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I was the one who brought him to New Orleans because of your wickedness! I wanted love and happiness, and you denied me the freedom to have either. Yes, I hated and I was afraid of our father, but he was a lesser evil than you. My bastard brother who loomed over me, threatening me as you are now. I wanted rid of you, and given the choice, I'd do it again! Because what I have done recently, was not just for me! I did this for Sophia! She has always been looking after you! She has only been in love twice and after 500 years, she has given up on it! Seeing her Marcel, I saw the Sophia who was truly happy all those years ago! Both Elijah and Sophia have so long trying to find you redemption and it fails as always because you let it, every horrible thing you have done and somehow they always forgive you for it! What I want is for you to stop being the burden that you always are and leave them be!
Rebekah to Klaus

The relationship between half-siblings Niklaus Mikaelson and Rebekah Mikaelson. They're half-siblings and used to be the closest pair out of their family. Klaus has always been there for his younger sister and in return she protected him from their father, Mikael whom she was willing to kill. After they became Originals, along with Elijah and Sophia they swore; "Together as one...Always and forever." But during their travels, Klaus denied Rebekah to fall in love as he was trying to protect due to her always picking the wrong man. Klaus was the only sibling to have never left Rebekah as she was the only sibling who loved him through everything and chose to always stay by his side.  

He's betrayed her many times, and he's never been the most loyal sibling, whereas she's always been loyal to him. Deep down, there's a bond there that they have that could never be broken.

They are referred to as "Klebekah" by fans. 

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Season OneEdit

Rebekah arrives in New Orleans to find that Elijah is missing and suspects that it is Klaus's doing.

Describing their RelationshipEdit

" I think if there was something that he was getting out of it then he may be OK with it. The thing is, with his relationship with both of his siblings who are still living, he wants all of the attention and love, and affirmation he can get from then. So the idea of them having some exclusive thing with someone else that he’s not a part of makes him…it goes right back to his childhood. He’s feels like an outsider again. He feels rejected. He feels like he’s not having the love and affirmation of his parents and family. I think that’s why he has a real problem with that. He’s very possessive and protective over her, no one will ever be good enough for her."
—Joseph Morgan about Klaus and Rebekah's relationship

They are so much a like in many ways. Klaus feels he is the constant in his sister’s life and watches her fall in love with the wrong guy over and over. He also feels she will betray him for love. Which she has but Klaus has his shortcomings too. Rebekah on the other hand feels that Klaus’ selfishness and volatile temper has ruined her family. She was with him when no one else was and each time he has given that up for selfish reasons.




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  • Klaus has killed most of Rebekah's lovers
  • Out of all of Rebekah's sibilngs Klaus calls her "little sister" most often.
  • Rebekah refers to Klaus as "Nik."
  • Klaus seems to have no respect for Rebekah's privacy
  • Klaus admitted he would never bite Rebekah.
  • Out of all the Originals Rebekah and Klaus have the closest relationship, although it has fallen into peices.
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