The Originals(Fan Fiction) TV Series
Season 2, Episode 04 (Part 1)
2010-10-28 00218
Air date Winter 2015
Written by Cori11
Directed by Cori11
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Paranormal Activity is the fourth episode of Season Two of The Originals Fanfiction (Series) and the twenty-fifth episode of the series overall.


SEE HOW THE ACTIVITY BEGAN AND FOR OTHERS...IT'S CLOSER THAN YOU THINK--After learning of Sophia's long last past, Aria does some research with the help of Addison and comes across a shocking discovery. Katherine deciding to using traveler magic on Sapphire, finds herself in a troubling situation. Serena begins her role as the Grim Reaper with James' help but will not find it easy. Meanwhile, Sophia spends time with her father and Eileen.


Main CastEdit

Recurring CastEdit

Guest CastEdit

  • Troian Bellisario as Addison Carter
  • Sean Teale as Agapios
  • Chloe Noelle as Young Cecilia
  • Lily Pilblad as Young Eileen
  • Jessica Lowndes as Cascadia

Special GuestsEdit


Eileen (to Aria): If you tell Cecilia will destroy her.


  • Paranormal Activity is the name of the horror film series.
  • It's October and scary events are being thrown starting with this episode.
  • A big revelation about Serena's family history will be revealed by James.
  • More about Serena's powers will be shown throughout the episode.
  • Aria and Eileen will share a scene.
  • Upon Aria's discovery and Eileen making her keep it a secret, the question will be: "Will Sophia find out?" If she ever does, this will make her question on what kind of person she really is.
  • The Afterlife will be explored.
  • There will be a sweet scene between Serena and Adam.



Like Mother-in-Law, Like Daughter-in-LawEdit

(Cascadia, Qetsiyah)

Father & DaughterEdit

Agapios: It's okay. Open your eyes.

(Sophia opens her eyes to see that she and her father are in the 16th century. They're both dressed in that century's style. She looks around to see that they are at a ball that is taken place in a throne room. Couples are dancing, friends are having fun and friendly chats are being had.)

Sophia: Umm, did we time travel or something?

Agapios: Not necessarily. What you see before you is the gift of the afterlife. The spirits of who were able to find peace are sent to the afterlife. We are allowed to create a world of our choosing and create the life that we want. We can even visit different timelines, ones that we've never been to. We can do whatever we want as long as we don't cause any trouble.

Sophia: Cool but...for this matter you chose to go to fifteenth century?

Agapios: What's wrong with this time?

Sophia: During these times, the men got to do whatever they want. Secretly plot against one another. Starting wars. Even the kings could bring different women into their beds even though they were already married. None of the men's reputation could ever be ruined.

Agapios: That's true but in my world, that doesn't happen.

Sophia: Really?

Agapios: Really.

(The music begins to change to a slow song which gives Agapios an idea. He then offers his hand to his daughter.)

Agapios: May I have this dance?

Sophia: (takes his hand) You may.

(Agapios and Sophia head to the dance floor. As they dance, they notice each other's smiles.)

Sophia: You haven't been able to stop smiling ever since I came here.

Agapios: You haven't been able to stop smiling either, little one.

Sophia: Little one? Come to think of it, I saw a memory from my past. It was when I was a baby. You were telling me about how I am the light that would purify the darkness of this world and that you wished you could stay with me.

Agapios: That I did. Then I looked at you...the you now and told you that we would see each other again soon.

Sophia: What--

Agapios: Your friend's powers are developing. It was also my own memory, so I was able to enter into my past self and tell you of our meeting soon.

Sophia: So you can do that?

Agapios: Yes but only whenever he decides to go into my past.

Sophia: Oh...Now I see where Andra got it from. Even though I was all grown up, Andra would still call me that.

Agapios: She did that because of me. One of her promises to me that she, in my place, would always call you little one.

Sophia: You know that I have a lot of questions, right?

Agapios: I know. And I will answer them as best as I can.

Sophia: It's something your mother said.

Agapios: I'm sorry for what she did to you. If I could have done something, I would had. She continued to blame your mother for my death.

Sophia: It's okay, it's not your fault. But deep down, she loves you. You're her son and a mother's love for their child is a powerful thing.

Agapios:...That it is. You don't need to worry about her anymore, she's being taken care of.

Sophia: But where did she go? She just disappeared.

Agapios: Don't worry about it. I know where she is and it will be over soon. Now lets get back to your questions.

Sophia:...Okay...Cascadia said that you've been with me the whole time. What did she mean by that?

Agapios: Exactly what she said. For the past two-thousand years, my soul has been inside you. After I died, I felt myself floating, being carried by someone with a kind heart. It felt like that the person that I was with, I felt so safe and I never wanted to leave whoever it was. When I opened my eyes, I saw you. My baby girl. My soul was resided within you.

Sophia: But who?

Agapios: Your mother, I knew it was her doing. She gave me one last amazing gift.

(Agapios notices a tear falling down Sophia's cheek and he wipes it away then leads her off the dance floor to walk out to the balcony.)

Sophia: It must have been really give up Damien and me like that...I'm sorry.

Agapios: No need to apologize. It was hard...but deep down I knew that you would be alright. As for your brother, I still hold hope for him. I see that you do as well even though you don't remember him.

Sophia: Do you remember what he was like?

Agapios: Kind, gentle and a bit of a troublemaker. (chuckles) Your brother sometimes loved to pull pranks and you were a little sneaky child who helped him out a bit.

Sophia: (laughs) I pulled pranks? Me? I know I was a bit of a tomboy but a prankster?

Agapios: Yes, my children were a prankster duo. Not sure where you got it from but if I had a guess it must have been from your mother's side of the family because you didn't get it from mine.

Sophia: Well, there's something the first good thing I learned about my brother.

Agapios: And I'll tell you more eventually. For now, how about you get ready to spend some time with Eileen. You hadn't seen her in two-thousand years as well you know. When you come back to see me, we'll have some more fun and at the end, you will get a special event.

Sophia: A special event?

Agapios: Yes. A special event to where we can properly celebrate our reunion.

Sophia: Okay...Dad?

Agapios: Yes, Cecilia?

Sophia: Thank you. For always being with me.

Agapios: (kisses her forehead)...You're welcome.

Your Family HistoryEdit

(Late at night, James is sleeping in his bed at his apartment until he wakes up to find Serena straddling him and holding a stake to his heart.)

James: What the hell are you doing? You know that a wooden stake isn't going to kill me. I can't be killed.

Serena: I know that.

James: Then why do you have it?

Serena: So that I can stab the hell out of you if you don't give me the answers that I need.

James: Are you forgetting who's stronger?

Serena: Don't underestimate me.

James: Maybe you shouldn't tempt me then. Now what do you want?

Serena: How could you let it happen? Throughout generations you allowed my family to make reapers, so why?

James: Is that it? I was wondering when you were going to actually say something. You've came into my apartment fifteen minutes ago and were standing near my bed for ten minutes.

Serena: You knew I was here the whole time? Do you even actually sleep?

James: Sometimes. It helps to regenerate my energy. Now to answer your previous question, I did try to stop them.


Katherine vs EileenEdit

(As Sophia is getting ready, someone knocks on the door and Katherine goes to answer it, seeing Eileen.)

Katherine: Sophia, your former bestie is here!

Sophia: Katherine.

Katherine: Okay...your very old bestie is here.

Eileen: Well, thank you, Katerina for being such an old smartmouth. I guess it's better than being a cold-hearted bitch.

Katherine: First, it's Katherine. Second, do you want to repeat that, wolfie? Because I'm not afraid of taking you on.

Eileen: Please, you wouldn't even be able to touch me because I would put you on your ass before you could even blink.

(As Sophia outs her bag, she quickly gets between Katherine and Eileen.)

Sophia: Hey, hey, hey! There will be no fighting! What is the matter with you two?

Katherine: I don't like her.

Eileen: The feeling is mutual, Kitty Kat.

Katherine: Glad to hear it, Hunny.

Sophia: Enough! What is it going to take for the both of you to get along?

Eileen: For hell to freeze over before I ever get on friendly terms with her.

Katherine: I second that emotion.

Sophia: (sighs) This is going to be two long beautiful yet deadly friendships for me...

Eileen: How did you even end up being friends with her?

Katherine: Because she has good taste.

(Eileen and Katherine's bickering is interrupted when they notice Sophia laughing.)

Katherine: What's so funny?

Sophia: I'm sorry. But you two are similar in some ways that you haven't even realized it.

Eileen: What?!

Katherine: Soph, are you serious?!

Eileen & Katherine: There's no way in hell that I'm similar her! Don't insult me!

(The two women notice they said the same thing and quickly looked annoyed. Eileen grabs Sophia's hand.)

Eileen: Come on, Cecilia. I don't want my fight with Kitty Kat to take up our day together.

(Eileen pulls Sophia out of the dorm as Katherine watches them leave. Sophia and Katherine wave at each other until Eileen and Sophia exit the building.)

Katherine: You better be listening because this isn't over, wolfie.

Seeking HelpEdit

(Aria is on the computer in Addison's dorm room, reading Greek history. Addison sits on her bed and is studying.)

Addison: So you need my help with researching some ancient witch named Cecilia?

Aria: Yeah but this ancient witch happens to still be alive...and is actually Sophia.

(Addison looks dumbfounded for a moment until she decides to speak again.

Addison:...Did you just say that Sophia is actually Cecilia?

Aria: Yes but it's a long story and she hasn't gotten all her memories back. So, I'm trying to find out more that can help her. She doesn't know that I'm doing this so please don't tell her.

Addison: She doesn't want you involved?

Aria: She mainly wants me to focus on my own life but I just want to help in any way that I can...Anyway, do you think you can help?

Addison:...Doing research on an two-thousand year old witch? (smiles) What could be more fun than that?

Eileen and SophiaEdit

Katherine vs SapphireEdit


(During the night, Sophia, Danielle, and Malia are nearby the docks. Both Danielle and Malia are holding a Anemone while Sophia is looking up at the starry sky.)

Danielle: Mom, why did you bring us here?

Malia: And why did you give us these Anemones?

Sophia: Just wait...Do you girls see the two brightest stars?

Malia & Danielle: Hmm....

(Malia and Danielle take a moment to look up at the sky to find the two brightest stars. They finally see them and point them out.)

Sophia: Good...

(As Sophia uses her magic, the two brightest stars from the sky suddenly disappear and appear on each on her hands.)

Malia & Danielle: Wow! I didn't know you could do that!

(Malia and Danielle look at each other and laugh causing Sophia to join in as well.)

Sophia: Let's just say that someone that was really important to me taught it to me...(handing her daughters the stars) Now both of you take one star.

Danielle: What are you going to do?

Sophia: Seren a blodau dod yn un.

(The stars start to become one with the flowers. The Anemones start to transform into glowing flowers, the glows reflecting that of the brightest stars.)

Malia:...It's beautiful...

Sophia: This is something I wanted to give to the both of you girls a long time ago...But Malia's death had changed a lot of things so...Right now, this is my gift to both my beautiful daughters, allowing us a fresh start. Hold onto these flowers forever. They will always remain healthy and never die. Those two brightest stars represent my true name...Cecilia, one of the shining light...As my light will always be with you, no matter how far apart we are...And these Anemones represent my unfading love for you both.

(Danielle and Malia start to happily cry and they quickly hug their mother.)

Malia & Danielle:...We love you, mom...

Sophia: I love you too.

An New Revelation?Edit

(Aria and Addison are still in the library. Addison remains at the computer while Aria is putting away the books.)

Aria: The event will be starting soon, we should probably head out now.

Addison: Wait!

Aria: What is it?

Addison: Come here, I found something.

(Aria walks over to Addison and stands behind her, seeing ancient greek text on the computer.)

Aria: Where did you find this?

Addison: It's an email. The person who sent it is unknown.

Aria: Can you translate it?

Addison: Yeah, give me a second.

(Addison translates the greek language into english. Her cell phone starts to ring.)

Addison: I have to get back to my dorm. My roommate wants me to get back so that we can get ready for the event.

Aria: That's okay, I can finish up here. (hugs Addison) Thanks for your help.

Addison: Any time.

(After Addison leaves, Aria sits at the computer and begins to read what it says. After a few moments, she has a frightened look on her face and starts to tremble as she stands up...) god....

???: You can't tell her.

(Aria turns around to see Eileen standing there.)

Aria: What the hell is this?

Eileen:...Something that Cecilia can never know...

Paranormal ActivityEdit

I Believe In YouEdit

(Agapios, Sophia)

Girls Night OutEdit

(Sophia, Eileen dance)

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