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Biographical information
  • 1993 (age 19)
  • Alive
  • Female
Family information
Supernatural information
Significant spells
  • Element-Blocking Spell (on Sophia)
  • Ice Spell (on Katherine)
Played by
  • Ashley Benson
First seen
We all have secrets in the darkness that we do anything to keep in the darkness but sometimes the darkness needs light and with that need comes the truth.
Sapphire to Katherine

Sapphire is a young woman who will cross paths with some of the characters in the College Arc and is a major antagonist of that Arc. It is unknown of who she is after and what her motives are.

History Edit

Sapphire was born into a family of powerful witches she is an only child or so she thought. She is a history major at the University of New Orleans. Not much is known about her past or her family but will be revealed later on in the season.

Throughout The Originals FanfictionEdit

Season TwoEdit

Sapphire first appears in Starting Over as one of Brody Midnight's students at the University of New Orleans. She introduces herself to him, and mentions her brother, who had died many years prior. Before she leaves, she advises Brody to "keep the people you care about close," saying it is advice her father gave her before leaving, and smiling wickedly upon entering the hallway. Sapphire also meets Sophia Mikaelson after bumping into her, and claims to recognize her from a photo. After Sophia and her go opposite directions, Sapphire blows a blue magic aura that enters Sophia's dorm room and hits Katherine.

Sapphire Brody 201

Sapphire introducing Arona Moonaker to Brody Midnight.

Later, Sapphire attends the party being held at Jay Sykes' home. She reconnects with Brody, and introduces him to her friend, Arona Moonaker. The three discuss the subject Brody will be teaching, which happens to be a certain witch in particular. Sapphire immediately guesses it to be Qetsiyah, but Brody tells her that instead of Qetsiyah, they will be learning about another witch. Sometime after, Katherine has begun to feel the effects of Sapphire's spell, and Sapphire introduces herself to her.

After the party, Sapphire meets up with her allies: the unnamed vampire responsible for the deaths, and James, who faked his death earlier. James says he was merely attending to his duties and wants no part in their plans, but both Sapphire and the vampire believe otherwise. Sapphire states that the "real test begins" tomorrow.


Sapphire is confronted by Sophia Mikaelson.

Sapphire attends Brody's class one week later in The Voodoo. Brody reveals the witch he will be teaching about is Cecilia, to which she responds that Cecilia was the same witch who went missing after losing her husband and son. She listens to Eileen Remis describe Cecilia to the class, and leaves after the bell rings.

Later in the night, she is confronted by Sophia, but admits she wanted Sophia to find out she was the culprit. She explains to Sophia that she is seeking revenge and that does not care if innocent people get involved. She also admits that she herself placed ice magic on Sophia's elements of life so that the latter could not use them, and that only she has the power to remove the ice. After threatening to harm Nathan, Sophia's ex-husband, she offers a deal: she will remove the ice blocking Sophia's elements, as well as leave the people Sophia cares about alone, if Sophia leaves her alone. Sophia reluctantly agrees. Sapphire returns to her dorm, and sees Arona lying on her floor. She allows her friend to feed off her, coaxing her to stop resisting who she is.


Sapphire appears as a sweet young woman but behind those blues eyes and that smile she is a cruel, ruthless, self-centered, vengeful, spiteful ice-cold heartless calculating murdering bitch. She will kill and use anyone when it fits her needs. She doesn't care about who she hurts or who she has to kill to achieve her goal.


Ice Element

Ice magic

As a witch, Sapphire possesses magic. She specializes in ice magic, and is able to create magic auras capable of freezing people to death. She used this power on Katherine Pierce in Starting Over.

Sapphire also is able to use her ice magic to block the magic of other witches, and she is the only being capable of also removing it. She used this power on Sophia Mikaelson, but has most likely removed it since.

Physical AppearanceEdit


Sapphire is a beautiful young woman with pale white skin, blonde curly-hair, and blue eyes. Sapphire chooses to wear dark smoky eye with thick winged eyeliner, and her choice in lipstick was a darker, sultry pink appearance. She will can be seen wearing dark jeans with dark black shirts and other styles.


Arona MoonakerEdit

Brody MidnightEdit



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