The Elements that allow a elemental witch to utilize different elements as a form of magic. They can use different spells to formulate their elemental quantities and energies for many uses.




  • Fire: Has positive connotations like warmth, light, purification, and even rebirth.
  • Water: The element of change and adaptability; capable of taking any form. Symbolizes healing.
    • Used by the First Elemental Witch, Agapios and Cecilia.
  • Earth: Stable and resilient, earth is the element of solidity and support. It is the strongest element, but also the slowest.
    • Used by the First Elemental Witch, Agapios and Cecilia.
  • Wind: The element of change and movement; unpredictably calm one moment and flying into a tempest the next. The quickest of the elements, but sometimes seen as the weakest.
    • Used by the First Elemental Witch, Agapios and Cecilia.
  • Life/Spirit: This element allows resurrection but cannot resurrect humans. Some call it Life, some call it Spirit. Unlike the other four elements it has no defined place or location. It has has no physical bounds and is still unknown of where it comes from. The element guides the person who wields it and re-shapes them into who they truly are. It can also cure a vampire of vampirism.
    • Used by the First Elemental Witch, Cecilia and an unknown person.
  • Ice:
    • Used by the First Elemental Witch, Agapios and Danielle.
  • Lightning:
    • Used by the First Elemental Witch and Danielle.
  • Light:
    • Used by...
  • Darkness:
    • Used by...

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Element SpiritsEdit

Sophia: It's been a long time

Efreet: Indeed it has. Good to see you again.

— Sophia to the Elemental Spirits after their reunion


  • Elemental Spirits were originally planned to be introduced in Eternal Darkness but was later decided to be introduced in The Originals Fanfiction after Sophia regains her memories of the Elemental Spirits.
  • Only the First Elemental Witch has been able to use all the elements.
  • There have been those like the First Elemental Witch and Cecilia that were born as an elemental witch.
    • But even though a child is born to a elemental witch, does not mean they will be one themselves. Damien is an example.
  • There can be those that have the potential to become an elemental witch by trying to learn and gain their own element magic. They could possibly already have it but just don't realize it.
  • The Element Spirits are able to take human form.
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