The Originals(Fan Fiction) TV Series
Season 1, Episode 15
Air date Summer 2014
Written by Cori11 & TotallyWitchy
Directed by Cori11
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Long Way Back from Hell is the fifteenth episode of Season One of The Originals Fanfiction (Series).


A HORRIBLE SECRET FINALLY REVEALED---Elijah searches to find his siblings whom are in danger. Sophia and Klaus learn of Genevieve's past with Rebekah. Vanessa and Matthias get into a bloody showdown with the New Orleans Coven. Neoma and Aria plan their next course of action which lead to Bethany, Jayne, and Brody to interfere. Serena finds herself going through hell when she learns more of why she is surrounded by death. Hayley confronts Celeste about the curse on her family and finally gains Alice's help. Marcel and Macklyn revisit the past with Marcel also getting some valuable information. Christabella gives an important someone some valuable information. Also, the Original Family's bond could be destroyed forever from Rebekah's devastating secret and Danielle is reunited with a force to be reckoned with on the Other Side.


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  • Flashback of a moment between Sophia and her allies.
  • Regina will actually get to see what Rebekah really is.
  • Rebekah and Regina flashback.





Sophia's Death Edit

(Picking up from the last episode, Sophia is trying to figure out what happened to her and turns to Christabella.)

Sophia: What did you do to me?

Christabella: I killed you.

Sophia: You killed me?...Then why am I still alive?

Christabella: You still don't know who you really are...Well, I can tell you that your vampire side is slowly dying.

Sophia: What are you talking about?

Christabella: You're losing your vampire powers and soon will not be a vampire anymore. This was always meant to happen.

Sophia: I'm not a--Why?!

(Sophia sees a piece of class and cuts her arm. However, she is not healing.)

Christabella: Your mother never wanted this for you.

Sophia: My mother? What do you know about my mother?!

Christabella: That she was a very powerful witch. She's crazy and controlling. She loved you with all her heart and would do anything for you. Your mother died protecting you when you were a baby.

Sophia: But I was told she was still alive!

Christabella: Oh, don't worry. You will see her soon. But you need to settle things with the other Originals and get your act together.

(Christabella hears someone coming.)

Christabella: I'll see you soon.

Sophia: Wait!

(Christabella disappears and Genevieve comes in.)

Genevieve: So you've come back to life somehow?

Sophia: Yes I have.. Wait, you're the witch that attacked my friends! Who are you?

Genevieve: I am Genevieve, and I was a friend of Rebekah's in the past but she betrayed me.

Sophia: Betrayed you? What do you mean?

Genevieve: She came to be a nurse during the influenza, and pretended to be my friend. But all she wanted was my help, she acted like she cared about me and be-friended me and my help is what was the end of me. She was in love with Marcel, but Klaus wouldn't let them be together.. So she enlisted my help.

Sophia:.. Help to do what?

Genevieve: Why don't I show you? *she raises her hand and Sophia screams before falling unconscious*

Here to Help Edit

(Klaus awakes on a bed in an abandoned room as Genevieve enters.)

Klaus: Who are you and what exactly what am I doing here?

Genevieve: My name is Genevieve and you are even more handsome from the last time I saw you.

Klaus: (getting up to leave) I don't have time for this foolishness.

Genevieve: I'm one of the leaders from the New Orleans coven.

Klaus: How is that possible?

Genevieve: Sophia killed Sophie and the Harvest was finally completed. However, it did not resurrect the four Harvest Girls but instead Papa Tunde, Bastiana, and me. We were chosen to be brought back thanks to Celeste. You remember her right? You were responsible for her death.

Klaus: How?

Genevieve: You should ask her and better yet. You can see it for yourself.

Klaus: Actually...I think I'll just kill you and the rest of the bloody witches.

Genevieve: Do so and Sophia will die again.

(Klaus vamp speeds grabbing Genevieve's neck.)

Klaus: What have you done to my sister?

Genevieve: Nothing. Earlier, we found her dead but she somehow came back to life. She's fine, so don't worry. Just taking a trip down memory lane...and you can join her if you like.

Klaus: What do you want from us?

Genevieve: For you to learn the truth of what happened back in 1919. Of how exactly Mikael was able to find you...What I want is for you to know of the one who caused my death and...know who the traitor is in your family.

Klaus: What are you talking about?

Genevieve: See for yourself. *she raises her hand and Klaus screams before falling unconscious just as Sophia did*

Reaper's History Edit

Serena: You can't be my dad...

Grim Reaper: But I am.

Serena: How is that even possible?

Grim Reaper: I was once the man known as Jonathan Vivian but no more. Jonathan died and was reborn as me, the Grim Reaper.

Serena: How can that be?

Grim Reaper:...Through generations, your family has been part of a cult whom worship reapers. After your birth, you were chosen to be the sacrifice, the one who contains the soul that the Grim Reaper would need to gain my full power.

Serena: But why me? What's so special about me

Grim Reaper:...You really don't know? I know Elijah can see it. There's a strength inside of you that is stronger than all. You may have that light but you possess darkness in you as well. Your soul is what brought your father back after his death.

Serena: Wait...You're saying that I brought you back as the Grim Reaper?

Grim Reaper: Only I have been the successful reaper. The successors before me had fell to the underworld.

Serena:...What about my mother?

Grim Reaper: She gave you to Elijah once she and Jonathan found out that those from the cult were coming for you. Elijah took care of you for a time until he gave you up for adoption.

Serena: Why didn't I remember him or any of this?

Grim Reaper: I believe he compelled you to forget about him and what happened the last time you saw your parents.

Serena: Ten years...Why did you agree to tell me all this? You just went on ahead and tried to take my soul before.

Grim Reaper:...Because you deserve to know the truth before I take your soul.

Serena: No. If you do that, then I will become a soulless being.

Grim Reaper: That cannot be helped.

(Serena feels herself growing weak as the Grim Reaper feeds upon her soul...)

Reunion Edit

(Rebekah lay on a hospital bed with a wooden stake buried in her chest and has vervain ropes tied around her body, she is now awake and gasping as Neoma is standing before her.)

Rebekah: Neoma!

Neoma: Rebekah. You're finally awake.

Rebekah: Let go of me, you despicable bitch!

Neoma: Ouch, that's cold...Is that any way to talk to your niece?

Rebekah: You're not my niece! You killed her!

Neoma: No I didn't. Her death is what released me. Just like Sophie's death released four powerful witches.

Rebekah: What are you talking about? Sophie isn't a Harvest Girl.

Neoma: Sophie was made the fourth Harvest Girl as Sophia transferred Davina's out of control power to Sophie so Davina wouldn't have to suffer anymore.

Rebekah: Sophia killed Sophie?

Neoma: Correct. After Sophie was sacrificed, all that power was sent to another witch. You might remember her...Celeste?

Rebekah: But she's--

Neoma: Dead? No. She's been alive all these years. She was near the whole time and you all never realized it. She inhabited body after body and right now, she is in Sabine's body.

Rebekah: How is any of this happening right now?

Neoma: You should rest more. You'll be able to see Klaus and Sophia a little later.

Rebekah: What have you done to my brother and sister?!

Neoma: Just reminiscing. They're actually in the past right now. Learning of your betrayal. You remember. right?

Rebekah: You didn't!

Neoma: I didn't. She did.

Rebekah: Who?!

(Neoma leaves as Rebekah continues to shout at her.)

Learning the Truth Edit

(Klaus finds himself in the Crematorium and as he looks around his surroundings, he sees Sophia standing nearby and hurries to her.)

Klaus: Sophia!

Sophia: Niklaus?

Klaus: Are you alright? Genevieve told me that you had died. Waht would make her play some cruel joke like that?

Sophia:...She wasn't lying.

Klaus: What?

Sophia: I did die...My vampire side is dying so I will no longer be an Original...I will just go back to being a witch...(a tear rolls down her cheek) I don't even know who I am anymore.

(Klaus hugs Sophia and before he can ask more, they see Rebekah greeting Marcel nearby. They begin to make out. He pushed her up against the wall and puts his hand on her leg. She laughs and pulls away.)

Rebekah: Marcel have some respect.

Marcel: Yeah, I don’t think they mind.

(He looks around briefly, indicating the bodies in the morgue they're in, all lost to Influenza.)

Marcel: Did you ask Genevieve about doing the spell?

Rebekah: I will when the time is right.

Marcel: Rebekah, you’ve been hanging around that witch for weeks waiting for the time to be right. She wasn’t supposed to become your sidekick. One little spell and we can finally be together for real. What are you waiting for?

Rebekah: She’s a sweet girl, is all. If you must know, I feel badly for using her.

Marcel: Then we’ll find another witch; one you don’t have to fake a friendship with. Unless you’ve changed your mind?

Rebekah: I want to wake up with you in our home, in the bed that we share. I want to walk down the street with you by my side so everyone knows that you are mine and I am yours. I don’t want to be afraid of what my brother will do to me for loving you. If this is the only way to get it, then no, my mind hasn’t changed.

(They kiss again as Genevieve walks into the room.)

Genevieve: O-oh!

(They break apart to look at her as she stands there holding bloody sheets.)

Genevieve: I didn’t know anyone was in here. I’m so sorry

(She hurries out and Rebekah follows after her.)

Rebekah: Genevieve!

(Klaus and Sophia continue to watch the scene before them.)

Klaus: So is this the great betrayal that Genevieve was talking about? Rebekah and Marcel having sneaking behind my back for the better half of two centuries.

Sophia: No...I'm pretty sure there's more to it.

(Suddenly the area changes to the club and nearby is Rebekah's table)

Rebekah: Well, there’s a load of us Mikaelsons. If you like bad boys, you’d love my brother, Kol.

(Sophia Klaus appears, observing this conversation intently within their minds.)

Genevieve: And where is this mystery brother of yours?

Rebekah: It’s complicated. Like all siblings, we’ve had our ups and downs. Family feuds. In fact, I was thinking of reaching out to someone we haven’t seen in a very long while. I was hoping that maybe you could help me contact them. But it would have to be a surprise. No one could know.

Genevieve: Of course. Do you want me to find your brother Kol?

Rebekah: Actually, I’d like you to find Mikael...our father.

Sophia: It can't be...

(All of a sudden they can hear Genevieve's voice.)

Genevieve: Don’t dismember the messenger. Part of you must have known, suspected at least. Your father came to New Orleans in 1919 to kill you, did he not? And as the city burned, he nearly succeeded.

Klaus: My family and I have done some terrible things to each other over the years, but Rebekah would not call my father! No matter how angry she was.

Genevieve: It’s sweet of you to believe that, to believe in her but by the time we’re done, you’ll know just how wrong you are.

(Next they find themselves in the cemetery. Genevieve is performing a spell while Marcel and Rebekah stand behind her; Klaus watches unseen. Genevieve holds up a newspaper article with a photo of Marcel and Klaus at the Jazz Club; she crumples it up and uses a wooden blade to put into the flame of the candle flame; Klaus gasps.)

Klaus: My father's blade...

Genevieve: Pran ce mesaj sa a, les cendres sur le vent.

(Genevieve finishes the spell as the newspaper article catches fire and disintegrates.)

Marcel: Looks like its done.

(Back in the Sanatorium, Sophia and Klaus watch Rebekah talking to Genevieve.)

Genevieve: Call it off? Are you mad?

Rebekah: I was wrong. It was stupid and and impulsive, and it will ruin us, Genevieve. Not just Klaus but Elijah, too. I risked tearing our family apart for my own selfish happiness. I'm begging you, please, don't bring Mikael here. If Klaus finds out what we have done... what you have done.

Genevieve: Klaus will kill me. He'll kill my entire family.

Rebekah: Which is exactly why I need you to undo it.

Genevieve: It doesn't work that way. There is no undoing it. Mikael is coming. The only hope now Is tell Klaus the truth. Confess what we've done.

Rebekah: That is not an option. He will dagger me and leave me in a box for centuries. You will not say a word.

Genevieve: You used me. This whole time. Our friendship. All you wanted was a favor, and now you want to take it back? Well, you can't. And I will not suffer because I was foolish enough to trust you.

Rebekah: It was a mistake. I know that now. But that one mistake will destroy us.

Genevieve: You brought this on yourself. I will not be destroyed along with you.

(Rebekah grabs a bloody, influenza-infected cloth from Genevieve's pocket and shoves it in Genevieve's face, infecting her with the virus. She then locks her up in quarantine until she dies.) 

Rebekah: I'm so sorry, Genevieve. But if you tell Niklaus you summoned Mikael, you're dead either way.

(The memory finally ends.)

Darkness takes Control Edit

(Sophia sits with her back on the wall, staring off into space...Before her Dark Sophia appears.)

Dark Sophia:...Sophia?

Sophia:..I'm tired...I am so tired...I'm tired of all of this...

Dark Sophia: What do you want to do about it?

Sophia: Just make it stop...Make it all stop. Rebekah's actions are tearing this family apart when I have so desperately tired to keep everyone together...What do I have to do make it stop...? (teary) I just want my daughter back...

Dark Sophia: Sophia...You just rest for now. Let me take care of Rebekah...I'll make sure she suffers, okay?

(Sophia nods and closes her eyes. As Dark Sophia enters Sophia's body, darkness surrounds Sophia's body. Sophia's begins to relax and begins to grin devilishly as she opens her eyes with the eye color now being black showing Dark Sophia has complete control.)

Genevieve: I'm sorry. I know how much this hurts. To see what she did To see who she really is. But you needed to know. You needed to see it. And now that you have, you can take your revenge. Our revenge. Please. Go ahead. You'll need your strength for what comes next.

(Klaus feeds from Genevieve's arm. She slowly undoes his bindings. He jumps up suddenly, aiming Papa Tunde's blade at her, but leaves her unharmed.)

Enemies Reunited Edit

(Marcel walks the empty streets of the French Quarter to find someone from his past...)

Marcel: What exactly are you doing back in New Orleans, Macklyn?

Macklyn: Thought I do some sight seeing, eat some delicious food, and possibly enjoy the company of a beautiful woman.

Marcel: Haha, very funny.

(Marcel vamps speed, attacking Macklyn but Macklyn overpowers him.)

Macklyn: Don't forget who's more powerful here, Marcellus!

Marcel: You always did know how to cheat!

(Marcel throws Macklyn off of him.)

Marcel: What did you do?

Macklyn: I don't know what you're talking about.

Marcel: You know damn well what I'm talking about.

Macklyn: Oh...You mean what had happened to Klaus...The last time I saw him was when I had Felix dagger him.

Marcel: Dagger him for what?

Macklyn: Well, my plan was to keep him out of the way since I couldn't kill him. And I then I'd take you out, let Felix handle Elijah then I would become the new King of New Orleans. However, every King needs a Queen. Rebekah would be the perfect match but what about Sophia? Pretty little thing, isn't she?

(Marcel gets angry and charges toward Macklyn but is overpowered once again.)

Macklyn: Don't like it when I talk about your little girlfriend, huh?

Marcel: Shut up!

Macklyn: Why don't I tell you something that she never knew? You know she has the power of the four elements, right? Fire, water, wind, and earth. But how is it that she was able to keep those powers?

Marcel: What the hell are you talking about?

(Images of Sophia and Danielle's past appear as Macklyn talks.)

Macklyn: The reason why Sophia and Danielle were able to keep their powers were because of a note that was left for them. There was a spell written on this note that they both had to perform before becoming vampires. After performing the spell, they both were able to hold onto their powers. Both becoming half witch. Sophia was only able to keep her elements but was able to teach her daughter about the magic she held within her.

Marcel: What does any of this have to do with anything? I don't have time for you damn foolishness, I'm out of here.

Macklyn: Don't you understand? This was all meant to happen!

Marcel: So you're saying Danielle was meant to die?! That Sophia has to go out on a rampage?!

Macklyn: Yes. I just found this out myself! I've finally met the man and he recently found out some interesting news that involves Danielle.

Marcel: Why the hell is your employer so interested in saving Danielle? Just who is he?

Macklyn: Who do you think it is?

Marcel: What...?

Macklyn: Come on, Marcel. Think.I'm sure you know of him by now...Who else would be interested in saving Danielle?

(Marcel stares at Macklyn for a moment before baring his fangs and throwing Macklyn in an alleyway.)

Marcel: (angry) WHERE IS HE?!

Macklyn: (getting up) Sorry. Can't reveal my employer's whereabouts. You just have to wait to comes out himself.

Marcel: He needs to quit playing hide and seek! Take me to him! He knew and its because of him that Danielle is dead?!

Macklyn: Actually no it isn't. This was always meant to happen. Danielle had to die so that Sophia can learn her new element and that Neoma can finally be destroyed from this world then Danielle will be brought back and start a new life. Including this works to my advantage. When Sophia learns her new element, I can get her to use it on Klaus and you. The both of you will finally be out of the picture. In a way, it will be her to kill the both of you.

Marcel: She wouldn't do that.

Macklyn: Klaus, probably not. But you, I think she will. When I got all the details of their kidnappings earlier, I knew what they're up to. Both Sophia and Klaus have learned the truth to what happened back then. Of when Rebekah and you had your little secret love and how both of you brought Mikael to New Orleans. So I'm pretty sure she is back to hating you again.

Marcel: What?

(Macklyn laughs and vamp speeds, pushing Marcel to the ground and putting his foot on Marcel's neck.)

Macklyn: I never understood why Klaus and Rebekah liked you better. They always favored you over me. What makes you so special?

Marcel: Klaus and Rebekah did love you. Its your fault that you were kicked out of the family!

Macklyn: Excuse me?

Marcel: You went of the edge. You were the one who changed into a monster and that's why Klaus shut you out.

Macklyn: That's not true.

Marcel: Oh, really? Macklyn, you were feeding off children, even babies! How were Klaus and Rebekah suppose to treat you? You disgusted them and me! You were family, Klaus treated you like his own son yet you shamed yourself by becoming a monster, you were worse than Klaus. After all these years you are still a monster. You went after Danielle so many times. Sophia lost her daughter, Klaus, Elijah, and Rebekah lost their niece because of so many people and you were one of them.

Macklyn: SHUT UP!

(Macklyn jams his hand into Marcel's chest and grabs his heart as Marcel shouts in agony.)

Macklyn: You know what? I changed my mind. I think I will let you die by my hand...Right now.

(Marcel's vision becomes blurry as he remembers the past.)


(It is 1820, this takes place sometime after Klaus took Marcel in. Marcel sits by the riverbank looking up at the sky until Macklyn joins him.)

Macklyn: Hey, kid. So how are you enjoying your new life?

Marcel: Its okay, I guess.

Macklyn: Okay? What is your life boring or something?

Marcel:..What's it like? Being a vampire?

Macklyn: Its a hell of a life. Living forever is a blast. You can do whatever you want whenever you want. You can make humans do your bidding. You can even kill anyone and get away with it.

Marcel: You're going to control me?

Macklyn: No kid. You're a member of the family now. Don't worry, we all are going to protect you, nothing bad will happen to you. Okay?

Marcel:...Can I become a vampire?

Macklyn: As of right now, no. Its not good to turn children into vampires. When you're old enough, you have to take that up with Klaus. But if that day ever comes of you becoming a vampire, I'm pretty sure you'll be a bad-ass one. It'll be nice to have a member of the family's butt I can kick.

(Marcel laughs and knocks Macklyn over and quickly runs away but a smiling Macklyn catches up to Marcel in seconds.)


(Marcel is nearly on the verge of death just as Macklyn is close to ripping his heart out but is stopped when someone's arm is jammed through his stomach causing Macklyn to scream in agony. He turns his head to see who is standing behind him...It is none other than Christabella Marcoux.)

Christabella: You must be Macklyn, correct? Sorry but I can't have Marcel dying just yet. So let go of his heart or I'll kill you myself. Your choice.

(Macklyn slowly lets go of Marcel's heart and Christabella throws him to the ground as he groans in pain. Marcel vision becomes clearer and recognizes the person standing before him.)

Marcel: Christabella?

Christabella: (cleaning her arm) Hello, Marcel. Its been a long time.

"Why am I here?" Edit

(Rebekah wakes up to see the wooden stake and vervain ropes have been removed from her body. She quickly gets up from the bed and walks out into the hallway. A woman’s laughter is heard echoing through the corridors.)

Rebekah: Who's there?!

(No answer, she struggles to get out of that room as quickly as possible and escape. As she reaches the door she plunges through it escaping outside.)

Rebekah: How the hell did I get here?

(She stumbles toward the steps but before she can go any further she is stabbed in the heart with a wooden stake. She gasps and falls to the ground only to look into the eyes of someone she knew from her past.)

Rebekah: Genevieve?!

Genevieve: Rebekah, tell me you're not leaving already. I have someone here who would like to have some words with you.

(Dark Sophia comes forward from the shadows.)

Rebekah: Sophia?

Dark Sophia: Hello, Rebekah. I believe this is the first time we've met.

Rebekah: Sophia, what are you talking about?

Dark Sophia: I'm not Sophia. (creating a fireball)

Rebekah:...Sophia, what's wrong with you? This isn't like you.

Dark Sophia: I told you. I'm not Sophia. I'm the one who wanted Danielle dead so we could finally get rid of Neoma once and for all. I am Sophia's darkness.

Rebekah: Where's my sister?! What have you done to her?!

Dark Sophia: She's just taking a little rest. She's tired of dealing of you with all your treachery. Speaking of your treachery, Genevieve has told Sophia everything about what happened in 1919. How you used her in your plans to bring Mikael to New Orleans to pay Klaus a visit. Also when she realized what your true intentions were, you caused her death just so that you could cover up your dirty work so Klaus would never find out. It's really sad how pathetic you've become.

Rebekah: Sophia, I know you can hear me! We can talk about this!

Dark Sophia: You want to talk? You should have done that when Danielle made that sacrifice earlier!


Dark Sophia: Don't pretend that you don't know what I'm talking about! I know who Davina brought back from the Other Side because she told Sophia!

(Sophia throws her fireball at Rebekah whom quickly dodges it and vamp speeds away.)

Genevieve: Will you be alright by yourself?

Dark Sophia: Don't worry about me. I can handle her.

Genevieve: (smiles) Have fun.

(Dark Sophia walks through the darkness to find Rebekah.)

Bond of Allies Edit


(Sophia, Jayne, and Bethany are relaxing in Sophia's room.)

Jayne:...Sophia...Are you still planning to find Klaus' redemption?

Sophia:...Honestly at this point...I really don't know. I don't want to give up on him but after what he did to Davina and her friend, Tim, its just...

Bethany: Too much? Of course it is. With the way he is, how can you continue to put up with him?

Sophia: Because he's my...Never mind. Either way, Elijah and I spent a thousand years trying to find the redemption he so desperately needs.

Jayne: A thousand years? Did you and Elijah bother to live you own lives?

Sophia: We tried so many times but somehow Klaus always got in the way out that. I've only been in love twice throughout my lifetime but those didn't end well. My husband was killed for betraying my family and the one after him was also killed. I wanted to live a normal life with my daughter so that she wouldn't be caught up in all this crazy supernatural events.

Jayne: Then why didn't you just leave them or just leave Klaus?

Sophia: Jayne, let me tell you something about family...No matter what the situation is, you never turn your back on them. I believe the most important thing about family is love. Even though they aren't my family, I still love them but I just feel that I don't belong. I will leave Klaus when the day will come of he no longer needs me.

Bethany: What about Rebekah? You've been pushing her away lately.

Sophia: She's a liar. Rebekah has kept a awful secret from Elijah, Niklaus, and me. I can't forgive her for that.

Jayne: What secret?

Sophia: I rather not say...I'm going to let her come out with the truth.

Jayne: I don't think I'll understand family. Yours is to complicated.

Sophia: Jayne...Family works in different ways. There a lots of different families out there. The Originals were once human and we forced to become vampires, we were not allowed a choice. Living on and never ageing, while everyone else gotten married, had children, and grew old. The Originals, the first vampires, continue to live after a thousand years, never ending.

Bethany: You don't want to be a vampire anymore?

Sophia:...I was always alright with being an Original. It made me stronger in order to protect my family and friends. I know that I do want to settle down, find love, and get married someday. Honestly I could never imagine a life without Niklaus, Elijah, Rebekah, Danielle and....

Jayne: And?

Sophia:...You, Vanessa, Bethany, and Brody.

Bethany: Darling, that's sweet and all but I know you wanted to say Marcel. I can tell you were thinking about him.

Sophia: (blushes) Bethany, stop it.

Bethany: What? I actually hope that you end up with him! Elijah told me about your love life.

Sophia: Enough about that!

Bethany: Sophia. Even if you're aren't blood, they love you and deep down, I think you know that. I was told by a certain someone that family is what you make it! Jayne, you have a family. That's us.

(Jayne gives Bethany a small smile.)

Jayne: Sophia, in a way, we're kinda the same.


(Elijah, Vanessa, Jayne, Bethany, and Brody are seen standing outside the sanatorium.)

Jayne: So are we going in or not?

Vanessa: We can't just rush in, Jayne.

Jayne: Why not?! Sophia is in there and we need to get her out! Its our fault she was taken in the first place!

Elijah: Jayne. I understand how you are feeling but you cannot blame yourself. I'm pretty sure that is was Sophia's choice to go with them in order to protect the three of you.

Jayne: She wouldn't have done so if those witches didn't have the upper hand on us.

Bethany: Jayne, darling...We will get them out of there. Don't worry. (hugs Jayne) Sophia really has had an impact on you, hasn't she?

Vanessa: She has on all of us.

Brody: Can we start moving now?

Bethany: (giggles) Looks like the little boy can't stand friendly moments!

(Marcel appears from behind them.)

Elijah: Marcel, where have you been? I have been calling you--

(Christabella appears as well.)

Christabella: Sorry about that. He nearly got his heart ripped out by Macklyn until I saved him.

Elijah: Christabella.

Christabella: Elijah. Here to save your siblings? You'll have to hurry quickly. I would definitely check on Sophia if I were you.

Jayne: What are you talking about?

Christabella: I killed her.

(Everyone goes quiet and is shocked by what Christabella just said.)


(After a moment Marcel vamp speeds, grabbing Christabella's neck as Jayne holds a stake to her Christabella's back.)

Marcel: What did you do?!

Christabella: Don't worry, she's alright. But the thing is, she isn't a vampire anymore. She's just back to being a witch.

Brody: So Sophia dying from my vision...It was true...

Christabella: Yes, it was Brody. However, she came back to life.

Elijah: What was the purpose of killing my sister?

Christabella:...Its what her mother wanted.

Elijah: Her mother?

Christabella: Yes. Sophia's mother never wanted that kind of life for her.

Elijah: Why now?

Christabella: It had to be now due to Danielle's death. Sophia couldn't learn the next element if she remained a vampire. If Sophia can regain control of herself, she can learn her new element so that she can save her daughter.

Elijah: Where is she? Where is Sophia's mother?

Christabella: You'll meet her soon. I can tell you that much.

Bethany: Wait, if you got in there and killed Sophia...Why didn't you get her out?!

Christabella: That's up to all of you. I did my part. Elijah, the feud between your family must be settled once and for all.

Marcel: Enough of this crap. We need to go in there now.

Elijah: We should divide the building. Bethany and I will start at one end, Marcel, you at the other. The rest of you take the front...Christabella, I need to know more later.

Searching Edit

(Jayne, Brody, and Vanessa are on their search for the three Originals.)

Jayne: So Sophia really did die...Guess your visions are true after all...Are you happy to have it?

Brody:...I don't even know...To me this power is....

Jayne: Is what?

Brody: My power is a gift yet a curse.

Vanessa: I know that feeling. I'm a vampire yet can see ghosts and I can never die.

Jayne: I thought living forever was awesome?

Vanessa: It is but losing the people you love along the way is a more cruel way along life.

(They stop when they hear voices nearby)

Brody: Hold on.

Jayne: Who is it?


(Nearby they see Neoma and Aria talking.)

Aria: So what are we going to do?

Neoma: Hmm...I can't kill Sophia because I may need her elements one day...So what I will do is...

(Neoma begins to use a power known as demonic infusion, infusing her a bit of her power with a crystal.)

Neoma: See this crystal? I've added a bit of my demonic powers to it. By using this, I plan to summon Mundus who is the ruler of the demonic world. He's first most powerful demon in the world. He can create demons from nothing and bend them to their will. I want to borrow that power and hope to use on humans and maybe some of the supernatural creatures.

Jayne: (whispers) What the hell?!

(Brody vamps speed tackling Neoma.)

Aria: Neoma!

Neoma: Ah, Brody. I was wondering when you and your friends were going to come out and play.

(Aria tries to help Neoma but her way is blocked by Jayne and Vanessa goes to help Brody.)

Jayne: (smirks) Your fight is with me.

Past Feelings Edit

Bethany: So you and that Christabella?

Elijah: How you'd know?

Bethany: I could sense it Elijah.

Elijah: What she and me had...To me, it was everything. I loved her with all my heart. Christabella was the love of my life.

Bethany: Do you still feel that way about her?

Elijah: I don't know...There's someone else that I still love deeply.

Bethany: Wow...Looks like I don't stand a chance.

Elijah: Bethany, what we had...I've moved on from that...But you will always have a special place in my heart.

Bethany:...Always the sweet talker. Don't worry about me because I'm not giving up--

Elijah: What's wrong?

Bethany: Don't you hear that?

(Elijah uses her vamp hearing and hears fighting somewhere in the building.)

Bethany: I think its Brody and the others. You go find Sophia! I'll go help the others!

(Bethany vamp speeds in the other direction as Elijah continues his search for his siblings.)

Undo the Curse Edit

(Hayley arrives at the bayou and is greeted by Eve then several werewolves come before them.)

Hayley: Whoa! So this is my family? How many are there?

Eve: (laughs) A lot! But you'll get to eventually meet everyone soon and learn of the family history.

(A little later, Alice arrives.)

Alice: Thank you for finding Rebekah for me.

Hayley: Sure. Elijah and the others are saving her right now.

Alice: Well, then. A deal's a deal. I will lift the curse of your family.

Eve: Thank you.

(Alice begins performing a spell...)

Saving Rebekah Edit


Rebekah: Nik. Nik, it isn't true.

Klaus: I want to believe you, sister. But your face tells a different story. You cannot hide from me, Rebekah! Nor can you run. This ends now. (reveals a white oak stake) No more "daggered in a box" for you. Trust me, sister, you'll long for what the dagger offered. This will be far less merciful. How to describe exactly what this blade does?

Rebekah: You don't have to do this, Nik.

Klaus: After I plunge this into your heart, you will be immobilized, imprisoned in a state of raw, inescapable anguish. Time loses all meaning. It's not unlike a living hell, which I find rather fitting given your treachery.

Rebekah: Then do it. If that's what you really want.

(Dark Sophia appears.)

Dark Sophia: Are we skipping the part where you beg for mercy? For forgiveness? Because I was really looking forward to that. You're no fun, Bex.

Rebekah: Pipi--

Dark Sophia: Don't call Sophia that! Nice to meet you Klaus. Your sister, Sophia, is taking a little break right now. I'm taking her place for now.

Rebekah: Nik, she's the one who wanted Danielle dead to begin with! She's the darkness within Sophia!

Dark Sophia: That's true, I'm not going to lie about it. But you can get Danielle back once Neoma is destroyed. Why do you think I wanted Dani to die?

Klaus: Well...I can tell she's not lying. So please join me in my quest of revenge against Rebekah.

Rebekah: You can't be serious!

(Dark Sophia goes at Rebekah and cuts her face with Papa Tunde's blade. Rebekah screams in pain and throws Dark Sophia back. Rebekah grabs a weapon and goes at Klaus, hitting him repeatedly with it. Klaus is stronger and throws her off. Marcel enters and goes at Klaus, ineffectively.)

Klaus: Just the man I wanted to see.

Marcel: Uhh...

Klaus: Rebekah's punishment won't be complete until she watches you die.

(Dark Sophia vamp speeds in front of Marcel to stop Klaus.)

Dark Sophia: Don't kill him.

Klaus: Why not?

Dark Sophia: I don't think that's what Sophia would want. Regardless, would you really kill your own son? Honestly, Rebekah is more at fault than Marcel is.

Klaus: All I want right now is revenge.

(Elijah appears thrusting his hand to Klaus' heart who screams in agony. As Dark Sophia tries to stop Elijah, Marcel holds her back and she realizes she losing some of her vampire strength.)

Elijah: Rebekah, run as far and as fast as you can. Run!

(Rebekah vamp speeds away and then Elijah breaks Klaus' neck and he compels Sophia to fall unconscious.)

Family Fight Edit

Rebekah: (ambushes Genevieve) I should rip out your heart for telling Niklaus and Sophia everything of what happened back then!

Genevieve: Then what are you waiting for Rebekah? Go ahead! Kill me like you did back then! When you affected me with the influenza and locked me up in quarantine, leaving me to die. 

(Elijah speed vamps up to between Rebekah and Genevieve)

Elijah: Oh, I asked you to cease these petty moves against our family and yet you conspire with the witches, costing this witch her life and nearly killing Niklaus. Is this what its come to, making moves against your own blood?

Rebekah: Don't you try and shame me. Nik grows more powerful by the day, and you do nothing but encourage him.

Elijah: Genevieve, leave us. I'll leave you to your family moment.

Genevieve: Of course.

(Genevieve leaves.)

Elijah: I offer him my counsel because it's clear to me that he needs to make the city our home. Now, perhaps leading these derelicts will curb some of these impulses, grant him some degree of happiness.

Rebekah: You always talk of Nik's happiness. Over 1,000 years, he has robbed me of any chance at my own. What about me, Elijah? Am I not a concern for you?

Elijah: We all make sacrifices in the name of this family, Rebekah, but know this. I will never stand against you or Niklaus!

Rebekah: What about Sophia? Would you stand against her? You nor Nik haven't done anything about Sophia's actions lately! She is completely willing to kill Neoma! Davina and me have been trying to find a way to bring Dani back and get Sophia back to her old self!

Elijah: Until we can get Danielle back, he has to get Sophia back to her senses first which is why he has Marcel helping him!

Rebekah: And what is Marcel suppose to do? Charm her with his good looks?!

Elijah: Marcel can give Sophia something that she hasn't had in a long time. Marcel knows what it is like to be a parent and only he has what Sophia needs, something that would also make Danielle happy. Once Sophia comes back to us, she will become the key to bringing Danielle back.

Rebekah: What would that be exactly? What is it that he can give her that we can't?!

Elijah: Rebekah--


(Elijah and Rebekah see Klaus and Dark Sophia not to far from them.)

Klaus: I can take Elijah.

Dark Sophia: I'll leave him to you then. Rebekah's mine. 

(Klaus' eyes turn yellow as the veins protrude on his face. Sophia eyes begin to turn red and she holds Papa Tunde's blade in her hand. Elijah bars his teeth at Klaus and Dark Sophia as does Rebekah.)

Choosing Sides Edit

(Klaus, Dark Sophia, Elijah, and Rebekah are in a standoff while all four are trapped in the cemetery. Klaus has the indestructible white oak stake and Dark Sophia still holds Papa Tunde's blade, leaving Elijah and Rebekah at a disadvantage.)

Klaus: Rebekah!

Elijah: Leave us now.

Rebekah: (scared and angry) I can't. I'm stuck here. Elijah, he has the white oak stake. I thought he got all of them from Neoma's army and burned them!

Klaus: (points the stake in her direction) I did but I brought it for you, sister. I made this one just in case I ever needed it. Sophia or what was it? Her dark side? Whichever one will get to have her fun with you too, with all the lies you've kept from this family.

Elijah: Leave them to me now.

Rebekah: You can't handle them both!

Elijah: GO NOW!

(Rebekah vamp-speeds away.)

Elijah: I'm asking the both of you, my brother and sister--we end this nonsense now.

Klaus: You would side with that traitor?

Elijah: I am not choosing sides, but I will not allow either of you to hurt our sister.

Dark Sophia: Sophia's not here right now. She's allowed me to take full control right now. She wanted to get away from it all, the secrets and betrayal. By the way, Rebekah is not Sophia's sister, she lost that right the moment Danielle died. And Elijah, are not Sophia's brother. You never will be as long as you defend Rebekah. So what's it going to be?

Elijah: You would kill Rebekah?

Dark Sophia: The Sophia you know wouldn't...She wants to make her suffer. But since Sophia can't hear me right now. I would kill Rebekah. Get in my way and you will suffer the same consequence.

Klaus: Also, none of us cannot leave this cemetery, Elijah. How long do you think you can defend her?

(Klaus and Dark Sophia and vamp-speeds away, but Elijah easily catches up and blocks them.)

Elijah: Long enough.

Dark Sophia: Sorry but you can't take us both on!

(Dark Sophia vamp speeds to find Rebekah and before Elijah can stop her, Klaus blocks his way.)

Klaus: You have to deal with me first, brother.

Stay Alive Edit

(Rebekah is close to the entrance and stops when she sees Regina.)

Rebekah: Regina?!

Regina: Is it true? Are you a vampire? Neoma told me everything about you.

Rebekah:...Its true.

Regina: How could you lie to me? No wonder your relationship with your family is so messed up! You keep lying!

Rebekah: Regina, we can't do this right now. We need to get out of here!

Regina: No. Was our friendship a lie?

Rebekah: No, I just didn't want you caught up the troubles of the supernatural world.

Regina: Why not? Didn't I have a right to know?

Rebekah: Regina, I guess you did...But you don't want to be a part of this. Whenever someone gets caught up in the supernatural world, they always get hurt, they might get turned into a vampire, they might get attacked by a werewolf or any other supernatural being...or they might wind up dead.

Regina: You wouldn't let any of that happen to me.

Rebekah: That's true...and there's only one way to help you now.

(Rebekah stands in front of Regina and begins to compel her.)

Rebekah: Regina Krystal. You will live out your own life. Continue college, having the career you've always dreamed of. Get married to the man of your life and have children with him. Your life with your family will mean more to you than anything. Forget about me and what you know of the supernatural world. Rebekah Mikaelson will no longer be part of your memories. Walk out that door and go home. Goodbye Regina.

(Regina follows Rebekah's orders and leaves. A tear rolls down Rebekah's cheek and after a few moments, Rebekah goes out the door but finds herself back in the hallway.)

Neoma's Plan/Brody's Visions/Jayne's Family Edit

(Aria throws Jayne is throws into another room and hits the wall.)

Aria: Ready to give up, little girl?

Jayne: No but I think you will.

(Jayne throws vervain into Aria's face who starts screaming in agony of the pain. Jayne then punches Aria in the face and knocks her to the ground. Jayne takes out her wooden stake ready to kill Aria but is stopped when Neoma comes forth roughly holding Vanessa by her head and Brody lies on the floor, groaning in pain.)

Neoma: Hold it. Leave Aria be or I'll kill your friend here.

Vanessa: You should know that I can't be killed.

Neoma: I wasn't talking about you...I was talking about Midnight over here.

Brody: Damn you!

Neoma: Shut up. Now what's it going to be?

Jayne: Let Vanessa go first.


(Neoma releases Vanessa but only to throw her out the window, glass shattering everywhere.)


Jayne: You bitch!

(Jayne throws her stake at Neoma who easily catches it.)

Neoma: Know your place, Rutledge.

(Neoma throws the stake back at Jayne but only to have it cut her arm.)

Jayne: Ahh!

Brody: Jayne!

Jayne: I'm okay. I'll live.

Aria: Wait, did you just say Rutledge?

Neoma: Yes, why?

Aria: (laughs) Well, well. This has become even more interesting. Jayne Rutledge, I haven't seen you since you were in diapers.

Jayne: How do you know me?

Aria: I only met you once when you were a baby. It was the second time I met your mother.

Jayne: You know my mom? Sarah?

Aria: Sarah? I see your real mother must have given you up for adoption.

Jayne: My real...? (grabbing Aria by the collar) Tell me what you know about my biological mother!

Aria: Really don't know much. Your real mom nearly got me killed, she was a troublemaker.

Jayne: When did you meet my mom?

Aria: About sixty years ago was the first time I met her. The second was right around the time you were born.

Jayne: Sixty years?

Aria: Yeah. She hadn't aged both times I saw her.

Neoma: Aria, why are you telling her all that?

Aria: I guess its a mother's love for her child. I know what its like to be a mom. Your mother may love to have an adventure and cause trouble but I could tell that she really loved you.

Jayne: What's her name?

Aria: That I don't know but I know its not Sarah...I've heard people say she is one of the most powerful sirens in the world.

Neoma: Well maybe if Brody here uses his power, he can help find your mother.

(Brody vamp speeds, plunging his hand into Neoma's chest, however...)

Neoma: Silly boy. I don't have a heart...(plunging her hand into Brody's chest) But you do. (smiles)

Jayne: BRODY!

(Aria blocks Jayne's way and Neoma is close to ripping out Brody's heart until Bethany appears and cuts Neoma's hand off causing her to scream out in pain. Brody falls back, breathing heavily and Bethany catches him.)

Bethany: Jayne, lets go!

(Jayne gets out of Aria's hold and thrusts the stake into Aria's stomach who groans in pain, falling to the floor. Jayne then runs out of the room, following Brody and Bethany. Neoma begins laughing and her hand suddenly comes back. She removes the stake from Aria's stomach.)

Aria: No offense, but that is just gross. What are you going to do with the hand that was just cut off?

Neoma: Send it as present for a certain someone...By the way, that Rutledge girl. I think things will get even more fun with her. (smirks)

(Bethany, Brody, and Jayne are at the back of the building.)

Jayne: Shouldn't we go back inside?

Bethany: Elijah and Marcel will find Sophia, Rebekah, and Klaus. Matthias has got Vanessa. He called me and said he saw her being thrown out a window and he managed to catch her.

Jayne: Good...Brody, how are you feeling?

Brody: (smirks) Like my insides were about to be ripped out.

Bethany: Keep talking like that and they will be ripped out.

Jayne: Brody. I need to know about my mother.

Brody: Jayne--

Jayne: You can see people's past and future! Try to look into my past!

(Brody closes his eyes and relaxes. Glimpses of a young woman holding a baby are shown but is very blurry. Suddenly a blaring noise gets louder and louder causing Brody to writhe in pain.)

Bethany: Brody! Hey!

Brody: I can't--

(Bethany holds Brody in her arms until he calms down.)

Bethany: Brody?

Brody:...Jayne. Your mother doesn't want you to find her.

Jayne: What?

Brody: To her, its for your own good...I'm sorry.

(Jayne becomes quiet and walks away...When she is further away from her friends, she lowers her head, trying to hold back her tears...)

Showdown Edit

(Vanessa slowly opens her eyes to see that she is back outside and Matthias is carrying her.)

Vanessa: Matthias?

Matthias: What kind of trouble did you get yourself into? I managed to catch you before you hit the ground.

Vanessa: Thanks but why is it that you always show up when there's trouble?

Matthias: You're welcome and I believe its because I have a knack for these things.

Vanessa: I need to get back up there.

Matthias: Don't worry, Bethany got to Brody and Jayne. Elijah and Marcel will find Rebekah and the others.

???: That was quite a nasty fall!

(Bastiana and and a few other witches of the New Orleans Coven come toward them. Matthias puts Vanessa down.)

Matthias: Are you the one who kidnapped Sophia and caused all this commotion?

Bastiana: What if I am? If her little friends had put up more of a fight, things would have worked out differently for Sophia--

(Matthias grabs her by the throat and pushes her against the wall then jams his hand into Bastiana's chest and grabs her heart.)

Matthias: I did my research. If I kill you, a Harvest Girl will be resurrected. I would allow you to say your final words but you were the cause of the Harvest Girls dying in the first place...So goodbye.

(Matthias rips out Bastiana's heart and lets her fall to the ground. The turns to the other few witches.)

Matthias: Anyone else? Leave Neoma's army and your life will be spared.

(Five out of the seven witches run. Two decide to stay and try to use their magic until Vanessa vamp speeds and breaks one witch's neck then bites the other's neck, draining blood. When she's done, Matthias takes out of handkerchief and cleans Vanessa's face.)

Vanessa: Thanks.

Matthias: You're welcome. How are you feeling?

Vanessa: A lot better. 

Matthias: (smiles) Good.

(Vanessa takes the handkerchief and cleans Matthias hands.)

Matthias: We make a great team, don't we? Vanessa: (smirks) Don't get ahead of yourself.

Sisters Confront/Unexpected Secret Edit

(As Rebekah hides, Dark Sophia appears from behind her and Rebekah quickly turns around.)

Rebekah: Sister--

Dark Sophia: (holding Papa Tunde to Rebekah's neck) I'm not Sophia. Didn't I tell you earlier? I'm the darkness she holds within her. The part of her that Sophia never knew about seeing the fact that Sophia never showed a dark side of herself for a thousand years.

Rebekah: Sister, if you can hear me--

Dark Sophia: You lost the right to be her sister with all the secrets you've kept from the family and the number of betrayals you have on the list!

Rebekah: Sophia, I'm sorry!

Dark Sophia: Sorry doesn't cut it. Is it going to bring Danielle back? And Sophia does not not want to come out.

Rebekah: Fine then. If she won't come out right now then let me ask you this. Why did she kill Sophie?

Dark Sophia: Is there a problem? Sophie did kill Danielle. Its only natural that Sophia would want revenge against those who went after her daughter.

Rebekah: By going on a rampage? That isn't her!

Dark Sophia: It is when her heart is taken from her! You have no idea how she felt when Danielle died. When watching her daughter die right in front of her, something in her just snapped...He heart broke into a million of pieces and I was finally unleashed. You saw a part of me, remember? Sophia's eyes turned black and her powers started going out of control. That was a part of me that was shown.

Rebekah: So that was you that day?

Dark Sophia: Yes, it was.

Rebekah: All the lives that you killed. Does it make you feel better?

Dark Sophia: Of course it does.

Rebekah: Well, what about Sophia? Does it make her feel better?

Dark Sophia: I don't need to answer that.

Rebekah: Why not? You feel what she feels. So answer the question.

Dark Sophia:...No...She hates it...She hates having to take lives. You know that she will only do it when someone tries to hurt her family.

Rebekah: I know. But would she kill me? I've hurt the family not to mention I have betrayed Niklaus, Elijah, and Sophia. My lies and betrayals have hurt this family in the worst possible way.

Dark Sophia: No she wouldn't kill you, she only wants to make you suffer...But I want to kill you.

Rebekah: Just like you wanted to kill Dani?

Dark Sophia: For good reason. To awaken Neoma and rid her of this world. She caused enough problems as it is just like you have!

(Dark Sophia tries to stab Rebekah with Papa Tunde's blade but her arm is being held back by Marcel.)

Rebekah: Marcel, what are you doing here?!

Marcel: Saving you!

Dark Sophia: I thought I told you to stay out of my way...I'm losing my vampire strength...

Marcel: Guess she's really going back to being a witch...

Dark Sophia: Let me go!

(Dark Sophia uses her element of earth to shake the ground.)

Rebekah: Stop it! Sophia please come out!

Dark Sophia: She doesn't want to! Besides, I'm not leaving until I kill Neoma myself!

Rebekah: Just who are you?

Dark Sophia: Who do you think I am? I am not just the darkness within Sophia, I am a piece of Neoma. The light that she once carried inside of her when she was still a half demon!


Dark Sophia: I needed to wait so that I could finally be awakened. So that I could finally be free. So that I can finally get my revenge against Neoma for abandoning me!

Rebekah: You're a part of Neoma?

Marcel: And what do you mean half demon?

(Dark Sophia stops the ground from shaking the Klaus and Elijah show up.)

Elijah: What happened?

Klaus: Marcel, release my sister!

Marcel: Not until she calms down!

Dark Sophia: You want the truth? Well here it is...(flashes of Neoma's past) Neoma was born a half demon. Her father was demon, her mother was human. Neoma was very spirited and carried a bright light about her which was me. She was kind to everyone but sometimes had a hard time making friends until one day, when she was a child, she met a handsome young man who was also a demon. Most demons are evil but others aren't. He was kind and there was something special about him. When Neoma grew up and stopped aging at 18, she confessed her love for him as he did to her. They got married and after a year, a horrible bloodly event took place. Neoma and her family were attacked by another powerful demon and his clan. That night, it was a blood moon so Neoma's powers are more stronger when that moon is up. However, many lives were lost and her family found themselves at a disadvantage when her mother was being held hostage. They watched as the demon held his claws to her mother's neck. As her father tried to save her mother, they were both killed...right in front of Neoma...blood splattered everywhere. Neoma's screams echoed throughout the land...She was almost killed as well until her husband saved her, losing his life in the process as well...Neoma heard her father still breathing barely and he told her to live on, his final words as he took his dying breath...She lost everything that day...Neoma stood there covered in blood...Something in her just snapped and she began to drink all the demon blood around her, becoming a full fledged demon. She became stronger than ever and took revenge upon those who killed her family but she didn't stop there. She killed thousands and made people's lives a living hell. I tried to talk some sense into her but she cast me aside and became a bloodthirsty demon....Now you know the truth.

Rebekah:...Oh my god...So this whole time....

Elijah: Marcel let her go...Please.

(Marcel nods to Elijah and lets Dark Sophia go but continues to stand close to her.)

Elijah: Did my mother know about this?

Dark Sophia: Yes...she did...

Elijah:...I am sorry about everything that has happened to you and Neoma. If you allow it, I will make sure we stop Neoma from continuing her evil purposes so it will put you at ease.

Klaus: What foolishness is this?


Dark Sophia:...Do you really mean it?

Elijah: When I make a promise, I keep my word. You should know that.

Dark Sophia: True...I can hear Sophia...She's making a promise as well...I'm going to let her come back out.

Elijah: Thank you.

Dark Sophia: No. Thank you.

Elijah: Hope to see you soon.

(Dark Sophia closes her eyes...After a moment, Sophia's eye color has changed back to their normal brown color.)

Marcel: Sophia?

Sophia: I'm okay...We'll talk later...(holds his hand briefly) Getting back to business, we need to have a trial...for Rebekah Mikaelson. Niklaus and Elijah, you two are going to learn of another secret that Rebekah has been keeping from the family.

Trial Edit

Sophia: Let it begin. The trial of Rebekah Mikaelson. Speak your piece.

Klaus: You stand accused of betraying your own blood. How do you plead?

Rebekah: I plead you to shut up and listen. First, I want you to let Marcel go from this. Forgive him.

Klaus: You have got to be joking. Why would I forgive him? He was in on it too.

Rebekah: Yes he was. The man I that I loved is gone, he left me. This man here...he just looks like him. He's meant to be with another, Someone that I care about very much, he's made her very happy.

Sophia:...I'll allow it. Marcel, you are free to leave.

Klaus: Sophia!

Sophia: Do not judge my decision, Niklaus.

Marcel: No, I'm staying.

Sophia: Marcel--

Elijah: What's wrong?

Sophia: I don't smell blood anymore...I'm not even hungry for it...I really am losing my vampire powers.

Klaus: That does not matter...I will always protect you.

Sophia: (smirks) Just get back to the trial already.

Klaus: Alright. Rebekah, anything more you need to say?

Rebekah: I have a explainable defense to what I did.

Klaus: You summoned our father. You brought him to our home. What possible defense could you have?

Rebekah; I knew he was the only thing that you feared, and I wanted you to run.

Klaus: Because you hated me.

Rebekah: Because you were hateful. You denied me the freedom to love.

Klaus: Oh, so that's your defense You called Mikael-- the destroyer, the hunter of vampires-- because I detained you from pursuing some dull suitors.

Rebekah: You were cruel and controlling and manipulative.

Klaus: I was trying to protect you! From imbeciles, and leeches. Not to mention your own poor judgment.

Rebekah: And what about the one that you loved enough to call friend? Why did you forbid me to love Marcel? What has happened to you? I remember the sweet boy who made me laugh and gave me gifts, who loved art and music. I wanted to be just like you. How could you have fallen so far?

Elijah: Niklaus, perhaps it's you that's forgotten. I remember the day that father caught you whittling little chess pieces with his hunting knife. He beat you so mercilessly and for so long, I actually feared for your life.


(Mikael is brutally beating Klaus, who is curled in the fetal position on the floor, with a whip. Elijah rushes into the room to urge him to stop.)

Elijah: Father! Father, please!

Mikael: Stay back!

(Rebekah runs into the room with Mikael's sword in her hands, aiming it at her father.)

Rebekah: Stop it! Stop it! I will not let you hurt him anymore!

Mikael: You stand against me? For him?!

(Mikael angrily grabs the sword from Rebekah's hands and leaves.) 


Klaus: So, you would paint her as a loyal sister, but she betrayed me out of lust for Marcel. Perhaps that was why you did it-- for love. Perhaps I might temper my rage if Rebekah will admit she was a victim of her own idiocy, that her great love, Marcel, used her to oust this family and to take my city.

Rebekah: Marcel did not manipulate me.

Klaus: You defend him, and yet you can't help but wonder, what if I'm right?

Rebekah: We loved each other. It was your refusal to respect that that led to your ruin.

Klaus: Then why didn't he chase after you when you fled New Orleans? Oh, yes! That's right. He was here stealing what I built!

Rebekah: You want me to renounce Marcel, to beg for your forgiveness? I won't. Marcel is not at fault. I called Mikael.

Elijah: Rebekah, you must--

Rebekah: (angrily screaming) I was the one who brought him to New Orleans because of your wickedness! I wanted love and happiness, and you denied me the freedom to have either. Yes, I hated and I was afraid of our father, but he was a lesser evil than you. My bastard brother who loomed over me, threatening me as you are now. I wanted rid of you, and given the choice, I'd do it again! Because what I have done recently, was not just for me! I did this for Sophia! She has always been looking after you! She has only been in love twice and after 500 years, she has given up on it! Seeing her Marcel, I saw the Sophia who was truly happy all those years ago! Both Elijah and Sophia have so long been trying to find your redemption and it fails as always because you let it, every horrible thing you have done and somehow they always forgive you for it! What I want is for you to stop being the burden that you always are and leave them be!

Sophia: Rebekah...

(Klaus lunges at Rebekah and pushes her against a tomb, and is just about to stake her in the heart when Elijah tackles him. When they get back up to their feet, Elijah has the white oak stake. Marcel vamp speeds and takes Rebekah further away.)

Klaus: So what's it gonna be? You hold the stake and it could finish me off for good.

Elijah: Well--unlike you, brother-- I have no taste for fratricide. (holds up stake) I only hold this to keep it from you.

Her Human Life Edit

(Marcel and Rebekah are hidden further away from the fight.)

Rebekah: I've never seen him like this before. He's out of his mind with rage, up all night howling one obscenity-laced tirade after the next. He's gonna kill me.

Marcel: Alright, we need to stay as far away from him as we can.

Rebekah: I lived for centuries looking over my shoulder, ready to run at a moment's notice. Am I to go back to that? I'm tired of running...and if I do leave, I want Sophia to come with me.

Marcel:...What was Sophia like as a human?

Rebekah: (smiling) Not much different than how she is now but she always enjoyed the idea of falling in love, ending up with her soulmate including she was very much of a tomboy.

(Marcel laughs)

Rebekah: When we were children, she would always protect from the boys that would pick on me. Sometimes, she would get bruises but she said it was worth it. She would never let a man lay a hand of me.

(Glimpse of a flashback: a very young Rebekah being protected by a very young Sophia. She begins to tackle one of the boys and kicks the others in the shins. A giggling Rebekah smiles at her sister.)

Rebekah: She might go back to being that way...Now that she's no longer a vampire. Do you still feel the same way about her?

Marcel:...I always will. My feelings will remain the same. Nothing's changed.

Brothers Fight Edit

Klaus: The stake could finish me off for good.

Elijah: Well--unlike you, brother-- I have no taste for fratricide. (holds up stake) I only hold this to keep it from you.

Klaus: Why must you defend her? Rebekah betrayed you, as well, when she brought Mikael here.

Elijah: Because she is our sister, and because I like to remember her the way that she was before we became what we became. (He flashes back to the Mikaelson children, all six of them, as they wrestle and laugh outside) She was an innocent girl, quick to laugh, full of life.

Klaus: My memories serve to make her betrayal more painful.

Elijah: Can you not then accept some small part of the blame? After all, Niklaus, it was your cruelty that led her to do what she did.

Klaus: Do you not see, Elijah? She didn't mean to chase me off. She wanted me dead.

Elijah: You're wrong.

Klaus: She has always hated me. You know that's true.

Elijah: You have no idea, do you? You have no idea what she was prepared to do for you. When our sister sees something that she perceives to be an injustice, she can be stubborn, impetuous, and, at times, downright dangerous, and never was this more apparent than the night she tried to kill our father.

(In flashback, a young Rebekah grabs a knife, and wanders over to where Mikael was sleeping, fully ready to kill him.)

Klaus: What is this, some melodramatic fiction designed to garner my sympathy?

Elijah: It is the truth. I was there. And she would have done it, all to protect you, had I not stopped her. I often wished that I could revisit that moment, complete the task myself.

(In flashback, Rebekah steels herself to kill Mikael as he slept, but before she could, Elijah discovered what she was about to do, and grabs the knife from her hand before yanking her back to her bed.)

Klaus: Why are you telling me this now?

Elijah: Niklaus, sometimes our sister acts without thinking. She's short of temper, she's quick to fall in love, but she loves you. But, your malicious treatment has broken her heart. So, yes, she responded by summoning our father. Yes, that was a mistake. I'm not entirely sure that I can blame her.

Klaus: I can.

(Klaus vamp-speeds to the tomb where Rebekah is hiding, but Elijah beats him there, defensively holding the stake in hi hands.)

Elijah: Niklaus, so help me--

Klaus: Are you really going to stand against me? If you want to protect Rebekah, you'll need to use the white oak stake.

Elijah: I don't have to listen to this nonsense.

Klaus: Oh, don't pretend you haven't thought about it. You look at me, and you see everything you abhor in yourself. Sure, you dress it up with your fancy suits and your handkerchiefs. You, with your mask of civility and eloquence, you're every bit the abomination I am. Or worse. Go on, Elijah. Go on. Use the white oak stake.

(Elijah throws the white oak stake far away and glares at Klaus.)

Klaus: You see? I knew you couldn't do it. You still cling to the hope that I can be redeemed, and if the bastard can be saved, then maybe there's hope for you.

(Sophia catches up to them.)

Klaus: What took so long?

Sophia: I have lost my vampire speed as well. But I still managed to hear what the both of you said. Barely...

(Sophia walks up to Elijah and kisses his cheek.)

Sophia: Let them settle this.

(Sophia stabs Papa Tunde's blade into Elijah's heart and he falls to the ground, gasping in agony.)

Klaus: Sophia...You've made me proud. Took a page right out of my book.

Sophia: Don't get happy about it. (walking away) I'll take the blade out of him soon.

(The white oak stake is gone from Klaus hand as Rebekah vamp speed and took it from him.)

Rebekah: Now, I have this. So I decide who lives and who dies.

Klaus: You'll have to kill me first, and now you hold the means to do so. Why not finish what you started a century ago?

Rebekah: I did not want you dead. I wanted you to run.

Klaus: Liar! You wanted revenge!

Rebekah: You drove me to betray you, and now you want to twist it and make it worse so you can justify killing me instead of accepting your own fault? All I did was love your friend! You could've been happy for us, but instead, in your paranoia, you feared losing us both. And, because of that, you did. There is no one else to blame, Nik. Only you. You take joy in other people's pain, and then you wonder why I hate you.

Klaus: Yes, and that hatred led you to do what you did. Admit the truth. Admit you wanted me dead.

Rebekah:  I wanted you to run, that is all--despite your delusions.

Klaus: ADMIT IT!

Rebekah: You're insane.

Klaus: Yes! Yes! I am a vicious, heartless monster, and so you summoned Mikael to kill me. Admit it.

Rebekah: It's not true.

Klaus: You know what you did. Admit it.

Rebekah: I didn't.

Klaus: You wanted me dead!! Admit it.

Rebekah: Maybe I did. 

(Klaus, shocked that she actually admitted it, angrily stabs Rebekah with the white oak stake.)

Family Curse Broken/Hoc est infantima malom. Nos omnia perdetu el eam Edit

(The wolves that were once there are back to their human forms as Alice had managed to break the Crescent Curse. Hayley is seen talking with Alice.)

Hayley: Thank you for doing this.

Alice: No need to thank me. I would have lifted the curse anyway. 

Hayley: I got a text from Elijah. He said that Rebekah is safe now. 

Alice: Good. Now you go and get to know the family you never knew about. 

Hayley: Okay...Um...Can I ask for another favor?

Alice: Yes, what is it?

(Hayley takes out her phone and shows Alice the words Sabine (Celeste) chanted earlier in the series.)

Hayley: Can you tell me what this means?

Alice: Hoc est infantima malom. Nos omnia perdetu el eam. That's....

Hayley: What?

Alice: Does anyone else know about this?

Hayley: Only my friend, Thomas. Why?

Alice: Hayley. those words mean that it will destroy everything.

Hayley:...Oh my god...

Another Secret Revealed Edit

(Rebekah wakes up to find Klaus sitting, holding the white oak stake. Sophia removes Papa Tunde's blade from Elijah's chest and he begins to feel better. Sophia then helps him up.)

Sophia: Before anyone says anything...There is something that I would like to say. But before I do, Rebekah...Would you like to tell your brothers what you have done recently. What you have been keeping from the three of us?

Rebekah: Its....

Klaus: Another secret? What have you done to betray the family now?


Elijah: What?

Rebekah: Kol...Has been brought back to life.

Klaus: What are you talking about?

Rebekah: Davina and I have been trying to find a way to bring Danielle back. However, it was unable to work and instead Danielle wanted us to bring back Kol instead.

Elijah: Danielle gave up her chance so that Kol could be brought back?

Rebekah: Yes...Shows how much she loves us all.

Sophia: Yet, you kept that from us....What was it? You didn't trust us?

Rebekah: Believe me, I trust you its just...I felt the fewer people who knew about him, the better. I was only thinking of his safety. We lost him once and its a miracle we got him back...I really didn't want to lose him again.

Sophia:...Where is he?

Rebekah: A witch named Alice Throne's apartment.

Klaus: Alice?

Rebekah: Yes. She recently showed up in New Orleans. She's been alive this whole time.

Sophia: (walking away) I'm going to see him.

Rebekah: Sophia--

Sophia: If you want to protect him...I know what I have to do.

Elijah: Sophia...Give him my regards.

Klaus: Mine as well.

Sophia: Sure thing.

Elijah: I need to go check on Hayley.

(Once Sophia and Elijah leave, Rebekah turns to Klaus.)

Rebekah: Klaus....You missed my heart.

Klaus: Perhaps I did. Or, perhaps I never meant to kill you. Perhaps I just wanted you to feel a fraction the fear I felt when father came for me.

Rebekah: Do you yourself know the truth?

Klaus: I know this. You accuse me of being evil, and yet you are the one who conspired to kill your own blood.

Rebekah: You made our lives a living hell. You tormented us.

Klaus: I love my family-- You, Elijah. I loved all of you. (walks toward Rebekah and looks her in the eyes) I know I can be difficult, but I did not make myself this way. It was Mikael who ruined me.

Rebekah: (whispers quietly) He ruined me, too. That's what you forget. Centuries later, each of us is broken. You with your anger and paranoia, me with my fear of abandonment. Also poor Elijah and Sophia. They dedicate themselves to everyone but themselves. We are the strongest creatures in the world, and yet, we are damaged beyond repair. We live without hope, but we will never die. We are the definition of "cursed." Always and forever.

(Rebekah walks away.)

Wanting/Forgiveness Edit

(As Sophia goes to her brother, Marcel appears.)

Marcel: Sophia...

Sophia: Marcel, its okay. If you're here for my forgiveness you have it. Rebekah took fully responsibility. She stated that it was her idea not yours.

Marcel: Then why can't you forgive Rebekah?

Sophia: Marcel, you have always told me the truth. You're one of the people in my life that has never lied to me. You have kept things from me but you never lied. Rebekah on the other hand, has been lying for over a hundred years. One of those secrets cost me my daughter. I'm pretty sure you feel the same way if that ever happened to Davina.

Marcel: You're right.

Sophia: I love Rebekah. She's my little sister, Klaus and Elijah are my big brothers even though we aren't blood. I can finally accept that after everything that has happened today. I love them all. (teary) But it hurts so much because she's family.

Marcel: Sophia, what can I do to help you?

Sophia: I think the only thing that will help me is getting Danielle back...Even if it cost me my life.

(As Sophia walks away from Marcel, he grabs her arm and pulls her very close to him.)

Marcel: I can't let you die. You will get Danielle back without dying.

Sophia: I already died today. I'm not a vampire anymore...Its weird...I don't smell blood anymore including I'm not hungry for it. I don't know who I am...

Marcel: That doesn't matter. You're you. A smart, beautiful, and loyal woman. A woman I came to know these past six months and hope to know more about. A woman I want more than anything. Sophia Zariah Mikaelson.

(Sophia kisses him passionately. After finishing the kiss, they remain with their eyes closed.)

Sophia: Thank you, Marcellus.

"Where Do We Go From Here?" Edit

Klaus: You said our father ruined us. And I can't help but wonder, what if his father ruined him?

Rebekah: Maybe...Who knows? Nik, I know you hate me, but what's done is done.

Klaus: What's done is never done. It remains within us, a story we tell ourselves so we know who we are. Vicious father, a bastard son, and the sister who betrayed him.

Rebekah: So where do we go from here?

Klaus:...All we can do right help Sophia get Danielle back. After that, we'll decide what must be done.

Getting Answers Edit

(Macklyn is in the bar, drinking away until a bottle of scotch is taken from him. He turns around to see Marcel and his men, they look ready for a fight.)

Macklyn: Really?

Marcel: You're going to tell me something. I need to know what element that Sophia needs to learn.

Macklyn: I'm not telling you anything.

Marcel: Well, if a certain someone were to find out that you're using Sophia for your own means, I don't think he would take that well. I know the other part of the plan that you didn't tell me about. Thanks to my guys here, they managed to find the guy you're working for. All I have to do is go there and tell him everything.

Macklyn: (chuckles) So little Marcellus has finally gotten some guts. What do you want to know?

Marcel: I need to know what element that Sophia needs to learn.

Macklyn: Alright...The next element is Spirit. That element can bring back the dead.

Marcel: How can she learn it?

Macklyn: From a very powerful witch. The only witch who knows of how the elements work is Qetsiyah.

Resurrection Edit

(A young girl awakens in a tomb, as she takes in her surroundings, she begins screaming for help. Soon, she suddenly uses magic to burst out of her tomb.)

Unexpected Reunion (Final 2 Scenes) Edit


Kol: How much longer is that bloody woman going to keep me here?

(Someone knocks on the door and Kol freezes...When the person speaks he recognizes the voice.)

Sophia: Kol, I know you're in there.

Kol: Sophia?

(Kol opens the door to find an emotional Sophia standing before him. She quickly hugs him and he holds her tight then closes the apartment door.)

Kol: How did you know?

Sophia: Davina told me...So you really came back...

Kol: Its nice to hold my little sister in my arms again.

Sophia: Kol--

Kol: I know all about us not being related by blood. I had been watching from the Other Side. But who cares? You're still my little sister.

Sophia: Still as charming as ever...Elijah and Niklaus are glad to have you back...Kol, you know that Rebekah has been hiding from Elijah, Niklaus, and me that Davina brought you back. But also about how Neoma was inside Danielle but also her betrayal to Klaus when she and Marcel brought Mikael to New Orleans nearly getting both Elijah and Niklaus killed.

Kol: Sophia, you should try looking past all of that.

Sophia: I know that...I got her side of the story and see that she not only did it for herself but for Elijah and me as well. However, it does not justify what she did...I don't think I can forgive her. I don'tknow if  I'll ever forgive her for all these secrets and betrayal, one of them cost my daughter's life...I can't lose anyone else that I love...

Kol: What are you saying?

Sophia: I want you to leave New Orleans.

Kol: What?! No, I can't do that? I can't leave my family! We have to get Danielle back!

Sophia: We will...But you just came back from the dead and I don't want us taking the chance of losing you again and possibly never getting you back...For your own good and my sake...You need to leave and not come back. I will contact you when things go back to being safe. When I get my daughter back somehow and I end up dying...I want you to come back here and take care of her.

Kol: (tearfully) Sister...

Sophia: (caresses his cheek) I love you my brother...Goodbye...

(Sophia leaves and Kol begins to silently cry. The next scene fades into a misty fog. Danielle is seen walking through it and stops when she hears a voice.)

???: Danielle Mikaelson.

Danielle: Who's there?

(An older man comes forth, someone who is connected to the Originals.)

???: How much you have grown but you wouldn't remember me. The last time we saw each other is when you were a baby.

Danielle: Who are you?

???: I am the one who came up with the idea of for the Originals to be created. Care to guess?


The Originals

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