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Season 1, Episode 13
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Rise from the Grave is the thirteenth episode of Season One of The Originals Fanfiction (Series).


SECRETS FROM THE PAST--New Orleans is in chaos as Davina's powers begin to go out of control with Sophie coming to the realization that Davina must be sacrificed and Marcel goes to desperate lengths to protect her causing Sophia to make a bold move. Rebekah soon finds herself in danger with Elijah and Hayley setting off to find her allowing Felix to make his move. Brody foresees a new future and Serena comes across a deadly being. Regina discovers the truth about Rebekah. Klaus finds himself up against Macklyn. Last, Sophia and her allies meet new powerful forces.


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  • A major character will be killed.
  • We will learn of bit of Alice's past.
  • Expect characters to get resurrected.
  • The Originals will get separated.
  • Serena learns a surprising secret.



Brody (to Jayne): All I can say is that your real parents, loved you very much.



Coming soon... Edit

(Neoma and Sabine are in the Lafayette Cemetery.)

Neoma: Why are we here?

Sabine: I sense that Davina's powers will be going out of control soon. So they will have no choice but to kill her and her sacrifice will bring back the Ancestral Witches. Giving us more power.

Neoma: What makes you think they will kill that girl?

Sabine: (smirks) If they don't, New Orleans along with everyone in it will be destroyed.

Out of Control Edit

(Marcel comes into Davina's room with a tray of food.)

Davina: Not hungry.

Marcel: Come on. You got to be starving. You haven't eaten since--

Davina: Since Dani died?

Marcel: Davina, I'm sorry. But we'll find a way to bring her back.

Davina:...Did you know Agnes was dead?

Marcel: I heard rumors but I didn't know it was true...I didn't want to take that chance of letting you go so that you end up dead the moment you walked out. I just wanted to protect you.

Davina:...I don't want to stay here anymore. Not with Klaus here.

Marcel: D--

Davina: He poisoned me and Tim. He's not even concering himself to save Dani! Marcel: Klaus loves Dani very much and of course he wants to bring her back! And Sophia saved both you and Tim!

(In the living room, Klaus, Elijah, and Hayley are listening to the conversation.)

Klaus: Well, that's going well.

Elijah: If you were trying to win the girl's trust, perhaps you shouldn't have poisoned her and her one true love.

Klaus: Oh. Are there any more inopportune deaths you'd like to wave in my face?

Elijah: Give me a month. I'll get you list.

Klaus: Why did I allow you to stay here?

Elijah: Because of Neoma's existence back in this world, you need all the strength you can get.

Klaus: And where is Rebekah?

Elijah: She's staying with a friend.

Klaus: Well anyway, young, old, dead, or alive, witches are a pain in the ass.

(Back to Davina's room. Davina starts vomiting dirt)

Marcel: Davina, Davina!

(Klaus enters)

Klaus: What's with all the racket? Bloody hell.

(The house begins to shake, like there's an earthquake. Hayley and Elijah go to the balcony and see Klaus coming out of Davina's room.)

Hayley: What the hell is going on?

Klaus: Davina.

Sophia's Mansion Edit

(Sophia and her allies are sitting in the dining room, having breakfast while Finna is playing with a ball.)

Bethany: So what shall we do first?

Brody: I say just charge in. Take her head on.

Sophia: That's suicide. She's a five-thousand year old demon who can have the whole world bowing down to her.

Jayne: Damn, then that means she's a force to be reckoned with.

Sophia: Neoma possess many powers. What is so deadly about is her demonic aura and demonic infusion. She enjoys killing for the pure fun of it.

Brody: How about I go see what she's up to?

Sophia: How about you do what I tell you to do?

(Finna growls at Brody)

Brody: Sophia, I am sorry for your loss but honestly I'm not doing it for you. I'm doing this for my friend.

Sophia: And who is your friend?

Brody: Someone who doesn't want to come out of the shadows yet.

Sophia: Why not? Wouldn't it be more fun if he just came out in the open?

Brody: Yes, he does think it will be fun but...He rather wait to make his entrance.

Sophia: Fine. As long as he is an ally, I will respect his choice. Can't wait to meet him.

Brody: (smirks) He feels the same way.

Vanessa: Anyway, what do the five of us have to take on Neoma and her army.

Sophia: I have my elements of fire, water, wind, and earth. Not to mention that I am a one-thousand year old vampire.

Jayne: I'm a siren. Strong fighter. My beautiful singing voice. Can create illusions, make people see whatever they want to see. And I am perfect at seduction.

Bethany: (smirks) You've got some competition for the seduction. And how do you know what people want to see?

Brody: (chuckles) She can. I've seen it.

Jayne: (rolls her eyes) What do you want me to do?

Vanessa: Jayne, show us your power of illusion.

Jayne: Alright...(looks at Sophia)...I'll start with Sophia.

(Jayne closes her eyes and morphs into Marcel. Sophia nearly chokes on her drink.)

Bethany: What the--?!

Vanessa: How did you do that?

Jayne: I've heard that there are many different kinds to illusions but I still haven't found out what they are yet. For illusions, all I can do so far is turn into other people.

Vanessa: So how do we really know that you're the blondie?

Jayne: Believe me when I say that I really am the blondie. That's my true form.

Bethany: Onto more important things! So, Sophia...Tell me what is up between you and Marcel. I saw you nearly gagging on your drink.

Brody: Okay, if you're going to have girl talk, then let me leave the room.

Sophia: N-Nothing! Dear god, Jayne. Change back, please!

(Jayne laughs and changes back to her real form.)

Bethany: (smiles) Something is going on! You got all flustered!

Sophia: What goes on in my love life, stays in my love life. Bethany, what about you?

Bethany: (sighs) I'm a gorgeous four-hundred year old vampire. What more could you ask for?

Brody: How about a brain?

(Bethay throws a fork at Brody's face but he catches it.)

Brody: Rude much? You know that I can allow people to see my past when I touch them. I can also see their their past and future and show them if they want to see.

Jayne: Vanessa?

Vanessa: I can never die. Nothing can weaken or hurt me. I can also see ghosts.

Jayne: Seriously?

Bethany: You can't die ever?

Vanessa: No.

Behany: Unbelievable.

Sophia: She's telling the truth. The first time she was staked, it didn't kill her. We never knew why but she's always been that way.

Vanessa: True. Sophia was the one who turned me over 400 years ago. I don't know if it was because she had a special power or it was meant to happen. And we still have Klaus and the others.

Sophia: So since we discuss what we have so far. We are going to--

(Sophia is cut off when the mansion starts shaking.)

Jayne: What's going on?

(Sophia answers her cell phone after it starts ringing. After talking to Marcel, she tells her allies to come with her to the Abattoir.)

Rebekah's Plan Edit

(Rebekah is talking with Regina in her apartment.)

Rebekah: Thank you for letting me stay here.

Regina: No problem. So when are you going to patch things up with your family?

Rebekah: I guess in a way I'm doing so now. I have a plan I've been working on to bring an important someone back and this may reunite my family.

Regina: Well I hope it works out for you.

(The conversation is interrupted when the apartment begins to shake.)

Regina: What's with all this shaking?

Rebekah: Have they said anything on the news?

Regina: No, they haven't.

(Rebekah hears Kol arguing with Alice and Rebekah excuses herself to go see them in the next building.)

Rebekah: What is with the racket?

Alice: Your brother is being a pain.

Kol: How much longer do I have to stay here?!

Rebekah: I don't want Klaus, Sophia, and Elijah seeing you yet.

Kol: Why not?

Rebekah: You are on my side, right?

Kol: Of course.

Rebekah: I've been working out a plan to defeat Neoma and bring back Dani.

Kol: Then why done it yet?!

Rebekah: Because I need to get Klaus out of the way first.

Kol:...Are you talking about killing him?

Rebekah: No. I don't know what I'm going to do but Macklyn is working on that.

Kol: Macklyn? Your ex-lover? You have always had bad taste in men. Going right back to that garbage.

Rebekah; Kol! I'm not going back to him! I'm only working with him so that New Orleans will be safe from those who bring danger to this city.

Alice: I can help with the Neoma problem.

Kol: Why didn't you come sooner to help?

Alice: Because I thought Rebekah would have had the situation under control. Danielle would still be alive and Neoma would have not been reawakened.

(Rebekah gets a call from Elijah about a situation with Davina.)

Rebekah: I've got to go. We'll continue this matter later.

The Abbatoir Edit

(Rebekah is seen talking to Davina in her room.)

Rebekah: Hey. What kind of game do you think you're playing? I said disrupt the household, not destroy the whole city.

Davina: I didn't do it. Not on purpose. I--I don't know what's wrong with me.

(Everyone else is gathered in the courtyard discussing the situation.)

Klaus: This is madness. How can a 16-year-old girl shake the entire French quarter?

Marcel: I've seen her rock the church, but I've never seen anything like this.

Klaus: How did you control her when she was in the attic?

Marcel: I didn't have to, but then I never poisoned her and her boyfriend.

Klaus: Yes, yes. We've been over this part already. The point is in her present state she's useless as a tool against the witches.

Marcel: She's not a tool.

Klaus: Something's wrong with her.

Elijah: She has too much power that she cannot control. That much we already knew. But why is it manifesting itself in such an aggressive manner?

???: This witch bitch can help with that.

(Brody roughly holding Sophie by her arm brings her in and throws her to the ground.)

Sophie: What's the deal?!

Brody: You don't remember? Allow me to refresh your memory.

(Brody places his hand on Sophie's forehead and shows her the event of Danielle's death. Sophie remains quiet.)

Jayne: Cat got your tounge?

Sophie: I did what I had to do.

(The courtyard shakes, like the apparent earthquake before)

Sophie: What's with all the shaking today?

Klaus: Charming little habit that Davina has developed.

Sophie: Wait, all the shaking today is being caused by Davina?

Marcel: Yeah and she's vomiting dirt.

Sophie: Oh. We have a huge problem. I thought that we had more time, but we need to complete the harvest now.

Klaus: Said the desperate witch conveniently.

Sophie: I'm serious. That earthquake you just felt a preview of the disaster movie that is about to hit us.

Elijah: Why should we believe you?

Sophie: You've met Davina, you know her story. For months now, she's been holding all the power of the three girls sacrificed in the harvest ritual. A force that was meant to flow through her and back into the earth. One person was never meant to hold that much power. It's tearing her apart, and it will take us down with it. The first stage is earth. Then comes wind, water, and  last stage is fire, and since it's the last...

Klaus: It will be by far the worst.

(Davina's room. Rebekah listens into the conversation and informs Davina of everything.)

Rebekah: They want to complete the harvest.

Davina: No! The witches say you'll be resurrected. They're liars! They'll say anything to get what they want! Just like you!

Rebekah: Davina, you may think that I don't care about you, but you're wrong. I know what it's like to have your life stripped away from you because of other people's bad decisions. How do you think I became a vampire?

(Rebekah has a syringe)

Davina: What--what is that?

Rebekah: The more upset you become, the faster you deteriorate. I compelled up some sedative.

Davina: No, no, no!

Rebekah: We keep you calm, we keep you alive Davina.

Davina: Stop! No! Please! No! Please! Nooo!

(High winds blow through the Quarter. Rebekah finally injects the sedative and Davina goes unconscious. The wind stops.)

Sophie: We don't have time to waste. The first sign's already come and gone. Its now on the second sign.

Marcel: So fix her.

Sophie: She can't be fixed. She can't be saved. This will not stop at the earth sign, and if you wait it out, you immortals will be the only ones left to argue about it.

Klaus: Well, if this is her sedated, I'd hate to see her otherwise. We all agreed that Davina must be sacrificed. There's no need to let her blow the roof off our heads in the meantime.

Marcel: No way! You're not touching her! (punches Klaus)

Klaus: Ok. I'll let you have that one.

Elijah: Marcel, no one wishes to see Davina come to harm less than I, but there is no scenario here in which we simply wait this out. She's going to die.

Marcel: According to Sophie, the witch who screwed over everybody here.

Elijah: The harvest was working before it was stopped. If a nonbeliever like Sophie Deveraux can come to have faith that these girls will be resurrected, then I, also, am a believer.

Marcel: I saved Davina from the harvest, and now you want me to just hand her over?

Klaus: Do you think that I'm happy about this? If the witches complete the harvest, not only do they regain their power, we lose our weapon against them. The earthquake I was willing to chalk up to hideous coincidence, but these winds? If Davina is not sacrificed, then every inch of earth that shook, everything blowing about now will soon be drenched in water and consumed by fire.

Marcel: Oh! Now you care about the city.

Elijah: We ought to. We built it.

(Hayley sees Rebekah leaving and follows her.)

Klaus: And we all saw it burnt to the ground twice. I will not let that happen again. Do I make myself clear?

Sophia: No you don't if you don't mind me cutting in. Klaus, we didn't all agree to have Davina sacrificed.

Klaus: Sophia--

Sophia: Don't interrupt me. I have come up with an idea.

Elijah: Please share.

Sophia: (smiles) There will be a sacrifice...But Davina will not be the one to die.

Klaus: Then how do you plan to stop this madness Davina is causing?

Sophia: Transfer her uncontrollable powers to someone else.

Marcel: Like who?


Sophie: What?! You are out of your mind!

Sophia: Did you bring her friend, Brody?

Brody: Yeah.

(Brody pulls in a witch who looks around Sophie's age.)

Sophia: You see her? She's got spunk and is one of the witches who threaten to kill my daughter.

(Sophia stands in front of the witch.)

Sophia: Is there anything you like to say to me?

Witch: Screw you!

(Sophia rips the witch's head off causing Sophie to scream in horror and everyone else except Brody, Jayne, and Bethany to look at Sophia shocked by what she has done. Sophia covered in blood, vamps speeds and holds Sophie by her neck from behind.)

Sophia: You did what you had to do, huh? You see this? This is her blood. And its on you. She died because of you. Sophie, you killed my daughter and you are going to suffer the consequences. In order to save Davina, take her suffering and place it on yourself, become a Harvest Girl. I will NOT going to allow you to hurt that girl! Davina doesn't deserve to be treated like this! (pushes Sophie roughly to the ground) Now does everyone agree to have Sophie replace Davina?

Elijah: Sophia, I think you should calm down.

Marcel: I've got no problem with it.

Klaus: I wholeheartly agree.

Jayne: Whatever the boss feels what's best to do, feel free.

Elijah: Sophia, you need to think about this rationally.

Sophia: Rationally? Elijah, are you defending Sophie? Because need I remind you that it was Sophie who killed Dani in the first place? Klaus, Rebekah, and me were there when it happened. She needs to suffer for what she has done. Davina should no longer suffer from what she endured all this time. Davina deserves to have the life she has always wanted.

(Elijah remains quiet as Sophia heads to Davina's room and the others gather around Sophie.)

It Must be Done Edit

(Rebekah and Macklyn are hidden in a dark allyway .)

Rebekah: So the only thing I have come up with is to dagger Klaus.

Macklyn: I can actually help you out in that area. I was actually going to suggest that we dagger Klaus anyway.

Rebekah: And how do you plan to do that?

Macklyn: I have some things on Klaus that will allow me to have the advantage. (taking the dagger) But before I do this...Are you absolutely sure?

Rebekah:...Yes. Klaus has always stopped me from achieving happiness. Now with Neoma alive, he'll possibly try to find some way to take her power or might make an ally out of her. I have to get Danielle back for Sophia's sake.

Macklyn: Alright. Until then, my lady.

(Macklyn disappears and Rebekah is suddenly stabbed with a wooden stake through the heart from behind. Hayley appears and sees an unknown person carrying Rebekah.)

Hayley: Rebekah!

(Hayley is knocked out from behind and as she loses consciousness, she sees Rebekah being taken away...)

Promises Edit

(Davina finally wakes up and sees Sophia watching her.)

Davina: Sophia...(hugs her)

Sophia: How are you feeling?

Davina: Terrible...Sophia, I don't want to die.

Sophia: Davina, I promise that I will not let anything bad happen to you. If anyone tries to lay so much as a finger on you so that they can get you to be sacrificed, they will regret it.

Davina: Do you really promise?

Sophia: When I promise something, I keep it.

Davina: I talked to Dani.

Danielle: What, when?

Davina: A few days ago. I've been trying to find a way to bring her back.

Sophia: I think that the only way to bring her back is to get rid of the source...

Davina: You mean kill Neoma?

Sophia: If that doesn't work, Danielle will never return.

Davina: I've had no luck but I did bring back but I did bring your other family member back.

Sophia: What other family member?

Davina: Rebekah didn't tell you?

What are you up to? Edit

(Alice and Kol are having a serious conversation.)

Kol: Why haven't you done anything about Neoma yet?

Alice: I can't just confront Neoma head on. And honestly there is only one person who can defeat her and that is your sister. Sophia. But yet she has learned the ability to do so.

Kol: Then teach her!

Alice: I can't. The only person who can teach her is a powerful witch who is the same one whom created the Immortality Spell.

Kol: You mean Qetsiyah?

Alice: Yes. And I will tell Sophia of this when she gets her act together.

Kol: What are you talking about?

Alice: I've been watching your siblings ever since they came to New Orleans. Sophia is losing it. She ripped of the head of a witch earlier.

Kol: Sophia wouldn't--

Alice: Kol, Sophia has changed. She's letting the darkness consume her and she will kill anyone who hurts those she cares about or anyone who gets in her way. I can't allow her to learn the new ability with the state she's in.

Kol: Let me talk to her then--

Alice: No. What cause her pain is her daughter's death. Only Klaus, Rebekah, and Elijah can relieve the light that was once inside her. You just have to let them deal with her.

Kol: But she's my sister too!

Alice: I know that...But if Sophia, Elijah, or Klaus see you right now, it will go right back to Rebekah and cause a further drift in the family. Rebekah doesn't want you caught up in that.

Kol: But why help them? You hate Klaus.

Alice: Yes, I do hate Klaus but I'm doing this for Rebekah, my best friend. She needs her family reunited in order to fix things with Sophia but also Klaus. Otherwise, she will never have a family...I came to New Orleans for the werewolves but I also have to deal with this vengeful demon crap.

Kol: The New Orleans werewolves? What do they have to do with you?

Alice: I can lift the curse placed upon them...I need to go see someone, I'll be back a little later. Stay here.

Brother and Sister Edit

Elijah: A word, Sophia?

Sophia: Not now, I'm busy.

Elijah: Sophia.

Sophia: (annoyed) What?

Elijah: Have you seen Rebekah?

Sophia: Why should I care, she's none of my concern.

Elijah: What is that suppose to mean?

Sophia: That she isn't the loving sister I thought she was. She tried to put Klaus down, she never told us about knowing Neoma was inside Danielle, and she's keeping another secret from the family, something that I just found out. And it will be better if you have a family meeting so that she can tell you what she's done now.

Elijah: I understand that you are hurting by the loss of Danielle but Sophie has lost her sister and niece.

Sophia: Then she can join them on the Other Side! She killed Danielle and she has to pay for it.

Elijah: She's been through enough.

Sophia: I cannot believe you're defending her.

Elijah: I'm not--

Sophia: Yes, you are! She killed your adoptive niece and has been trying to kill Davina to complete that damn Harvest! What, are you trying to find her redemption? There is none, Elijah!

Elijah: I'm trying to keep you off this dark path, Sophia! You are my sister and--

Sophia: Stop right there. You know that we aren't blood so we really aren't siblings. And you're one to talk considering how you will kill whoever hurts your family! Remember Nathan, Agnes, there is so many I can name.

Elijah: I have told you that I don't care about that. Even if we aren't blood, we still grew up together and no matter what anyone else saids, I still love you like my own sister. Do not lose who you truly are and become something you're not. You're going towards the path to where one day that you believe that you will have no redemption!

Sophia:...I think its too late for that.

Werewolf Curse Edit

(Hayley wakes up and sees someone watching her. As she comes to, she sees Alice Thorne standing before her and that they're in Alice's apartment.)

Hayley: Where am I? And who the hell are you?

Alice: I'm Alice Thorne and you're in my apartment. I brought you here after finding you unconsciousness in a alleyway. Its nice to finally meet you, Hayley Marshall.

Hayley: How do you know me?

Alice: I know all werewolves especially the New Orleans werewolves...I can help lift the curse placed upon them.

Hayley: Why should I believe you?

Alice: I helped you, didn't I? Hayley, I have always been loyal to all supernatural creatures alike. Back in the 1300s, I worked with the Italian alliances in order to free werewolves whom have remain at my service.

Hayley: So what you help my family and they become your personal servants?

Alice: No. These werewolves I saved are my friends. They've always been loyal as I am to them. You can reunite with your family. Talk to them, have fun, learn the truth to who you really are.

Hayley: Why are you doing this for me?

Alice: My mother. She was staked to death and burnt alive for interacting with vampires and werewolves as well as being accused of witchcraft. I travel the world in order to help supernatural creatures in need. I feel that if I do this, I can honor her memory in some way.

Hayley: Wait you're a witch? How are you alive today?

Alice: We can talk about that some other time. Now where's Rebekah?

Hayley: I don't know. I got knocked out and someone took her.

Alice: This is a problem...I'm very busy at the moment but I need you to find Rebekah. If you do this, then I will help your family.

Hayley: Will you do a locator spell?

Alice: Yes. (chanting) Phasmatos Tribum, Nas Ex Viras Sequita Saguines Ementas Asten Mihan Ega Petous.

(Alice sees images of Rebekah whom is unconscious, lying on an old mattress. Sabine is standing before her with a smirk on her face. It seems that they are in an old building that looks to be a hospital.)

Alice: I don't know exactly where she is but...It was an old building that looked like a hospital and a witch is holding her hostage.

Hayley: How do you know? I thought you needed something of Rebekah's to find her.

Alice: There's a lot that I can do. My magic is very special, in order to find someone, I can get glimpses of them to see where they are without using something that belongs to them. But never mind that. Go find the location Rebekah is in. I fear she is in great danger.

Kidnapped Edit

(While listening to the hard rains, Regina gets a sudden feeling and drops a glass.)

Regina: Oh...What was that all about? (thinking - It felt I just got this feeling that something happened to Rebekah...I must be imaging things.)

(Regina turns around and sees Neoma standing before her.)

Regina: (gasps) Who the hell are you? How did you get into my apartment?

Neoma: Someone doesn't have any manners, just like Rebekah.

Regina: How do you know Rebekah? What have you done to her?!

Neoma: You're so dense. Why concern yourself with her? You're human, live your life and don't have Rebekah involved in it.

Regina: What are you talking about?

Neoma: Rebekah isn't human. She's a vampire. You know what that is, right? Immortal beings, feed on blood.

Regina: Listen, I don't know what kind of sick game you're playing but--

Neoma: (eyes turn black) Look at my eyes. I'm a demon. So if demons exist, vampires exist too. All supernatural beings exist.

Regina: (shocked) What do you want from me?

Neoma: You're coming with me.

Regina: Hell no--

(Neoma knocks Regina out.)

Neoma: Would have been more simple if you just did what I asked.

Going Into Action Edit

Neoma: I brought her. (throws Regina to the ground)

Sabine: I think she will be pleased.

Neoma: So when is witch resurrection thing going to happen? I'm tired of waiting.

Sabine: As soon as Davina is sacrificed, everything will come into play.

Neoma: I wouldn't be so sure about Davina dying.

Sabine: What are you talking about?

Neoma: Being sealed inside of Sophia for so long, I feel connected her now that I'm out in the open. Sophia is planning to transfer Davina's powers to Sophie so that she will be the Harvest Girl instead and Davina won't have to die. Damn, I have to give her credit. I never thought Sophia would go dark.

Sabine: Do you think it will actually work?

Neoma: (smirks) Never underestimate Sophia Zariah Mikaelson.

Aria: (walks in) So, what's up?

Neoma: Hey, what have you been up too? Still torturing Klaus?

Aria: (laughs) You have no idea.

Neoma: I don't know what you see in that man. He left you, why did search for him in all that time?

Aria: I wanted another chance with him...He took my heart with him...I never gave up hope that I would see him again one day....Why is Rebekah here?

Neoma: She's part of the plan. What better way to completely destroy the bond of the Original Family by finally revealing a secret Rebekah has been hiding for years?

Aria: What secret?

Neoma: Sabine, would you like to tell her about it?

Sabine: It would be my pleasure.

Sorrow Edit

(Klaus is in his room, getting ready to particpate in the Harvest but gets an unexpected visitor.)

Klaus: Macklyn...Why are you here?

Macklyn: Hello to you too, Klaus.

Klaus: You should have never come here. Easy way to get yourself killed by the Original Hybrid.

Macklyn: But you won't.

Klaus: Who saids I won't?

Macklyn: Because Rebekah will hate you and don't forget that you raised me like your own son.

Klaus: I no longer see you as a son. You hold some of the responsiblity for getting my niece killed.

Macklyn: I will apologize for that but I was doing it for Rebekah. To keep her safe. If Neoma got out, she would destroy us all. Make our lives a living hell.

Klaus: Well she is out, thanks to you. Aria played you, fell for her tricky. Something she learned from me.

Macklyn: You were always the manipulative bastard.

Klaus: Throw insults at me all you like. What do you want from me before I kill you? Tell me about your "agenda".

Macklyn: To get rid of you and take your place as King of New Orleans.

Klaus: (laughs) I doubt that would ever happen.

Macklyn: Why not? I learned all I could from you but yet you threw me away. Like I was trash.

Klaus: Because you were a monster! You slaughtered thousands of villages! You even fed on babies! Macklyn, you even started feeding on your own kind! It made me sick to think that I considered you family. You know exactly what you did so don't you dare come into my home and judge me for everything that happened to you because you made your actions! That was all on you!

Macklyn: (tearfully) You could have gotten me to snap out of it. Try to turn me from my awful ways...

Klaus: You didn't listen to us though. Not Marcel, not me, and certainly not my siblings. What else was I suppose to do? You loss everything because of what you had done.

Macklyn: So, that's it?

Klaus: That's it. We were done a long time ago.

(Klaus vamps speeds to Macklyn and grabs his heart, ready to rip it out.)

Klaus: Any last words?

Macklyn: Yeah...Have a nice rest.

(Felix appears behind Klaus and stabs him in the heart with the White Oak Ash Dagger. Klaus begins to desiccate while looking at Macklyn tearfully. He lets go of Macklyn's heart as he falls to the ground.)

Getting Ready Edit

(Davina, Sophia, and Marcel are in Davina's room, preparing the next step.)

Sophia: Are you ready?

Davina: (nods) How do you know this will work?

Sophia: It will...Do you trust me?

Davina: Of course.

Sophia: Then you don't need to worry.

Marcel: How is this going to work?

Sophia: Just leave everything to me.

(Sophia takes Davina's hand and Sophie's hand then closes her eyes. A telltale glow appears from their hands. Davina beings to relax.)

Marcel: How do you feel?

Davina: A lot better but I'm really hungry...Can I have some cookies?

Marcel: (laughs) Anything you want.

Davina:...Thank you.

(Sophia gives Davina a small smile and feels something touch her shoulder.)

Davina:...She's here.

(Danielle is seen standing beside her mother, smiling at her)

Davina: I don't think she wants you to do this.

Sophia: (walking away) That's not her decision.

The Harvest Edit

(The harsh winds continue to blow as Sophia joins up with her allies and Elijah. Everyone has to shout in order to hear each other)

Elijah: (shouts) Have you seen Niklaus?

Sophia: (shouts) No. I'll look for him later, we have to take care of this first.

(Brody pushes Sophie to Sophia)

Sophia: Are you ready?

Sophie: (shouts) No. Can't we talk about this?!

Sophia: No. (grabbing Sophie's hand)

(Sophia transfers all of Davina's powers into Sophie whom nearly collapses. The last stage

Sophia: Do you believe in the harvest?

Sophie: I believe.

(Sophia slits Sophie's throat. Sophie falls to the ground. It stops all of the stages finally stop. The magic leaves Sophie's body.)

Sophia: After the harvest comes the reaping. Their sacrifices made and accepted. We call upon our elders to resurrect the chosen ones. (nothing happens) We call upon our elders to resurrect the chosen ones...Resurrect your chosen ones...What's going on? I thought it was suppose to resurrect the Harvest Girls.

(Brody stares into space and gasps.)

Jayne: What's wrong?

(Brody looks at Sophia and Elijah with a worried expression.)

Brody: Nothing...I'm okay.

Elijah: You did everything correctly, what could have gone wrong?

Sophia: I'll be right back, I have to go see Davina.

A New Future Edit

(Elijah is speaking to Brody, Jayne, and Bethany in the courtyard.)

Jayne: What's going on with you Brody?

Brody: Elijah there's something that I need to tell you. Something bad that will happen to your family if you don't stop it.

Elijah: What are you talking about?

Brody: Rebekah has been hiding something from you all for years but when the truth come out, nothing will ever be the same...Klaus will be killed by Rebekah for her actions. Danielle will be swept into a dark void on the Other Side, Sophia will become a ripper, and Klaus will be destroyed by the hands of his child.

Elijah: No...

Brody: The future has changed and I don't know why. If you don't stop this, your family will be gone forever.

Elijah: Where is Rebekah?

(Hayley runs in)

Hayley: She was kidnapped. I was knocked out before I could help her.

Elijah: Are you alright?

Hayley: I'm fine but we need to find Rebekah.

Elijah: The rest of you need to find Niklaus.

Resurrection Edit

Sophia: Davina, I did everything exactly how I was suppose to do it. None of the three girls came back to life.

Davina: I don't know...unless all that power went somewhere else.

Marcel: Like where?

(Sabine conducts a spell with a small doll. Three people in various locations rise from the dead, and walk until they meet one another.)

Genevieve : Why are we here?

Papa Tunde: Someone brought us forth. Who?

Sabine: I did.

Bastiana: Sabine! What's the meaning of this?

Sabine: Bastiana, I've had to endure people calling me "Sabine" for almost a year now. I'd appreciate it if you'd call me by my real name-- Celeste.

Neoma: Now I think its time for the fun to start. How about you three go visit the Originals?

Under Attack Edit

(Walking the streets of the French Quarter; Brody, Jayne, and Bethany continue to search for Klaus whom is nowhere to be found.)

Bethany: This is absolutely ridiculous. He wanted to participate in the bloody harvest yet he completely bails!

Jayne: Don't complain, Bethany. We have to find him quickly.

Brody: Something isn't right...Its too quiet...

(Sophia appears)

Sophia: What are you three doing out here? I've been looking for you! Where's Vanessa?

Bethany: She's searching for Klaus on the other half of the French Quarter.

(Suddenly the four are thrown to the ground by some powerful force. They look up to see Sabine, Papa Tunde, Genevive, and Bastiana.)

Sophia: What the bloody hell are you doing Sabine?!

Sabine: My name isn't Sabine. Sabine is trapped faraway in another place...You may have heard of me from your big brother, Elijah. During the 1800s, Elijah was involved with a beautiful witch. She was a very powerful witch whom was part of the New Orleans Coven. She met her death when the witches were rounded up because of the Original Hybrid named Niklaus Mikaelson whom started up a rumor of the witches planning a blood sacrifice.


Celeste: Bingo!

Sophia: Wait, Klaus was responsible for your death?!

Celeste: So Elijah didn't tell you that part? Typical. You'll get the full story when you come with us.

Jayne: Like hell!

(Jayne, Bethany, and Brody get ready to fight but Genevieve uses her magic to inflict pain on Jayne, Brody, and Bethany.)

Sophia: Stop! Stop it! I'll come with you! Just leave them alone!

Celeste: Thank you.

Genevive: I've heard a lot about you, Sophia. I can't wait to you to tell you everything that your sister has been hiding from the family.

Sophia: What?

Papa Tunde: Let's go.

(Papa Tunde escorts Sophia as she looks back at her allies whom lie unconscious on the ground...Near the bayou, Macklyn and Felix are about to hide Klaus until Neoma and Aria appear behind them.)

Neoma: Hello boys.

(Neoma knocks Macklyn and Felix out the picks up Klaus' body.)

Aria: Why didn't you kill them?

Neoma: They still have a part in this play.

A Deadly Path Edit

(Serena stands at her mother's grave, staring into space, waiting for something to happen...All of a sudden, a thick fog surrounds the area...The Reaper appears behind her.)

Serena: You're the Grim Reaper, aren't you?

Grim Reaper:...

Serena: What do you want from me?

Grim Reaper: Your soul...

Serena: My soul? But why me?

Grim Reaper: Do you know who I truly am? Or who I used to be? I am the soul of the person reborn, someone who held you dearly to their heart.

Serena: What are you saying?

Grim Reaper: Serena, I am your father.

The Originals

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