Joshua Durden
Biographical information
  • 1500s (500+)
  • 1500s (By Amadeus Bloodworth)
  • Undead
  • Josh
  • Partner (by Jacelyn)
  • Male
Family information
Supernatural information
Significant kills
  • N/A
Cause of death
  • N/A
Killed by
  • N/A
Played by
  • William Moseley
First seen
Seems things will finally be getting interesting at this school, huh?
Joshua to Amadeus

Joshua Durden is a supporting character and the best friend of Amadeus Bloodworth, being one of the most loyal subjects of the Bloodworth Family and Amadeus' first Rare Turnblood. While working together with Amadeus in keeping the Night Class in check, he takes a interest in the person Nyla Zepeda protects from the vampires, Aurora Delacour.

He may relate to Takuma Ichijo.



Joshua is a Hebrew baby name. In Hebrew the meaning of the name is: Jehovah is generous and saves.

Durden derives from the Old English pre 7th Century "deor" meaning a beast or deer, and "denu", a valley, thus, "the valley of the deer".

Joshua's StoryEdit




Almost seen as the Elijah Mikaelson of Eternal Darkness. A extremely loyal friend and keeps his word no matter what the situation. He doesn't take likely when those come after or betray him or those he cares about. He also has no tolerance for those that disrespect him. He enjoys his Turnblood status and takes full advantage of that. Smart and can think himself and others out of any situation. He is a good person to make an ally of but a wrong person to make an enemy of.

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Powers & AbilitesEdit

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Amadeus BloodworthEdit

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Joshua's maker and best friend.

Jacelyn DarlingtonEdit

—Jacelyn to Joshua
Jacelyn Joshua

Joshua's close friend and accomplice. People tend to think that the two don't like each other are always visually perceived bickering or Jacelyn can't stand sight of him. However in truth, the two truly care for one another even when Jacelyn doesn't choose to admit it. Differencing from Joshua who will always openly admit his care and worries for her. Being the turnbloods of the Bloodworths, Joshua has always looked out Jacelyn because of the troubles that come with the family. When a task is needed handled, Jacelyn always counts on Joshua, exhibiting her trust in him.

Aurora DelacourEdit





  • His relationship with Aurora Delacour will serve as an important part of the story.
    • However it will not be romantic, it will be seen as a sort of friendship/confidant.
  • There's a possibility he may have crossed paths with Elijah Mikaelson.
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