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Always and Forever


Macklyn Barthlomew is an old friend and enemy of the Mikaelsons but only Sophia and Danielle do not know of him. He could be considered the first ever progeny made by Rebekah.


Early LifeEdit

He plays a son role for Klaus and a brotherly role to Elijah and also Kol, and Finn. Mikael is very terrified of him especially the supernatural community in general...some examples include Mikael, Kol, Katerina Petrova, Sage, Rose, Trevor, Mary Porter, Pearl, Anna, Frederick, Emily Bennet, Ayanna, Sheila Bennet and many more. One major reason is he had a blood fetish prior to being turned, a literal vampire feeding on the blood of humans, animals and even corpses. He considered turning into an immortal being that fed on blood as a gift, a dream come true. He came in contact over 900 years ago as a friend of Klaus. He was turned into a vampire by rebekah. She intended to marry him, ignoring his blood fetish. He was finally turned and slaughtered many villages and fed on babies blood which highly disgusted both Rebekah, Elijah, Finn and Kol. Even Klaus with his humanity off, found this disgusting. He feeds on the blood of all creatures including his own kind like Mikael. Its revealed that Macklyn was running from someone for 900 years, but no one knows who and why. We know 2 hints of who it isnt. It isnt an original and is a vampire. After many adventures which ended bloody throughout the 1000 years, he was finally found out and captured by Marcel, who didn't condone his least not to that extreme. He was sentenced to the Garden but he fought off Marcel and his servants and the Originals. He escaped New Orleans only for Klaus to capture up with him and break his neck and drain all the blood from Macklyn which he eventually desicates. Klaus locked him away in an abandoned, partially destroyed cemetary. Recently someone freed Macklyn and he has come to New Orleans...possibly to unleash a vengeance that is over 100 years old.

Season OneEdit

In Always and Forever, Macklyn appears before Danielle and attacks her. As she defends herself, he warns her that people will be after her, wanting her dead. He then disappears before she can ask any further questions. He later appears at the end of the episode talking to an unknown woman about how The Originals have arrived in New Orleans.

In All You've Got, Danielle gets into a fight and fights Macklyn before Matthias saves her from getting killed.

In Tangled Up In Blue, Macklyn visits Klaus and Rebekah. The witches learn of Macklyn and are immediately terrified of him. He also ends up killing some witches. Macklyn is also seen staring at Thomas for unknown reasons.

In The Ultimate Game, It shows Macklyn's young life and who turned him.


He is the life of the party, fun going, gamer, dancer, charismatic, enjoys good food, good wine, a good fight, beautiful cars and he spends alot of quality time with his family.

Physical AppearanceEdit

He only wears long sleeved shirts, coats, pants(not tights) and men's shoes.


The OriginalsEdit

Macklyn has a mixed relationship with the Originals. He was turned by Rebekah who wanted to marry him. It didn't happen though because Klaus had imprisoned Macklyn within a prison in a cemetary. Klaus did this because he saw Macklyn as a threat but didn't want to kill him. Macklyn was always seen as the son Klaus never had, a brother to Elijah, and was going to be Rebekah's husband.


Macklyn and Marcel never seen eye to eye. Both fought for Klaus attention as son. Macklyn was the king of new orleans. Through unknown means, Marcel overcome Macklyn and told Klaus to entomb him. Macklyns first priority is to kill Marcel.


Felix serves as Macklyns right hand man, and Macklyn has promised him title of king of new orleans when all is said and done. Felix reveals however is just pulling Macklyns strings and plans to kill him when the time is right along with every vampires, werewolf and witch.


  • He was the King of New Orleans at one point
  • He was a witch before he turned...its rumored he found a way to keep onto his witch side, its also rumored he is part wolf. The rumor proved to be false.
  • He has an extreme dislike of Sophie, Davina, and Marcel.
  • He has a major crush on Rebekah.


  • What is Macklyns agenda?


  • an artists interpretative painting on how macklyn was perceived some 900-1000 years ago during his vampire time
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