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Rebekah Sinclair
Biographical information
  • 10th Century (1000+)
  • 18 - 19 (S1 & S2)
  • 21 (S3)
  • 22 (ED S1)
  • 32 (ED S4)
  • 10th Century (through The Immortality Spell)
  • Alive
  • College Student (currently)
  • Detective (Season 3)
  • TBA
  • Bekah
  • Bex
  • Female
Family information
Significant Others
Supernatural information
Significant sires
Significant kills
  • 8 of Marcel's night walker vampires
  • Various members of Neoma's army
Cause of death
  • Stabbed through the heart (as a human; 1st time)
Killed by
  • Mikael (as a human; 1st time)
Played by
  • Claire Holt
First seen
Last seen
So I will finally get to live my life as an ordinary human, something I have longed for.
Rebekah about herself in Parting Ways

Rebekah Sinclair (née Mikaelson) was one of the main characters in the first season and after her departure, she became a special guest for the rest of the series and Eternal Darkness. She was an Original Vampire before becoming human again in the season one finale. She is the youngest sibling of Freya Mikaelson Finn Mikaelson, Elijah, Niklaus and Kol, adoptive sibling of Sophia, the adoptive aunt of Danielle and the guardian of her niece, Hope.

Rebekah went to New Orleans to reunite with her family but had no intention of repairing her relationship with her half-brother, Niklaus. She also found herself in a tough situation as she was reunited with her former lover, Macklyn Barthlomew. Rebekah tired of seeing Klaus become more powerul each day, goes on a quest to take him down once and for all. She worked together with Marcel Gerard, her former lover, in order to be free of Klaus' controlling nature. However, when her plan failed, she ultimately damaged her relationship with Sophia. Soon after, she found out about how the demon, Neoma, lied dormant within Danielle whom begged her to keep it a secret until they were able to figure something out. But Danielle's death was unavoidable and Neoma was reawakened. Sophia and Klaus found out that Rebekah knew about Danielle's condition the whole time and never said anything to them about it, causing a further rift into the family and Sophia going dark. Rebekah went on a mission to find a way to bring back Danielle but also put Klaus down for good. Later on, Rebekah's treachery was revealed by Genevieve, of how Rebekah had her summon Mikael to New Orleans, nearly getting Elijah and Klaus killed in the process. That event damaged her relationships with Sophia and Klaus even more. However, Klaus decided to wait to choose her punishment until they got Danielle back. After some time, the war against Neoma was over and Sophia had succeed in bringing Danielle back to life. Klaus decided what was best for Rebekah to leave the city and take his daughter with her, never to return. Before leaving, she bid her farewells to Danielle, Elijah, and Sophia. In the end, she finally got what she's always wanted. A human life granted by Sophia due to the new element she had learned.


Sometime after the events of the third season, she married Alden and legally changed her surname becoming Rebekah Sinclair.

Rebekah is a member of the Mikaelson Family.


10th Century

Rebekah was born in Mystic Falls along with her older siblings and younger brother. While growing up, she was very close to her family especially her older brother, Niklaus Mikaelson. He was always there for her and promised to always protect her.

As Mikael began abusing Niklaus, she threaten him by using a sword in order to protect her brother. She was ready to kill him until Elijah had stopped her. After the death of their brother, Henrik, Esther was desperate to protect her children so her and Mikael agreed to have her cast the Immortality Spell. Rebekah along with her siblings and father became the Original Vampires.



Throughout the Series

The Originals Fanfiction

Season One

Rebekah Promo

Rebekah (Season 1)

Rebekah finds out about the birth of Klaus and Hayley's baby

Rebekah arrives in New Orleans.

Rebekah arrives in New Orleans in Always and Forever. She meets Hayley Marshall and discovers that Elijah has been missing for the past 3 months leading her to know that Klaus has done something to him. Klaus tells her she's free to take a look around the rambling southern mansion that apparently belonged to an influential family friend, the governor. While remembering the past, Rebekah gets Hayley to help her. Down in the basement, Rebekah notices that Elijah's coffin is missing. Hayley feels sickened by this news and Rebekah tells her she should have run the minute Elijah went missing. Hayley fills her in on the witches' spell that keeps her bound to the city. Rebekah tells Hayley that Klaus will probably have a box ready and waiting for her the minute she gives birth. She suggests Hayley finds a way to break the hex the witches put on her and get out of town. That's what she plans to do as soon as she finds Elijah. Rebekah later meets Sophie and demands that she use magic to locate Elijah. When Sophie refuses to do so because she will be put to death by Marcel if she uses magic and Rebekah threatens her yet whatever Rebekah does to Sophie will happen to Hayley. Rebekah asks Sophie why the witches don't just leave; Sophie explains that they practice ancestral magic. She points out that the cemetery they are standing in houses the remains of their witch ancestors and without access to them, they're powerless. Rebekah explains that the witches' plan of convincing Klaus to go against Marcel was foolish given the men's history. Rebekah tells Sophie the story of how the Originals came to meet Marcel and how Marcel became Klaus' son. She tells Sophie that her plan will go nowhere because all she has done is reunited two lost friends. Later, Rebekah is reunited with her sister, Sophia, and begs her to help find Elijah. By the end of the episode, after Sophia has confronted Klaus, Rebekah informs Sophia that they need to find Elijah soon.


Marcel and Rebekah reunited.

In All You've Got, Rebekah and Sophia are a still trying to find Elijah's whereabouts. When Hayley is out in the French Quarter and vampires attack her, Rebekah and Sophia save her then return to the Mikaelson Mansion. When they arrive home, Klaus is angry with Rebekah and Hayley for the trouble they've cause and Sophia tries to calm him down. Rebekah calls him out, accusing him of lying about having a plan and chastising him for not honoring the deal Elijah made. Klaus explains that Marcel hasn't trusted Klaus from the beginning. He's had all his crew swilling vervain, so they're impervious to his mind control. Klaus saw a chance to recruit an insider the night he was at The Abattoir. He made sure that at least one newbie vampire emerged from the evening. When Marcel took one in, Klaus compelled him before he was given vervain. He also decided to use compulsion on Marcel's human friend, the bartender Cami against him. Now he has to clean up Rebekah's mess. Klaus angrily demands to know what Hayley was doing out outside and she snaps at him, revealing that she was trying to get an abortion. He begins to choke Hayley until Rebekah stops him. She tells him its alright to care seeing how much he cares for the baby. They then learn that Marcel has Elijah. Klaus' plan is to gain Marcel's trust, dismantle his empire, honor Elijah's wish that that baby be born. He is executing the plan the only way he knows how. If Rebekah doesn't like it, she can leave. Klaus rises and leaves the room. Rebekah leans back and looks at Sophia, their work cut out for them. Hayley talks to Rebekah outside, thanking her and asks about her relationship to Klaus. She notices that they act like they hate each other yet they love each other at the same time. She then gives Rebekah the daggers, she found them under Rebekah's coffin. 

The next day, she is reunited with her former lover, Marcel, noticing that he has taken a liking to her older sister, Sophia. She believes Sophia will be good for him but if he hurts her, he will regret it. She also asks him if he knows of Elijah's whereabouts but he lies to her about Elijah (as she already knows the truth) and refuses to get involved in the family feuding then leaves.

She later interrupts Sophia's date with Marcel. She demands that Marcel tell her where Elijah is or she will kill him but he tells her she won't and lets him go. Marcel gives in due to Sophia's sadness and takes the girls to Elijah. He introduces them to Davina, an incredibly powerful witch who invites them in. Just as Rebekah is ready to pull the dagger out of her brother's chest, Davina warns her not to do it. With her magic, she sends Rebekah flying out of the attic and this greatly upsets Sophia. In the morning, Rebekah wakes up in her old room with now belongs to Marcel. Marcel tells her the town, Davina and Elijah are all his. Everything that used to belong to her and Klaus now belongs to him. But Rebekah will stop at nothing and do whatever it takes to get her brother Elijah back.

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Rebekah with Klaus and Sophia

In Tangled Up In Blue, Rebekah teams up with Klaus, Sophia, and the witches to get Elijah back. Klaus gets started on the plan. Plan A: Just ask Marcel! and Plan B: War. Slightly more difficult. Rebekah agrees to both plans. Rebekah goes to the shop that Hayley visited to get the wolfsbane and gets threatens Katie to tell her who she ratted Haley out to. Katie is in love with Marcel’s right hand man, Thierry, who just became the key in Klaus’ plan. Klaus, Sophia, Danielle, Rebekah, Mattias and the witch coven discuss their plan: Cast a locator spell to find Elijah, while Katie performs a much bigger spell at the same time. This way, hopefully, Davina will only sense Katie’s spell and another coven mate’s. But this will almost be a death sentence for Katie and other witches involved. Rebekah, Klaus, and Sophia head to the party and, much to Klaus’ initial dismay, meet up with Cami. As Rebekah goes to the bar, she is approached by Marcel. He asks her what is she thinking inviting Cami to an event full of vampires but Sophia comes over and tells him that she invited Cami because she's her friend and didn't want to spend the whole night staring at him. Rebekah finds that the chemistry between Sophia and Marcel is getting interesting. Sophia states that she does not date her sister's exes but he refuses to give up and Rebekah agrees with him believing that Sophia will be some good for him including that they're perfect for each other. Klaus confronts Rebekah to why she is trying to put Sophia and Marcel together. Rebekah wants Sophia to be happy and think about herself for once instead of her family as she has been trying to keep them together for a thousand years. Rebekah then comments on Klaus being absolutely evil for making Sophia a distraction for Marcel. Rebekah and Klaus are stunned when they see an old face show up unexpected. His name is Macklyn Barthlomew who is both an old friend and also Rebekah's first sire.

Though before she can get answers, the plan goes underway. Rebekah goes to meet up with Sophie in the graveyard. Rebekah is watching over Sophie while she’s trying to locate Elijah. Sophie feels Katie’s magic stop, and wants to go on with her, smaller spell. Rebekah tells her no, that she doesn't want to risk Sophie’s exposure. She texts Sophia to tell to stop looking and come home so she can tell her what has just transpired. So, essentially, that entire plan failed, and they couldn't find Elijah. Rebekah is playing the piano back at the Mikaelson Mansion, calling the night an “epic failure” because Sophie wasn't able to locate Elijah. Klaus disagrees. Klaus reveals that he killed Katie, upsetting Rebekah and Sophia. Klaus tells them that he has Marcel’s trust and he is getting Elijah back. Rebekah tells him that he always gets what he wants, no matter what it costs the rest of them. She tells him that he disgusts her and leaves with Sophia.

In Sinners and Saints

In Fruit of the Poisoned Tree

Season Two

Season Three

She will return as a series regular.

Eternal Darkness

Rebekah 113

Rebekah reunites with Cecilia in It's Always Been You.


Rebekah black


Rebekah is the definition of a “fierce woman. Rebekah longs for love and acceptance and is loyal to her often callous and cruel brothers. Like any mean girl, she covers up her insecurities by being mean, stubborn, sarcastic, vengeful, and witty. She has shown, on multiple occasions, that her humanity is not completely lost, and now that she's going to be an auntie once again, she's grown almost maternal. She also has her brother's temper. Vulnerability is a huge part of her character, her damage was also one of her greatest strengths as a character because it made her relatable. Rebekah is always a compelling character. Rebekah has impeccable instincts and can tell when people are lying, something Klaus believes to be a supernatural ability. She has a desire to see the best in people, especially her family. She can’t help but come back to the people she loves.

Rebekah truly desires to be human. She wants to love and be loved, and isn't afraid of showing her pain, where Klaus and Elijah would have buried theirs, she put hers right out in the open for everyone to see.

Physical Appearance



Rebekah is a beautiful and free-spirited Original Vampire. She has long blonde hair which is always either curly, straight, or braided mid-10th century style, it’s always flawless. She has beautiful blue eyes.

Rebekah, like Katherine, likes to stand out but she also likes to be the center of attention, but then again she likes to be classy too. Rebekah wears nice, classy tank tops and leggings. Her formal wear is classy and fairytale-like.


Niklaus Mikaelson

"You say you hate him, but the way you deal with him it’s so clear, even when you hate him, you still love him."
Hayley to Rebekah

Klaus and Rebekah

Out of all her brothers, Rebekah is most closest to Klaus. She has always loved her brother, and despite her mistakes has craved a relationship with him. Klaus too easily forgers his wrongdoings and instead blames her for their troubled past. Rebekah has a intense love/hate dynamic with Klaus. Rebekah, despite how much Klaus continually hurts her, keeps coming back to him and loving him unconditionally. (See Klaus and Rebekah.)

Elijah Mikaelson


Rebekah and Elijah

Rebekah has a strong relationship with her brother, Elijah. She looks up to him and admires him. Some might even say he is her favorite brother. Rebekah has always had a very different relationship with Elijah than she has with the rest of her brothers. He’s always treated her as an equal unlike Klaus. In some ways he has been as a tutor to her. Elijah’s admiration and protective feelings towards Rebekah, coupled with her respect for her big brother and his morals made a fantastic dynamic.

Sophia Mikaelson/Cecilia Solas

Rebekah and Sophia having fun

Rebekah and Sophia

Sophia was Rebekah's adoptive sister. They are very close and always try to make sure the family is all together but it always end up like the family is drifting apart. Somehow they always end up coming back together as a family. Rebekah is the only sibling to call Sophia; Pipi, which often annoys Sophia. Sometime during the first season, Rebekah had betrayed Klaus by trying to put him down and seal him in the Garden which Sophia found out about, causing their sisterly bond to fall apart. They later got back on better terms and their relationship greatly improved. Understanding her sister's desire at a normal life, Sophia used the power of her new element and made Rebekah human again. Happy with the outcome and determined to live her life to the fullest, Rebekah left New Orleans after thanking her sister.


Rebekah and Cecilia are close friends.

Danielle Mikaelson

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Rebekah and Danielle

Dani was her neice and loves her very much. They always spend so much time together which makes closer than ever. Nothing can really break them apart. Rebekah discovers that the demon, Neoma has been moved from Sophia's body to Danielle's body. Danielle makes Rebekah not to say anything about this to anyone especially the rest of their family. However, Danielle, Sophia, Klaus, and Rebekah are kidnapped by Aria's army and Danielle is killed by Sophie Deveraux which breaks the seal to release Neoma. This event devastates Rebekah causing her to find some way to bring Danielle back to life mostly for Sophia's sake.


Alden Sinclair

Other Relationships


Season 1

Season 2

Season 3

  • Rebekah with Sophia after arriving in Japan


  • Rebekah longs to find her true love and get married.
  • She is the second female Original Vampire and is the second oldest female vampire overall to appear in the series.
  • She is the only character to call Sophia "Pipi".
  • Rebekah is the first main character to officially leave The Originals Fanfiction as a main character.
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