The Originals(Fan Fiction) TV Series
Season 1, Episode 06
Air date Fall 2013
Written by Cori11
Directed by Cori11
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Fruit of the Posioned Tree is the sixth episode of Season One of The Originals Fanfiction (Series).


LIVE OR SUFFER--Sophia and Sophie are held prisoner by the witches with Danielle and the unborn baby's life on the line. Klaus and Rebekah try to find the witches before its too late. Thomas and Elijah are trying to find Hayley whom has gone missing. Camille learns the truth of whom was the cause of her brother's death. Danielle offers to help Davina with her magic and Marcel investigates the mysterious killings.


Main Cast

Recurring Cast

Special Guest

  • Micheal Trevino as Tyler Lockwood


  • A special moment between Thomas and Hayley
  • Elijah and Klaus arguement
  • There will be a sex scene
  • TVD Crossover
  • The truth of Cami's twin brother will be revealed
  • Klaus and Cami scene
  • Sophia gives Klaus a Caroline Forbes quote
  • Hayley will be shown to be in the bayou
  • Many secrets about the baby will be revealed



KLAUS: (voiceover) Me and Rebekah have searched whole of New Orleans, but no hope is due. But we a confident to start again and search over and over until we find her.



(Sophie is seen cooking and preparing food then as she turns around, Sophia appears from behind her.)

Sophie: Could you make some noise next time please?!

Sophia: No, I won't because people have been trying to kill my daughter because of she will bring death to supernatural creatures?

Sophie: Elijah told you.

Sophia: Of course he did. Now start explaining to me of who is after my daughter! I know that Macklyn, Felix, and you witches must have been ordered by someone. Now just tell me who that is and I'll take care of it from there.

Sophie: You see, that's the problem. I can't tell you who it is because we don't even know who it is. We heard a voice telling us that there is a hybrid: half human-half witch and she is a poison to this world. She will bring death to all supernatural creatures and she must be eliminated.

Sophia:...Were you dreaming when you heard this voice?

Sophie: Yes, why?

Sophia:...Do you think you can do a spell to send yourself into Dani's dreams?

Sophie: No I can't, its a very powerful spell only a powerful witch could do that. There are many ways to do it. One way is to both of you must fall asleep then you or Danielle must imagine the place where you will meet then try and enter it.

Sophia: What's another way?

Sophie: There's dream manipulation if you're any good at that. I know some vampires control of it was fine enough that they could enter people's dreams without them even realizing it.

(Sophia hears some noise nearby and suddenly, someone starts firing wooden bullets through the window. She is shot in the heart with an arrow and temporarily dies. Sophie is shocked and two people in black masks come out. She tries to fight the two masked people off, but they blow some powder in her face that makes her pass out.)

Bayou - Hayley's Search

(Hayley sees all the dead bodies in the bayou and sees a a Bible laying on the ground, she picks it up and begins to flip through it. There are many names and birthdates documented, the last of which is "Andrea Labonair 6 June 1991.)

Hayley: Andrea...? 

(She quickly puts it in her bag. As she walks further, she sees a woman with blonde hair, staring at her and quickly runs away.)

Hayley: Wait!

(Before Hayley can go after, someone knocks her out from behind.)

Mikaelson Mansion

(Klaus and Elijah sit opposite each other in the living room, both reading. Klaus is reading "A Poison Tree" by William Blake, and Elijah is reading one of his mother's grimoires. A dead girl lays on the coffee table as they listen to classical music. After a moment, Rebekah enters)

Rebekah: So, this is what you do the first time we're back together as a family? Vampire book club?

Klaus: (continues reading) Reading edifies the mind, sister. Isn't that right, Elijah?

Elijah: Yes, that's quite right, Niklaus.

Rebekah: And what's this business? (gestures to the dead girl on the table)

Elijah: This is a...(gestures as though he's searching for a word)...peace offering. 

Klaus: I presumed, after so much time desiccating in a coffin, that my big brother might be a bit peckish.

Elijah: And I explained to my little brother, that forgiveness cannot be bought. I'd simply prefer to see a change in behavior that indicates contrition, and personal growth.

(Klaus rolls his eyes guiltily, and Elijah gestures to the girl)

Elijah: Not this nonsense.

Klaus: Well, I couldn't very well let her go to waste, could I? (grins)

Rebekah: Well, I suppose I'll go fetch the rubbish bin, because she's staining a two hundred-year-old carpet.

(Elijah looks up from his book to see the girl bleeding out onto the table, where the blood drips onto the floor)

Elijah: Ah, yes. 

(Danielle who walks through the room, looking a lot better after her days of resting.)

(In the kitchen, Elijah finds Danielle making herself breakfast, and rooting through the fridge. Elijah leans in the doorway)

Elijah: (smiles) Good morning.

Danielle: (smiles) Good morning!

(Rebekah enters through the back door, dragging a trashcan behind her and pulls ice cream out of the freezer)

Elijah: How are you feeling?

Danielle: A lot better.

Elijah: Good. I do hope my siblings were were on their best behavior, in my absence. I know Sophia was no trouble at all.

Danielle: Uncle Klaus and Aunt Rebekah were a big handful but mom managed to keep them in check.

(Elijah smiles sympathetically as he pulls orange juice and milk out of the fridge, pours Dani a bowl of cereal, and then fills it with milk. He hands her the bowl of cereal)

Danielle: Thanks, Uncle Elijah.

Elijah: (kisses her forehead) I'm just happy to see that you're in one piece. (smiles) So, back to the witches. I have some concerns. Sophie told me that you will bring death to all supernatural creatures.

Danielle: How?

Elijah: I don't know. But I think it's time we found out.

Rebekah: I am all for it. As soon as we find out and also get Sophie and Hayley unlinked, we get to leave this crap town. (drags the dead girl's body across the kitchen floor) Who do we have to kill?

Elijah: (thinking) Probably no one.

(Dani looks at him questioningly)

Elijah: Alright, potentially everyone. (turns to leave)

(Later, Rebekah is scrubbing at the bloodstains in the carpet as Klaus continues to read "A Poison Tree.")

Rebekah: Poetry about poisoned apples from dead trees. Looks like someone's worried about impending daddyhood. Or is it someone closer to home.

Klaus: (shakes head) Nonsense. Elijah's back. In his presence, all problems turn to pixie-dust and float away!

(Rebekah side-eyes him and grins, and Klaus grins back. Elijah joins them in the living room)

Elijah: Strange, I don't recall any pixie-dust from the darkness of the coffin I was recently forced to endure.

(Elijah opens Esther's grimoire and flips through it)

Rebekah: What are you doing with Mother's spellbook?

Elijah: Well, in exchange for my freedom, I promised the witch Davina that I would share a few pages from Mother's grimoire. To help her learn to control her magic. I thought we'd begin with a little unlinking spell.

(Rebekah and Klaus look at each other in confusion)

Rebekah: (stunned) Wait, you want to use her to unlink Hayley from Sophie Deveraux?

Elijah: Sophie brought us here under false pretenses! She doesn't just want us to take down Marcel and his minions, she wants to take Davina back and also wants Danielle dead. So, she yolked her own cause to ours, with magic threats and half-truths! Well, no more. As of now, our deal with Sophie Deveraux is null and void.

(Klaus and Rebekah grin)

Elijah: I need to take this to Davina. (points to Rebekah and thinks for a moment) You stay here and watch Hayley.

Rebekah: What?!

Danielle: (walking in) Wait! Let me take them to her.

Klaus: Why do you want to take them, Dani?

Danielle: I want to see her. I think I could help her since I am a half witch.

Elijah: (smiles, hands her Esther's grimoire) Just be careful.

Danielle: I always am unlike some certain people in this room (looking at Rebekah and Klaus) 

Rebekah and Klaus: What's that suppose to mean?

Danielle: (running out of the room) Nothing!

Elijah (laughing):  Niklaus, I need you to come with me.

Rebekah: How did I get elected super-nanny?

Klaus: More importantly, who put him in charge? (follows Elijah out of the room)

Help Needed

(Marcel sits alone, drinking a bottle of scotch, as various vampires around him feed on humans at the tables around him. Danielle sees Marcel, and approaches him)

Danielle: Marcel.

(Marcel gives her a look)

Marcel: Hey Danielle. What brings you by?

Danielle: I want to see Davina. She can't control her magic and I think that I can help.

Marcel: How are you going to help?

Danielle: I'm a half witch. 

Marcel: Wait, what? How can you be a half witch?

Danielle: I really can't explain but I can prove it.

Marcel:...Let's see it then. 

(Danielle begins to use her magic. Suddenly everyone's cups start to float in midair meaning she is using telekinesis. All the vampires are stunned and after Marcel sees this, he turns to Dani and she smiles at him to which he smiles back.)


(Cami sits in the confession room with Father Kieran)

Cami: Forgive me, Father, for I have sinned. It's been...oh, a year, since I've had a good conversation with you.

Kieran: Camille. 

Cami: You've been avoiding me, Uncle K.

Kieran: My favorite niece? Never!

Cami: Don't lie. This is a church! Besides, I came about professional advice. About Sean.

Davina's Attic Room

(Davina is sketching with charcoal on her easel when Marcel knocks on the door.)

Marcel: I got someone here to see you.

Davina: Who?

(Danielle stands in the doorway, holding up pages of the grimoire in a cloth.)

Davina: You're that witch from before...

Marcel: She can help you with your magic. Invite her in. I think you two will make good friends.

Davina:...Come in.

(Danielle walks in and Marcel tells them that he will see them later.)

Danielle: Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Danielle Mikaelson.

Davina: Wait you're Elijah's sister?

Danielle: No, I'm his niece. I'm actually half vampire-half witch. Its really hard to explain though.

Davina: You're not going to feed off of me, are you?

Danielle: No! Don't worry, I'm not going to hurt you. Davina, you can trust me.


Danielle: Let's get started, shall we? I believe my Uncle Elijah made you a promise.


(Sophie is awake now, and struggling against the grips of the masked people who knocked her out. The masked people shackle Sophie to chains hanging from the ceiling. Sophia is also shackled to chains and is very weak.)

Sophie: Let go of me!

(Agnes enters with a bag and sets it on a table)

Agnes: Leave her be.

Sophie: Killing me and Sophia to get to Klaus, or his baby is not the answer!

Agnes: (roots through her bag) I'm not gonna kill you Sophie, I was there the day you were born. I am the last remaining Elder of our coven. It is my duty to protect our power, and our power means nothing if that baby grows another day. (turns to face Sophie) Sabine's omen was clear. That baby will bring death to all witches.

Sophie: (scared) What are you gonna do?

(Agnes holds up a large, old-looking metal syringe with a long needle)

Sophie: (terrified) No, no, Agnes, no. No, no, don't!

(Agnes holds Sophie's head down and stabs the needle into her neck)

Agnes: Now Sophia since you are linked to Danielle, whatever happens to you, happens to her.

Sophia: What are you talking about, we're not linked together. She didn't link us.

Agnes: She didn't but the other did.

(Sophia tries to use her powers of water but it is no use.)

Agnes: You can't use your powers of the elements, Sophia. You're too weak to do so.

Sophia:...I will...not allow...anyone especially hurt my daughter...

Agnes: Of course you wouldn't. A mother's love for their child.


(Rebekah goes into Hayley's room to find that she is not there.)

Rebekah: Hayley?!

(In town, Sabine approaches Elijah and Klaus)

Sabine: I need your help!

Klaus: We are done trusting you witches.

Sabine: But Sophie and Sophia--

Elijah: What about Sophia?

Sabine: They've been taken by Agnes!

Klaus: Day one with you in charge, brother, and already our sister also the witch linked to Hayley has been abducted by zealots.

Elijah: (to Sabine) Where are they?

Sabine: If I tell you where Agnes is, you'll just kill her.

Klaus: Isn't that obvious?

Sabine: Look, I know she's a little...coo-coo, but she's our last living Elder. That might not mean a lot to you, but it means plenty to us. The Elders are the one ones who can do important spells.

Elijah: Like completing the Harvest ritual?

Sabine: (confused) You know about that?

Elijah: Oh, you'd be astounded by the things I know.

Klaus: (to Sabine) Allow me to entertain you with today's list of priorities. One, unlink your friend Sophie so she no longer controls the fate of the woman carrying my child. Two, convince my brother to accept my heartfelt apologies for some recently dodgy behavior. Three...there is no three.

Elijah: I believe what my brother is attempting to communicate, here, is that neither the life of this Elder, nor the Harvest ritual, nor your coven's connection to magic are of any relevance to him, whatsoever. Now talk.

(Hayley wakes up in the trunk of an SUV with her wrists bound. She is in pain as she grasps her neck. When she pulls her hand away, she notices blood on her fingers. She tries to kick out the back window to escape. Tyler stops the car and gets out to check the trunk. When he opens it, he tries to grab her, but she fights back by kicking at him.)

Tyler: Seriously? 

Hayley: Tyler? 

Tyler: You don't wanna fight me, Hayley. You know you can't beat a hybrid. 

(He zipties her ankles so she can't run away)

Hayley: Aahh! Let me go, you backstabbing half-breed piece of shi-

Tyler: Shut up!

(Tyler pulls Hayley out of the trunk and throws her over his shoulder. As he walks down the road, his hybrid eyes come out due to his anger and frustration.)

Mysterious Killings

(Marcel is in the bayou looking at all the dead bodies (from the previous episode) from around him.)

Marcel: Who did all this? This is a complete slaughter!

Diego: You might have to ask the younger Original.

Marcel:...(upset) You're saying Danielle did this?

Diego: No! I've heard rumors that Danielle may be connected to all this. Some of our people said they saw her out here.

Marcel: Rumors? What do she have to do with this?

Diego: Just ask her, Marcel.

Tyler's Plan

(Tyler drops Hayley on the front stoop of a little shack.)

Hayley: What is this place?

Tyler: The armpit of Louisiana. You could say that this was once your home.

(Tyler pulls a knife out of his pocket.)

Hayley: What are you gonna do with that? 

Tyler: Depends on you.

(He cuts the zipties on her ankles)

Hayley: Hey, you attacked me, remember? You ambushed me, in my own backyard. 

Tyler: It's not your backyard, it's Klaus'! You're shacked up in that mansion with that psycho. A long way from the girl I've met in the Appalachians, helping other werewolves. 

Hayley: Tyler, I'm sorry, but a lot has happened since the last time I saw you. 

Tyler: You mean that you're pregnant? A hybrid baby, yeah,I know all about it. I've been roaming around the bayou, asking questions. Let me tell you what I learned! (He pulls down Hayley's sweater-sleeve so we can see the birthmark on her shoulder) This crescent birthmark means you come from a big-shot family. Some kind of royalty for the werewolves of this region. And right here (gestures around him), this is all that's left of them. There's not many of them left, Hayley!

Hayley:...So some of them are still alive?

Tyler: Yeah, I met this girl the other day and she told me all about you.

(They both look around, and see more shacks and tents made of blankets. Hayley spots the girl from before standing nearby)

Hayley: Hey!

(The woman is startled and immediately runs away)

Hayley: Help me! 

Tyler: They can't help you! They're in the woods, hiding, because they were persecuted for decades by vampires. 

(Another werewolf, Dwayne, appears)

Dwayne: Is that her? 

Tyler: Yeah, Dwayne. Get her inside. 

(Dwayne goes over to her and throws her over his shoulder.)

Hayley: Tyler? Tyler!

Mikaelson Mansion

(Thomas shows up at the Mikaelson Mansion and before he can knock on the door, Rebekah quickly opens it.)

Rebekah: Who the hell are you?

Thomas: My name's Thomas, a friend of Hayley. Is she here?

(Elijah and Klaus arrive Klaus stops for a moment and sniffs for a second.)

Elijah: Rebekah, the witches have Sophia and Sophie held hostage. Where's Hayley?

Rebekah: Slight problem...I can't find her.

Klaus: What do you mean you can't find her?

Rebekah: I mean she's not here. She must have left sometime early this morning.

Thomas: What?!

Klaus: Well this is just splendid. Our sister and that cursed witch have been kidnapped and Hayley has gone missing! Well maybe that explains why I smell Tyler Lockwood.

Rebekah: Tyler? And just what is he doing here?

Klaus: I can think of several reasons.

Elijah: Then you need to tell me those reasons later. We'll just have to split up...Who is this?

Rebekah: He is Hayley's friend, another werewolf.

Thomas: Thomas.

Elijah: Alright. Thomas, you come with me. We're going to look for Hayley. You two, find Sophia and Sophie.

Burning Up

(Hayley is alone in the shack, ziptied to a firestove, when Tyler and Dwayne walk in and join her. Hayley begins to blots sweat from her forehead and chest.)

Tyler: What's the matter with you?

Hayley: Nothing. I'm just really hot.

Tyler: Dwayne, open up a window.

Hayley: Tyler, there's been a wolf watching me lately. Protecting me, like it instinctively knows that I'm part of it's pack. [beat] You're a hybrid, you can turn into a wolf whenever you want. Was it you?

Tyler: (confused) No, but you're right, only hybrids can control when they change. And I'm the only one left, besides Klaus. Which is why we're here.

Hayley: Whatever you think you're doing, you know that whole Original family has made some sort of pact, or something, to keep me and the baby safe. So, if you hurt me, they'll kill you.

Tyler: What makes you think I'm afraid to die? You ready for this Dwayne?

Dwayne: Let's do it.

(Tyler digs in a bag and draws out a large syringe)

Hayley: (scared) What are you doing?

(Dwayne walks over and holds Hayley down. Tyler crouches down in front of her)

Hayley: Tyler, please, NO, Tyler!

Tyler: Klaus destroyed everything good in my life! So, I'm gonna take away the thing he wants most!


(Tyler jams the syringe into Hayley's stomach and draws out a measure of her blood. Hayley screams in pain. One he removes the syringe from her body, he james it into Dwayne's neck, injects the blood into him, and snaps his neck as Hayley watches in horror and begins to sweat a lot more.)


(Sophie is groaning in pain and begins to sweat. Sophia is breathing heavily from being so weakened.)

Sophia: Sophie, what was that needle for?

Sophie:...Its for a miscarriage.

Sophia: What?!

(Sophie begins to scream out in pain as feels her stomach being stabbed.)

Sophia: What's wrong?!

Sophie: It felt like someone stuck me with a needle!

Sophia: Something...must have...happened to Hayley.

Sophie: We have to get out of here.

(Agnes returns and is holding a cup of water.)

Sophia: Why...are you...doing this?!

Agnes: One word...Neoma.

(Sophia has a shocked expression on her face.)


(Davina spreads a page of Esther's grimoire on her table.)

Davina: It's a spell of unknotting?

Danielle: This is a sanguinum knot. We witches use it as representational magic. If you can unknot this using that spell, you will have taken a step towards learning control. According to my Uncle Elijah, this was one of my grandmother's later spells. It requires much more power than you realize. Now, if you can perform this, then I will allow you to learn the next spell.

(Davina smiles and Danielle begins screaming as if she's in pain.)

Davina: What's wrong?!

Danielle: Something's burning me in the inside!

Davina: Are you linked to anybody?

Danielle:...My mom...Davina, start learning that spell now!

(Danielle takes out her cell phone and tries to call her mom but gets no answer. She then hits the speed dial on Klaus. Rebekah and Klaus are seen walking in town, searching for answers.)

Klaus: (answering his phone) What is it Dani?

Danielle: Where's mom? She won't answer her phone.

Klaus: She's been captured by those cursed witches, why?

Danielle: Because I just started burning all of a sudden.

Klaus:...What are the two of doing linked together?

Danielle: I didn't link us.

Klaus: Then who did?!

Danielle: I don't know! Hurry and find mom!

(Klaus quickly hangs up the phone and updates Rebekah then he walks towards the church.)

(Father Kieran has put up a "Substance Abuse Anonymous" sign in order to meet with some city officials)

Mayor: So, a few tourists go missing. Okay, we can spin it, no problem. But do you know how hard it is to sell a gas leak story to the city council when a bunch of church windows magically explode?

Father Kieran: Mr. Mayor, what is this, an electoral debate? Marcel overstepped, I will handle it.

(Klaus enters through front doors)

Klaus: Easier said than done. Marcel is quite the little warrior, I did raise him after all.

(Police officer tries to stop him, but Klaus breaks his fingers)

Mayor: Who the hell are you?

Klaus: My name is Klaus. And you lot are the Faction. Pillars of the community who maintain the city's supernatural balance. Well, I should know. I created this group. Only, in my day, it was a bunch of pirates and corrupt politicians. (looks around at all the men) Looks like nothing's changed.

Kieran: One thing has: it's exclusively human now. No vampires allowed, especially no Originals. 

Klaus: (laughs) I haven't come to join! I've come to ask this group to utilize it's considerable resources to find a witch Elder called Agnes. All I need is an address. 

Kieran: And, uh, why would we want to help you?

Klaus: What if I told you that Agnes was the answer to a question you've been asking since you ran screaming from this town? That she is the witch who hexed your nephew, Sean?

Kieran: We'd need some time to discuss--


(Kieran chuckles)

Klaus: Nor do I like being asked to wait.

Kieran: You may have all the vampires in this town cowering in fear, but right now, you are dealing with the humans. And unless you plan on killing all of us, I politely suggest you do as I say, and give us time to discuss it. [gestures widely to the other men in the room]

Klaus: (leans in and lowers voice) You know what I like about you, Father? Is you're aware of our reputation, and yet still, you stand tall against me. [beat] Admirable! You have one hour. (turns to leave)

Kieran: (speaks once Klaus is gone) I want that witch. Cell phone records, our guys in the 9th.

Mayor: For the vampire?

Kieran: (sighs) No. For me.

The Search for Hayley

Elijah: So what is your relationship to Hayley?

Thomas: She's my friend. We met the woods during the first full moon after her transformation. She was so scared and shaken up, I took her in and helped her out along the way.

Elijah: You remained loyal to her throughout everything.

Thomas: Just like you. You have always remained loyal to your family. Elijah Mikaelson of the Original Family.

Elijah: You've heard of me.

Thomas: Yes and the rest of your family as well. Sophia is exactly like you but its hard to say which one of you is worse in the killings. Klaus doesn't like to follow the rules and Rebekah has her Klaus' manners as well as him temper. Also Danielle is the most overachieving and compassionate in the family.

Elijah: (grins) It seems you are correct.

(Tyler returns to the shack after Dwayne's transformation)

Hayley: It worked, didn't it? He's a hybrid.

Tyler: If Klaus gets ahold of you, if he gets that kid--he wins.

Hayley: Then I will leave.

(Tyler walks over and picks the knife up off the floor)

Hayley: Help me run!

Tyler: He'll find you, he'll take your kid away, and he'll make more hybrid monsters. Slaves who do everything he says. 

Hayley: (terrified) Tyler, whatever you're thinking of doing, there has to be another way. You're not like this! 

(When Tyler shakes his head and continues to walk toward her, she stabs him in the gut with the broken chair leg. Tyler screams in pain and pulls the stake out)

Tyler: That was stupid!

(He starts to walk toward Hayley again when Dwayne walks in)

Dwayne: Get away from her!

Tyler: What do you care?

Dwayne: I said get away!

Tyler: You got what you wanted, now get lost!

Hayley: (desperately) Dwayne, he's gonna kill me! And he's gonna kill you, too, he said that hybrids are too dangerous to live! You NEED to stop him!

Tyler: SHUT UP!

(Dwayne comes behind Tyler and tosses him across the room. He lands on the floor, and when he gets up, Dwayne runs to tackle him. Hayley sees that Tyler dropped the knife within reach, and uses it to cut herself free. Tyler eventually overpowers Dwayne and rips his heart out. When he turns back toward Hayley, he sees that she's escaped, and becomes furious. Hayley runs as fast as she can through the woods, Tyler's knife still in hand, and stops to hide behind a tree. As she catches her breath, she hears someone approaching. She braces herself, readies her knife, and turns to attack, but it's just Elijah and Thomas. Elijah holds her hand steady to protect himself.)

Elijah: Forgive me! We thought you were in danger, it appears we were mistaken. (smiles)

(Hayley sighs in relief and dives into Elijah's arms. The two hug for a short moment then goes to hug Thomas and two hug for a long moment before Hayley eventually pulls away)

Hayley: You will not believe the crap day I'm having.

Thomas: We'll take you home.

(They turns to leave, but Hayley stops them)

Hayley: Elijah, there's something you need to know about the baby...

(Suddenly Hayley feels herself become more hotter. There are blots sweat from her forehead and chest. She begins to feel faint and Thomas holds her in his arms.)

No More Deal

(Klaus and Rebekah have found Sophie, and they break Sophie free from her chains)

Klaus: Where's Sophia?

Sophie: Agnes took her away from here when she heard you were coming. I don't know where they went.

Rebekah: Just perfect! Sophia gets kidnapped and whatever is happening to her is happening to Dani! ...What happened to you?

Sophie: (groans in pain as shackles break) Agnes stuck me with a needle. Cursed objects were created a long time ago. We use them so we don't get busted by Marcel for doing magic. The one she used is called the Needle of Sorrows. It was cursed in 1860 when...

Klaus: Jump ahead a few decades and tell us what it does, luv?

Sophie: It has only one purpose: to kill a child in utero by raising her blood temperature.

(Klaus and Rebekah are both stunned and furious)

Rebekah: Miscarriage?

(Sophie nods)

Rebekah: So, how much time do we have to fix this?

Sophie: It will do what it's meant to by tonight's high tide. And believe me, it will work. I saw her use a similar object on a kid who went mad and killed a bunch of priests. 

Klaus: I'd like to have a chat with this Agnes. Where can I find her?

Sophie: You won't! There are a thousand places she could hole up to wait it out.

Elijah: That's precisely why we need to unlink you from Hayley. No more danger toward her or the child.

Sophie: (shakes head in confusion) No, what? If I am not linked to Hayley, I lose my leverage on you. We had a deal! 

Rebekah: We are not on the same side, Sophie Deveraux. The deal is off!

(Sophie is outraged)

Klaus: I'm call Elijah to inform him of the situation.


Sophia: What does Neoma have to do with this?!

Agnes: She still exist and as long she continues to do so, there will death among us all.

Sophia: Newflash, you crazy witch! Neoma is dead, my mother killed her!

Agnes: No. Esther was not able to kill Neoma since she was so powerful. Instead she sealed her away.

Sophia: Sealed her away? And where would that be exactly?


Sophia: (shocked) Me? But...

Agnes: Esther needed something or someone who was more powerful than her. Whatever or whoever held Neoma could keep her in control. And you fitted that role even though you were a child.

Sophia: If its me you wanted, why have you and everyone else been trying to kill my daughter?

Agnes: We're just following orders.

Sophia: By who?! Do you know because Sophie doesn't! She said that you all heard a voice but who's voice was it?

Agnes: Yes its true Sophie and the others don't know who it is but I do. I have seen her.

Sophia: Well who told you to kill my daughter?!

Agnes: Do you really want to know?

Sophia: Tell me!

(Agnes whispers it to her and Sophia is horrified and shocked by what she hears.)

Davina's Room

(Davina continues to work on the unlinking spell Danielle gave her. She holds her hands over the knot and reads from the page.)

Davina: Phesmatos omnio legares coldate sangorium.

(Davina stares at the knot, which doesn't change. She exhales in frustration and runs her hand through her hair before angrily hitting her easel. Danielle is seen sitting by the bed, looking very weak.)

Danielle: Davina, concentrate!

Davina: But I can't do it!

Danielle: You just...have to yourself! Davina, go deep inside of you...and find...what makes you strong...

Rebekah and Marcel

(Rebekah is hurrily running down the sidewalk and accidently bumps into Marcel.)

Marcel: Whoa, what's your hurry?

Rebekah: Get out of my way, I'm in a hurry!

Marcel: Before you go, did you hear about people getting killed in the bayou?

Rebekah: Are you accusing me of something?

Marcel: No. I'm just wondering. Some of my boys told me that Danielle maybe connected to it.

Rebekah: I don't know what you're talking about. She has nothing to do with it.


(Father Kieran receives a text message from Chief Sullivan that reads, "3631 CHARBONNET ST. LOWER 9TH WARD." He puts his phone in his pocket and goes to leave, but he's stopped by Klaus)

Klaus: Going somewhere?

Father Kieran: (nervously) You're early.

Klaus: Well, it's a good thing I am. You seem hell-bent on enacting vengeance all on your lonesome. The trouble is, I need something from Agnes before you send her off to meet her maker. So, I propose we strike a deal! (sits down in a pew) Bring her here! In exchange, I'll even ensure your niece, Cami, remains safe. Oh, I'd so hate for her to get caught up in all of this.

(Later, Agnes is handcuffed and brought to the church by police officers)

Agnes: This is outrageous! What is the charge?

(The officers sit her in a pew and leave)

Kieran: Please, Agnes. You know that Marcel runs the vampires in this town. 

(He is handed a folded cloth by the officer, which is revealed to hold the Needle of Sorrows)

Kieran: Who do you think runs everything else? (holds the needle up and calls out to Klaus) I believe this is what you were looking for?

Klaus: (zooms to Kieran's side) Hello, Agnes.

Agnes: You made a deal with HIM?

Kieran: After what you did to Sean, I'd deal with the devil himself just to make you suffer!

Agnes: (stands up and gets in Kieran's face) You can't hurt me, the entire witch community will turn against you!

Klaus: ENOUGH! Please, enough! I don't care about witch politics. I don't care about your ridiculous little Harvest ritual. What I care about is this trinket. (holds up Needle of Sorrows) Undo its curse and give me back my baby sister, or I'll show you things worse than death!

Agnes: (smirks) Dark objects don't come with an off-switch! The curse took root in Sophie, she's linked to your devil child. It's just a matter of time! And as for will never see her again.

Helping Hayley

(Hayley is wrapped in a towel, sitting outside beside the swimming pool. Thomas stands behind her, checking her temperature, while Elijah is on the phone talking to Klaus.)

Thomas: (helping Hayley up) Let's try something else.

(Thomas jumps into the pool and helps Hayley in.)

Elijah: What are you doing?

Thomas: The water should cool her down some. (holding Hayley bridal-style in the pool)  

Elijah: (thinking) Davina please break the link.

Breaking the Link

(Davina is sitting on her bed, studying the spell intently. She looks at Danielle then stares at the sanguinum knot on her vanity, and after a moment, she stands up and walks over to it. She picks up the knot with both hands and takes a breath.)

Davina: (whispers) Phesmatos omnio legares cardate...

(In the swimming pool, Hayley hyperventilates)

Hayley: I can't breathe! 

Thomas: Okay, long deep breaths, Hayley! Look at me. Long deep breaths, just focus on the sound of my voice. (whispers) You'll be okay. You'll be okay. Remember the good times. Remember when we first met.

(Images of Hayley's past with Thomas pop up in her head.)

Davina: Phesmatos omnio legares cardate sangorium. 

(The clock on her table chimes as it hits 09:00PM)


(The knot in Davina's hands floats in the air and begins to unknot itself)

(Sophie arrives at the mansion and starts to gasp as the linking spell begins to lift. Hayley continues to groan in pain)

(The knot completely unravels itself in midair, and Davina smiles and giggles in happiness then runs over to Danielle and hugs her.)

Elijah: She did it.

(Elijah sighs in relief. Hayley starts to calm down, and Thomas looks stunned. Hayley stands up on her own, but still leans against Thomas. Sophie removes one of her earrings and pokes her palm with it, Hayley doesn't get injured. Thomas holds her hand and he and Hayley stare at each other. Elijah notices their shared moment, so Thomas quickly lets go and helps Hayley out of the pool.)

Sophie: soon as your brother finds out that the link is broken, he'll kill Agnes. I know you don't owe me anything, but please, don't let him kill her.

(Elijah pulls his phone out of his jacket on the table)

Sophie: Elijah! She's our only access to the power we NEED to survive. Promise me that you'll stop him!

Elijah: (dials a number into his phone and raises it to his ear) It's me, where are you? Don't hurt her. I'll be there shortly. (hangs up and turns to Sophie) I'll make you one last promise. I won't let my brother kill Agnes.

(Sophie nods at him, and Elijah picks up his jacket and walks away. Hayley gets out of the pool and walks over to Sophie.)

Hayley: I know you were just using me to save your people, but try it again, and I'll kill you.

(Hayley leaves, and Sophie sighs in defeat)

"Where's Sophia?!"

(Klaus, Agnes, and Father Kieran are still arguing)

Klaus: You're a piece of work, Agnes. But, guess what? I'm quite a piece of work myself. You know, I contemplated leaving bits of you artfully arranged outside your family's tomb? I thought it would leave a fitting message. (zooms over to Agnes and pulls her up into a chokehold) Don't. Touch. My. Family.

(Elijah enters and approaches them)

Elijah: Leave her.

(Klaus pulls Agnes into a headlock and stands back as he watches Elijah walk down the aisle)

Elijah: I gave my word.

(Father Kieran stands up to greet Elijah)

Klaus: You tend to give your word at the most inopportune times, brother. We've been doing things your way all day. Come on! Just one little snap and it's "Toodle-loo, Agnes." She deserves it! 

Elijah: We still need to find out where Sophia is.

Agnes: What makes you think that I will tell you.

Elijah: Listen to me well. You will tell me or I will let Klaus kill you and there will be no chance for you to complete that Harvest.

Agnes:...She's been hidden underground of the Lafayette Cemetery.

(Elijah calls Rebekah to inform her of Sophia's location.)

Elijah: Now don't make another move, Niklaus. You have asked for my forgiveness. I will grant you that forgiveness, but do not make me break my word.  

(Klaus glares at his brother as he considers it. After a moment, he lets Agnes go)

Klaus: (opens arms wide) My noble brother, how was that for personal growth, eh? Still, it is just like you to spoil all of my fun.

Elijah: (stares Agnes in the eyes) Oh, not exactly. 

(Elijah zooms over to one of the men who helped Agnes and rips his heart out, throws a second man up into the air, and does the same to a third as he rips out the man's heart. He turns to Klaus with a bloody heart in each hand, and drops them to the floor. He pulls out his pocket square to wipe his hands as Agnes stares in horror, and Klaus grins proudly behind her)

Elijah: Now, I swore you would not die by my brother's hand. I said nothing of my own. (grabs Agnes in a chokehold and pushes her backwards)Nobody hurts my family and lives. (snaps her neck, and turns to leave) No one. 

Not Giving Up 

(Sophia is seen still being tortured by the two people in black masks. She feels more weak than ever and she sees one of them pick up a knife with mysteriousn writing on it.)

Sophia: What with that?

Mask: That is none of your concern.

(As one holding the knife walks towards her, she hears someone calling her name and realizes its Rebekah)

Sophia: Rebekah! REBEKAH!!!

(Before he can stab her, his heart is suddenly ripped out and the other's neck is snapped. Rebekah was able to save her sister, she breaks Sophia free from her chains and helps her up. When they finally get outside, they stop for a moment.)

Rebekah: Sophia, are you okay? What did they do to you?

Sophia: (starts to cry and hugs Rebekah) I love you, sis...

Rebekah: (starts to cry as well, holding her tightly) Sophia, I'm here...I'm here...

"Thank you"

Danielle: It stopped.

Davina: You're okay now?

Danielle: Yeah...They saved my mom.

Davina: (smiles) Good...Thank you for helping me.

Danielle: You're welcome. Can I ask what made you strong?

Davina:...What makes me strong is...the people I care about...Marcel, my best friend, Monique...and hoping one day to live my own life out in the world.

Danielle: Well...I think you can add me to that list.

Davina: What?

Danielle: You're going to need another friend. 

(Davina smiles and hugs Danielle. Marcel walks in and sees the girls hugging.)

Marcel: (smiles) Looks like you made a new friend.

Davina: Yeah, I did.

Marcel: Good. Danielle, can I talk to you for a minute?

Danielle: Sure. (following him to the hallway) I'll come teach you some more spells another time, Davina.

Davina: Can't wait!

Marcel: I need to know if you have anything to do with those people getting killed out in the bayou.

(Danielle gives Marcel a serious look.)

"Have you learned nothing?"

(Cami is cleaning up at the bar when Klaus comes in to see her)

Cami: What are you doing here?

Klaus: Do you remember the promise I made you?

Cami: Promise? No. (looks at Klaus, and his compulsion kicks in) Yes. You promised you'd find out what happened to Sean. 

Klaus: And I kept my word. Your twin brother's behavior was not born of natural causes. A witch hexed him to commit those murders, and kill himself. 

Cami: I knew it. I knew he wasn't crazy. Who is this witch?

Klaus: Well, you needn't trouble yourself over her. She's already paid for her actions in blood.

Cami: Wait, what? You killed somebody?

Klaus: Ah, well, I had a hand in the matter, yeah...

(Cami slaps him in the face)

Klaus: (frustrated) Forgive me if I'm a little surprised by your reaction--

Cami: How the hell am I supposed to react? You just made me culpable in a revenge murder I never asked for!

Klaus: I've been alive for a thousand years, and I can assure you, many people have died for far less! Besides, now you can find comfort in the truth! (awkwardly pats her arm)

Cami: (shrugs away from him angrily) The truth? You compel me, you make me at peace with something that should be tearing me up inside! I don't know how, but I WILL undo whatever the hell it is you've done to me! And when I do, you're gonna wish you'd never laid eyes on me!

(Klaus stares at her sadly for a moment, and the zooms away. A few seconds pass, and Cami suddenly forgets everything that just happened, due to Klaus' compulsion. Outside, Klaus angrily stomps away from the bar, but Sophia appears before him.)

Klaus: Sophia, are you alright?

Sophia: I'm fine. You never change do you?

Klaus: What's that suppose to mean?

Sophia: Klaus, you've been compelling her this whole time?!

Klaus: I needed information. Someone close to Marcel. We have to reclaim New--(Sophia cuts him off)

Sophia: We don't have to do anything. You just want New Orleans for yourself! What was it that Caroline told you?

Klaus: Please tell me! What did I do so wrong now?

Sophia: You don't connect with people, because you don't even try to understand them.

Klaus: Sophia, what do you want from me?

Sophia:...I just want my big brother back...(a tear rolls down her face)

(Sophia walks away from Klaus leaving him with a sad look on his face)

Mikaelson Mansion-Accusations

Hayley: Klaus must have known, that's the only explanation! He could care less about the baby, he just wants her to be born so he can use her to make more sired hybrids.

(She looks at Elijah, and they share a look before Elijah looks away, troubled by Hayley's news)

Hayley: Although...the way that Dwayne was was more like he was sired to me.

Elijah: Look, regardless of my brother's intentions, mine remain the same. I said that I would protect you, even, if need be, from Klaus himself. 

Hayley: I can take care of myself. I always have.

(Klaus finally arrives home and sees Hayley and Elijah in the living room)

Klaus: It was Tyler Lockwood, wasn't it?

Elijah: Yes. Tyler Lockwood kidnapped Hayley to test a theory. (Klaus nods at him to continue) That the blood of her child could be used to sire hybrids. He claims that you knew that. Futhermore, that you intended to use this knowledge to build an army.

Klaus: (hurt and angry) And, of course, you assume it's true. I mean, why else would I show interest in my own flesh and blood? A heartbroken little crybaby points his finger at me, and my own brother falls in line, eager to believe it! How quickly you believe the worst, especially when it comes from her.

Elijah: Oh, spare me your indignation. When have you ever demonstrated any kind of concern towards Hayley or her child, beyond your own selfish pursuits? And what was it you once said to me? (does Klaus impersonation) "Every king needs an heir!"

Klaus: My big brother, so, you doubt my intentions? Well, I can't say I'm surprised, standing next to the noble Elijah, how can I be anything but the lesser brother? A liar, a manipulator, a bastard. 

Hayley:You’re wrong I’m with you. With our baby girl.

(Hayley walks over to Klaus.)

Klaus: Brother don’t ever bring up such accusations again.

Elijah: (more kindly) Brother, if--

Klaus: (interrupts) You've said all that needs to be said, Brother. (steps back a few steps and holds his arms out in defeat) I'll play the role I've been given. You are nothing more to me, Elijah. 

(Klaus and Hayley walk away from him.)

Final Scene


(Everyone except Sophia and Elijah are asleep. Sophia and Elijah are in Dani's room watching her sleep.)

Elijah: How are you doing? You should rest.

Sophia: I'm fine...There's something you need to know. The witches kidnapped me because it seems that I'm holding someone from the past inside of me.

Elijah: Who?

Sophia:...Neoma...It seems that mother was not able to defeat her so she had to seal Neoma inside something or someone more powerful than her.

(Elijah is shocked by what she tells him.)

Elijah: This doesn't make any sense. Why would she do that and how are you more powerful than her?

Sophia: (sadly) Elijah, I don't know how I'm more powerful than mother but it seems that I might be another species.Mabye mother isn’t my mother.

Elijah: Sophia, what are you talking about?

Sophia: (sadly) Elijah, while they were torturing me, they took a pint of my blood and I don't know how they got our mother's blood but...when they combined Esther and my blood, they didn't get a match...They were trying to create something, I don't know what.

Elijah: Sophia, I am sure of it. We are family.

Sophia:...But I do know who ordered all these people to kill Danielle.

Elijah: Who?!

Sophia:(a tear falls down her face)...Me... 

The Originals

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