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Biographical information
  • 1st century B.C. (2,000+)
  • Alive
  • Member of The Travelers (formerly)
  • Tessa
  • Tessa Vassallo (Alternate World)
  • Female
Family information
Significant Others
  • Unnamed Parents †
Supernatural information
Significant spells
  • Creating her own talisman
  • Creating The Immortality Spell
  • Creating The Cure
  • Creating The Other Side and The Veil
  • Entombing Silas on The Island
  • Resurrecting herself
  • Desiccating and entombing Amara
  • Using and binding Amara as the anchor for The Other Side spell
  • Resurrecting Malia
  • Transferring the anchor from Amara to Bonnie
Significant kills
  • Herself
Cause of death
  • Unknown (1st Time)
  • Herself (2nd Time)
Killed by
  • The Travelers (1st time)
  • Herself (2nd Time)
Played by
  • Janina Gavankar
First seen
Two thousand years ago, after the Silas incident, I met another man and fell in love, got married then I was pregnant. I gave a baby girl named Cecilia. Some time after, I had to give up my beautiful daughter in order to protect her as the Travelers were coming after me. Giving her up was the hardest thing I've ever had to do. I've watched over her from the Other Side for two thousand years. She was forced to become a vampire and I never wanted that for her but she still grew up to be the lovely woman I wanted her to be.
Qetsiyah to Katherine about her daughter in TO/TVD Special

Qetsiyah (Ancient Greek: Kετσία), currently going by Tessa in current times, is an extremely powerful witch who is responsible for creating the Immortality Spell. She was a major recurring character from The Vampire Diaries and plays an important role in The Originals Fanfiction as she is the mother of Cecilia who goes by the name Sophia Zariah Mikaelson. 



1st Century B.C.

Qetsiyah was born into a rich family some time in the 1st Century B.C. in Ancient Greece. She also grew up with her best friend, Andra.

Qetsiyah was the most powerful witch in a group of very "gifted" people called The Travelers and that's where she met her true love, Silas. He tricked her into creating an immortality spell by proposing marriage. Once she'd created the immortality spell on their wedding day, Silas stole it and gave it to another woman named Amara, Qetsiyah's handmaiden. In a fit of rage and revenge, Qetsiyah found Amara, forced her to take the cure and then killed Amara. She then stuck Silas in a tomb with the cure hoping he would take it and die, because his death would mean he'd be stuck in a supernatural limbo she created specifically to trap his soul. The supernatural limbo is The Other Side, a purgatory where all supernatural creatures would go when they died and stay there if they were unable to find peace. She bound the Other Side to Amara, making her The Anchor, needing something eternal and indestructible to bind it to so that it would never fall. This ensured that, if Silas was ever freed and succeeded in his plan to die, he would not be reunited with Amara, even if the Other Side did happen to fall. 

Some time after, Qetsiyah fell in love with another man and got married. Later on, Qetsiyah gave birth to their children, Damien and Cecilia. A few months after her daughter's birth, she left her children in Andra's care in order to protect them. She was eventually killed by the Travelers.

10th Century

Throughout The Originals Fanfiction

Season One

Qetsiyah returns from the dead in TO/TVD Special. When Sophia heard of Katherine's condition, she immediately returned to Mystic Falls. Wanting to save Katherine, Danielle and the others, Sophia tells Bonnie she needs to find Qetsiyah. Before Bonnie could tell Sophia that she is dead, Qetsiyah appears behind Bonnie, which stuns both her and Katherine. Qetsiyah agrees to help Sophia learn the Element of Life/Spirit. She requests Bonnie's help and tells Sophia to get ready. Bonnie questions Qetsiyah on how she returned to the living. She states that she passed through when Bonnie wasn't looking and after getting her wish of being with Silas, stuck on the Other Side, her work was not completed as she had to return to someone very important to her who she refuses to leave again. She says the reason of why she didn't stay when she was still alive months ago is because she had to make Silas suffer as it was his fault that she give up the person most important to her. Now in this time, this person needs her and she will not let them go again.

She later questions Katherine's friendship with Sophia. Katherine tells her that Sophia is one of the only people who saw the good in her and felt that she was someone she could always depend on. Sophia is Katherine's BFF and her heart. Sophia gave Katherine a reason to hold onto her humanity which is a vampire's greatest weakness and even though she's back to being a human now, nothing's changed. Qetsiyah becomes intrigued and whispers to herself that Sophia turned out the way she wanted her to be.

During the night, Qetsiyah teaches Sophia the life element and is successful in the process with Katherine's life being saved. When Sophia and her brothers are about to head back to New Orleans, she sits with Qetsiyah outside. Qetsiyah reveals that she knew Sophia's mother and she will reveal herself when the time is right. After asking questions about Jayne, Qetsiyah gives Sophia earrings and a bracelet that belonged to Sophia's mother. Sophia thanks her and leaves Mystic Falls with her brothers. In the final scene of the episode, Qetsiyah reveals the a hidden secret to Katherine. Sophia's real name is Cecilia and Qetsiyah is her mother.

Qetsiyah reveals more about her daughter's past to Katherine in Parting Ways.

Season Two

Tessa returns in Mother and Son.

In Paranormal Activity,

In Going Back into the Past,

In A Special Reunion,

Season Three

Qetsiyah will become a series regular.


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Qetsiyah is definitely not completely sane, demonstrated by her actions in the past. Though, she is very intelligent, given the complicated plan she devised to keep Amara and Silas apart. Her intelligence is also demonstrated when she managed to create the Immortality Spell. By doing so, she became the first known witch to cause a new balance between life and death.

She is very paranoid and easily pissed off, though she always throws around snarky comments and remarks. She also hardly ever trusts anyone such as the consequence of the betrayal she suffered at Silas and Amara's hands.

As a mother, she is very protective of her daughter. Qetsiyah respects all of Sophia's decisions but will not allow anyone to hurt her.


Physical Appearance

Qetsiyah appears to be a woman in her late 20s to early 30s. She has long curly hair and appears to be of Mediterranean descent. Now living in the 21st century, she decides to wear a sharp and savvy style.



(See Qetsiyah and Sophia.)

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