The Originals(Fan Fiction) TV Series
Season 2, Episode 4 (Part 2)
Going Back into the Past
Air date Winter 2015
Written by Cori11
Directed by Cori11
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Paranormal Activity
Friday the 13th

Going Back into the Past is Part Two of Paranormal Activity.


THE TRUTH TO ELIJAH'S INNER DEMONS--After finding out Elijah has been captured, Sophia goes in on her own to save her brother but Esther reveals a few shocking secrets to her and Elijah has to relive the past. Meanwhile, as Klaus plans to take go against Mikael with the help of Marcel, he finds out about Elijah's situation and sends backup. Esther continues to show her children that her plan is best. Finally, someone from the past shows up unexpectedly.


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  • Flashbacks that involve Elijah, Tatia, Esther, Klaus and Sophia.
  • Sophia is reunited with Mikael and this is the very first scene together in the series. He comes to her for a favor and has some information for her.
    • Sophia will also reunite with Esther and Finn.
    • Her scenes with Esther will reveal a lot of new things.
  • Leon will share a scene with Sophia for the first time.
  • Klaus and Chase will team up for the first time.
  • The title of this episode "Going Back into the Past" will actually involve Sophia going back into the past. But will it be her own past that she goes into?




(Elijah is weakly hanging by his wrists in the crypt, kneeling on the floor, getting ever weaker as Lenore/Esther continues to taunt him.)

Elijah: No more.

Esther: I'm afraid we've just begun. You will hang here, remembering. Every atrocity you've hid behind that door will emerge to haunt you. And, as you grow weaker, you will be ripped of your strength, your will, your hope. And, as you rot here, alone, you will reconsider my offer. A new life. A way to be freed of your demons. A chance at peace.

Sophia: Enough!

(Esther turns around and sees Sophia standing by the entrance.)

Elijah: Sophia!

Esther: Sophia...beautiful as ever!

Sophia: You really are wretched mother! First, you turn all your children into vampires. Second, you try to kill them. And now this!

Esther: My child--

Sophia: I am not your child!...When I was growing up with this family, I always felt a part of me was missing, I just didn't know what it was but now I do know. But my question for you is...Did you know about who I really was?


Sophia: I see...So it really is your fault to why I'm so screwed up. I don't even know who I am! Cecilia or Sophia? Because Cecilia, would have told Danielle about her sister a long time ago! Cecilia would have done things differently from how I am doing them now! The constant secrets you have kept from this family, has ruined me! All of us! We continue to keep secrets from each other and I am so sick of it! How am I suppose to find out who I am with all the damn secrets and lies throughout my entire life!

Esther: I can help you.

Sophia: Don't bother. It's just another bunch of lies and manipulation! I am taking my brother and leaving!

Esther: Oh, so you don't plan to kill me?

Sophia: Believe me, I would. But I don't want to ruin Danielle's plans for you. Honestly, I can't wait to see what she has in store for you besides trapping you in this witch's body.

(Sophia walks toward Elijah, who slumps over weakly in relief as she attempts to break his chains. However, Esther's spell prevents the chains from being broken.)

Sophia: Figures you'd use magic on these damn chains.

(Elijah looks up above them which causes Sophia to do the same and she sees the poppet hanging from the ceiling that is reinforcing the chains.)

Sophia: Okay, I got it.

(Sophia reaches up and rips down the doll before tearing it in half. She then breaks the chains binding Elijah's wrists and kneels before him to check on him. She offers him her wrist.)

Sophia: Come on, big brother.

(Elijah, becoming worried about his lack of control over his bloodlust, turns away from her.)

Elijah: N-no! I can't--

(Sophia grabs his face, forcing him to look at her.)

Sophia: Big brother, it's alright! I understand your craving for blood, I also went through this remember? Don't worry about me not being a vampire anymore, I can handle this!

Esther: He could kill you.

Sophia: Shut up! He won't kill me...because I believe in him.

(Elijah surprised by Sophia's words, has calmed down. His vampire face comes out and he gently bites her wrist. As he feeds, Sophia sits down and turns Elijah until his back is placed against her and she holds him in her arms.)

Sophia: It's okay...

Esther: Hmm...I remember how Elijah always did that for you when you were still a child. He would always hold you in his arms and tell you that it's going to be okay.

Sophia:...You are never going to stop are you? Why do this to your own son?

Esther: It was my plan to lure you here.


Esther: I wanted to see you and tell you something you don't know about the past.

Sophia: So you kidnapped Elijah and tortured him just because you wanted to talk to me?

(Esther is suddenly slammed into the wall and as she falls to the ground, she is surrounded by a wall of fire.)

Esther: Sophia! Please--

Sophia: You're despicable! Using your own child for your damn methods!

Esther: Calm down! This has do with how I met you!

Sophia: That's the only reason?!

Esther:...And Tatia! To how she really died.

Sophia: Why should I believe anything you say?!

Esther: Because it was Elijah who killed her.

(The fire suddenly disappears and Sophia falls into silence.)


(During the night, Sophia is in an empty Rousseau's. She is sitting at the bar having a drink and Klaus walks in.)

Klaus: Sophia!...Are you drinking?

Sophia: So what if I am?

Klaus: Because you hardly ever drink.

(Klaus goes over to her and tries to hug her until she stops him.)

Sophia: I highly suggest that you don't touch me.

Klaus: Soph--

Sophia: Have you forgotten about the Malia situation? I asked you to not tell Danielle about that because I was going to do it myself. Yet you disrespected my wishes. Niklaus, have I ever asked you for much?

Klaus: Sophia, I was only trying to--

Sophia: Answer my question!

Klaus:...No, you haven't.

Sophia: Correct. I haven't asked you for much but you're always asking a lot from me. I thought this time would be different. Do you know why I entrusted you about Malia? It was because you were the one that was mostly there for me when I lost her. Our other siblings helped me too and I'm grateful for that but it was you who saved me from my despair. Do you remember?


Sophia: I don't know why I keep expecting better from you. I continue to find your redemption, spent a thousand years doing that but have come up with nothing...I'm just tired...I am so tired...of all it. Your cruelty, your aggressiveness, and manipulative behavior. There are so much more personality traits I could list but you know what they are.

Klaus: Sophia, I am sorry! But Danielle deserved to know about her sister! I know how you felt but you can't blame yourself for Malia's death!...Nathan isn't to blame either, Elijah told me.

Sophia: True and I don't blame myself anymore. I don't blame anyone except Esther when it comes to the lies...You know, I talked to her today and she told me a lot of things but there was something very interesting about you.

Klaus: And what would that be?

Sophia:...Will you be honest with me?

Klaus: Yes.

Sophia: Okay. long have you known my brother?

Klaus: (chuckles) Which one? Sophia, we grew up with our brothers--

Sophia: I'm not talking about Elijah and the others. I'm talking my brother...The one who shares my blood.

Klaus: What?

Sophia: How long have you known Damien? And how long have you known I was Cecilia?

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