The Originals(Fan Fiction) TV Series
Season 01, Episode 19
Danielle Fate
Air date Summer 2014
Directed by User:Cori11
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Fate is the nineteenth episode of Season One of The Originals Fanfiction (Series).


A NEW FUTURE SEEN--After successfully bringing back her friends and others, Sophia finds herself at the pit of Neoma's anger and despair. Klaus must defend himself against Aria as she holds a white oak stake but is he willing to kill her? Hayley is up against Felix in a bloody showdown and must end it once and for all. Serena has a difficult fight up for her as she chooses to become the new Grim Reaper in her father's place. Marcel and the others continue to fight a war desperately until they get help from Davina, Alice, and Christabella. Brody foresees a new future. Finally, Vanessa finds a shadow haunting her and will Sophia be able to bring back her daughter?


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Sophia: I am fighting for my family and friends. I cannot lose anyone else that I love. I do not know what my real name is, who I truly, where I come from Sophia Zariah Mikaelson...she would gladly give up her life to save everyone and if it would bring her daughter back.



Sophia: (voiceover) I am fighting for my family and friends. I cannot lose anyone else that I love. I do not know what my real name is, who I truly, where I come from Sophia Zariah Mikaelson...she would gladly give up her life to save everyone and if it would bring her daughter back.

Dark Sophia vs Neoma Edit

Neoma: It has been a long time, my light...I thought I sealed you away.

Dark Sophia: You did. However, when you somehow ended up in Danielle, I remained inside of Sophia.

Neoma: But I see that you've turn to darkness. Guess that was my doing.

Dark Sophia: Of course it was. You started making people's lives a living hell! I tried stray you from that path but you shut me out!

Neoma: Its not my fault you were getting on my nerves. You should've of kept your mouth shut and let me do whatever I wanted back then.

Dark Sophia: By causing a bloody massacre?

Neoma: See! Even after five-thousand years you continue to judge me! That's why I shut you out!

Dark Sophia: When are you going to realize that what happen to your family isn't you fault?!

Neoma: Enough! I'm done talking.

(A dark aura surrounds Neoma...She's using her demonic aura to create two swords. She then channels her demonic power into the swords. She tosses one of the swords to Dark Sophia.)

Dark Sophia: What are you doing?

Neoma: Isn't it obvious? We're going to have a duel. If you win, I will gladly back down and give up. But if I win...I will rip you out of Sophia's body and destroy you...

Dark Sophia: This is how you want it to go down?

Neoma: I've made my choice...So are you ready to fight? I hope you remember how to use a sword.

(Neoma and Dark Sophia charge at one another and their swords clash...)

"Shall we?" Edit

(Elijah, Rebekah, and Macklyn are surrounded by demons.)

Rebekah: Elijah, do you have any ideas?

Elijah: There's no chance of escaping right now so...(unbuttoning his jacket) I believe we must fight out way through.

Macklyn: I need to stop getting involved with you Originals.

Elijah: Shall we?

The War Continues Edit

(Marcel and the others continue to fight against the vampires and witches.)

Vanessa: How many more are there?!

Bethany: Marcel, this is ridiculous! They just keep coming!

Marcel: We have to keep fighting! We don't stop until this is over!

(Bethany is thrown to the ground and is nearly staked until Christabella saves her. Davina and Alice are seen joining the fight as well, using their magic.)

Bethany: You--

Christabella: You can thank me later. (helps her up) Where's Elijah?

Bethany: He's with the others, facing Neoma right now.

Christabella: Damn! You know how to kill demons?

Bethany: Yes, why?

Christabella: Take this. (giving her a silver bottle) Go help Elijah now. I need to stay and help everyone here. Go!

(Bethany vamp speeds into the direction of the battle against Neoma.)

Klaus vs Aria Edit

(Aria watches Klaus as he stands nervous about the white oak stake.)

Klaus: Aria, put the stake down.

Aria: No. I've been waiting for this opportunity.

Klaus: You don't want to do this.

Aria: Of course I do! You ruined everything! You gave up our love and walked out of my life!

Klaus: Killing me won't solve anything!

Aria: Well...I guess we'll just have to find out, won't we?

(Aria charges at Klaus with the white oak stake...)

Daughter vs Father Edit

Grim Reaper: You think you can take my place? A mere human?!

Serena: You were human once and that was taken from you. You have the soul that was once my father.

Grim Reaper:

Serena: If my soul is what can keep the Grim Reaper in the world, then let me become the Grim Reaper and let my father rest from a fate he's suffered for many years.

Grim Reaper: Why do you want to do this?

Serena: (tearfully) Because I blame myself. Its my fault that my parents are dead. They died trying to protect me! All these years, you have been wandering this earth alone and I feel that if I do this, I can make things better or I could find some kind of redemption!

Grim Reaper:...Very well...

Matthias: So you're agreeing to this?

Grim Reaper: Yes. If she wins, she becomes the new Grim Reaper...But if I win, I will take her soul. Those are the conditions.

Cami: Serena, are you sure about this?

Serena:...Yeah. I'm okay with it.

Grim Reaper: I assume you know how to kill me?

Serena: Yes.

(The mist becomes more thicker and things become harder to see...Serena tries to keep her guard up as she has a hard time seeing where he can attack easily.)

Grim Reaper: Prepare!

(Serena dodges the Reaper's attacks but falls over a rock and the Reaper cuts her arm with his scythe. Serena screams in pain.)

Cami: Matthias, we have to help her!

Matthias: We can't. This is something she has to do on her own. You heard what she said, Cami.

Cami: This will cost Serena her life! We can't just stand by!

Matthias: We must not interfere. This is Serena's choice after all...

(Serena sees her arm bleeding and begins to feel dizzy...)

Grim Reaper: You were never good at dealing with blood...

Serena: Heh...I see you remember.

Grim Reaper: Of course, I am your father reborn. But that does not change our agreement. (raising his scythe) This fight shall come to an end.

Cami: Serena!!

(The Reaper attacks Serena with his scythe but she manages to grab it in time and knock him away and then cuts him with his own scythe...)

The Key to Defeat Demons Edit

(Elijah, Rebekah, and Macklyn are covered in their own blood, breathing heavily, finding themselves at a disadvantage as the demons surround them.)

Rebekah: Elijah, nothing is working! We can't beat them!

Macklyn: Heh...It looks like we're done for.

(Whiles fighting Neoma, Dark Sophia sees the others in danger.)

Dark Sophia: Neoma, stop this! They have nothing to do with this!

Neoma: They have everything to do with it! Since Esther is dead, I'll have to settle for her children!

(Bethany appears and throws the silver bottle at the demons causing to scream in pain. Neoma knocks Dark Sophia to the ground yet she manages to defend herself with her sword.)

Elijah: Bethany, what are you doing here?!

Bethany: Christabella told me to come help. You can thank her later. The holy water will hold them off but not for long. Sophia, roses will kill demons! Use a spell to revive the roses!

(Dark Sophia looks at the dead roses and begins to use Sophia's magic.)

Dark Sophia: Belle la vie a cette fleur, maintentant!

(The dead roses rise back from the dead to their beautiful state then Dark Sophia uses telekinesis to make the roses surround the demons that try to attack Elijah and the others. The demons scream in agony and disappear beneath the ground.)

Rebekah: It worked!

Neoma: Damn you!

(Dark Sophia kicks Neoma off of her and uses telekinesis to throw Neoma against her throne.)

Dark Sophia: This needs to stop now. Its over, Neoma! Accept it!

Neoma: Never...(laughs) Its not over until I kill you my former light.

Dark Sophia: When are you going to let go of your rage?! The hate and the sorrow?!

Neoma: Its all that I have ever since my family died that day!

(Neoma gets back up and uses an unknown power that attacks Dark Sophia with frozen glaciers. As Dark Sophia tries to escape Neoma traps the both of them in pillars of ice. Danielle appears and sees everything that has just happened.)

Rebekah: Sophia!!

Danielle: MOM!!!

A Lost Love Edit


(Back in the 1910s, Aria follows Klaus outside as a big commotion is going on.)

Aria: Klaus!

Klaus: Do not follow me.

Aria: Why? Where are you going? (Klaus remains quiet) Answer me!

(Klaus vamp speeds and pushes Aria to the wall.)

Klaus: You need to forget about me because you are never going to see me again.

Aria: But why?

Klaus:...Because I don't love you. It was all a lie.

Aria: You're lying, that's not true!

Klaus: It is. You were just another one of my toys to play with. I only pretended to love you to give you some pleasure in life. Now that it's over, it's time to go our separate ways. Goodbye, Aria.

(Klaus walks away as Aria falls to the ground crying...)


Aria: Do you remember?! You told me it was all a lie! You broke my heart!

Klaus: I had my reasons.

Aria: Yeah and I have my reasons for wanting to kill you!

(Aria vamp speeds charging at Klaus aiming the white oak stake at his heart but he grabs her arm and takes the stake from her hand and holds her down as she throws a tantrum.)

Klaus: Aria, stop it!

Aria: You said that I was just one of your toys! Was every woman that you were in love with a toy to you?! Do you even know what love is?!

Klaus: Of course I do! I always loved you! I was only trying to keep you safe!

Aria: What are you talking about?

Klaus: Aria, I am sorry. I lied to you that day. I was only trying to protect you because Mikael had found me. I have known love throughout my life. I will always love you but I'm not in love with you anymore and I'm believe that you feel the same way.

Aria: Kill me.

Klaus: What?

Aria: (tearfully) Kill me. How can I live in a world where I no longer love you but I even killed my best friend's daughter even though I don't remember her.

Klaus: Aria...This world is filled with love and the love we had was real, it just ended for us. Its time for you to begin a new chapter in your life with another. As for the best friend that you can't remember, you should try talking to her. I think she will give you another chance.

Aria:...Are you really sure?

Klaus: Yes. Now, come on. Let's go help the others out.

Reaper's Sorrow/My New Role Edit

Grim Reaper:..It looks like you have won...

(Cami and Matthias run over to Serena)

Cami: Serena, are you okay?

Serena: Yes but...feeling a little nauseous...

Matthias: (holding Serena close to him) I got you.

Serena: Thanks...

???: Serena...

(Serena hears a familiar voice and along with Matthias and Cami, is surprised by the person lying on the ground in front of them...)


Jonathan: My little girl...How you've grown.

(Matthias helps Serena sit on the ground next to Jonathan and she holds her father's hand.)

Serena: How is this...

Jonathan: Because you defeater my reaper form, I was able to go back to my human form. Now we can talk as father and daughter one last time.

Serena: Dad...

Jonathan: Serena...before I go, I need to tell you something.

Serena: What is it?

Jonathan: It isn't your fault. Don't blame yourself for what happened to me and your mother. It was a curse placed upon our family for generations. If our ancestors never got involved with reapers in the first place...things would have turned out differently. We just wanted you to have a normal life, away from the darkness and death that lied in our family. I was reborn as the Grim Reaper and my soul lived on so...I knew that one day...I would see you again...and I am happy for that.

Serena: (tearfully) Daddy...

Jonathan: Are you sure you want this?

Serena: Yes. If I can find some way to end a Reaper being born each time, then I want to do this. Give me the role of the Grim Reaper and I'll find some way to stop this tragedy from continuing.

Jonathan:...Very well...

(A black aura surrounds their hands and Serena places her hand on her chest...)

Jonathan: Be strong...Take this power and become the new Grim Reaper.

Serena:...(gasps as her eyes flash red for a moment) This power...

Jonathan: You will need to understand it. But most of all, learn how to use and control it.

Serena: Okay...

Jonathan: You take care of yourself.

Serena: (hugging him while crying)...I love you, daddy.

Jonathan: (kisses her forehead) I love you too, my little buttercup...Don't forget that me and your mother will always watch over you. Who knows? We may meet again one day.

Serena: I hope for that.


(Jonathan eyes slowly close as he takes his dying breath...His body disappears and Serena cries loudly as Matthias and Cami comfort her.)

Meeting their End/A Unexpected HappeningEdit

(Hayley fights Felix, desperately fighting for her life. She is shown to be covered in blood and when she finds herself an advantage, she cuts Felix's face with a piece of glass and he screams in pain.)

Felix: Damn, you bitch!

Hayley: What do you expect? Besides, don't you like pain? You're a cold-blooded killer after all!

(Hayley tackles Felix and when he falls to the ground, she straddles him and grabs his neck.)

Hayley: You killed my parents, you took lives at the Mikaelson Ball, there are so many people you have killed throughout your sad pathetic life! Stop thinking all supernatural creatures are evil, we're all not like that! Its terrible to what happened to the people you care about but you can't take it out on all of us!

Felix: You don't understand the pain and suffering I had to go through!

(Felix punches Hayley and she falls over. He straddles her and begins to choke her. She tries to push him off but he is too strong. As she finds it a hard to breathe, Brody appears and knocks Felix off of her.)

Felix: (grabbing a knife) Don't interfere, I'll deal with you next!

(Felix lunges at Brody but Brody grabs Felix's arm and throws the knife away.)

Felix: What the hell?! How are you alive?!

Brody: A friend of mine managed to bring me back. I'm going to thank her later.

Felix: Let me go! I will not die! I will never die, not until all of you supernatural beings are gone forever!

Brody: I'm afraid that's not possible...You know Felix, I guess in a way, we're really alike.

Felix: How dare you! Don't compare me to a filthy bloodsucker like yourself!

Brody: We both have killed... and the lives we took, that blood is on our hands...and we have to live with that. Sometimes I wonder if it would just be easy to just stop living but I realized that would just be more suffering to the people who care about me. As for you...I think the only way for you to stop doing what you're doing is to rest.

Felix: Don't you--(cut off when Brody places his hand over Felix's mouth)

Brody: Don't try to fight, Felix. You're no longer carry that strength because all you feel is fear. I'm doing this because its less painful and pain is all that you ever felt in your life...Just let it go and rest now. Go be with the people that you love.

(Felix makes a strangles sound and suddenly stops moving...his life has come to an end then Brody closes his eyes and gently puts Felix down. Hayley starts to scream out in pain.)

Brody: Hayley?! What's wrong?!

Hayley: baby is coming!

The Final FightEdit

Dark Sophia: Neoma, let us out of here.

Neoma: No. I've decided to change the arrangements. I am going to keep living and you will be the one to die.

Dark Sophia: Don't do this--

(Dark Sophia hears Sophia's voice calling to her.)

Sophia: Let me talk to Neoma.

Dark Sophia: But I can get through to her.

Sophia: Not alone you can't. Just let me back out. There's something I need to tell her.

Dark Sophia:...Alright.

(Dark Sophia closes her eyes and once she opens them back up, they return to their original eye color, meaning Sophia is back under control.)

Neoma: So my light finally gave up on me?

Sophia: No. I told her to let me back out so that I can talk to you. But we will do this my way. Your powers against mine.

Neoma: (laughs) Are you serious?

Sophia: Of course I am. If I win and I will, you will step down and listen to me.

Neoma: And if I win, Pipi?



Sophia: Don't call me that, only Rebekah calls me that. And you won't win, Neoma...

(Sophia attacks Neoma with her elements of fire but Neoma counters with her hell-fire.)

Neoma: You have to do better than that!

(Neoma manipulates the fire, causing it to become more intense. Sophia's fire is being beaten and uses her element of wind to fly in the air so she won't get hit by the fire. Due to the fire's intensity, the glaciers begin to melt.)

Neoma: Are you giving up?

Sophia: Never!

(Sophia uses her elements of earth to trap Neoma.)

Sophia: Now I can buy some time...

(Sophia begins to combines her elements of fire, water, wind, and earth all together...Soon Neoma breaks away from the trap and sees what Sophia is doing.)

Neoma: So it's come to this...

(Neoma draws power from the blood moon and combines it with her dark energy...As the glacier melts, Elijah and the others are able to see the fight before them. Klaus and Aria appear.)

Rebekah: Sophia!

Klaus: Rebekah stop! This is her fight. We need to stay out of it.

Elijah: Why is she here, Niklaus?

Klaus: It is my fault for the way she had became so I thought...she could start her path of redemption as well.

Elijah:...I see....I'm proud of you, brother. I believe that your redemption is almost found.

(Danielle stands near her family and watches her mother in the final fight.)


(Neoma and Sophia charge at one another and clash at each other with their powers. A huge explosion occurs.)

Rebekah: Oh my...Sophia!

(Elijah and the others run into the smoke to find Sophia. They see her greatly damaged and can barely stand up. Elijah and Klaus hurry over to her and help.)

Klaus: Are you alright?

Sophia: I'll be fine...

(Neoma sitting on the ground, groaning in pain and covered in blood...)

Sophia: Take me to her.

Elijah: What? Sophia, you--

Sophia: Do it. I need to talk to her.

(Klaus and Elijah help Sophia over to Neoma. Sophia sits in front of her and takes her hands into hers. Neoma looks at Sophia with tears in her eyes.)

The Other Side Collasping Edit

(Danielle smiles as the battle is over. She feels the wind picking up...She is knocked to the ground and suddenly the ground begins to shake.)

Danielle: Is this....

(A powerful force begins to pull Danielle away until Mikael saves her.)

Danielle: Why are you--

Mikael: Hold onto me!

(Danielle holds onto Mikael as he holds onto the tree.)

A Daughter Born/A New Future Edit


(Back in the 10th Century, Elijah is seen running in the woods as he hears a woman screaming.)

Elijah: Sophia! Sophia!

Sophia: Elijah, help!

(Elijah finds Sophia, lying on the ground clutching her pregnant stomach.)

Sophia: The baby! The baby is coming!

Elijah: I'll have to deliver the baby here.

Sophia: No! No, Elijah! We' can't! (crying) I can't do this!

Elijah: (shushes) Shh...I'm here. I will not leave your side, my sister. (holds her hand) I promise.

(Rebekah shows up and runs over to Elijah and Sophia.)

Rebekah: Oh, my...Is the baby coming?!

Elijah: Yes. Go find mother and Nathan and tell them the news!

Rebekah: Okay!

(Rebekah kisses Sophia's forehead and runs to find her mother and Sophia's husband.)

Elijah: Before I start, what we're you doing out here by yourself, Sophia?

Sophia: I'm sorry...A child hurt himself, so I went out to find some herbs...

Elijah: You have always had a kind heart...But still don't go out by yourself during your pregnancy, please!

Sophia: AAHHH!

Elijah: Maybe I should start...Sophia, you need to push.

(Sophia screams in pain as she starts to push.)

Elijah: You're doing good, keep pushing!

(Sophia continues to push hard and after one last push, a small cry is heard. Elijah smiles as looks at the baby.)

Elijah:...Its a girl.

Sophia: Really?

Elijah: Yes...(giving her the baby)...A beautiful healthy baby daughter.

Sophia: I thought you would be a boy since you were kicking me so hard.

(Elijah laughs and continues to smiles at his sister as she look at her daughter in awe.)

Elijah: Have you thought of a name?

Sophia: Well...Nathan said if it turns out to be a girl, he wants the name to be Danielle Asia.

Elijah: Danielle...I think I'll call her Dani.


(Brody, Jayne, and Hayley are in Brody's car. Hayley is screaming in pain

Jayne: Brody, will you slow down!

Brody: Hell no! There's a pregnant werewolf in the car and I'm not about to deliver a baby!

Jayne: You're such a wimp! Its just a baby! Why don't you deliver the baby?!

Brody: Jayne, I did not come back to life for this! If you know how to deliver a baby, feel free!

Jayne: And you don't? What are you pushing nine-hundred? You're old and ancient! You lived this long and don't even know how to deliver a baby? That's just sad!

Brody: Hey, I am not old and ancient, I am not a wimp, so watch it!

Jayne: Why don't you make me?!

Hayley: SHUT UP, SHUT UP, SHUT UP! Would the both of you shut up?! I am the one who should be screaming right now! If you don't hurry up and find the Originals, I am going to tear both of you limb from limb!

(Brody and Jayne decide to keep quiet and suddenly the car starts to move side from side.)

Jayne: Brody? What are you doing?

Hayley: Hey! Stop this car!

Jayne: Brody!

(Jayne sees Brody is staring off into space, knowing he is having a vision. She hurries to grab the car wheel and try to keep the car under control. Brody sees glimpses of different visions. Two young witches standing in front of a grave, himself talking to an unknown person and surrounded by dead bodies, Sophia back in Ancient Greece, Davina attacked by an unknown vampire, and Vanessa surrounded by shadows. He then has one last vision of a young girl using her powers of light that destroys New Orleans...Brody snaps back to his senses and stops the car.)

Hayley: Brody, what the hell?!

Jayne: What did you see?


Light Reborn/Find Peace Edit

Sophia: Neoma, you need to let go of this rage and hatred that you hold.

Neoma: Its all that I have!

Sophia: You have to forgive yourself! It is not your fault to what happened that day!

Neoma: Please, I don't expect you to understand.

Sophia: Yet I do! My daughter was murdered in front of me! Have you forgotten that? I lost mu husband...I hated him for betraying me and my siblings yet I still loved him. You losing your family was not your fault and you know that deep down!

Neoma: It is my fault. I was born a half-demon, people hated me, I wasn't accepted anywhere.

Elijah: But that's their fault, not yours. If people cannot accept you for who you are, they're not worth it. Your parents, your husband, and your light loved you, they didn't care what you turned out to be because they accepted you for who you are...I believe your light will go back to being what she was if you go back to being who were you.


(A bright light comes out of Sophia's body and enters Neoma...)

Neoma: She's finally forgiven me...So what should I do now?

Sophia:...Find peace...Go be with your loved ones. (body glows)

Neoma:...Thank you...

(As Sophia's body begins to glow even brighter, Sophia finds herself in the park. Unknown to what she is doing there, she sees Danielle playing with a dog nearby. Danielle looks a slightly bit older, about seventeen to eighteen.)

Sophia: Danielle?!

Danielle: (turning around) Hey, mom.

Sophia: Did I bring you back?

Danielle: Almost. But I'm not the daughter of that time.

Sophia: What are you saying? You're not my Danielle?

Danielle: I am your daughter but just from a different time.

Sophia: Are you saying I time traveled? I thought that didn't exist!

Danielle: Not exactly and who knows? I'll look like this in in a few months. But to explain, I'm not a vampire anymore.

Sophia: How...When I brought you back, isn't it?

Danielle: Yeah...Don't worry, I actually love being just a witch. I still hold the decision to if I want to go back being a vampire. But as for now, I'm just living out my life as a normal girl, seeing if I want to keep living like this.

Sophia: How long has it been for you?

Danielle: A year...Mom, you're going to learn a lot of new things...especially about your mom.

Sophia: My mother?! Danielle--

Danielle: I can't say anything but just know that you'll meet her soon...Also expect someone you knew to walk back into your life and you'll meet someone you never got a chance to know.

Sophia: I really can't get a break, can I?

Danielle: I'll be there by your side. I always am, aren't I?

Sophia:..When did you get all so grown up?

Danielle: (giggles) I have a good mom...I have to go now but one more thing. Make sure Marcel lays off of Leon, okay? He's a good guy.

Sophia: Leon?

Danielle: Yeah. Uncle Elijah has something to do with it. And don't worry about Jayne too much, okay? She'll be fine...We each have our own fate.

(As Danielle walks away with her dog, she turns back to look at Sophia.)

Danielle: I love you, mom.

(Before Sophia can respond, a bright light appears and Sophia finds standing in front of Neoma with a few unknown people ouside, enjoying their time together. She quickly comes to realize that it must be Neoma's family. Neoma and her family smile at Sophia and a door appears near her.)

Neoma: Thank you, Sophia.

(Sophia smiles and opens the door walking inside into a bright light...and back over to the Other Side, the wind becomes even more intense and Danielle and Mikael are separated as the Other Side is enveloped in a bright light.)

The War Ends Edit

Marcel: Everyone, okay?!

Diego: Barely!

Marcel: Well, just hang in there!

(Marcel is soon outnumbered and they hold him down. A vampire plunges his hand into Marcel's chest, grabbing his heart. He is close to ripping it out until...)

Davina: Ex Spiritum In Tacullum, En Terrum Incendium, Phasmatos Salves A Distum! 

(The vampires are soon on fire, screaming horribly by their deaths. Vanessa and Diego go to help Marcel who smiles at Davina.)

Marcel: Thanks, D.

Davina: You're welcome...Dad.

(Before Marcel is surprised by what Davina just said and before he can respond, the blood moon in the sky disappears and goes back to being the beautiful bright yellow colored moon and the stars hang in the sky.)

Christabella: It must be over.

(Davina smiles brightly at Marcel as he does towards her. The crowd cheers in victory, grateful that the war is over and they have won.)

Davina: Let's get over there!

Marcel: Yeah!

Bethany: I'm coming too!

Return/A Birth Coming Edit

(Sophia slowly opens her eyes to see everyone looking at her with worry.)

Sophia: Quit looking at me like that, I'm fine.

Rebekah: Thank goodness, don't scare us like that!

(Sophia looks to see Danielle lying on the ground, unconscious.)

Klaus: She hasn't woken up yet.

Sophia: (holding Danielle in her arms)...Danielle?

(Danielle begins to wake up, slowly opening her eyes...She looks at her mother and smiles brightly at her.)

Sophia: (tearfully yet smiles) My little girl...(hugging her tightly)

Danielle: Hi, mom.

Rebekah: Don't leave us out!

(Rebekah, Klaus, and Elijah join in on the group hug. Aria and Macklyn smirk at them. However, the moment is interrupted when Brody drives through and hits the brakes.)

Jayne: Emergency! Klaus, your baby mama is having the baby! You might want to hurry! (sees Sophia and Danielle)

Jayne: (getting out of the car) You're alive!

(Jayne runs over to Sophia and hugs her tightly.)

Hayley: I can't wait any longer!

Brody: What?! Hold it in! You are not having the baby in my car!

(Elijah and Klaus run over to the car and help Hayley out.)

Elijah: She'll just have to have the baby here then.

Rebekah: Sophia, does this remind you of something?

Sophia: Yep except I was in the woods when Danielle was born.

Hayley: Ahhhhhh!

Sophia: I would help but I am so tired right now. (passes out)

Danielle: Mom!

Jayne: Sophia!

Rebekah: Don't worry, she just need some rest.

(Marcel, Davina, and Vanessa appear. They all smile to see Danielle is back.)

Davina: Dani!

Danielle: Did you miss me?

Davina: (runs to her and hugging her tightly) So much!

Marcel: (running to Sophia) She okay?

Rebekah: Yes. Take her home, she needs the rest.

Marcel: (carries Sophia) Alright. D?

Davina: I'll stay here and help. Danielle, you go with them.

(Danielle leaves with Marcel and her unconscious mother. Davina helps Klaus and Elijah with Hayley.)

Hayley: AAH! AAH!

Elijah: Let's begin.

Klaus: Hayley, its time to push.

(Hayley screams in agony as he pushes. After several pushes, she finally stops screaming when she hears the baby's cries.)

Davina: You have a beautiful baby daughter.

Elijah: Brings back memories.

(Hayley and Klaus are amazed by the sight of their daughter as Davina gives her the baby so she can hold her.)

Hayley: When you said bring back memories, do you mean Danielle?

Elijah: Yes. I was the one who delivered her.

(As they have their family moment, Vanessa feels something strange nearby and goes to investigate. Jayne notices Vanessa leaving and follows her.)

Shadows Lurking.... Edit

(Vanessa once again sees the shadow from before as she approaches it.)

Vanessa: How are you still alive and what are you doing here? Do you want revenge? Just come after me and stay away from everyone else!

(Jayne catches up to Vanessa and the shadow envelops Jayne into its darkness.)

Vanessa: Let her go!

Jayne: Vanessa, what is this?! What's going on?!

(Vanessa vamp speeds and gets Jayne out of the shadow. Vanessa falls to her knees as Jayne helps her. The shadow disappears...)

Jayne: Are you going to tell me what that was?

Vanessa:...My fate.

The Originals

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