Quotes by Jayne Rutledge or about her from The Originals(Fan Fiction) TV Series and NightFall.

The Originals FanfictionEdit

Jayne Rutledge, a young siren that supernatural creatures are drawn to. He showed me you in his visions. I saw your past and what you're doing now. You've traveled from place to place, hunting supernatural creatures. Protecting the innocent. You even pretend to be a Miss Mystic Falls participant named Amber Bradley so that you could kill the Ripper, Stefan Salvatore, and failed to do so. He was saved by Damon Salvatore and Elena Gilbert. But you're trying to find somewhere you belong.
— Sophia to Jayne in Eclipse of the Heart

I'm not afraid of anyone or anything.
— Jayne to Sophia in Eclipse of the Heart

She promised to give me something that I've always wanted...A family.
— Jayne to Brody in Rise from the Grave

She made that choice to save us! And I will be damned if she dies for that! I'm going to keep fighting! And I know I'm not going to die because you told me of what's going to happen in my future. So if you want to run and hide, go ahead. Just know that I'm staying and planning to have some fun with the war to come.
— Jayne in The Recluse


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