The Originals(Fan Fiction) TV Series
Season 2, Episode 2 (Part 2)
Mother and Son
Air date Fall 2014
Written by Cori11
Directed by Cori11
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The Voodoo
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Mother and Son is the Part Two of The Voodoo.


AN EXTREME FAMILY REUNION--Esther invites her family to dinner so that she can show them a new way to live a peaceful life. With the help of a new witch named Lenore, Klaus and Elijah and attempt to stay one step ahead of Esther, but things quickly take an unexpected turn. Hayley makes a new friend whom was attacked in the bayou and Leon embraces his new life as a vampire with the help of Danielle. Klaus learns the truth of what his mother had been keeping from him since his childhood and Danielle is surprised to learn who Malia really is. Also, Vanessa once again crosses paths with the shadows. Finally, Elijah gets some disturbing news from Brody about Sophia.


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A Human & WerewolfEdit


(During the night as the moon shines brightly in the sky, a young woman is walking through the bayou. She seems to be looking for something until a wolf comes up in front of her. It starts to growl at her which makes her frighted. She starts to run away with the wolf chasing after her. When the wolf catches up, it jumps on top of her and starts to bite her arm. She screams in pain. She sees a rock and reaches to it. She quickly uses it to hit the wolf in the face. The wolf hits the ground next to her and whimpers a bit, however, it becomes more angry and once again tries to attack the young woman until Chase steps in and roars at the wolf. The wolf backs down as Chase looks confused at Patricia.)

Dinner InvitationEdit

(In Sophia's Mansion, Danielle walks into the dining room to find a gift basket of fruits and a tray of breakfast.)

Danielle: Davina! Did you order extra fancy breakfast?!

Davina: (yelling from upstairs) No! Why?!

Danielle: I'll tell you later!

(Danielle hears someone knocking and goes to open the front door to let Elijah and Klaus in.)

Danielle: Morning.

Klaus: Morning, darling niece.

Elijah: Is something wrong?

(Danielle walks them into the kitchen.)

Danielle: Did one of you have a hand in this?

Klaus: I've certainly played a card of compelling chefs in the past but I had nothing to do with this.

Elijah: This wasn't my doing either...

(The silver lid on the platter starts to rattle startling Danielle and Elijah. Klaus looks uneasy and lifts the platter, which releases two starlings that fly up toward the ceiling, causing the three to reflexively duck. They all look puzzled and nervous. Klaus reaches for the invitation and opens it.)

Klaus: It says..."Dinner, At the Attabior, 8PM".

Elijah:...An invitation from our mother.

(Klaus and Elijah look concerned while Danielle looks annoyed.)

Klaus: Well, looks like we're going to a dinner.

Elijah: You're planning on going to this?

Klaus: Might as well see what she wants and see if we can dig up some new family secrets...or it'll just give me the chance to go ahead and kill her. Now, I have to go. (starts to walk away) See the both of you tonight.

Elijah: Where are you going?

Klaus: Sophia called! She wants me to come see her about something important!

(After Klaus leaves, Elijah turns to Danielle.)

Elijah: Seems we have no choice but to go to dinner.

Danielle: Great...Having a family dinner with a crazy witch who tried to killed her children.

Requesting LenoreEdit

(Lenore is at the front check out desk, where she is grinding herbs in a mortar and pestle. Soon, Elijah and Gia arrive to speak with her.

Lenore: Go away, I'm busy.

Elijah: Yes, blatantly practicing magic, I see.

Lenore: Herbal remedies for a neighbor who lost her insurance. But, my guess is an Original ain't here to talk neighborhood gossip.

Elijah: I have a favor to ask you.

Lenore: Quarter's crawling with witches, go ask one of them...Don't you have a niece that can help you out?

Elijah: Yes, I do but we have been invited to a family dinner and I need this spell to be performed during that time.

Lenore: So, you come across the river to bother me?

Elijah: It's unfortunate, isn't it? Bureacracy has not been kind to your community. Those tax incentives on local businesses have been stalling for months. Of course, a persuasive person could potentially remove any red tape.

(Lenore becomes interested in what Elijah is saying and stops what she is doing.)

Lenore: I'm listening.

Elijah: A certain someone-- let's say a witch-- has a troublesome tendency of jumping into other bodies. (smiles) When she does so again, I would like to know into whom she jumps.

(Elijah drops a coin into her coin jar near the register.)

Lenore: Soul-branding. It's a sacrificial spell. I'm gonna need an item that's been spelled by the witch in question, and a python.

Elijah: I shall retrieve the enchanted item. My partner, Gia, will take care of the python.

Gia: Wait, what?! I'm not agreeing to that!

Elijah: It will be easy. Acquisition through mind compulsion.

Gia:...How the hell do I do mind compulsion?

Father & Daughter ReunionEdit

(While Danielle is playing the flute in outside the mansion, she sees her father coming towards her and immediately stops playing.)

Nathan: You're really good at playing that. Is that your favorite instrument?

Danielle: What the hell are you doing here?

Nathan: Whoa, there. I don't that's any way to speak to your father.

Danielle: First, you're not my father. Second, you are my father when I say you are which will be...never. Now answer my question.

Nathan: I'm here because I've gotten notice about the family dinner.

Danielle:...Eavesdropping? Really?

Nathan: No, I wasn't eavesdropping. I also received an invitation.

Danielle: Well, decline it because I don't want you there.

Nathan: That's too bad because I'm going whether you like it or not.

Danielle: What are you doing? Why are you even here?

Nathan: To get a second chance with my girls.

Danielle: A second chance? I think it's too late for that and also my mom and me...we're not your girls, not anymore.

Nathan: Danielle--

Danielle: You look me in my eyes and tell me the truth...Did you or did you not help Esther and Mikael turn my mother, my aunt, and my uncles into vampires?

Nathan:...It's true.

Danielle: Then I don't blame Uncle Elijah for killing you.

(Danielle goes back into the mansion and slams the door. Nathan grins as he knows Davina is standing nearby.)

Nathan: Davina, right? Young witch who was almost sacrificed to complete the Harvest.

Davina: Correct.

Nathan: So you're my daughter's best friend.

Davina: And you're the father who betrayed his wife and her family by turning them into vampires which pretty much damaged them for life.

Nathan: That's a little hurtful, isn't it?

Davina: It's the truth, isn't it?

Nathan: True.

Davina: If you're here to get closer to Dani, you can forget about it because it's not happening.

Nathan: Can't you help me out? I can get you whatever you want if you lend me a hand.

Davina: Sorry but I'm not interested...I don't turn my back on those I care about.

(Davina heads back into the mansion and Nathan smirks.)

Nathan: Smart kids.


(Esther and Finn are outside, taking a walk together while discussing their plan for the night.)

Finn: I still haven't been able to find Kol or Rebekah yet.

Esther: That's a shame. I was hoping they could both return and the entire family would be whole. But on to more important things, your means of persuasion will be needed for dinner. Have we received any response to our invitation?

Finn: Actually, your message had quite the effect...Danielle sent a message back and said a lot of...let's just say she had her words spoken.

Esther: My...she couldn't have gotten that from Sophia...maybe it was Klaus she inherited it from.

Finn: There's the high possibility of that.

Esther: Well, be sure you're ready for them this evening.

Finn: I've handled everything exactly as you've instructed.

Esther: I'd expect nothing less from you, Finn. You were always my favorite.

A Mother's PromiseEdit

FLASHBACK - Late 10th Century

(Esther walks out into the woods, where she finds a young Klaus hiding behind a tree.)

Esther: (sighs) What are you doing here?

Klaus: Father says he's to take me hunting later but I'm no good...Not with him...He gets angry at me.

(Esther looks at him with sympathy and kneels so she can look him in the eye.)

Esther: I understand. Do you know what I do when I'm afraid? I listen to the starlings. When I was a little girl, my mother taught one of them a tune. And, since they mimic each others' songs, it spread, until every starling in the forest sang it.

(Klaus looks up at the birds in the trees, who are chattering loudly.)

Esther: When we made this our home, I brought these same birds to these woods. Whenever you heard one sing, Niklaus, remember I'm with you. Always and forever.

(Esther takes Klaus' hand and pulls him to his feet.)


(Danielle is with Hayley at the Mikaelson Compound, standing outside on the balcony, looking at the city.)

Hayley: You know, it's times like this I'm really glad I never knew my mother.

Danielle: Don't be so quick to judge, Hayley. You barely know anything about your mom. Who knows? She might actually be a good person.

Hayley: You're probably right.

Danielle: I'm just glad that Esther isn't my mother. It makes it more easier for me since we're not related. My uncles and aunt have made so many enemies. Mom and me are the smarter ones, we made sure to stay out of trouble. You need to stay out of trouble too...because there's a possibility that she wants your daughter.

Hayley: Why would you say that?

Danielle: Esther possibly resurrects herself from the dead and wants to make peace with her family? Please. I'm not saying that she does but what if there's a possibility that she's after something else...something that she knows that you also know, something important...I know that you're hiding something about Hope.

Hayley: I don't know what you're talking about.

Danielle: Yes you do. You've been holding a secret about that baby and I will find out what it is.

Hayley: Listen, if that wretched witch knows that my daughter is alive, I will happily add to the body count.

(Danielle smirks as Elijah walks out onto the balcony.)

Elijah: You will do no such thing. Esther's a master in the art of possession. We know whose body she currently inhabits. We must decipher her intentions before she finds a new host.

Danielle: Wasn't her last invitation an assassination attempt on all her children? Including mom and me? I'm pretty sure at this point that her intentions are still foul.

Elijah: (shrugs) Well, then. We have--(checking his watch)--this afternoon to prepare for the worst.

(Hayley's phone starts to ring and she reads the text message.)

Hayley: I've gotta go.

(Hayley leaves as Danielle hugs Elijah.)

Danielle: I'm going to take a walk.

(Danielle also leaves as Elijah sees Klaus walking with a young girl by his side.)

Request/Once A VampireEdit

(Leon is out taking a run while listening to music on ipod. He slows down when he sees Danielle at the corner of the sidewalk in his direction.)

Leon: Hey!

(Danielle turns to see Leon walking towards her and notices that he has his shirt off but is able to not be distracted by it.)

Danielle: Having another morning run?

Leon: Yeah. You should run with me sometime.

Danielle: Uh...I'll think about it. Anyway, I need a favor.

Leon: What is it?

Danielle: Well...not only has my adoptive grandfather returned from the dead, my adoptive grandmother has returned too.

Leon: Wait, what? The crazy witch mother who tried to kill all of you is back too?

Danielle: Yeah and she invited my uncles and me to a family dinner which is tonight. So I need for you to not be my bodyguard for the night.

Leon: I can't agree to that.

Danielle: Please! Looked, Mikael already killed you when you were a human remember? Esther is not to be trifled with. Can you do this one thing for me? Please?

Leon:...What do I get in return?

Danielle:...I'll be your mentor.

Leon: Mentor?

Danielle: Yeah. I'll help embrace your vampirism. I was a vampire for a thousand years and had a good teacher so I should be able to help you out.


Danielle: Really? That was easy...

Leon: Yeah, well...Elijah seems to be busy lately and I didn't want to bother him including I don't want him feeling like that he owes me for protecting you.

Danielle: Hmm....Very generous.

Leon: By the way, what was it like for you? Being a vampire?

Danielle:...It was very...clear.

FLASHBACK - 10th Century

(Danielle has recently became a vampire and walks near the cliff area, taking in the beautiful scenery around her. Elijah appears behind her.)

Elijah: How does it feel?

Danielle: I'm free from everything.

Elijah: You've shown to maintain a steady amount of control. Better than the rest of us.

Danielle: Mother said that I was the one to stop her. That I was the one who was able to control her lust for blood.

Elijah: It's true. You have always kept her sane and she was able to feed without killing anyone. It took the rest of us time though.

Danielle: How long did it take you?

Elijah: About a year.

(Danielle gets distracted when she hears birds from a far direction.)

Danielle: (giggles) Wow!

Elijah: What do you hear?

Danielle: Birds coming from a long way. And just looking at this scenery, the world looks even more clearer to me now. I feel more alive!

(Elijah smiles as Danielle enjoys the beginning of her life as a vampire.)


A New Person Added to the MixEdit

(Hayley arrives in the swamp and goes into one of the Chase's cabin to find him standing guard over the young woman.)

Hayley: What the hell is going on?! And why the hell is she injured?!

Chase: You really need to get your pack under control because one of you dawn wolves attacked her for no god damn reason!

Hayley: Wait, you're saying one of my wolves did this?

Chase: Yes! Did you not hear me the first time? She was out in the bayou and one of your pack members nearly tore her arm off!

Hayley: What the hell was a human doing in the bayou?!

Woman: Hello! I'm right here!

Hayley: Okay, do you know what we are?

Woman: Werewolves, right? I mean there are movies and stories about you guys but I've never seen the real deal.

Chase: Please, we're nothing like that fairy-tail crap.

Hayley: What's your name?

Woman: Patrica Felicity.

Hayley: Patricia, I'm Hayley Marshall and this is Chase Dawson. Can you tell me why you were out in the bayou?

Patricia: I was...

Hayley: You were what?

Patricia: I was looking for something.

Hayley: Looking for what exactly?

Patricia: About a month ago, my best friend told me that she was leaving New Orleans and she couldn't tell me why. One day, I woke up and saw a note near my bed and it was from her. (takes the note out of her pocket and gives it to Hayley) She left me something in her secret hiding spot out in the bayou. I've been trying to finding that place by following the directions but can't seem to find it. I end up in the same place every single time but nothing is there.

Hayley: How about if I help you with this?

Patricia: Really?

Hayley: Really. It's better for you to have some help.

Patricia: Thanks...

Hayley: You're welcome. Now, your friend's name is Fiona?

(Chase quickly leaves the cabin causing Hayley to become suspicious.)

Hayley: I'll be right back.

(Hayley goes after Chase and catches up to him when she stands in his way.)

Chase: What?

Hayley: Something wrong? You just rushed out of there like you were ready to get out of there.

Chase: Is that so wrong?

Hayley:...Do you know something about this Fiona girl?

Chase: Help that girl find whatever she's looking for and tell her to stay the hell away.

(Chase leaves.)

My NecklaceEdit

(Klaus watching Malia looking through necklaces, trying to pick one out and begins to reminisces about the past.)

FLASHBACK - Late 10th Century

(It is night time now and Esther has just finished making the starling necklace in the kitchen when she calls young Klaus in to see her.)

Esther: Come here, Niklaus.

(Esther dips the metal bird on the necklace into a pot of a clear yellow liquid before laying it on a small pile of sand surrounded by black stones on her table.)

Esther: Birds are sacred to the Vikings. It's how we find land. It's how your father and I found our home here. (tying the necklace around his neck) If ever you are lost or scared or in need of me, just clasp the bird, and I will come.

Klaus: D-do the others get one?

(Esther hesitates for a moment and bites her lip before she finally speaks.)

Esther: I love all my children. (takes Klaus' hand and squeezes it) But you, Niklaus? You're the most special which is why I give this to you and you alone. Promise me you will wear it always.

Klaus: I promise.


Malia: Something wrong, Uncle Klaus?

Klaus:...No...No, it's nothing. (smiles) Why don't you wear this?

(Klaus picks up a sterling silver bird necklace and puts it on Malia.)

Malia: It's beautiful...

(Klaus sees Hayley walk in.)

Hayley: You called me?

Klaus: Here. (hands her his sterling necklace from his past) Give this to Lenore. It will help with the spell.

Hayley: Alright...(sees Malia) Who's that?

Klaus:...Just an old friend.

Hayley:...Whatever you say.

(After Hayley leaves, Klaus looks to Malia and smiles.)

Life As a VampireEdit


(In London, Danielle sits on the very high top of the London Bridge. She watches the sun setting as Elijah appears next to her.)

Danielle: Beautiful, isn't it?

Elijah: Yes it is...Is this why you came all the way up here? To watch the sunset from here?

Danielle: No. The reason I came up here was to think. I've thought about what it would be like to jump off a very tall building. It's funny, you know? I've lived for a thousand years and that's something that I've never done.

Elijah:...(smirks) Then why not give it a shot?

Danielle: Hmm...the tallest building in London would be "The Shard", right?

Elijah: Correct. (gives her his hand) Come on. "The Shard" awaits.

(Danielle smiles as she take Elijah's hand.)


(Returning to the present day, Danielle and Leon are standing on top of a tall building.)

Leon: So why are we up here?

Danielle: First step to being a vampire is realizing how awesome you are. You can do jump off of this building and not die.

Leon: You want me to jump off of this building?

Danielle: aren't even shocked?

Leon: Why should I be? I'm a vampire now and nothing can kill me except a wooden stake, my heart being ripped out or my body being lit up in flames.

Danielle:...True. Anyway, embracing your life as a vampire is to see all the new possibilities that come with it. Look around you. See the world, seeing everything that you weren't able to see as a human. Take it all in and allow yourself to combine with the new life that you now have.

Leon:...That's pretty deep.

Danielle: Oh, shut up! Are you going to jump off the building or do I have to push you off?

Leon: Hmm...

(Leon vamp speeds and carries Danielle's in his arms.)

Danielle: What are you doing?! Put me down right now!

Leon: You want me to embrace my new life, right? Well, since you are helping me with that, you have to jump off the building too. What's the big deal anyway? You were a vampire once and have done this.

Danielle: But I'm not rea--

(Leon doesn't listen to Danielle ranting and jumps off the building. Leon smiles as Danielle screams and he lands on his feet to the ground after falling from such a great distance.)

Leon: (laughs) I think that I'm going to enjoy being a vampire.

Danielle: (breathing heavily) What the bloody hell?! Put me down right now!

Leon: Calm down first and then I'll put you down.

Danielle: What the hell is the matter with you?! I wasn't ready and I sure didn't agree to it! I'm not a vampire anymore, you know?!

Leon: I know that...but you know that I wasn't going to let anything happen to you.

Danielle: Because it's your job not to let anything happen to me!

Leon: Are we seriously going to have this discussion again?

Danielle: You know what? I am completely calm you can put me down.

(After Leon puts Danielle down, she slaps him.)

Leon: Mind telling me what was that for?

Danielle: Don't ever do that again.

Leon: You really need to loosen up.

Danielle: Loosen up? I'm Queen of New Orleans for god's sake!

Leon: Exactly! You don't need to keep your guard up twenty-four seven!

Danielle: Yes, I do! In case that you've forgotten, I was killed by a lowly witch months ago and a demon took over my body! Being in this city, people are trying to kill each other every single damn day which is why I have to keep my guard up!

Leon:...You don't think that I can protect you?

Danielle: I don't know! You were already strong as a human but as a vampire, there's something about you...

Leon: Like what?

Danielle:...It's nothing...I just don't want to end up dead again. My guard has to stay up, regardless of where I am or what I'm doing. The wolves that attacked Davina and me back at the record shop a week ago, proves that.

(Danielle leaves as Leon stands there is deep thought.)


(In an unknown place, Danielle watches dead bodies burn in flames. Elijah walks up next to her.)

Elijah: Danielle, what happened?

Danielle:...They tried to use me as bait to get to Uncle Klaus. I tried to reason with them so their lives could be spared but they refused and I had to kill them.

Elijah: Dani--

Danielle: I don't think I know what death truly is. I can barely remember dying because I came back in no time. But...I don't want to know what it is because it seems scary. I never want to die...I want to live.

Elijah: And you will live. Forever.

(Elijah kisses Danielle's forehead as he brings her in a hug.)


Davina's BoyfriendEdit

(Davina is at Sophia's Mansion, working on homework until she hears someone knocking on the door. She goes to answer it and is surprised to see who is standing before her.)

Davina: Ryan?!

Ryan: Surprise! (walks closer to her, pulling her in his arms) Now tell me how much you missed me.

(Davina giggles and brings him in a passionate kiss. When the kiss is over, they let their foreheads touch one another as Ryan continues to hold her in his arms.)

Davina: I've really missed you.

Ryan: Good...because I've really missed you too. (kisses her again) Danielle and Leon here?

Davina: Nope. She's at a family dinner right now.

Ryan: Hmm...How about we go out and have a romantic dinner then we go get ice cream?

Davina: Sounds good.

Family MeetingEdit

(Leon is seen walking outside, wearing a suit. Elijah and Klaus are both wearing fancy suits, getting ready for dinner with their mother in the dining room.)

Klaus: (annoyed) Are these outfits really necessary?

Elijah: Appearance is a way of showing respect, Niklaus. Mother will be more likely to surrender her true intentions.

Klaus: Well, I doubt her guard will drop just 'cause I'm dressed like a bloody lawyer.

(Danielle, wearing a beautiful black dress, black pumps and gold jewelry, walks in.)

Danielle: Uncle Klaus, please be on your best behavior tonight. We don't want any more trouble added to what we have now. We need to have the upper hand over Esther.

(Klaus walks over to Danielle and kisses her cheek.)

Klaus: You look beautiful as always.

Danielle: Of course I do. Thank you for the compliment as always.

(Klaus chuckles as Danielle goes to help Elijah lighting the candles. Elijah also kisses her cheek.)

Elijah: She's right, Niklaus We need every advantage we can get.

Klaus: You always did excel in diplomacy. Just know, if she tries anything, I'll tear her new body to pieces.

(Vincent/Finn enters the room and laughs dramatically at their conversation.)

Vincent: You two haven't changed a bit! (looks at Elijah) Linens and silk to disguise your pathetic self-loathing. (turns to Klaus) And you-- despite the arrogant façade, you're still the same paranoid little boy, full of hate and fear. (turns to Danielle) Then you, one of the most beautiful creatures to ever exist, just like your mother.

(Klaus' face turns from amused to offended. Elijah looks at him in confusion before turning to Vincent/Finn and walking toward him.)

Elijah: Forgive me, I don't believe I've had the pleasure.

Vincent: (feigns offense) Oh, you mean you don't recognize me? So much for the unbreakable bonds of family, huh? Always and forever indeed.

(Klaus begins to scowl when he realizes what is going on and Danielle starts to laugh but Elijah remains confused and on edge.)

Danielle: Hi, Uncle Finn.

(Elijah looks shocked as Finn smirks and spreads his arms out wide in the typical "Mikaelson man" stance.)

Finn: Hi, Danielle...Now that the introductions are out of the way, let's eat!


(Vanessa is standing on top of a building and watches as the area around her darkens. A mysterious mist appears and two men are seen coming from it.)

Vanessa: Azazel. Kaharis. Mind telling me how the hell you two are still alive?

Kaharis: My, my. Vanessa, that's no way to start a polite conversation.

Azazel: You've become even more beautiful.

Vanessa: Cut the pleasantries!

Azazel: But I've missed you.

Vanessa: Oh? You missed someone that you've been trying to kill?

Kaharis: We don't have any illness towards you, Vanessa. There are two people in this city that we're after. Azazel came for you because of his own reasons.

Azazel: Yes I did....I still plan to make you my wife as I love you dearly and you hold the true shadows of us all.

Vanessa: Hmmm...Well, that's too bad because it's not happening. I highly suggest that the both of you get out of New Orleans or you both will regret it.

(Vanessa vamp speeds away as Azazel chuckles.)

Kaharis: I don't understand what you see in that woman.

Azazel: (sighs) That one always sparked my interest and she makes it fun to chase after her. New Orleans is going to be a load of fun.

A Family DinnerEdit

(After everyone has been seated and the servers gather, Leon walks in.)

Danielle: What the hell?! Leon, didn't I tell you no bodyguard?!

Leon: Yes, you did but (taking out an invitation)...I was also invited.

Danielle: By who?

Finn: Me! Just in case things got ugly, I wanted him to get you out of here as quickly as possible. Mother and I really don't want to get you involved in this.

Danielle: Isn't it a little late for that?

Klaus: Just to let everyone know, I invited one more guest to the dinner.

Elijah: Who?

Klaus: Let's just say, she's been family for a long time.

(Elijah and Danielle look at each other confused.)

Danielle: Now that I think about it...which one of you invited that bastard?

Elijah: Bastard?

Klaus: (laughs) She means Nathan. Don't look at me, I didn't invite him.

Elijah: I didn't either.

Finn: Not me.

(Nathan, also wearing a fancy suit appears and is holding out his invitation.)

Nathan: No, none of you did. Esther invited me. Seems she still considers me family.

(Danielle looks angry and a fork suddenly flies out to hit Nathan in his face but he catches it.)

Nathan: Huh...Like mother, like daughter. Sophia did the same thing to me while she was still pregnant with you. I said something in the wrong way which I didn't mean and let's just say that...things got ugly.

Danielle: Good for mom.

Nathan: (looks at Leon) I don't believe we've had the pleasure. (walks over to Leon and shakes his hand) Nathan.

Leon: Leon Dominic.

Danielle: Who happens to be my bodyguard.

Nathan: Bodyguard? You're a thousand year old witch, you don't need a bodyguard.

Danielle: Ask Uncle Elijah. (giggles) The two of you have a history, don't you?

Nathan: Hello, Elijah. Been a long time.

Elijah: Yes, it has.

Finn: Been a long time, Nathan.

Nathan: I'm guessing that this is Finn?

Finn: Correct!

(Nathan sits at the dining table as Elijah pours Finn a glass of wine, which he wafts under his nose.)

Finn: What an aromatic bordot.

Klaus: Well, it was a challenge to find a good pairing. What wine goes well with treachery?

Danielle: Uncle Klaus, you're one to talk about treachery.

Klaus: Touché...but you would know wouldn't you, Nathan?

Nathan: I guess you're right.

Klaus: Of course I am! You are the one who killed the woman who was once your wife and had part in turning all of us into vampires. But I guess that I should thank you! Because of you and my wretched parents, I wouldn't hold all this power!

Nathan: Hmm....You're not the only one with a kingdom, Niklaus.

Klaus: What's that suppose to mean?

(When Finn whispers something in one of the servers' ears, it turns Klaus' to Finn and makes him suspicious.)

Elijah: What exactly are we celebrating?

Finn: Why, my return, of course! Remember, I spent nine hundred years--(looks at Klaus)--right?--lying daggered in a box. I'm rather enjoying this new body. Strolling about your lovely city that, uh, you've made your home. But, do tell me-- what'd I miss? Regale me with your contributions to society! Medicine? Philosophy? Art?

(Klaus rolls his eyes, already tired of this conversation.)

Finn: Or have you two merely cut a path of destruction across time?

Klaus: The last time we met, you were helping our mother try to annihilate the lot of us! Let's not throw stones in glass houses.

(Elijah notices that the caterers are placing another two plates, glasses, and sets of silverware at the end of the table and becomes confused.)

Elijah: Are we expecting another guest?

Finn: Mother will sit at the head...What about the seat across Danielle?

(Klaus smiles as he sees Malia in a open back sleeveless skinny dress that is black and black gortik boots. She continues to also wear the sterling silver bird necklace.)

Klaus: There she is.

(Klaus gets up and walks over to Malia, standing next to her.)

Klaus: Here is the other family member that I was talking about.

Finn: That's strange because I tend to know who exactly who is related to our family and I don't recognize her.

Klaus: Oh, really? You've met her once. We all did.

Elijah: Niklaus, who is this girl?

Klaus: Tell them your name, sweetheart.


(Nathan, Elijah and Finn looked shocked.)

Malia: My name is Malia.

(Elijah quickly gets up and walks over to Malia, holds her face in his hands and looks intensely at her.)


Finn: But how?

(As Nathan slowly stands up, Malia smiles at her uncle and walks over to her father and hugs him. She pulls back and walks back over to Klaus and Elijah.)

Malia: It's nice to meet you...Uncle Elijah...Uncle Finn...Dad.

Nathan: Malia...

(Danielle drops the glass she was holding after hearing what Malia just said. One of the servers cleans it up.)

Danielle: (shocked)...Did you just say dad?

Malia: Yes, I did. It's also nice to meet you, baby sister.

(Danielle cannot believe what she is hearing and suddenly collapses but Leon catches her in time.)

Leon: Danielle!

(Elijah hurries over to them as Finn starts to question Malia.)

Finn: But how?

Malia: Let's just say that I was resurrected by someone close. I can't reveal any details...Is she okay?

(Danielle starts to wake up but is a little dazed. Elijah and Leon help her up as she stares at Malia.)

Danielle: Does someone want to tell me what's going on?

Klaus: Malia is your older twin sister. She died the day you were both born.

Danielle: But...wh--

Elijah: Danielle, try to relax--

Danielle: NO! I don't need to relax! I need to know what the hell is going on! This girl shows up and is claimed to be my twin sister?! Mom and all of you have kept this from me for a thousand years?!

Malia: Don't be mad at them. Mom had her reasons to why she didn't tell you.

Danielle: Oh, like that makes it better!

Klaus: Dani, I understand that you're upset but be angry at me. Sophia was planning to tell you soon but I denied her wishes.

Elijah: What? Niklaus, what are you talking about?

Malia: I've been in New Orleans for the past five months and revealed myself to mom a week ago.

Klaus: Sophia didn't want me to say anything because she wanted to be the one to tell Danielle about Malia.

Elijah: That's why you went to go see her this morning.

Klaus: Yes. She wanted me take Malia for a while and I thought the family dinner would be a great opportunity to introduce her.

Elijah: Well, betrayed our sister's wishes again and now there is even more chaos. I can understand why Sophia wanted to introduce Danielle to Malia. Why would you do it?

Klaus: I'm sorry but Dani had the right to know!

Elijah: Of course she did but it wasn't your place to tell her!

Danielle: Enough!!! (pointing at Nathan) First, I found out that you were the one who killed mom and you had part in turning the family into vampires. (points at Malia) Now this. My thought to be dead twin sister shows up unexpectedly...(looks to Klaus) Is there anything else that I need to know about? What else has mom been hiding?

Klaus:...Your mother should tell you what's been going on with her.

Danielle: No! I want to know NOW! Since you're the one who wants to start spilling secrets!

Leon: Hey, Danielle...Just relax.

Nathan: Danielle, I don't think this is the time and place for that. Besides, we have to finish the family dinner. Let's just relax and enjoy ourselves.

(Everyone sits back down at the table.)

Finn: Well, things just got interesting.

(Klaus flings a knife at Finn, but he easily deflects it with magic, causing the knife to instead embed itself into the chair at the head of the table.)

Finn: Rude as always.

(After a while, everyone is still having dinner in the dining room.)

Finn: I'm rather enjoying my evening.

Nathan: Well, at least someone is.

Klaus: I rather enjoy you getting to the point.

Finn: I had nine hundred years to learn to be patient. Although, I am curious why you kept me daggered in a box for so long.

Klaus: You were daggered for being an ever-simpering sycophant. Did mother bring you back from the dead so you could wash her knickers?

(Klaus smirks at Finn in amusement but Finn begins to lose his temper.)

Finn: She raised me because I was treated unfairly! Cheated of all but the smallest portion of my life! (turns to Elijah) Elijah, I can understand such cruelty coming from him. (pointing at Klaus) But I always thought of you and Sophia as being the compassionate ones! What did I do to deserve the both of you turning your backs on me? Were you afraid of Niklaus? Are you still? Or perhaps jealousy is what kept me locked in a box? You coveted the duties of the eldest brother, in which case you had near-on a millennium to fix the problems of this family, and instead, produced nine centuries of failure.

Elijah: You might reside--somewhat parasitically, I might add--in another body, but I assure you, in nine hundred years, your tedious sentiments remain quite the same. You see, Finn, like father, you've always despised our supernatural existence. Father, of course, slaughtered and consumed his own whereas you became pretentious and dull...much like this meal. So you are wrong in that statement. Sophia and I never turned our backs on you, you turned your back on us.

(Klaus is giggling at Elijah's insults towards Finn.)

Elijah: I will not ask you again--where is mother?

(Cassie/Esther arrives.)

Esther: Oh, my darling children, granddaughters and once son-in-law.

(Finn immediately rises to his feet to greet his mother.)

Esther: (sarcastically to Klaus and Elijah) I've missed you too.

(Lenore and Hayley are in the back room of the shop. Hayley watches Lenore as she sets up a small cauldron before handing her the bag with the python.)

Hayley: So, will this take long?

Lenore: (scoffs) You want me to soul-brand the resurrected spirit of a thousand-year-old witch? It's best I take my time and do it right.

(Lenore looks up at Hayley and her face softens into a sympathetic expression.)

Lenore: For what it's worth, I'm sorry. No one should have to lose a child.

Hayley: (sadly) No...No one should.

(Lenore lights a bundle of sage and wafts the smoke around the room.)

Lenore: You have the talisman?

Hayley: (taking the necklace out of her pocket and hands it to Lenore) So, how does this work? You brand Esther with the spell and then what?

(Lenore sets the necklace on top of the cauldron so that it lays across the diameter of it while the ends hang over the rim.)

Lenore: The next time she jumps into a body, she'll be marked with a distinctive symbol on the back of her hand. (pulls out the python) This way, you'll always know who she is.

Hayley: We still don't know why she's here.

Lenore:...I think I have an idea...

Hayley: What is it?


Hayley: Are you serious?

Lenore: What besides love can inspire such pain and cruelty?

(Lenore takes a knife with her free hand and slices down the length of the snake with it before disemboweling it and squeezing the entrails in her hands, dripping the blood in the cauldron. Hayley watches Lenore, looking both stressed and worried, as she continues the soul-branding spell. Back at the family dinner...)

Danielle: So you knew that Malia was alive?

Esther: Of course I did. I just kept it a secret, I didn't want to get her involved in our family...disagreements.

Malia: (sarcastically) Oh, how kind of you. But I rather not be protected by a psycho who tried to kill her family several times.

Esther: Malia--

Klaus: Enough! Why don't you say what you came here to say, so this wretched night can end?

Esther: It pains me that you and Elijah look at me with such disdain. I wish you could see that my every action has been to protect you!

Klaus: You actually believe that, don't you? I knew you were a liar, but now I see you're utterly delusional.

Esther: If you can forget the hatred that you cling to and remember all the times I've mended and healed you.

Danielle: (laughing) You have got to be joking! Esther, after all the times you've tried to kill your family, that's called "mended and healed" to you?

Esther: Dani, please call me grandmother.

Danielle: (scoffs) When hell freezes over.

(Klaus, Elijah, Nathan, Leon and Malia are chuckle by Danielle's remark.)

Esther: Elijah, do you recall the day Niklaus challenged your father to a duel? Did I leave your brother to die alone? What did I say, when you came to me and asked me to help him?

Elijah: (sighs) That you would rather die than to see any of your children suffer.

FLASHBACK - Late 10th Century

(Klaus is older, now, and his pained cries can be heard throughout the forest. Esther rushes toward the sound of his voice until she finds him. He's pinned to a tree with Mikael's sword, which has impaled him through the shoulder.)

Esther: Tell me what happened!

Klaus: (gasps in pain) I challenged him.

Esther: (applying pressure to Klaus' shoulder) What were you thinking?

Klaus: I thought if I could just best him, just once, he would see that I am worthy.

Esther: Niklaus, I want you to hold still!

(She grabs the handle of the sword and though she struggles, she eventually removes the sword from his shoulder as he screams. She then drops it onto the ground and immediately begins pulling bundles of moss from the tree which she uses as a rudimentary bandage for his wounds.)

Esther: Everything is going to be fine.

Klaus: (laughs) He laughed at my challenge. He said he would take this from me--(holds up his starling necklace)--as a prize, after defeating me. We began to fight and he knocked me down. He cut the bird from my neck and I grew so angry, I hit him. Again and again. I cut him!...The look on his face, I'd never seen it before. And I was so proud. Mother, I held this up--(holds up the necklace)--to show him I kept my prize. And then, he...Why would he--

Esther: Your father, in his rage, struck you with his sword?

Klaus: I wouldn't let him take this from me. It was your gift to me!

Esther: (holds him in her arms) You're a good boy, Niklaus. You did the right thing.


Leon: Then why hasn't she done that?

Elijah: Good point, Leon.

Esther: Leon...Danielle's bodyguard. I've heard great things about you.

Leon: Really? Then enlightened me.

Esther: You're a good man. Some of the greatest things about you are your loyalty which knows no bounds and the strength you have so that you protect those your care about. I understand that you went through a tragic incident when you were younger. I'm sorry for that.

Leon: Well...things can't always be easy but at least I don't turn my back on my family...(looks to Esther and Finn) unlike some people.

(Esther and Finn looked insulted by Leon's remark as Klaus begins to remember something.)

Klaus:...Wait...the necklace...

FLASHBACK - Late 10th Century

(Klaus flashes back to when Esther first made the necklace. Right before she called Klaus into the room, she cast a spell upon it.)

Esther: Onon de es sinj unctas, on gu ol de.


(Klaus is glaring at Esther furiously when he realizes what she did to the necklace.)

Klaus: It wasn't spelled to protect me. It made me weak.

Esther: I sought to protect you from yourself! If you had killed your father in that duel or anyone else in the course of your life, you would have activated your curse!

Klaus: (angrily slams his hand down on the table) You ruined me! You left me to suffer at the hands of a father who valued only strength!

Esther: I kept you from becoming a beast for as long as I possibly could!

(Klaus' voice raises to a shout and he slams his hand against the table once again before he rises to his feet.)

Klaus: Oh, you lied to me! To hide your own transgressions because of your own fear! My whole life, I sought the approval I was denied by the man I thought was my father! You turned me into the weakling he hated.

(Elijah rises to his feet and paces anxiously while Esther gulps and looks guilty under Klaus' furious glare, unable to look him in the eyes.)

Klaus: Look at me! You rant and you rave about the monster I have become, but you, mother--you are the author of everything I am.

(Esther looks flustered and suddenly begins gasping for breath. Finn looks mildly alarmed as Cassie/Esther faints and slumps over in her seat. Elijah manages to catch her before her head hits the table, and he looks at his brothers in shock. Danielle smiles for some unknown reason.)

Body Swap/You Underestimated MeEdit

(At Lenore's shop, Hayley watches as Lenore continues to cast the soul-branding spell.)

Lenore: (chanting) Le vu ut em bu l'espirit la vu ça.

(Back at the Mikaelson Compound.)

Elijah: She's gone.

(Elijah goes to attack Finn but he uses his magic to push Elijah away which throws him over the table and into the nearby wall. Klaus vamp-speeds toward Finn and grabs him by the lapels.)

Klaus: Where is she?!

Danielle: Enough!

(As Leon helps Elijah up, Klaus looks to Danielle.)

Danielle: (chuckles) I know where she is.

(Back at Lenore's shop, Lenore finishes her spell and falls forward, leaning against the cauldron to keep her from falling onto the table. Hayley looks at her in concern as Lenore comes to and looks around the room in confusion.)

Hayley: Are you okay?

Lenore: Where am I?

Hayley: You're in the shop. You were performing the spell, remember?

Lenore: What?

(Lenore walks over to the mirror and looks at herself.)

Lenore: This isn't the body that I was suppose to go to!

Hayley: What are you talking about...

(When Lenore lifts her hand, they both see a brand on the back of Lenore's right hand in the shape of a triskelion. Hayley is startled so much that she reflexively jumps backwards away from her and yelps in horror. Lenore/Esther looks at her in confusion.)


(Back at the Mikaelson compound, Nathan and Malia are watching over Cassie.)

Nathan: So, you've been alive for all this time?

Malia: Yes, I have. Don't ask me who brought me back because that's confidential.

Nathan: What, don't you trust me?

Malia: It doesn't concern you.

Nathan: Then why should I even believe that you're Malia?

Malia: You know. All of you know that I am Malia.

Nathan:...You're right...But you should know that I'm your father.

Malia: True that you are my father but where were you all my life? You weren't the one who raised me, cared for me, loved me and always stayed by my side.

(Nathan looks disappointed and sits down in down at the dining table. Malia sighs and sits next to him.)

Malia: Look, dad...This is something that involves mom and I need you to respect that.

Nathan:...Alright but I want you to answer one question...Do you hate me?

Malia:...No. Is this about mom and Danielle?

Nathan: Yeah.

Malia: Dad...You can't blame them for how they feel. In their eyes, you betrayed both of them and in your eyes, you were saving them both.

Nathan: Then what I am suppose to do to fix things?

Malia:...Continue to prove yourself...I know that you love them both but give them time and don't push things.

Nathan: Alright...but what are you going to about Danielle?

Malia: Give her time. I can understand Danielle's side of it but I'm more on mom's side. If she listens to mom's side of the story, I think she will understand why she didn't tell her.

Nathan: This is all my fault to why our family is so messed up...

Malia: Dad, you can't blame yourself for that...(leans her head on his shoulder) Just know that I'm here whenever you need me.

(Nathan chuckles and kisses the top of Malia's head. Back at Lenore's shop, Hayley's phone rings in her pocket, and she pulls it out to check it as Lenore/Esther washes the snake's blood from her hands. Hayley anxiously looks over at Esther who nods in encouragement.)

Esther: Go ahead, answer it.

Hayley: (answering her phone) Danielle, Esther is here and--

Danielle's Voice: Keep her busy, we're on our way.

(Hayley hangs up as Esther looks to her.)

Esther: It's so lovely to finally meet you. Tell me, do my sons ever acknowledge the good you bring into their lives? After all, it was you who gave them hope.

(Hayley not knowing if she meant "hope" or "Hope," her daughter, looks at her suspiciously.)

Esther: The promise of a child shows us all the possibilities of a future that could be. Children are meant to save us from the worst parts of who we are. A truth that makes my own circumstances all the more tragic, wouldn't you say?

Hayley: (rolls her eyes) I don't pity you, Esther.

Esther: You know, it's a terrible thing, for a mother to fail her child...As you well know.

(As Hayley looks guilty, Danielle, Leon, Klaus and Elijah walk in.)

Klaus: I assume you've had the misfortune of speaking to my mother?

Danielle: (smirking) Enjoying the new body?

(Esther looks at Danielle in shock.)

Esther: You...What did you do?

Danielle: Well...I had a feeling you would do a body swap if things got out of hand during the dinner so I came up with a little plan. Something extra, you could say. Let's see if you know this spell...Pris au piège dans le corps jusqu'à ce que les maîtres vous libère.

Esther: That spell-

Danielle: Yes! That spell will keep you in that body until I release you from it. So you can't enter anyone else's body and control them. You are stuck with this one and I will have to apologize to Lenore about this matter. Esther...did you really think that I, any of us, would want to play games with you? If you want any of us to bow down, it is never going to happen. This is how it's going to go, until you back down, you stay trapped in that body. So from now on, it will be war. So I suggest you bring it. As for the witches, they go by my rule. They do not listen to you for whatever reason. I am Queen of New Orleans, not you. You are trying to sit in my throne and I refuse to have it. You need to move your old wrinkly crazy-ass from it because I am the last person that you want to mess with when it comes to my queendom.

(Witches start to gather behind them, choosing Danielle over Esther. Elijah and Klaus look at Danielle proudly as Esther seems so stunned. Hayley are Leon are amused by the situation.)

Esther: When did you become so clever?

Elijah: Something that she inherited from her mother...Now, you've heard this bright, strong and beautiful young woman.

Klaus: Mother...It is time that you stop hiding behind your spells like a coward.

Esther: When will you understand that I did not come here to wage war?!

Elijah: Everything you do is an act of war.

Danielle: Esther, you lit the flame of this war but we will be the ones to put it out. It's your call.

Esther: I've only come to heal our family!

Klaus: Well, that's a grand sentiment, coming from you.

Esther: My intent was never to harm! Only to heal as I have already healed your brother, Finn. For you, I will undo everything that has been done, thereby giving you a new life!

Klaus: What the bloody hell are you talking about?

Esther: I have the ability to return to you all something that you never got the chance to do. Something that you have lost, Niklaus...Have a family of your own.

Danielle:...Are you saying that you would put them in someone else's body?

Klaus: You're a fool if you think we'll accept anything that you offer!

(Esther starts waving her hand above a cauldron, and the earth begins to shake, rattling all of the inventory on the shelves of the store.)

Esther: Are you sure about that, Niklaus?

(The earth continues to rumble below them as more light bulbs explode, and Esther holds her arms open wide.)

Esther: There will come a time, my darlings, that you will beg for it!

(The glass in the windows shatters inward. Leon shields Danielle and Klaus and Elijah raise their arms over their faces to shield them from the broken glass. Esther lifts her arms over her head as hundreds of starlings burst their way through the windows and descend upon the store.)

A New LoveEdit

(Davina and Ryan, enjoying their time together, are walking outside and watching the festivities that go on in the French Quarter.)

Ryan: Are things always this lively?

Davina: Yep. It's always a party while you're in New Orleans.

Ryan: Huh...Since it's always like this, then our time together should be fun.

Davina: (giggles) So how long are you here for?

Ryan: Well...A few days, a few weeks...Maybe a few months?

Davina: A few months?! What about college?!

Ryan: I can continue college online. I just want to be with you right now, I've missed you.

Davina: Well, I've missed you too...but are you sure that's alright?

Ryan: Yeah, it'll be fine. I can show you my classes online tomorrow. For now, let's just enjoy our date tonight.

Davina: (smiles brightly) Okay...(kisses him) I still can't believe that you're here.

(Before Ryan can reply, they become distracted by the fireworks that just started.)

Ryan: Wow, I can get used to this city.

(They both laugh and kiss passionately once again.)

Weak or StrongEdit

(Nathan, Malia, Elijah, Danielle, Klaus, Leon and Hayley are in the courtyard.)

Klaus: Of course she used those damn birds to make her offer!

Elijah: Let us be happy that Danielle had that back-up plan. Now we will know who she is at all times.

Danielle: Look, do any of you plan to take that damn offer of hers or not?

Nathan, Elijah, Klaus: Of course not!

Danielle: Well then, all that is cleared so time for me to go.

(As Danielle gets ready to leave, Malia stands in her way.)

Danielle: Malia.

Malia: Danielle.

Danielle: Get out of my way.

Malia: I want you to talk to mom.

Danielle: I will when I'm ready.

(Malia once again steps in Danielle's way.)

Malia: What is it? Do you hate me? Can't stand the sight of me? Did you prefer to be an only child?

Danielle: None of the above.

Malia: Then what is your problem?

Danielle:...I am the daughter of Sophia Zariah Mikaelson and believe me I am proud to be her daughter. I have always been grateful to have her as my mother. I love her but for a thousand years, she has been lying to me. (turns around and points to Klaus and Elijah) Including the two of you as well as Aunt Rebekah! (points to Nathan) You haven't been in my life because you betrayed the entire family so Uncle Elijah killed you for that! (turns back to Malia and she becomes tearful) You show up out of the big twin sister. So excuse me if I'm hurt by not knowing of the sister that I never got the chance to knew because you were kept a secret from me as well as the fact that you were dead! I never knew about you, Malia! You didn't exist in my life until now!

(Danielle storms off and Leon follows after her. Elijah is about to follow as well until Klaus stops him.)

Klaus: Leave her. Leon can take care of her. I need you with me...Our mother, Elijah--the woman who brought us into the world, made us what we are--and the whole time, she lied to me! She made me weak.

Elijah: You were never weak, Niklaus. You are--you have always been--the most fierce of us all. In a thousand years, I have never seen anyone successfully stand against you. Not even our wicked father. Not one of the countless devoted to your destruction. You'll protect our home, even in the face of an adversary such as our mother, because that, brother...that is what you do.

(Klaus seems both surprised and grateful for Elijah's response. He grips Elijah's shoulder in a gesture of thanks.)

Klaus: You remain ever the wise counsel, brother.

(Elijah seems shocked at this kindness. Nathan walks over to Malia as Hayley watches the two of them.)

Nathan: You okay?

Malia: Yeah...It's just...I understand why Danielle is so upset and I understand why mom didn't tell her. But...

Nathan: But?

Malia: I feel so conflicted and Danielle does too. I believe that Danielle is questioning whether she is mom's strength or weakness...the same goes for me.

Nathan: (sighs) Sophia loves the both of you. I love the both of you. (places his hands on Malia's shoulders) Knowing that you're alive after all these years, that you were brought back to life...I do anything to keep you safe and Sophia would do the same. Parents love their children unconditionally. I know your mother and she loves you with all her heart. She would give up her life for Danielle and you. That is how much she values the both of you.

Malia:...Would you do the same?

Nathan: (chuckles) In a heartbeat. (hugs Malia) My beautiful Malia.

Malia:...Thanks, dad.

Nathan: Where are you staying tonight?

Malia: With Uncle Klaus for now. But maybe I could move in with you at some point? I don't want to be a burden to my uncles.

Nathan:...Sounds good to me. I'll see you tomorrow. (kisses her forehead) Goodnight.

Malia: Goodnight.

(After Nathan leaves, Hayley walks over to Malia.)

Hayley: Malia, Danielle's older twin?

Malia: Yes and Hayley, right?

Hayley: Yeah. Listen, about're her strength. As long as you're alive, she will always be strong. But if you die, a part of her dies as well.

Malia: But she thought I was dead for a thousand years. Wasn't she already strong?

Hayley: Yeah...but knowing that you're alive now makes her even more stronger.

Malia: Then what if I didn't want to live anymore? What if I wanted to die?

Hayley:...Then she would respect that. I've come to know her and she always respect her children's decisions. She's a great mom. She would do anything for her daughters. I know that I would do anything for mine. So the answer to your question, you're her strength not her weakness.

(As Hayley leaves, Malia walks over to her uncles.)

I Want A RedoEdit

(Danielle and Leon are back at the tall building, sitting near the edge.)

Leon: Danielle--

Danielle: I don't want to die because of my mom...After she watched me die, she just...she completely lost it. She wasn't herself anymore. While I was on the other side, I had to watch her give herself into the darkness. She was hellbent on revenge and was wanting to bring me back to life. She didn't hesitate to kill the people who played a part in my death. But somehow, Marcel managed to bring my mom back to her old self and I was brought back to life.

Leon: So this is what this is about...You don't want to worry her.

Danielle: I love my mom, she's best friend...She's always been there for me and I'm grateful for that. Can't imagine a life without her...Yet I am so angry at her right now.

Leon: Listen, I can understand that you're upset about her keeping your sister a secret from you but don't you think she has her reasons?

Danielle: I don't even know anymore...Can we talking about something else?

Leon: Okay...Do you mind telling me why we came back here?

Danielle: (stands up and lends her hand to Leon) I want a redo.

Leon: (taking her hand and getting up) What?

Danielle: I want a redo. I wasn't ready last time.

Leon: You want to jump off this building again?

Danielle: No, you are the one jumping off of this building while carrying me.

Leon: (picking her up) Whatever you say.

Danielle: And after this, I want a second and third redo.

Leon: What? You want to go again another two times?

Danielle: Yes but what I mean is that the second time we do this is when I leave New Orleans. The third time will be the Eiffel Tower.

Leon: Why there?

Danielle:...I'll tell you when we get there...Deal?


(They smile at each other and Leon takes one step to fall off the building with Danielle in his arms.)

Your PurposeEdit

(Esther stands outside her car as Magdalene approaches with one of the unknown woman who is wearing a cloaked hood.)

Magdalene: You switched bodies?

Esther: Yes...a little incident occurred.

Magdalene: Oh, so your children caused another mishap.

Esther: Is that her?

Magdalene: Yes.

Esther: You were able to bring her back to life...

Magdalene: I told you that I'm a master of resurrection when it comes to those that can't be brought back.

Esther: For that, you have my thanks but there is still more that needs to be done.

Magdalene: Of course.

(Esther walks up to the unknown woman and removes her hood.)

Esther: (smiles)...Tatia.

(Shockingly, it is revealed that one of the women that was resurrected is Tatia Petrova.)

Tatia: How do you know me?

Esther: Because I know you, beautiful child. I knew you while you grew up with my lovely Sophia.

Tatia: (scared) Esther?

She's MissingEdit

(It is now morning and Elijah is waking up, hearing his cell phone ringing. He sees that it is Brody and answers it.)

Elijah: I hope that this is important, Brody.

(As Elijah listens to Brody, he has a worried expression on his face.)

The Originals

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