Diana Profile Image
Diana Truska
Biographical information
  • November 28th, 1990 (age 24)
  • Alive
  • Volunteer's at local places (animal shelter, libray)
  • Owner of a coffee shop and a thrift store
  • Human
  • Female
Family information
  • Mother (deceased)
  • Younger Sister
  • Oldest Younger Brother
  • Middle Older Brother
  • Youngest Older Brother
Supernatural information
Played by
  • Shelley Hennig
First seen
  • Upcoming / Season 3

Diana Truska is a character with a deeply scarred past. She lives in Tyoko and may just cross paths with Sophia Mikaelson.

Early LifeEdit

Diana has had a very difficult past life.

Throughout The Originals FanfictionEdit

Season ThreeEdit


She is very loyal and will do whatever it takes to protect her friends, family and anyone else she cares for. Diana is the oldest in her family, which means she is very responsible and also a very strong leader. She finds herself helping others often, and volunteering at local places. She's very intelligent and smart, as well as a very caring and down-to-earth young woman. She has a very independent and strong-willed personality, and is thick-headed.

Physical AppearanceEdit

Diana 1


Diana is clearly a beautiful girl, as illustrated in her picture. She has long, beautiful chocolate brown hair that tumbles down in her back in elegant waves. She is seen with it braided, pulled back, and in clips. Her hair is also the same color as her eyes which - look like doe-eyes. She's tall, standing at 5'8, has long legs and is very slender. She is slightly tanned and has rosy cheeks.  

She has scars on her back and shoulders, as well as across her right thigh and the top of her left arm from when her father hit her. At the beginning of the season she will wear more colorful clothing such as pink tops, skirts, flower printed dresses, white shameses and sandals. 

Diana Truska

Diana's Outfit

She will love to wear headbands, and minimal make-up. As well as sneakers, flip-flops, and occasionally brown boots. But, after the season progresses she will turn darker in clothes. The pink tops will be traded out for dark blue, grey, and black. The

shameses and sneakers etc will be traded out for leather jackets, black heeled ankle boots, heels, etc.  


Daphne Edit


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  • She speaks fluent Japanese and English
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