The Originals(Fan Fiction) TV Series
Season 1, Episode 11
Air date Winter 2014
Written by User:Cori11
Directed by Cori11
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Eclipse of the Heart is the eleventh episode of Season One of The Originals Fanfiction (Series).


AFTER THE DEATH OF A LOVED ONE--Sophia's personality and behavior begin to change causing her to make some very dangerous decisions. After hearing of Danielle's death and secrets being revealed, Davina goes missing with Marcel and Elijah on the search for her. Klaus forms his own plan to find Davina but has his hands full with Aria. Rebekah has a dark agenda of her own. Hayley learns of Felix's past. Along the way, Davina makes a new friend. Meanwhile, Serena and Cami find themselves falling deeper into the supernatural world. Neoma makes a new ally. Finally, Vanessa and Klaus fear that they are losing Sophia to the darkness.


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  • First appearance of Jayne Rutledge and Bethany Thompson.
  • Elijah and Matthias come across someone who is connected to Serena.
  • Sophia will make some new allies.
  • Danielle's death will be impacting a lot of the characters.
  • There will be a memorial held for Dani.
  • Expect a familiar face to return.
  • Sophia's Mansion will be featured.
  • Brody's powers will be further explored.



Vanessa: It seems that New Orleans was a dangerous city to come visit.
Rebekah: I'm doing things my way from now on.
Sophia: My daughter is dead...She is gone forever. Look at us. First Finn, then Kol, now Danielle. What hope is left for this family?
Aria (to Klaus): You be surprised what people are capable of.
Sophia (to Jayne): I don't force people to become vampires. Throughout my eternal life, I have only turned four people...I granted them all a choice.


  • Aria talking to Klaus
  • Danielle's Memorial



Rebekah: (voiceover) After everything that had happened...Our family started to drift apart. Klaus had stated that he was done with me...Sophia began to change into a dark person...I chose my own my path to follow...and Elijah is desperately trying to keep this family together. I know that Danielle is watching us right now and I do believe she is hurt by how things are now but it can't be helped. I came to the realization of what is standing in my way and is a danger to us all; Neoma and Klaus.

(The scene shows a big gorgeous mansion and inside, Sophia is sitting in the living room with Brody, Vanessa, and two unknown woman.)

???: Now darling, what is our main objective?

Brody: This is the way you want to do things, Sophia?

Sophia: Of course. I believe the only way to get my daughter back is by getting rid of the source. Bethany and Jayne, thank you for joining our cause.

Jayne: So this Neoma plans to destroy us all?

Sophia: No. She plans to rule us all. At some point, she may kill me and my family.

Jayne: Well, what can we do?

(Sophia smiles devilishly and Vanessa looks worried)

10 hours earlier....

(Many people are gathered in a room which is filled with candles and flowers. Elijah, Rebekah, Klaus, Sophia, Marcel, Davina, Hayley, Matthias, Serena, Vanessa, Cami, Brody, and many others stand together mourning Danielle's death. Elijah takes the stand to say a few words and Klaus wraps his arm around Sophia to hold her close. Danielle's ghost watches her mother grieving.)

Elijah: Thank you all for coming today. We are here to mourn the loss of a dearly beloved. My family has a very important member. Danielle Asia Mikaelson was the link to our family. Her compassion was what soothed our pain...Her kind heart is what made people love her...and I think you could say...she was humanity itself. (looks at Sophia) But most importantly...Danielle was the heart of one of the most important people in my life. But I believe that she will find her way.

(Klaus looks at Sophia and kisses her forehead as he tries to hold back his emotions. Rebekah continues to cry but Matthias comes up to comfort her.)

Elijah: Danielle, I know that you are here now, watching us. But your death will not be in vain. I promise you that we will find our family will find a way back to each other...We love you.

(Elijah places a pink lily on Danielle's stone tablet, Rebekah places a gold heart locket, Klaus places a small wooden bird, and lastly, Sophia places her favorite picture of her daughter. They stand to the side as everyone else starts to place flowers on the stone monument. After a while, everyone continues to mourn the loss of Danielle and apologize to the Originals for their loss. Everyone starts leaving except Sophia and Brody.)

Brody: I'm sorry that this happened...

Sophia: Thank you for coming, Brody. I know that you meant to protect my daughter.

Brody: I did.

Sophia: Neoma said that you can show people their past, present, and future.

Brody: Yeah, I can also show them my past.

Sophia: It seems your special gift will come into use.

Brody: What do you mean?

Sophia: Brody, I need allies. I have a plan of what my next course of action will be against Neoma.

(Klaus and Vanessa are standing outside, listening to what Sophia just said.)

Klaus: I don't like this one bit.

Vanessa: What do you think she has planned?

Klaus: I won't say what I'm thinking but I'm hope I'm wrong. Vanessa, keep an eye on her. Tell me what's she doing, who she's talking to, anything important.

Vanessa: Got it and Klaus...

(Danielle is seen standing in front of Klaus)

Vanessa: Danielle is standing in front of you right now and saids to not let her mom go down a dark path.

Klaus: I promise you, little niece.

(Klaus walks away and Danielle begins to talk to Vanessa)

Vanessa: How does it feel to be on the Other Side?

Danielle: Cold, empty, but I still feel like myself...I still have you to talk to.

???: And me.

(Danielle turns around and sees Kol Mikaelson standing behind her)

Kol: Its strange. I always thought that Klaus would be the next one to get killed.

Danielle: (smiles) Uncle Kol!

(Danielle runs towards Kol and hugs him)

Kol: Its been a long time, little one. Thanks for the flowers from before.

Danielle: You're welcome.

Vanessa: Kol, you keep Dani company while I keep an eye on Sophia.

(As Kol and Danielle leave, Sophia walks out of the building.)

Vanessa: Hey, you okay?

Sophia: I'm fine, just need to run a few errands.

Vanessa: Okay, I'll join you.

Sophia: No, I just need to be alone right now. I'll see you later

(Sophia walks away and Vanessa has a curious look upon her face.)

Making Allies Edit

(Sophia walks into Cafe Amelie, a restaurant offering cocktails, wine, lunch, and dinner.)

Waiter: Hello, Ms. Mikaelson. I heard about your family's tragedy. I'm sorry for your loss and that I wasn't able to attend the funeral.

Sophia: No its alright but thank you.

Waiter: Can I get you a table?

Sophia: Yes, please. And I'm looking for someone named Jayne Rutledge. If she is here, could you send her to my table. I need to talk to her.

Waiter: Of course.

(The waiter takes Sophia to her table and goes to get Jayne. After a few minutes, a pretty young woman with long blonde hair and brown eyes, comes over to Sophia's table.)

Sophia: So you're Jayne Rutledge.

Jayne: Yes and how do you know who I am?

Sophia: A friend told me about you. Jayne Rutledge, a young siren that supernatural creatures are drawn to. He showed me you in his visions. I saw your past and what you're doing now. You've traveled from place to place, hunting supernatural creatures. Protecting the innocent. You even pretend to be a Miss Mystic Falls participant named Amber Bradley so that you could kill the Ripper, Stefan Salvatore, and failed to do so. He was saved by Damon Salvatore and Elena Gilbert. But you're trying to find somewhere you belong.

Jayne: How do you know so much about me? Who are you?

Sophia: Sophia Zariah Mikaelson.

Jayne:...An Original.

Sophia: Don't worry, I'm not going to hurt you. I just want to talk.

Jayne: I can take care of myself. I'm not afraid of anyone or anything.

Sophia: Good. Because that's exactly what I need for my team. Please sit.

Jayne: (sitting) Your team? What do you mean?

Sophia: I assume you heard about the death of my daughter.

Jayne: Yeah, sorry about your loss.

Sophia: Yes well it won't be too much of a loss. What I'm planning will save the lives of New Orleans, maybe the whole world. There is a threat greater and more stronger than my family. I must gather people to go up against this force.

Jayne: Why should I believe you? You've probably turned thousand of people into vampires and maybe even killed more. I hunt your kind.

Sophia: I don't force people to become vampires. Throughout my eternal life, I have only turned four people...I granted them all a choice. And the people I've killed was to protect the innocent and my family. Now you may hunt your kind but you are just like me. You want to protect the innocent especially those who have no part of the supernatural world but you also want someone to care about. Will you join me? I can give you something that you've always wanted. 

Jayne: What would that be?

(Sophia smiles brightly...A while later, Elijah and Hayley are sitting in the living room. A beautiful woman with long red hair comes into the room.)

???: Its been a long time, Elijah.

Hayley: And you are?

Elijah: Bethany Thompson.

Bethany: Did you miss me?

Elijah: Perhaps. What brings you here?

Bethany: I heard about your niece. I came to offer my condolences.

Hayley: Yeah, I doubt that.

Bethany: Do you have a problem with me?

Hayley: No just wondering why you're trying to flirt your way back into his life. Its obvious that you have a thing for him so that means you two used to date?

Bethany: Seems like the little werewolf has a smart mouth.

Hayley: How did you know I was a werewolf?

Bethany: I can smell your stench.

Hayley: Excuse me? You really don't want to mess with a seven month pregnant werewolf.

Bethany: Well lets see what you've got.

Elijah: Ladies! Hayley, calm down please. Bethany, lets go outside.

(Elijah and Bethany sit down on a bench in the courtyard.)

Bethany: I've really missed you. (caressing his cheek)

Elijah: So what have you been doing these past one hundred years?

Bethany: Mostly traveling the world, seeing the sights...I came across a few supernatural things I had never heard of or seen before.

Elijah: Such as?

Bethany: Succubus, Furies, there are so many but I even came across the Grim Reaper.

Elijah: (shocked) What?!

Bethany: Yes, I didn't think the Grim Reaper had actually exist. He or she was looking something important.

Elijah: Was it a soul?

Bethany: Yes I believe it was. This Reaper needed the soul to complete their full transformation. How did you know it was a soul?

Elijah:..Because a new Grim Reaper appeared here in New Orleans and there's someone here that I have to protect.

Bethany: A new Grim Reaper? How can there be a new Grim Reaper?

Elijah: Bethany, I'll see you later. I have to go now.

Bethany: Elijah, wait. I need to talk to you about us.

Elijah: I'm sorry heart belongs to another.

(Elijah walks away and Sophia appears from behind Bethany.)

Sophia: My brother has always been honorable especially when it comes to love.

Bethany: Brother? Wait, don't tell me you're Rebekah.

Sophia: No, no. I'm Sophia.

Bethany: Elijah's favorite sister. He's told me a lot about you. I think we could become very good friends.

Sophia: Good because we are not only going to be friends but allies.

Bethany: Allies? For what purpose exactly.

Sophia: I lost my daughter to a formidable foe. So I need to gather allies for a cause. There is someone that I need to put down. I will give the full details at my mansion.

Bethany: I'll join on one condition.

Sophia: Name it.

Bethany: I want another shot with Elijah.

Sophia: Seeing how deep his love for Katherine is, it will be very difficult but I can try. Katherine shot him down anyway.

Bethany: Its a pleasure doing business with you.

(The two women shake hands and Vanessa is seen watching from the shadows.)

Running AwayEdit

(Davina is in her room, lying on the bed crying. Marcel is sitting next to her)

Marcel: Davina...

Davina: I lost my best friend...

Marcel: I'm sorry....Is there anything I can do for you? Can I get you anything? Do you want to go to the annual Casket Girls Festival that's being held today?

Davina: No thanks. I just want to be alone right now.

Marcel: (sighs) Okay.

(Marcel kisses Davina's forehead before leaving. As Davina makes sure the coast is clear, she gets a shoulder bag from under her bed. She opens up her window and climbs out. After a while, she arrives at Cami's apartment. She is greeted by Cami and Serena.)

Cami: Davina, what are you doing here?

Davina: I can't keep staying there. I lost my best friend and I know that I'm being lied to!

Cami: What are you talking about, Davina?

Davina: I heard people talking about how Agnes is dead and Marcel never told me! She was the last elder, I could have been freed by now! He's using me!

Cami: But don't you need to still be protected? The witches are still looking for you so maybe that's why Marcel hasn't let you go yet.

Serena: How about this...Davina, we're going to get you all dressed up for the festival today. That way you can walk around town without anybody recognizing you.

Cami: But what if she gets caught?

Serena: There's someone I met at the party that Katherine Pierce threw a while back. He used to work for Klaus but Danielle managed to undo his compulsion so that he could be freed. I can get in contact with him and he can look out for Davina.

Davina: What will you be doing?

Serena: I'll meet up with you later. There's just something I have to do first and Cami, I'll need you to come with me. But first let's get you dressed up.

A New Plan Edit

(Rebekah, Macklyn, and Felix are standing on a roof, discussing something.)

Felix: Are you serious about this?

Macklyn: I like the idea but what about Marcel?

Rebekah: I think you can take care of that, Macklyn. For a thousand years, my brother has had everyone do things his way. Now that Danielle is dead, he is sure to do the same about this situation. His way will be no good and I will not stand for it. Its time that Klaus step down from the throne and make allow someone else to take his place...Its time that New Orleans finally has its Queen.

"Why are you doing this?" Edit

(As Sophia makes it to her new home, Vanessa blocks her way and she does not seem happy.)

Sophia: What's the matter? You don't seem happy, did something happen?

Vanessa: I don't know, why don't you tell me?

Sophia: What is that suppose to mean?

Vanessa: Sophia, you're gathering allies for an "important cause"? What are you doing? You're giving them something in return so that they can help you? There's someone you need to "put down for good"?

Sophia: So you've been spying on me?

Vanessa: That's not the point. Sophia, I came to New Orleans to hang out with my best friend whom I haven't seen in five years and instead I find that her daughter is dead, stuck on the Other Side and her mother is turning into someone she's not. Now what exactly are you doing?

Sophia: Exactly what I meant. Everything that you heard is exacly what I am doing. If you want to know more, you'll find out later. Make yourself at home, if there's anything that you need let me know because you'll be living here from now on.

Vanessa: Why are you doing this?

Sophia: Because my daughter is dead that's why and I need to get her back.

(Sophia walks away from Vanessa whom seems very worried.)


(The Festival is in full swing, marching bands and people partying in dressed up costumes to celebrate. Davina, in disguise with a mask over her face walking hurriedly down the sidewalk. Josh appears in front of her.)

Josh: You must be Davina.

Davina: Who are you.

Josh: Josh, Serena called me about your situation. No one should know its you but I'll look out for you.

Davina: Thank you.

Here's the Plan Edit

(Rebekah is at a store, searching through racks of dresses)

Rebekah: Dull, dreary, hideous-

(Macklyn appears behind her)

Macklyn: You're really going to dress up for this festival?

Rebekah: Of course. This festival might as well be in my honor. I need a proper costume.

Macklyn: Becky.

Rebekah: Don't call me that, it sounds icky.

Macklyn: Have you checked in on your sister?

Rebekah: Sophia wants nothing to do with me...She hates me.

Macklyn: She still loves you, is just hurt by your actions is all. You really should check in on her. Sophia's powers did go out of control before.

Rebekah: Why are you concerned?


(Macklyn's phone starts to ring and Rebekah notices that the caller id says Old One.)

Rebekah: Old One?

Macklyn: I'm sorry, I have to take this.

(Macklyn walks away while Rebekah continues to look at him in confusion.)

The Task to Complete Edit

(Hayley is standing in front of a mirror, trying to fasten the zipper on her dress. Someone helps her zip it up.)

Hayley: Thank you.

???: No problem.

(Hayley soon recognizes the voice and quickly grabs a vase to attack the person but her arm is grabbed before she can do so.)

Felix: Hello, Hayley.

Hayley: What are you doing here? And how the hell do you know who I am?

Felix: You don't remember me, of course. The last time I saw you was when you were a child. The first time I actually saw you was when you were a baby. Its a shame that your parents didn't get to see you grow up.

Hayley: What are you talking about?

(Felix lets go of Hayley and she quickly steps back.)

Felix: If you want the full story about your parents, you can get it from Marcel. He knew your parents very well.

Hayley: What do you mean?

Felix: Hayley, come on...I am the one who killed your parents. Ruining any chance of you ever being able to see them again. Well will see them again once you're dead. This will really anger Elijah too.

(Hayley stares at Felix in disbelief and quickly grabs a pen to throw it in his face but he dodges it.)

Felix: Is that all you got?

Hayley: You could have killed me a long time ago! Why didn't you?!

Felix: Because I have a thing against child abuse. Heh, I sound like Marcel.

Hayley: What do you have against Elijah?! What did my parents ever do to you?! Why can't you just kill me now and get it over with?!

Felix: What is between Elijah and me is none of your business. Ask Marcel about you parents. And its more fun this way to watch you suffer. I hate your kind so don't worry. I will kill you soon. (laughs)

(Felix continues to laugh as he leaves the room and Hayley slowly sinks to floor. The scene goes into the Other Side, Kol and Danielle walking on the streets of New Orleans.)

Danielle: I've really missed you.

Kol: You know that I've been over here, right? Stuck on the Other Side , watching all of you. I'm surprised that Sophia hasn't killed little Gilbert yet.

Danielle: (sadly) I'm worried about her. Of what she's going to do...

Kol: Maybe that boyfriend of hers will snap her out of it.

Danielle: (laughs) Marcel? He's not her boyfriend. Its obvious there are sparks between them but mom keeps denying it.

Kol: You like him, don't you?

Danielle: Yeah.

Kol: Is it because you them together so that you can have a father? You did grow up without one.

Danielle: I want mom to be happy. Mom has always been enough for a parent but I do want to know what its like to have a father...Every time I asked mom about my dad, she doesn't want to talk about him.

Kol: She has a very good reason.

Danielle: Will you tell me?

Kol: Dani...

Danielle: Please?

Kol: (sighs) Danielle, your father was a good man. He fell in love with your mother after spending so much time with her and getting to know her but as usual, she gives the man a hard time. He continued to whatever it took to get her to be with him and at some point, she gave in and returned her love for him. They got married and you were conceived. But some time after your birth...

Danielle: What happened?

Kol: You know how Elijah, Sophia, Finn, Rebekah, Klaus, and me were turned into vampires, right? How we became the Original Family? Well your father had part in turning all of us into vampires. It completely broke Sophia's heart as she never wanted it and Elijah killed him for it.

Danielle:...So that's why mom never talked about him...

Kol: I'm sorry, little one.


(Danielle and Kol see Davina with Josh taking in the sights of the Casket Girls festival but Davina seems very sad.)

Kol: Isn't that your witch friend?

Danielle:...I don't think she's enjoying herself.

Kol: She must be deeply saddened by your death...Come on. We have to get in contact with her.

Danielle: How are we going to do that? And why are we doing it?

Kol: We'll find a way. And we need her help in bringing you back to the living.

Need to find the truth Edit

(Serena and Cami are seen at the grave of Serena's mother.)

Cami: Serena, this is your mother? Why are we here?

Serena: I need answers. I'm hoping to find something here.

Cami: For what?

Serena: Elijah is hiding something from me. He told me that both my parents are dead and yet he refuses to tell me how they died. I sense that he's that he is trying to protect me from something in the supernatural world yet I don't know what.

Cami: Why do you think its something in the supernatural world?

Serena: Because I was attacked by something a few days ago.

Cami: What?! Are you okay?!

Serena: I'm fine...Its...This person or thing was covered in a black cloak, he started attacking me and the next thing I know, I blacked out and heard the word, "reaper".

Cami: (scared) You mean like the...Grim Reaper?

Serena: Yeah, that's exactly it! How did you know?

(Cami slowly points her finger to what she's looking at behind Serena...Serena slowly turns around and the black hooded figure from before is behind her from a distance.)

Serena: Oh my...

Cami: RUN!!!

(Serena and Cami run as fast as they can as the black hooded figure quickly walks after them.)

Serena: What is that?!

Cami: I don't know but we can't stick around to find out!

(Serena trips and Cami goes back to help her up but the black hooded figure is standing before them...)

Have Fun Edit

(Neoma is seen lying in a bed, and seems to be in deep thought.)

Aria: Neoma? What's wrong?

Neoma: Its this body. I have all Danielle's memories...Such sweet and loving times, it disgusts me.

Aria: Anything, I can do?

Neoma: No...But why don't you go see Klaus? I'm sure you will have some fun, giving him a hard time.

(Aria smirks and leaves the room. Neoma closes her eyes for a few seconds and then opens them back up, revealing her black eyes.)

Neoma: I think I'll deal with Rebekah but what should I do?

???: I think I can help you out in that area.

(Neoma sees Sabine standing the doorway.)

Haunting Me Edit

(Cami and Serena are completey frozen as the figure stands before them. He stares at Serena and as he takes out his hand, it is nothing but bones...He places his boneless hand on Serena's chin and forces her to open her mouth.)

???: Serena....

Serena: What do you want from me?

???: Elijah didn't tell you? I want...your soul.

(Serena's eyes go blank as her soul is being sucked out of her mouth.)

Cami: What are you doing to her?!

(Cami tries to stop the event but he pushes her roughly to the ground, knocking her out. Serena begins to look pale but is saved when someone vamps speeds and grabs Serena and Cami. The black hooded figure roars towards the sky. Serena and Cami wake up in Cami's apartment. Matthias and Elijah are there.)

Elijah: Are the both of you alright?

Serena: What happened?

Matthias: Someone attacked the two of you and I saved you the both of you.

Cami: What attacked us?

Elijah: I guess you could say it was some rogue.


Elijah: Excuse me?

Serena: What attacked us was the Grim Reaper.

Elijah: (chuckles) Serena, you must have hit your head pretty hard.

Serena: I know what I saw! The black hooded cloak, the boneless hands, the only thing that was missing was his scythe! Now tell me what you know about him!

Elijah: I don't know what you're talking about.

Serena: Oh really? He mentioned you and then the next thing I know is that I'm having my soul getting sucked out of me until I was saved by Matthias! What is is that you're so afraid of? I thought you were the big bad Original, but I guess that was all an act. You just--

Elijah: Serena! If I tell you the truth, your life will never be the same! You will completely lose yourself to the darkness and your parents don't want that for you! I will protect from him but if you continue this, I will have no choice but to take things into my own hands and I really don't want to go down that road with you. I have told you that I believe that you are stronger than all of this but you cannot hold yourself against this demon. No one from your family has been able to rid of the Grim Reaper, he's a curse placed on the generations of your family. I will not allow the same to happen to you!

(Elijah and Matthias leave)

Cami: You're not going to leave this alone, are you?


Missing Edit

(Marcel and Elijah are having a serious discussion in the courtyard until Klaus walks in.)

Klaus: You don't have to be Sherlock Holmes to know the obvious. Our secret weapon has escaped.

Marcel: She wouldn't just leave, she knows the witches want her back.

(Elijah appears from around the corner and Marcel turns towards him)

Elijah: Her violin is missing. She may have left of her own volition.

Marcel: What did you say to her in the attic? She lied to my face so she could stay up there, thinking that you'd help her control her magic. How do we know you didn't take her?

Elijah: I have no idea where Davina is, or why she ran away. Can I suggest you take a step back?

(Marcel eyes him for a moment before turning away)

Elijah: I can assure you I have absolutely no desire to see that child come into harm's way. She's suffered enough with this Harvest ritual nonsense including she lost her best friend which happened to be my niece.

Klaus: That child, to whom you refer to so affectionately, is the most powerful witch in New Orleans. If she's fled, what's to stop her from destroying us? In fact, destroying all we've worked for? No, if she's not a friend to this family, then she is our enemy.

Marcel: She is a friend, Klaus. That girl is like a daughter to me.

Klaus: Well, let's hope so. Lucky for you, I know how to get her back. Follow my lead.

(Klaus leaves and Marcel goes to follow when Elijah stops him.)

Elijah: You know how Niklaus operates. If he perceives a threat, he can become quite ruthless. This would not bode well for Davina.

Marcel: I'm not going to let anybody lay a finger on her.

Elijah: Nor will I.

(Klaus returns)

Klaus: And Marcel. I have a situation with Sophia that I might need your help with.

Elijah: What situation?

Klaus: Don't worry, it doesn't concern you. Unless you want to accuse me for her actions as well.

Jayne's Future Edit

(Jayne is sitting in the living room until Brody comes in)

Jayne: Who are you?

Brody: I'll give you my name when you give me yours...But I already know who you are, I told Sophia where to find you.

Jayne: So you're the vampire who can see people's past and their future?

Brody: I can also show them my past if I want them to. (smirks) I've seen enough of your past, you were pretty much a brat while you were a kid.

Jayne: I like to think that I was a perfect angel.

Brody: Yeah, keep telling yourself that. So why did you decide to consider Sophia's offer?

Jayne: Because...She promised to give me something that I've always wanted...A family...Sounds crazy, right?

Brody: Yeah, kinda cheesy...I would tell you about my past but I really don't like talking about it. I like to look forward to the future.

Jayne: Okay...If you can see the future...Tell me mine.

(Brody stares right into Jayne's eyes, completely focused...Images of Jayne with new people...She is seen fighting, her on a battlefield, and a young man whom is holding her close to him, they are both completely happy.)

Brody: You will have a bright and difficult future...You're going to get caught up in a battle, forcing you to choose a side will fall madly in love with a man with dark hair that you will meet very soon. He will feel the same about you. He could very well possibly be your soulmate.

Jayne: Are you serious?

Brody: I never lie. How do you think I know so much about your past? What you have been searching for over the years?

Jayne: So a war is going to be starting soon in New Orleans and I have to choose a side?

Brody: There will be a war coming soon in New Orleans but that's not what I'm talking about. You're in a new place, I don't know where though.

Jayne: Then what about the guy?

Brody: When being with him, you will have your doubts but...there is a deep love between you two. It'll be real for the both of you.

(Jayne is silent for a moment to process all the things that Brody has said to her then speaks up.)

Jayne: I'll believe it when I see it.

(Brody smirks and Sophia walks in with Vanessa and Bethany)

Looking for Davina Edit

(The Festival is in full swing, marching bands and people partying in dressed up costumes to celebrate. Serena and Cami meet up with Davina and Josh.)

Davina: There's people everywhere.

Cami: Just keep walking, no one knows it's you.

Davina: Cami-

(The four of them stop stop as they see Klaus walking ahead of them, searching around.)

Serena: We need to get off this street.

(All four of them rush off down a side street. Marcel and Elijah are in the middle of the street talking quietly to another.)

Marcel: Kieran is gonna call me first if he hears anything.

(Klaus approaches them)

Klaus: Ah, you two look rather cozy.

Marcel: Hardly, I was just telling Elijah how we're wasting time.

Klaus: You don't like festivals?

Marcel: Of course I do but when someone important to me is in danger, I always put them first, especially Davina.

Klaus: For the record, we're moments away from retrieving her.

Elijah: I recognize that tone of voice, Niklaus. Clearly you have some diabolical machination. What is it?

(Klaus smirks before he walks closer to a figure ahead)

Klaus: Timothy... (He puts a hand on his shoulder and compels him) Might I have a word?

???: Could I also have a word, Klaus?

(Klaus gets an angry expression when he recognizes the voice. He looks behind Timothy and sees Aria grining evilly at him. He is about to grab her until Marcel and Elijah stop him.)

Elijah: What has gotten into you, Niklaus?

Marcel: That girl...I've seen her before.

Klaus: She's responsible for Dani's death!

Marcel: What?!

Aria: It was to reawaken Neoma.

Elijah: So this is Aria? Tell me, what is it that you want?

Aria: Revenge. Your brother left me for unknown reasons and as soon as I get a lead on him after a hundred years, I find out he gets a werewolf, Hayley Marshall knocked up. His taste in woman hasn't changed. He seems to like the woman in my family.

Elijah: Your family? What are you talking about?

Aria: Hayley is my descendant. Before I was turned into a vampire, I gave birth to my son. I took care of him, loved him, I did anything for my son. But after he turned five years old, I became half human-half vampire. I was scared of hurting him, so I put him up for adoption. I watched him grow up and when he was seventeen, he killed someone by accident and started turning into a werewolf. I realized the same could have happened to me if I had never became a vampire. I went into my family's history, learning of the Original Werewolves. My son became a strong man, becoming an Alpha and had his own family. He had two children...One day, my family went at war with some vampires and he went missing...I never saw him again but the line continued, ending with Hayley.

Elijah: Besides your emotional past, what excuse does that give you to have my niece killed?

Aria: I did it for Neoma. She helped me find Klaus and his family. Its thanks to her that I can get my revenge.

(Klaus grabs Aria by the throat)

Klaus: I will rip you apart.

Aria: (smiles) Klaus, we're in public.

Elijah: Niklaus, let go of her. This is not the time nor place.

Klaus: How long will you continue to stand in my way?

Elijah: How long are you going to stay angry at me?

Klaus: How about forever, Elijah?

Aria: Trouble in brotherhood?

Elijah: I suggest that you stay quiet and go back to your best friend.

Marcel: Or better yet...

(Marcel vamps speed and breaks Aria's neck then tells Diego to carry Aria back to the Abbatoir.)

Elijah: Was that really necessary?

Marcel: She had part in killing Danielle.

(Klaus remembers Tim standing beside him and compels him to forget everything that he just seen and heard.)

Klaus: Now where were we?

The Other Side Edit

Danielle: How are we suppose to contact her? She can't hear or see us!

Kol: Something has been happening over here on the Other Side. 

Danielle: What do you mean?

Kol: People have been disappearing. Getting sucked up into an unseen force. If we don't hurry, it might happen to you too.

Danielle: Are you serious?! Where does it take you?

Kol: Don't know and honestly, I rather not know...Lately, we've been able to move things on the Other Side and that's not usual.

Danielle: So if we move something, you think she'll know its us?

Kol: If she's really your best friend, then she'll know.

(Danielle and Kol follow Davina, Cami, Serena, and Josh into the church.)

Davina: We should keep moving. How long do we have to wait?

Cami: Give it a few minutes, then I'll check to see if the coast is clear.

(Kol picks up a vase and drops it to the floor startling Davina and the others.)

Davina: What was that?

Serena: Looks like a vase fell over.

Kol: Okay, that didn't work...

Danielle: Let's try this!

(Danielle makes a tapping noise on the window.)

Serena: What was that?

(Kol knocks over the books on the stand.)

Josh: Okay this is getting creepy...Davina, are you sure this place isn't haunted?

Kol: This is getting ridiculous!

Danielle: Wait...Can't we use our powers on the Other Side?

Kol: Yes, why?

(Danielle lifts her arms and begins to chant a spell.)

Danielle: Arget bjart evarínya abr garjzla. Wiol ono nuanen vinr.

(The lights begin to darkened and different colored stars appear. They begin to surround and float around Davina.)


Cami: Who's doing this?

Davina: (smiles brightly) Danielle...?

Kol: Nice work, little one!

Danielle: Do you think...I could touch her?

Kol: I don't know...I haven't tried yet but if you want to give it a shot...

(Danielle slowly walks towards Davina and stops in front of her. She then slowly pulls Davina in a hug which she gladly returns.)

Davina: (crying)...Its her...Its Danielle, I know it...

Danielle: Miss you too, Vivi.

Cami: Are you really sure?

(Serena suddenly sees a foggy glimpse of Danielle and Kol but it disappears quickly.)

Serena: What was that?

Cami: What's wrong?

Serena: I think I just saw Danielle...and someone is there with her.

Kol: She can see us?!

Serena: I must have been imaging things...(thinking-Elijah did say that death has always surrounded my family.)

(Davina's phone starts ringing and she gets a text that contains a picture of Tim and Klaus.)

Davina: Oh my god.

Josh: What's wrong?

Davina: Klaus has Tim. If I don't go he'll kill him.

Cami: Davina, wait.

Davina: I can't let Tim die. Danielle, we'll find a way to communicate with each other later!

(Davina hurries out of the church.)

Rebekah and MacklynEdit

(Rebekah spots Macklyn talking to someone in the shadows. It seems to be a very serious conversation and after they are done talking Macklyn walks towards Rebekah's way and she steps in front of him.)

Rebekah: So, who is Old One?

Macklyn: Have you been spying on me?

Rebekah: Please answer the question.

Macklyn: Sorry. Confidential.

Rebekah: (placing her hand on his chest) Need I remind you that you work for me now?

Macklyn: Actually, I work with you, not for you.

Rebekah: So you work for this Old One? I know its not my siblings, so who is it?

Macklyn: Can't say. I just started working for him. This Old One really wants to bring Danielle back. If I help, I become King of New Orleans.

Rebekah: Well what exactly does he want you to do?

Macklyn: First...He wants me to get Klaus and Marcel out of the way.

Rebekah: Not a problem. I'm sure I can help you out with that.

Macklyn: Glad we can be partners.

Rebekah: Wait, this Old One...Does Brody work for him too?

Macklyn: Kinda. They're friends, I know that much. Why?

Rebekah: Because, Brody mentioned that I do know this Old One...But he couldn't say who it is...

The AbattoirEdit

Klaus: Where's Rebekah gotten off to?

Elijah: It's not Rebekah that I'm concerned about, and how can you be so certain that Davina will come?

Klaus: One might think you've forgotten what it's like to be in the grip of an all-consuming infatuation. She'll come.

Elijah: Are the maudlin theatrics absolutely necessary, Niklaus?

Klaus: Ha! It's a fair point, Timothy, play something a little more upbeat, please. That's a good lad. Took you long enough to spread the word.

Elijah: Have you met his nightwalkers? Not the brightest assortment.

Marcel: All that matters is, I got it covered. When Davina gets here, you two need to let me do the talking.

Klaus: Well, I'm sure you'll have your chance. Hello, love. Silence is golden, Timothy. Thank you.

Tim: Davina?

Davina: You got me here. Now let him down.

Klaus: Well, first, we have to have a little chat about you returning to the fold.

Marcel: (to Klaus) What did I say, Klaus? I got this. (to Davina) D, what happened? Why'd you run? Talk to me. Hey, I can make it right.

Davina: How, by threatening my friend?

Klaus: Actually, that was my idea. Apologies. I've been known to go too far to make a point, But I do always get results.

Davina: You know I really feel sorry for Danielle. That she always had to put up with you and your evil ways. Then there's Sophia. She's trying to find the redemption that she believes that you deserve but the truth don't deserve to be forgiven and deep down in your heart, you know that.

Marcel: D...

Klaus: Little witch, I suggest you watch how you talk to me. 

Davina: You pretend to be so confident, but I know the truth. You're afraid everyone can see what you really are-- an animal. (she tortures Klaus with magic) A beast. Why don't you show us your real face? That's enough of you.

(She incapacitates Klaus)

Elijah: Davina, you don't have to do this.

Davina: You-- You looked me in the eyes and lied to my face, pretended you wanted to help me.

Elijah: Listen to me.

Davina: (to Elijah) You call yourself the noble one, but you're a killer just like your brother. For 1,000 years, you've fed on innocent blood. Why don't you choke on it?

(Davina uses her magic to drop Elijah on his knees, before she caused him to cough up all the blood.)

Davina: (turns to face Marcel) And you-- I trusted you. I loved you, but you were just using me to stay in power. You don't care about me.

Marcel: You're wrong.

Davina: When you lost to Klaus, you handed me over like some trophy. Maybe I should boil you in bronze.

Marcel: I care. I took you in like you were my own blood...Davina, I love you like my own daughter.

(Rebekah stabs Marcel through the chest and he falls over)

Rebekah: Come on now, love. Don't tell me you were falling for that. Isn't it time for us girls to have a chat? Now, that is impressive, and well-deserved, in my opinion. Now, before you turn on me, I have a surprise for you. (Josh enters the courtyard)

Davina: Josh, what are you doing? Get out of here.

(Rebekah grabs Josh by the throat)

Josh: What are you doing?

Rebekah: Now, if I were Klaus, I would rip Josh's head from his neck, feed it to a nightwalker, and that would be the end of your friend But hurting people is such a boyish thing to do, like how Klaus compelled your fiddler on the roof, and, while I am many things, I'm certainly not my brother. It's ok, Timothy. You can come down. No one is gonna hurt you.

Tim: He told me I couldn't climb down off this beam.

Rebekah: Then don't climb, silly. Am I the only smart one in the room? Jump.

(Tim jumps down and Rebekah catches him. Tim goes to Davina.)

Tim: Davina, how did you do all that? How did I even get here?

Davina: I'll explain everything, I promise. (to Rebekah) Why are you doing this?

Rebekah: You are my niece's best friend and I need your help to bring her back. I have just proven that you can trust me. Now I'd like to show you one more thing. Won't take long. You can bring your friends.

Davina: Okay but there are two things I need to tell you...

Rebekah: Tell me later. Let's go.

(Rebekah takes Davina, Tim and Josh down into the Garden)

Josh: Oh, don't worry. They're not really dead, just really hungry... and I'm not helping.

Rebekah: You think my brother Nik is awful? Marcel learned from the best. This is how he treats his so-called friends who betray him. Most of what these poor souls did is no worse than what Josh did. Take Thierry, for example. He was Marcel's most trusted friend. Klaus tricked him into breaking one of Marcel's rules. Marcel knows this, and yet he keeps Thierry locked in here day after day, suffering.

Tim: This is insane.

Davina: Why are you telling me this?

Rebekah: Because you need to know who you're dealing with, who you can trust.

Tim: Hey, hey, it's gonna be ok. I mean, you're gonna be all right. Here. Drink something.

(Tim hands her a bottle of water, and Davina drinks from it)

Rebekah: Davina, both you and I have been lied to and taken advantage of by Marcel and Klaus. Maybe together, we can get a little payback.

(Tim starts coughing and falls to his knees)

Davina: Tim?

Tim: It was Klaus. He made me do it. I didn't even know what I was doing until I made you--

Rebekah: Made her what?

Tim: Drink.

Davina: Tim?

Rebekah: Klaus poisoned the water.

Davina: Tim?

Josh: Davina? Oh, no.

(Rebekah quickly pulls out her cell phone.)

Sophia's Dark SideEdit

(Sophia, Vanessa, Brody, Jayne, and Bethany all walk together in the French Quarter of New Orleans.)

Vanessa: It seems that New Orleans was a dangerous city to come visit.

Brody: Danger makes everything exciting.

(Sophia cell phone is ringing and sees that its Rebekah.)

Vanessa: Talk to her...She's still your sister.

Sophia: (answering the phone) What do you want?

Rebekah: I need your help, Davina has been poisoned.

(Sophia's eyes widened and she vamp speeds to the Garden. Later, Elijah, Marcel and Klaus revive)

Elijah: Well, isn't this monumentally awkward.

Klaus: Rebekah, where are you?

Rebekah: Coming right towards you.

(The men see Sophia whom is carrying a sleeping Davina and Rebekah coming towards them.)

Marcel: Thank god!

Sophia: Where's her room?

Marcel: No. I got her. I got her.

(Sophia allows Marcel to take Davina from her arms and smiles at her.)

Marcel: Thank you.

Sophia: You're welcome. I know how important she is to you.

Marcel: She was important to Danielle too.

(Sophia and Marcel give each meaningful looks then as Marcel takes Davina to her room, Sophia glares at Klaus. She walks towards him and slaps him.)

Sophia: These are children, Klaus! What is wrong with you?!

Klaus: Well, I tried to talk to her out of respect for Marcel, but she made it quite clear she is not our friend. My apologies is you thought she was yours, Rebekah.

Rebekah: You diabolical bastard, we could have dealt with her fairly.

Klaus: There is no dealing with those who threaten us. But how did you save them?

(Flashes of Sophia saving Davina and Tim's lives appear)

Sophia: Rebekah called me about how you poisoned Davina and Tim. I got over there as fast as I could and sucked the poison out since I do know all your methods of poison, Klaus. But I want to know why? How can you do this to that girl who got caught up in a world that has nearly gotten her killed several times and taken her from a normal life? And then there's Tim whom has no idea of the supernatural world around him and is better off not knowing! Why? Can you give me an answer?

Klaus: Davina sealed her fate when she stood against me. This was her choice, not mine.

(Sophia and Elijah looks at him with disbelief)

Klaus: Oh, come on. The stench of your judgment is overwhelming. Need I remind you that Davina just bested the lot of us? I did what had to be done. Don't worry, Elijah and Sophia. I remain as redeemable as ever.

Sophia: (laughs) No, no...I think you are way past that...

Rebekah: She's right. Danielle is on the Other Side right now, according to Davina. Now please explain to her why you tried to kill her best friend!

(Danielle and Kol are seen standing behind Klaus)

Sophia: Or explain it to me...You only didn't try to kill Davina, you tried to kill Timothy too. Since when did you ever start killing children? What has gotten into you?

Klaus: No Sophia, what has gotten into you?

Sophia: What are you talking about?

Klaus: Vanessa called me earlier and told me what you're up to.

(Vanessa, Bethany, Brody, and Jayne appear.)

Jayne: So this is the Original Family front and center?

Rebekah: Who are you two?

Brody: This is Jayne Rutledge and Bethany Thompson.

Sophia: I thought so. So it was you who had Vanessa spying on me and questioning me the entire time.

Elijah: Sophia, what is Klaus talking about?

Klaus: Sophia is gathering allies to put Neoma down once and for all.

Rebekah: Sophia, are you crazy?! What if that doesn't bring Danielle back?!

Sophia:...I guess we'll find out, once I kill Neoma.

Elijah: Sophia, I know that you are hurting right now but think of about us. What it would to you and this family if you went through with it.

Sophia: This family is already broken...Its been broken for a long time. And technically, we're not blood. I'm not really a Mikaelson and neither is Danielle.

Rebekah: But deep down, you have always been a part of this family, even if we're not blood!

Vanessa: Sophia, come on. Don't let Danielle see you go down this path.

Sophia: My daughter is dead...She is gone forever. Look at us. First Finn, then Kol, now Danielle. What hope is left for this family?

Vanessa: Come on, you're better than this!

Sophia: Vanessa, you have two choices. Join me or stay out of my way.

Vanessa: Dammit, Sophia! Where's your heart?!

(Sophia has a grim look upon her face.)

Sophia:...My heart died.

(Sophia leaves along with Jayne, Bethany, and Brody.)

Klaus: I don't like this.

Elijah: She's becoming this different person.

Klaus: I'm going to try one last time and if it doesn't work, then I'll have Marcel handle her. For now, Vanessa, join Sophia.

Elijah: What exactly is your method, Niklaus?

Klaus: Trying to break through to her. Get herself to open up. May I ask what you have been up to, Rebekah?

Rebekah: Don't worry about what I'm doing because...I'm doing things my way from now on.

(Rebekah glares at Klaus before walking away.)

Hayley's PastEdit

(After Marcel places Davina into bed. He goes into his room and is confronted by Hayley when she comes in.)

Marcel: Come on in if you're not going to knock. Have a seat. I'd offer you a drink, but...(gestures to her baby bump)

Hayley: What do you know about my parents?

Marcel: Well that came out of nowhere.

Hayley: Answer me!

Marcel: (smirks) You're a lot like your dad. I knew him. I knew your whole family. In fact, if you knew them like I did, you'd know just how many enemies they have. Back in the nineties, it was the Crescent wolves who took over the city. Or, tried to. They lived to throw down, and they were good at it, too. They didn't care who they killed as long as they got more power.

Hayley: So the Crescent curse was your way of stopping them? How heroic.

Marcel: (sits on the couch) It was either that, or kill them all, and I'm not big on indiscriminant slaughter. See, I have this thing about kids.

Hayley: So I've heard.

Marcel: (smirks) Oh, you did more than hear about it, Andrea Labonair. You're living proof.

Hayley: How long have you known who I am?

Marcel: I know that you're trying to save your family from that curse but the witch that placed it, is dead. It would take a miracle for that curse to be lifted.

Hayley: Tell me something, Marcel. Did you kill my parents?

Marcel: There was infighting among the wolves. Your folks were laying low. Somebody turned on them. Heard some vampire hunter killed them. I got there afterwards, found you in your crib.

Hayley: Give me one good reason why I should believe anything that you have to say.

Marcel: Believe whatever you want, but you were the last Labonair. I mean, could've been a lot of leverage for our side, but instead, I took you to Father Kieran. (Marcel pulls out a duffel bag and hands it to her)

Hayley: What's that?

Marcel: Money mostly, stuff you need to start over someplace safe.

Hayley: So this is your grand plan? Get me out of town, and Klaus and Elijah follow closely behind?

Marcel: I can't say that wouldn't be a positive side effect.

Hayley: So why don't you leave? Follow your own advice?

Marcel: I was born here, Hayley.

Hayley: So was I. (Hayley gets up and goes to leave. Before she walks out the door, Marcel stops her)

Marcel: Hayley? When things get bad, remember, I tried to get you clear of it again.

Hayley: By the way, if Sophia left, would you? Because you know after she finds some way to redeem Klaus, that she will make her exit.

Marcel: That's for me to know and for you to find out.

"You've Changed" Edit

(Klaus enters his room to find Aria sitting by the window.)

Klaus: You could have left at any time. How long do you plan on staying here?

Aria: (smiles) As long as I want, Klaus.

Klaus: Who are you? You are not the woman I fell in love with one hundred and two years ago

Aria: People change Klaus...You be surprised what people are capable of.

Klaus: So what I have gathered...You had my niece killed out of hatred for me?

Aria: No I had your niece killed so that Neoma could be reawaken and I will get to help her rule the Originals and all supernatural creatures alike.

Klaus: You think that you can control me?

Aria: I don't think...I know.

(Aria walks up to Klaus and stands in front of him.)

Aria: I have something on you.

Klaus: Please do share.

Aria...Your love for me.

Klaus: (laughs) What makes you think that I still love you?

Aria: If you wanted me dead, I would have been dead by now...You're still in love with me so you refuse to kill me to avenge your niece...

Klaus: I don't love you anymore...If anything, I despise you.

Aria: Oh, really? (kisses Klaus) You sure about that?

(Aria laughs and jumps out the window.)

Felix's Nature Edit

(Hayley sits next to Elijah in the courtyard.)

Hayley: Bad day?

Elijah: Something like that. I do hope that your day went ever better.

Hayley: Not even close...Elijah. What do you know about the vampire hunter, Felix?

Elijah: Why?

Hayley: I need to know who he is. I found out today that he is the person who killed my parents.

Elijah: Hayley, I'm sorry.

Hayley: What do you know?

Elijah: I've fought him once...Its been about 10 years. He's a bloodthirsty killer. I don't know what happened to make him the person he is but he sees all supernatural creatures as a disease. He feels that he needs to rid the world of all us alike.

Hayley: How many has he killed?

Elijah: I don't know...But he's possibly killed more than what my brother, Niklaus has killed.

Hayley:...Then Felix needs to be put down.

The Heart Edit

(Sophia is sitting on the porch outside of her mansion. A car pulls up and Klaus appears from behind her.)

Sophia: What do you want, Klaus?

Klaus: I want you one last chance. Sophia, you do not want to go down this path...I've been on it far too many times.

Sophia: Then why would it be so wrong for me to take this dark path as well?

Klaus: Because you are better than me...This isn't you. Deep down, you are pure. That light that surrounds you, makes us stronger.

Sophia: Well that light made me weak. Danielle's dead because of it.

Klaus: No! You cannot blame yourself! It is not your fault. You are a loving mother and sister. What more could we ask for?

Sophia: Klaus...I'm not changing my mind...There is something inside of me that I should have let out years ago.

Klaus: The darkness has took your heart's place.

Sophia: (nearly crying) Yes...I will always love you, Elijah, and Rebekah and I will do anything for you but...I will no longer be the person you once knew. The sister that you have loved all these years, you are going to have to let her go...Because she is no longer with us.

(Klaus looks like he is about to cry until he kisses Sophia's forehead. Marcel gets out of the car.)

Marcel: Everything okay?

Klaus: Would you let him talk to you?

Sophia: It won't do any good but he can if he wants.

(Klaus slowly caresses Sophia's cheek and gets in the car so that Marcel can talk to her.)

Marcel: Hey.

Sophia: Hey.

Marcel: Thanks again for helping Davina.

Sophia: Don't mention it. Is she doing okay?

Marcel: She's fine. She wants to see you soon, if that's not a problem.

Sophia: Of course not. I'll be happy to see her any time.

Marcel: Sophia, Klaus told me what you're up to. Don't do it. If you kill Neoma, there's possibly a chance Danielle won't come back.

Sophia: I'm willing to take that chance.

Marcel: Are you? Once you kill Neoma, then what?

Sophia: I might possibly get my daughter back or I'll just be satisfied for riding that demon of this earth.

Marcel: Who are you right now?

Sophia: Marcel, I am no longer the Sophia you have known ever since I came to New Orleans. A darkness has took my heart's place so I can move on and do what I need to do. I know what you felt for the old Sophia but she's gone. The person I am now, is ready to unleash her rage.

Marcel: Well, what I a woman who is hurting. She blames herself for not being able to do anything to protect her daughter. She's just putting on some costume to act like somebody else so that she won't let anybody know what she's really feeling right now.

Sophia: No matter what the reason, the woman you fell for is gone.

Marcel: No...She's still here...Right in front of me. I'm not going to give up.

(Marcel strokes her chin while he stares intensely at her.)

Marcel: You sure I can't change your mind?

(Sophia nearly hesitates but keeps her ground.)

Sophia:...I'm sure. But this person I'm becoming, she'll still be around to help those she loves.

Marcel: (smirks) Loves, huh?

Sophia: (smile) You know what I mean...I care about you, Marcel. And Davina. So whenever you need help, I'll be around.

Marcel: (walking away) I'll look forward to that but...just don't go too far off the edge.

(Marcel gets in the car where Klaus is waiting and drives away as Sophia looks up at the moon hanging up in the sky.)

Finding A Way Edit

(Davina and Rebekah are in Danielle's old room back at the Abattoir. Kol and Danielle are seen standing before them.)

Rebekah: You got in contact with her?

Davina: Well more like she got in contact with me.

Rebekah: Well, why haven't you done a spell to bring her back?

Davina: Because I've already tried and its not working!

Rebekah: What? Why not?!

Davina: I don't know why its not working!

Kol: So the spell won't bring you back? What are we suppose to do now?!

Danielle: I know...

Kol: What?

(Danielle opens up her drawer and takes out a photo album, Rebekah and Davina see this event. She starts going through her photo album, looking for something.)

Davina: She's here.....Danielle, what are you doing?

Rebekah: I think she's looking for something...She's trying to tell us something!

(Danielle finally finds what she's looking for and puts the photo album in front of Rebekah and Davina. When they look at it, they see pictures of her and Kol.)

Davina: Who is this with Dani?

Rebekah: My brother, Kol.

Davina: What does he have to do with this?

(Rebekah takes a moment to figure out what Danielle wants them to do. She quickly realizes it.)

Rebekah: I think I know what Danielle wants you to do.

Davina: What?

Rebekah:...Bring Kol back.

Davina; But what about Dani?

Kol: Danielle, what the bloody hell is wrong with you?!

Danielle: Uncle Kol, watch your language. I will find a way back but I am not going to continue to let you stay over here!

Kol: But...

Rebekah: We'll find another way. But as for now, please. This is what Danielle wants. Do this for her, Davina.

(Davina hesitates but gets everything that she needs to perform the spell. She makes a salt circle on the floor. She places a bracelet, a pocket watch, what looks like a key, a compass, and a pocketwatch in the circle.

Rebekah: Davina, where did you get all this?

Davina: Marcel gave them to me. He thought it would be useful for my magic. He said he found it in a hidden room. So I did my research.

(Davina closes her eyes and performs the spell.)

Davina: De la cendre à l'os, de la chair à la vie. De la cendre à l'os, de la chair à la vie. De la cendre à l'os, de la chair à la vie. From ash to bone, from bone to flesh, from flesh to life.

Kol: Danielle, why?!

Danielle: (smiles) Uncle Kol, you know that I love you. And you need to take this second chance at life. I will find a way back, I promise.

(Kol begins screaming out in pain as Davina continues to perform the spell.)

Kol: Dani!

Danielle: (smiles) Try not to get yourself killed this time.

(Once Davina's spell is complete, she passes and Rebekah catches her. Kol also falls to the floor in pain. After a moment he stands up and doesn't see Danielle.)


Rebekah: Kol?

(Kol sees Rebekah crying as she stares at him.)

Kol: I'm alive.

???: Yes, you are. Thanks to the items I left here in New Orleans.

(Rebekah and Kol see a beautiful tall young woman with one grey eye and one green eye. Rebekah eyes widened when she recognizes this woman.)

Rebekah: Alice?!

Alice: Its been a long time, Rebekah. (smirks) Now I think its time we had a chat about Neoma.

The Originals

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