Marie Morris
Biographical information
  • October 30, 1993 (age 22)
  • Alive
  • TBA
  • Ree
  • Mar
  • Female
Family information
  • Aaron Morris (Father)
  • Ingrid Morris (Mother)
  • Unnamed Grandparents
Supernatural information
Played by
  • Vanessa Marano
First seen
  • TBA

Marie Morris is a new upcoming character that will appear in Call of Magic.

Early LifeEdit

Marie was born in the outskirts of Cincinnati, Ohio to her architects parents who were leave awaiting the birth of their firstborn. Her parents stayed with her father parents in the garage that was transformed into a guest house to adjust to be parents. Just after New Years Marie left with her parents as they went back to work.

Just a month after her second birthday Marie became an big sister to Emma. Excited about it Marie always treated Emma like her own personal doll. Growing up Marie was close to Emma and the two were home-schooled on dig sites. When Marie was 16 staying with her grandparents for the summer she received news that her parents were dead so her stay with her grandparents was extended as they took her and Emma in.

Marie wasn't thrilled about being in high school since she missed her old life. As a result Marie rebelled and became an regular in dention where she found a set of kindred sprits. She officially tapped into her witch powers same time as Emma did by making an explosion in Chemistry which was blamed on a Jerk Jock's careless. This made one of Marie's new friend realize that the sisters were witches with no idea of their legacy and told them despite them not believing for a while. However Marie came around and was introduce to a coven of dark arts users.

Throughout the SeriesEdit


Marie has always been mischievous, but after her parents deaths she became an wild child that earned her a reputation in her grandparents picturesque town. Marie resented the image she came to see behind living a white picket fence life and longed for her old adventurous life back. Being hot tempered this had landed Marie in dention so many times this also lead to the Chem Lab explosion after being harassed by a jock hadn't stop pursing her since she arrived in school.

However Marie does have a nicer and softer side that Emma along with her family has experienced. Underneath all dark magic she has practiced Marie isn't a bad person unlike those who have gotten corrupted by the use.

Physical AppearanceEdit

Marie is slightly taller than Emma at 5'4 and after her parents deaths Marie took up an gothic mantel (She explained to Emma it repels away the happy & normal away from her) in High School to reflect her negative state of mind. Now in the present day while she still has dark clothing Marie does don light clothing although she does mix it up. Her hair is long and straight with the coloring remind people of a Raven. She has a couple tattoos of a celtic moon and stars on her back. On her right forearm she has a quote on it. She also has quite a few piercings.

Powers & AbilitiesEdit





  • Since she was born on Devil's Night that's the reason Marie speculates why she's prone to using Dark Magic.
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