Malia Solas
Biographical information
  • 10th Century (age 17/1000+)
  • Rewritten as Malia Solas
  • Female
Family information
  • Unnamed Half-Brother (status unknown)
  • Danielle Solas (Younger Twin Sister)
Supernatural information
Significant spells
  • Locator Spell to find Sophia and Danielle
Cause of death
  • Stillbirth (first time)
Killed by
  • Stillbirth (first time)
Played by
  • Sasha Clements
First seen
Last seen
You can call me a bitch but you really don't want to test me. Come after my mother again and I will kill you... I'll be your worst nightmare.

Malia Solas is the eldest daughter of Nathan and Cecilia as well as the twin sister of Danielle Solas. Malia died of stillbirth the day she was born and was shortly resurrected by her grandmother, Qetsiyah. She was then taken care of by her mother's childhood friend, Eileen Remis. After a thousand years, she finally located her mother and twin sister, wanting to meet them for so long.

Malia is a member of Qetsiyah's Family and was a adoptive relative of The Original Family.


Malia was born during the 10th century however, she was stillborn the day of her birth. It is unknown why Sophia kept this a secret from Danielle.

Shortly, she was resurrected by her grandmother, Qetsiyah, and taken in by her mother's childhood friend.

Throughout the SeriesEdit

Season OneEdit

Malia is in her private jet, waiting to arrive in New Orleans. She is revealed to be the daughter of Nathan and Sophia as well as the older twin sister of Danielle.

Season TwoEdit

Malia has been watching Sophia since after the events of first season. At the end of the episode, Malia is caught by her mother whom confronts her of why she has been following her. Malia reveals her true identity which shocks Sophia.

After getting her mother to believe her and spending a week together, Malia is introduced to her adoptive uncle, Klaus by her mother. After Klaus agrees to take her of Malia for the time being, he gets her tell to tell him what she's hiding about Sophia's mother and where she's been for the last thousand years. Malia reveals that she's been taken care of by her mother's childhood friend from two-thousand years ago and before she says anything more, she wants to know what her uncle is planning. Klaus reveals that he is taking her to a family dinner that includes Elijah, Danielle, and the resurrected Esther. Malia tells Klaus the truth about Sophia's mother.

In Mother and Son,

In Welcome to the Party,

Season ThreeEdit

Malia will be mentioned.


The best thing about Malia is that she has a big heart. She's loyal and true to those she loves. She's easy to get along with but like her mother and grandmother, you shouldn't wrong her or go after those she cares about.

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Danielle MikaelsonEdit

Danielle and Malia are twin sisters.

Sophia MikaelsonEdit

"...It's really her, I can feel it."
—Sophia describing Malia to Brody, Katherine, and Marcel in The Voodoo.
Sophia Malia 207

Malia is Sophia's first-born child. Following Malia's death, Sophia was extremely devastated, unbeknownst her daughter was resurrected sometime later. Malia reunites with her mother in Starting Over, and after convincing Sophia she really is her daughter, they spend the week together.


"True that you are my father but where were you all my life? You weren't the one who raised me, cared for me, loved me and always stayed by my side."
—Malia to Nathan in Mother and Son

Nathan is Malia's father. The two were reunited in Mother and Son, where Malia refused to reveal details about her resurrection. She also admits she does not hate her father like Danielle and Sophia, and she advises him to continue proving himself to them.

Eileen RemisEdit

Eileen was Malia's ward when she was growing up.


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