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Hayley has been living in New Orleans for 3 months. She meets Rebekah and tells her that Elijah promised to protect her and hasn't seen him for the past 3 months. Rebekah knows Klaus has done something to Elijah and Hayley helps her search for brother. As they go down into the basement, they see the coffins Klaus keeps. Rebekah tells her the purpose of the coffins and the daggers and Hayley seems shocked to find out he keeps a coffin on stand-by for Rebekah in case she "disappoints" him. Rebekah warns her she should've left the moment Elijah disappeared and Hayley responds that she can't as she isn't able to leave New Orleans due to the spell binding her to Sophie. Once Rebekah tells her that Klaus is probably planning to have a coffin for her once she gives birth and gives her advice to break the hex and leave, Hayley stays still, stunned and seriously considering Rebekah's words. 

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In All You've Got, Hayley goes to the French Quarter to buy wolfsbane, planning to get an abortion. She is later attacked by vampires before she can drink tea that has the wolfsbane in it. As she tries to defend herself, she is saved by Rebekah and Sophia who kill the vampires.

Returning home, she is confronted by Klaus of why she was in the French Quarter in the first place. She admitted she was trying to get an abortion so that the baby will be will be put out of it's misery. Klaus grabs her by the throat and begins to choke her. Rebekah pulls Klaus off of her and tells him to keep his hands off of her as she is pregnant. Sophia stands next to Hayley and helps her.

HayleyRebekah 102

Hayley thanks Rebekah for her help.

Hayley talks to Rebekah outside, thanking her and asks about her relationship to Klaus. She notices that they act like they hate each other yet they love each other at the same time. She then gives Rebekah the daggers, she found them under Rebekah's coffin. The next day, Klaus comes into Hayley's room and she informs him that she didn't take the wolfsbane. She realized that when fighting the vampires, she wasn't only protecting herself but also the baby. The fact that her birth parents gave her up and her adopted parents kicked her out.

Hayley 13 TO 1x03

Hayley sees a werewolf watching her.

In Tangled Up In Blue, Hayley asks Klaus and Rebekah to what the plan is to save Elijah. Klaus tells her that he will simply ask Marcel for Elijah back and if that doesn't work, they will go to war. At night, Hayley is outside, taking a walk around the pool and sees a wolf watching her, she feels she's seen the wolf before. As she continues her walk, she is reunited with her old friend, Thomas. He reveals that he just got done traveling New Zealand and promises to take her there next time. He heard she was in New Orleans and thought he'd stop by. Hayley tells him of her pregnancy by Klaus and he doesn't seem to happy about it but promises he won't leave her. While talking, they meet Sabine who tells her she can find out if it's a boy or girl. Hayley lies on the kitchen counter as Sabine swings a crystal, hanging by a string over Hayley's stomach. Sabine's behavior begins to change and chants the words: Hoc est infantima malom. Nos omnia perdetu el eam. After a while, before Thomas leaves, he hugs Hayley and they share a longing stare. Later, she tells Klaus that the baby is a girl. While sitting at the desk with her laptop, she enters the strange words Sabine uttered into an online translator, but is getting no results.

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Hayley with Sophia and Rebekah in the bayou.

In Sinners and Saints, she is first seen entering the cemetery and telling Sophie that she is going with her to the bayou, in order to find out more about her family; Rebekah and Sophia enter, and they talk before they all four decide to go to the bayou(Rebekah, Sophia, Sophie, and Hayley.) Once they are in the bayou, Hayley sees a huge paw print in the ground near the dead witches bodies.

After they leave the bayou, Hayley is talking to Sophie about the vision that Sabine had about her baby. Sophie tells her that Sabine is very dramatic, and they talk about the Harvest. Hayley asks Sophie if she didn't believe in it, and Sophie agrees that she didn't but that it was working. Hayley then asks how she can be sure that Sabine's vision isn't real and Sophie doesn't answer.

Later on, the Mikaelson Mansion is under attack by Felix and he stabs Sophia in the back with the White Oak Stake leaving the tip in her back. Hayley rushes over to her, and tries to help her. After Dani throws Felix out a window, Hayley goes to Felix and holds him by then neck demanding to know who he is. He knows her name, and she is startled by this and is caught off guard when he pushes her down. Before he can attack her, Brody and Rebekah arrive and save her. Before Rebekah can kill Felix, Macklyn stops her and convinces her not to kill him by telling her that he will straighten him out.

Rebekah, Sophia, and Hayley are in the living room and Rebekah and Sophia telling her that she isn't going to the bayou anymore, and she looks sad and worried. She says that she feels a connection with the wolves in the bayou, and that when its her against the world the urge to find her real family is what keeps her going. Rebekah offers her a drink and she shakes her head, reminding her that she's pregnant and then walks out to the back patio. 

Halijah TO 1x05

Elijah and Hayley

Elijah then returns home, and goes out to see Hayley. She is happy that he is back and they share a sentimental moment, before she slaps him across the face. Telling him that's for making promises he can't keep, welcomes him home, and then leaves. Elijah looks stunned, and has a half smile on his face.

In the final scene, Hayley, Rebekah, and Sophia are outside walking and talking and Hayley says she owes her from earlier and needed to keep an eye on Sophia. She responds by saying she can take care of herself, but thanks her for helping her. Rebekah comments that those two are bonding, and they stop in their tracks as they are stunned by what they find...The dead people in bayou which is what exactly happened in Danielle's dream. Macklyn and Felix are seen above watching them.

In Fruit of the Poisoned TreeHayley is out in the bayou again after seeing the dead bodies she finds a bible and picks it up. She finds her date of birth in the back, and the words "Andrea Labonair 6 June 1991" and she seems puzzled by this discovery. She looks up and sees a blonde woman and walks towards her, but the woman runs away. Before Hayley can do anything about it, she is knocked out from behind.

Back at the Mikaelson mansion, Elijah is telling everyone their assigned duties for today, and tells Rebekah to stay there with Hayley. She is upset and comments on being elected 'super nanny', and she goes into the wolf's room and finds that she isn't there. She is worried and confused by this. Thomas, a friend of Hayley's stops by and so does Klaus and Elijah. Klaus tells Rebekah that the witches kidnapped Sophie and Sophia. Rebekah tells them that Hayley is missing, and they figure out that it was Tyler. Elijah and Thomas go to find Hayley, while Rebekah and Klaus go to find Sophie and Sophia.

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Hayley kidnapped by Tyler.

Meanwhile, Hayley wakes up in the back of a truck and is kicking the trunk draw attention to it. The truck pulls over, and Hayley is shocked when she's that Tyler is the kidnapper. She kicks him, but it doesn't affect him and he picks her up putting her over his shoulder and he shows his true form as he is walking away. She is set down in the armpit of Louisiana, and Tyler pulls out a knife. She is scared at first, but is relieved when he just her zip ties. They argue about Klaus and he tells her he knows she's pregnant, and that Klaus took everything from him and he's going to take everything from Klaus. He then tells her that she comes from a big shot family, and that some of them are still alive.

Tyler Hayley

Tyler and Hayley

Hayley spots the girl from earlier, and calls out to her for help but she runs away. Tyler tells her its because there hiding from vampires, and then a werewolf named Dwayne enters. Tyler ties Hayley up, and she starts to get really hot and sweaty and Dwayne opens a window. Hayley asks Tyler if the wolf that's been watching her was him, and he says no before telling her that her baby can sire hybrids. Then, against her will he sticks a needle in her stomach drawing out the baby's blood. Meanwhile, and Sophie tells Sophia that the needle Agnes stuck her with, was for a miscarriage. Agnes returns and tell them that she's doing this for Neoma. In the church attic, Dani is teaching Davina how to do an unlocking spell, and starts to feel lightheaded. They are pressed for time, and Davina fails to do the spell the first time few times. He gives Dwayne the blood, before killing him. He wakes up and feeds off Hayley before transitioning into a hybrid. Hayley figures out that Dwayne is now sired to her, and tells him to help her. While Dwayne and Tyler are fighting, she escapes into the woods with the knife. She stumbles upon Elijah and Thomas, before she can tell them about the baby she grows extremely hot and topples into Thomas's arms. Elijah and Thomas take Hayley back to the mansion where they meet up with Klaus and Rebekah who have already found out about the needle from Sophie whom they freed and called a deal off with. Davina continues to try to do the spell with Dani's encouragement.

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Thomas takes Hayley into the swimming pool to cool her down, where she starts to hyperventilate. Meanwhile, Davina succeeds in unlinking Sophie and Hayley and the mom to be relaxes as she starts to feel better. Hayley leaves the pool and threatens Sophie never to do that again, while Elijah leaves and goes after Agnes. After a while, Elijah return and Hayley tells Elijah about what Tyler said aout the baby, and they confront Klaus only to be put down for falsely accusing him before storming out.

In Blast From the Past, As Hayley gets farther along in her pregnancy it starts to get difficult for her. And she is struggling to be able to do the things that she used to be able to do.

In The War Begins, Hayley is seen after the fight between Klaus and Marcel. When she is outside, Sophia snickers at her and Hayley calls her out on it only to blamed by Sophia that all this is her fault. And that her family was broken before she got here, and that she just made everythig worse. Hayley stays strong throughout these accusations, and Sophia threatens her that as soon as the baby's out she's going to make sure she pays for this. Hayley is then seen with Klaus, and he tells her is leaving and she is coming with. At first she denies going, but Klaus tells her that she has to come so she does. She earns a nasty glare from Sophia by doing so.


Hayley and Klaus at the banquet.

In At Least With Sorrow, Hayley is first seen at a celbratory dinner Klaus is throwing. When Klaus introduces her, she makes a side comment saying that he is "father of the year." Afterwards, she is seen in the back abbattoir with Elijah. They have a talk, before Sophia and Katherine walk through and Elijah says Katherine's name, while Hayley asks what she's doing there. Sophia then becomes protective of Katherine, telling Hayley not to mess with those she cares about. Elijah tells her to calm down, and Sophia and Katheriene leave. Hayley asks Elijah if there was anything going on between them. He responds that they dated 500 years ago. Later, while spending time with Thomas, it is revealed that Hayley killed Danielle's human boyfriend, Julian whom the Originals and Katherine have not seen in almost a year which Danielle has kept a secret including to why she hates Hayley so much. Hayley admits to this but only because she was told that Julian knew about her family and she was trying to get answers. Klaus tells her that Julian knew nothing about the supernatural world. It is shown that both Elijah and Klaus are disappointed in her.

In Bring It On, Hayley goes to the bayou with Sophia. As Hayley tries to ask about Danielle, Sophia snaps at her and wants to hurry up to do what they came there for. Eve shows up and tells Hayley that baby is going to continue the bloodline, possibly start a new one. She quickly leaves before Hayley can asks questions and the two women are surrounded by vampires then hundreds of vampires and witches from nearby are coming. Sophia tells Hayley to run. Hayley runs in the opposite direction while Sophia prepares to fight an army on her own.

Hayley 5 TO 1x04

Hayley fighing to defend herself.

Hayley continues to run away out in the bayou and as she stops when she hears noise. She quickly hides behind a tree and sees a few vampires standing in the opposite direction whom seem to be looking for her. As she looks in front of her, a vampire is there and he grabs her but she kicks him gut and knocks him to the ground. The other vampires hear and head straight for her. Hayley kicks a vampire and snaps his neck. Then she is pushed to the ground by the other vampire. Her eyes flash werewolf-gold. The vampires tell her that she's coming with them but she is suddenly saved by a beautiful vampire named Vanessa Josephine. Hayley begs Vanessa that they need to go help Sophia however they cannot go any further because a barrier has been put up as someone doesn't want them coming in. Suddenly Danielle appears and Hayley cannot see her. Danielle then reveals to Vanessa that she is dead. Hayley quickly goes to find Elijah and tells him to go find his siblings in the bayou as she will take care of Serena. Hayley is last seen with Marcel telling Davina of Danielle's death.

In Eclipse of the Heart, Hayley is trying on a dress for the Casket Girls Festival. When trying to fasten the zipper on her dress, someone helps her zip it up and she soon realizes it's Felix. She quickly grabs a vase to attack him but he grabs her arm fast enough to stop her. She questions him on how he knows who she is and he tells her that he was the one who killed her parents. If she wants the full story on her about her parents, she must talk to Marcel. Hayley stares at Felix in disbelief and quickly grabs a pen to throw it in his face but he dodges it. She wants to know why he didn't kill her when he had the chance so many years ago but he states that he is against child abuse and wasn't willing to kill her when she was a child. He promises her that he will kill her soon and he leaves as she slowly sinks to the floor.Later, she goes to Marcel's room and demands answers. He explains to her that he knew her family and that he took her in when her parents died. He later got her out of town with Father Kieran's help. He said that he could keep her for his own purposes, to rule the werewolves but he didn't. He tries to get her in think about leaving the town. She refuses, saying that like him she was born in New Orleans. When she goes out to the courtyard, she sits next to Elijah. She asks him about his relationship with Felix. Learning that Felix is a bloodthirsty killer that hunts supernatural creatures, she knows that he needs to be put down.

In Rise from the Grave, while everyone discusses the fate of Davina, Hayley sees Rebekah leaving and decides to follow her. Hayley finds an unknown person carrying Rebekah whom is unconscious after being stabbed with a wodden stake. Hayley tries to help her but is knocked out from behind and as she loses consciousness, she sees Rebekah being taken away. Later, Hayley wakes up and sees someone watching her. As she comes to, she sees Alice Thorne standing before her and that they're in Alice's apartment. Alice introduces herself and informs Hayley that she can help lift the curse on her family only if Hayley will find Rebekah.

In The Recluse, Hayley helps Elijah, Vanessa, Marcel, and the others get a lead to find out with Klaus, Sophia, and Rebekah have been taken.

In Long Way Back from Hell, Hayley confronts Celeste about the curse on her family and finally gains Alice's help.

Moon 13

Hayley meets Jackson.

Hayley and her family are invited to the Mikaelson Ball in Moonlight Sonata. Hayley goes to do see Sophia at her mansion to give her an invitation sent by Elijah. Hayley notes her and Sophia's similarities and tells her to that she should give her family a chance again. Hayley goes to the bayou and watches the wolves brawl, as their way way of having fun. Hayley wonders why Eve doesn't stop them but Eve reveals that she is not the Alpha. Before Hayley can ask more, Thomas shows up. Hayley takes Thomas away from the camp and questions him if he knows the truth behind the words about her baby. He admits it, also revealing that Elijah knew as well. She becomes upset with him, leaving. During the night, she attends the Mikaelson Ball and meets Jackson who is revealed to be her betrothed. She learns more about her family history but also comes to meet Aria who turns out to be her ancestor and that Klaus knew. Later, gasoline is smelled and Matthias vamp speeds to Hayley and Jackson getting them outside while Thomas stays behind, holding Papa Tunde off. The building explodes with Thomas and the others still inside Hayley to scream over the loss of her best friend.

Hayley 1x18


In Taking Charge, Hayley is standing above the rooftops watching the traditional feast continue as the war against Neoma is about to begin and is caught by Jayne. Before the girls can leave, Felix appears and Hayley is protected by Jayne as Felix threatens to kill the girls. As they fight, Jayne is soon overpowered by Felix as he holds her tightly in a choke hold, suffocating her. When Hayley tries to help Jayne, Felix threatens to throw the knife straight through her heart and Jayne manages to break free from Felix thanks to her sonic scream. Hayley runs over to Jayne and pulls her away from Felix. Suddenly, white wings emerge from Jayne's back and her eyes turn to an ocean blue color. Hayley calls out to her but its like Jayne can't hear anything. Jayne uses her claws to cut Felix's chest causing him to scream. Before Jayne can do anymore damage, she faints and falls off the roof with Hayley screaming out for her.

Hayley gives birth to a baby girl in Fate.

Hayley and Hope 1x20

Hayley makes her decision about her daughter.

In Parting Ways, Hayley goes to see Sophia and ask her advice since she is also a mother. Sophia tells Hayley that she has to do what is best for her daughter. As a mother herself, she has to think about her child's future. Hayley asks Sophia for the honest truth if she were in her position. Sophia concludes that if she was in Hayley's place, she would let the baby go in order to protect her. Later, Hayley participates in the funeral being held for Neoma. Hayley questions Sophia on why she threw a funeral for Neoma when she killed Danielle and Sophia says that she wanted to do something nice for her as she was just an eighteen year old girl who was a victim and suffered from a tragic event. Hayley then tells Sophia about what happened to Jayne while they were fighting Felix. During the night, Hayley is holding the baby in her arms, sitting in rocking chair in the nursery while Klaus and Elijah are sitting in Hayley's room talking. Fearing for her daughter's safety, Hayley decides that her daughter be sent away while they clean up the mess they have made and Klaus suggests that they fake the baby's death in order to keep the baby safe.

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