Eternal Darkness
Season 1, Episode 1
Nyla 101
Air date 2016
Written by Cori11
Directed by Cori11
Episode Guide Transcript

One of Them is the first episode of the first season of Eternal Darkness.



With Christmas break over, the students begin to return Lunctus Academy and Nyla Zepeda soon realizes her life will change forever when she suddenly sees the supernatural world before her. Involved in an incident with the vampires of the academy, Nyla is unexpectedly saved by Amadeus Bloodworth, who makes his return to London, introducing their fated meeting. The headmaster, Cedric Aldrich continues his work to figure out a way to introduce the humans to the supernatural beings around them. With her new role as a teacher, Cecilia Solas meets Scarlett Swan and sees something very special in her and Cecilia reunites with her eldest daughter but finds that something is different about her. With the headmaster's request, Nicole Bennett begins her research on her entire family bloodline and Bethany Thompson helps a Turnblood in transition. Lastly, Alec Sigurd and Mason Edwards discover an unexpected murder on the campus.


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How It All Began

Jayla: Everything began at Lunctus. Things changed. For all of us... But it made us stronger. Helped my sister and her friends realized there's something out there for them. Discover the better world they could help make. Helping each other during the dark times, finding others like them so that they don't have to be alone. Making Lunctus that home for everyone... Someplace better, someplace safe, somewhere we bring everyone together for the chance of making a great accomplishment. Headmaster Cedric wants to create a place where everyone could live together in harmony, a place filled with peace and not always filled with violence. I want a world like that too, not just for myself but for my sister as well. So I began to work with Cedric to achieve that goal. So I guess I should start where it began.

The First

(Leo, Nyla)

New Beginnings

(Cecilia, Katherine, Eileen)


Amadeus: I won't hurt you.

(A frightened Nyla hesitantly takes Amadeus' hand and even though he's hidden in the shadows, she feels safe with him.)

Jacelyn: You're helping her?!

Venus: Jace, calm yourself! This is an interesting sight my brother.

Amadeus: Hmm... I'll tell you another time. Now your name?

Nyla: ... Nyla... Nyla Zepeda.

Amadeus: Well, Nyla... (takes out a handkerchief and ties around Nyla's upper arm.) You should back to your dorm and take care of that injury. I'll handle the situation here.

Nyla: Why... why would you help me? Aren't you a vampire? You eat humans!

Amadeus: Yes I am a vampire but no ordinary vampire. Our kind are purebloods and turnbloods. The strongest types of vampire to exist.

Nyla: But that doesn't explain why you helped me!

Amadeus: Hmm... I'll tell you another time.

Nyla: But-

Amadeus: Venus, could you escort her back to her room?

Venus: Sure. I think I just found my new best friend.

Nyla: Huh? W-wait!

Jacelyn: Venus!

(Venus grabs Nyla's hand and heads toward the humans dorms. Amadeus comes out from the darkness and watches Nyla with a hidden interest. He turns to the vampires but his eyes are focused on Jacelyn and his expression is unreadable.)

Amadeus: If none of you can't play nice do not go near the girl again. I don't want this happening again.

(Amadeus walks away as Jacelyn looks to the direction Venus and Nyla walked towards.)

Jacelyn: Out of all people... why her?

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