Sophia and Marcel
Sophia and Marcel
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Sarcel, Mophia

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In love, Strong feelings for each other, Care about each other, Protective of one another

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September 7, 2011 (Always and Forever)

Started Dating

First date in Always and Forever


Romantic Interests, Dating, Good Friends, Allies

Sophia, I know that you hate me right now but I just want to let you know that I'm not going to give up on you. At some point, you will let me back in. I will win your heart, no matter how long it takes.
— Marcel to Sophia in At Least With Sorrow

The relationship between Sophia Zariah Mikaelson and Marcel Gerard is one of the complicated relationships in the series as well as a fan-favorite couple. When they first met, he took an romantic interest in her and she saw him as a charmer. When discovering he was holding her brother, Elijah captive, she saw him as an enemy whereas he saw her as a beautiful, intelligent, strong, and loyal woman. Even though she was a Mikaelson, he continued his quest to win her affection. Throughout the first season, Marcel managed to make Sophia open up to him a bit. After learning Sophia's motives of wanting to find Klaus' redemption, Marcel encouraged her and offered his support. The sweet moments between them eventually lead to the beginning of their friendship and he got her something special, a diamond necklace. However, their friendship fell apart as he along with Rebekah tried to put Klaus down but the chemistry between them was not able to fade away. Marcel soon admitted to her that he wasn't going to give up on her because he promised Katherine that he wouldn't and they shared their first kiss. After her daughter's death, Sophia went down a dark path to which Marcel tried to stray her away from as well as trying to find a way to bring back her daughter for her. With Davina's help, he eventually found out about a witch named Qetsiyah whom could teach Sophia a new element that could bring anyone back from the dead. After the war against Neoma and Danielle's resurrection, Sophia admitted her feelings for Marcel and they began a relationship.

During the events of the second season, after spending the summer together, Sophia went off to college with Marcel promising to come visit her frequently. However, Sophia began having dreams of her lost memories, these memories including her deceased husband, Aaron, and she feels a stronger connection with him than she ever did with Marcel.

Throughout the SeriesEdit

Season OneEdit

In Always and Forever, when arriving in New Orleans, Sophia and Marcel meet at the local bar in town. He takes a romantic interest in her but she calls him out on his game. He sees her as a challenge and will not stop trying to pursue her. That night, he finds out that she is Klaus' younger half sister. He is amused and impressed by how she is able to handle Klaus. She lets him know that he should fear her but he only takes an interest in her more.

In All You've Got, when Rebekah is reunited with Marcel, she learns that he has an romantic interest in her sister, Sophia. As Marcel puts it, "She's smart, beautiful, and loyal. She's everything I want in a woman." This leads to Rebekah believing that Sophia will be good for Marcel.

Marcel asks Sophia out on a date but before she can answer, he disappears. She decides to go on the date only to find out where he is hiding Elijah as she found out from Klaus that he gave Ellijah to Marcel. Before she can get answers from him, Thierry shows up and threatens that she will never see her brother again. Before she can make a move, Marcel breaks Thierry's neck. He apologizes for Thierry's behavior but then Rebekah shows up threating to kill Marcel unless he tells them where Elijah is. He takes them to Elijah where they also meet Davina. Davina does not allow Rebekah to pull the dagger out of Elijah and throws her out the window. Sophia becomes upset with Marcel and stops herself from using her powers of elements on him. Davina wipes Sophia's memory of what happened that night but only that she has a great time with Marcel. Sophia wakes up in Marcel's room as he states that she passed out last night, having too much to drink. He also tells her he would like to take her out again sometime.

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In Tangled Up In Blue, Klaus forms a plan to get Elijah back. In his plan, he persuades Sophia to come to the Masquerade Ball. After arriving at the ball, Marcel continues to flirt with Sophia but she continues to deny him. Later, Cami manages to get Sophia to dance with Marcel. While dancing, Marcel and Sophia begin to admit that there's a connection between them however they are interrupted by his friend, Diego. Marcel excuses himself and begins to show violent behavior towards Thierry which Sophia sees.

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Marcel tells Sophia he owes her a dance.

Later, Sophia finds Marcel talking to Klaus and he leaves Sophia and Marcel to talk. Marcel tries to apologize about what happened earlier but she tells him its not necessary, she doesn't judge him for who he is. She also tells him that he owes her a dance. While taking a walk in the French Quarter, Sophia sees Marcel following her. He walks toward her, backing her up against a store front. He tells her that her owes her a dance. He leads her to on the corner of Bourbon Street and begin their dance. Sophia and Marcel share one last dance in the moonlight on the corner of Bourbon Street and share a look of intimacy.

Back home, Marcel warns Sophia not to get too close to Marcel but she assures him she can take care of herself.

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Sophia and Marcel

In The Ultimate Game, Marcel comforts Sophia after her fallout with Klaus. He also buys something special for her with the help of Danielle, Cami, and Serena.

In Sinners and Saints, while taking a walk at night, Sophia nearly hits Marcel, whom was sneaking up on her, with a fireball, and she quickly apologizes. He takes her to the bar and gives her a diamond necklace, making a bond of friendship.

When Sophia returns to New Orleans in The War Begins, she discovers that Marcel and Rebekah have been plotting against Klaus causing her to lose trust in both of them. He tries to apologize to her but she doesn't want to hear it.

Katherine and Klaus give Marcel some advice about Sophia in At Least With Sorrow. Katherine tells Marcel not to give up on Sophia as she needs to find love again. Sophia spends so much time worrying about everyone else that she needs to think about what she wants. Later, Marcel lets Sophia know that she can't keep pushing him away but she assures him that she can. He refuses to give up on her and at some point, she will let him back in. He will win her heart, no matter how long it takes.

In Bring It On, Marcel comes to Sophia's room and confronts her about her feelings for him. When she tells him she feels nothing, he can tell that she's lying and they kiss for the first time. He tells her to think about what she wants because he knows that he wants her, that she must give love a chance. He knows he has feelings for him due to her kissing him back. Marcel then tells her he is still going to be her friend no matter what and he won't give up on her because he promised Katherine he wouldn't.

After Danielle's death, Marcel takes a unconscious Sophia back home. He tries to get her to calm down but she goes out of control again until Marcel snaps her out of it.

In Eclipse of the Heart, Marcel thanks Sophia for saving Davina and bringing her back home. Marcel tries to persuade Sophia not to take this dark path but she reveals its too late. She tells him that she will still be there for him because she cares about him.

In Rise from the Grave, Marcel thanks Sophia for saving Davina.

In The Recluse, Marcel works with Elijah and the others, desperate to save Sophia.

Marcel finds out about a new element that can resurrect the dead from Macklyn in Long Way Back from Hell. After being saved from death by Christabella Marcoux, he becomes furious with her when she reveals that she killed Sophia and left her in there. Christabella tells him that Sophia came back to life and is no longer a vampire. He eventually finds her (Dark Sophia) and Klaus attacking Rebekah. He manages to hold Dark Sophia back as Elijah breaks Klaus' neck and compels Dark Sophia unconscious.

Season TwoEdit

Marcel will be annoyed that Sophia is going to college but she assures him that she won't be far and he promises to come visit her very often.

Describing their Relationship Edit


Marcel (to Rebekah): She's smart, beautiful, and loyal. She's everything I want in a woman.
--All You've Got
Marcel: Sophia, I know that you hate me right now but I just want to let you know that I'm not going to give up on you. At some point, you will let me back in. I will win your heart, no matter how long it takes.
--At Least With Sorrow
Marcel: All I'm telling you is to think about what you want. Because I want you...All of you
--Bring It On


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