Sophia's Mansion
Sophia's Mansion
Location Information

Sophia Mikaelson
Vanessa Josephine
Brody Midnight
Jayne Rutledge (formerly)
Bethany Thompson (formerly)
Danielle Mikaelson
Davina Claire
Marcel Gerard


New Orleans

This residential is owned by Sophia whom purchases it sometime after Danielle's death. Sophia and her new allies lived here and some time after the war ended with Neoma, Jayne and Bethany moved out. Jayne currently lives in San Francisco and Bethany decided to start traveling again. As Fall approached, Sophia and Brody went to the University of New Orleans, spending most of their time there. Davina wanted to live at the mansion as well to be closer to Danielle as possible to Marcel decided to move there as well, to keep an eye on the girls.

Throughout The Originals FanfictionEdit

Season OneEdit

Sophia purchases this mansion in Eclipse of the Heart, a way to get away from some of the family drama and be able to work with her new allies.

Season TwoEdit

Some members have moved out and new members have moved in.



  • Finna stays in Sophia's room.
    • While Sophia attends college, Finna will occasionly go back and forth between Marcel's room and Danielle & Davina's room.
  • Danielle and Davina decided to share a room.
  • Jayne and Bethany's rooms remain the same even though they no longer live there.
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