Leon Dominic
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  • 1989

The Originals Fanfiction

  • 23 (S2)
  • 24 (S3)

Call of Magic

  • 26 - 28 (Magic Arc)
  • 30 (Journey Arc)
  • 31 (Friendship Arc)
  • Alive
  • Soldier (formerly)
  • Civil Service Officer (formerly)
  • Danielle's Bodyguard (TOF)
  • Danielle's Protégé (TOF)
  • Tour Guide
  • Leo
  • Mr. Macho (by Danielle)
  • Big Bro & Marshmallow (by Davina)
  • Brother (by Zachary)
  • Male
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Cause of death
  • Broken Neck (TOF)
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  • Ricky Whittle
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Now, you might not want a bodyguard but you're just going to have to get use to it because I'm not going anywhere.

Leon Dominic is a major recurring character in The Originals Fanfiction. He will later become the male lead and the tritagonist of Call of Magic.

He is Danielle's bodyguard, hired by Elijah Mikaelson which Danielle hates to her dismay. He began his job when Danielle and her best friend, Davina Claire, decided to go traveling celebrating Danielle's returning from the dead and returning to being a witch. After about five months, he returned to New Orleans with the girls and soon found trouble when Mikael made his appearance. As Leon tried to protect Danielle and Davina, Mikael found him to be a great opponent but Leon was no match for him and was killed. Danielle and Davina were devastated and Elijah revealed to the girls that Leon had vampire blood in his system which put a heavy impact on Danielle. Leon tells Danielle that it was his choice to make as he would do anything to keep her safe, even putting his own life on the line for her. He continually involves himself in The Original Family's family threat against Esther, Finn and Mikael, doing whatever he can to help and also protect Danielle.


Early LifeEdit

Leon was born to parents, Ashdon Dominic and an unnamed mother in London, England. He is of is of Black British and Egyptian descent.

Not much is know about his early life except for the fact that he comes from a rich family and he went into military at eighteen years old.

Throughout The Originals FanfictionEdit

Season OneEdit

Leon was mentioned (not by name) in Parting Ways. He was put on a list of bodyguards created by Elijah due to needing for Danielle to be safe at all times. He liked by Davina and Sophia, thinking he would be the perfect bodyguard for Danielle whom was against the idea.

Season TwoEdit

After months of traveling and guarding Danielle, Leon returns to New Orleans with Danielle and Davina. When the three of them go to Sophia's Mansion, Davina and Danielle surprise Marcel whom is happy to see them. Leon walks in and is greeted by Marcel whom thanks him for watching the girls. Davina asks Leon if he would escort her and Danielle into the city and he agrees to it. They come across Elijah while walking in the city. Elijah thanks Leon for his hard work. Later, when arriving at the record shop, Danielle questions Leon on how much longer is he going to keep following them around and he tells her until she is done for the day. She says she doesn't need a babysitter and Leon tells her that he isn't her babysitter, he's her bodyguard. Davina tells Danielle to cut Leon a break and thanks him then the girls go into the record store while Leon waits outside. Eventually, Oliver and a few other werewolves walk into the record store. After a few minutes, Leon saves Danielle from Oliver attacking her and tells him to leave before he kills him. Davina questions Leon on why he just standing out there when he knew there was trouble. Leon wanted to give Danielle a break as he already knows how powerful she is but it will be the first and last time that he stands by and tells Danielle to let him do his job of protecting her. 

Leon Dani fighting

Leon arguing with Danielle.

During the night, Danielle and Davina's dinner is interrupted when they are attacked by werewolves. They are eventually outnumbered until Leon saves them. Mikael eventually shows up, surprising Danielle and he attacks the three of them. Leon, trying to protect the girls, is killed by Mikael, devastating Danielle and Davina. Eventually, Elijah and Marcel show up in time and Mikael makes his escape. Danielle learns from Elijah that Leon will come back to life as he has Elijah's vampire blood in his system. Later, Leon wakes up and Danielle is angry with him for making that kind of decision. Leon states that is was his choice to make as he would do anything to keep her safe, even putting his own life on the line for her. They continue to argue with each other, until he learns from her that she blames herself for his death. He tells her to get used to having a bodyguard because he's not going anywhere and he won't die. She pulls him into an dark alleyway and gets him to feed off of her.

Leon is seen in a flashback from Danielle, Davina, and his travels in The Voodoo. While in a club in Paris, they meet Sophia's vampire (type unknown) older brother, Damien. Even though Leon was on vervain, Damien was able to break through it and compel Leon to go over to the bar while Damien will stay to talk to Danielle.

Leon 202

Leon on his morning run.

Leon begins to embrace his vampirism with Danielle's help in Mother and Son. Leon is first seen taking a morning run and stops when he sees Danielle nearby. He approaches her and she asks him not to guard her for the night as she is going to a family dinner that Esther is holding. As Leon begins to refuse, Danielle gives him an offer to help him with his vampirism if he agrees to her plea. He agrees and they head to the tallest building in the city and is informed that he is going to jump off of the building. She wants him to embrace his life as a vampire and to see all the new possibilities that come with it. See the world that he wasn't able to see as a human and combine with the new life that he has now. However, he only jumps off the building when carrying Danielle in his arms and she demands he put her down. After landing on the ground and their bickering at each other, she calms down and he puts her down but only to receive a slap from her. He wants her to loosen up as she does not need to keep her guard up twenty-four seven since that is his job as her bodyguard. He then questions her if she thinks that he can't protect her and she tells her guard stays up regardless and leaves.

When the family dinner begins, Leon shows up having received an invitation from Finn Mikaelson. During the family dinner, things start to get chaotic and out of control. Danielle finds out she has an older twin sister which her mother kept secret from her a thousand years. Esther shows up and the family feud continues.


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Season ThreeEdit

Throughout Call of MagicEdit

Throughout Eternal DarknessEdit

Season OneEdit


"I don't turn my back on the people that I care about."
—Leon to Esther in Mother and Son
Leon is a honorable man and his loyalty questions no bounds. However, he has a dark and mysterious personality yet he has a kind heart. As Danielle's bodyguard, he is very protective of her and possibly cares very deeply about her.

Physical AppearanceEdit

"Danielle, you have to admit that he is hot."
Davina to Danielle about Leon

Leon is described as very handsome, tall, and very muscular for being in his early 20s'. He has a dark complexion, piercing brown eyes, and is bald but has facial hair that he keeps very neat.

His clothing ...TBA

He dresses appropriately at formal events.


Danielle SolasEdit

Main article: Danielle and Leon
"He's there for me when I need him and he's become one of the special people in my life that I can't let go of."
—Danielle to Freya about Leon
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Leon has a very special relationship with Danielle. When he first enters her life, it's as her bodyguard. He often stay by her side despite it annoying her and not wanting a bodyguard. However, after his death being killed by Mikael, she was shown to be devastated and aggressively attacked Mikael, proving she really did care for Leon. After being told by her Uncle Elijah that Leon would be alright because of the vampire blood in his system, Danielle was upset by his decision. Leon reassured her that becoming a vampire was his decision, he would do whatever it takes to protect her and he even promised her that he's not going anywhere, stating he would never leave her. Eventually, Danielle took Leon as her protégé, training him for his newfound vampirism and at times it makes her remember her life as a vampire even seeing a bit of herself in him. While spending time together and working together in dangerous situations, the two start to open up to each other. As their friendship progresses throughout the series, they may become something more in the future.

More coming soon...

Davina ClaireEdit

Main article: Leon and Davina
"What can I say? I love you. You're the big brother that I've always wanted."
—Davina to Leon

Davina starts off as a close friend of Leon and likes to hang out with him often. Before they even met, Elijah showed Davina and Danielle a list of bodyguards that would be around to protect and watch out for Danielle. While looking though the choices, Davina was the one who picked out Leon. Whenever Danielle was constantly annoyed about having a bodyguard, Davina would quickly defend Leon, stating that he's just doing his job. The two got along quicker that he did with Danielle and began to develop a friendship. Davina cares for Leon and would very much protect him as he does for her. By the end of the second season, Davina considers Leon as another one of her best friends. The more they get to know each other and always by each other's side, the two would begin to see the other as brother and sister.

Zachary Demond & André GarenEdit

Main article: Leon, Zachary and André
"I love you guys, too."
—Zachary to Leon and André

Ashdon DominicEdit


The Originals FanfictionEdit

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  • Leon is mixed with Black British and Egyptian.
  • He could be a possible love interest for Danielle in the future.
  • He is first human seen turned into a vampire with Elijah's blood in them.
  • He held a few pieces from the white oak stake and used them as a weapon on Mikael.
  • His family history will play a bigger role in Call of Magic.
  • He is the first non-family member to be invited to a Mikaelson family dinner.
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