Eileen S1
Eileen Remis
Biographical information
  • 1st Century B.C. (age 21/2000+)
  • Alive
  • Upper Class Woman (Ancient Greece; formerly)


  • Female
Family information
Significant Others
  • Unnamed Husband †
  • Unnamed Parents†
  • Unnamed Older Sister †
Supernatural information
Played by
  • Odette Annable
  • Lily Pilblad (child)
First seen
Kitty Kat, Cascadia may be a two-thousand year old powerful witch but I'm a two-thousand year old werewolf...that's much more deadly and not to be trifled with...Honestly, I'm the wrong bitch to mess with.

Eileen Remis is a major supporting character of The Originals Fanfiction during the second season and of Eternal Darkness during the first two seasons later becoming a main character in the third season.

When making her first appearance, she played a big part in Sophia's storyline. She was revealed to be Cecilia's childhood friend from two-thousand years ago. Sophia who was once Cecilia, gained Eileen's help in order to recover her lost memories. Happily reunited with her long lost friend, Eileen constantly also found herself butting heads with Sophia's best friend Katherine Pierce.


The Originals Fanfiction

Eileen was born into a wealthy family during the Ancient Times in Greece. She grew up together with Cecilia.

Eternal Darkness

Eileen's Story

The Originals Fanfiction

Season Two

Let's just say that I'm a descendant of one of the people whom was very close to Cecilia.

Eileen during Brody's class lesson

Eileen 134

Eileen looking at Sophia.

Eileen is first mentioned by Malia in The Voodoo. Eileen was Malia's caretaker for the past thousand years. When class starts, Eileen helps Brody out with explaining the history of the ancient witch, Cecilia. During the lecture, she looks over to Sophia a few times which causes Sophia to have a familiar feeling about her. Later, as Eileen walks by Sophia in the hallway, she smiles at her. By the end of the episode, Sophia begins to remember who Eileen really is.

Eileen 203

Eileen at Cascadia's party.

Eileen attends a party that Cascadia throws and feels that something isn't right. Eileen approaches Katherine and Aria, demanding to know where Sophia is. Eileen reveals her true identity as Cecilia's childhood friend and finds out that Cascadia has kidnapped Sophia. When Eileen goes off to save her, Katherine stops her, wanting to know why Sophia's own grandmother would kidnap her. Eileen tells Katherine that Cascadia hates her granddaughter and daughter-in-law because she blames them both for the death of her son. Katherine realizes that Eileen knows the truth to who Sophia's mother is and wonders why she never told her. Eileen found out after Cecilia left their home to save her husband and son. Eileen questions Katherine to why she hasn't told Sophia and tells her that they both have their reasons to why they haven't told her. Eileen's eyes then begin turning silver ans she lets out a loud roar, revealing herself as a werewolf.

Eileen happy

Eileen happy about her reunion with Sophia.

Eileen and Katherine arrive at an abandoned place and find Sophia being held hostage by Cascadia. Eileen finds out that Sophia remembers her and starts to threaten Cascadia for the hurt and danger she's put her best friend through. Cascadia tries to make a deal with Eileen and Katherine on letting her go but they both refuse. Katherine is stabbed in the stomach by a knife that was lunged at her by Cascadia's magic. However, a bright red energy discharges in the area and Katherine is unaffected by it the knife. Katherine's body begins to glow and her wound starts to heal as the knife is pulled out. Before Katherine can be questioned, Elijah and the others show up. After a brief talking, Elijah attacks Cascadia, causing her to magically create a high-pitched noise that incapacitates everyone. As the spell continues, Eileen, Sophia and Katherine manage to still stand and fight against the spell but barely. Eileen tackles Cascadia to the ground and roars. She is about to use her claws to attack Cascadia until Sophia stops her. Cascadia refuses to stop the spell and strengthens it, going after Katherine in the process until she is stopped by Malia. They hold Cascadia hostage until she somehow disappears. Back at Sophia, Katherine and Aria's dorm, Eileen and Sophia get the chance to talk, happily having their tearful reunion.

Eileen 205

Eileen happy spending time with Sophia.

Eileen spends the day with Sophia in Paranormal Activity as they reminiscence about their past. Eileen arrives at Sophia, Katherine and Aria's dorm, ready for her day together with Sophia. Katherine informs Sophia of Eileen's presence by calling her names which lead to Eileen and Katherine bickering at each other almost heading towards a fight until Sophia steps in between them. Not understanding why they don't like each other, Sophia wants for them to get along but Eileen tells her that hell would have to freeze over in order for a friendship to happen between her and Katherine.


Eileen dancing

Eileen wanting her best friend to join in on the dancing.


In Friday the 13th,

In Blood for Blood,

In A Special Reunion,

Eternal Darkness


Eileen comes off as a very calm person and people are always drawn to her. She charming, passionate and extremely loyal. When push comes to shove, she's not afraid to get her hands dirty to protect the ones she loves.

Physical Appearance


Sophia Mikaelson/Cecilia Solas

Main article: Cecilia and Eileen
Eileen Cecilia 2

Eileen is the childhood friend of Cecilia and seems to know her better than anyone else.

Katherine Pierce

Eileen will share a rivarly with Katherine as they do not get off to a friendly start.



Ezra Drake



Season 2
Season 3


Season 1


  • She's not your ordinary kind of werewolf.
  • In The Voodoo, Eileen tells Brody and the class that she is a descendant of one of the people whom was very close to Cecilia when in truth, Eileen is the childhood friend of Cecilia.
  • Eileen drives a Mini Cooper.
  • She is a huge horror movie fan.
  • She mainly prefers motorcycles.
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