Beautiful Claire Holt-Rebekah Mikaelson Green
Rebekah Mikaelson
Last Name
  • Mikaelson
  • Bex
  • Bekah
Date of Birth
  • 10th Century A.D.
Date of Death
  • 10th Century (Undead Death)
  • 1017 (Frozen as a 17-yr-old)
Turned by
  • By Esther in 10th century (Through The Immortality Spell)
  • Undead
  • Good
  • Leader of her Sireline
  • Member of the Mystic Falls Gang
  • College Student (Absent)
  • High School Student (Formerly)
  • Cheerleader (Formerly)
  • Vampire (Currently)
  • Untapped Witch (Formerly/flashbacks only; inactive presently)
  • Girl/Female/Woman
Sexual Orientation
  • Bisexual
Family Members
Supernatural Information
Significant Others
Significant Sires
Significant Kills
Killed By
Powers and Abilities
  • Super Senses (Enhanced for her status as an Original Vampire):
    • Super enhanced speed
    • Super enhanced strength
    • Super enhanced hearing
    • Super enhanced agility
    • Super enhanced vision
    • Super enhanced healing factor
    • Super sense of smell
  • Telepathy:
    • Astral Projection
    • Illusion casting
    • Compulsion
  • Limited immunity to magic
  • Werewolf/Lycan venom immunity
  • Immortality/Frozen as a teenage girl forever
  • Weather Control:
    • Able to manipulate lightning (Limited)
    • Able to make and manipulate rain (Limited)
  • Former/Untapped Powers and Abilities:
    • Spellcasting
    • Potion Creation
    • Natural Connection
    • Spell Creation
    • Telekinesis
    • Telepathy
    • Clairvoyance
First Appearance
Last Appearance
Physical Appearance
  • 5’8”
Hair Color
  • Blond (Highlighted green)
Eye Color
  • Blue

Rebekah Mikaelson (Earth-20520) is the protagonist of House of M and an Original Vampire, former untapped witch and current holder of a mysterious cure dosage. She is a crossover character from Tyler Gracyne’s SWCTW.

Rebekah is a centuries old vampire who lived with her family of vampires for the past millennia, until her brother, Niklaus Mikaelson, daggered her for falling in love with Stefan Salvatore. Upon awakening, Rebekah renounces her family ties to Nik and Elijah and leads her own life in Mystic Falls, falling in love with a human named Matthew Donovan, who is later discovered to be a member of the mysterious species of incubi (spiritual psychic vampires who feed off of sex with humans rather than blood). She eventually finds she cares for the members of Matt’s gang of friends and becomes and ally once The Old One is freed from his two-millennium slumber. She is ultimately given the Cure by Elena through unknown means.

Rebekah is the bridge between the time jump from the present story of Vampire Diaries fanon to the present House of M and carries the mysteries of how Silas was evaded and why she has the Cure as it was ingested by Katerina Petrova during Season Five in the story by Julie Plec in the dimension of Earth-202245 (Earth-TVD5).

Rebekah is the biological daughter of Mikael and Esther Mikaelson, the niece of Kendrik III of the House of M, the grandchild of four unknown grandparents, the youngest sister of an unknown eldest Mikaelson sibling, Finn, Elijah, Kendrik IV, the maternal younger half-sister of Klaus, the youngest sister of Kol and the elder sister of Henrik Mikaelson as well as the aunt of Princess Hope Mikaelson-Labonair. Rebekah is also the adopted aunt of Marcel Gérard – an orphan boy Klaus rescued and she is a member of the Mikaelson and Ansuz Family.

Throughout House of M

After an unknown tragedy shakes the rocks of Mystic Falls where one of the MFG dies, Elena gives the Cure to Rebekah and she has a decision to make: turn Matt into a vampire and live with him forever or take the Cure, say goodbye to her millennia-old family and live a limited, metered life with Matt and her new friends. After receiving a note from EM (whom she assumed was Elijah Mikaelson but later learns EM stood for Esther Mikaelson) to “come home” and meet her in New Orleans, where she has taken control of the Witches of the French Quarter and Tremé Covens through Finn. Upon arrival, she learns that Klaus has a child – Hope Mikaelson – and that it was not Elijah’s message but it was indeed Esther and that they plan to appeal to Esther to let Hope live, against Klaus’s wishes, everyone outvotes him.

Rebekah and Elijah reveal in a flashback (albeit only to the audience) that there was a middle sibling, Kendrik Mikaelson, his fate after their turning remains unknown.

She, Elijah and Andréa (Hayley Marshall) head to the City of the Dead where she appeals through Finn to Esther. Esther and the Ancestors begin to kill them (a dead that would be temporary) but Geneviève channels her blood connection to Davina and protects them, letting Hayley kill Monique, severing the power surge long enough for the Originals to escape the City of the Dead.

Later, Rebekah and Elijah return to the mansion to protect Klaus from an army of werewolves lead by Oliver and three other werewolves with Moonlight Rings.

Rebekah and Klaus share a flashback where it is revealed that Kendrik, their brother, was turned into a vampire and possessed better self-control. Klaus asks Rebekah how she knew he had a baby, confused at this question, Rebekah tells him about the note and Niklaus realizes that the handwriting matches Esther’s who taught them to write, implying that Esther has already returned to life and Josh and Tina – who had earlier been sent to the Plantation with Hope – are headed straight into Esther’s hands.

Arriving at the Plantation, Rebekah, Elijah, Klaus and Geneviève witness Sean O’Connell reconstituting the remains of what they assume to be Esther. They then realize it is Ayana, who rises from the dead in front of them.




General unaltered appearance

Rebekah is a Caucasian born of Norwegian and Viking ancestry and has inherited her mother’s blonde hair and her father’s blue eyes. She typically wore her hair loose and curly in the 10th Century A.D. and wore unadulterated brown and white gowns. In the present, Rebekah hardly wears dresses and is almost always in skinny jeans and boots, Ts and leather jackets. She was turned into a vampire at age 17 and is frozen as such for as long as she is a vampire.


Rebekah has strong, straight and royal features much like Esther, her mother, and has a full mouth and a straight noise and full cheeks.


Rebekah has a variety of hairstyles and sometimes wears her hair with braids or at times dyes it with green highlights as she appears in House of M.


Rebekah has blue eyes that “carry some of the devil” like Klaus as according to the Hybrid himself. Upon revealing the demonic half of her, veins appear under her eyes and the whites turn red.


Rebekah has full, almost (ALMOST!) chubby cheeks which she colors rosy from time to time.


She has a normal, straight nose.


Her lips are full and pink.


Rebekah has a fair, healthy complexion.


Rebekah has a typically female, Caucasian-sounding voice. Typical is actually a misinterpretion, though, she speaks with an ancient English, but not a very British, accent and is very fast-paced and prone to not being understood by people who are not familiar with Ancient World accents.

Body build and mass

Rebekah is very agile and has a young and flexible skeleton which is indestructible and can heal from any physical wound due to her Original Vampire status. She can outrun bullets without fatigue and is the third fastest and strongest vampire in existence after Elijah who is second to Klaus.

Powers and Abilities

Current powers

Rebekah has a list of set powers which she receives from her Original Vampirism:

  • Super Senses (Enhanced for her status as an Original Vampire): Rebekah’s sixth sense is greatly enhanced and she can feel the presence of enemies or allies that suddenly appear behind or out of her eyeshot. She can smell better than canines and better than average cursed werewolves. She can hear far better than any werewolf and human and has an augmented sense of taste and vision and touch. Her enhanced senses make her sensitive to sexual pleasure or physical pain. She as a vampire, she is prone to sensitivity from vampire bites that would paralyze her in pleasure or excruciating pain depending on whether she fights it or not.
  • Super enhanced speed: Rebekah can outrun cars and is as fast as a turned werewolf. She can run at near, if not, supersonic speeds without fatigue or whiplash.
  • Super enhanced strength: Rebekah is stronger than any average werewolf and non-Original vampire and can lift cars, break vaults, bend metal and even break through flesh and spines to rip people’s hearts out. Rebekah is the fourth-strongest immortal and undead creature alive after Elijah, Klaus and Silas.
  • Super enhanced hearing: This ability allows her to hear at vast distances and even allows her determine the exact person who is speaking even in a club as she is able to pinpoint one voice at a time or all of them. This ability can be a nuisance as if it too loud, it can greatly irritate her ears.
  • Super enhanced agility: She is very agile and possess great balance. Rebekah can bend her spine almost all the way back without breaking and can run at near supersonic speeds without losing balance. She has immunity to fatigue so long as she is properly fed (blood).
    • Super enhanced vision: She can see at further distances than eagles and jungle predators.
    • Super enhanced healing factor: Rebekah can heal and regenerate from any and all injuries physically sustained even the loss of an organ or limb, even her head. This is possible due to magic that binds her physical body to her soul and her memories survive due to her spirit returning and her cells containing records of every memory, therefore when her head and brain regenerate, her cells restore her memories.
    • Super sense of smell: She is able to distinguish different smells and can smell more powerfully than a human or werewolf. But this ability is also a curse as bad smells are all the more repellent and strong perfumes could seriously affect this ability if not controlled.
  • Telepathy: Rebekah has the ability to read, go through, control and manipulate the thoughts and emotions of other vampires and humans, but cannot control witches and werewolves with this ability. She can enter the minds of anyone and process their memories in seconds regardless of their species, though this can be repelled if the victim is old and/or telepathic or a witch or werewolf with psychic training. She can stimulate the minds of her victims sexually or painfully (c.f. Vampire Attraction/Bite/Sexual Stimuli).
    • Astral Projection: She can project her mind to various places at a set distance and see another area without being there physically but mentally. This ability requires the user to have great amounts of blood or it can greatly weaken all her other powers and her body and psyche. Other telepathic or psychic and spiritual beings possess the ability to decipher her astral form.
    • Compulsion: Rebekah can use her psychic powers to manipulate, control or “compel” humans and vampires. She can hypnotize them into doing any and everything including being artists, yogis, or even change a person’s sexuality through psychic conditioning. Rebekah can also use this power on witches and werewolves if she has kept at it long enough, but it generally impossible as they possess natural immunity unlike vampires and humans.
    • Illusion Casting: She can project illusions by controlling the minds of humans and vampires or by creating astral realms, usually referred to as “dreams” in the minds of others that can be touched and interacted with much like how Damon said his goodbye to Rose. This ability can even work for werewolves and witches, but it requires eye-contact and/or physical contact or astral projection.
  • Limited immunity to magic: Rebekah has a level of immunity to witchcraft and aneurysms can’t work on her from the average witch. But witches of the higher, alpha or omega scale can hurt her with this power. Beta witches can hurt her with this power but it’s effects do not last and she can overwhelm it. Rebekah can’t be moved telekinetically (such as psychic neck snaps, liftings, shoves, etc.) by any less than alpha witches.
  • Werewolf/Lycan venom immunity: She can survive a werewolf bite as she is an Original Vampire. The bite’s effects will work, but only temporarily and after her death, she will arise unhurt.
  • Immortality: Rebekah is frozen as a teenage girl forever and cannot age or die through natural and most supernatural means. Her body cannot be destroyed by fire, sun, vervain or even wood, although only the wood her mother called on for immortality, White Oak, is able to end her life, she has a few seconds to pull it out of her chest before it completely kills her. Otherwise, Rebekah will live forever.
  • Weather Control: Rebekah can manipulate the weather in a set location, make it sunny, rainy, snowy or stormy. She can summon lightning bolts and gusts of wind, but this ability drains her of the energy given by human blood. Rebekah can also create mists to hide her from her victims or enemies.
  • Vampire Attraction/Bite/Sexual Stimuli: Upon turning into a vampire, Rebekah has the ability to attract any being to her through the use of pheromones of magical nature. She can attract any and all humans with it, though vervain can repel this ability. Once a victim is caught by her pheromones, they will be utterly and completely willing and sometimes even begging for a bite. Upon biting a willing victim, her fangs will emit a serum or substance that incites full-body sexual pleasure called “blood-sharing” is stimulated to both species, this feeling is unpainful and completely augmented with other vampires. Once Rebekah is done feeding, she will cut herself and feed her “willing” victim her blood and when the victim sucks her blood, it will have the effect of pleasuring them both. This stimulation is deadly to vampires who are hunted by other vampires, especially rippers because willing or not, a vampire’s bite to another vampire will completely paralyze the victim vampire as they cannot at all resist the extreme pleasures the bite entails, even if it means killing them, Rebekah is prone to this and is one of the only individuals who know this fatal secret of vampirism.

Former powers

Rebekah was an untapped Mikaelson Witch and therefore might’ve grown to become an alpha-class witch or even an omega-class one.



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