The Originals(Fan Fiction) TV Series
Season 1, Episode 05
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Air date Fall 2013
Written by KathrineAndJeremy4eva
Directed by Cori11
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Sinners and Saints is the fifth episode of Season One of The Originals Fanfiction (Series).


SECRETS REVEALED--The truth of why Davina is being protected by Marcel will be revealed. Sophie reveals to Elijah of who is after Danielle and he does whatever it takes to protect his niece. Klaus demands to know what Sophie is hiding about her past. Rebekah is reunited with a former lover. Sophia recieves something special from Marcel. Camille talks to Father Kieran about her brother. Danielle begins to have nightmares and mysteriously people start dying.


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  • Elijah, Matthias, and Davina scene.
  • Around the beginning of the episode, Sophia refuses to forgive Klaus for nearly getting her daughter killed.
  • Sophia and Serena are taking care of Danielle.
  • Sophia learns a bit of Serena's past.
  • Rebekah and Macklyn scenes.
  • Marcel and Klaus scenes.
  • Flashbacks of the witches and Marcel.
  • In one of the final scenes, Sophia is given the special gift that Marcel brought in the previous episode.
  • Sophia, Danielle, and Rebekah get a surprise.(Elijah is back)
  • In one of the final scenes, Sophia, Hayley, and Rebekah find dead people in bayou.


New Orleans is getting crazier with The Originals in town. Elijah talks with Davina about her past. Sophia is angry with Klaus for almost getting Danielle killed. He acts like he doesnt care but Sophia is more angry because it was family. When Elijah returns home he has a private talk with Sophia and she reveals that people who are dealing with Macklyn want her dead. Sophia invites Serena over to help protect Danielle.


Mikaelson Mansion

(Sophia comes in angry)

Sophia: You could've of got Dani killed!

Klaus: I was using her help, just a little danger.

Sophia: A little danger? Klaus what is wrong with you! My daughter could have DIED.

(She gives a distgusted look and walks away. Her phone rings and she sees its a text from Serena asking if she can come over. Sophia replies back saying yes.)

Elijah and Davina 

(Elijah are standing in the attic, focusing on Davina's pulsing carotid artery. His skin looks very gray as a result of not feeding while he was daggered. Matthias is watching Elijah carefully.)

Davina: You're the one they call honorable. 

(Elijah smiles)

Elijah: Yes, that's what they call me. And yet, I followed my brother here to New Orleans to engage in a war.  So, I ask you: does that sound honorable to you? 
Davina: You don't look well. 
Elijah: Well, only this morning I had a mystical dagger embedded in my chest, so I'd say I'm holding myself together quite well. Davina, I believe that you and I have the power to end a war between witches and vampires before it truly begins. I, by keeping my brother in line; you, by behaving like your true self—not some tool for Marcel or the witches. 
Davina: And why should I trust you?
Elijah: Well, for one thing, in spite of a ravenous hunger, I have not tried to take your blood.
Davina: Why not? I'm the only one here. 
Elijah: Even in my present condition, I would not feed from a child. 

(Davina takes a hat pin and pricks her finger with it. A drop of blood clings to the end of the needle, and she places the drop on Elijah's lip. After a moment, Elijah's skin returns to it's normal complexion. Davina looks pleased.)

I grow fonder of this child by the second. Mikaelson Mansion – "I grow fonder of this child by the second."

(Klaus is pacing in the back kitchen of "Rousseau's." When Sophie comes in with some produce, Klaus grabs her and vamp-runs them back to the Mikaelson Mansion)

Klaus: We had a deal! You protect my unborn child, I dismantle Marcel's army. And whilst I've been busy fulfilling my part of the bargain, you allowed Hayley to be attacked and almost killed by a gaggle of lunatic witches. 
Sophie: I had nothing to do with it, I swear. Hayley and I are linked, remember? She dies, I die. 
Rebekah: Then who were they? 
Sophie: They are a faction of extremists. Sabine stupidly told them about some vision she had about the baby. 
Klaus: What kind of vision? 
Sophie: She has them all the time. They are totally open to interpretation. I'm guessing she's wrong on this one. 
Klaus: Well, how, may I ask, was this particular vision interpreted? 
Sophie: Pretty much that your baby would bring death to all witches. 
Klaus: Ah, well. I grow fonder of this child by the second. 
Rebekah: Sophie, look, I promised Elijah that I would protect the Mikaelson miracle baby whilst he tries to win your witch Davina's loyalty. Why don't you tell me just how extreme this faction is? 
Sophie: Elijah's talking to Davina? 
Rebekah: Yeah. As we speak, I imagine. 
Sophie: I'm guessing she'll have plenty to say about that crowd. 
Klaus: Do tell. 
Sophie: I... wasn't always an advocate for the witches. 


(At Rousseau's, Sophie dances to music behind the bar as the crowd cheers)

Sophie: [shouts to crowd] Woo, drink up everybody! This is how they party in Rio! [pours liquor straight into her mouth from the bottle]
Sophie: [present day] My sister was devoted, like our parents, and our upbringing was very strict, which drove me nuts. The minute I turned 21, I left the Quarter to travel... and play. [Flashback Sophie pours alcohol into a girl's mouth and kisses her after she drinks it] But, I wanted to be a chef, so I came back to Rousseau's.

(In flashback, Jane-Anne enters Rousseau's to find her sister)

Sophie: Oh, Jane-Anne! (Jane-Anne smiles and the girls hug)
Jane-Anne: Welcome home, Soph. Can we go some place to talk? 
Sophie: Just tell me. 
Jane-Anne: The elders called a vote. We're moving forward with the Harvest. 
Sophie: (stunned) What? 


Rebekah: What the bloody hell is a Harvest? 
Sophie: It's a ritual our coven does every three centuries, so that the bond to our ancestral magic is restored. We appease our ancestors, they keep our ancestral power flowing. 
Klaus: And why haven't I heard of this? 
Sophie: Because a Harvest always seemed like a myth. A story, passed on through generations like Noah's ark, or the Buddha walking on water. The kind some people take literally, and some people don't. 

FLASHBACK – HARVEST (Some young witches are standing and kneeling in a row outside a farmhouse. An older witch, Bastiana, holds a knife)

Bastiana: (makes a small cut on the first girl, Monique's hand) To be reborn, we must sacrifice. 
Monique: To be reborn, we must sacrifice. 
Bastiana: To be reborn, we must have faith. (cuts the second girl's hand)
Second Girl: To be reborn, we must have faith.
Bastiana: Do you have faith in the Harvest? (cuts the third girl's hand)

(Sophie shows up and approaches the witches)

Sophie: Not for a second! 
Monique: Sophie!
Sophie: What are you doing? 
Bastiana: Saving the community you renounced. 
Sophie: You're all ridiculous. Monique, seriously? 
Monique: (reluctantly) My mom told me I had to. 
Sophie: Yeah. Well, your mom and I are gonna have words. 

(Davina is the last girl in the row, and she watches as Sophie storms away)


Sophie: They had the girls of our community preparing for months. Four would be choosen for the Harvest. They said that it was an honor, that they were special. I thought it was a myth. 
Rebekah: Was it?

(Sophie looks guilty, but before she can say anything, Klaus's cell phone rings. He picks it up—it's Marcel.)

Klaus: Marcel. Bit early in the day for you, isn't it? 
Marcel: I know, I make this look easy, but I still have an empire to run. 
Klaus: Rather you than me. All that responsibility seems like such a bore. 
Marcel: Well, this might spice things up. I just heard about a bunch of dead witches out in the bayou. The kinda damage a werewolf might do, only there was no full moon. I have an informant out there I need to meet and I would love for you to go with me. 
Klaus: Dead witches in the bayou. Sounds like less of a problem, and more like a cause for celebration. 
Marcel: Well, something killed them. And may still be out there. And with your blood the only cure for a werewolf bite, I would love for you to accompany me. 
Klaus: Oh, why not? Haven't been to the bayou in ages. I'm on my way. 
Marcel: Peace out, brother. 

(Marcel hangs up. He is holding a picture of a large house in his hands)

Marcel: (to a woman he is with) This is the one. 


Sophie: You can't go out there now. I need to gather the witches' remains and consecrate them. If I don't get to them before sundown, we'll lose the link to their magic. 
Klaus: Those witches tried to kill Hayley. I'd prefer for Marcel's informant not to find anything that would lead him back to us, to her, or to... you know, (points at Hayley's stomach) that. 
Hayley: You are all class.
Klaus: (points at Sophie) Stay put. And save the rest of your story 'til I return...Also you are going to tell me who is after my niece and why they want her dead.
Rebekah: What is he talking about?
Klaus: We'll save it for later but for some unknown reason, the witches and whoever want Danielle dead.

St. Ann's Church

(Father Kieran is sweeping the church when Marcel enters.)

Father Kieran: Look who's back. Here to visit your prisoner in the attic? 
Marcel: Lay off. She's not a prisoner. And I'm moving her tonight. Too many people know where she is. 
Father Kieran: I have been hearing about what you've been up to since I've been out of town. Using that girl to keep the witches from doing magic?
Marcel: All respect, Father K. If you're going defend the witches' rights, we got nothin' to talk about. Besides I need to go talk to someone.
Father Kieran: Who?
Marcel: A girl named Sophia. I have something special for her.

(When Marcel leaves Cami walks in and sits down.)

Cami: Bless me father for I have sinned. 
Father Kieran:(Smiles) Hello Cami.
Cami: I want to talk about Sean.
Father Kieran: You know thats a touchy subject.
Cami: But he wasn't crazy! I know he wasn't! Someone set him up!
(Father Kieran looks angry.)
Cami: I wanna know who did that to him. I want to know who pushed him to kill all those people then himself!
Father Kieran: How can you be so sure that someone made him do all that?
Cami: Klaus Mikaelson.

(Father Kieran stares at her.)

Serena's Past

(Sophia and Serena are in Danielle's room watching her sleep.)

Serena: Is she going to be okay?
Sophia: Yes. She just needs to get some rest. Believe me, it's going to take a lot more than what between her and Davina to put her down.
Serena: Do you really blame Klaus for this?
Sophia:...A part of me does but a part of me doesn't. Danielle told me not to blame Klaus...


(Last night while Sophia was watching Danielle sleep, Dani woke up and Sophia hurries to her side.)


Sophia: Hi, Dani...Are you okay?

Danielle: Yes but...don't blame Uncle Klaus for this. I was just trying to protect him. Its not his fault.

Present Day

Sophia: She believes in him too.
Serena: You really love him, don't you?
Sophia: Of course, he's my brother...Klaus can be saved and he will be. I don't care how long it takes. I will always stand by his side...Now Serena tell me, how could Mikael been the last to have seen your parents when he was entomed by Abby Bennett for almost 20 years? You said they've been missing for 10 years.
Serena:...But they said that the Original Vampire Hunter, Mikael was the last to see my parents.
Sophia: What is your full name?
Serena: Serena Julia Vivian.
Sophia: Vivian...I've heard of that name before...(in deep thought)
Serena: Did you know my parents?
Sophia: No brother, Elijah might know of your family.
Serena: Where is he?!
Sophia:...He'll be back in town soon. 

(Sophia notices it is way too quiet in the house. Rebekah comes in.)

Rebekah: Hey Sophia, have you seen Hayley?
Sophia: No...Great, Serena can you watch Dani until we get back, please?
Serena: Of course.

Davina's Attic – "I have to die."

(Davina is drawing while Elijah and Matthias walks around. He holds Tim's damaged violin in his hand]</p>

Elijah: Do you play?
Davina: That's... not mine. 

(Elijah sits in a chair and tinkers with the violin for a moment, until Marcel's steps can be heard from outside the room. When he enters, Matthias and Elijah have hidden themselves away.)

Marcel: Good news, Little D. I'm moving you out this pile of dust. 
Davina: Are you serious? When? 
Marcel: Tonight. I just need to lock in the arrangements. How's our Original? [gestures to Elijah's coffin]
Davina: Uh, don't disturb the body! I have a spell in progress. 
Marcel: Bet you do. Pack up, 'kay? Only what you wanna take. I'll buy ya anything else you need. 
Davina: Okay. 

(Marcel leaves the attic and Elijah and Matthias appear from behind a corner.)

Elijah: You didn't reveal that I was awake. And that my friend Matthias is here.
Davina: We're not done talking yet. 

(Elijah picks up the violin again and sits down)

Matthias: You and Marcel seem very close. 
Davina: Marcel's my family. 
Elijah: And yet Marcel is someone who delights in harming the witches. Those people, I would think, you would consider family. This doesn't trouble you? 
Davina: No. They deserve it. 
Elijah: Why would you say that? 
Davina: 'Cause they're liars. All of them.

(Return to the flashback of the young witches and the elder witches by the farmhouse. The girls still kneel in a row, and Bastiana touches four of the girls' foreheads to indicate who has been chosen. Monique, Davina, and two other girls were chosen for the Harvest)

Davina: (voiceover) They made me and my friends do this Harvest ritual. They said our participation would bring our family strength, health... that we'd forever be celebrated as saviors of the community. But all they really wanted was more power. So, I left before they could get it. Now, they're running out of time, because after the Harvest, comes the Reaping. And if they don't complete the Harvest, there won't be a Reaping. Soon, all the witches in the Quarter will start to lose their power. Eventually, they will cease to be witches altogether. 
Elijah: So what does it take to complete this ritual? 
Matthias: It's something horrible, isn't it?
Davina: Yes...I have to die. 

(Matthias and Elijah are shocked by this revelation)

Lafayette Cemetery – "I wanna go with you."

(Sophie is in the cemetery, packing a little bottle into her backpack, when Hayley enters the mausoleum)

Sophie: Hey. What the hell?
Hayley: You're going out there anyway, aren't you? I wanna go with you. 
Sophie: No, thanks. Already got assaulted by Klaus this morning. Don't need a repeat. 
Hayley: What if whatever is responsible for all those dead witches is still out there? We've already established that it likes me and hates witches, so you'll be safer with me. 
Sophie: Sorry if I'm not buying your sudden concern for my safety. 

(Hayley blocks the exit, forcing Sophie to stop.)

Hayley: Listen. The whole reason I came to this stupid town in the first place was to learn more about my family. Your sister's the one that told me Marcel ran the werewolves out of the Quarter, into the bayou. And, last night, I'm pretty sure that some guardian-angel-wolf saved my life. So, I'm coming with you. 

(Rebekah and Sophia walk into the mausoleum and joins the girls)

Rebekah: Could you two be more idiotic?
Sophia: What are you doing here, Hayley?
Hayley: Trying to get answers.
(Sophia grabs her arm. Hayley snatches away.)
Hayley: I'm staying!
Sophia: ONE hour!

(Hayley and Sophie both look around at each other and sigh)

Rebekah: Two can play the follow-game, you know! You heard Klaus, he and Marcel are headed right where you're going. 
Hayley: So distract them. Because unless you wanna see lock a hormonal, pregnant werewolf in a tomb, I'm coming with you. And wouldn't Elijah be mad if he hears that the baby and I died of asphyxiation? 
Sophia: Look Hayley you do as we say or else--
(Hayley cuts her off.)
Hayley: Or else what? Your gonna kill me? Elijah would be very disappointed.

(Rebekah stares at her, annoyed. Sophie rolls her eyes and sighs again, resigned to having Sophia and Rebekah tag along)

Big Auggie's Bayou Bar – "You never stop, do you?" – "You never answer, do you?"

(Klaus is standing in front of the bar, phoning Rebekah)

Klaus: What's the matter Rebekah? You cross that I'm out with your ex? 
Rebekah: What is all that dreadful hillbilly ruckus in the background?
Klaus: According to the dreadful signage, it's Big Auggie's Bayou Bar. 
Rebekah: Well, order up a few rounds of moonshine and steer clear of the dead witches for a few. The witch is on a burial mission, your baby mama is on a spirit quest, as Sophia and me are keeping Elijah's promise to keep her safe, so stall, please?

(Rebekah hangs up the phone, Klaus, who is angry and annoyed, enters the bar)

Marcel: Everything okay?
Klaus: Oh, just the usual. Temperamental sister. So, where's your informant? 
Marcel:  Tomas? He's out sniffin' around. Grab a drink, and then we'll chase him down.
Klaus: Well, I suppose it will give us a chance to talk things over, like why you haven't returned Elijah. Maybe your young witch has grown partial to his company. She must get so bored.
Marcel: You never stop, do you?
Klaus: You never answer, do you? 
Marcel: Why're you so curious about Davina? 
Klaus: If I had a 16-year-old, all-powerful witch at my beck and call, you would wonder about her, too.
Marcel: You're never gonna get her. 
Klaus: Okay, okay. I'll ask the harmless questions, then. How did you meet her? 
Marcel: (laughs) That might surprise you. This was eight months ago, before I banned the witches from using magic. Relations between vampires and witches weren't what you'd you call friendly, by any means, but let's just say we were a little less... divided. In fact, some of us were getting along just fine. 

FLASHBACK (Sophie Deveraux and Marcel are taking a shower together, making out with each other and presumably having sex. Afterward, Marcel lies in his bed, while Sophie dries herself off beside him)

Sophie: Ugh, it's so screwed up, I'm dealing with whacked-out, militant witches. 
Marcel: (smiling) Hey, you witches all got a little crazy in you.
Sophie: And my sister has really gone off the deep-end this time.
Marcel: Jane-Anne's got martyr written all over her, that's for sure. 
Sophie: They've got every 16-year-old girl in our coven dying to be one of the four chosen for this crazy-ass ritual.
Marcel: Anything I can do to help? 
Sophie: No, you've caused enough trouble with them.  
Marcel: What, little old me?
Sophie: (giggles) You're a dick. You always stir it up with the witches. Which is why this (kisses him) stays between us. (kisses him deeply)


Klaus: You and Sophie? You hypocrite. You torture those witches, and yet there you were, getting positivelyRomeo and Juliet with Sophie Deveraux, and what would little Sophia think about this? 
Marcel: Oh, hey hey hey, it wasn't like that. It was a... mutually satisfying hook-up. Sophia is different from Sophie.
Klaus: So, if Sophie didn't turn to you, her secret vampire lover, in her hour of need, what did she do? 
Marcel: She did what any good girl do. She went to her priest. 


(Sophie, Father Kieran, Jane-Anne, Bastiana and Agnes are in the St. Anne's Church)

Bastiana: You've never cared about witch business, Sophie. And now, you have the gall to reveal our private dealings to an outsider. 
Father Kieran: You have to find another way. 
Bastiana: You think we do this lightly? The vampire presence in the Quarter is growing stronger, we need more (power) to fight them off. Harsh times call for harsh measures. 
Sophie: This is a little more than harsh, Bastiana.
Jane-Anne: (to Sophie) You don't understand, because you don't believe. You've never believed. But I believe enough to put everything on the line for this. And being chosen for the offering – it's an honor. 
Sophie: It's a myth, Jane-Anne.
Father Kieran: What you are planning to do is not only wrong; in my city, it's illegal.
Jane-Anne: In your city full of vampires?
Father Kieran: The vampires and the human faction have an arrangement, just like we have with you all. Protect the locals, protect our homes, we look the other way. What you are planning goes too far. 
Bastiana: We are simply taking what we need. Our connection to our ancestors weakens over time. You sow, and you reap; that's the way the Harvest works. 
Father Kieran: I am the only ally the witches have in this town! Do you really wanna face Marcel without me? Because that is what you'll be dealing with if you go through with the Harvest. 

(Sean O'Connell hears the argument and comes out to investigate)

Sean: Everything okay in here, Uncle Kieran? 
Father Kieran: We're just finishing, Sean. Right? (glares at the witches) I believe I've made myself clear. 
Agnes: We'll take this matter to the elders. (turns to Sean and grasps his hand in hers) Continue your studies, Sean. Your uncle is an excellent role model. (smiles)

(Sean nods, and as Agnes turns to leave, she mutters a hex under her breath)


Marcel: The witches were furious with Kieran. Sophie tells me that the witches put a hex on his nephew Sean, made it seem like he was slowly losing his mind in order to distract Kieran, while they kept planning for the Harvest. 
Klaus: (angry) So they attacked Kieran's nephew. 
Marcel: Yeah. Kid wasn't the same after that, ended up going postal, killing all his fellow seminary students, all of them, and then himself. 
Klaus: I might have read about that. The boy... The boy... killed a twin, or he was a twin or something.
Marcel: Ah, no no no, they said he had a twin sister. (Marcel sips his liquor, while Klaus downs all of his in one gulp, obviously angered at learning that the witches hexed Cami's brother into killing all of those people)

Davina's attic – "And is that what you want? To be normal?"

(Elijah is still fiddling around with the violin as Davina packs her suitcase)

Elijah: So, enlighten me. What did you mean when you said you had to die? 
Davina: That's was the Harvest was. They said they'd put us four girls in a state of, like, peaceful limbo as part of the offering. And then later, at the Reaping, we'd awaken and be reborn. I never got as far as the limbo part, which means the Harvest isn't complete. That's why the witches are so freaked out. The Reaping is just around the corner, and if they don't finish it before then, it's over. All I have to do is wait it out.
Elijah: And then what? 
Davina: They're punished, and I'm free. 
Elijah: From Marcel? 
Davina: Of magic. All our power will drain away. I'll be normal.(smiles slightly)
Elijah: Is that what you want? To be normal? 
Davina: I just don't wanna be what I am. I can't control it sometimes. Magic. I... (tears up) hurt people. Even when I don't mean to. 
Matthias: Do you have any friends, Davina?
Davina: There's Tim. He doesn't know about any of this witch stuff. He's normal. My best friend, Monique. She was a part of the Harvest too. She's lucky. No one ever fought for me, but someone fought for her. The only one who ever spoke out against the Harvest was Monique's aunt. 
Elijah: And who is that? 
Davina: (sighs) Sophie Deveraux. 

(Elijah continues to look shocked about what he is learning)

Matthias: Do you know her, Elijah?
Elijah: Yes. She's someone I should have never trusted to begin with.

The Bayou

(Sophie, Sophia, Rebekah and Hayley continue to walk around the Bayou to look for the dead witches)

Rebekah: So, this Harvest thingy—tell me more.
Sophie: Klaus said to wait. 
Rebekah: Yes. He also said to stay out of the bayou and yet here we are, amongst the crawly, buzzy creatures.

(Sophia laughs.)

Hayley: We're here. 

(They have reached the place where the witches were killed. They're all bloodied and ripped apart, and a dismembered head lies near the bodies. Sophie, who looks sick, kneels down to dig around her bag for the ingredients she needs to consecrate her fellow witches)

Hayley: Whoa. 

(Hayley sees a huge pawprint in the mud. In a nearby tree, there are three bloody scratches in the bark)

Sophie: Is that a wolf track?
Sophia: Can't be anything else.

(They hear a crunching noise, like footsteps, nearby)

Rebekah: (calls out) Who's there? 

(The person approaching them is a male vampire – Marcel's informant, Tomas)

Thomas: What the hell? Two Originals? 

(He runs away with vampire speed, leaving the girls standing and gaping)

Big Auggie's Bayou Bar / Davina's attic / The Harvest

(Klaus walks outside of Big Auggie's Bayou Bar as he talks to Rebekah on his cell phone)

Klaus: Let me understand this: against all logic, you, Sophia, and Hayley went to the bayou, where you ran into a man you think may be Marcel's informant, and then you lost him?
Rebekah: Yes, and now that we've established that I am a failure as a sister, and a friend, and an Original, you should probably know he's on his way to Marcel right now to rat me and Sophia out. Skinny guy in a hurry, looks like he saw a ghost. 
Klaus: I'll handle it, but I'll need a distraction. (smiles)
Rebekah: I'm on my way.

(She hangs up, and swats at a mosquito that has landed on her arm. Klaus enters the bar again.)

Marcel: Your sister again? 
Klaus: She craves attention. So come along, you were just getting to the juicy bits. 
Marcel: I can't joke around about this. I've done a lot in my day, but I do have a rule about kids.

(The story about the Harvest continues as Marcel tells it to Klaus, and Davina tells it to Elijah. The scenes alternate between the two storytellers, as well as flashback sequences.)


Davina: No one but Sophie ever questioned the Harvest. Not even my own mother. So neither did I. We thought it was such an honor, we had such faith. We were so stupid. 
Elijah: So how did it begin? 
Davina: We were led out like princesses. My mother was so proud. 


(It's night now, and the four girls are led into the Lafayette Cemetery by the elders to start the Harvest. There are birdbaths with liquid that is lit on fire burning around them)

Bastiana: Our magic fades as our ties to our ancestors weaken over time. We beseech them, accept this offering as a sign of our faith. 

(The girls kneel in a row in the middle of the crowd of people)


Davina: Bastiana, one of the Elders, called upon the four elements to bind our past and future magic together. Earth, to connect us to our ancestors. Water, to heal the community. Wind, to carry us to our ancestors and back. Fire, to purify. After all our preperation, we knew exactly what to expect. For weeks they told us that the magic in the knife they used to cut our palms would put us to sleep, and that later at the Reaping, we would all be resurrected. They said we'd awaken, and all be together and more powerful than ever. And it was just like we rehearsed it. All that was left was a little cut on our palms for the blood sacrifice. 


(The first girl stands up to begin the Harvest, but is interrupted when Sophie runs into the cemetery)

Sophie: No! Stop! Bastiana, stop! You have to stop, Bastiana, please don't do this! 

(A male witch wraps his arms around Sophie to restrain her, and covers her mouth with his hand so she can't intervene or scream anymore)

Davina: (voiceover) Even after Sophie tried to stop it, we didn't suspect anything. 
Bastiana: To be born, you must sacrifice. Do you have faith? 

(The girl nods in response, and holds out her hand for the blood sacrifice. Instead, Bastiana slits the girl's throat, and the young witch falls to the ground. The other three girls start to scream in terror, but they're also restrained so that they can't run away. Davina's mother stares straight ahead as her daughter screams)


Matthias: A death sentence?
Elijah: Everyone involved in the ritual knew that this would happen. 
Davina: Except the four of us. They weren't putting us to sleep, they were slaughtering us! 


(The next witch is pushed forward, and Bastiana slashes her throat with the knife as well, despite her protests)

Davina: No, no! 
Bastiana: Monique Deveraux. 
Davina: NO, NO, NOOO! 

(A man forces Monique forward to be sacrificed next)

Davina: (voiceover) I begged for someone to help. My own mother turned away from me. Sophie screamed and screamed for her sister, anyone, to do something. 
Sophie: What is wrong with you?!

(Jane-Anne looks worried, but does nothing)


Davina: But no one did. 
Elijah: And yet you survived. Therefore, someone or something intervened. 

(Davina nods)

Davina: Yes. Someone finally did. 


Sophie: Monique, run away! Run away! 

(A shrill whistle can be heard, and a group of vampires, led by Marcel, infiltrates the cemetery and they start killing the witches)

Sophie: Marcel. 


Klaus: You're the one who stopped it. 
Marcel: Kieran knew every detail from Sophie. After his nephew's massacre in the church, he was so torn up. He left town just before the Harvest.  But on his way out, he came to me, and he asked me to stop the Harvest. He knew I didn't want the witches getting any more power. And I do have a rule about people abusing kids, so, I did what he asked. But I was too late. 


(The vampires are still attacking the Elders. A vampire bites Bastiana and feeds on her until she dies, and when her body falls to the ground, so does the magic knife in her hand. Another vampire bites and kills Davina's mom. Agnes picks up the knife from the ground, and grabs Monique and slits her throat with it. Davina screams, hysterical and trying to break free.)

Davina: No, Monique! Nooo! Let go of me! Stop it! Stop it! Let go of me! Stop it!

(Davina fights against the guy holding her. Marcel watches her fight against him as she headbutts the guy in the face, so Marcel kills the man and grabs Davina protectively)

Marcel: I got you. 


Marcel: There was something about seeing Davina fight. She didn't just go along to the slaughter, you know? 
Klaus: (smiles slightly) I do... Marcellus. How could I forget that day?
Marcel: (somberly) I felt like she and I... we were kindred spirits. That we were the same.


(Marcel is still holding Davina, while Sophie kneels on the ground, holding Monique's body in her lap. Sophie looks up at Marcel and Davina, and Davina holds her hand out toward Monique. A light inside Monique leaks out of her body, and into Davina's outstretched hand, and Sophie and Marcel stare at her in amazement)


Davina: Every girl who died released her power on to the next. When I was the last one, I suddenly had all of it, all the power that was supposed to be released back into the earth to appease our ancestors. 
Elijah: So... the Harvest was actually working? 
Davina: Something was working. And I knew that I was supposed to be killed so the Harvest could be completed and we would all be resurrected. But, they lied to us about how they were killing us. How do I know they weren't lying to us about coming back? But mostly, I just didn't want to die. So, I let him save me. Marcel saved my life. And that day, he became my family.

(In the flashback, Marcel sees the surprised look on Sophie's face, and vamp-runs himself and Davina away before she could get hurt. In the present, Matthias and Elijah look disgusted by how Davina was treated, and feels sympathy for her)


Klaus: You were quite the knight in shining armor, though Davina must realise you owe her as much as she owes you. You never could have banned the witches from using magic without her. 
Marcel: She's not exactly besties with them. I'm protecting her. A lot of them would like to get their hands on her and kill her to finish the Harvest. If they don't, the other girls stay dead, and they lose their power. 
Klaus: And if they you do, you lose yours. 
Marcel: And Davina loses her life. I'm NOT going to let that happen. Davina has been through too much.

(Rebekah shows up and joins them)

Rebekah: Isn't this like old times? Just how drunk are you two? 
Klaus: (fakes slurring his words) Skating on the razor's edge. I'm gonna use the loo. Back in a tick. 
Rebekah: I haven't seen him this lushy since the '20s. 
Marcel: So you came to take him home? 
Rebekah: Why else would I be here?
Maecel: Where's Sophia?
Rebekah: At home with Dani. Now answer my question.
Marcel: I don't know. Maybe to make sure I didn't get too drunk and spill secrets better left unspilled about you and me. I know better. 
Rebekah: I hope so, because you don't wanna end up on the wrong side of me. 
Marcel: Oh, Rebekah Mikaelson. You do not wanna be on the wrong side of me.

(The two stare at each other intently)


(Klaus walks outside and sees Tomas, who has just returned from the bayou)

Klaus: Tomas, I presume. Marcel asked me to find out what you know about the dead witches. 
Tomas: I heard they were going after some pregnant werewolf. She was stupid, being out there all alone.
Klaus: Yeah, she was, wasn't she, yes? It's amazing how gullible some people can be. 

(Klaus chuckles and snaps the vampire's neck)

No Manipulation

(Elijah proudly holds up Tim's violin)

Elijah: You may return this now to its rightful owner. It's restored. 

(Davina takes the instrument and stares at it sadly)

Davina: I don't even know if I'll see him again. 

(The room starts to shake, as if they're in an earthquake. Elijah, Matthias, and Davina look around worriedly, and the window]shutters burst open as the shaking stops)

Elijah: Davina, this power that you contain, drawn from your fallen friends—it's too much for you. You need control, which requires study and practice. Now, my mother was a very powerful witch. She left behind her grimoires, a legacy of books filled with spells. These books contain all of the tools that you might need to control your magic. If you free me from here, I can share them with you. However, if you leave now with Marcel, we'll never see each other again, and I cannot find you, and I can't help you. 
Davina: The witches manipulated me. You know how that ended. 
Elijah: This is not manipulation. This is one thing in exchange for another.  I'm offering you a deal.

(Just as Davina is about to answer something strange happens to her and starts gasping, her eyes rolling back in her head. She starts to see Sophie, the witches, and unknown people surrounding Danille whom falls to the ground. Davina returns to normal.)

Matthias: Davina! (hurries to her and holds her in his arms) What's wrong?
Davina:...I...I saw that girl, the Original.
Elijah: Rebekah, Sophia?
Davina: No...the other one, who's around my age.
Elijah: Danielle?
Matthias: What did you see?
Davina: I saw...the Sophie and the other witches. And some other people that I don't recognize. They were surrounding her and I think they were trying to kill her.

(Elijah has a shocked look on his face.)

Where's Marcel?

(Klaus enters the bar again. Marcel is gone; Rebekah returns to the bar from the restroom.)

Klaus: That was fast work, Rebekah. Where's Marcel? In there, touching up his lipstick? 
Rebekah: Credit me with some taste, it's filthy in there. Where'd he go. 
Klaus: He didn't tell you he was leaving? 
Rebekah: No. Do you think he realized we were stalling him?
Klaus: No. Unless... he was stalling us. 

"Well, I've given up on giving up."

(Marcel bursts into Davina's room. Elijah is hiding in his coffin and Matthias is hiding over in the corner.)

Marcel: Okay, now's our shot. You ready to blow this joint?
Davina: (smiles) Can't wait. 

(Marcel grabs Davina's suitcase and the two get ready to leave the room)

Marcel: We'll leave Elijah behind as a parting gift. Might buy me a little forgiveness for pulling one over on his siblings. Let's go. 

(The two leave the attic, though Davina gives her room a final parting glance before she goes. When the two of them are out of earshot, Elijah pulls himself out of his coffin. Downstairs, Marcel walks ahead of Davina. She stops suddenly in the middle of the church's main room, and he turns to look at her)

Marcel: What's wrong? What's happening? 

(The church starts shaking, and Davina's body tenses up as her body starts to spasm)

Davina: I don't know. Something's wrong. 

(Marcel runs up to Davina to help her)

Davina: Marcel. There's something dangerous out there. Take me back!

(Davina passes out, and Marcel catches her)

Marcel: Damn it.

(He picks her up and carries her back to her room. Upstairs, Elijah and Matthias wait in the doorway and smile. Elijah has hidden besides Matthias by the time Marcel brings her back up to her room and puts her into her bed. He tucks her in under her blankets, and after looking at her for a moment, he takes his leave. Once he's gone, Davina opens her eyes and lifts her head.)


(Marcel and Davina enter the attic room for the first time)

Marcel: No one's gonna look for you here. It's only for a little while, 'til I get you out of town and some place safe. For now I can get you whatever you want. What do you like to do? 
Davina: (whispers nervously) Draw. 
Marcel: An artist, huh? That's cool, okay. I can buy out Vincent's for you tomorrow. Maybe get you some curtains, or–
Davina: Marcel? You know what I really want? I wanna make them pay. (Marcel nods.)


(Davina sits up in bed)

Davina: (calls out) Elijah? Matthias?
Elijah: (comes out of hiding) I'm pleased you stayed. 
Davina: You'll keep your promise about your mother's spell book? 
Elijah: I will. You know, difficulties aside, I value my family above everything. I am sorry that yours failed you. 
Davina: Your brother, Klaus handed you to Marcel in a box, yet you still don't give up on him? 
Elijah: Well, I've given up on giving up. It's an affliction. I will fight for my family until my last breath. 
Davina: And I'll fight the witches until mine. 
Matthias:(grins) You and Sophia haven't changed.
Elijah: She is my favorite sister. Don't tell Rebekah I said that.

(Davina and Matthias laugh.)

Plans change

Father Kieran: Now what? You just gonna leave her up there for anybody to find? 
Marcel: I'm not in the mood, Kieran. 
Father Kieran: You were supposed to get her out of New Orleans after the Harvest. We failed those other three girls, we didn't fail her. That is why I came to you for help. That was the plan. 
Marcel: Plans change. 
Father Kieran: Especially after you found out how powerful she was. 
Marcel: Let's get something straight. For eight months since you left, I've been running this town just fine. I don't need you coming back and gettin' in my business. I will do what I want, where I want. Got it? 
Father Kieran: You wanna be the boss? You wanna call the shots? Fine. But I call the shots with the humans. And you don't wanna make an enemy of me. So, I would suggest one thing—stay away from my niece. 
Marcel: Fine. Who the hell's your niece? 
Father Kieran: Cami.

(Marcel stops in his tracks and considers this news for a moment, thinking that he's about to lose a friend, before huffing in frustration and leaving)

Sophia and Serena Bond/Mother and Daughter/Brody Arrives

(Sophia and Serena are in her room and Sophia is playing the piano)

Serena: So you like the piano, huh?
Sophia: Yes. For a thousand years, this is one of the things that calms me. Get my mind off a lot of things.
Serena: Like what?
Sophia: Like what a pain in the butt my big brother, Klaus, and baby sister, Rebekah are, the past dangers, and men.
Serena: Men...Anyone I would happen to know?
Sophia: No...(blushes)
Serena: You're blushing! You're lying, aren't you?
Sophia: No!
Serena: It's Marcel, isn't it?
Sophia: No, of course not! He's a complete barbarian!
Serena: Come on! I saw the way he looked at you, Sophia! I know when a man has feelings for a woman.
Sophia: He might feel something for me but I don't feel anything for him.
Serena: You keep denying it. You do feel for him, you just won't admit it.
Sophia: Serena, I'm not going to waste time getting my heart broken all over again.
Serena: Don't you want a man who would do anything for you?
Sophia:...Yes...But I'm only thinking about my family right now.
Serena: I know that family is important to you but you should think about what you want too.
Sophia: What would that be?
Serena: At some point you should give Marcel a chance. But you can at least start by being his friend.
Sophia: (in deep thought about what she just said) What kind of man do you want Serena?
Serena: He has to be passionate, a man who loves something and someone and can put his heart into it.
Sophia: That sounds like my brother, Elijah.

(Sophia hears Dani screaming. Sophia excuses herself and uses vamp speed to get to Dani's room.)

Sophia: Dani, are you okay?! (sitting on Dani's bed and holding her)
Danielle:...I'm fine.
Sophia: Dani, what's wrong?
Danielle: Mom, I have this strange feeling about something.
Sophia: What?
Danielle: That people are going to start dying.
Sophia: Sweetie, it was just a nightmare.
Danielle: No! I know what I saw.
Sophia: Then tell me.
Danielle: I was standing in the bayou. Everything including me were covered in blood and all around me were dead bodies...There was also a red moon.
Sophia: (looks shocked) A red moon?
Danielle: Yes...Mom, what's happening to me? Is someone after me?
Sophia: (hugging her daughter) Danielle, you are going to be fine. I will never let anyone hurt you, I promise.

(Downstairs, Serena hears someone knocking on the door and answers it. The man brushes past her before she allows him in.)

Serena: Excuse me, I didn't say you come in. Who are you?
Brody: The name's Brody. Now where's Danielle?
Serena: Okay Mr. Rude, I refuse to answer that. Sophia!
Brody: Listen lady, I don't have time for your sarcastic humor! Where's Dani?
Serena: None of your damn business. You should show people some respect. Were you ever taught some manners?
Brody: (grabs her arm roughly) I don't like being nice.
Sophia: (coming down the stairs) And you don't want to be on the bad side of me. That is no way to treat a lady so get your hands off of her now!

(Brody lets go of Serena)

Sophia: Are you alright, Serena?
Serena: Yes, thank you. He wants to see Danille.
Sophia: What business do you have with my daughter?
Brody: Just let me talk to her.
Sophia: She's sleeping. Now who are you?
Brody: Her friend. Now can you wake her
Sophia: You're Brody...She told me about you. But you don't seem like the same person she told me about.
Brody: I don't have time for this! (Walking past Sophia until she grabs his arm)
Sophia: Listen, as long as you're in my home, you're going to treat me with some respect. (Makes a ball of fire) We could do it the easy way or the hard way because right now, you're not getting anywhere near my daughter.

(Suddenly the door is broken down by an unknown vampire.)

???: Excuse me for the intrusion. I'm looking for a few vampires.
Sophia: Who are you?
Brody: Felix.
Felix: It's been a long time, Brody. There's you. Sophia Mikaelson and Danielle Mikaelson that I need to get rid of first.

"All this, because of a vision about my baby, you don't think it's true."

(It's night now, and Hayley and Sophie are returning to Sophie's truck)

Hayley: Those people, all this, because of a vision about my baby you don't think is true?
Sophie: Look, I love Sabine, but she's the witch equivalent of a drama queen. I've learned to take little stock in whatever she says or sees. Just kinda wish she'd kept her mouth shut.
Hayley: The Harvest ritual. You said you didn't believe in it. Were you right? 
Sophie: No. I saw it with my own eyes. It was working. It was real. 
Hayley: So, how can you be so sure Sabine's vision isn't?

(Sophie doesn't have an answer.)

Lovers Reunited

(Rebekah is walking back home then turns around to find Macklyn.)

Macklyn: Where are you going beautiful?

(Rebekah looks at him in shock. She then begins to remember the past.)


(Rebekah sitting with Macklyn in his bedroom.)

Rebekah: Have you ever thought about our future?
Macklyn: Yes...I've always thought about one day, how I want to marry you and spend every day with you for the rest of my life.
Rebekah: Really?
Macklyn: Really...I love you more than anything, Rebekah Mikaelson.
Rebekah: I love you as well, Macklyn.

Present Day

Rebekah: What are you doing here?
Macklyn: Looking for you.
Rebekah: You should have left. (Tear rolls down her face.)
Macklyn: You didn't miss me?
Rebekah: No leave now!
Macklyn: Rebekah, I had never stopped loving you.
Rebekah: You're a liar, you never loved me! I remember what you became. Why are you trying hurt Dani?
Macklyn: Actually, I can't tell you that.
Rebekah: You come near her again and I will kill you!
Macklyn: wouldn't.

(Rebekah's phone starts ringing seeing that its Dani. She sees the text saying that someone is trying to kill her and Sophia back at home.)

Rebekah: Oh my god! As Rebekah tries to use vamp speed, Macklyn stops her.)
Macklyn: You're not going anywhere, Rebekah.
Rebekah: You know that you shouldn't get on my bad side.
Macklyn:...I'm sorry. But I can't let you go save them.
Rebekah: Get out of my way!

Under Attack

Brody: Are you going to use that fire power again?
Sophia: I really don't want to burn the house down...
Felix: Ready to die?
Sophia: Serena, get upstairs now!

(Serena quickly runs upstairs and goes into Danielle's room as Brody tackles Felix. As Brody gets the upper hand, Felix uses vervain on Brody causing Brody to scream in pain and fall to the floor.)

Felix: You have to do a lot better than that Brody.

(As Felix takes out his stake, ready to kill Brody, Sophia uses her power of wind to throw Felix out of the house. As he falls to the ground, Sophia uses her vamp speed to go after him. Felix gets ready to fight. They fight hand-to-hand combat and Sophia realizes he's not an ordinary vampire hunter.)

Sophia: Who are you and why are you trying to kill us?!
Felix: Felix Hackett. It's my job to kill Danielle. You and Brody are just for me. Your kind disgust me.
Sophia: But my daughter and I haven't done anything to you!
Felix: I know that and I don't care. (takes out a white oak stake) Your daughter will be the first to die.
Sophia: You're not getting anywhere near my daughter!

(Sophia uses her powers of fire against Felix but he manages to dodge it and gets the upper hand when he tackles her to the ground and nearly stabs her in the back with the white oak stake. She screams out in pain. He breaks off the white oak stake, leaving the broken tip stuck in Sophia's back. He tells her that he will let her suffer from the pain of the white oak tip in her back and the loss of her daughter. Felix leaves Sophia and goes back into the Mikaelson home. Felix sees that Brody is gone and he hears noise upstairs. Hayley arrives and sees Sophia on the ground. She rushes over to her and tries to help her.)

Back to Macklyn and Rebekah

Rebekah: Hayley should be returning home by now! If your friend kills my sister, my niece, and Hayley I will kill him and you with no hesitation!
Macklyn: He's only going to kill Brody and Danielle. He won't kill Sophia and Hayley.
Rebekah: Really? (phone starts to ring) Dani?!
Serena: No. You don't know me but I'm Serena, don't worry! I'm a friend. But we need some help out here because some named Felix is trying to kill your family and Brody! So can you get over here before people wind up dead!
Rebekah: I'm on my way! (hangs up) Did you hear that? He's going to kill all of them! Now get out of my way!

(Macklyn moves out of Rebekah's way and she uses vamp speed to hurry home. Macklyn soon follows after her.)

Rebekah and Brody

(At the Mikaelson Mansion, Felix doesn't find anyone upstairs but when he looks out the window, he sees Hayley trying to help Sophia. When he turns around, he sees Danielle. She looks very angry yet he smiles.)

Felix: Are you ready to die, little one?
Danielle: GET OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

(Danielle uses her magic at Felix and he looks terrified as he sees her eyes turn black for a moment. He is thrown out the window by the powerful use of her magic. Felix falls from the third story floor. Hayley sees this and runs over to the man grabbing his throat as he groans in pain. Danielle collapses and Serena comes out the room to help Danielle)

Hayley: Who the hell are you?!
Felix: (still groaning in pain)...Hayley Marshall?
Hayley: And what if I am?

(Felix pushes Hayley off of him and she falls to the ground, getting ready to attack her. Before he can, Brody holds him back from behind and Rebekah appears in front of Felix.)

Rebekah: Are men ever going to learn how to treat a lady?

(Rebekah is getting ready to kill Felix until Macklyn stops her.)

Macklyn: Rebekah, wait. Let him go for now.
Rebekah: He tried to kill the people important to me, Macklyn.
Macklyn: I know that but I'll talk to him, straighten him out. If he ever causes problems for you again, you can have the pleasure of killing him.
Rebekah:...Fine.(she punches Felix in the face, knocking him out)

(Felix takes Brody and leaves with his vamp speed. Rebekah helps Hayley up and they quickly hurry over to Sophia. Rebekah manages to get the piece of the white oak stake out of Sophia's back. Sophia wakes up and thank the girls. Hayley helps Sophia inside and Rebekah approaches Brody.)

Rebekah: Who are you?
Brody: Brody.
Rebekah:...Ah, you're the guy that my niece talked about. So you're a vampire as well. What do you want with my niece and why did that vampire hunter show up here?
Brody: I can't say.
Rebekah: You can say or I will rip that pretty little face off.
Brody: All I can say is that you need to be careful especially Danielle. My friend is worried about her. Felix is a vampire hunter that you don't want to mess with. He's no ordinary vampire hunter, he was able to take Sophia out.
Rebekah: Who's your friend and how does he know Dani?
Brody:...I can say it like this...He's an old friend.
Rebekah: Do I know him?
Brody: Yeah...You, Elijah, Klaus, and Sophia know him.

(Brody disappears leaving a curious Rebekah.)

Outside the Abattoir

(Marcel walks into the courtyard where Klaus is waiting for him up on the top of a cement barrier)

Klaus: Taking me on a field trip to distract me. Pathetic. And obvious—I taught you better than that. 
Marcel: You taught me to protect what's mine. You will not take Davina from me—end of story. 
Klaus: An immutable law of nature, Marcel, is the strong always take from the weak.
Marcel: Oh, if you were so strong, you wouldn't have run away from New Orleans like a little bitch, all those years ago.  

(Klaus jumps down from where he was standing and punches down on Marcel)

Klaus: You've been playing king with a bunch of children for too long. Don't mistake me for one of your nightwalker lackeys, Marcel. I can take Davina anytime I like. 

(Marcel lunges for Klaus, but he's knocked back down by Elijah, who has appeared out of nowhere)

Elijah: Do forgive me, Marcel. If anyone is to teach my brother a lesson... it's me. 

(Klaus stares in shock at his brother, and doesn't seem too pleased to see him)

Mikaelson Mansion – "Don't make promises you can't keep."

(Rebekah pours several drinks as she talks to Hayley and Sophia)

Sophia: I don't care if we have to get you a leash, that was your last trip to the bayou. What is it with you and those wolves, anyway? 
Rebekah: I was going to say that, Pipi.

(Sophia uses her powers to pick up water and splashes on Rebekah and laughs. Hayley looks sad and worried.)

Hayley: I feel like we're connected somehow. I don't know. Maybe it's just some pipe dream that I have of finding any real family out there. But sometimes, when I feel like it's me against the world, it keeps me going. 

(Rebekah gives Hayley a sympathetic look and hands her a drink. Hayley side-eyes her, and Rebekah suddenly remembers that Hayley is pregnant and can't drink, so she drinks Hayley's glass in one gulp, and then drinks her own)

Rebekah: Oh, right. Well, if you ask me, family is a pain in the behind.
Sophia: Hey we're working on getting the family together.

(Hayley rolls her eyes)

Rebekah: And as for being in it alone, how dare you? I don't ruin a perfectly fabulous pair of boots traipsing through the bayou for just anyone.
Sophia: And she's being serious.

(Hayley smiles, and Rebekah downs her second drink. Their conversation is interrupted by Klaus walking through the front door)

Rebekah: Nik, finally. What–

(Elijah walks through the door after his brother with a huge smile. Rebekah runs to Elijah and hugs him tight. Elijah sees Sophia and Hayley over Rebekah's shoulder, and they smile at each other, though Hayley leaves the room. After Rebekah is done she smiles widely at him.)

Rebekah: Elijah! You're safe! Now that you're home, is your first plan to kill Niklaus? 
Elijah: (smiles) Excuse me, just a moment. 
(Sophia grabs his arms and says meet me after. He kisses her forehead and they smile at each other. Then goes to follow Hayley)
Rebekah: Where's he going? 
Sophia: No idea.

(Elijah walks out the back door to find Hayley, who is standing on the back patio)

Hayley: You're back.
Elijah: I'm back.

(The two look at each other for a moment, and then Hayley slaps him in the face)

Hayley: Don't make promises you can't keep. Welcome home.

(Elijah touches his face where she slapped him, and smiles to himself. Sophia walks outside and looks terrifed.)

Elijah: What's wrong?
Sophia: Dani is having dreams about people being murdered and......their coming true.

Dani's Dreams

(As Danielle is sleeping, she appears to be having a nightmare. She sees people being killed and bitten. A young girl around her age is seen covered in blood and is on a rampage. Danielle begins screaming and Sophia vamp-speeds into the room.)

Sophia: Dani, wake up!
Danielle: Mom? (Gives her a hug.)
Danielle: I think my dreams are real.

(Sophia has a terrified glance on her face.)

Macklyn confronts Felix

Macklyn: What do you think you're doing? You were only suppose to kill Danielle and Brody. You weren't suppose to go after Sophia and Hayley!

Felix: If I come in contact with any supernatural creature, I will kill them. I'm only allowing you to live until Danielle and Hayley are dead. If I see Brody again, I will kill him

Elijah and Danielle

(A little later, after hearing what Sophia had to say, Elijah comes into Dani's room and she's happy to see him.)

Danielle: Uncle Elijah!
Elijah: (hugging her) How are you feeling? Your mother told me that you've been having nightmares.
Danielle: I'm not so good. They feel so real.
Elijah: What exactly are you seeing?
Danielle: People dying...Everyone, everything, including me, covered in blood. The sky is red and there's a red moon...I also see a young girl around my age, she's the one killing everyone. I couldn't see her face though.

(Elijah sees the look of concern of Dani's face and places his hand on her cheek.)

Elijah: Danielle, I promise that I will never let anything happen to you.

Sophie Deveraux will fight to the death.

(The Mikaelson siblings and Hayley sit in the study, where Elijah stands behind the desk and explains everything that he has learned from Davina that day)

Elijah: Everything that brought us here to New Orleans was a lie. This story that Sophie Deveraux fabricated, this struggle for control of the French Quarter, this war between vampires and witches, wasn't over territory at all, this was over Davina


(In the back room of Rousseau's, Jane-Anne and Sophie are both sobbing and arguing)

Sophie: I swear, I had no idea that the Harvest could possibly be real! 
Jane-Anne: But the one thing that you were sure of is that I was wrong, and that I would risk Monique's life on a maybe. And now my daughter is dead. 
Sophie: Please tell me how to fix this.
Jane-Anne: Now that Marcel has Davina, how we are even supposed to find her? If we don't finish the Harvest, Monique and those two other girls are dead for real.

(Sophie steps toward her sister and grabs her hands)

Sophie: Look at me. You and I are gonna find a way to get Monique back. It'll be our little secret. We'll do it together. I'll seal off the cemetery from the vampires, find Davina, stop Marcel and finish the ritual once and for all. Even if I have to slit Davina's throat myself. 


Elijah: Eight months ago, Sophie Deveraux and her sister Jane-Anne lost everything. Now, four months after that, a young pregnant girl wanders into their restaurant. Suddenly, all hope is renewed. Jane-Anne actually sacrificed her life so that her sister can use you to find Davina. If Sophie Deveraux is successful in capturing Davina, she can return Jane-Anne's daughter back to life. We thought we'd come here to wage a war for power. This is about family. In order to return her niece to life, Sophie Deveraux will fight to the death. That makes her more dangerous than anyone. 

(As they speak, Sophie kneels in front of Jane-Anne's grave at Lafayette Cemetery in the pouring rain, crying. Elijah appears from behind her.)

(Sophia walks to the quarter. Marcel tries to sneak up on her and Sophia nearly throws a fireball at him.)

Marcel: Whoa!

Sophia: I'm so sorry! I didn't think it was you.

Marcel: (smiles) Come with me.

(They go in a bar and sit down.)

Sophia: Marcel we cant-

Marcel: (Hands her a diamond necklace) I know that I want to be more with you but I want to start by being your friend. YOUR friendship means so much to me.

(She smiles and says forever and he helps her put the necklace on)

Elijah demands answers

Elijah: Sophie.
Sophie: (turns around, shocked) Elijah?!
Elijah: Listen to me well. When it comes to my family, I am never going to let anyone hurt them. You threaten Klaus to kill Danielle. Now, you're going to start talking to why you want Danielle dead.
Sophie:...She...she will be the death of us all.

Final Scene

Rebekah: Now why are we back out here?
Sophia: You two didn't need to come.
Hayley: I owed you from earlier and after what happened to you earlier, I need to keep an eye on you.
Sophia: I can take care of myself, little werewolf. But thank you for helping me.
Rebekah: Aww, look at you two bonding.

(Sophia, Hayley, and Rebekah stop in their tracks as they are stunned by what they find...The dead people in bayou which is what exactly happened in Danielle's dream. Macklyn and Felix are seen above watching them.)

The Originals


  • Sophia talking to Serena
  • Serena spending time with Sophia

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