The Originals(Fan Fiction) TV Series
Season 2, Episode 3 (Part 2)
Elijah Gia 2x04
Air date Winter 2015
Written by Cori11
Directed by Cori11
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Welcome to the Party
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Mother and Son is the Part Two of Welcome to the Party.


FIGHT OR GIVE UP--It's only a matter of time until Mikael, Esther, and Finn come after Klaus and Elijah, so Marcel, Elijah, and Danielle decide to train the new vampire army on how to fight in order to survive. Davina requests the help of Angelica Ravelli and goes off on a mission to destroy Mikael in order to protect Danielle and Klaus tries to find her before she falls to her death. Finn comes to Chase and his people with an offer they can refuse causing Hayley to get involved and trying to talk them out of it. Lastly, Elijah finds himself in a dangerous position.


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  • First appearance of Angelica.
  • While Elijah trains Gia and while Danielle trains Leon, they both reflect back on their past of how Elijah was Danielle's fighting mentor.
  • There will be some sexual tension between Danielle and Leon's training session but nothing romantic.
  • Danielle will share a scene with her Uncle Finn.



Controlling the WerewolvesEdit

A Friend's ConcernEdit

(Danielle is lying on her bed, eating junk food and watching t.v. while Davina is lecturing her.)

Davina: I have to go somewhere today, so I'll be getting home late. I just need to know...How long are you going to stay mad at your mom?

Danielle: I'm not mad at her, I'm giving her space.

Davina: Dani, for the past two weeks, you have been stuffing your face with junk food while watching reruns of some old music show!

Danielle: Hey! (pointing her finger at Davina) For your information, the show is called Fame and even though it's from the eighties, know that it's one of the best t.v. series of all time!

Davina: And you're not tired of watching it yet? Haven't you watched it like a hundred times?

Danielle:...So what if I have?

Davina: (tries to pull Dani off the bed) That's it, you're going to stop this and see your mother.

Danielle: (resisting) She doesn't want to see me!

Davina: Dani! Sophia loves you, she's your mom! Of course she wants to see you! Besides, haven't you kept things from her?

Danielle: Vivi, I don't time for this! I have to go get ready to meet up with Uncle Elijah and deal with the vampire army.

Davina: For what?

Danielle: One of the steps about being a vampire...(smirks) Loving the strength and knowing that you can kick ass. So where are you going?

Davina: Just have things that I need to take care of.

Danielle:...Spending a romantic day with your hot man?

Davina: Oh, shut up!

(Danielle quickly runs out of the room as Davina almost throws a pillow at her.)

Davina: This conversation isn't over! Love you!

Danielle: Yeah, yeah! Love you too!

Lesson 1 & 2Edit

(The vampires, including Marcel, Josh, Leon and Gia are all meeting to discuss what to do with the werewolves' ultimatum.)

Gia : We don't wanna run.

Marcel: I know, and I respect that. But, believe me, there's a big difference between wanting to fight and knowing how to win.

Gia: So, show us! You've kicked their ass before, I'm guessing you didn't do it alone.

(Josh, looking apprehensive, raises his hand as if to ask permission to speak.)

Josh: Umm, yeah, not that I don't dig the whole Karate Kid vibe that we got going on here, but--how are we supposed to learn to defend ourselves from an army of super-wolves in, like, one day?

(Marcel has no answer. Suddenly, someone vamp-speeds through the room and snaps the necks of two of the male vampires. When the rest of them realize it's Elijah and Danielle comes walking in, Marcel rolls his eyes and sighs before looking over at a very nervous Josh and an amused Leon.)

Elijah: Lesson one.

Danielle: Always be on your guard.

(Marcel and Gia stare at Elijah and Danielle. Elijah and Danielle smirk.)

Vampire: So this hot chick is one of the Mikaelsons? Damn, wouldn't mind--

(Danielle feeling annoyed and insulted, snaps her fingers which snaps the vampire's neck.)

Danielle: Lesson two, none of you guys in here try to hit on me because you sure aren't my type. Also, if you want to keep your life, don't you even try to touch my ass.

(Elijah and Leon chuckle.)

A New HelperEdit

(Davina is exiting Sophia's Mansion and goes to hug a young woman. They both walk over to Davina's car.)

Davina: Angelica, I'm sorry that you came here to visit and now I'm asking for favors.

Angelica: Why are you sorry? Honey, you want to protect your best friend and I completely understand that. Just try not to get yourself killed in the process.

Davina: Promise you won't tell Dani about what we're about to do?

Angelica: Of course! Now who is it that you need help killing? I brought everything I need, so I'm completely compared.


Angelica: Mikael, who?

Davina: Papa Original? The Original Vampire Hunter? He's back...

(Angelica is quiet for a moment before speaking again.)

Angelica: So you're saying that vampire that hunts vampires has been brought back to life and you need help taking him down? What have you gotten yourself into, Little D?

Davina: I really don't know...So can you help me kill him?

Angelica: Absolutely.

(The girls get into Davina's car and Chase is seen hiding behind a tree, revealing he was listening to their conversation.)

An Offer You Can't RefuseEdit

(Finn, Chase)

Davina's CabinEdit

(Davina, Ryan, Angelica)

Elijah vs Gia & Danielle vs LeonEdit

(Elijah is helping to teach Gia how to fight like a vampire. She goes to punch his chest, but he blocks it. Leon watches them and Danielle is lying on the couch, looking annoyed.)

Elijah: As a devout feminist, I refuse to say that you hit like a girl.

(Elijah lets go of her and she sighs in frustration.)

Elijah: Let's try this again, shall we?

Danielle: Oh, for Pete's sake! Uncle Elijah, this is getting ridiculous! It's obvious that she isn't able to kick someone's ass.

Gia: Excuse you?

Elijah: Sweetheart, Gia and Leon are our responsibilities.

Gia: Says the feminist.

Elijah: (chuckles) Fighting is rhythm. There is a music, there is a meter, there is a pattern. Let that rhythm beat within you.

(Elijah readies himself as Gia puts up her fists and starts to fight him, but he easily blocks her blows.)

Danielle: Gia, Gia, disappoint me. I really thought you had potential. How about you watch this? Leon...get ready.

(Danielle runs towards Leon and begins aiming punches at him. He blocks them one by one. She then swings her leg up to kick him and he falls to the floor but he quickly gets back up using his vamp speed. They continue fighting as Gia looks at them shocked and Elijah looks at them amused.)

Gia: Who taught her how to fight like that?

Elijah: I did and by far, she was my best student.

(Danielle manages to break Leon's arm but he quickly holds her down to the floor as his arm quickly heals. Both are breathing heavily.)

Leon: Having fun?

Danielle: (laughs) Most fun I've had in years.

(Leon helps Danielle up and she walks over to Gia and Elijah.)

Gia: Impressive for someone who's not a vampire.

Danielle: Well, (looks at Elijah) I had an awesome teacher. (looks back at Gia) But you see, Gia? When you're fighting, you have to give it your all. Especially when you're fighting for your life. Leon just showed me that he is a badass which I already knew to begin show my Uncle that you're a badass too...Prove to him and everyone else that you're a fighter.

(Gia nods as Danielle goes to hug Elijah.)

Danielle: Leon and me are going to continue training on the roof.

Elijah: Try not to be too hard on him.

(Danielle giggles and begins to leave with Leon.)

Danielle: Sorry for breaking your arm.

Leon: It's alright. Going to happen anyway, right?

(After Danielle and Leon have left, Gia turns to Elijah.)

Gia: Something going on between those two?

Elijah: (chuckles) You're not the first to think that but no. Nothing is happening between those two. Danielle has begun warming up to him but it is mainly a friendship...However, if something were to happen, it would be alright.

Gia: wanted him to be chosen as her bodyguard! Did you want something to happen between them?!

Elijah: I wouldn't mind it...Leon is a good man. I want beloved niece to find love again even if's not with Leon. But who knows? I'm just happy seeing her making new friends.

Gia: You really love her, don't you?

Elijah:...Like she's my own daughter.

(Elijah distances himself from Gia, ready to fight.)

Elijah: Again.

Gia: Alright.

(Gia punches Elijah but he blocks it.)

Elijah: Legato. (they fight) Ostinato. (they fight) Crescendo.

(Gia manages to hit him, but he blocks the majority of it.)

Elijah: And then, once you've established your cadence--

(Gia spins out of his grip, kicks him, and presses him against the wall while he's distracted.)

Gia: (smiles) You change the key.


(Danielle, Finn)

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