Jacelyn Darlington
Biographical information
  • 1800s (age 200+)
  • Undead
  • Jace
  • Precious (by Venus)
  • Partner (by Joshua)
  • Female
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Supernatural information
Significant kills
  • N/A
Cause of death
Killed by
Played by
  • Zoey Deutch
First seen
Since I'm bored, can I make her into my new blood bag? There's nothing wrong with breaking a little tiny rule.
Jacelyn to Amadeus

Jacelyn Darlington is a supporting character and the lover of Venus Bloodworth.



Jacelyn is an English name and its meaning is quick, clever mind capable of grasping and assimilating new ideas.

Darlington is an English habitational name. A personal name composed of the elements deor 'dear' + no{dh} 'daring'.

Jacelyn's Story



A young woman who has a deep inner desire to be loved and adored. She loves attention and pretty much wants 24/7. When Venus starts to take an interest in Nyla, Jacelyn starts to cause a bit of trouble. She throws a bit of a tantrum when things don't go her way or aren't really aren't focused on her. However if she really listens to anyone, it's the Bloodworth siblings.

Deep down, she is truly has a good heart. She deeply cares for Venus, Amadeus and Joshua wanting to protect them from any danger that may come.

Physical Appearance

Viewed as an extremely gorgeous Turnblood. She has long dark brown hair, dark brown eyes and lightly tanned skin.

Powers & Abilites

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Venus Bloodworth

"You're the only one for me. Don't forget."
—Venus to Jacelyn
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Jacelyn's lover.

Joshua Durden

"Even though I can't ever stand her...she's still my partner."
—Joshua about Jacelyn
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Jacelyn Joshua

Jacelyn's close friend and accomplice. People tend to think that the two don't like each other are always visually perceived bickering or Jacelyn can't stand sight of him. However in truth, the two truly care for one another even when Jacelyn doesn't choose to admit it. Differencing from Joshua who will always openly admit his care and worries about her. Being the turnbloods of the Bloodworths, Jacelyn knows of the troubles that would come her way and readies herself for them but Joshua will always look out for her. Because of her past, Jacelyn has shown to trust Joshua the most, knowing he will do whatever it takes to see any task completed.

Amadeus Bloodworth

"You're the best, Amy."
—Jacelyn to Amadeus
Jacelyn Amadeus

Jacelyn has a very close bond with Amadeus, can be viewed as a brother-sister relationship.

Nyla Zepeda





  • The second lesbian character introduced in the series.
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