The Originals(Fan Fiction) TV Series
Season One, Episode 16
Moon 13
Written by User:Cori11 and User:KathrineAndJeremy4eva
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Moonlight Sonata is the sixteenth episode of Season One of The Originals Fanfiction (Series).


ROMANCE AND BLOOD--Elijah decides to throw another Mikaelson Ball in order to reunite his family but also lure out their enemies. Hayley bonds with her family whom she searched for years, learns something unexpected, and confronts Thomas about the truth to her baby. Macklyn makes a romantically move against Rebekah which brings back their past. Katherine returns and is reunited with an old flame causing Elijah to become jealous. Aria makes an emotional confession to Klaus. Marcel gives Sophia some important information that could bring Danielle back to life. Danielle has her hands full dealing with Mikael but also encouraging Davina to love her magic and embrace it. Neoma and the witches bring up a challenge for Elijah. Felix brings an unexpected blow to the event that will cause most to meet a bloody end.


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  • First appearances of: Rose, Radmin, Jackson...
  • The Mikaelson Ball will take place in this episode.
  • Link to the Outfits:
  • There will be many deaths in this episode.
  • Katherine will be invited by Elijah and she will be planning to help Marcel.
    • Note: Katherine wants to see Sophia and Elijah one last time, she will not be telling them that she is close to death.
  • Aria and Katherine will be reunited.
  • Katherine tells Sophia she and Aria are friends.
  • Klaus and Aria scenes.
  • We will see another flashback of when Aria was searching for Klaus.
  • Jackson will be introduced this episode.
  • Felix does something that no one sees coming.




Aria: Did you forget Klaus. I was your girlfriend you taught me all the twisted games you play.



Unexpected Reunion Edit

(Davina is taking a walk in the French Quarter and hears a familiar voice, turning around and shocked by who she sees.)

Davina: Monique?!

(Sophie is seen watching them...)



(Elijah and Matthias are in the Abattoir, with many workers around them, planning an event.)

Matthias: It looks like things are going well are you really considering throwing a Mikaelson Ball here in the Abattoir?

Elijah: Do you have any better suggestions?

Matthias: Well you have the Mikaelson Mansion as well as Sophia's mansion.

Elijah: True...

Matthias: Have you spoken to Sophia since then?

Elijah: No, I haven't but she has texted me a few times.

Matthias: Well, at least she's kept in contact. You'll get to talk to her at the ball, maybe even share a dance.

Elijah: Maybe.

Matthias: So what is the other reason that you're throwing a Mikaelson Ball?

Elijah: What other reason would I have?

Matthias: Elijah, I know you. You taught me everything.

Elijah: (chuckles) Here's a new lesson. If the table's the obstacle, remove it. Or you could say, keep your friends close and your enemies closer.

Matthias: Wait, you're inviting Neoma and the others?!

Elijah: Absolutely. I plan to take out as many as our enemies as I can. Neoma is not included in that because I need to find what her goal is and tell her of what I have learned about her past.

Matthias: By throwing a ball? Things will get bloody.

Elijah: And that is how it always is.

Invitation/Jayne's Sorrow/Surprise! Edit


(Sophia comes downstairs to open the front door and see Hayley standing before her.)

Sophia: Hey...Why are you here is something wrong?

Hayley: No. Elijah wanted to send you this invitation and I volunteered to bring it to you. (handing Sophia a Mikaelson Ball invitation)

Sophia: Thanks...A Mikaelson Ball?

Hayley: Yeah. He's planning this huge party...But mostly he wants to fix things.

Sophia: Fix things? Honestly, everything is way too far damaged to be repaired.

Hayley: You're a Mikaelson. You should be there.

Sophia: I am not a Mikaelson...I never was....My whole life was a lie.

Hayley: You're a lot like me...

Sophia: Huh?

Hayley: Trying to figure out who you are and where you belong in this world. Believe me, I get it. But they are still your family even if its not by blood. They've been your family for a thousand years, not a lot of people get that. Elijah told me that he still loves you. You're his little sister, no matter what anyone else saids and even though you're not a Mikaelson by blood, you're a Mikaelson by heart.

(Vanessa comes up behind Sophia)

Vanessa: Go to the ball. You need a break after everything that has been going on.

Hayley: I should go but Sophia, please come. And the rest of your friends are invited as well.

(Hayley leaves and Sophia closes the door. She sees Brody and Bethany coming down the stairs.)

Sophia: Hey, what is going on with Jayne? She's not acting like her usual self.

Brody: I don't want to talk about it. (walking into the kitchen.)

Bethany: A lot happened three days ago...Apparently your ex-best friend knew Jayne's mother.

Sophia: Are you serious?

Bethany: Yep. However, Aria had only met Jayne's mother twice. The first time was sixty years ago and the second was when Jayne was a baby. The woman hadn't aged in sixty years.

Sophia: Meaning she must not be an ordinary Siren.

Bethany: Correct because as a bonus, she is one of the most powerful Sirens in the world as well as a troublemaker. She gave Jayne up for adoption and we can't find out why. She begged Brody to look into her past. He only got glimpses as Jayne as a baby and saw her mother but just couldn't see her face, everything was too blurry for him to see. He managed to find out something that really hurt Jayne...Her mother doesn't want Jayne to find her. To her, its for Jayne's own good.

Sophia: I kinda know the feeling....

Bethany: You should try talking to her. I'm going to wardrobe stylist for us so that we can get ready for that Mikaelson Ball.

Sophia: Were you eavesdropping?

Bethany: (smiles) Of course I was, darling!

(Bethany heads into the living room. Sophia laughs quietly as she heads upstairs to Jayne's room. She knocks on the door, asking to come in but doesn't get an answer. She sees Jayne sitting on her bed with a stuffed animal, silently crying.)

Sophia: Jayne...

Jayne: Go away...I don't want anyone seeing me like this.

Sophia: Jayne, Bethany told me everything. I'm sorry. This must be eating you up inside.

Jayne: Of course it is and I hate it. My own mother doesn't want to see me!

Sophia: That's not true. She doesn't want you to find her because she may be trying to protect you from something. Believe me, a mother's love for the child is one of the strongest things in the world we live in.

Jayne: Have you found anything out about your mom yet?

Sophia: No, not yet...But she's out there. I will find her just like I know you will find yours.

Jayne:...We really have screwed up families, don't we?

Sophia: (laughs) Yes, I guess we do. Come on. (holds out her hand) Lets go downstairs and see what wardrobe stylist Bethany picked out.

Jayne: (takes her hand) Wardrobe stylist? For what?

Sophia: My brother is throwing a Mikaelson Ball and he's invited us. So we need to pick out dresses, shoes, accessories, hairstyles, makeup, the car we're driving in--

Jayne: Whoa! Sophia, slow your roll! You really like this kinda stuff, don't you?

Sophia: Sorry, got carried away.

(As they leave her room, Jayne stops Sophia for a moment and hugs her.)

Jayne: Thanks. (lets go and runs downstairs)

(Sophia smiles and hears Bethany calling her.)

Bethany: Sophia, you have a visitor!

(Sophia walks downstairs and sees a familiar face standing before Bethany and Jayne.)

Sophia: Katherine?!

Katherine: Surprise!

The Bayou/"My Supernatural Baby" Edit

(Hayley and Eve are watching watching two of their family members sparring and wrestling.)

Hayley: Is what you all do most of the time? Playing Fight Club

Eve: (smirks) Its one of the things for the guys. A way for them to have some fun around here.

Hayley: Shouldn't you stop them?

Eve: Me? No. I'm not the Alpha.

Hayley: Then who is?

Eve: You haven't met him yet?

Hayley: No. Where can I find this Alpha?

(Before Eve can answer, Thomas shows up.)

Thomas: Hello, ladies. Hayley, you wanted to talk to me?

Hayley: Come with me.

(Hayley and Thomas walk away from the camp.)

Hayley: Tell me the truth. Do you know know what those words mean? The words about my baby?

Thomas: Hayley, I told you its nothing. Don't worry about it.

Hayley: Nothing to worry about? Because from what I've heard, it means that my supernatural baby will destrory everything!

(Thomas has a shocked look on his face and remains quiet.)

Hayley: You knew and didn't tell me! Who else have you told?

Thomas:...I only told Elijah.

Hayley: Wow! So you tell him and not me? He's not the one carrying this baby, I am! I have a damn right to know!

Thomas: Hayley, I didn't tell you because we don't know what it actually means!

Hayley: "It will destroy everything"? I think its pretty obvious, Thomas! And you are one person who never lied to me! Why the sudden change now?

Thomas: There are some things that you are better off not knowing.

Hayley: Who are you right now? You used to tell me everything!

Thomas: I'm sorry--

Hayley: Save it.

(Hayley walks away.)

Invitations Edit

Neoma: It seems we have received an invitation to the Mikaelson Ball. "The event will take place at 7 p.m. Please wear formal attire. There will be conversation, drinks, and of course, dancing. We hope you attend and enjoy for what's to come."

Aria: Well that sounds fun!

Papa Tunde: However, its a trap.

Neoma: True...But we're going. I know its Elijah planning this event so I want to know what he wants.

Genevieve: Then I had better pick out a dress. (leaving the room)

Neoma: Find me something too! And it has to be a dark navy!

Aria:...This gives me the perfect opportunity to settle things with Klaus. Now that the curse of the werewolves has been broken, there's something I thought of...

Favor/It's On Edit

Davina: When are you going to tell Sophia about all this?

Marcel: Tomorrow, I know she's going to the Mikaelson Ball. But I just need to find out where this Qetsiyah is.

Davina: I can do a locator spell.

Marcel: Davina, you don't have to do magic--

Davina: I don't have to practice Ancestral magic anymore. Sophia gave me options of what kind of magic I can use. I'm planning on trying Traditional magic, it seems more easier.

Marcel: Just don't wear yourself out, alright? (kisses her forehead)

Davina: (smiles brightly) Okay...Hey, things have been going well for you and Sophia, huh?

Marcel: What makes you say that?

Davina: Because for the past few days, you've been very happy about something and I'm not talking about helping out Danielle.

Marcel: Okay something may have happened.

Davina: Can I get the details?

Marcel: Girl, get to that locator spell!

(Davina laughs and runs out of the room and gets a call from Elijah.)

Marcel: Yeah, what do you need?

Elijah: A favor. I assume you got an invitation for the Mikaelson Ball.

Marcel: Yeah, what about it?

Elijah: Well, I just wanted to inform you that I am inviting Neoma and the witches as well.

Marcel: Wait, you're what? Elijah, what the hell are you thinking?

Elijah: That I should keep my friends close and my enemies closer. I have a plan to take out as many enemies as I can. What I want is for you to deal with Genevieve. Since Monique came back to life, my assumption is that Bastianna's death is what brought Monique back. But as well as helping me keep an eye on Sophia. There's no telling what she will do when she sees Neoma.

Marcel: Alright, no problem. I'll be there.

(Elijah hangs up and is told by one of the workers he has gotten a gift from someone. Elijah checks the gift box and sees blood coming out of it.)

Matthias: What do you think it is?

Elijah: Whatever it is, its vile and not good.

(Elijah opens to gift box to find a bloody hand inside and a note.)

Matthias: This is what its come to? What does the note say?

Elijah: "It's on."

Katherine's Visit/I Will Return Edit


Sophia: Katherine, I love that you have come to visit but why are you here?

Katherine: Got an invitation to the Mikaelson Ball.

Sophia: From who?

Katherine: Elijah. He thought me being here would help you feel better.

Sophia: Well, I do feel even more better than before.

Bethany/Jayne: Hey!

Sophia: Stop eavesdropping! And you know that I love you both too!

Katherine: (serious) Sophia.

Sophia: Uh...What's with the serious look and tone?

Katherine: Why didn't you tell me about Danielle's death?

Sophia: How did you--?

Katherine: Elijah told me.

Sophia:...There was nothing to talk about.

Katherine: Nothing to--Sophia! Your daughter died and you started lashing out! Then I find out that you died a few days ago and you're no longer a vampire! Why didn't you tell me?!

Sophia: I don't know! Maybe...I didn't want you to know! (teary) I am so tired of losing people that I care about...I felt that if you came out here, you would have died too!

Katherine: Soph...You can't do that. Don't start pushing me away because I'm not going anywhere. Have you forgotten? I'm Katherine Pierce, a survivor. (wipes away Sophia's tears) I know that I will find a way that will get me out of my predicament, so you don't need to worry about me.

(Sophia feels something hugging her and realizes that its her daughter. Danielle is shown hugging her mother tightly and smiling.)

Sophia:...Danielle is here right now. She's giving me a hug.

Katherine: Must be an effect from the Other Side collapsing. Hey, squirt.

Sophia: Yes, I'm hoping to find a way to save her fast before that happens...By the way, why didn't you tell me about your daughter and Travelers showing up in Mystic Falls?

Katherine: How did you--?

Sophia: Stefan told me.

Katherine: For the love of...Okay from now on, we don't keep anything from each.

Sophia: Starting right now.

Katherine: Wait! Are you forgetting something to tell me?

Sophia: No...

Katherine: Oh really? Because I called Marcel to find out how things are going between you two and he told me that you kissed him.

Bethany/Jayne: WHAT?!

(Bethany and Jayne burst into the room.)

Bethany: Sophia, you have some explaining to do!

Jayne: Yeah! For now, I have to sneak in on your love life because according to Brody, mine's won't start for a while!

Sophia: (blushing) Conversation's over!

(Sophia runs out of the room as Jayne, Katherine, and Bethany chase after her. Danielle laughs watching her mother and friends however Mikael interrupts.)

Mikael: Ah, such a sweet moment. The bonds of friendship are very important in life.

Danielle: How long do you keep on following me around?

Mikael: Until your mother brings you back from the afterlife because I plan to return as well.

Danielle: Yeah, that's never going to happen. Once I leave here, you'll be stuck here, only to be swept away by the unseen forces here. Now go away, I'm tired of your constant bickering for the past three days.

Mikael: Danielle, I'm family. Let's be civil here.

Danielle: Correction. We are not family. For a thousand years, you have tried to kill your children several times. What makes you think I would be civil towards you?

Mikael: Because I can tell you about your father. Of how he agreed to have your mother, your aunt, and your uncles to become the Original Vampires.

Danielle:..That's a lie.

Mikael: No, its not. Tell me, how do you think your father died? You weren't a bit curious to what happened to him?

Danielle: I'm not listening to you--

Mikael: Because it was your Uncle Elijah who killed him.

(Danielle freezes for a moment upon hearing what Mikael had just said...)

Danielle: (walking out) I'm not listening to your lies.

Mikael: You can't escape me, Danielle, not even your family can! I will return to the living...

Be My Date Edit

(Brody, Jayne, and Sophia are getting ready for the Mikaelson Ball. Bethany and Katherine are waiting downstairs.)

Katherine: So where is this Mikaelson Ball going to be held at?

Bethany: Elijah called earlier today. He asked if it was alright to use the ballroom near the mansion outside.

Katherine: Well knowing Elijah, he will make this the best event in history.

(Finna comes in running to Katherine.)

Katherine: (picking Finna up) Hey, there furball.

Bethany: So what's your relationship with Elijah?

Katherine: We were together but some things kept tearing us apart. As of now, we're just friends.

Bethany: So you don't mind if you I try another shot at him?

Katherine: (quiet for a moment) I don't mind. Go ahead.

Bethany: I'll do that.

(Sophia and Jayne are coming downstairs, walking hand in hand, with Brody following them.)

Bethany: You all look amazing.

Sophia: So do you two.

Jayne: I think I could get use to this.

Sophia: Good because there will be more to come.

Bethany: Let's get over to the ballroom, its starting!

(Bethany, Katherine, and Jayne walk out the front door and Brody stops Jayne for a moment.)

Jayne: What is it?

Brody: I can't believe I am doing this but...Jayne Rutledge, would you allow me to escort you to the Mikaelson Ball.

Jayne:....Brody....Are you trying to ask you to be your date.

Brody: Actually, I'm trying to ask you to be my date. Just answer the question!

(Jayne gives him a small smile and links arms with him.)

Jayne: Let's go.

Secret Plan Underway Edit

(Felix is seen lurking in the darkness...setting up some kind of device of some sort. He hears people coming into the building and smiles evilly.)

Felix: Soon...

Mikaelson Ball Edit

(The Mikaelson Ball has begun. Elijah stands by the entrance greeting the guests who arriving. Klaus stands next to him.)

Klaus: I'm impressed, brother.

Elijah: Thank you. I myself know how to throw a good party.

(Neoma, Genevieve, Papa Tunde, and Aria stand before Elijah and Klaus.)

Neoma: That you do, Mr. Mikaelson.

Elijah: Please, enjoy yourselves. We have food and drinks. The dancing will begin shortly.

Neoma: I'll go do that. Let's chat later. (walks away with Papa Tunde and Genevieve)

Aria: (walking by Klaus) Save me a dance.

Klaus: Elijah, you should expect that people will start tearing one another to shreds.

Elijah: I know and I am fully prepared for that.

Serena: Good because I plan to tear you apart.

Klaus: My goodness. Elijah, what kind of trouble have you gotten yourself into?

Elijah: Serena, is something wrong?

Serena: Let's just say that I know about a certain someone who was turned into the Grim Reaper. (walks away)

Elijah: Serena--!

Klaus: Elijah, talk to her later. A special someone has arrived.

(Elijah stops talking when he sees Sophia and Katherine walking towards them. Bethany, Jayne, and Brody stand behind them.)

Elijah: Sophia, you look beautiful. As do you, Katerina.

Katherine/Sophia: Thank you.

Bethany: What about me?

Elijah: Stunning as always.

Jayne: So this is a ball?

Klaus: I assume that this is your first one?

Jayne: Yeah...

Elijah: Well you must enjoy yourself. The dancing will begin in a few minutes. I'm sure a certain someone may ask you to dance.

Katherine: How many women do you plan on asking to dance with you?

Bethany: I must be included in that.

Elijah: Of course. Katerina as well. But I would like the first be with my loving sister, Sophia Mikaelson.

Sophia:...We'll see.

???: Is it alright if I get the first dance with a woman named Katherine Pierce or better yet, Katerina Petrova?

(Katherine turns around to see a familiar face who she is suprised to see.)

Katherine: Radmin?! What are you doing here?

Radmin: Sophia invited me. She said you would be here.

(Sophia quickly walks away with Brody and Jayne following her, snickering. Katherine glares at Sophia but begins to laugh and smile.)

Radmin: (offers her his hand) Join me?

Katherine: I would love to. (takes his hand)

(Elijah seems to have a look of jealously when Katherine walks away with Radmin. Marcel and Davina are sitting their table, discussing on how to bring Danielle back.)

Marcel: So this witch is in Mystic Falls? That's where the Originals came back from. She must have came back from the dead after the Originals had left.

Davina: So Sophia just has to learn this element called Life and she can save Danielle?

Marcel: According to what Macklyn told me. When Sophia gets here, I'll let her know.

Davina: She got her a few mintues ago.

Marcel: What...D, why didn't you tell me?

Davina: Because we were talking about this.

The Waltz/Remembering to Love/Sparks Edit

(Matthias and Hayley stand on the staircase and Matthias makes an announcement.)

Matthias: Everyone, please gather. Let us thank Elijah Mikaelson for throwing this magnificent ball. (everyone claps) Now, as some of you know, it's tradition for us to commence the evening with a dance. A centuries-old waltz, so if all of you could please find yourselves a partner, please join us on the dance floor.

Elijah: Sophia. (extends her hand towards her) Will you allow me the first dance?

Sophia: (takes his hand) It is tradition.

(Klaus sees Rebekah standing alone and walks over to her. Klaus extends his arm to her and she takes it as she gives him a small smile.)

Matthias: Hayley.

Hayley: (takes his offered hand and allows him to lead her onto the dance floor) Thank you.

Matthias: You're welcome. You seemed troubled about something. I hope this dance will cheer you up some.

(Everyone is dancing the waltz. Brody notices Jayne laughing a bit and is becoming annoyed by it.)

Brody: What's so funny?

Jayne:...Its...its just so hard to believe that you actually dance. Especially the waltz.

Brody: Well the same can be said for you.

Jayne: You just have to ruin the funny moments as always.

Brody: If you stop being such a brat, then I wouldn't have to run on your parade.

Jayne: Then maybe you should stop being such a knucklehead.

Brody: Just shut up and dance...And you look beautiful by the way.

Jayne:...Thank you...That guy from your vision, the person I'm meant to be with, is he hot?

Brody: I'm not answering that question.

Jayne: (grins) I'll take that as a yes.

(Hayley and Matthias)

Matthias: How are you feeling? Is your pregnancy going along, okay?

Hayley: Yeah. Nine months pregnant, my due date is almost here.

Matthias: I feel something has been troubling you.

Hayley: Its about the baby...something Celeste had said and a witch friend of mine was able to translate it...The words meant that my baby will destroy all.

Matthias: Are you sure?

Hayley: Yes. She's over seven-hundred years old, I think she knows what she's doing.

Matthias: Have you told anyone else about this?

Hayley: I asked Thomas to help me find out what it means but he told me he could't find anything and not to worry about it...He lied, he knew this whole time and so did Elijah.

Matthias: I will speak with them about this matter later. For now, just relax and enjoy our dance.

Hayley: (smiles) Okay.

(Klaus and Rebekah)

Rebekah: I'm surprised that you would dance with me.

Klaus: I am not so inconsiderate to let you be alone. You are my sister after all.

(Marcel and Davina)

Marcel: Having fun?

Davina: Yeah! Can you throw a ball next time?

Marcel: Any kind of party you want thrown, let me know.

Davina: I'm still worried about Monique, she really hasn't opened up since she came back. And I haven't felt Danielle's presence in a while.

Marcel: When the dance is over, I'll have someone escort you home if that's what you want.

Davina: I'm fine with that.

Marcel: As for Danielle, I'm sure she's fine. She might be seeing some people she hasn't seen in a while.

Davina: Yeah, maybe....

(Katherine and Radmin)

Katherine: So, Radmin. You came all the way out here to see me?

Radmin: Of course, I missed you. Also, I'll be moving here shortly. I'll be running a business as well as becoming the new owner of the Royale Casino here in the French Quarter soon.

Katherine: Sounds interesting. Maybe I'll stop by sometime.

Ramin: (grins) Katerina, don't start with the flirting?

Katherine: Why not? Its one of my best qualities.

Radmin: I want to take things slow with you. As of now, we're friends and after some time, I will ask you out on a date.

Katherine: I don't think I can do that. I'm more of the fast type girl.

Radmin: Katerina, we have always been friends. The reason I want to take things slow, is because I don't want this to feel like its forced. I am a man of of good friendship and true romance.

Katherine: And you're also good in bed.

Radmin: Really? You had to bring that up.

(Elijah and Sophia)

Sophia: Elijah, stop glaring at them.

Elijah: So you invited him?

Sophia: Of course, I did. I've missed him and I know Katherine has too. So I was thinking they should give it another shot. Like you should give it another shot with Bethany. I'm not trying to play matchmaker here but give her time. See how things work. Can you promise me that?

Elijah:...Yes. I see where you are coming from and its understandable. You're a good friend and the best sister I could have ever asked for.

Sophia: Even though we're not blood, thank you for being my brother all these years--(sees Neoma) What is Neoma doing here?!

(Elijah reacts quickly and twirls Sophia around then she's suddenly in Marcel's arms and they begin to dance.)

Marcel: Hey there. I haven't seen you kissed me. Am I right?

Sophia: Change the subject.

Marcel: Alright...I found a way to bring Danielle back.


Marcel: You need the element called Life, it can bring back the dead. Supposely, a witch named Qetsiyah can teach it to you.

Sophia: Qetsiyah? The witch from two-thousand years ago? The witch who helped her fiancee, Silas, create the Immorality Spell? Then when she found out that Silas planned to live forever with another woman, she killed his lover and used her powers to imprison Silas. I'm pretty sure she's dead.

Marcel: From what I was told, she's still alive. Davina did a locator spell and it looks like Qetsiyah is in Mystic Falls.

Sophia: Did you really do all this for me?

Marcel: Most of it...but not just you, for Davina and the rest of your family. Dani is a good kid.

Sophia: Keep this up...and you're on the way to becoming one my best friends.

Marcel: Just your best friend?

(Sophia begins to remember the past...)



(Sophia and her close friend, Rose, are in a jazz club, having a good time. Everyone is dancing, having drinks, enjoying conversations. Rose smiles at her husband when he waves at her and she sees a very attractive man staring at Sophia.)

Rose: So, Sophia. When are you going to let a man court you?

Sophia: (laughs) Never. Never again.

Rose: Why not? Sophia I know that you're a vampire but how can you keep living forever without falling in love?

Sophia: Believe me when I say that I have a good enough reason.

Rose: And what would that be? Sophia, look around you! There are many couples here who are getting to know one another or are falling in love! You have lived for nine-hundred years and can do whatever you want. How can you leave love out of that equation?

Sophia: True but love is not an option for me. As of right now, I live for my family and friends.

Rose: But not a lover.

Sophia: There's no room for that kind of love in my life.

Rose: I can't imagine a world without love in it. It would be too cruel. But deep down, you have a good heart and one day, there will be a man who will see you for who you truly are and he will fall madly in love with you. All you have to do is let him in.


Sophia: Marcel--

Marcel: Hold on. For now just keep dancing with me. When the dance is over, we'll go outside.

(Klaus and Aria)

Aria: You're oddly quiet.

Klaus: Honestly I have nothing to say to you. All I want to do is rip you to shreds.

Aria: Ouch. Why to talk to someone who had been searching for you for over a hundred years.

Klaus: Maybe if you had done things differently and not gone after my niece, then we wouldn't be in this predicament.

Aria: So are you saying we would have been together?

Klaus: No. What I'm saying is things between us would have been subtle. However, you sided with my mother's greatest enemy, the demon, Neoma.

Aria: Don't you get it? What was I suppose to do, turn her down. She offered me power and revenge. How was I suppose to give that up, knowing she would help me find you?

Klaus: Its not my fault you could never say no.

Aria: I would've gone after you first but I wanted to make you suffer first.

Klaus: Well I did suffer. You went after my niece and now she's dead because of you which is why I hate you. (walks away)

Aria: You should check in with Marcel. Macklyn nearly killed him a few days ago!

(Rebekah and Macklyn)

Macklyn: So about the next plan

Rebekah: There's no plan. Its over.

Macklyn: What's that suppose to mean?

Rebekah: After everything that has happened, I've open my eyes open. I let myself be controlled by anger and revenge but no more. I am going to side with my family. But I will admit that New Orleans does need a Queen, its just that you won't be King.

Macklyn: So you're turning your back on me again?

Rebekah: I never turned my back on you. Macklyn, you were the one who betrayed us. You broke my heart after everything you had done.

Macklyn: And that's when you ran right to Marcel.

Rebekah: He loved me, we just weren't in love. However, back then he would've of done anything for me.

Macklyn: What does he have that I don't?

Rebekah:...Loyalty. Where does you allegiance lie, Macklyn? Nowhere.

Macklyn: It lies with you! I have loyalty towards you and only you! Rebekah, I still love you!


(Glimpses of flashbacks appear. One of Rebekah and Macklyn happy together, another of Macklyn as a bloodthirsty vampire as Rebekah looks at him in fear.)

Rebekah: What we had, is gone. It always has been. (walks away)

(Elijah and Katherine are seen dancing. Behind them, Hayley meets a part of her family and Thomas watches them.)

Hayley: So you're the Alpha leader?

Jackson: Yeah. I'm Jackson. It's nice to see you again.

Hayley: You're the wolf who's been watching me. 

Jackson: I gotta keep my eye on you. Precious cargo and all.

Hayley: Right. Gotta protect the miracle baby. 

Jackson: No, that's not what I meant. I don't care about the baby. Sorry, that came out wrong. I mean, of course I care. You're a Labonair. A baby, it's a big deal. But personally, my interest is in you.

Hayley: You don't even know me.

Jackson:  Our parents knew each other. They were of the same people but not the same bloodline. Now, you know how pack hierarchy works, right? Everybody has their part to play, and...we had our part too.

Hayley: What part was that?

Jackson: You were supposed to be my wife.

(The dancing ends)

Hayley: Wait...So you're that Jackson?!

Family History Edit

(Hayley and Jackson are in another room, Hayley continues to learn her family history.)

Jackson: How did you find out about me?

Hayley: A friend of mine.

Jackson: Look, I know its a lot to take in.

Hayley: I just wanted to meet my family. I never imagined I'd meet my husband from some weird-ass arranged marriage. 

Jackson: I guess you don't know about any of this because there was never anyone around to teach you. The Crescents aren't just any pack of wolves. The bloodline goes back to the very beginning. Two families – yours and mine. I guess that makes us kind of a royalty. 

Hayley: This is a joke, right? I mean, if you're royalty, where's the throne?

Jackson: New Orleans used to be our town, and we lost it all because of some infighting. The vampires came after us, and if our families were united we could've taken them. So our parents decided to bring the two lines back together. And you and I were betrothed. 

Hayley: I'm sorry. This is ridiculous.

Jackson:  Look, obviously things didn't work out the way anyone thought they would. Our pack made a huge misstep with the vampires when we refused to back down, and Marcel had us cursed by a witch. You are the last one of your bloodline, Andrea. Or Hayley, whatever you call yourself. These people will follow you. You can help them – you and what you represent.

Hayley:  And what is that exactly?

Jackson:  A time when things were different. When our people fought back. And after everything you went through to find us... You're the one who will make a difference for the werewolves but also avenge your parents.

Hayley: What are you talking about?

Jackson: I assume you've already met him. His name is Felix. The man who killed your parents.

Hayley: What do you know about him?

Jackson: Mainly that he's just a bloodthirsty killer and he wants all supernatual creatures dead.

Hayley: Well, I better keep my guard up because I'm one of the supernatural creatures that he wants dead the most.

(Aria walks in)

Aria: So here are the two little werewolves.

Hayley: Aria. I heard Klaus really let you have it earlier. Are you feelings still hurt?

Aria: Hayley, I think you should be a bit nicer to me.

Jackson: And why is that? You're just a cold hearted bitch who needs to get over herself.

Aria: I might be a bitch but I'm your family as well.

Hayley: What?

Aria: I'll give you the full story of my history. But first...I'm your ancestor. I am also a member of the Labonair Family.

Friendship and Lies Edit

(Elijah brings Serena into a private room so that they can talk.)

Elijah: Serena--

Serena: You knew who I was this whole time! Including you knew about the truth about my parents!

Elijah: I kept the truth from you to protect you! Serena, your parents didn't want you to live a life of fear of the Grim Reaper. They wanted you to have a normal life.

Serena: Well, my life isn't normal anymore.

Elijah: How did you find out?

Serena: The Grim Reaper came to me. Told me everything. He attacked me but I managed to handle him.

Elijah: How did you do that?

Serena: What do you think? My light. It finally had the courage to come out and protect me.

Elijah: Serena, you can still walk away from this. I will keep the Grim Reaper away from you.

Serena: I'm not walking away from this. I made my decision about what I'm going to do.

Elijah: And what would that be.

Serena: After learning what my father has to go through, I will take his burden upon myself so that his soul can finally rest. And no one is going to get in my way, not even you Elijah. So help me, if you even stand between me and the Reaper, you will regret it. (walks out of the room)

(Elijah looks stunned and Neoma walks into the room.)

Neoma: Wow. She's got guts speaking up to you. I give her credit for that, I like her.

Protection Edit

(Sophia and Marcel walk near the pool area and watch the moonlight glowing upon them.)

Sophia: I asked Katherine about it. She said Qetsiyah died after finally getting Silas over to the Other Side but maybe she's back now.

Marcel: So you're going?

Sophia: Yes. I need to learn this element quickly because I know there's a war coming.

Marcel: A war that I want you to stay out of. You're vulnerable now that you're not a vampire anymore!

Sophia: I still have my magic including my elements, I'll be fine.

Marcel: What if you get yourself killed again? I won't be able to do anything to help you!

Sophia: My family will make sure nothing happens. We protect each other.

Marcel: Yeah, well I'm going to protect Davina but you as well. I don't want to lose anymore people important to me.

Sophia: We're a lot of alike.

(Marcel chuckles and picks a blue rose, giving it to Sophia who smiles. He sees Genevieve walking by.)

Marcel: I'll be back. Need to take care of something.

Elijah vs Neoma Edit

(Elijah questions Neoma)

Neoma: Did you get my gift?

Elijah: Yes, I did. Next time, how about you send something more pleasant. If there's going to be a next time.

Neoma: What is that suppose to mean? You're going to kill me? Don't forget which of us is more powerful.

Elijah: Believe me, I know that. What I mean is that you will finally be able to rest. To go back to the person you once were. The darkness inside Sophia that was once your light had told us everything. Who you once were, what your life was like, about your family, and what drove you to be the person you are now.

Neoma: What? Are you going to give me some big epic speech on how I should just drop everything and become good again? Sorry, not going to happen. I suffered horribly when my family was killed in front of me. My father died trying to protect my mother and my husband died trying to protect me. I was a half-demon that made me weak. Now I'm a demon, powerful than ever. I can do what I want when I want. Honestly, you should

Elijah: Neoma, you have been deeply scarred but when someone hurts my family, I will not let them get away with it.

Neoma: Excuse me? You should be thankful to me.

Elijah:...What are you talking about?

Neoma: Dear Elijah. Your mother is just like the people I once knew. Treat you like trash just because you're different and you get turned into something you're not. You're in a similar situation, aren't you?

Elijah: My mother did love us but...she feels we are abominations. But the same can be said about you.

Neoma: Let me tell you the truth. The person I was died that day, she's not coming back. So go tell my former light that I'm not done playing my game yet. I want my revenge since Esther isn't around, I have to settle for her children. Listen to me well, the battle between us has ended but the war is just getting started.

(Neoma uses her powers to freeze everything in the room into ice.)

Neoma: I'll send you an invitation. (leaves)

Marcel vs Genevieve Edit

(Marcel vamp speeds and throws Genevieve against the wall. Genevieve chants a spell at him but nothing is happening.)

Marcel: Sorry but your magic isn't going to work on me. A friend of mine had cast a protection spell, so I'm safe but I can't say the same for you.

(Marcel bares his fangs and bites Genevieve's neck.She yells in pain but suddenly Marcel stops and starts making choking noises. He starts vomiting blood while the wound on her neck heals supernaturally fast as he continues to choke and falls to the ground.)

Genevieve: Marcel, I had a backup plan as well. (laughs and walks away) 

Checking In Edit

(Davina and Monique sit are hanging out in Davina's garden. All of the herbs and flowers are completely dry.)

Davina: So are you feeling any better?

Monique: A bit. Are you still going to use magic?

Davina: Yeah but not ancestral. I'll be using Traditional magic. But I'm still nervous about using magic. Its just that magic changed our lives and caused so many deaths.

(Danielle appears and touches Davina's shoulder.)

Danielle: Davina, embrace it. Magic is a part of you, it expresses who you are. Use it and love it.

Davina: Danielle...I hear your voice...

Danielle: Really?!

Monique: I hear it too. Who is she?

Davina: Her name is Danielle. She's a member of the Original Family but half witch.

Danielle: Nice to meet you, Monique.

Davina: Embrace my magic...

Danielle: Magic has been a part of me for a thousand years and I have never regretted having it. Without it, I wouldn't know who I am. Our magic is what defines us.

Davina:...I want to use more more spell from Ancestral magic. Just to say goodbye and go our separate ways.

Monique: Then do it.

Davina: Belle la vie à cette fleur. Belle la vie à cette fleur. Belle la vie à cette fleur. Belle la vie à cette fleur. Belle la vie à cette fleur. Maintenent.

(The flowers and herbs come back to life and Davina smiles as she hands it one to Monique and she feels Danielle hugging her then hands a rose to Danielle as well.)

Father vs Former Son Edit

(Macklyn is outside, drinking booze. He is immediately thrown against the wall by Klaus.)

Macklyn: What's your problem?

Klaus: Did you try to kill Marcel?

Macklyn: What's it to you?

Klaus: HE'S MY SON!

Macklyn: SO AM I!

Klaus: You lost that right the moment you changed into a cold bloodthirsty killer and don't forget to mention that you had part in the death of my niece.

Macklyn: None of this would have happened if you hadn't pushed me away!

Klaus: No! None of this would've of happened if you hadn't became the person that you did that day! I tried to talk to you, all of us did but you refused to listen! You're the one who pushed us away! So listen to me NOW and listen good! You will stay away from my family and Marcel is a part of that family. You business is with me! Come after them and you will greatly suffer. (walks away)

Helping Edit

(Elijah walks outside and finds Marcel lying on the ground and is a bit bloody.)

Elijah: What happened?

Marcel: I tried to take her out but she got me. How did you do?

Elijah: (helping Marcel up) Neoma is planning war against us. So let's you say you did better than me.

Marcel: Is that gasoline?

Former Friends Edit

(Sophia, Katherine, and Radmin are drinking her champagne and mingling until Aria interrupts them.)

Aria: Katherine Pierce.

Katherine: Aria?! (hugging her) What are you doing here?

Aria: Just plotting, taking what I deserve...Sophia, how are you?

Sophia: Heartless bitch.

Katherine: Sophia!

Sophia: Sorry, Katherine but you don't know. Aria here, is one of the people that is responsible for Danielle's death.

Katherine:...What? Sophia, that has to be a mistake--

Sophia: Mistake? Katherine, I watched Danielle died, my daughter was killed right in front of me. Aria is the one who ordered it.

Katherine: Is that true?

Aria: Hmm...In some ways I guess it is. But at least her death brought an all powerful demon back. Maybe Danielle wouldn't had died if she wasn't so weak.

(Sophia punches Aria in the face and Radmin has to hold her back.)

Sophia: Go to hell.

Katherine: Aria, who are you?

Aria: Someone new and improved. Nice punch, by the way. (walks away but is stopped by Klaus)

Klaus: Still causing trouble, I see.

Aria: Yep! But I'm not the one you should be worried about. You should talk to Hayley. I told her everything.

Klaus: What do you mean everything?

Aria: I told her the truth to who I really am and how you and Elijah knew.

Unexpected Vision/Bloody End Edit

(Brody is talking to Jayne and he suddenly blanks out. Images of explosion is shown...Fire everywhere, burned corpses...Others stand outside, a few are screaming out...A man is laughing...The last image he sees is a woman standing on a cliff above them, watching the event occur. He seems to know this young woman.)

Jayne: Brody? Brody!

(Brody smells gasoline and realizes what the vision meant...Klaus, Aria, and many others also smell it...)

Brody: Klaus!

Thomas: Matthias, get Hayley out of here.

(Klaus vamp speeds grabbing Sophia and Katherine, Rebekah gets Radmin, Matthias vamp speeds to Hayley and Jackson, as everyone else screams in panic, quickly leaving the building. Bethany tackles Genevieve to the ground.)

Bethany: You're not going anywhere!

Genevieve: Let me go!

Bethany: Magic isn't going to work, sweetie! And besides, your death will bring back another Harvest Girl!

(Brody goes head to head with Neoma, trying to pin her down. Aria tries to help but is thrown out of the building by Neoma. Thomas uses his wolf powers to fight Papa Tunde.)

Jayne: Brody! Bethany!

Brody: Jayne, get out of here!

(Elijah quickly appears and grabs Jayne, and looks back at Brody, Bethany, and Thomas' resolves. He nods at them, vamp speeds out of the building. Outside, Hayley sees Thomas inside and tries to go back inside but Jackson holds her back. Jayne screams at Brody and Bethany...but is to no avail as the building explodes...Screams fill the air as others look in shock...Felix stands further away, watching the event. He enjoys it as his laughter fills the air.)

Felix: I hoped you all enjoyed the show!

The Originals

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