The Originals(Fan Fiction) TV Series
Season 1, Episode 20
The Originals - Episode 1.20
Air date Summer 2014
Written by User:Cori11
Directed by User:Cori11
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This is the twentieth and final episode of Season One of The Originals Fanfiction (Series).


GOING SEPARATE WAYS--After the arrival of the baby, Hayley confides in Sophia as her and Klaus make a difficult decision. Danielle questions her life now as she is no longer a vampire and maybe beginning a new journey will help with Davina by her side. Rebekah has a new story written for her and Sophia finally begins a relationship with Marcel. Katherine learns of Sophia's history by Qetsiyah. Also, many of the characters choose what they will do what their life, as some stay and others go. After everything that has happened, another new King is chosen and a throne for a Queen is made as well. Finally, new threats occur and new allies appear.


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Sophia (to Hayley): As a mother myself, you have to think about your child's future.


  • This will be the season finale.
  • A funeral will be held.
  • Serena will throw a big party.
  • Everyone will be trying to decide what they should do next in their life.
  • A flashback of The Original Family.
  • A sweet moment between the Original Family.
  • Rebekah will be given a surprising choice by Sophia.
  • Songs to be featured in this episode:
    • Everything by Lifehouse
    • For You Only by Trading Yesterday
  • H&M will be featured.
  • Another family member is introduced.



Danielle (voiceover): As life goes on, we all have to make choices. Some are easy as some are difficult. We make these choices as we want to know what we really want in life, find the truth to who we really are, and have to do what's best for others....I believe the hardest decision is when you have to let the one you love go....Some of us remain in the French Quarter as others leave to start a new journey. We each have our own path in life and I hope to find mine one day.

Father & Daughter Edit

(Klaus stands outside on the balcony, holding his daughter. He looks at her with a smile on his face as she cuddles up to him. He then walks into the nursey and lays her down in her crib and watches her with interest.)

Klaus: I am finally happy to have met you will not be staying here much longer.

As A Mother Edit

(While in Danielle's room, Sophia watches her daughter sleep and hears a small knock on the door. She looks up to see Hayley who walks over and sits next to Sophia.)

Hayley: Hey. Is she doing alright?

Sophia: Yes, she's fine. How's the baby?

Hayley: Good...Rebekah thinks the baby looks like me. So who does Danielle look more like?

Sophia: All my siblings say that Danielle looks like me.

Hayley: She's really not a vampire anymore?

Sophia: (nods) For some unknown reason, she's alright with it. She just wants to live out her life as a normal girl and will decide if she wants to keep living like that. However, she still has the option to go back to being a vampire but that probably won't be for a while.

Hayley: What about you?

Sophia: I'm going to pretty much do the same thing....Hayley, did you come here to ask me about the baby?

Hayley: How did you--

Sophia: A mother's intuition. Elijah told me about how the baby "will destroy all". You're trying to decide if she should really stay here, in New Orleans.

Hayley: How did you do it? How did you keep Danielle out of danger?

Sophia: I stayed away from it. Danielle was the only thing keeping my blood lust under control back during my early stages as a vampire. As her mother, I granted Danielle the choice when she got older. To stay a witch or become a vampire...Danielle was able to take care of herself and I was happy. Hayley, I did have the choice to give up my child but I couldn't do it because one of the main reasons was when Danielle was a baby, she wouldn't let me leave her. She had some kind of hold on me that I couldn't get out of...I guess it was a daughter's love for her mother.

Hayley: So what should I do?

Sophia: You have to do what's best for your daughter. As a mother myself, you have to think about your child's future.

Hayley: If you were in my position...What would do?

Sophia: Are you sure you want my answer?

Hayley: Give me the honest truth.

Sophia: Due to everything that has happened and knowing full well that there will be those who come after that child...I would let her go.

Sophia's Past Part 1 Edit

(Back in Mystic Falls, Katherine is in Qetsiyah's home, questioning her about Sophia.)

Katherine: How in the world are you Sophia's mother? She was born a thousand years ago!

Qetsiyah: No, she wasn't. Cecilia was born two-thousand years ago. Cecilia doesn't know that because she doesn't remember.

Katherine: So memory loss? Amnesia?

Qetsiyah: Something like that. Back two-thousand years ago, Cecilia had cast a spell on herself to forget her past.

Katherine: Why would she do that?

Qetsiyah: I guess you could say...Like mother, like daughter due to the situation she was in. My daughter was raised by other witches and grew up to be a very powerful witch like myself. When she turned seventeen, she there was a man named Aaron, who all the woman longed for but he only had eyes for Cecilia. However, she had another...They were going to get married until she found out that he was using her as he wanted her powers....She chose to leave him but not before giving him a taste of his own medicine. Aaron witnessed the whole thing but he didn't run away. Out of all the women, he chose her. He only saw my daughter...It tore me up inside, seeing what she went through...But I was happy that there was a man who truly loved her.

Katherine: What happened after?

Qetsiyah:...Three years later...They were happily married and had a son....he had just turned two....But then something so terrible happened to her and Aaron that she wasn't able to forgive herself for it. Sometimes, you're better off not knowing things and sometimes you're better off forgetting things.

Katherine: Wait so Sophia erased her memory of her husband and son? But why?

Qetsiyah: It was too painful for her to remember and its too painful for me to talk about...All I can say is that Aaron died and their son...She never saw him again.

Katherine: Sophia would never give up on her child!

Qetsiyah:..She was never able to find him. I don't even know what happened to him...Cecilia even cast a locator spell and it didn't work. It was like he was erased on the face of the earth.

Katherine: Well then how did she live for two-thousand years? She obviously didn't use the Immortality Spell.

Qetsiyah: Before I start on that, you might want to get some popcorn. There's a lot to know.

Neoma's Memorial Edit

(The citizens of the French Quarter all prepare themselves for Neoma's funeral service. A long line of community members and family, including Cami, Serena, Brody, Jayne, Bethany, Thomas, Matthias, Vanessa, Genevieve, Davina, and Marcel make their way to sit in the pews. Klaus arrives late, and sits next to Danielle.)

Klaus: How are you feeling?

Danielle: A lot better.

Klaus: Oh, really? Because I know there's something that you are not telling me.

Danielle: Like what?

Klaus: Danielle.

Danielle: I don't want to bother you with it, besides I think you will just get angry.

Klaus: You know you can tell me anything, right?

Danielle: (sigh) I saw Mikael while I was on the Other Side.

Klaus: Even that place would keep that devil there.

Danielle: You're one to talk about someone being a devil, Uncle Klaus...He tried to save me when the Other Side was nearing its end.

Klaus: (shocked) What?

Danielle: We got separated before mom bought me back...It makes me think that he wasn't so bad.

Klaus: Do not let him fool you, Danielle. He was just pretending to be good to get you on his side.

Danielle: Get me on his side for what? Honestly, if anyone could kill you, it would be him but he's dead. I know everything that he has done to you but for me...its hard if I don't--

Klaus: Try to see the good in everyone. One of your special qualities. Reminds me of a certain someone.

Danielle: I know what went down between you and Caroline back in Mystic Falls. (giggles) Bethany told me, she followed you all there...Neoma wasn't always evil, that's something that was forced on her. She became that way because she lost her entire family. I'm happy that she found peace, she deserves it.

Klaus: If you were once good, sometimes it will remain, sometimes it won't. You know that everyone can't be saved, right?

Danielle: Yeah, I know. But I want to at least try.

Klaus: (kisses her forehead) Anything else that you or the others spied on?

Danielle:...Well....(smirking) I saw Marcel and mom kissing.

Klaus: I bloody hate funerals. 

Danielle: (laughs) You know that mom can take care of herself. Besides, if Marcel hurts mom...I'll be the first one to kick his ass.

Klaus: (smirks) One of my traits.

(Hundreds of community members gather in the streets of the French Quarter after the funeral. Inside St. Anne's Church, Cami is lighting a candle for Neoma at the sacristy when Marcel approaches her.)

Marcel: Hey. (kisses her cheek) Haven't seen you in a while.

Cami: I know, I've just been spending a lot of time with Serena. You know the Reaper story, right?

Marcel: Yeah. Heard about it from Matthias...I'm sorry, I never wanted you involved in all this.

Cami: I can understand that I'm grateful that you tried to keep me away from that world. I'm glad I met you though. Marcel, I've decided what I want to do next.

Marcel: What would that be?

Cami: In a few days, I will be going back to college and will be staying there. I don't plan to come back to the French Quarter...not anytime soon anyway. You're the first person I told about this.

Marcel: Are you sure?

Cami: Yes. I really don't want to get any further involved in the supernatural world here. The further away, the better for me.

Marcel: Well...if you ever need anything, you know where to find me. But still call every now and then.

Cami: I will...(hugs him) Thank you.

(Outside, the funeral procession is walking down the street to the sounds of the jazz music being played. Near the end of the parade is Klaus, Hayley, Elijah, and Sophia.)

Hayley: Sophia, what is the purpose of this funeral?

Sophia: I wanted to do something nice for her.

Hayley: (chuckles) The bitch killed your daughter and you want to do something nice for her?

Sophia: Hayley, you're one to talk about being a bitch. No offense.

Hayley: None taken.

Sophia: Neoma was just an eighteen year old girl who who looked exactly like my daughter...

Klaus: Wait, what?

Sophia: During her dying moments, I saw her with her family and she thank me. She was possessing Danielle's body the whole time yet when I saw her, what she actually looked like, she looks exactly like Danielle...Wonder why.

Klaus: Well, there are some people in this world that look exactly alike.

Elijah: Neoma's family was killed right in front of her. She blamed herself for everything that had happened and gave into the darkness. Maybe now, she can finally feel some peace.

Klaus: I believe she does. She was able to finally realize that it wasn't her fault and was able to move on to be with her family.

Hayley: (walking over next to Sophia) You two go on ahead. Sophia, there's something I need to talk to you about.

(Hayley and Sophia walk over to the side so they can talk.)

Sophia: What is it?

Hayley: Has Jayne seem any different, lately? Notice any changes?

Sophia: (confused) Hayley...What is this about?

Hayley: Well, I assume Brody told you about Felix attacking Jayne and me.

Sophia: Yes. What about it though?

Hayley: When Jayne was nearly killed...She...wings just came out of here all of a sudden.

Sophia: Wings?

Hayley: Yeah. I guess you could say like angel wings and her eyes turned blue. Sirens don't have wings do they?

Sophia: Of course not. Why didn't she say anything? Or Brody for that matter?

Hayley: That's the thing. She doesn't remember anything about it. I didn't tell Brody that the feathers came from Jayne...I thought that you should know.

Sophia: Thank you for telling me...(whispers) Wings...

Party Planning/Rousseau's Edit

(At Serena's home, Serena is planning for a party. She has workers all around tending to their duties.)

Cami: Didn't we just leave from a funeral?

Serena: Yes, we did. But I just need to keep my mind off the sad stuff right now.

Cami: You mean after what happened with your dad.

Serena: Yeah...My dad wouldn't want me moping around...But mostly, I want to throw this party in order to cheer everyone up. A lot of us are beginning new journeys for ourselves. So this party will be like a big send-off, congratulating everyone on their new path in life.

Cami: That's good. Don't forget that I'm here whenever you need me.

Serena: I know. Thank you for being such a good friend to me.

Cami: (picking up the party list) Okay, this is a long party list. How many people are you inviting? And what's up with all of this food? Serena, this is more food than Rousseau carries!

Serena: You can never be too safe!

Cami: Okay, who's on this list? ...I see my name...Elijah, Sophia, Marcel, Vanessa, Jayne, Danielle, Davina...You're inviting Aria?! Isn't she the one who was responsible of having Danielle killed?!

Serena: Yes but Sophia is working on her friendship with her and Danielle seems to be alright with it. After everything that had happened, Klaus wasn't able to kill her. He felt he was to blame for her becoming evil in the first place. He believes all of this could have been avoided if he had just been honest with her.

Cami: I wonder what changed him. To be more open with others.

Serena: If I had to take a guess...I would say his family...or a special girl.

Cami: That's interesting. (laughs) Come on, I'll help you out with the party.

Serena: Thanks.

(During the night, at Rousseau's, a party is thrown. There's lots of alcohol, and tons of people. Klaus sits alone at a table with a glass of scotch and is joined by Cami.)

Cami: Hey! Earth to you! Klaus, what is up with you?

Klaus: Nothing.

Cami: What's going on?

Klaus: Lately, I've been having these dreams about my dead father. No diagnosis necessary, love. I've already got this one covered: my fears of fatherhood, of scarring my child as my father scarred me, are manifesting as nightmares. (smiles fakely and takes a long drink) It's horrifically cliche.

Cami: Truthfully? I'm just surprised to hear you acknowledge out loud that you're finally a dad.

(Macklyn enters the bar which Klaus notices as he listens to Cami speak.)

Klaus: I know more about the trials of fatherhood than you might imagine, Camille. 

Cami: (sees Macklyn) And it worked out for you so well the first time, why change a thing? (leaves)

(Macklyn joins Klaus at his table.)

Klaus: You do remember don't you, Macklyn?

Macklyn: Remember what?

Klaus: Why when you were turned of course?

Macklyn: Ahh, yes...that dreadful night.


(The flashback shifts to many centuries ago in ancient parts of Europe, Macklyn is seen in a graveyard digging through the graves.)

Macklyn: Where is it? WHERE IS IT?

(A friend of Macklyn's named Conrad is looking in the grave with him as well.)

Conrad: We've looked over and over and over and OVER!!!!

Macklyn: And we will continue to look, won't we brother? Hold on, I need to replenish myself...

(Macklyn then gets a recently dead body and uses his dagger to cut and drink the blood of the corpse.)

Conrad: Save some for me little brother.

(Macklyn tosses the body to Conrad.)

Conrad: For hours, what feels like days we've been here...and found nothing, and barely any blood to curb our appetites.

Macklyn: Suppose we quit and try to look tomorrow?

Conrad: Are you crazy? People will come here Macklyn! And then that will lure our enemies to our gates....the witches.

Macklyn: (laughs) Ahh yes the witches and warlocks who plague us because of our appetites. And we still have no luck in gaining one as an ally do we?

Conrad: Alas we don't...

Klaus: I know a witch...or two

Macklyn and Conrad turn around to find Klaus who has tracked them down

Klaus: Well I'm going to pretend to act like a normal person for a second and ask you two, what in the bloody hell are you doing in a graveyard digging into holes?

Conrad: I'm afraid you came at the wrong time friend...

(Conrad takes out his knife and charges at Klaus in which Klaus easily smacks the knife away and compels Conrad to forget him.)

Conrad: Compulsion? You're a vampire!....(laughs) Well old boy, did I forget to mention...I'm on vervain!

Klaus: And did I forget to mention...I don't care.

(Klaus snaps his neck and kills him.)

Macklyn: NO!!!!

Klaus: Now I suppose I'll kill you too.

(Macklyn breaks a piece of wood in half ready to stake Klaus.)

Macklyn: Stay away from me!

Klaus: You have blood...all around your mouth....are you a vampire also?

Macklyn: Not exactly...just a collector of the delicious elixir, but I'm fully human...but I've heard legends of your kind and for such a long time....I've looked for one of you but its so blend in to society...but not any longer...I have one right in front of me....and I'm not going to WASTE this opportunity.

Klaus: And what opportunity is that?

Macklyn: To cut you, gain your blood and then die and become reborn as a creature of the night.

Klaus: You become a vampire?

Macklyn: Its my live forever by drinking blood.

Klaus: Well that's a first....but why?

Macklyn: Why? What kind of idiotic question is that? Why wouldn't I want to live FOREVER!???

Klaus: No, why would you drink blood? What do you gain from it?

Macklyn: Honestly?...Nothing, I understand the diseases that can plague through it....but its more of a metaphor...for what I could be...for what I WILL BE.

Klaus: Do you understand what you're asking? This bloodlust will overcome has to me, my family and countless others.

Macklyn: But I don't care...I want to know that feeling....over and over for infinity!

(Klaus turns his head and then bites his wrist.)

Klaus: Are you sure about this?

Macklyn: I'm more sure of my love of wanting to become a vampire than any love I had to anything before...even my own brother

Klaus: Fine...

(Klaus feeds him his blood and snaps his neck. Hours later Macklyn wakes up.)

Klaus: the land of the undead.

Macklyn: I feel that surge...that instinct, its more hungry now than ever!

Klaus: Funny, most vampires Ive seen in transition don't fully crave blood till later on...but you're not like most vampires are you?

Macklyn: Where is my prey?

Klaus: I would ask you to feed on my blood, but you're not accustomed to feed on vampire I compelled you a fair lady.

Macklyn: Thanks....

(Macklyn goes for the bite but Klaus pulls her away.)

Klaus-Before you turn...I want one thing from you.

Macklyn: (angrily) WHAT?

Klaus: What were you and your brother looking for anyway...and why were you being hunted by witches?

Macklyn: Well the reason we were hunted by because we've had the reputation of being vampires even though we weren't, we weren't immortal blood feeders but it was misinterpreted as such.

Klaus: And the reason for all these grave diggings? Because I have a hard time believing two serial killers couldn't find one way or another to get money so im pretty sure you weren't looking for money in these what was it?

Macklyn: If I tell you...can you keep it a secret?

Klaus: Are you blackmailing me?


(Klaus unhands the woman for a second and walks up to Macklyn.)

Klaus: You would dare threaten me....a vampire much more powerful than you?

Macklyn: I'm not afraid of anything....

Klaus: But you are afraid of dying...without achieving your precious dream.

Macklyn: I will ask you again...can you keep it a secret?

Klaus: Well you have guts kid...and I respect those who have the guts to stand up to the people who oppress them. So yes I will keep your secret, now what is it?

Macklyn: Its an enchanted object called a suhma. It was cursed by a witch named Abdar hundreds of years ago, he passed it onto his descendents in his death and so forth and finally one of his last descendents was being chased by a large group of people including me and Conrad...wanting the item, but he was too weak to carry on so he had his witch friends seal him in a grave with a false name to mislead his enemies. And myself and Conrad tracked it to this grave...and we've been digging for nearly a day.

Klaus: And may I ask....what exactly does this item do?

Macklyn: (gulps)

(Klaus looks inquisitive...)

Klaus: You're scared....of an item?

Macklyn: For good reason...according to says it has the power to split souls in half and keep part of the soul...for ones own self.

Klaus: What is so scary about that?

Macklyn: Because in doing so...the side effects could be catastrophically unknown.

Klaus: Well then...we're just going to have to dig a little deeper and a little harder wont we? But first...breakfast

(Klaus and Macklyn feed on the victim at the same time and Macklyn becomes a vampire.)

Klaus: By the way my boy.....whats your name?

Macklyn: Macklyn

Klaus: Well the name my father gave me was Niklaus Mikaelson...but you can call me Klaus

Macklyn: We're going to be best friends...aren't we, Klaus?

Klaus: It seems so...

FLASHBACK ENDS Klaus: But alas we never did find the object did we?

Macklyn: No...

Klaus: And we aren't best friends anymore are we?


Klaus: Thank you for helping us during the war...But I think its time that we go out separate ways.

Macklyn:..I agree...Thank you...for being my father.

Leaving the Past Behind Edit

(At his place, Macklyn and Rebekah are having a romantic dinner as talk about where they stand.)

Rebekah: You really didn't need to do all of this. It really wasn't necessary.

Macklyn: I wanted to. I remember the nice dinners we had together...Whenever you'd get mad at me, I would just simply let you allow me to take out on a date. Each date, I'd give you a special something that had a special meaning to it.

Rebekah: Flowers, chocolates, jewelry...There's so much to name...

Macklyn: But there was one. Only a particular special one.

Rebekah:...The gem...For my birthday, you a gave me a ruby gem and had it embedded into a necklace. Klaus told me that you spent a month searching for the perfect ruby...

Macklyn: I wanted the best for you.

Rebekah: You were the best for me...You were all that I wanted...But then...

Macklyn: I changed...I know its late now but I'm sorry.

Rebekah: I know...

Macklyn: After everything that has should be finish our story.

Rebekah: We'll continue enjoying this date...and when its over...we tell each other we still love one another and go our separate ways.

Macklyn: I'm alright with that.

(Their date continues to go well. After dinner, Macklyn asks to Rebekah dance which she happily accepts. After a while, their dance ends. Rebekah kisses Macklyn one last time and they say their goodbyes.)

A Valkyrie Edit

(At Rousseau's, Sophia is in the back room while the party continues on. She is looking through books that contain different supernatural species. Brody walks in.)

Brody: Last time I checked, party is out there.

Sophia: Is there something you forgot to mention?

Brody: What?

Sophia: When you saw Jayne falling off a roof, you left out an important detail. There were white feathers coming from her!

Brody: slipped my mind.

Sophia: Brody, really? What's going on with you? Why are you hiding things? ...Wait, did you have another vision?

Brody: You read me so easily...

Sophia: Does it involve me?

Brody:...One of them does. I saw flashes of different events.

Sophia: Why didn't you say anything?!

Brody: I just needed a break from all of that! I just returned from the dead, see Jayne falling off a roof, having to deal with a crazy pregnant werewolf, is it too much to ask for some relaxation?

Sophia:...Brody. Do I ever ask you for some relaxation? No, I don't think I do. So if something is bothering you and you want to keep that to yourself, that's understandable. But if something bad is happening, I don't want you to hide it from me!

Brody: Its not bad, okay...Its just...

Sophia: Listen, you tell me about Jayne first and then tell me what you saw. Hayley said it was like angel wings. Can you take me to what happened to Jayne that night?

(Brody places his hand of Sophia's cheek and she begins to see Jayne's transformation. She sees Jayne's eyes turning ocean blue color and white wings emerge from her back...)

Brody: Well?

Sophia: That...I think that was a valkyrie...

Brody: A valkyrie? Aren't those creatures suppose to be in Valhalla?

Sophia: Yes but...I feel like I've seen one before...

Brody: Where?

Sophia: I don't know...Valkyries are each of Odin's twelve handmaidens who conducted the slain warriors of their choice from the battlefield to Valhalla. They are charged with taking the souls of great warriors.

Brody: So are what are you going to tell Jayne?

Sophia: I really don't know right now...This might have to be something she needs to find on her own...What did you see about me?

Brody: Are you sure were born a thousand years ago?

Sophia: Of course I was. Why would you ask that?

Brody: Because I saw you wearing Greek clothing. Back from the Ancient Times.

Sophia: What? Brody, how is that even possible? That's never happened. I mean I've been to Greece a few times but...

Brody: You never felt that you had a connection to that place?

Sophia: I--

(Jayne walks in)

Jayne: There you two are! (grabbing Sophia's hand) Come on, there's cake!

(Jayne pulls Sophia out of the room and before leaving, Brody thinks about his vision of him with an unknown woman and the dead bodies surrounding them.)

Brody: Why do I continue to see blood and death?

Rebekah and Danielle Edit

(Rebekah and Danielle walk outside during the night, watching the stars...)

Danielle: So what did you want to talk about?

Rebekah: I want to know what you're going to do now with your new life.

Danielle: What do you mean?

Rebekah: Danielle. You're back to being a witch, you're not a vampire anymore. You've gotten a second chance to start over and have a life that you've never had.

Danielle: I guess I really never thought about it that way...But what brought this on, auntie?

Rebekah: I'll be leaving tomorrow and I probably won't be coming back.

Danielle: Is this about Uncle Klaus?

Rebekah: In some ways, yes. But I'm mainly doing this for myself. There are things that I want and I am not going to get them here...I want love, a home, and to start my own family.

Danielle: (tearfully) Wow...In some ways, that really hurt.

Rebekah: (touches Dani's face) Dani, I love you. Always! You are my family and that will never change! But...this isn't my home, I don't belong here.

Danielle: Just...Just promise that you won't forget me.

Rebekah: I could never forget one of my favorite people in the world. Besides, you will always be in the night sky. Your mother told me what you said on your way here to New Orleans. "Whenever I'm not around, just look up at the stars and you know that I'm still with you all. I'll be the stars myself."

Danielle: (laughs) I guess I did say that.

Rebekah: I've chosen my path...What are you going to write for your new beginning?

Seeking Advice Edit

(Serena, still at home, is reading a book until she hears a knock on the door. She goes to open the door and invites Elijah in.)

Elijah: I thought I check up on you. How are you doing?

Serena: Fine. So far, there haven't been any changes. I mean I still look like myself. When becoming the Grim Reaper, I actually thought I would look like the Grim Reaper. Spooky cape, the deadly scythe, maybe a skull...

Elijah: (chuckles) I'm glad you don't look like that...Maybe its because you took the role as the Reaper due you still being human. I could try finding a guide for you, someone who knows more about the Grim Reaper.

Serena: Is there anything that yourself could tell me about the Grim Reaper?

Elijah:...Do not take it for granted. It will not be an easy road...But don't worry, I will be here to support you. Always.

Serena: Thank you...I don't know what I do if you weren't here.

Elijah: I promised your parents after all and I always keep my word.

(Serena smiles at Elijah and hugs him tightly.)

Sophia's Past Part 2 Edit

(Katherine makes herself comfortable on the couch, eating popcorn while continuing to listen to Qetsiyah's story.)

Qetsiyah: Cecilia cast a spell on herself in order to live forever. Something similar to the Immortality Spell. This spell that she created, it was called the Eternity Spell.

Katherine: Why did she use it?

Qetsiyah: She hoped to find me, to see if I was still alive as she had lost her husband and son. She hoped that there would some way to get them back.

Katherine: Wait, so back then she still didn't know that you were her mother?

Qetsiyah: Yes. It was to protect her so that the Travelers wouldn't kill her...The thing is with that spell...a price had to be paid. For her, in order to complete it, she had to give up her memories of her husband and son.

Katherine: What?!

Qetsiyah: She didn't want to but she had to do something. But mostly it was too painful for her...

Katherine: How could she go through it?

Qetsiyah: It was too painful for her...She blamed herself for everything. She believed that one day she would get her memories back in order to get her husband and son back. My daughter contains a strong heart and soul but..she has yet to remember and its been two-thousand years.

Katherine: That doesn't explain when she came upon the Mikaelsons. Or was that all a lie?

Qetsiyah: Most of it was real...How can I explain it? The very day when Esther's older sister took her first child away from her, is when Cecilia met them. Cecilia took pity on Esther as she knew what it was like to have a child taken away so...Cecilia went to get Esther's first child back from Dahlia. As Cecilia was close to killing Dahlia until something had happened...It was like a pain infliction spell and yet a reverse spell. She had began to cough up blood and then all of a sudden, her age started going backwards. As an adult going back into a teenager, to a child, and finally a baby.

Katherine: How can that be?

Qetsiyah: I don't know. I believe someone cast a spell on her. It was a mixture of pain infliction, reversing time for her, and...after she returned to a baby, she fell in to some kind of deep sleep and some kind of barrier protected her. Dahlia planned on getting rid of her but Esther stopped her sister and saved Cecilia. Esther's eldest child was nowhere to be found. Esther took Cecilia back to her village and decided to take care of her and raise Cecilia as her own the day she would awoke. The two years after Kol was born, she awoke. As Cecilia grew up, she became  kind-hearted, compassionate, caring, and loyal. I believe you know the rest of the story from there.

Katherine:...Yeah. So you have no idea who would cast a spell like that on Sophia?

Qetsiyah: No, I don't. I mean Cecilia made a few enemies, considering them all weak and none of them were witches. My daughter did a good job at keeping herself out of trouble unlike the rest of the Mikaelsons including yourself.

Katherine: I'll take that as a compliment. By the way, I noticed you keep calling her Cecilia when her name is--

Qetsiyah: Her name is Cecilia. That is the name that her father gave her...He said it means "One of the shining light".

Katherine: Well, that really does describe her in a way...Now when are you planning on telling Sophia? Because you obviously hid the truth of who you really were.

Qetsiyah: Oh, I'm not telling her anything...and neither are you.

(Qetsiyah uses telekinesis to throw Katherine against the wall.)

Best Friends Forever Edit

(Danielle and Davina are in Cafe Amelie, having lunch.)

Davina: Are you sure its okay to be here?

Danielle: Yeah...Uncle Klaus and Aunt Rebekah compelled the whole city to forget that my death ever happened.

Davina: Then this will be easy. We can hang out whenever we want, wherever we want.

Danielle: Davina...How do you feel about going on a trip? Just the two of us?

Davina: What brought this on?

Danielle: Well, now that I'm not a vampire anymore, I just thought that I needed a fresh start. I get to start a new life and going back to being a witch, really isn't all that bad. I haven't been just a witch for a thousand years. Have you ever been outside of New Orleans?

Davina: No...(exicted) What do you have in mind?!

Danielle: Hmm...There's London...Rome...Greece...and Paris, the city of love, ooh la la. You get to pick, its my treat...Think of it as a extra birthday present.

Davina: Thanks, Dani...By the way, you're not just a're my BFF. So where you go, I go.

Danielle: And where you go, I go.

???: And where you go, your bodyguard goes.

(Elijah joins the girls at their table.)

Danielle: What?

Elijah: (hands Davina a list) My lovely niece, I have picked out of a number of choices for one of these people to be your bodyguard.

Danielle: Hold up! Uh-uh! Uncle Elijah, I can take care of myself. Are you forgetting about my powerful magic?

Elijah: No, I haven't forgotten but I'm just taking the necessary precautions.

Danielle: Davina, tell my uncle that he has nothing to worry about!

Davina: These are really some good looking guys. Ooh, Elijah! This one!

Danielle: Davina! I thought you had my back!

Rebuilding A Friendship Edit

(Aria comes arrives at Sophia's Mansion and sees Sophia sitting on the porch.)

Aria: Hey.

Sophia: What are you doing here?

Aria: I just wanted to apologize to you...for everything that I have done.

Sophia: If it wasn't for my daughter, I wouldn't forgive you. I'll let it slide for now but if you ever come after family again, you will not get off so easily.

Aria: I know...We were friends once.

Sophia: Best friends actually.

Aria: since I'm trying to get some redemption here, can we give our frienship another go? Or start a new one. The compulsion hasn't been broken yet so I still don't remember everything. That's why I'll let you decide. You can break my compulsion or we can start a new clean start.

(Sophia is quiet for a moment and gives Aria a small smile.)

Friends Bonding Edit

(Vanessa, Jayne, Bethany, and Sophia are in the clothing store, H&M, trying on clothes.)

Jayne: Can I ask you all something?

Sophia: What is it?

Jayne: How would you all feel if I left New Orleans?

Bethany: Now this is unexpected. Where did this come from?

Jayne: I've been having strange feelings that I won't be in New Orleans much longer...

Vanessa: That's because you won't be. I would give it a few weeks.

Jayne: Don't sound to heartbroken by it.

Vanessa: Jayne, if you died then I would be heartbroken. The war is over and everyone is trying to decide what to do now. Everyone needs to find their path and you have one that you will be walking on soon.

Jayne: Vanessa...(laughs) Since when are you deep?

Vanessa: Oh, shut up Jayne!

Bethany: I am really going to miss this. (wraps her arms around Vanessa and Jayne) The two of you always bickering. Sophia's lovely advice. Brody's gloomy mood. Just like you, my sweet Jayne, will miss my charming personality and good looks.

Jayne: (laughs) Yeah, I'll will.

Vanessa: Please. You will always be the red headed sweet talker bitch that then men can never say no to.

Sophia: (mumbling) You're one to talk about someone being a bitch.

Vanessa: I heard that!

Bethany: Thank you, Soph! Yes I am a bitch and I love being one. So thank you for the compliment.

(Danielle runs into the shop and Davina walks in shortly.)

Danielle: Mom, would you do something about uncle Elijah?! He's trying to assign me a bodyguard!

Sophia: What? You don't need a bodyguard.

Danielle: Well, he thinks I do!

Davina: He gave us this list. He's already picked out the suggestions of who he think would be best.)

(Davina gives Bethany the list. Sophia, Jayne, and Vanessa get closer to see as well.)

Vanessa: Damn! Danielle, you can't ignore this!

Bethany: Okay, sweetie. Have you seen these men? Because if you did, I suggest you take a second look because these men are to die for.

Davina: I think the number 4 is the best one.

Bethany: And you are absolutely right. Davina, you're finally in womanhood. Now Danielle, when was the last time you had some fun?

Danielle: What?!

(Jayne and Vanessa snicker as Sophia looks at Bethany shocked.)

Sophia: Bethany!

Bethany: What? Your daughter needs to get some of this and you need to encourage her!

Sophia: He's too old!

Bethany: Really?

Sophia: know what I mean! Besides, what does she bodyguard for? My daughter can take care of herself!

Danielle: Exactly, what I said!

Davina: But read about him. I think you'll really like him!

(Sophia reads about the man on the list and quickly changes her mind.)

Sophia: I like him.

Danielle: Mom! Wh...Does anyone have my back?!

Sophia: Well, you do have to consider it after everything that's happened...

Serena's Party Edit

(People have gathered. Some are chatting, there's music and dancing, food, drinks. Everyone is having a good time and enjoying each other's company.)

Elijah: (offers his hand) Will you honor me with a dance?

Serena: I would love to.

Elijah: You look beautiful and this is a lovely party you have.

Serena: Thank you. I'm just hoping that no one gets too drunk. Every time I have thrown a party, some of the guys pass out anywhere and the some of the girls act so crazy that I can't get them to calm down.

Elijah: Don't worry. Matthias, Bethany, and I will not let anyone get too out of control with the drinking. Just relax and enjoy yourself.

Serena: That's a relief...Elijah, what was it like for you to take care of me as a kid?

Elijah:...I was thankful for it. I was happy that I got the chance to know your parents and meet you in the process. Such a spirited child that would offer so much to the world. You've grown up into a beautiful woman and have learned to stand on your own.

Serena:'re making me blush.

Elijah: Well, everything I have said it true. What are your plans for the following months?

Serena: I plan to continue college. During this summer, I might do some volunteer work, haven't decided yet.

Elijah: Shouldn't you be out on the beach, having fun?

Serena: Oh, I will. I'll be going to Miami to visit a friend of mine. Want to come along?

Elijah: Maybe another time. I have a new upcoming job so I will not be able to come along. But thank you for the invite.

Serena: You're welcome but you are coming along next time.

(Vanessa watches people interacting until Jayne and Bethany join her. Jayne and Bethany smile at her while she just simply rolls her eyes.)

Jayne: I'm going to miss this. Just hanging out with the sweet Bethany and the vicious Vanessa. Enjoying the peaceful life.

Vanessa: Little girl, if you call me one more name, I'm going to--

(Bethany pulls Jayne and Vanessa into a group hug.)

Bethany: Just squeeze the life out of you! Aww, I love the both of you.

Jayne: Love you too, Beth.

Vanessa: Well, I hate the both of you.

Bethany: We know that you love us.

Jayne: Do you know you know what you two are going to be doing?

Vanessa: Well, you already know what I'm doing?

Jayne: Just try not to get yourself killed.

Vanessa: Believe me, I won't. Besides, I can't die, remember? Nothing can kill me.

Bethany: Is this something I should be concerned about?

Vanessa: No. Bethany, if you plan on leaving New Orleans, do it soon.

Bethany: Trying to get rid of me, eh?

Vanessa: Just trying of looking at you all the time.

Bethany: Please, I one of the most beautiful creatures in the world. Now, I might do some traveling again. We'll see. But as for the two of, I want you to stay out of trouble.

Vanessa & Jayne: Yes ma'am.

(As the party goes on, Cami, Matthias, and Aria are having a friendly conversation and are having a few drinks. Jayne and Bethany start dancing and Vanessa laughs at them. Elijah and Serena take a walk outside. Everyone enjoys this time together not knowing when they'll be able to have again. But most of all, they are thankful that they have each other.)

A New Start Edit

Everything by Lifehouse

Everything by Lifehouse

(Sophia is at the port, she seems to be in deep thought and is taking in the scenery. Marcel comes up behind her and rubs her arms.)

Marcel: Isn't it cold out here for you?

Sophia: Marcel, all the vampire years I have lived, all I have ever felt is cold. I'm fine.

Marcel: I thought you were going to Serena's party.

Sophia: I was but I had too much on my I came here. Its a soothing place. I love watching the ocean.

Marcel: You should watch it during the night. The stars, the moon, and fireworks.

Sophia: Oh, did you do that for the other girls you've been with?

Marcel: Nope, never have done it for any of them.

Sophia: Yet you admit to being with them.

Marcel: I'm not going to lie to you. Yes, I have had other women in my life, your sister included...but you're different. When I first saw you, I just had to know who you are and when I did...You were the first woman ever to turn me down. (chuckles) No woman has ever said no to me. You're a challenge, someone not to mess with when it comes to her family and friends. You're a great mom, you love playing the piano, you face things that come your way, your loyalty and compassion, and you never give up on anybody.

Sophia: Wow, saying all that you should write a book.

Marcel: (laughs) What I'm trying to say is that...I want you and me to have a new start.

Sophia: A new start?

Marcel: Yeah. All this crazy stuff that has happened, I want to us to start fresh. Let me take you out.

Sophia: So a new first date?

Marcel: Yeah. I've got a few ideas.

Sophia: If we start a relationship, I'll have to tell you all my deepest darkest secrets.

Marcel: Only when you are ready. But...I know all about your husband, what had happened a thousand years ago. Klaus told me...Sophia, your family wants you to be happy, especially Klaus. He felt that he was a burden to you because you always stayed by his side for a thousand years but that isn't true. You love him and want to lead him down the right path. 

Sophia: You figure me out so easily.

Marcel: I do. But its time that to start a new chapter in your life. You're back to being a witch. So what's the first page written?

Sophia: The first page will admit my true feelings for a certain man.

Marcel: Oh? 

Sophia: (laughs) Shut up...Marcel, when I first arrived here, I found you to be a nuisance, seductive, all talk man.

Marcel: Ouch.

Sophia: But as time went by and I got to know you better...I felt that you were a good man who doesn't abandon his people. Your loyalty knows no bounds.

Marcel: And how do you feel now?

Sophia: (sighs) That...I never thought that...that I would...fall in love...with a man who refuses to lie to me, who looks into me so deeply, who wants to protect me even though I'm older and can take care of myself...and accepts the darkest parts of me.

Marcel: Well, I knew that I would fall in love with a woman who accepts me for who I am and doesn't judge me for the things that I do.

Sophia: Guess we're alike in some ways.

Marcel: Yeah, I guess we are.

Sophia: I still want to take things slow, okay?

Marcel: So do I. Let's not rush this. We have all the time in the world.

(The two smile brightly at each and kiss passionately.)

Brothers Forever Edit

(In the nursey, Klaus holds Hope and Elijah watches them.)

Elijah: Intriguing.

Klaus: What is?

Elijah: When you hold her, all I see is peace for you. I haven't seen you like this since you held Danielle in your arms when she was still a baby.

Klaus: When I held little Dani, it was like carrying an entire world...She grew up too fast.

Elijah: It was like that for all of us...I know how you feel. What I would give to hold that baby girl in my arms again.

Klaus: Well, she's not a baby anymore. Danielle grew up to be a fighter like a certain someone.

Elijah: And she grew up to have a bit of a smart mouth like a certain someone.

Klaus: I do not deny that and I'm glad she did. I wonder what this one will grow up to be like?

???: More like the girls, I hope.

(As Klaus and Elijah turn around, they see a familiar face...)


Kol: Its been a while, my brothers.

(Elijah rushes to Kol and hugs him tightly.)

Elijah: I never thought we would see you again.

Kol: Yet, I've seen all of you...watching from the Other Side.

(Elijah lets go of Kol and Klaus is the next to hug him.)

Klaus: How I've missed you, brother.

Kol: Same here.

(Klaus pulls back and offers him Hope.)

Klaus: Would you like to hold her?

(Kol accepts and gently holds Hope in his arms. She looks at him and he laughs.)

Elijah and Sophia Edit

(Elijah finds Sophia out in the bayou.)

Elijah: Rare to see you here...Why are you here?

Sophia: I've been thinking that I'm going to start a new life. But what about my old one? The one where I was just a simple human girl who loved her family so much, had an amazing childhood friend, fell in love with a strong yet kind man, and gave birth to a beautiful baby girl. Then we were forced to become vampires, turned ourselves into monsters...(tearfully) Then not to long ago, I watched my daughter die here...I lost my way.

Elijah: You gained it back because you continued fighting, you didn't give up. The life we once had we always be a part of us, it will never fade away. Your new life will just add to our story book.

Sophia: But I don't understand how I could keep on living after losing her...Its been a thousand years.

Elijah: You kept living for Danielle and us. We will never forget her. I believe she is watching over us...Always.

Sophia: You would believe that...Maybe she is. I learned a new element, got Danielle back, and an ancient witch came back to life after two-thousand years. You never know.

Elijah: Are you going to wear those earrings and bangle she gave you?

Sophia: I plan to, soon. Its nice to know that my mother was always thinking of me...That she didn't forget me. I hope I can meet her soon.

Elijah: Adding another member to our long list of the family.

(Sophia laughs and Elijah hugs her, believing the bond that they have will always live on...forever...)

Katherine vs Qetsiyah Edit

Katherine: Why won't you tell her the truth?!

Qetsiyah: Because she has a lot of other things to deal with right now and I don't want to add more to it by just popping up.

Katherine: She deserves to know!

Qetsiyah: I know that she does but now is not the time. I will reveal myself to her when the time is right. You will say nothing.

Katherine: And if I do?

Qetsiyah: You won't.

(Qetsiyah chants a spell. After a moment, she stops.)

Katherine: What did you do?

Qetsiyah: I'll leave it to you to find out. Now, I heard that you are planning on moving to New Orleans. Good. You should spend some quality time with Cecilia. And when I arrive, maybe we all can have tea together.

Katherine: How about you go to hell?

Qetsiyah: I've been in it for two-thousand years. Now, I'm back and I plan on staying. So until then, Katerina.

A New King & The First Queen Edit

(Many vampires gather in The Abattoir. They all listen to what Marcel and Klaus have to say. Marcel stands on the balcony with Sophia and Klaus stands in the center of the crowd.)

Klaus: Gentlemen! We have a very special announcement today so listen well! I have come to the decision to step down from my leadership as Co-King of New Orleans and give the honor to another. The reason for this is because I need time grieve my loss.

Marcel: And as a bonus, you're getting a Queen!

Klaus: I would like to give this role to my brother, Elijah Mikaelson!

(The crowd cheers and Elijah is shocked by it.)

Elijah:..Thank you, Niklaus.

Marcel: Now as for the Queen, she's young yet old, she knows what she's doing, and I'm sure she will do a good job! Your Queen, the very first Queen of New Orleans, Danielle Mikaelson!

(The crowd cheers even louder for Elijah and Danielle's new positions. Danielle is surprised but she's happy. She sees her mom and Marcel smiling at her and runs to them, hugging them both. Elijah looks at Klaus with a confused look on this face but when people come to congratulate him, he smiles and shakes their hands.)

A Difficult Choice/You Are Free/"Something You've Always Wanted" Edit

(Klaus and Elijah sit in Hayley's room, while Hayley sits with the baby in the rocking chair in the nursery, located right off of her bedroom. She listens to the brothers' conversation.)

Elijah: Niklaus, what are you saying? What did you mean to "grieve"?

Klaus: Hayley and the baby will never be safe. There was something you said to me before...That I have made enemies every day of my miserable life? Well, the worst of them are within these borders, brother. I have brought into the world a weapon they can use against me.

Elijah: (sighs in frustation) Then we will arm ourselves! Brother, we have fought every adversary in this town, and we have won. And we'll fight them again, no matter who they are! We will make this home a fortress.

Klaus: I will not have her live her life as a prisoner.

Elijah: Then we will leave here, all of us together.

Klaus: Wherever we go, however far we run, those who seek power and revenge will hunt us! They will hunt her. She has inherited all of our enemies with none of our defenses. 

Elijah: So, whether we stay, or we leave-- we condemn her.

Hayley: (stands in the doorway, holding the baby) There's a third option. I grew up in a warzone. My parents thought they could protect me. But, in the end, they were slaughtered, and I spent my childhood alone and unloved. (She looks down at her daughter and smiles at her, while trying to hold back tears)  I made a promise, to my baby, and to myself, that she would not grow up like I did. That she would grow up safe, and loved. And yet, here she is, on her first day in this world...a war just ended but I know its not over yet...I feel that something is coming. I know what I have to do because I'm the one who loves her the most...I think the only thing to do send her away.

Elijah: No! This is insane!

Klaus: It is not your decision, Elijah.

Elijah: So long as she lives, that baby will be hunted.

Klaus: Not if no one knows she lives.

(Danielle approaches the memorial wall on Rue Dumaine, where a crowd of people have gathered to pay their respects to all of the citizens who died in the (covered up) War of New Orleans. People cry around her as Danielle scans the photos and notes stuck to the wall. She sees a framed sign that reads "In Memorium: Baby Mikaelson" on the wall, and is sadden by this.)

For you only (trading yesterday lyrics)

For you only (trading yesterday lyrics)

(Note! Song starts at this scene and ends at Rebekah and Hope leaving New Orleans)

(Elijah walks into Rebekah's room at the Mikaelson Mansion.)

Elijah: I thought I would find you here. What was it that you wanted to discuss?

Rebekah: Don't expect to see me tomorrow because I won't be here.

Elijah: That sounds like a goodbye.

Rebekah: It is... I only came to New Orleans to make sure you were safe. I don't suppose you have any desire to join me.

Elijah: Rebekah...I do hope you find everything you're looking for.

Rebekah: I hope so too...Elijah, when I brought Mikael, I never for a second meant to hurt you.

Elijah: I know.

Rebekah: I was certain that Klaus meant to kill me. Whether he never really did at all, or he changed his mind...maybe somewhere, deep down, he still is the brother we once knew.

Elijah: Very deep, but he's still in there.

Rebekah: Help him find his way.

(She gives Elijah a kiss on the cheek before she leaves. Rebekah walks up to her car and Sophia pulls in.)

Sophia: (getting out of her car) What's the emergency?!

Rebekah: (laughs) I'm going to miss faking emergency calls just to get you to come see me.

Sophia: You know Rebekah that sometimes I can't stand you. First, it was clothes, shoes, hairstyles, makeup, decorations--

Rebekah: And all those were real emergencies! Well, honestly it was an emergency call. I had to see you before I leave.

Sophia: You're leaving? So you're going on a trip. For how long?

Rebekah:...I'm not coming back.


Rebekah: It's all over. I need to get away from the chaos. I see it and I think that you will never leave Niklaus.

Sophia: Rebekah, I will leave Niklaus the day he no longer needs me...I feel that day is approaching us...But what is it that you want?

Rebekah: (tearfully) I want to move on and live my life...I want to be free.

Sophia: Bex...(hugs her) You are free...I love you.

Rebekah: Love you too, Pipi.

Sophia: I'll let that slide. Before you go, there's something I want to give you. Something that you've always wanted. You have the option if you want it or not.

Rebekah: What is it?

Sophia: Would you start your new a human?

Return to Me Edit

(Klaus, Hope, Rebekah are all standing outside of New Orleans. Klaus prepares to give up his daughter as he talks to Rebekah.)

Rebekah: She looks so much like her mother.

Klaus: Well, she has a hint of the devil in her eyes. That's all me. Sophia will cast a cloaking spell soon so you shouldn't worry about anyone being able to find you.

Rebekah: Okay. (They both look at the baby) Perhaps we'll get a white fence. I think that would be lovely. 

(Klaus holds up the baby to get a last look at her before she leaves with Rebekah.)

Klaus: This city would have seen you dead. But, I will have it your home. And every soul who wishes you harm will be struck down, just as sure as my blood runs in your veins. You will return to me.

Rebekah: Are you sure this is what you want?

Klaus: What is it that you want, Rebekah?

Rebekah: Same things that I've wanted since I was a child. I want a home. I want a family. I want someone to love me, and I want to live.

Klaus: Then this is what I want. Go far away and never come back. We are far too damaged to remain together, less a family now than a volatile mix of ingredients. Take my daughter and raise her until one day this city is safe...because I want the both of you to return.

(Klaus kisses his daughter on the forehead and the cheek before handing her to his sister. Then, he gives Rebekah and the baby the tiny wooden knight that he carved for Rebekah a 1,000 years ago, which causes Rebekah to grab his hand and start to cry.)

Klaus: In spite of our differences, Rebekah, there is no one I would trust more with my daughter's life. (kisses her cheek) Be happy, sister. 

Rebekah: We'll both will be happy, Nik. I promise. What's her name?

Klaus: (starting to cry) Hope. Her name is Hope.

(Rebekah leaves to put the baby in her car, as Klaus watches.)

The Family We Once Were Edit


(Back in the 10th Century, Klaus, Elijah, Rebekah, and Sophia as children wander out into the woods during the night. They run to their secret spot and lie down on the ground in a circle to look up at the night sky, watching the moon and stars.)

Klaus: What do you think we'll be like when we grow up?

Sophia: I don't know but...I hope we all get to have our own families, making the family even bigger than ever. I want to have twin girls. One named Malia I'm still not sure about the other one. Think I'll let my husband name the other.

Elijah: Just make sure you don't like your husband better than us.

Sophia: (laughs) I won't!...What about you, Rebekah?

Rebekah: I want to someone to love me, a big family, and a home.

Klaus: But you have a home.

Rebekah: I mean...I want to leave this village one day and start a new family out there. Somewhere that's close to this home though. What do you want to do, Niklaus?

Klaus: I want to leave this village as well. To find what's beyond it. And I will, one day...Elijah?

Elijah: I don't know yet but...I hope to find love and stay with my family forever.

Klaus: And forever it shall be.


(Rebekah and Hope are out on the highway out of New Orleans in Rebekah's car. Rebekah finally gives that bright smile that every person has been longing to see.)

Rebekah: (voiceover) So I will finally get to live my life as an ordinary human, something I have longed for.

Unexpected Returns and Meetings...Edit

(A woman named Magdalena is driving, on her way to New Orleans. She stops the car when she sees a few people lying on the middle of the road. She gets out and approaches them.) 

Magdalena: Really? That's the oldest trick in the book.  

(The vampires stand up and are ready to attack until Magdalena screams out an eerie scream and all the vampires suddenly turn on each other, killing one another. She gets back into her car and continues on her way.) 

Magdalena: Things are about to get interesting. 

(Up above New Orleans, on a cliff, shadows emerge spreading the area...Azazel comes forth...) 

Azazel: Niklaus Mikaelson and Marcel Gerard...(smirks) I'm coming for the both of you. 

(While Klaus stands on the balcony, looking up at the moon. While he is in deep thought...Mikael is seen standing in the room behind Klaus watching him. When Klaus feels a strange presence, he turns around and no one is there...)

(Later, Klaus, Marcel, and Elijah sit in the courtyard, drinking booze.)

Marcel: Guess things around here are going to change.

Elijah: Yes. It leads me to wonder what is going to next.

Klaus: I don't care what it is as long as no else from my past shows up.

???: Sorry about that gentlemen but that is unavoidable.

(Elijah, Klaus, and Marcel see a young man walking towards them. Elijah and Klaus are shocked by who they see.)

???: Its nice to see you all again. Marcel. Klaus...Elijah.

Marcel: Who the hell are you?

???: That's right, you don't remember me. I wiped your memory the first time we met. It wasn't much, we had our first meeting a few days ago before that war with Neoma.

Marcel: And why would you do that?

???: Because I didn't want my cover blown. It wanted it to be a surprise.

(Danielle comes out of her room and as she walks down the stairs she sees the unknown man staring at her.)

Danielle: Oh, we have company. Its nice to meet you--

(Elijah vamp speeds to Danielle and shields her.)

Danielle: Uncle Elijah, what are you doing?!

???: Really, Elijah? You know I would never hurt her.

Klaus: How?

???: What how did I come back? You see--(stops when he sees Brody walk in)

Brody: What are you doing here?

Elijah: You know each other?

???: Brody must have mentioned me but not my name. I'm the friend of his as well as his employer. But as I was saying...You and your family weren't always the only Originals in the world, Niklaus.

Marcel: Would one of you tell us who this guy is?

Klaus:...Meet Nathan. He's Danielle's father.

(Danielle and Marcel are shocked by Klaus' answer...)

Nathan: Its been a long little girl.

(Danielle looks anxiously at Nathan...)

(An private jet is flying towards New Orleans. A young girl, sitting in her seat, looking at a photo.)

Butler: Lady Malia, we will be arriving shortly.

Malia: Thank you.

(Malia looks out the window and sees the city.)

Malia: Finally...(smiles) I've finally found my mother and little twin sister.

(The photo shows to be of Sophia and Danielle...)

(In the Lafayette Cemetery, Cassie, the fourth and last Harvest girl, awakens and rises from her tomb in the cemetery. She walks out into a clearing and looks around. She walks to a gravesite, where she lays a rose on a headstone. She's soon joined by a fellow witch named Vincent, who appears to have risen from the cemetery as well.)

Vincent: May you rest in peace.

Cassie: What's the fun in that? Come along. We have much to do. 

Vincent: Yes, mother.

(Cassie turns to leave, and Vincent follows her. The camera pans to the gravestone, which reads "Esther: Our Beloved Mother," suggesting that Esther and Finn are inhabiting Cassie and Vincent's bodies.)

The Originals

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