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Jayne Marion Rutledge
Biographical information
  • February 2, 1990 (age 27)
  • Alive
  • Cafe Amelie waitress (formerly)
  • The Promised Child
  • Female
Family information
Significant Others
  • Richard Rutledge (Adoptive father)
  • Sarah Rutledge (Adoptive mother)
Supernatural information
Played by
  • Spencer Locke
First seen
No, I won't do it, I will not accept that. You're suppose to stick around. We have to watch out for each other like we're suppose to. You have to stay alive and see your daughter have the summer of her life then go into her junior year of high school. You have to confess your feelings to Marcel and live together forever. You have to spend as much time with me and the others before I leave for wherever I'm suppose to be going whenever that's suppose to be! Sophia, you can't go dying on us again! If you die, I'll never see you again and I don't want that to happen! You were the one who always gave me the encouragement I needed!
Jayne to Sophia in Taking Charge

Jayne Rutledge (a.k.a Jay) is the the main protagonist of NightFall and was a major recurring character in The Originals Fanfiction. She had traveled across the country, finding towns that are being plagued by monsters and then releases them from these monsters. Jayne was first introduced in The Originals Fanfiction and became an important ally to Sophia. She used to live New Orleans where she stayed at Sophia's Mansion until she moved to San Francisco.

Early LifeEdit

Jayne was born to unknown parents. Not much is known about her parents but it is hinted that her mother was a siren. At some point, Jayne's mother left her as an infant. Jayne was adopted by a childless couple with a lot of money. Jayne had a very spoiled but lonely childhood. At the age of 10, her adoptive parents died in a car-accident. After their deaths, Jayne learned of her true parentage and her abilities.

Throughout The Originals FanfictionEdit

Season OneEdit

"She promised to give me something that I've always wanted...A family."
—Jayne to Vanessa about Sophia

Jayne makes her first appearance in Eclipse of the Heart. While working at the cafe, she meets Sophia Zariah Mikaelson whom wants her to join her side to go up against the demon, Neoma. At Sophia's Mansion, she learns of her future from Brody Alexander Midnight. She will be involved in a war that will be forcing her to choose a side, she will make new friends, and meet her soulmate. The reason that Jayne decides to join Sophia is because Sophia promised to give her something she's always wanted: a family.

In Rise from the Grave, while having breakfast with her allies; everyone discusses their abilities of what they have to go up against Neoma. Jayne demonstrates one of her abilities by transforming into Marcel Gerard. Later, she assists Sophia in sacrificing Sophie Deveraux for the Harvest as Sophie was one of the people responsible for Sophia's daughter death and had been trying to kill Davina. By the end of the episode, as Jayne along with Brody, Bethany, and Sophia are looking for Klaus, they are attacked by a group of witches from the New Orleans Coven. Sabine reveals herself as Celeste Marie Helene Dubois and wants Sophia to come with them but as Jayne and the others try to protect her, they are overpowered and nearly killed. Sophia makes the witches stop as she agrees to go with them.

In The Recluse

In Long Way Back from Hell,

In Moonlight Sonata,

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Jayne mourning Brody and Bethany

In TO/TVD Special, Jayne continues to grieve the loss of Brody and Bethany after the events of the Mikaelson Ball. It is said by Sophia that Jayne has been by her side almost 24/7, not wanting to lose Sophia as well. After learning the element of Life/Spirit, Sophia asks Qetsiyah about Jayne's mother however Qetsiyah states that if Jayne values her life, she will not try to find her mother. However Jayne's mother does love her more than anything to which is why she gave her up. If Jayne tries to find her mother, she will follow a path of bloodshed. Sophia receives a locket containing a Siren's Tear which belonged to Jayne's ancestor. By the end of the episode, Jayne receives word from Sophia that she has learned the new element and is returning to New Orleans with Elijah and Klaus.

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Jayne using her powers to seduce the witches (men) of the New Orleans Coven.

In Taking Charge, during the Feast of Blessings, the plan is set when Papa Tunde and his followers show up. Jayne appears and begins to sing, catching the attention of the men who admire her beauty and admire her voice and they all approach her as continues to entertain them leading the men away from Davina's group. Jayne manages to lead all the men into the bar and stops her singing and seduction. The men are no longer under Jayne's spell and are confused by their surroundings and see Jayne has tricked them. Before they can use their magic on her, Vanessa appears and kills all the witches. Vanessa informs Jayne that Hayley has gone missing and Jayne volunteers to look for her. Suddenly a shadow figure is looming over Jayne. Vanessa grabs Jayne and shields her. The shadow figure continues to stand there for a moment until it disappears. Jayne questions Vanessa on the matter but Vanessa refuses to answer and tells Jayne not to tell anyone about what had just happened.

Jayne finds Hayley on a rooftop of a building. Before they can leave, Felix appears and Jayne fights him in order to protect Hayley. Felix discovers that Jayne is a Siren and nearly kills her in the process. However, Jayne's fear of dying causes something within to break free. She begins to feel a sharp pain in her chest as her eyes start turning into a ocean blue color then she slowly stands up and suddenly white wings emerge from her back. Hayley and Felix are shocked by what they see. Felix mentions Jayne's father due to believing that Jayne is suppose to be dead. Jayne continues stand there quietly and claws slowly emerge from her fingers then walks toward Felix. Hayley calls out to her but its like Jayne can't hear anything. Jayne uses her claws to cut Felix's chest causing him to scream. Before Jayne can do anymore damage, she faints and falls off the roof and is saved by Brody who returned from the dead thanks to Sophia's new element. After Jayne wakes up, she becomes emotional to see Brody is back. He questions her about the feathers yet she doesn't remember anything about them only that she was fighting Felix and that she felt different. Brody tells Jayne to stay there while he goes to help Hayley. Jayne is then reunited with Bethany whom tells her that she is going out onto the battle-lines. Jayne wants to go as well but Bethany does not allow it as she wants her to be safe. Bethany then reminds Jayne of what Sophia said. The scene goes into a flashback from earlier in the night. Sophia is ready to bring back the people who are still on the Other Side and also to head into the final battle against Neoma, even if it means dying. Sophia then gives her a the locket that contains a the Siren's Tear that she received from Qetsiyah. Jayne learns that is belonged to her ancestor and that she can only use it once. After Sophia leaves, an unknown man comes up from behind Jayne and tells her not to worry because "his girl" is stronger than she looks. Jayne is left confused by what he means.

In Fate,

In Parting Ways,

Season TwoEdit

Will be mentioned

Season ThreeEdit

Jayne will return in a crossover.

Throughout NightFallEdit

"You will have a bright and difficult future...You're going to get caught up in a battle, forcing you to choose a side will fall madly in love with a man with dark hair that you will meet very soon. He will feel the same about you. He could very well possibly be your soulmate."
Brody to Jayne about her future in NightFall

NightFall was referenced in Eclipse of the Heart. Glimpses were shown as well as Jayne learning of her role in this new series.


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Jayne is a very protective person, she has a hard time letting other people in and basically is a lone wolf though she is able to make friends, she'll never have a best friend. It has a lot to do with the fact that she (as far as she knows) is the only siren in the world. She still does not fully understand her powers but she isn't afraid to use them. She joins Sophia because she will offer her safety and a sense of family (which Jayne is looking for). There is also some darkness in her, she won't hesitate to kill someone and there is also this sense of revenge inside her because she has been looking for the killers of her parents (she believes they were killed but she has nothing to prove it).

However, while in The Originals Fanfiction, she was able to open up a bit to Sophia, Brody, Vanessa, and Bethany.

Physical AppearanceEdit

Has a taste for leather like leather boots, a leather vest. She often wears short tops with shorts and pumps. Always in very light colors like yellow, pink, light blue. She has a little bag with her that contains weapons such as a stake, a bottle of wolf's bane and vervain.


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Powers and AbilitiesEdit

  • Fighting Ability
  • Singing Voice
  • Seduction
  • Creating Illusions
  • Wings


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The Originals FanfictionEdit


Season 1


  • She'll be a regular character in NightFall.
  • She previously appeared in The Vampire Diaries. Under the alias of "Amber Bradley" she tried to seduce Stefan Salvatore but ultimately failed in her plan.
  • She has traveled the country, going by each town to hunt down the monsters they may or may not harbor.
  • Because she is a Siren, all supernatural creatures are naturally drawn to her.
  • She will become allies with Sophia Zariah Mikaelson.
  • She has a beautiful singing voice which can make people become obsessed with her. She rarely sings because of this as she does not want to influence people to fall in love with her.
  • Her nickname is "Jay."
  • Jayne's biological parents will be introduced in NightFall.
  • She has a strange birthmark on her neck.
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