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Aurora and Nyla
General Information


Intimacy Level

Love each other
Sisterly Bond
Care about one another
Protective of each other

First Met

2 years before Eternal Darkness, Freshman Year


Best Friends
Like Sisters

The relationship between Nyla Zepeda and Aurora Delacour. This is one of the most important friendships in the series.

Both these girls are beautiful, strong and admirable students who first met their first day in high school, two years before transferring to Lunctus Academy. Despite the strong friendship they hold, it will be tested as Nyla will start to find herself drawn to the supernatural world and Aurora's weakness taking even more hold over her.

Early HistoryEdit

Aurora and Nyla have known each other since their first year of high school before transferring to Lunctus Academy.

Their StoryEdit



  • Aurora and Nyla are roommates at the academy and have just about all the same classes.
  • They're both some of the best students at the academy.
  • For both of them, Cecilia is one of their favorite teachers.
  • Nyla does not know of Aurora's tuberculosis.
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