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Biographical information
  • Unknown (age 18/5000+)
  • Alive
  • Leader of vampire and witch army
  • Half Human-Half Demon (originally)
  • Demon (currently)
  • Female
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Played by
  • Zendaya
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Being sealed inside of Sophia for so long, I feel connected her now that I'm out in the open.
— Neoma to Aria in Rise from the Grave

Neoma is an powerful demon whom seeks revenge against The Original Family. Neoma has lived for five-thousand years seeking to control all supernatural creatures until she met her match agaisnt the Original Witch, Esther whom sealed her inside her adoptive daughter, Sophia Zariah Mikaelson. Unknownly, Neoma was then sent inside Danielle's body after Sophia had given birth. For a thousand years, Neoma watched through Danielle's eyes to what The Original Family had been doing, the friends and enemies that they made, whom they fell in love with, and learned of their weaknesses until she could be set free.

Danielle was killed by Sophie Deveraux which broke the seal and released Neoma. She leads an of vampires and witches along with Aria and has recently gained new additions, the powerful New Orleans witches: Celeste Marie Helene Dubois, Papa Tunde, Genevieve, and Bastianna Natale.


Early Middle Ages Edit

Neoma was born to a demon father and human mother, making her a half demon. Neoma was very spirited and carried a bright light upon her. She was kind to everyone but sometimes had a hard time making friends until one day, when she was a child, she met a handsome young man who was also a demon. Most demons are evil but others aren't. He was kind and there was something special about him. When Neoma grew up and stopped aging at 18, she confessed her love for him as he did to her. They got married and after a year, a horrible bloody event took place. Neoma and her family were attacked by another powerful demon and his clan. That night, it was a blood moon so Neoma's powers are more stronger when that moon is up. However, many lives were lost and her family found themselves at a disadvantage when her mother was being held hostage. They watched as the demon held his claws to her mother's neck. As her father tried to save her mother, they were both killed with Neoma witnessing both her parents' deaths. She was almost killed as well until her husband saved her, losing his life in the process as well. Neoma heard her father still breathing barely and he told her to live on, his final words as he took his dying breath. She began to drink all the demon blood around her, becoming a full fledged demon. She became stronger than ever and took revenge upon those who killed her family but she didn't stop there. She killed thousands and made people's lives a living hell. Neoma also locked away the light she once possessed.

10th CenturyEdit

Esther fought Neoma whom was too powerful for her so she had no choice but to seal Neoma inside someone or something more powerful than her. Whom was chosen was Sophia Zariah Mikaelson. Also during this time, her light managed to break free and tried to stray her from the dark path she was taking but Neoma refused to listen and cast her aside and as a result Dark Sophia was born.  

Throughout The Originals Fanfiction Edit

Season One Edit

In Fruit of the Poisoned Tree, Sophia learns that her mother sealed Neoma inside of her.

In The War Begins, when Sophia enters Dani's dreams to get answers, Dani is attacked by Neoma.

Neoma finally makes her appearance in Bring It On. Through Aria's plans, Sophie kills Danielle in order to break the seal and set Neoma free. She vows revenge against the Originals.

In Eclipse of the Heart,

In Rise from the Grave,


Neoma is filled with darkness and hate. She feels no remorse whatsoever.

Physical AppearanceEdit

While in possession of Danielle's body, Neoma has dark brown wavy hair, small light brown eyes, and pale skin. Neoma also takes the interest of dressing into a darker sexier and chic fashion style.




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