TO2 Marcel
Marcel Gerard
Biographical information
  • 1810 (age 25/206)
  • Undead
  • Lawyer (1900s; formerly)
  • Soldier (formerly)
  • Co-King of New Orleans (with Elijah)
  • Male
Family information
Significant Others
Supernatural information
Significant sires
  • Thierry Vanchure
  • Diego
  • Unknown others
Significant kills
Played by
  • Charles Michael Davis
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Freedom. We are vampires and we get to live life the way we want to. We enjoy the hunt, the feed, and the kill.
— Marcel to Klaus

Marcellus "Marcel" Gerard is Klaus' former protégé and a vampire that he turned in the early 1800s. Marcel enforces a system of rules of his creation within the French Quarter, which all supernatural residents must abide by. He is the King of the French Quarter and of New Orleans. He will find himself at war with his best friend, Niklaus Mikaelson. Marcel will also be Sophia's love interest. He is also the surrogate father of Davina Claire and good friends with Camille O'Connell.

Later in the series, he loses New Orleans to Klaus but regains it by becoming Co-King of New Orleans, allowing his and Klaus' friendship to be repaired. He also continues to find himself falling even more for Sophia. As she continues to deny her feelings for him and eventually loses the trust she has for him, he continues to fight for her. He has a close bond with Davina whom he is very protective of.

During Season Two, Marcel further develops his relationship with Sophia, as she attends college and discovers her true identity. He also fights with Nathan, Sophia's ex-husband, for her affection, as well as learning about Sophia's former soulmate, Aaron. In addition, he also begins recruiting members for his vampire army, including Gia and Josh Rosza, in the fight against Esther, Finn, and Mikael.




Marcel as a young boy

Marcel was a slave of the Governor, who was also his only second born son. In 1820, during the Governor's first son's funeral, Klaus sees him being whipped. After Marcel throws an apple back at the man whipping him, showing his bravery, Klaus kills the man before he can retaliate. When Klaus asks the boy his name, he tells him that his mother wouldn't give him one until he turned 10 years old out of fear of him dying of fever; but his mother died before she could name him. Klaus names the boy Marcellus, meaning little warrior. Klaus then took in Marcel and raised him like a son. After some years, he became a vampire. He was Klaus' protégé for more then 52 years, until Mikael showed up and caused Klaus and his family to flee the city. Marcel survived Mikael's massacre of the vampires of New Orleans, and eventually established a leadership role in the French Quarter. Where to this day he reigns as a self-proclaimed "King".


Marcel had studied law in the 1950s.


Marcel and Davina TO 1x05

Davina saved by Marcel.

Marcel first met Davina less than a year ago when he saved her from nearly being sacrificed in the Harvest. Relations weren't exactly friendly between the vampires and witches nor were they so divided. He also had a sexual relationship with Sophie Deveraux. She was the one to tell him of the Harvest, the the elders have every 16-year-old-girl in the coven dying to be one of the four chosen for the ritual. Once he learned of it, he could not let it happen. Father Kieran went to Marcel and asked him to intervene. He and members of his crew interrupted the ritual but still failed to save three of the girls. All of the power that was supposed to be passed back into the earth was absorbed by Davina instead. Marcel, sensing Davina was a kindred spirit, saved her life. He then took her in as his own daughter.

Throughout The Originals FanfictionEdit

Season OneEdit

Marcel promotional
Marcel 101

Marcel flirting with Sophia

In Always and Forever, Marcel is seen at the bar and when he notices Sophia, he immediately takes a romantic interest in her. He tries to flirt with her while she is talking to his friend, Camille, but she knows exactly who he is and calls him out on his game. Later, still in the bar, he has a drink with Klaus and tells him of a party in the French Quarter. During the party, Sophia arrives and Marcel discovers that she is Klaus' younger sister. He is amused that she isn't afraid of Klaus and is able to stand up to him. Marcel sees Sophia as a challenge and plans to continue to pursue her.


Marcel and Rebekah reunited

In All You've Got, Marcel and Klaus are at a party where the vampires can feed on all they want without killing the humans. Later, he tells Sophia to go to dinner with him and before she can reply he disappears. He is reunited with his former flame, Rebekah Mikaelson. He learns that she is back in New Orleans, looking for Elijah and believes Klaus has done something to him. He refuses to hear anymore as he has learned not to middle of family feuding concerning the Mikaelsons. Rebekah questions him on his attraction towards Sophia and then tells him that if he's lying about knowing where Elijah is, she will kill him herself.

Marcel confronts Klaus about Rebekah and meets Danielle Asia Mikaelson. Marcel questions Klaus if it was Rebekah that killed his guys but Klaus covers for her stating that he doubts it. Later, the bar is cleared out and is ready for his date with Sophia. As he sees her come in, he tells her she looks beautiful. She wants to know why he asked her on this date and informs him that she is not going to fall for the bad boy. He wants to know why she decided to come and she responds that everyone deserves a chance. While learning a bit more about each other she brings up Elijah stating that she knows Marcel has him. He protects her when Thierry shows up and threatens that she will never she her brother again. As Marcel apologizes for Thierry's behavior, Rebekah shows up and threatens to kill him but he believes that she won't. But he eventually takes Sophia and Rebekah to see Elijah due to Sophia's sadness. He introduces them to Davina Claire whom invites them into the attic to where she stays. As Rebekah tries to pull the dagger out of Elijah, Davina does not allow it and throws her out the window with her magic. Sophia deeply upset with Marcel by hurting her sister and demands him to release her brother. He states that he cannot give back Elijah due to so many people are on edge with so many Originals in town. She threatens him with her elements and Davina erases Sophia's memory of what happened that night. As Sophia collapses, Marcel catches her and takes her back to his place.

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In Tangled Up In Blue, Marcel is planning a huge event, a masquerade ball. He is first seen getting suited for a tux suit. He is discussing the situation of the 10 nightwalkers that were recently killed. Marcel believes that the werewolves are back in the French Quarter causing trouble yet Thierry believes it was the Originals. Klaus arrives trying to clear his family's name and due to Klaus biting Thierry 3 months ago, he accuses Klaus's sisters angering Klaus causing Marcel to break up the fight. Klaus came to talk to Marcel about letting Elijah go as Sophia and Rebekah demand it. Marcel cannot agree to those terms until things calm down but Klaus understands. Marcel also wanted to know if Klaus as well as Sophia are coming to the masquerade ball. Klaus lets him know that he will be there but as for Sophia, he replied: "Maybe, maybe not. Good things come to those who wait."

Later, Marcel and Klaus watch Thierry playing his trumpet in the courtyard. Marcel thinks nothing is going to mess with his town. Klaus gets into Marcel's head about traps and thinks that he should rile the witches up. Kaus decides to call Sophia and persuade her to come to the event, as she loves masquerade balls. Sophia being persistent, agrees to come but Klaus has to buy her a dress. Marcel laughs at how difficult she is as Klaus tells him that's Sophia for you.

Marcel 10 TO 1x03

Marcel smiles at Cami.

At the ball, Marcel notices Sophia and Cami's arrival from a balcony above. Marcel goes down to the bar to speak to Rebekah and asks her what is she thinking inviting Cami but finds out Sophia invited her. Sophia blows Marcel off as he continues flirting with her and Rebekah saying that they're right for each other. Marcel goes to Cami, apologizing for not inviting her himself. Then tells her to come dance with him. Marcel and Cami talk during their dance. She thought he was in community work but he tells her community fundraising. She then asks about Rebekah and he tells her that she's an old friend. Cami stops their dance for a moment and brings Sophia to him, so that he can dance with her. Marcel is happy he's got her all to himself and continues his flirtation.

Marcel angry.

Marcel stops dancing when he sees Macklyn and Sophia learns who he is to their family and Marcel. He continues to dance with Sophia and they both admit that there is a connection they feel between them however they are interrupted by Diego and Marcel leaves to care of Thierry whom has broken a rule. Marcel grabs Thierry by the throat, but his men calm him down and remind him where they are. Marcel sentences Thierry to 100 years in The Garden. Katie is walking up the street and is trying to save Thierry. Katie is hurting Marcel and Davina is helping him through magic. Klaus kills Katie before she tries to kill Marcel. Macklyn unexpectedly shows up out of nowhere and kills the other witches with one attack as both Klaus and Marcel look on. Macklyn turns to them both as he says even after 200 years or more, where would they be without him in a joking manner. Klaus and Marcel share a look as Macklyn escorts himself away from the scene telling them he shall dine with them again because he has "Errands to run".

Marcel Klaus 103

You really like my sister, don't you?

Later, Klaus and Marcel share a drink as they talk about Sophia and Camille's reactions to what happened at the party. Klaus said Sophia understood and all Camille seen was a simple argument. By saving Marcel’s life, Klaus got his trust and therefore a favor; Marcel is letting Klaus get his brother back. The one thing that strikes them both is Macklyn's presence. Sophia finds them both and asks if everything is okay and Klaus leaves them to talk as he goes to make a phone call. Sophia does not judge Marcel of who he is and tells him he owes her a dance.

He is last seen sharing one last dance with Sophia in the moonlight on the corner of Bourbon Street as they share a look of intimacy.

In The Ultimate Game, Marcel is planning to give something special for Sophia. He meets Cami's college friend, Serena Julia Vivian and the girls give him advice about what to give Sophia, suggesting diamonds. He tells them he'll see them later and goes to meet up with Dani, requesting her help about what exactly to give to Sophia. Later, Marcel walks along Dauphine Street as he gives instructions to a group of his vampires. He tells his nightwalkers to watch over Davina, Sophia, and Cami. The vampires look at Marcel in agreement for a moment before walking away.


Davina and Marcel at the annual music festival.

Marcel and Davina walk into Rousseau's, which is teeming with people drinking and listening to a brass band play up front. Marcel asks her if its everything she hoped and Davina shakes her head enthusiastically and giggles. Marcel sees Cami, Sophia, and Serena and approaches them. He begins flirting with Sophia and tells her that he's kept his promise of giving Elijah back. She thanks him and he introduces the girls to Davina. Later, Marcel sees Keiran whom is not happy hearing about the Originals being in town but Marcel doesn't have time for his complaints.

Later, he shows concern when Davina is missing and Cami tells him she snuck out to meet a guy. He shows up at the church, unaware that Klaus paid Davina a visit and asks her what happened when he sees the broken glass everywhere. Davina doesn't tell him about Klaus and reminds him that she lives in the church. At the bar, Marcel is angry with his nightwalkers, including Josh and Diego for letting Davina, Sophia, and Cami out of their sights. Diego gets snappy at him and Marcel snaps his neck then turns around to address his other nightwalkers, who stand and stare at him before dispersing awkwardly and tells Josh that when Diego wakes up, an apology would have gotten him a lot further than his attitude. Josh nods and walks away. After he does, Sophia walks into the bar and slams the door. Marcel sees her crying and approaches her. She tells him about Klaus nearly getting Danielle killed and he doesn't care. She's spent her whole life trying to make him into a better man, trying find his redemption, make him go back to the man that she grew up with. Marcel comforts her by pulling her into a hug. After a few minutes their sweet moment is interrupted when Sophia's phone starts to ring. She thanks him for his kindness and he smiles. 

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Marcel becoming closer to Sophia.

Of how Marcel came to meet Davina is revealed in Sinners and Saints. Marcel calls Klaus and informs him of the dead witches out in the bayou and he believes that a werewolf might have done it so he needs his help as Klaus can cure werewolves bites. Marcel tells by Kieran that he will move Davina because he's concerned the witches will eventually catch up with her. Marcel visits Davina telling her that he's moving her to a new place. He later joins Klaus at Big Auggie's Bayou Bar, Marcel let’s him know that he’ll never get his hand on Davina because, unlike Marcel, Klaus manipulates loyalty. Marcel then reveals how he met Davina. 8 months ago, prior to the series events, Marcel has been friends with benefits with Sophie and learned about the Harvest from her. The witches were furious with Kieran and Sophie tells Marcel that the witches put a hex on his nephew, Sean (Cami's twin brother), made it seem like he was slowly losing his mind in order to distract Kieran, while they kept planning for the Harvest. Marcel shows up with his army at the cemetery where the ritual takes place and kills all guilty witches, noticing that Davina is the only survivor of the four sacrificed witches and takes her away to safety, which is how their relationship began. He saw himself in Davina, that they were kindred spirits and Klaus understood remembering his past with Marcel. After Klaus leaves and Rebekah arrives, Marcel takes his cue to sneak out. He goes to pick up Davina and she stops suddenly in the middle of the church's main room, and he turns to look at her. The church starts shaking, and Davina's body tenses up as her body starts to spasm and he quickly helps her. Marcel carries Davina back to her room. He tucks her in under her blankets on her bed and after looking at her for a moment, he takes his leave.

He's later confronted by Klaus who he distracted by dead witches in the bayou and is surprised to see Elijah who's undaggered. He is last seen taking Sophia to the bar and he gives her a diamond necklace, making a bond of friendship.

Marcel TO 1x06


In Fruit of the Poisoned Tree, Marcel is first seen in the drinking scotch and receives a visit from Danielle. She asks him to allow her to see Davina with her magic. He questions her on how she's going to help and she reveals to him that she's half witch then uses her magic on everyone's cups, making them float in midair, showing her telekinesis. All the vampires are stunned and after Marcel sees this, he turns to Danielle and she smiles at him to which he smiles back. He takes her to Davina and she allows Danielle to help her.

In the bayou, Marcel investigates the mysterious killings and is told by Diego that Danielle maybe connected to all this. Later, he bumps into Rebekah who seems to be in a hurry and he questions her about Danielle possibly having a connection to the killings in the bayou where Rebekah states that Danielle had nothing to do with it. Marcel goes to see Davina and Danielle, happy to see the two have become friends. He asks to speak with Danielle alone and tells her he needs to know if she had anything to do with those people getting killed out in the bayou.

In Blast From the Past,

In The War Begins,



As a child, Marcel was shown to be brave as he stood up against the slave owner that beat him, something that earned Klaus' respect and made him take Marcel in as his own son.



Marcel is described as the life of the party. He is diabolical and dangerous as well as wicked, wild, and charismatic. Marcel uses said charisma as much as his vampire powers to get what he wants from others. If anything, Marcel’s that kind of hard-partying, hard-living vampire who knows how to enjoy the most out of life in the French Quarter.

He takes his role as leader seriously, and enforces the rules he made without fail. He is not above getting carried away, since he supposedly killed a witch in front of many viewers for this reason. He also seems to genuinely care for his subordinates, having stayed at the side of one dying from Klaus' werewolf bite until the latter provided him with the cure. Marcel also seems to be understanding as shown in his quickness to forgive Klaus for biting his friend when Klaus gave him the cure and asked for forgiveness. He is also shown to be, like many people in positions of power and privilege, arrogant; such as when he spoke down to Klaus, forgetting that he would be nothing if it wasn't for Klaus and claims to be the king of New Orleans, forgetting the fact that the only reason why Klaus left was because he was forced to leave, and that New Orleans belongs to Klaus, not to him.

Marcel (2)


He likes to have fun; really enjoys being a vampire. He takes pride in who he is. Also, his intelligence, being able to run a city and maintain it. He’s very competitive too. Like Klaus, Marcel likes to think up of contingencies; he requested Davina to figure out the fatal weakness of the Original Vampires, not aware that the death of an Original Vampire would also mean the deaths of all other vampires sired from their bloodline. Indeed, one of his weaknesses is that being a recently-introduced character, Marcel knows little about the nature of the Original Vampires, such as Klaus's blood acting as a cure for werewolf bite and if one dies all of their sireline dies too in matter of hours.

He has people that are very loyal to him. He is also understanding, and kind of sees Klaus as his father. Sometimes Marcel can be arrogant and really enjoys being a vampire. He cares deeply for Davina and Sophia. 

Physical AppearanceEdit

Marcel 1x04

Marcel is described as hot, sexy, handsome and very attractive. He has dark skin, brown eyes, shaven hair and appears to physically be in his early to mid 20's. Marcel's style is quite similar to Klaus'. He wears form fitting T-shirts usually dark-ish colors: black, grey and blue and dark jeans although has been seen to wear those of a lighter color. He will also be seen wearing necklaces and scarfs as accessories. Also, like Klaus is also fond of a leather jacket he sometimes wears.

He has also said that he looks good in a suit in which he wears on special occasions, such as the Masquerade Ball he hosted to present himself as respectable. 

Powers and AbilitiesEdit


Marcel had all the standard powers and abilities of a non-original vampire. He had also had exceptional strength for a vampire of his age, likely due to having been a vampire for over two hundred years.

In addition, Marcel had exceptional fighting skills which allowed him to stand up to Klaus for brief moments whenever they engaged in fights.


Davina ClaireEdit

Main article: Marcel and Davina

Davina and Marcel

Davina is Marcel's favorite witch. He took her in as family. She is important to him. He saw she was a fighter like him and saved her life before she could be killed in The Harvest and has taken been taking care of her and protecting her ever since, because of this, she has loyalty towards him. He has formed a strong bond with her and eventually loved her like his own daughter. Despite his use of Davina to secure his power in the Quarter, Marcel and looks out for her and always puts her first. They grow even more closer as she supports his relationship with Sophia, hoping to see the two of them be together. The relationship between Marcel and Davina mirrors Klaus and Marcel’s story.

Sophia MikaelsonEdit

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Marcel and Sophia

Marcel and Sophia

They have a romantic interest in each other. Marcel takes a liking to Sophia when he first meets her. She is able to call him out on his game and he likes that she is a challenge. To Marcel, Sophia is smart, beautiful, and loyal, everything he wants in a woman. Later on, his feelings for her start to come out in the open with Klaus begins to see. Sophia's trust in Marcel is completely gone when he begins a war with Klaus which was what Klaus wanted all along. Later, Klaus gives Marcel advice about Sophia and tells him not to give up on her.

Niklaus MikaelsonEdit

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Marcel met Klaus in the 1800's in New Orleans, after being whipped and beaten on the side of the road and standing up to his whipper, Klaus took him in, named and raised him as his son. They had a strong relationship however Marcel's wandering eye for Klaus' sister, Rebekah caused tension to which caused Klaus to give him an ultimatum, vampirism or Rebekah. In returning to New Orleans after a century, Klaus reunites with Marcel who has taken over his previous position as King.

Danielle MikaelsonEdit

Marcel will be a father figure to her. Marcel has a natural love for kids and teenagers, and his desire to make sure they are all safe will be a key role with Danielle. The purity in Danielle might remind him of the way Davina was. This relationship will be further explored in Season 2.


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