I wish that I could stay with you a little longer. Just so that I can raise you, watch you grow up into a strong young woman, and I give you away to the man you will marry one day...But I can't. I won't be around to protect you from the dangers that surround us everyday...But maybe you won't need protecting. Because your name means one of the shining light. That means that you will be the one to purify the darkness of this world...You are my light, little one.

(Cecilia's Father kisses his daughter's forehead as she giggles and he chuckles at her. Sophia tearfully smiles at the scene before her. Cecilia's Father looks at up at Sophia, revealing that he can see her.)

Cecilia's Father: Sophia.

Sophia: You can see me?

Cecilia's Father: (nods) Yes...My beautiful daughter, all I can say is that we will see each other again soon...I love you.

(Before she can reply, she finds herself back at the front of her dorm, standing before Brody.

Brody: Well?

Sophia: (smiles) It was one of the best things I could ever ask for...but he saw me.

Brody: Saw you? What do you mean?

Sophia: He could see me standing near him. I don't know how that is possible but maybe he still lives on somehow. He told me that we'll see each other again soon and that he loves me...Brody, I'm happy that you had a vision of that memory. Thank you, Brody...That just leaves my mother.

Brody: That memory is a start...Another have his eyes. Maybe that's how he still lives on.

Sophia: Yes, I guess his eyes. I'm grateful for that...It's been one heck of a night, so I'm going to get ready for bed.

Brody:...Sophia, about Nathan...Don't be too hard on him, he means well.

Sophia: Yeah...How did you meet Nathan, anyway?

Brody: Let's just say...he saved my life.

(Brody begins to walk away but turns back to Sophia.)

Brody: Another thing not to forget...From now on, I'm your bodyguard.

(Sophia smiles as Brody leaves and remembers what her father said.)

Sophia: One of the shining light...That real name is Cecilia.

Death in the AirEdit

(Walking near the back of the college area, Aria follows the scent of blood and finds a young woman feeding off of a male student.)

Aria: Addison?

(Addison stops feeding off the young man and sees Aria.)

Addison: Who are you?

Aria: It's okay. I'm Aria...You're Addison, right?

Addison: What do you want?

Aria: Your friends have been looking for you, they're worried...Now listen. I'm not going to hurt you but I need you to let that him go.

(Addison realizes what she is doing and drops the man on the ground.)

Addison: Oh my god...

(Aria rushes over and helps the young student. He is still alive and Aria quickly bites her wrist then feeds him her vampire blood.)

Addison:...I...I killed him, didn't I?

Aria: No, he's still alive. I'm feeding him my blood so that he can heal. When did this start to happen? I mean when you started to feel these changes?

Addison: Since I woke up this morning.

Aria: Okay...(gently lowers the student to the ground) Now, you need to listen to me carefully...I know this is going to sound crazy but you are a vampire now.

Addison: A....? Are you crazy? Vampires don't exist!

Aria: While you were still a human, they didn't exist. But now that you're part of the supernatural world, you'll start believing it.

Addison: I don't have to listen to this, I'm leaving--

Jay: Addison?

(Addison looks shocked when she sees Jay standing before her. He sees the blood on her and the student that is lying on the ground.)

Jay: Addison, what happened to you? Did you do this?

Addison: I...I...

(Addison has a hard time answering when she hears Jay's heartbeat thumping loudly.)

Aria: Addison.

(Addison shows her vampire face and almosts attacks Jay until Aria steps in front of her.)

Addison: Get out of my way!

Aria: Addison, stop it! I know what you're feeling. Its that hunger, you want to keep feeding and never want to stop. Believe me, I felt it way back then. But you don't want to do this. Do you really want to hurt your friend? You have to control it if you want to survive in this world. (holds out her hand) You just have to trust me.

(After a moment, Addison manages to clam down and slowly takes Aria's hand.)

Aria: Okay...(turns to Jay who looks confused) Jay, you need to forget about this. Forget what you saw here, go back to your dorm and tell your other friend that I found Addison and took her back to her dorm.

(After Aria compels Jay, he nods and walks away. Aria smiles and turns back to Addison.)

Aria: You okay?

Addison: For now...You will help me though, right?

Aria: Of course.

(Suddenly, screams fill the area across the campus. Aria and Addison seeing students running all over the place.)

Aria: What's going on?!

(Aria once again smells blood. Addison's tightens her grip on Aria's hand and Aria winces at the feeling. She turns back to look at Addison who starts acting strangely. Addison's hair begins to change to a silver color and her eye color turns back to red. She starts breathing heavily.)

Aria: Addison...?

Addison: I'm hungry!

(Addison throw Aria against the wall and vamps speeds towards the scent of blood. Aria groaning in pain, gets up and goes after Addison. Nearby, Aria spots several students lying on the ground, all of them are dead. They all have vampire bites on them. She sees Addison feeding off another student but sees a very particular person near her. The same woman with red hair and black eyes who killed James. A fire begins surrounding the area. As Aria sees the woman walking towards her, she becomes afraid and begins backing away.)

Vampire: You interrupted my little one's meal earlier. She was just about to finish him off until you stopped her.

Aria: She would was going to kill him, I couldn't let her do that.

Vampire: We are vampires, it's what we do. We enjoy the hunt, the feed, and and lastly, the kill. What's the purpose of our existence if we don't act like vampires are suppose to?

Aria: You're not like're different. What are you?

Vampire: You're on the right track. I am not your ordinary vampire and neither is she. What we are...can't say yet. Last night, I happened to find her in an alley and she was dying from a knife wound. So I decided to help her out by giving her immortality.

Aria: You could have feed her your blood to heal her and taken her to a hospital!

Vampire: Why do you continue to back away? You're afraid, aren't you?

Aria: What do you want?

Vampire: What I want? What is it that all vampires want?....Blood.

(The vampires shows her vampire face.)

Vampire:...I know that you are half human-half vampire. If you are one of us, act like it. Feed off of the prey.

Aria: And if I refuse?

Vampire:...Then you die...But you have time to think about this....However, what you are seeing right now, this will happen if you choose to stand against me.

Aria: What? So this isn't real?

Vampire: No. This is all in your mind...Don't you hear your friend calling you?

(Aria listens and hears Brody's voice. Suddenly, she finds herself back in the real world. She sees she is sitting on the ground, Brody looking at her worriedly, and Addison unconscious.)

Brody: Are you okay? What happened?

Aria: I don't...I don't really know exactly but...

(Aria gets a strange feeling and hears someone screaming.)

Brody: Stay here with her. I'll go check it out.

(Brody vamp speeds into the college and in one of the hallways, he finds a girl screaming and a few other students gathering. He quickly walks over to them and in front of them, are dead bodies...blood spread everywhere....)

A Current Love, A Lost Love, and A Forgotten LoveEdit

(Sophia looks over at a sleeping Katherine and gives her a small smile. Her cell phone rings and she sees its Marcel then picks up.)

Sophia: Hey.

Marcel: Hey, you alright? I heard about Katherine from Brody.

Sophia: Figures. She's fine, we're all fine. What about you and everyone else?

Marcel:....Everything's good...Things were a bit hectic with the witches and werewolves but things are under control. Your daughter handled it pretty well.

Sophia: Well, Danielle has always been a tough one...Nothing I should worry about?

Marcel: Everything is absolutely fine...So some kind of ice magic tried to kill Katherine?

Sophia: Yes, so I have to find out who it was.

Marcel: Just be careful, alright?

Sophia: I will...Marcel?

Marcel: Yeah?

Sophia: Will you come visit me soon?

Marcel: Of course...Everything okay, you sound a little different.

Sophia: I'm fine...Just tired, its been a long day...

Marcel: You should get some rest, I'll call you again tomorrow.

Sophia: Okay...I love you.

Marcel: Love you too.

(Sophia hangs up and hears a knock on the door. A delivery man is standing there with a bouquet of lotus flowers.)

Delivery Man: Are you Sophia Mikaelson?

Sophia: Yes I am...Lotus flowers?

Delivery: Yes, ma'am. (hands her the bouquet) Here you go.

Sophia: Do I need to sign anything?

Delivery: No, he knows you would get them after he called you.

Sophia: Thank you. Well, at least let me pay you.

Delivery Man: No need. He's already paid me full advance. Have a good night.

(As the delivery man leaves, Sophia walks back into the dorm and remembers a special moment with Marcel over the summer.)


(Marcel is seen holding Sophia's hands as she is blindfolded.)

Sophia: Are we almost there yet? I've almost tripped three times already!

Marcel: (laughs) And I caught you those three times, didn't I? Don't worry, just a few more steps...There.

(Marcel removes the blindfold on Sophia's eyes and they are shown to be in a garden of lotus flowers.)

Sophia: Oh my...(smiles) It's beautiful...What's the occasion?

Marcel: Well, your name means wisdom and the lotus flower represents that.

(Marcel picks a lotus flower and places it in Sophia's hair.)

Sophia: Marcel...Why did you do all of this?

Marcel: Back a few months ago, Klaus told me about your last love from five-hundred years ago. Today is the day that he died.

Sophia:...Yes...(sighs) Today is the day of his death...Five-hundred years...Feels like it was yesterday.

Marcel: Want to talk about it?

Sophia: Well...On this same day, we went out on a date or you could say that he was courting me. During the night, he took me to a garden of lotus flowers that were bathed in the moonlight and it was so beautiful...He told me that it was his special gift for me because the lotus flowers represented my name. He then decided to tell me that he knew what I really was. The whole time, he knew I was a vampire and he never ran away. It surprised me...I always did plan on telling him the truth but he already knew...He wanted to marry me and spend the rest of his life with me but Mikael appeared and as my love tried to protect me, Mikael killed him. In the last moments of his death, he told me that he wanted me to remember the lotus flowers for the rest of my life and to never forget his love for me.

Marcel:...You alright?

Sophia:..Yes...I have remembered that day every single day of my life. If I had done something differently--

Marcel: Don't do that. Don't blame yourself because its not your fault. Sophia, his death was avenged wasn't it? Klaus was the one who killed Mikael and avenged those you all cared about.

Sophia: True...Niklaus has always been very protective of me when it comes to my heart...He doesn't like seeing me hurt, especially when I'm suffering.

Marcel: Well, he's your big brother. He loves you so much that he doesn't want anything bad to happen to you.

Sophia: I know...Now that Rebekah has left, he's been spoiling me extra rotten.

Marcel: And keeping extra tabs on me.

Sophia: (laughs) Niklaus is Niklaus. Some things about him are never going to change...One of these days, he's going to have to let me go...

Marcel: Why do you say that?

Sophia: Because I just know it. I love my brother but the day will come when he will no longer needs me and he will know that. Another reason is that, after finding out that I'm not related to the Mikaelsons by blood...I need to know who I really am and where I came from. I do feel at home here in New Orleans but I just feel that I don't belong here.

Marcel: You're really desperate to find your mother, aren't you?

Sophia: Yes. Knowing that she's still alive and is out there somewhere. I need to find her.

Marcel: You will. You've got me to help you out.

Sophia: I do, don't I? (hugs him) Marcel...there's something I've been wondering about...

Marcel: What is it?

Sophia: Whenever I do leave New Orleans...Will you stay...or come with me?

Marcel: (sighs) I don't know...I grew up here, this is my home. If I left I feel like I would be abandoning it. But when I'm with you, I feel that I would go anywhere with you. I don't care where it is, as long as I can be with you.

Sophia: You still have time to think about it...But one of these days, something might happen to make you choose...

(Marcel kisses Sophia's forehead and holds her close.)


(Sophia smiles while looking at the lotus flowers and places them near her bed. She then hears someone outside then walks out of the dorm and sees Nathan standing in the hall.)

Sophia: Nathan?

Nathan: Hey, how are you?

Sophia: Good...I guess I should thank you for helping me out with Katherine.

Nathan: No thanks necessary. I'm just glad I could help.

Sophia: But why did you help?

Nathan: I think you know why.

Sophia: Nathan--

Nathan: I know what I did was wrong but I had my reasons for doing it.

Sophia: Nathan, you turned me and my siblings into vampires!

Nathan: Yes, I was trying to protect you and our daughter! We had lost one, I didn't want to lose Danielle too! And why is it you never told her she has a sister, huh? I know about that. You made your siblings swore to never speak of it to Danielle.

Sophia: I know that we lost that daughter and I have my reason for not telling Dani! But don't turn this on me! Because the one daughter we had lost, I had a choice in that matter of telling Danielle but I refused to! But becoming a vampire, Finn, Elijah, Klaus, Rebekah, Kol, and me never got a choice because it was forced on us! We were forced to become vampires! (tearfully) But you know what's worse? When I was on the verge of becoming a vampire, Mikael wasn't the one to kill me! It was you! My own husband!! You ruined everything! To this day, I continue to remember the people I have killed...I had never killed anyone in my life before becoming a vampire. Do you know how that made me feel? It made me feel like a monster....

Nathan:...I'm sorry....

Sophia: What's that suppose to do? It will not change everything that has happened. We can't go back to the past. I know that I will always love you but I'm just not in love with you anymore.

Nathan: Sophia, what can I do to fix this?

Sophia: Nathan, Danielle and I aren't vampires anymore and we have gotten a fresh start. We get to decided if we want to live as witches or go back to being vampires. These past months, I've been thinking about it so much and...I think I want to live as a witch but that doesn't have to be my final answer forever. I just want to see how things go...As for Danielle, it's her choice so don't even think about forcing it on her like you did to me.

Nathan: Yet she still became a vampire.

Sophia: Because she had a choice. I allowed her that right. Out of all the four people I have turned in my thousand years, I allowed them that choice and for those who didn't want it, I respected their decision. I wanted for at least all of them to have the choice that my siblings and I never had. Danielle is strong. She doesn't give up and always tries to find a way to protect everyone, not wanting to make some horrible decision like you did. But the thing that she inherited from you, was your kindness...(tearfully) It hurt me every single time, knowing she had the kindness to heal others which she got from you.

Nathan:...Sophia....I'm not giving up on you...I just want you to know that. (walking away) You raised our daughter well.

(As Nathan is out of sight, Sophia tries to calm her emotions and feels a pair of arms wrapped around her.)

Katherine: It's okay, Sophia.

(Sophia begins to it all out as Katherine holds her, comforting her. After a while, Sophia and Katherine sit on Sophia's bed, talking about Nathan.)

Katherine: I'm sorry that you have to go through all of this.

Sophia: It's not your fault. None of us knew he was still alive, especially that he became a vampire as well. When will our lives stop being so messed up?

Katherine: Well, if I walk out of the supernatural world now like Rebekah did, I've got a free life-long pass. You on the other hand, not so much.

Sophia: (laughs) That's true. Katherine...have you ever thought about having another child?

Katherine: Sophia, is this about what you and Nathan were talking about? I didn't mean to eavesdrop but I heard you two talking about losing a daughter...What were you talking about?

Sophia: (sighs) Danielle wasn't always an only child...She had a twin sister who died the same day of her birth....

Katherine: Sophia...Why didn't you ever tell me about this?

Sophia: I never wanted to hear of it again and I made my siblings swore to never tell Danielle about it.

Katherine: But why? I think Dani has a right to know.

Sophia: I know but there's a specific reason to why I don't want her to know...But I keep telling myself that I think I'm just protecting myself from the truth about myself.

Katherine: What truth?

Sophia: I...I really can't say it right now...But why? Why did Nathan decide to show up now after a thousand years?

Katherine: Well, I think that...maybe the reason he's returned to your life is because you have to confront your past.

Sophia: Wow...that was deep...and it's mainly me always giving you these kind of talks.

Katherine: Oh my god...I'm turning into you.

Sophia: (laughs and throws a pillow at her) Don't make it sound like a bad thing!

Katherine: Sweetie, you could never be a bad thing. You're one of the best things in my life. Remember that.

Sophia: Okay...

Katherine: Hey, if you don't mind me asking...If Marcel wasn't in the picture...would you give Nathan a second chance?

Sophia:...Probably not. Especially with everything that he did back then.

Katherine: Well...what if Aaron was in the picture?

Sophia: Aaron. Katherine, I--

(Sophia suddenly finds herself back in Ancient Greece, she sees Aaron standing next to her, looking up at the sky. However, she cannot find herself being able to control her actions or her voice.)

Cecilia: Why are we here, Aaron?

Aaron: I told you, Cecilia that it is a surprise. Just wait a little while longer, my love.

Cecilia: Hmm....You could distract me.

(Aaron chuckles and slowly kisses Cecilia.)

Aaron: Will that do?

Cecilia: For now.

Aaron: (grinning) You are always a handful.

(After a few more minutes, Aaron tells Cecilia to look up and the sky and points to a certain star.)

Cecilia: That is a really bright star.

Aaron: That star in a way represents your name. One of the shining light.

Cecilia: But is that the only reason you brought me here?

Aaron: Just wait.

(As Aaron uses his magic, the brightest star from the sky suddenly disappears and appears on Aaron's hand. He then chants a spell.)

Aaron: Arget bjart evarínya abr garjzla. Wiol ono nuanen vinr.

(Different colored stars appear all around the two of them.)

Cecilia: Aaron...

Aaron: This is all for you, my love. Keep this brightest star with you and remember this moment that we are sharing.

(Aaron hands her the brightest star and she smiles brightly.)

Cecilia: Thank you...but how will I put this away?

Aaron: (laughs) Diventare invisibile. (the star disappears) And when you want it back, just say this spell; dychwelyd i mi.

Cecilia: (hugs Aaron) Thank you so much, Aaron...but what was the purpose of doing all of this for me?

Aaron:...Before I ask you...I want you to promise me something.

Cecilia: Anything.

Aaron: Promise me your life and I will promise you mine. That we will spend eternity together again and again.

Cecilia: Aaron, what are you asking of me?

Aaron: Marry me...Be my wife and I will be your husband.

Cecilia:...(tearfully) Yes...Yes, yes, a thousand times yes! My life is yours eternally!

(Aaron and Cecilia kiss passionately as the different colored stars surrounding them glow brighter each time.)

Katherine: Sophia!

(Sophia finds herself back home, Katherine looking at her worriedly.)

Katherine: What happened to you? You just spaced out all of a sudden!

Sophia: I think...that I was dreaming...

Katherine: While you are awake? That's a new one.

Sophia: Wait...Dychwelyd i mi.

(The brightest star from Sophia's dream appears in front on top of Sophia's hand and she looks shocked.)

Katherine: Whoa! Where did that come from?

Sophia: Oh my...So it was really real....

Katherine: Sophia, what's wrong? What happened?

Sophia: It was a memory...I was with Aaron and he gave me this star....Aaron was my husband and I don't even remember him.

New Enemies Revealed Edit

(Sapphire walks outside during the dark night and approaches two familiar people...)

Sapphire: So, how did it go?

(The two people are revealed to be James and the vampire from Aria's vision.)

Vampire: It went well for me. I had a good feast and can't wait for the next...Do you think I could get a taste of that Mikaelson witch?

Sapphire: Doubt it. She would probably kill you before you could touch her. What about you, James?

James: What I do, doesn't concern you...Another thing, you know that I don't take orders from you. I'm here to collect the souls scattered around here.

Vampire: Aww, don't believe in teamwork?

James: There is no team. It's just me and my duties. (leaving) Just stay out of my way.

Vampire: Too bad....Thought we could have some fun together.

Sapphire: We'll be crossing paths with him again. Especially with the deaths that are soon to come.

Vampire: So what now?

Sapphire: Today was just a game for them...Tomorrow, the real test begins.

A Memorial for ManyEdit

(All the teachers and students are gathered outside for the funeral of the deceased students, mourning their losses. Aria, Addison, Katherine, Sophia, Brody are in the lounge room of the college.)

Katherine: So I nearly gets iced to death by some crazy witch and Aria nearly gets creeped out by a bloodlust vampire? I knew it. I knew something bad and twisted was going to happen!

Aria: If you knew, why did you still come to college? You could have backed out.

Sophia: Because of my brother.

Brody: Still got the hots for Elijah?

Katherine: Brody, say something smart to me again and I stake you in the heart.

Brody: Ooh, ouch.

Aria: I'm more worried about Addison. You okay?

Addison: Fine...Just can't believe this is all happening.

Sophia: I know it's a lot to take in but we'll all help you with this.

Aria: Wait....Sophia can't you use your element of life to turn her back into a human?

Addison: Really?!

Sophia: I would but...something is wrong with my elements.

Brody: What do you mean?

(A student comes to inform them that the memorial service is about the start. All of them walk outside and Sophia stops to talk to Brody.)

Sophia: I've tried using them again but nothing happens. When I used them earlier this morning, they wouldn't work. It was like...

Brody: Like someone is sealing your elements?

Sophia: Yes...But is that even possible? I mean, I still feel them within me but I just can't use them at all.

(Sophia once gets a weird feeling that someone is watching her.)

Sophia: Brody, watch the girls. I'll be right back.

Unexpected ReunionEdit

(As Malia quickly walks away from the memorial service and is close to her car, she stops when she hears a noise. She looks around the area behind but doesn't see anything. When she turns back to her car, Sophia is standing in front of her which startles Malia.)

Malia: Wow...How did you do that when you're not even a vampire anymore?

Sophia: How did you know I used to be a vampire?

Malia: Because I know you...I've know you for a long time and I've been watching you for a while now.

Sophia: Little girl. Who are you and why are you following me?

Malia: (tearfully) I've wanted to meet you for so long...It's been a long time, mom.

(Sophia looks completely shocked by what Malia just said.)


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