Season 1, Episode 01
Air date 9 april 2017
Written by User:CarolovesTVD
Directed by User:CarolovesTVD
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Rise is the first episode of NightFall.


"This is only the beginning"
—Sophia to Jayne

A NEW BEGINNING – 5 years have passed since Jayne has made a new home for herself in San Francisco. Now working for the mysterious Endeavor, Jayne has got a new grip on her life. However the search for her mother continues. Meanwhile both Charlotte and Verona are confronted with people from their past as they continue to build a new life for themselves; and Jayne meets a handsome stranger named Ben who takes her on a whole new journey. With new danger lurking in the corner, the girls are about to learn that everything they hold dear might be on the verge of collapsing.


Jayne Rutledge is seen training on her own at Endeavor. Suddenly Faith Lehane comes into the room. She watches on as Jayne continues her fighting moves. Faith tells her that she has grown a lot in the past five years. Jayne takes a break from her training to drink. She tells Faith that she still has a lot to learn, including where she comes from. Faith tells her that she will find her mother. Jayne questions if she will ever do as every lead she has followed was always a dead end. Faith tells Jayne to remain hopeful. Jayne tells her can't keep looking over her shoulder to her past and that she must move on. She then walks away angry as Faith looks on.

Elsewhere, Charlotte Whittaker is seen studying an ancient spellbook in her bedroom. Verona Townsend knocks on her door and Charlotte looks up. Verona asks her if she has been practicing magic again. Charlotte says she has but that her powers are still not under control. Charlotte tells Verona she's getting frustrated. Even the people at Endeavor can't help her. Verona says to Charlotte that she believes in her and that together they will find a way to help Charlotte control her powers. Charlotte says that she still is having nightmares and she feels something dark is coming. Verona assures her that she's safe with her and Jayne. Charlotte changes the subject by asking Verona if she and her boyfriend Holden are going on a date tonight. Verona smiles and tells her that Holden is planning a surprise for her. She thinks that he's finally going to propose. Charlotte is shocked by this revelation and tells her to be careful. Verona asks Charlotte why she still doesn't trust Holden while Jayne is very supportive of their relationship. Charlotte tells her that she just scared that she'll lose Verona now as she's the only family she has got. Verona hugs her and assures her that whatever happens, Charlotte will always have a place in her life.

Jayne is still at Endeavor. Sabrina enters the room and asks Jayne if she's okay. Jayne tells her that she really needs a distraction. Sabrina tells she may have something for her. Jayne smiles and asks Sabrina where she needs to be.

In a bar, Enzo is seen snacking on the last of his victims. The entire bar is covered in bodies and blood. Enzo drops another body to the ground. He looks on content. He dances to the music that is playing in the bar and opens up a bottle which he then drinks. Suddenly Enzo gets a stake inside his chest. He looks surprised and sees Jayne who is holding up a weapon. Enzo mocks her and takes out the stake which has nearly missed his heart. Enzo asks her if Damon Salvatore sent her. Jayne tells he hasn't but questions where Damon is as she knows that they are travelling across the country, leaving bodies behind everywhere they go. Enzo tells her she's next and he jumps her. They fight and Jayne nearly is bitten by Enzo. Then Faith appears who puts a syringe in Enzo's neck which takes him out. Faith helps Jayne get up. Jayne is angry with Faith as she could've taken Enzo out on her own. Faith tells Jayne to stop taking out her anger on her. Jayne apologizes and asks Faith what they will do with Enzo now. Faith says they'll take him to Endeavor.

Jayne arrives home and encounters Charlotte who is just leaving. Charlotte greets Jayne and tells her that she's going to class. Jayne wishes her good luck. Jayne goes inside and goes to the kitchen where Verona is eating. Verona asks her how her day was. Jayne tells her that they have taken Enzo St. John. Suddenly Verona gets a flashback of her and Enzo making out. Jayne asks her if she's okay. Verona looks confused and tells she is. She tells Jayne that she will going out tonight with Holden so she and Charlotte can order pizza. Jayne asks her if Holden is finally proposing. Verona smiles and tells her that he might. Jayne is happy for Verona and it's time as she and Holden have been dating for the past five years. Verona tells her that Charlotte still doesn't trust Holden. Jayne tells her she'll talk to Charlotte.

Charlotte is walking on the street. She suddenly stops and tells someone to come out of hiding. Luke McConnell comes out and smiles. Charlotte asks him who sent him to spy on her. Luke tells her that both Jayne and Verona have asked him to look over her. Charlotte tells him that she doesn't need a protector and reminds him that he's just a computer genius. Luke laughs and tells her that Jayne has been training him. Charlotte asks him to walk with her to school. Luke asks her how everything is going with Verona and Holden. Charlotte tells him that Holden might propose tonight. Luke is happy but sees that Charlotte isn't. He asks her what's wrong. Charlotte tells him that she doesn't trust Holden. Luke tells her that he will do a background check on him. Charlotte thanks him and they hug. She asks him to eat lunch later. He agrees and says goodbye to her as she walks to the campus of her school.

Meanwhile, Enzo wakes up in his cell at Endeavor. Faith and Sabrina greet him. Sabrina tells Faith that Enzo's vitals are good and she has already taken a sample of blood. Faith thanks her as Sabrina leaves the room. Enzo taunts Faith and tells her he has heard off Faith's reputation as "the dark slayer." Faith tells him that was a lifetime ago. Enzo tells her he can see that she recently lost someone dear to her. Faith is shaken but soon regain herself. She asks where Damon Salvatore is. Enzo tells her that he's probably already left the city. Faith asks him what sent him to San Francisco. Enzo tells her that he and Damon are working for "her." Faith asks who "her" is. Enzo warns her that she doesn't want to know.

Jayne arrives at Endeavor where she bumps into Ben Reynolds. He apologizes to her and introduces himself. Jayne and Ben touch hands and they briefly look in each other's eyes. Luke then enters the room and they both regain themselves. Luke tells Jayne that Ben is a researcher that has been hired by Endeavor to help them with a new case. Ben tells Jayne that he maybe has more information on her mother. Jayne looks shocked.

Charlotte is seen walking on the campus. Suddenly someone calls out her name. She turns around and sees Oliver St. John. She smiles and they hug. She's surprised to see him. Oliver tells her that he's happy to see her again, after all this time. Oliver apologizes for never calling her again. Charlotte tells him it's okay and she never forgot about him. Oliver asks how everything is going with her. Charlotte reveals she's in her final year of journalism and that she, Jayne and Verona all live together now. Oliver is happy to hear this. He asks Charlotte about her powers. Charlotte tells him that recently her magic has been acting up again. Oliver asks her if she wants to grab a drink later. Charlotte takes him up on his offer. When Oliver leaves, Charlotte calls up Verona at her work. She tells her that she just ran into Oliver which surprises Verona. She tells Charlotte to meet up with Oliver and figure out why he's in San Francisco.

Faith, Sabrina, Jayne, Ben and Luke are seen studying ancient texts. Ben tells them that he found this texts in a very old book. He tells them that the texts speaks of a prophecy. It speaks about "a promised child that will bring light to the darkness" (which shocks Jayne) but also about something evil called "the destroyer." Faith asks Ben who "the destroyer" is. Ben tells her that the texts say that "he's a wicked man, even the Devil didn't want his soul so instead he wanders the earth, looking for the promised child because he wants to kill her." Jayne is shocked about all of the new information. She asks Ben what it has got to do with her. Ben tells her that the texts reveal that "the promised child" was born out of an union between "the destroyer" and a siren which is a servant of the Devil. Jayne wonders if this means that both her parents are evil. Faith tells her not to jump to conclusions but that this information could lead them closer to the truth.

Meanwhile Verona arrives at a restaurant where she's greeted by Holden. He tells her that she looks beautiful and they kiss. He then goes down on one knee. He tells Verona he can't wait any longer and he asks her to marry him. Verona cries and tells she wants to marry him. They hug again and they kiss.

Elsewhere Charlotte receives a text from Verona telling her that she and Holden are officially engaged. Charlotte sends her text back in which she tells Verona she can't wait to see the ring. She then enters a bar where she's greeted by Oliver.

At Endeavor Jayne is sitting alone, processing everything. Ben comes to sit with her. He asks her if she's okay. Jayne tells him she had hoped that her parents would just turn out to be ordinary people. She tells him she's scared what else she will find out. Ben assures her that whatever she will face, she won't do it alone. Jayne smiles and thanks him.

Verona and Holden are enjoying their dinner. Holden asks her how things are with Charlotte. Verona tells him that she's doing really good at school but also tells him that she's still a bit concerned of their relationship. Holden is surprised by this but tells Verona he really wants to form a family with her and Charlotte. He wants to assure her that he will do his best to win over Charlotte.

Charlotte and Oliver are drinking at the bar. She asks if he ever thought about her. He tells her that he never stopped. Charlotte asks him why he's in San Francisco and how he found her. Oliver tells her that he was able to track her down trough a witch. Oliver tells her that he has been studying the paranormal after his encounter with Charlotte. She warns him that it could lead him to more danger. Oliver tells her that he's not scared. He then grabs her hands and tells her that he wants to see her again. Charlotte tells him that she's isn't the right girl for him and that she only will bring death in his life. Oliver tells her that he's not scared of her powers. Charlotte gets up and tells him that he should be. She reveals that she's a necromancer which means that she will always be between the world of the living and the dead. She tells him that he needs to stay away from her. She then runs out of the bar. Oliver shouts after her but Charlotte ignores him.

Verona and Holden are still at the restaurant. Verona suddenly gets a phone call. It's Charlotte. She tells Verona that her meeting with Oliver didn't went well and that she also is scared that she might do something bad. Verona tells her to stay put and that she will take her home. Verona hangs up and tells Holden that she needs to leave. Holden asks her what's wrong. She tells him that it's Charlotte. Holden tells her to go and he kisses her goodbye. Verona leaves the restaurant.

Meanwhile Jayne has arrived home again. She's tired and soon falls asleep on the couch. She dreams that she's in a hospital. She find herself in a bed. Suddenly she sees Sophia Zariah Mikaelson standing beside her bed. Jayne asks where she is. Sophia tells her that it's just a dream but she has a message for her. Sophia warns her that she's about to go on a journey that will only lead her to darkness and that's it is only the beginning. Jayne tells her that she will be fine. Sophia tells her that "he" is always looking over her. Suddenly Jayne sees dark shadows coming into the room, engulfing her and Sophia who begins to scream. Jayne then jumps awake. She's out of breath and touches the birthmark on her neck, wondering what is coming her way.

Verona is seen driving her car with Charlotte asleep next to her. Verona looks on concerned.

Holden leaves the restaurant but then gets a phonecall. He begins to talk to someone he calls "Sylvie", he assures her that he will keep watching over Jayne and Charlotte for her.

At her apartment Faith is seen looking at old photos of her and a little girl. Faith touches the photo with the little girl whom she calls "Rachel."

Oliver is still at the bar, drinking alone. Suddenly a girl appears asking him if she can sit next to him. She introduces herself as Ruby. She asks him if he's in love with the girl that left the bar earlier. Oliver tells her that she doesn't want anything to do with him. Ruby tells him she can help him forget all about the girl. She then looks into his eyes. She compels him to come with her.

At Endeavor, Enzo is shouting in his cell. Sabrina enters the room and tells him to shut up. Enzo tells her that he's thirsty. Sabrina proceeds to get a bag of blood for him. Enzo tells her if she's ever seen a vampire before. Sabrina tells him that she's well acquainted with his species. Sabrina tells him that a vampire killed her entire family. Enzo asks her if she ever wondered what happened to their killer. Sabrina tells him that she thinks about that every day and that the only reason she's working for Faith is because she wants to find him and kill him herself. Enzo tells her he could help her. Sabrina looks intrigued. Enzo tells her that all she has to do is release him out of his cell. Sabrina opens the cell after which Enzo grabs her neck. He tells her to never trust a vampire and giving her past, she should've known better. He then proceeds to drink her blood. Enzo then snaps her neck, killing her. Sabrina's body falls to ground as Enzo walks out of his cell with a smirk.


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  • Series premiere of NightFall.
  • Sophia Zariah Mikaelson appears but only in Jayne’s dream.
  • Enzo mentions Damon and Bonnie. He also indirectly mentions Sybil as he was still under her control.


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